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06 Dec 2017 13:35:22
BOSTON: Lenher+ Kane+ 1st(top 5 pick )

Sorry I already make a similar trade, but don't know why but I added Carlo to give to the Bruins, don't know why I make that?!!

06 Dec 2017 14:12:37
It's ok friend. You meant well.

06 Dec 2017 14:51:50
Not bad but eh but in no way Buffalo is trading that pick.

06 Dec 2017 15:31:26
I knew you could do it yup. Keep it up.

06 Dec 2017 16:31:59
Task is worthless.

06 Dec 2017 18:02:40
Thank you Leafs17. I hope I'm not hurting your feelings.

07 Dec 2017 02:37:12
no. no no no. you would not add a 1st in a trade that involves kane and rask. why?

07 Dec 2017 03:17:44
First of all Boston trades for an UFA for a cup run but trades there Elite starting goalie. That base makes zero sense.

07 Dec 2017 05:29:35
Where's this elite starting goalie in this proposal buddy?
Used to be elite.

07 Dec 2017 06:17:02
Yeah, I have Rask in my fantasy, he’s an elite ball cap wearing, front row sitting, popcorn eating back up, watching khudobin get starts. He struggled early like Andersen, talbot and price and I figured he’d be fine, But Andersen got it together, price got hurt and then really got it together, talbot got hurt and hasn’t had the chance to come back better, and Rask has just kept struggling. Not sure what to think of him now.

05 Dec 2017 20:14:38
BOSTON: Lehner+ Carlo + 2rd+ 5rd
(2rd will be 3rd if Boston don't make the playoffs)

05 Dec 2017 21:07:04
Lol why would Boston re-acquire Carlo when they already have him.

05 Dec 2017 22:14:27
I think you're a little mixed up there buddy.

05 Dec 2017 22:23:35
Since bruins already have Carlo, I doubt they do this lol Rask for Lehner a 2nd and a 5th is bad.

06 Dec 2017 16:26:10
I like how you managed to type 2rd twice and a good ol' 5rd.

05 Dec 2017 19:26:18
Canucks demko eriksson markstrom gaudette

Boston rask mcavoy

05 Dec 2017 20:07:26

06 Dec 2017 00:43:39
Yeah your name suits you right you're high af.

06 Dec 2017 02:48:45
Marstrom playing better then rask demko is the number 1 goalie prospect the nhlAdam gaudette is expected to play in the nhl after college this year. no one here looks at the analytic your all need to look up stuff before you comment. so the canucks are give them a better goalie a goalie for the future and a 2 or third line center for mcavoy.

06 Dec 2017 13:43:37
If they’re giving them a good goalie, a goalie for the future, a centre for mcavoy like you say, then what are they paying bruins for Rask? A cap dump in Erikson? Lol awful.

06 Dec 2017 16:12:50
Rask is not worth much look as his stats last couple year he over pay just like erickson and they make the same about of money to make this trade possible lol clueless.

06 Dec 2017 22:52:54
Erikson scored 11 goals last year, is 2 years older than Rask, is signed for longer and is a winger, the least sought after of all positions behind defenders, centres and goalies. Lol. Clueless!

07 Dec 2017 01:53:04
Boston pushes you out of the window of the skyscraper there office is than piss’s on you from the window.

01 Dec 2017 10:13:44
Boston trades David Krejci and Paul Postma to Montreal for Shea Weber.

It gives Montreal a number one center(wich they need) and it solidifies boston Defense core. Almost same cap hit.

I know they are division rivals, but it feels both teams needs. Backes can fill Krejci role and Spooner can take Backes place...

I guess it could be tweeked a l ittle, but base wise what do u guys think?

01 Dec 2017 11:38:21
Lol why would Mtl need Krej
This is so bas for Mtl and so good for Boston
Or your a Boston fan or your trying to trooll.

01 Dec 2017 11:41:37
First of all, Montreal's defense would be crap after that. Second, Boston would not want shea Weber's contract.

01 Dec 2017 12:47:41
It's just as bad for Boston as it is for Montreal. Lol. Both teams say no.

28 Nov 2017 04:34:59
Toronto gets-- Chara
Boston gets-- 3rd 2018/ 4th Rd 2019.

28 Nov 2017 07:27:48
Lmao ya another LHD and an old one.

28 Nov 2017 12:08:39
Lol right.

04 Oct 2017 22:49:07
Mtl) Galchenyuk
Bos) Krug, Forsbaka Karlson
I can see this happen if Mete returns to London

And Boston needs offense so I think they would do it

Patch Drouin Gallagher
Hudon Plekanec Lehkonen
Byron Danault Shaw

Krug Weber
Alzner Petry
Schlemko Benn

05 Oct 2017 02:12:01
would do that as a habs fan tbh.

05 Oct 2017 20:05:38
Boston laughes and replies with beleskey for Lehkonen + Mete :)

06 Oct 2017 05:49:33
nhl_fan wow people that do these comments are so immature its not even funny get a life bud.

06 Oct 2017 12:38:41
I guess u can't handle ironi and sarcasm. Just be realistic, Galchenyuk is way overrated in that trade wich favors Mtl.

14 Sep 2017 05:41:49
Hampus Lindholm for David Pastrnak
Seen a comment about how Boston already has Carlo and McAvoy as their RHD's so how about a underrated LHD.

Zdeno Chara / Brandon Carlo
Hampus Lindholm / Charlie McAvoy
Torey Krug - Adam McQuaid

14 Sep 2017 15:10:57
Not bad. I think Pasternak is worth a bit more at the moment but when you factor in it's going to take 7.5+ to sign him and lindholm comes with a 5.2 cap hit for 5 more seasons, it might be good enough. Cap certainty is definitely and asset in today's NHL.

14 Sep 2017 16:44:00
Pasta signed, 6 years 40 mil total.

14 Sep 2017 20:13:17
Well I guess I was wrong on that lol great deal for bruins. Also happy to see it as a leafs fan because I think that's a good comparable for what nylander could need. When draisatl got 8.5 and pasta looking for 7.5 it had me worried a bit. Nylander in the 6-6.5 range is good.

14 Sep 2017 05:20:46
PIT: Olli Maatta + 2nd
WPG: Jacob Trouba

Then flip Trouba to Boston

PIT: Jacob Trouba
BOS: David Pastrnak

14 Sep 2017 22:01:39
Both trades lopsided in the pens favour IMO.

13 Sep 2017 18:59:14
Three way trade:

CAR to WPG: Hannifin
WPG to BOS: Trouba
BOS to CAR: Pasternak


13 Sep 2017 19:52:49
I like this trade alot

13 Sep 2017 21:21:22
Pastrnak > Trouba > Hanifin

Canes easily win this trade IMO.

13 Sep 2017 21:21:50
Pasternak > Hannifin > Trouba
So I think Boston loses this but picks can fix that. Even though this trade helps everybody it seems unlikely Hanifin gets traded as well.

13 Sep 2017 22:09:29
I like the effort but this is not enough for Boston.

13 Sep 2017 22:14:44
Good base. Maybe just a deal between Bos and Car, because B's already have McAvoy and Carlo as their 2 top4 RHD. Hanifin + 2nd rd pick for Pastrnak or something like this idk.

13 Sep 2017 22:32:14
Good thought, good needs but in my opinion pasternak and hanifin are close, but both more than Trouba.

14 Sep 2017 03:35:36
Seems like an excellent start. Boston needs a bit more though.

14 Sep 2017 06:16:15
I believe the thinking is sound as is the value but it can never happen. its hard enough to find one GM who has the balls to pull off that deal, let alone three!

14 Sep 2017 11:04:30
Add a few small adds for a couple of the teams such as picks/ prospects and it's a good trade IMO however a trade of this calibre between 3 teams is unlikely.

14 Sep 2017 11:05:20
Possibly make small adds to Winnipeg and Carolina, with boston being on the receiving end of the adds.? Good post!

14 Sep 2017 18:48:37
Trouba is not worth less than Hanifin and is entering his prime at the same time the team is stepping up. Jets won't let him go unless they are forced to for contract reasons, and if they do the ideal trade is for someone a little further along in development than Hanifin.
That said they Chevy has made deals with Carolina in the past.

15 Sep 2017 15:56:44
When I said hanifin over trouba I didn't mean he's already a better player. I meant value around the league could be higher due to the fact he's younger, cheaper, was drafted higher and some believe has a higher ceiling when it's all over and also hasn't had any bad press or negativity around his character. And I'm not saying trouba was wrong or a bad guy, we don't know the real story. Just saying players can get a reputation, whether fair or not, that can follow them and affect their trade value.

12 Sep 2017 13:59:32
Hampus Lindholm, Kevin Bieksa, Logan Shaw and a 2018 3rd Round Draft Pick and to the Boston Bruins in exchange for David Pastrnak (signed to 7 year/ 7 million per year deal) and Adam McQuaid.

- Anaheim beefs up their attack to contend with a beefy Edmonton Oiler offence. This will make the Pacific division title a race, as otherwise, it seemed a given that Edmonton would win.

- Anaheim loses a big piece of their defence, however, with Jacob Larsson, Cam Fowler, Sami Vatanen, Brandon Montour and Josh Manson in place, their defense still looks fine for the future.

- Of course, Anaheim would HATE to give up Lindholm, however, in order to get a 75 point guy, who is only getting better, ya got to give up something good.

- Boston loses the biggest and flashiest part of their offence, however, they acquire a dman who will compliment Charlie McAvoy and Torey Krug in the future.
- Lindholm is a solid dman who will be able to produce offence from the backend, and will allow Boston to produce a good defence core - something they have been lacking for a while now.

& don't tell me that Anaheim can just give up Fowler for Pasta. Lindholm will HAVE to go in order to get Pasta. Unless Sweeney is crazy. Which is entirely possible as well.

12 Sep 2017 14:05:09
Don't think bruins win a trade for Pasternak but this is definitely the best one I have seen. At least makes you weigh the options. Only thing is I feel that if a 7x7 deal was possible, they wouldn't trade him. Then again, seguin, kessel and Hamilton never saw a second contract because bruins wouldn't get off their wallet, so it's possible I guess lol.

12 Sep 2017 14:20:49
I can't see the Bruins doing it because they really only have like 5 players players that can get goals (Bergeron, Pasternak, Marchand, Vatrano, and Krejci)

12 Sep 2017 15:06:07

thanks man. I read that Boston only wants 6 mil x 7 and aren't budging much. Maybe if the new deal is 7.5 x 7?

12 Sep 2017 20:58:11
I think 7.5 is perfect. He's a lot more of a game breaker than horvat who got 5.5, and he's more important to his team than most comparable guys because bruins best offensive weapons from their better days (Bergeron, krejci) are on the wrong side of 30. Draisatls 8.5 is higher because he can play multiple positions and run his own line. 6,7 or 8 years at 7.5 should be fair.

12 Sep 2017 04:19:21

Bos: Niklas Kronwall [4 mil (750K ret) ], Petr Mrazek (4 mil)
Det: Matt Beleskey (3.8 mil), Anton Khudobin (1.20 mil), Jeremy Lauzon (748K), 2018 conditional* 3rd round pick

*If Bruins make playoffs it's a 3rd, if they win a series it's a 2nd and if they miss the playoffs it's a 4th.

Red Wings get a solid prospect and pick and get to part ways w a veteran in Kronwall so the young guys can come through. They also gain 3 mil in space they can use to sign AA.

Bruins get rid of a cap dump in Beleske. They get another top 6 d-man in Kronwall who couldn't use a place like Boston where he has less minutes and pressure than in Detroit. They also get an improvement in goal so Rask doesn't have to carry this team like he did in the first half last year when they couldn't score and the backups were awful.

05 Sep 2017 23:15:25
-Flames and Bennet and Red Wings and Athanasiou are both far apart with their teams for contract nagotiations. Both reportedly shopping KHL contracts to pressure clubs.

-Cody Franson apperently deciding between Oilers and Blackhawks.

-Jagr could be preparing to stay in the Czech and play for Klando and the Olympics.

-Pasternak and his agent keep using Drias $8.5M as a comparable and demanding more than Boston is offering (believed to be $6M per for 6 years) . This nagotiation is maybe getting ugly.

-Horvat and Canuks could be announcing a signing in the next few days.

06 Sep 2017 02:40:42
Franson would be nice addition oil, upgrade over Gryba for sure.

06 Sep 2017 03:00:36
I think Pasternak at 7.5 would be fair. Draisatl being able to either ride shotgun with mcdavid or center his own line gives him a bit of a premium. But 6 million just wouldn't cut it if I were pasta either. And Franson was a guy i hated to see leave the leafs but we got a first, a prospect and a 5th or something for him so they had to. I would be glad to bring him back on the cheap because our RD is weak. But oilers would be a good fit too.

06 Sep 2017 15:46:51
-Duchane also didn't attend first captains practice yesterday. Landeskog was a little disappointed. But it's looking like Duchane will be traded within the month here.

-Horvats deals looking to be around 5/ 6 years between around $5.5M per.

07 Sep 2017 02:40:03
Duchene was at a wedding, lots of players weren't there.

25 Aug 2017 18:08:27
Boston Bruins- David Pastrnak
Calgary Flames- Rasmus Andersson, Troy Brouwer, Mark Jankowski

Finally get their much needed RW but the price maybe higher than that.

John Gaudreau-Sean Monahan-David Pastrnak
Matthew Tkachuk-Mikael Backlund-Michael Frolik
Spencer Foo-Sam Bennett-Kris Versteeg
Michael Ferland-Matt Stajan-Curtis Lazar

25 Aug 2017 18:25:57
Lol a good prospect in Anderson, a cap dump in Brouwer and a meh prospect in Jankowski? Hell no from Boston, might get Pasta's skates.

25 Aug 2017 23:59:58
No from Boston unless they felt Anderson was going to be a top pair def and that is doubtful.

26 Aug 2017 14:19:47
Lol I love the Flames but no. I'm guessing anything to get Pasternak involves Brodie, Johnny, or Tkachuk.

09 Sep 2017 17:00:22
That is a fair deal. Jankowski has size and skill and will be a good second line center.

24 Aug 2017 03:55:21
Since neither of the 2 guy said have been re-signed yet how bout this

Vancouver: David Pastrnak

Boston: Bo Horvat.

24 Aug 2017 09:32:39
Pasta>Horvat. Imo.

Plus, Boston has way too many centres. Bergy, Krejci and Spooner as 1/ 2/ 3 + Backes on the wing can play centre,

24 Aug 2017 13:23:11
Not a chance from Boston. Pasta is exactly what they need and Horvat is good but not good enough to land him.

24 Aug 2017 14:59:56
Horvat is a good all round player but don't think he has or ever will have the same game breaker ability that Pasternak does. Vancouver would need to add for sure. Only way Canucks don't add is if it's a sign and trade both ways and Pasternak is getting a way bigger deal, for instance if he's demanding 8x8 in Boston and they could have horvat for 6 or 7 years at 4.5-5 which isn't going to happen.

24 Aug 2017 15:26:27
Would love this! Bruins are brutal for trading top end talent away. Kessel, seguin, Hamilton.

24 Aug 2017 17:44:52
Love Horvat and would hate to see him get traded but agreed with comments above, Nucks defs add. Horvat will be a great two way C but Pasta is already a 30 goal scorer. Do the Bruins need more C's anyways? Seems they're pretty set down the middle for the next few years with Bergeron, Krejci, and Spooner (if not traded) also got Forsbacka-Karlsson who is looking like the Swedish Patrice Bergeron and Czarnik (who should be a regular this year)

25 Aug 2017 01:18:23
Horvat all day!

15 Aug 2017 19:19:35
To la kings: pasternak and 2 round pick 2018
To boston: muzzin or martinez, kempe and 1 round pick 2018.

16 Aug 2017 19:41:54
Holy smokes that's horrible for Boston.

17 Aug 2017 16:04:19
It's not that horrible for Boston if Muzzin is included. Also, instead of Kempe, I'd include pearson.

15 Aug 2017 03:49:16
Boston: pastranak
Canucks: goldobin and gudbrandson

baertchi- horvat-Erickson
Granlund- sutter- goldobin


15 Aug 2017 14:34:00
I know Boston has a history of trading talented 21 year old forwards (Kessel+Seguin) but trading a guy who got 70 points for an unproven rookie and a middle pairing dman is suicide for the Bruins GM.

15 Aug 2017 20:26:25
@McRazzle I agree but rumours flying that Bruins are open to shopping Pasta, would need more then this 100p tho.

12 Aug 2017 23:45:35
Buffalo trade Josh Gorges, Zegmus Girgenson and 2018 2nd to
Boston Bruins for Spooner

Buffalo could use a Left Center on the 3rd line and PP
Boston could use a Left Defense-man, Girgensons could fill the 4th center spot, plus a pick, which if the Sabres miss the playoffs could be pretty good.

Spooner is essential a spare part for Boston as are Gorges and Girgensons for Buffalo.

Please let me know what Buffalo needs to add. If one should consider commenting please include constructive suggestions.

15 Aug 2017 04:34:44
I was hoping for comments, 12 unbelievable does not indicated why it is unbelievable. But 5 believable leads me to think that the unbelievable are split 50/ 50.

05 Aug 2017 23:11:10
Boston: spooner

Florida: petrovic

06 Aug 2017 16:37:41
Boston's already got d-men like Petrovic (McQuaid and Miller) no need to send an offensive weapon like Spooner.

04 Aug 2017 21:05:26
Vegas: Theodore, Cody Glass, Nick Suzuki
Boston: David Pastrnak

04 Aug 2017 21:39:26
makes no sense for either team.

04 Aug 2017 21:51:14
This sets Vegas way back. Theadore was the best piece they got in all the dealing for the draft. Then add the first 2 first rounders in franchise history? Pasternak is a good goal scorer and still very young himself, but theadore will be a top 4 Dman for sure, maybe top pair. And both those forwards have massive upside too. McPhee said he's building through the draft the right way, he wouldn't abandon that whole plan before playing a single game.

04 Aug 2017 23:06:16
No from both sides.

05 Aug 2017 11:07:12
Nylander for Pasta. Pasta is a better goal scorer but Nylander has the ability to play center.

05 Aug 2017 21:02:58
"Lol no. " -Boston.

04 Aug 2017 10:54:26
With Spooner looking for a long term contract with salary of 4m and up, the bruins might be looking to unload him before next season....

Bos Spooner 4 Pittsburg 2nd round pick 2018


Bos Spooner 4 Mtl 2nd rond pick(chicago's)

This would allow boston to make room for the cap next year, picks for trades or to draft... and room for younger players to gain experience...

Let me know if it makes sense value wise, not to sure of spooner's value, thanks

04 Aug 2017 13:39:04
I think they're going to want more than a late 2nd rounder for him but I don't know how desperate their cap situation is. Money problems make teams take less for better players obviously.

04 Aug 2017 16:49:52
Any trade with MTL and Bos doesn't make sense.

05 Aug 2017 04:42:12
they just love to hate each other I do not see it happening unless a third team is involve.

05 Aug 2017 18:57:22
they love to hate each other, I don not see this one happening unless another team is involved.

05 Aug 2017 21:03:51
"That's hysterical" -Don Sweeney.

06 Aug 2017 19:34:29
The winning habits are saying blues would Like to unload Paul Statney salary cap, and thinks Bergie could Build a trade using Carr and other prospect for Statney , a lot more likely and spooner.

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