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19 Dec 2014 21:14:35
From Oilers: hall

From Bruins: erickson
2nd ( islanders) 2015


20 Dec 2014 09:35:51
Might get you Klefbom haha.
But honestly, not close to enough for Hall.
Guess BOS starts with Hamilton, Subban, Pastrnak and a 1st. Starts.


All that just gets you Klebom?
We now have the most over rated player ever




19 Dec 2014 18:51:23
To Vancouver: Eriksson, Smith, Spooner, 3rd Round 2015

To Boston: Higgins, Markstrom, Sestio, 4th Round 2015 or 2016


That's a big over payment by Boston


Awful for boston, they give up the better players and the better draft pick


I may be wrong, but I am pretty sure Boston is trying to GET a right wing, not trade two away.




19 Dec 2014 17:53:48
What do you think of this huge trade??

Bos : Soderberg, Reilly Smith, Krug, L.Eriksson, 2nd 2015

SJS: Burns, Nieto.

I know many of you'll tell it's "overpayment", but Burns can be the wished winger of Boston, his kind of play can match to Bruins identity and is under contract for 2 more years.
On the other way, Soderberg is a good 3rd line center but U.F.A. in few months, L.Eriksson a player who defitnetly need a new start, and 2 dangerous skilled players who'll deserve more money than success in a near future.
2nd round pick 2015 against 1.4 M$ shed bruins salary cap.
A huge bet in fact who can succeed or failed.


I don't know. I'm honestly 50/50 on this. I think Boston is giving up to much players that made their roster. And it's pretty hard to get in the Bruin's roster.

The explanation makes sense.




19 Dec 2014 05:35:02
Oilers: hall

Blues: lethera + shakenkirk
Preds: forsberg + josi
Kings: toffoli + Pearson
Jackets: Johannsen +?
Flyers: couterier + Simmonds +?
Islanders: Nelson + hamonic or Reinhart or hickey
Lightning: Killorn + drouin
rangers: brassard + girardi
Bruins: Hamilton + krejci
Jets: byfulgein + scheifele
Avs: ROR + barrie (oilers add)

What do you think? Good or bad? Why?

edm oil

19 Dec 2014 08:37:02
in my opinion hall is the only untouchable player on the oilers roster, stillz if I had to choose a trade partner within your trades proposal I would make a deal with the the jackets. I would ask jackets to add david savard to johanssen stillz I don't see the jackets moving johanssen.


Bruins trade is insulting


Some of these trades are really bad.
Blues say no Lehtera is on the best line in hockey and shattenkirk is very valuable to their defence
Preds say no
kings say no easily
jackets say no if they have to add
bruins say no easily
Avs say no easily and never talk to edmonton again if that's what they are asking for


If the Oilers want Byfulgein + Scheifele…wait…there’s no way that the Jets are trading either one of them for Hall. Winnipeg would counter with something like Kane + Comrie + Postma or Clitsome. Hall is solid (NHL.com has him rated as the 5th best LW / Kane 13th, and TSN.ca has him 5th as well / Kane 11th) but all of the proposals favor Edmonton. I can’t see any of them happening. The Oilers are not dealing from a position of strength so no team will overpay - which is what is being proposed here.


THe blues are not going to trade the following.

Petro, Shatty, Tarasenko, Lehtra, Swartz, Allen, Fabbri, Barbashev, Jaybo, Backes, or Statsny. They are completely off the table.

The following blues will not be traded unless it made the blues better.
Oshie, Steen, Berglund, Ratti, Jaskin, Elliot, Linbohm, COle.

That leaves very few that could be traded just to drop cap or to shake it up. In no way would the blues make a trade that is not in their favor at this point in time. They do not need to make cap room, they do not have a player asking to be traded, or do they have a bad seed in the locker room. So face the facts you can whish in one had and sh!t n the other and see which hand gets full quicker. Whishfull thinking or turds.

russian tank



19 Dec 2014 03:35:55
would this be fair value for t,hall boston / hall edmonton carl soderberg loui eriksson tory krug malcom subban hall is due 6million boston would get rid of about 7 to 7.5 million Iwould never trade doug hamilton hall is under contract for 6 million for 5 more years because your going to lose luci after next year he is going to what more money fa not worth more than 6 million


No the thing about hall is is that the price is to high. I don't see an elite team making this trade but I do see a medicoe team going for hall like the sens or someone else


Too much for hall




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19 Dec 2014 02:26:16
Canucks: erikson and smith

bruins: higgins,weber,seisto and a 3 round pick




19 Dec 2014 00:59:20
Darren Dreger reported that Bennington and Chiarelli are talking trades possibilities possibility of Higgins or Burrows for Krug. Higgins makes more sense because he is younger, much lower salary than Burrows and has less bad blood with the current players and coaches on the Boston roster. The Bruins are in need of a top 6 or 9 forward and Vancouver needs another Dman. Boston is very deep in terms of depth on the back end and Vancouver has some young talent close to cracking the line up.

Chris Higgins (retain $500,000)
3rd round pick
5th round pick

Torey Krug

D. Sedin - H. Sedin - Vrbata
Burrows - Bonino - Shinkariuk
Matthias - Vey - Richardson
Dorsett - Horvat - Hansen

Edler - Tanev
Sbisa - Bieksa
Stanton - Krug

Miller - Lack

Marchand - Bergeron - Smith
Lucic - Krejci - Higgins
Kelly - Soderberg - Eriksson
Paille - Campbell - Cunningham

Chara - Hamilton
Seidenberg - Trotman
Morrow - Miller

Rask - Svedberg


Rather trade kassian than higgins




18 Dec 2014 19:47:34
To BOS: Eberle
To EDM: Smith, Soderberg, Morrow

CaPtAiN cAnAdA



18 Dec 2014 18:45:31
just my opinion but had the bruins been patient this would have been the perfect deal

bruins trade- seguin

oilers trade- Hall

i know the oilers have nuge but he would have been perfect as a second line centre or be expendable for a defence man of goalie, bruins need a scoring punch on the wing, the fit would be perfect right now.


Agreed, Trading Seguin because he had a bad playoff was a bad move. He was a 20 year old 2nd overall pick, you don't trade a guy like that.

After chara retires boston is in big trouble.


Boston may be in trouble if Chara DOESN'T retire in a year or 2. liked in his prime but he's clearly lost a step and at 37 times not on his side


They are in trouble this season. They don't look as dominant, plagued with injuries, players under-performing. Scary times for Boston could be ahead if they don't do something


They are in trouble now


At that moment oilers wouldn't have done it because they had gagner


It was not the reason that he was traded. He had a very bad attitude in the dressing room and was not a team player that is why he got shipped out if town. Get your facts right. No doubt he can score points. Hut here is a question how us the team doing considering he is the leg
Leader? Not good eh? How much I'd a team player do u think he is


19 Dec 2014 01:19:07
boston is in pretty big troubke now, even with chara.


19 Dec 2014 08:52:28
As a habs fan I don't worry about bruins in the postchara era. strong defensive system, talented youngsters (hamilton, krug, miller, morrow, mcquaid) all still improving, and a GM willing to trade those are recipe for success, as their record showa these past five years. Stillz when chara retire their will not be the BIG BAD BRUINS anymore




17 Dec 2014 19:38:15
I really don't see Oilers moving Hall anytime soon, although Eberle might get moved for the right price.

Edm: Eberle

Bos: Hamilton, Subban


No deal from boston


More like no from Edmonton buddy subban.is a nothing still and Hamilton is not worth eberle. That foresure.


Boston's GM has said that Hamilton is their future on defence. He is in-touchable


He can come out and say whatever he wants does not mean a thing if they get a great offer he will go aldo


Hamilton is way better then eberle he plays defense something oilers need smart one adding m subban is a bonus he has so much potential of becoming a great goalie learn something before you talk paolozza


Douggie is overrated. him for eberle straight up is perfect value.


19 Dec 2014 09:07:40
in his prime hamilton will be a top 10-15 Dman in the league. Why trade him when your #1 Dman (chara) is almost done. Loll by the way if BOS propose this trade mctavish would do it in a heart beat




17 Dec 2014 15:00:27
Toronto - dion.

Boston - lucic


As much as I dislike Lucic, he could fetch more than Phaneuf

Captain Nutjob

17 Dec 2014 22:59:36
Give your head a shake. One of the league's premier power forwards for an overpriced traffic cone? Good one.


Sea bass he is better then any defender that Boston has now. Plus chara.is getting slow as heck


I don't know what people have been watching if they say Lucic is a premiere power forward he has played terrible this year. He has also shown in the past couple of years that he can be very inconsistent. Now that's not saying boston or toronto do this deal because I don't think it helps either team. Toronto would have a huge hole on defence and boston would take another player out of their top six which is already lacking


Taking all of the personal opinions out of it, Boston is in a cap crunch, so taking on Dion, when they have Chara just doesn't make sense.




17 Dec 2014 03:59:19
Lucic is rumoured to be on the block with his contract running up, why don't the leafs take a run at him

Tor: Lucic

Bos: Gardiner, 2nd(conditional)

It's a good deal if he resigns or doesn't


17 Dec 2014 09:25:41
Bruins could definitely do better.


Yeah Lucic is a game breaker not nearly enough for him

Charles Xavier

Here goes a dumb trade really we don't want gardiner or picks we want scoring and if we want that trade its still not enough


I cannot see Boston trading Lucic within the division.

Plus Boston will not want to take on the contract of Gardiner.


I'm not sure if Lucic is a gamebreaker Charles Xavier.




16 Dec 2014 13:17:05
bruins - hall, eberle

oil - Kelly, erkisson, m subban, bart, lucic/marchand either one a 2nd rounder (2015) and a 1 rounder (2016) and a 3 rounder (2017) what do you guys think


Lol pretty bad for both hall and eberle dnt play physical hockey like the Bs do


Also not enough for both.




16 Dec 2014 02:55:33
boston./ lucic /sorderberg/subban for edmonton / hall


I would't trade Lucic for Hall
He's too often injured.


This value is good. This is all Edmonton will get for Hall.




16 Dec 2014 01:39:23
Christ Stewart 50% retained to Boston for 2015 2nd and 3rd


IMO Murray would take that.




15 Dec 2014 21:50:49
BOS: chara kelly spooner bos'15 3rd ( turns to phi 2nd if both resign

Chi: seabrooke, sharp

chi gets a top pair D ( so far this year chara no longer elite ) and more dpth at Center. Bruins get a littleyounger at D, while still having a legit top 2 D-man and a top line right winger. Also a much needed change

BOS: Erikson, subban, 2016 3rd

Edm: Eberle

Bruins still have cap space for this happen, edm could use blue chip G prospect and a change


Luc - krejci- sharp
Marchy - Berg - Eberle
griffith - Soderburg - smith
Paile - Campbell - pick a player :p

Hamilton - Seabrooke
Krug - Seids
Millar - Mcquaid ( morrow, Bart, trotmen


Bruins looking better :)


If they drop seabrook it's for cap so why take chara back?


I agree with Oilers this is a bad trade for the blackhawkes and it fails to address the biggest problem which is the cap going into next season.

For sharp I would look for a younger player with upside maybe Reilly Smith and a pick

for seabrooke they would be able to get a contributing roster player, a blue chip prospect, and a first rounder (ex. Carl Soderberg, Joe Morrow, and a first)

These deals obviously wouldn't work with the cap which is why I don't think these two teams would work as trade partners between them both they are probably in the worst cap situations in the league going into next season




14 Dec 2014 02:31:10
Buf: Hackett

Clb: conditional 3rd 2015*

*whatever rule they want
SJ: Nieto, 3rd 2015

Phi: L. Schenn
Mtl: Eller, Nygren

Edm: Perron
Ott: Michalek, 4rth 2016

Ari: M. Stone, Lessio
Ana: 2nd

Bos: Seidenberg

Anaheim probably adds for cap reasons
My first post!


Boston easily says no to that trade getting rid of Seidenberg for a pick would be a horrible decision.

And I believe Arizona says no to ottawa on that trade as well. Michalek has been on a steep decline and has basically been playing fourth line minutes on a bad ottawa team.


@Bruuh, I think you made a good effort and your trades a probably close, but when you put them all into one post, almost everyone will find at least one trade they disagree with and vote unbelievable. Next time separate your posts and listen to the feedback. We are often guided by our biases and misjudge talent. Keep trying and do not get discouraged.


Habs have absolutely no need for another defensemen, and if any centre is going to be moved it's Desharnais.


Well Perron is a winger… and no one wants desharnais


First Perron is and only a winger, not a defencemen. And second, if you're really a "habs fan", u would know they cannot trade DD, first, he's a way better center, and second, for Eller they could get something good in return. DD sadly dosen't have more value than a 4rth rd pick.




14 Dec 2014 02:11:43
Major / minor deal

Ottawa trades Colin greening 4th

Boston for Ryan spooner

Ottawa trades G Craig Anderson Patrick wiercoich 2nd in 15

Edmonton yakupov. Fasth mark fayne


MacArthur. Turris. Yakupov

Hoffman. Zibanejad. Ryan

Greening lazar stone

Legwand. Smith Neil

Methot karlsson

Ceci. Cowen

Gryba. Fayne

Lehner. Fasth


14 Dec 2014 04:45:00
Chiarelli says no thank you, and politely hangs up.


Ottawa has tried to trade Greening all year to get rid of his contract which the fully know was a mistake. They would take a late round pick for him so why would Boston trade a good prospect for Ottawas unwanted garbage


14 Dec 2014 17:58:54
So Ottawa trades a number one goalie, a top 4 defenceman (he would be in Edmonton) and a 2nd round pick for a third liner, a backups backup and a 3rd pairing defenceman. Ummm no.

Also, Gryba is a RD so you would have to get rid of him and put Borowiecki in instead, which is leading me to question why we trade Weircioch in the first place. I think in two or three weeks Weircioch will have mad himself a place in the lineup.




13 Dec 2014 07:19:02
I read an article stating that the Ottawa is possibly shopping Chris Neil. He's one of a few vets on the team I would like to see stick around. But here's my trade proposal.

Chris Neil

Alexander Khokhlachev

Perfect fit for Boston, they get size, gritt and toughness that they are looking to add in there line up, also he's a Boston type player too. Ottawa gets a prospect who could possibly be a regular in the there line up maybe not though.


I know that Chris Neil would bring toughness to an already tough team, and he has performed well this year, but it is TOO MUCH for a 35 year old who's best years are behind him (28 points in '11-'12) and may only play for an additional 2 years.
I doubt Boston would give up a GOOD prospect (Khokhlachev is BOS's 3rd ranked prospect and looks like he is just about ready to make the jump to the NHL at 21 years old) for such a short term benefit.
Why would Boston make a trade for a player who's TOI/gm is currently last among ALL of Ottawa's skaters and plays nearly zero special team time (PK or PP).
To put this in perspective, PIT gave up 2 low probability prospects (former 3rd and 5th round picks) and a 1st to get Jarome Iginla. Do you think Neil compares favorably with Iginla, to ask for a much better prospect?
Lastly, through his career he has only averaged 0.26 pts/gm.
Of course, I always welcome feed back.


13 Dec 2014 19:07:09
Obviously he doesn't compare to Iginla. It em was reported that a deal had been made between Boston and Calgary

Jarome Iginla

Matt Bartkowski
Alexander Khoklhchev
1st rdp

But Iginla exercised his NTC to go Pittsburgh. IMO I think Feaster should have got more for Iginla.


Titties, thanks for the feedback. It looks like Calgary could have gotten even more if he went to Boston first. Funny he went there the following year anyway. BTW, your name is my favorite subject. LMFAO!!




12 Dec 2014 13:16:07
A couple Dallas-Boston deals one minor one significant.

To Dallas:
Kevan Miller

To Boston:
Ryan Garbutt

Straight up hockey deal, under Julien I
think Garbutt could reach his potential as a dominant and physical, but clean bottom 6 player.

Miller I expect fans to over rate, but bottom like in he's 4-7 on the depth chart behind Chara, seids, Dougie, Torrey.

Second proposal

To Dallas:

Chris Kelly
Dougie Hamilton
Malcolm Subban

To Boston:

Valeri Nichuskin
Trevor Daley
Conditional 2-3 pick
(if Dal reaches playoffs is a 2nd pick if they fail to reach than it's a 3rd pick)

This trade can't happen yet as Nich is out on IR at the moment but when healthy this is a deal that can work for both clubs, gives Dallas a legit #1-2 guy on D, and a future in goal.

Boston is in win now mode and needs a scoring threat on the wing. Trevor Daley also can step in on D and add a scoring threat

Gives Dallas a D to build around in Hamilton, Klingerberg & Oleksiak.


I think Dallas needs to add because Hamilton and Subban have very high ceilings and Daley has reached his ceiling and Nichushkin has a high ceiling. Dallas either makes it 2 2nd rounders or a first rounder.


13 Dec 2014 02:19:16
Trade 1, maybe. Trade 2: Don't think so. Pretty Dallas heavy on that one.


I think it's more likely they give up
Chara than Hamilton




12 Dec 2014 12:37:53
BOS: Ryan Fitzgerald & Matt Grzelcyk.
BUF: Chris Stewart (50% retained) & Daniel Catenacci
Boston may have to add a roster player to reduce its cap.




12 Dec 2014 03:50:55
Oilers Fire Dallas,Eakins
Oilers Hire Paul Mcclean
Oilers Sign Tomas Vokoun









Stl says no


Im not sure St. Louis would trade Shattenkirk for that he has played really well this year and they are already full of talented forwards. I could see them moving a forward for another forward if they want to shake something up

The Boston trade is just brutal Edmonton adds a lot to make this happen. Seidenberg is a very solid top four dman and Eriksson is worth more than Purcell. Just a bad trade overall.

The other trades seem more believable then the first two but I think all together you are over valuing edmontons players.


STL trade is actually good, the Dalas one wouldn't work, done see dallas giving up eakin

mclean is an upgrade at coach.


12 Dec 2014 08:28:21
Ference has a ntc, Maclean would be awesome as a coach.


IMO Edm has good GK, just terrible defence. Scrivins maybe an up grade over Neuvirth, but I think Murray will either ride his two GK or trade one of them for a skater prospect or good pick.


Lets do this
Shattenkirk >> eberle 2015 1st rd pck

There is no way shattenkirk is moving for anything less than a 1st rnd pick and a elite forward.

Explain why the blues who are a cup contender would trade for that crap. Eberle is not that good. Not a two way player. In STL eyes perron is worth more and we got rid of him for his lack of two way play and offensive zone penalties.

shattdueces is not available for crap and crappy picks.

russian tank

12 Dec 2014 19:22:13
@russiantank are you implying that the oilers will trade eberle and likely one of mcdavid or eichel for shattnkirk? Can I have the next puff please?


Exactly what EDM gave up to get him



yes that's exactly what i'm implying. The blues are in contention. The oilers are not. Kevin shattenkirk is a number 1 offensive dman that is responsible in his own end. Just because you have the high pick comming doesn't mean its gold. look at your yaka a RNH, hall. picked number one over all but obviously not the bet players in their draft year.

To sum things up. Their is nothing the blues want from your team short of a 1st rnd pick and a great player if you want shattenkirk. Shatty is an elite dman would be number 1 on any other team than blues.

russian tank



12 Dec 2014 02:06:13
Stl: Chara

Bos: Oshie Gunnerson 2nd

Bos: Yandle

Phx: Eriksson Krug 1st

Bos: Perron, Ference

Edm: Subban, Morrow, 2nd
Hall can get the C finally

Lucic Krejci Oshie
Marchand Bergeron Smith
Perron Soderberg Griffin
Paille Campbell Kelly

Yandle Hamilton
Seidenberg Ference
Gunnerson McQuiad/Miller



Blues say no thanks for many reasons.

1) Charra is old
2) Blues are deep in defensman
3) Oshie and Gunnerson is to much to give up for old high cap hit.
4)Blues don't need to make a deal which means if any one will over pay it will be boston.

russian tank

Chara is a statue and on the decline




12 Dec 2014 01:11:09
Bruins trades
To STL: erikkson, kelly bartkowski mide prospect a 2nd rounder
TO BOS:oshie shattenkirk

This perfectly works with cap neither team is effected at all

lineup for bs is


scenario 2
TO edm:erikkson,griffith a 3rd round pick
to bos: eberle retains 2m

lineup is


scenario 3
to phi: lucic subban and a 2nd
to bos: simmonds, timmonen

lineup is


No chance in hell st. Louis makes that trade


St. Louis gets robbed on that first one.


Timmonen is on LTIR most likely never play again, they cannot trade him its against the CBA, know your facts people!!


Blues don't need crappy forwards or defenseman or mid level prospects or low picks.

The blues have more depth and skilled player ready to come up why would we need your crap.

You want shattenkirk you better start busting out Dougie Hamilton and 1st round picks.

Blues don't need to make a trade> none of those player have an immediate impact for our team.

russian tank



11 Dec 2014 17:39:45
Detroit Trades:
Johan Franzen
Jakub Kindl
3rd 2016

Boston Trades:
Reilly Smith
Kevan Miller

Boston wants a physical top-6 RW who can score. Franzen can do that.
Boston also adds to defensive depth.

Detroit gets a young Right-handed D.
Plus Detroit reunites the Reilly Smith with his Brother Brendan.

Detroit still may need to add but how much? Comment what they need or is it too much?




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