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24 Sep 2016 23:41:03
Rickard Rakell for 1st 2017 (CGY)

Rakell gets an opportunity to play first line with Gaudreau and Monahan. He is reportedly looking into KHL. Calgary gets another young speedy winger that may play on the first line.
Calgary only gives up a first because Rakell is RFA and rights are worth a lot less than players with contracts. They could add a prospect just to make sure the deal goes through. Emile Porier?
Anaheim can possibly flip the first plus Fowler to a team like Toronto for JVR and a prospect. Anaheim can get a top LW that they are looking for.
Fowler + 1st 2017 (ANA) for JVR + Jeremy Bracco + 2nd/ 3rd 2018

Calgary can then trade Wideman to a team like Boston to clear cap to sign Rakell.
Wideman (50% Retained) for Conditional 3rd 2017 (Can drop to 4th, 5th or 6th based on performance)

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24 Sep 2016 22:01:01
Anaheim Ducks restricted free agent forward Rickard Rakell is considering a move to the KHL as talks with the Ducks have come to a standstill.

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24 Sep 2016 21:31:33
NYR: Miller, Halverson, 2018 1st rounder

Minnesota: Dumba, 2018 2nd rounder.

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24 Sep 2016 18:35:35
TB: Garrison
Florida: Huberdeau.

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24 Sep 2016 18:48:56
You're great.

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24 Sep 2016 19:12:03
Dude just do every one a long overdue favour and just stop. It's obvious you're not even trying.

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24 Sep 2016 19:45:28
Keep up the good work. You're getting better lol.

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24 Sep 2016 19:56:13
Garrison for Ekblad.

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24 Sep 2016 18:13:42
Straight across trade

Leafs jvr
Ana Theodore

Duck are in a win now mode there d core is good can afford to move theodore

Ducks lines
Jvr Getzlaf perry
Cogliano kesler silverberg
Ritchie vermette racket
Raymond thompson garnett

Lindholm vatanen
Fowler bieksa
Despres stoner

Tor line up

Michalik kadri komorov
GreeNing bozak marner
Martin Mathews Nylander
Rychel laich soshnikov

Hunwick Reilly
Gardner zaitsev
Theodore polak.

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24 Sep 2016 18:27:37
i like this deal, maybe anaheim adds a 3rd round pick or something but looks fair in my opinion. toronto is rebuilding so gets a good young player that is nhl ready, anaheim stacks up their top 6. the only thing i'd be concerned about would be does it fit in anaheim's cap?

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24 Sep 2016 18:29:53
Why Anaheim doesn't need jvr.

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24 Sep 2016 19:35:53
Maybe a deal around Fowler for JVR? I can't see Ducks moving a young, cost controlled, defencemen that's ready to step into the NHL this year. Out of all the Dcks prospects/ NHL D i'd say both Lindholm and Theodore are not for conversation.

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24 Sep 2016 19:57:44
Theodore is definitely not getting traded for JVR. Fowler makes a lot more sense.

And kaner said it's a good trade and Anaheim adds more. So it's definitely a god awful trade.

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24 Sep 2016 19:58:24
And colt why wouldn't Anaheim want JVR? They have a hole on top LW. He fills that.

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24 Sep 2016 21:15:09
They turned down landeskog for lind so there's no way they take jvr.

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24 Sep 2016 15:52:43
Tampa Bay Lightning Trade:
Nikita Kucherov
Ryan Callahan/ Valteri Filppula

Arizona Coyotes Trade:
Christain Dvorak
2017 1st Round Pick
2018 3rd Round Pick

ARZ then signs Nikita Kucherov to a five year/ 37.5 million dollar deal.

I only thought of this as really, Arizona has a lot of prospects, and doesn't really need anymore, as they can be a competitive team - just needs a little more firepower. This could also make them a darkhorse playoff contender in the pacific.

As for Tampa, they dump a terrible contract in Ryan Callahan/ Val Flipper, acquire a replacement to play on the triplets line (Palat - Johnson - Dvorak), avoid paying Kucherov TOO much money and acquire a first round pick that's PROBABLY going to be top ten, and if TB wants they can probably flip the pick for a good player come the deadline/ draft.

May be undervaluing Kucherov somewhat but really, that's about 12.5 million in cap that's going to Arizona, which is a lot. Nobody wants to take Callahan/ Flipper unless they are getting value back, so that's why Kuch may be going for a little undervalue. Other than that, whadya think? Any improvement? Should TB just wait on an offersheet?

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24 Sep 2016 17:01:10
Uhh no from Tampa.

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24 Sep 2016 17:26:31
Domi/ Duclair would have to be involved, maybe Strome.

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24 Sep 2016 17:42:01
@Drais what would you think a fair offer would be? Just curious.

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24 Sep 2016 18:32:24
Shattenkirk extended 1strnd 2017 jaskin or barbashed


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24 Sep 2016 12:35:35
How would a Yak to MTL sound reason being he was really good with Galchenyuk.

Edmonton Oilers:
- Nail Yakupov
- (2018) 2nd round pick
- Liro Pakarinen
Montreal Canadiens:
- Nathan Beaulieau

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24 Sep 2016 16:00:27
Nathan for nail straight up! He's not that good to deserve anything else coming back to mtl.

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24 Sep 2016 20:00:17
Maybe if he was a RHD.

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24 Sep 2016 09:13:56
- Sven Andrighetto
- David Deharnhais
- (2018) 2nd round pick
- (2017) 7th round pick

- Alexei Emelin
- (2017) 3rd round pick
New Jersey:
- (2018) 7th round pick

Just Cap dumping ideas.

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24 Sep 2016 13:25:15
Way to much to Dump Deharnais his contract is better then Emilins.

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24 Sep 2016 09:08:47
So as I see Edmonton needs RW, maybe a proposal I can try to be even with.

- Ryan Nugent-Hopkins
- Nail Yakupov
- (2018) 2nd round pick
- Mark Stone
- Curtis Lazar

Showing how good Nuge was in WCH, I don't think he's very overrated. Unrealistic but just for value wise of course.

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24 Sep 2016 09:27:37
Tough one. But I'd say no. Rather have a good center in Nuge and I don't think oilers need a RW.
Then yak, kassian, pak.

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24 Sep 2016 10:00:05
Agree with McJesus. No from Edm.
Puljujarvi will be very very good in no time. Will be the best winger on Edm in a year. If they decide to trade Nuge it def won't be for other forwards. It would be in a deal that has a legit top end D man coming back.

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24 Sep 2016 13:26:33
Mark Stone is so underated Stone>RNH but oilers don't need him.

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24 Sep 2016 15:11:11
Edm needs a RW? Are you cross-eyed?

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24 Sep 2016 07:39:35
chicago: kruger, 2nd
ottawa: lazar

close? who adds?

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24 Sep 2016 07:59:14
I'd personally say no from Chicago. Kruger is so dominate as a defensive forward and penalty killer and Chicago has him on a good contract and he works very well for them. And then they add a 2nd. No.
Not taking anything away from Lazar, just I think Chicago passes on this for the reasons I said.

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24 Sep 2016 09:09:12
Idk Kruger is ok but I don't think he's much more then a low end 3rd line C or a good 4th line PK 4th liner. Lazar is/ will be better defensively once he develops a bit more. Sens pass imo.

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24 Sep 2016 16:37:21
I don't think Kruger is on a good contract. In fact I think he is in a pretty bad contract. I get he is a defensive forward but he hasn't scored 10 in a season once and he is getting $3.10/ yr. i'd like to think Lazar will be a defensive player like Kruger, but with more offensive upside.

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