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23 May 2017 20:00:47
T. Brodie + B. Kulak for S. Reinhart + 2nd 2017

S. Bennett for S. Theodore + 2nd 2017

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23 May 2017 21:39:30

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23 May 2017 21:48:33
I like how Bennet plays. But You're not getting a young D like Theodore + for him.

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23 May 2017 22:44:58
I'd just like to point out Theodore has yet to play a full season and he was drafted a year before Bennett not to mention Bennett has more potential.

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23 May 2017 16:22:44
Solely depends on LV taking Silfverberg from Anaheim, which unless Anaheim can figure something out, he'll be taken.

Oil: Eberle

Knights: Silfverberg

I think this is smart for both teams.
Silfverberg better fits Edmontons mold as a bigger team, and he also would be perfect RW addition with his shot and big body.
Where as Vegas gets a better scorer, and they take on more cap but they need to reach the cap floor anyhow so I don't see a problem for cap issues.


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23 May 2017 17:12:09
Haha a overpaid bottom six forward for a good top 6 one with size and grit to his game. You are more dumb that I fought bro.

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23 May 2017 17:35:13
If Edmonton can get rid of Eberle and that contract they will. They won't get much of a return though and certainly not Silverberg.

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23 May 2017 18:52:30
I don't think anyone gives up silfverber got Eberle. When the games get big, he has shown he gets better. That can't be said for the other guy that makes a lot more. Vegas would be happy with silvferberg I'm sure.

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23 May 2017 19:04:21
This could actually make some sense. Comparable stats Both with two years left on their contracts. Only think is Ebs $6 million salary.

I would say a fair trade.

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23 May 2017 19:12:04
Lol ya totally forgot a 50 point player on a down year is a bottom 6 forward. Forgot bro. You're so smart.

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23 May 2017 19:13:56
And with Silfverberg, he had a breakout playoffs. What does he do all year tho? Yes he's a good player but Eberle is far the better scorer throughout his career. But ya forgot I'm dumb and he's a negative value player lol. Ok.

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23 May 2017 19:14:36
Ahah you must be Mcjesus second account lol. No way somebody with a minimum of sense thinks this is fair. Silverberg is better younger af cheaper. Eberle is older weaker and expensive. Plus he's a cancer in the locker room and think he's a superstar You'd have to give Vegas a pick to get rid of him lol.

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23 May 2017 20:14:17
Silf was the ducks best player in the playoffs, minus GEtz.

No from lv.

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23 May 2017 20:26:27
Silverberg scored 23 goals to Eberles 20. Then he scored 9 more to 0 in the playoffs. He's a good young power winger who will not be traded for Eberle.

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23 May 2017 20:29:21
Okay golden, I agree Vegas wouldn't do it. But bottom six forward is not accurate for a skilled 50 point guy. also younger? they're like 150 days apart in age lol that's a dumb argument too. You're an oilers hater but when you go over the top with dumb arguments, people start dismissing your valid ones. I would want a pick of some sort to justify the money difference, but player wise, as different as they are, I think the value they could bring to a team in need of their respective player types would be pretty even.

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23 May 2017 20:40:54
Silverburg is as good, Younger and Cheaper. No from the Knights Eberle is over payed.

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23 May 2017 21:00:01
He's not a bottom 6 F and he's not a cancer in the locker room. Both those remarks are pure clueless hate. You're such a broken record it's so sad man.

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23 May 2017 14:32:55
MON: Gallagher, Beaulieu

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23 May 2017 16:12:52
Oil needs RHD.

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23 May 2017 16:23:29
Take out Beaulieu and maybe a deal. Doesn't Edmonton have enough gritty forwards though?

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23 May 2017 14:04:58


Habs upgrade at C, Oilers upgrade on RW plus a swap of two overpayed players who could benefit from a change of scenery. Salaries almost equal. Eberle would be flipped for D.

An example of F lines next season:

Maroon - McDavid - Puljujarvi
Lucic - Draisaitl - Gallagher
Slepyshev - Plekanec - UFA
Caggiula - Letestu - Kassian

Pacioretty - RNH - Radulov
Byron - Galchenyuk - UFA
Lehkonen - Danault - Shaw
Pouliot - McCarron - Mitchell

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23 May 2017 16:24:36
Honestly doesn't help Edmonton imo. Feels like a downgrade.

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23 May 2017 18:56:51
Unless puli has a real big offseason, I don't see him playing top line. If he is on that line, your team probably isn't as good as this year, unless like I said, his game really grows in a hurry. Value wise tho, oilers are giving up the best player in the deal (RNH) and I feel like gallaghers role can be filled cheaper, as good as he is at it. He's going to be an expensive role player. Guys can do his job 80-90% as good for 50% of his money.

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23 May 2017 20:22:57
The Finn was a healthy scratch during the World Hickey Championships. He has a lot of developing to do to even make the NHL so being on the top line may be a little off.

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23 May 2017 11:53:56
Arizona: Anthony Duclair

Philadelphia: 2nd round pick

Duclair could benefit from a change in scenery. Is this off? If so what would it cost?

Arizona: Anthony Duclair

Philadelphia: 2017 2nd round pick, 2018 2nd round pick, Andrew MacDonald

Just curious what the price for the cap dump might be

Tampa Bay: Jonathan Drouin

Anaheim: Sami Vatanen

Tampa needs defensemen and Anaheim could get rid of some. Pretty simple. But do you guys think Tampa rather have a cheaper one cap wise?

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23 May 2017 15:48:26
No thanks, Drouin should not be traded and IF it ever happened, it surely wouldn't be Vatanen but Lindholm.

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23 May 2017 19:37:27
Okay Draisalt Drouin is worth Ljndholm. AND I'm Rocket Richard.

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23 May 2017 20:16:21
no way from ana on drouin/ lindholm. Lindholm is their best dman.

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23 May 2017 20:50:53
Young skilled forwards are tough to part with, but a year later I don't know how many oilers fans would want a re-do of the hall trade. In the weeks after it happened I think most did.

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23 May 2017 20:46:18
Draisaitl. Tampa needs D, drouin is the best chance they have to get one. The premium on D means initial trade might seem lopsided but like the hall/ Larsson deal has shown, if it fills a need and you can live with the price, your team will be better. I don't think many people would argue with you that lindholm is better, but I believe yzerman wanted a RHD more, and again that comes with An added premium and is why vatanen might be the one he gets. I think this is in the realm of possibility.

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23 May 2017 21:52:26
Ducks say no on lindholm. Lightning want RHD. Vatanen is a good young RHD with a pretty cap friendly deal at 3 more years at less than 5 mill. Could be close.

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23 May 2017 08:08:23
Vancouver: Tanev, 2nd rounder
Stars: 1st rounder

Canucks draft Glass and Makar/Heiskanen

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23 May 2017 08:23:28
Terrible for Canucks

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23 May 2017 12:02:38
Terrible for the Canucks? How about terrible for the Stars. In no way does that land a top 3 pick.

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23 May 2017 21:01:54
Yaaaa I kinda like Tanev and think he would be a good fit in Dallas or Toronto but not for the 3rd overall. Lol. And a 2nd round pick doesn't make up for it. Easy no from Dallas. Vancouver adds.

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23 May 2017 07:02:13
Vancouver: Chris Tanev, 2nd round pick (33rd Overall)

Philadelphia: 2nd Overall.

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23 May 2017 08:23:45
CANucks add

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23 May 2017 21:02:22
This is horrible. Not a chance you get the 2nd overall for that. Wow.

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23 May 2017 00:55:08
EDM- 2017 1st (22nd overall)
Las Vegas- 2017 2nd (34th overall)
*Vegas picks Pouliot

This year and next Oil have to resign McDavid, Draisaitl, Maroon, Kassian, Nurse, Benning and a few other depth players. Getting Pouliots 4 million off the books is going to be a pretty big deal.
Vegas another 1st rounder in there first draft and gets a middle 6 player.

Another possible idea would be doing what Chiarelli did this season and trade a 6 million dollar man and sign a free agent. If they have the cap space but not sure they will.

EDM- Eberle, 2017 2nd (34th overall)
NYI- Hamonic

Sign Oshie (6 million for 4 years)

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23 May 2017 02:18:06
NOt near enough to take on pouliot. MAybe lower the vegas pick. Eberle is not getting much of a return.

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23 May 2017 02:51:49
Maybe. Chiarelli really wants a second round pick according to some reports.

No from Islanders obviously.

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23 May 2017 03:57:35
See pouliot and a 1st for a dec pick that's a good deal.

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23 May 2017 04:26:28
Hamonic had a down season too. -21 when he's usually a plus player. I know he had a down season and it lowered his value but Eberle still had 20 goals and playing with JT would instantly boost his numbers.

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23 May 2017 13:50:03
As much as Oshie being on the Oilers might make some fans wet, I don't think signing him at 6 mill is a smart idea.
I'd probably pull the trigger on the LV trade but not the Hamomic trade, I don't think Chiarelli is pulling a deal to change his top 4 D unless he's undoubtedly winning the trade.

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23 May 2017 19:09:53
Edmonton does not have a 2017 3rd Round Pick.

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23 May 2017 19:39:35
din't they get one in the Yakupov trade bro?

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22 May 2017 21:10:50
A) Mikael Backlund
B) Rasmus Andersson

A) Alex Galchenyuk

2nd Trade:

A) Emile Poirier
B) 7th Round Pick in 2017

St. Louis
A) Nail Yakupov

Projected Line-Up

Johnny Gaudreau-Sean Monahan-Micheal Ferland
Matthew Tkachuk-Alex Galchenyuk-Michael Frolik
Kris Versteeg-Sam Bennett-Nail Yakupov
Curtis Lazar-Matt Stajan-Troy Brouwer

Believable7 Unbelievable6

23 May 2017 02:19:26
CAlgary says no to the first one but the second one could be a possibility.

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23 May 2017 03:34:16
Seeing as backlund severly outplayed gally tbis year, let's throw in our best d prospect as well.

Porrier is on personal leave from stockton, i doubt there's any interest in trading for him.

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23 May 2017 03:59:10
I'd do those as Calgary. Even though I would do it Calgary may not because they are quite high on Anderson and Backlund is so important to Calgary. Good ideas though.

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23 May 2017 04:13:54
What a shaft to Brouwer. On the fourth line and Yak ahead of him.

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23 May 2017 08:57:35
Backlund is def undervalued, prolly outscored Galchenyuk (didnt check) while being a superb defensive C.

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23 May 2017 13:37:08
You over-value Rasmus Andersson a lot.
He seems like a top 6 powerplay defenceman to me. Ryan Murphy type.

Canadians are looking for a scoring centre. A 40 point centre in Backlund isn't what they are looking for. He plays a good two-way game, that's basically his value.

Edmonton got less value out of Yakupov and his value certainly did not go up. He scored 9 points in 40 games last season. It's hilarious how you are inserting him into your lineup without even signing him to a contract. He is an RFA and a KHL team has his rights. He will likely go to the KHL.

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22 May 2017 18:37:47
Tor: Morgan Rielly

Buff: Alex Nylander and 1st 2017 ( Timothy Liljegren )

Who adds? Buff overpays for a young top 2 dman signed long term cheap who'd be perfect with Risto. Leafs get a replacement and An Elite prospect that fills up our Core for forwards.

Believable1 Unbelievable10

23 May 2017 01:39:05
How is this an over-payment for a top 2 defenceman?

2 players who have never played an NHL Game are obviously not worth a top 2 defenceman. And please explain to me why Buffalo will pick Liljegren with the 8th overall pick when there are better defencemen than him.

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23 May 2017 01:47:46
Why could you trade Reilly who is on a cheap contract and growing into a great defenceman.
Nylander and the 8th would be great to have but it would set us back.

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23 May 2017 02:00:17
Not saying Leafs would do it but that definitely is an overpayment. The D at 8 are projected to be top 2 D plus another projected top 6 forward. Reilly would be a good fit but don't think Buffalo would make that trade.

Agree2 Disagree2

23 May 2017 04:14:37
You're nuts. Clinically nuts.

Agree1 Disagree1

23 May 2017 08:58:37
Yeah because TOR needs another skilled F over Rielly. Value wise, BUF declines tho.

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