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22 Apr 2014 17:19:59
EDM:2015 1st, Petry



EDM:2015 1st, Petry



EDM:2015 1st, Petry




21 Apr 2014 11:37:55


Bos won't move bergy. And why would edm want to get rid of a young player for a ageing

They wouldn't not trade seguin if they were planning on trading Bremerton

Rnh is poor mans Bergeron, why do you trade the selke front runner for that? Need more



19 Apr 2014 23:12:17
To Montreal: Hercule Poirot

To Boston: Carey Price

No offence but who is poirot?

Montreal say wtf and stfu.

It is a joke, he is fictional detective.



18 Apr 2014 19:40:21
Toronto: 3rd overall pick

Edmonton: Phaneuf, 8th overall pick and Granberg


Toronto: 2nd overall pick

Buffalo: 3rd overall pick and rights to Reimer

Leafs Draft Ekblad or Reinhart (Either one fills the needs of the Leafs)

Keep Franson 2 year 2. 3M

Get another Right handed Dman in Free agency or trade at Draft

Toronto: Boychuk

Bos: Ashton, MacWilliam 2nd

Gardiner Boychuk

Reilly Ekblad

Gunnarsson Franson

SBR do not need another goal tender prospect! SBR suffered through a terrible season, I doubt they will want to move down in the draft.

The Reimer thing is smart, but the sabres might need to put in more because Reimer is an RFA



17 Apr 2014 16:28:13
Boston Krug and a 2nd round pick
Phoenix Keith Yandle

Ottawa Jason Spezza
Winnipeg Blake Wheeler and a 2nd

Vancouver Ryan Kesler
NYR Brassard and a 1st

Edmonton 2nd round pick
Toronto Rights to RFA James Riemer

CGY Curtis Glencross
Toronto Biggs and a 3rd

How many times does it have to be said? The oilers don't need reimer and he is worth a 3rd at best.

Can’t see any of these happening. Not enough for Yandle. Winnipeg wouldn't take Spezza straight up for Wheeler. Kesler is in decline. Edmonton is better off holding on to the pick. Calgary needs a veteran presence to lead their youth.

Krug Is untradable



15 Apr 2014 18:50:59
Playoff prediction

BOS v. DET: BOS wins in 7

PIT v. CBJ: PIT wins in 6

TBL v. MON: MON wins in 7

NYR v. PHI: NYR win in 6

ANA v. DAL: ANA wins in 6

COL v. MIN: COL wins in 6

STL v. CHI: CHI wins in 6

SJS v. LAK: SJS wins 7

Idk why but I've got a weird feeling that blue jackets upset pens

I have this feeling that no one will see this coming and be a little unpredictable in a cup final

Avs vs. Lightning

There are many good teams so this probably won't happen but if I had to go with something completely unexpected or unpredictable this would be my matchup.



13 Apr 2014 16:46:15
Keep an Open Mind Everybody

Fire Dave Nonis, Randy Carlyle and Dave Farrish. The leafs should do what Colorado did by hiring Sakic and Roy.

President of Hockey Operations: Brendan Shanahan
GM: Claude Loiselle
Assistant GM: Doug Gilmour (If he wants the job)
Head Coach: Barry Trotz (If fired by Nashville)
Assistant Coaches: Kevin Dineen, Scott Gordon and Steve Spott (Marlies are familiar with him)

This is what I would do for management.

CAP SPACE: $21 580 833

NYI: 1st round pick 2014 (4th overall as of now, barring lottery changes)
TOR: Rights to James Riemer and 1st round pick 2014 (8th overall as of now, barring lottery changes)

-Before you guys say Riemer is sucks and is only worth a 3rd look at last years stats Riemer lead the leafs to the playoffs, he just has been mistreated in Toronto, can compete for the starters job in NYI

DAL: Lupul and Rights to Franson
TOR: Rights to Roussel, B. Ritchie and 2nd round pick 2014
-Yes Lupul is made of glass but played 69 games this year and would look great with Seguin and Benn on the top line (much better than Kadri as a playmaker)

TOR: Gleason and Rights to D'Amigo
EDM: Hendricks and 3rd round pick 2014
-EDM gets a solid defensive d-man who is not afraid to get physical and block shots, the leafs get a bottom 6 grinder who can win faceoffs.

WSH: Gunnarson
TOR: C. Carrick, 3rd round pick 2014 and 3rd round pick 2015
-WSH gets a top 4 defensive d-man and Leafs get cap relief + picks

CAP SPACE NOW: $32 130 833

If Reinhart and Bennett are taken draft Draisaitl 4th overall

McClemment 3 years 1.5 million per year
Bolland 3 years 4.5 million per year
Ashton 3 years 0.8 million per year
Holland 2 years 0.8 million per year
Roussel 4 years 2.5 million per year
Gardiner 2 years 3 million per year
Brennan 3 years 0.9 million per year

Iginla 1 year 6 million per year (If he isn't resigned by Boston. Going out on the limb, but Iginla provides leadership, offense and defense. KEEP AN OPEN MIND)
Komarov 3 years 2 million per year
Orpiks 2 years 4 million per year
Fayne 3 years 2.5 million per year
Brodeur 1 year 3 million per year

CAP SPACE NOW: $3 880 833


Kadri-Draisaitl-Iginla (A)
Roussel-Bolland (A)-Clarkson

Phaneuf (C)-Orpiks


EXTRAS: Orr, Leivo and Brennan

Everything here is unrealistic.

Boy are these trades bad for the other team involved. But, hey, you're a leafs fan so that comes as no surprise. And Iginla will re-sign in Boston, they've already stated its a key off-season move for them. Besides, he wants a chance to win so why would he go to Toronto?

Bolland is a waste

Oilers have a solid young d-core coming up we don't want any maple leaf defenseman

Wheres kadri

There is no one you can hire that can magically bring you a cup, Toronto needs to develop a winning attitude as a TEAM and then you can start blaming management, until then they will still lose no matter who they have

Reimer. he's lost his last 10 starts. He's not worth anything.

Hes got pathetic help in his own end from the forwards and the defence is made up of offensive minded guys, yet reimers got a. 913 save percentage. Wow he's just soooo horrible, learn the sport and watch a few games reimer is quite the goalie. Not saying he's amazing by any means but he can definately be a starter on a team that doesn't have good goaltending and be a big improvement.



11 Apr 2014 19:05:59
Oilers need a top Center and Defense

Oilers - Krejci, Boychuk

Bruins - 1rdp 2014, Yakupov, Ganger, Petry
( Oilers could add another pick )

Way too much going to Boston.

Never mind. I missed the addition of the 1st round pick. Still won't happen. I wouldn't want Yakupov in my room.



10 Apr 2014 20:40:45
To Edmonton Oilers - Phaneuf (25% retained salary) & Kadri
To Toronto Maple Leafs - Eberle & 1st in 2014 (3rd overall)

To St. Louis Blues - Gunnarsson
To Toronto Maple Leafs - Polak

To Boston Bruins - Lupul (15% retained salary)
To Toronto Maple Leafs - Boychuk

To Colorado Avalanche - Franson
To Toronto Maple Leafs - McGinn

draft one of Reinhart or Bennett with 3rd overall pick

resign Bolland, McClement & Kulemin
sign Komarov, Brodeur & Thornton

McGinn/Bennett or Reinhart/Eberle
Smith & Bodie



Oilers don't want Phaneuf. he is a Leaf, get over it.

Awful trade for the oilers.

Once Peter Chiarelli stops laughing he says to Keep Lupul. Why would they trade a solid defenseman for a defensive liability?



07 Apr 2014 18:49:26
WPG: Kane
LA: Williams, Zykov, King, and a 2nd

EDM: 1st rounder
CHI: Seabrook
*Would only work if Ekbald was available for Chicago to take.

BUF: Stewart
TBL: Connolly and a 2nd

VAN: Sedins and Edler
PHI: Schenns and Read

DET: Smith
BOS: Morrow and a 2nd or 3rd

PHI: Lecavalier
PHX: Vrbata and a 2nd (sign and trade)


Way to overvalue kane, Seabrook will not get traded, the hawks are a win now team. Stewart isn't worth a 2nd. The 4th trade could work out. Smith isn't worht that much. Vrbata is worth way more then vinny and his 5 years at 4.5m

IMO, Murray would trade Stewart to TBL for Connolly and a 2nd.

IMO, Williams, Zykov, King, and a 2nd is not nearly enough for Kane. A couple of seconds, a center with 29 points and 31 year old winger who may be on the down slide, really. BTW I am a SAB fan and I know a lot better package could be put together from the assets of the worse team in the NHL.

Boston says keep adding, but really, no thanks.

Actually BUF: Stewart to TBL: for Connolly and a 2nd is just about right.

The Sedins to Philly? The Flyers have $11-million cap room left next year.



05 Apr 2014 17:01:04
TOR: Clarkson and Kadri
BOS: Lucic

Wow all these tor trades when all you fans said your team is the best eh. Understand hockey cause you are not getting one of the best power forwards for crap and the worst contract in the league, plus he wouldn't go from a Stanley cup team to a non playoff team

LOLOL! Wake up, buddy, you're obviously still asleep and dreaming!

Toronto passes. Kadri is a 2nd line center and Clarkson is the same power forward as Lucic. Clarkson is a leader.

I love how with one side of their mouths fans say Lucic is a goon and then with the other side try to put together trades to get him. He isn't going anywhere except the Stanley Cup Finals!

Clarkson couldn't even do Lucic's laundry. leader? To where? The pressbox?

Clarskon can lead the leafs to hell



03 Apr 2014 23:38:27
To TOR: Mcquaid, 2nd

To BOS: Franson

Not bad.



03 Apr 2014 02:11:17
Bruins have a "surplus" or "log jam" at defense, whatever you want to say. Any trade market for mcquaid?

McQuaid to Oilers for Larsen, Bachman and 2nd

Yakupov for boychuck and a forward prospect

Any teams willing to give up a 1for him?



02 Apr 2014 04:05:12
Easiest acquisition to Improve the habs

Get macintyre
Get scott
Get rupp
Get rid of parros

Montreal is a small team and we cannot change that at this stage, with guys like dd, Gallagher, gionta, boullion etc. we can't afford these players getting pushed around by dirty teams like Boston, Toronto and Ottawa and getting a parros replacement (parros career is over) is the beneficial thing to do in order to protect he youngsters.

Just because a team is bigger then you and is stronger does not mean that they are a dirty team, nice try clumping teams together as dirty

I would not call Ottawa a dirty team.

Yes, get some big bodies to protect the Canadien Diving Team. lol

Montreal need to call up Nick Tarnasky from Hamilton. Big, tough, can skate and score. Parros needs to go!

I think you mean the only Canadian team in the playoffs.

Murray on Kostka. yeah every other team is dirty but the habs, wake up.


Habs can bring up Tarnasky from Hamilton.

Thats the first time he's done it though, so no he's not dirty. dirty is kadri, lucic, thornton, chara, phaneuf, neil.

Id like to hear one team that doesn't dive. and hbas don't do it that often, commentators like to overreact and get the stupid fans to follow.

Chris Neil is dirty? Never suspended but your "not dirty" player is getting a call Neil is physical and tough to play against wouldn't say he's dirty

Dirty has nothing to do with suspensions, extra shots, going after smaller players. he gets away with a lot, sens fans don't notice. lol, no sens fans you're not an intimidating fanbase. yeah we saw you in the playoffs last year, yeah anderson was hot, price was injured. oh wait we are in the playoffs this year, are you. no, but you were lastyear, good for you. good luck this year in the playoffs. oh wait.

Its a good thing for the habs that Ottawa isn't in the playoffs you guys remember what happened last year.
tee hee.

^ Yep the Sens outscored the habs
20-9 and drop kicked them in 5 short games. OUCH! Price and buds both had sun burns on the back of thier necks.



30 Mar 2014 16:22:26
Personally, I think the leafs do an entire organizational purge. I would like to see them bring in an older GM to be the president of the Maple Leafs, while hiring Jim Benning from the Bruins to be their GM. I would also allow Benning to hire the head coach of his choosing, personally Laviolette, or Guy Boucher are two guys I am a fan of.

Nonis is certainly a good general manager, but I think its time to remove any traces of Brian Burke from the team, there is too great of an alliance to certain players (Reimer, Dion, Gunner, Kuli) and it is impacting the growth and future development of the team. Carlyle is a great coach, but he's been forcing too much, and not allowing players to play to their strengths. His biggest problem has been expecting Gardiner, Franson, Reilly and Dion to be defensive stallwarts when they are offensively minded and offensively gifted. He has coached himself out of a job.

I wouldn't mind seeing gardiner and kadri traded if we could get a top line centre, or a swap of young players for some that fit our needs, like gardiner for a defensive defenseman with size (Pysyk, Reinhart, Kulikov just ideas, not necessarily real targets). They can certainly use a 2nd line centre with size, but I also don't want them to give up on Kadri quite yet. I think the leafs need a top line shutdown dman before the top centre (Bozaks been unreal this year).

Nonis is definitely not a good general manager!
Signing that plug Phaneuf to a long term contract was colossal stupidity, signing Clarkson to a long term contract was colossal stupidity, ignoring the need to overhaul a defensively challenged blueline at the trade deadline was colossal stupidity, refusing to see that Carlyle`s defensive systems were not a fit for the personnel on the Leafs was colossal stupidity. Do I need to continue.
Nonis, Carlyle, Phaneuf, Clarkson, Kadri and Franson need to go. Blow it up fellas cause it just isn`t working!

Nonis is not a good general manager. gainey and gauthier had there moments, and are still very bad general managers. that's why they aren't gms anymore.



27 Mar 2014 22:08:16
To Boston: Tomas Plecanic

To Montreal: Patrice Bergeron

Pleckanic for Bergeron! Keep adding and dreaming my friend. lol Not even close. Bergeron is the consummate two way player in this league. You ain't getting him for scraps.

Boston has to add plecs>>>>>>>>>>>>>bergeron

It would be more like Subban for Bergeron and even then, I'd rather have Bergeron.

^^Keep dreaming. Plekanic can't touch Bergeron. Anywhere anytime for anything. Bergeron can outplay Plekanic with his eyes closed, no hands and no legs. DO NOT even tryto compare the two. Just don't.

Berg is better then pleks but to say pleks is scraps is completely wrong. He is one of the most underrated players in league, in runnig for selki (just heard on tsn) and one of the best 2 way players in the league. He plays every situation and is always near the top in SHORThanded goals every year, he is a great player so know your hockey before you say he is scrap.

Compared to Bergeron? Sorry, but.



26 Mar 2014 00:35:00
Ottawa: Krejci, Spooner
Boston: Spezza, Z Smith, Prince

Zack Smith was made to be a Bruin, Krejci will be dynamite with Hemsky and let's bring a hometown kid back to Ottawa (Spooner).

I kinda like it. I like both the Bruins and the Sens. BUT. I like Krejci a whole pile better than Spezza. Zack Smith would be great on the 4th line, but the 4th line is pretty well set in Boston. So, Prince and a second for Spooner?

No thanks, Prince is more versatile, he can play wing and center.

This makes the sens better, take out smith.



21 Mar 2014 17:31:23
EDM:Ekman-Larsson, Samuelsson
PHX:Perron, Klefbom, 3rd

EDM:Eriksson, 2nd
BOS:1st, 4th, Arcobello

Sign:Niskanen 2YRS 4M







I like it

Eriksson does get hurt lots but he's a goal scorer so it's up in the air



20 Mar 2014 21:56:09
EDM:Eberle, 2015 1st, Marincin

BOS:Boychuck, Lucic

I'm pretty sure that Lucic won't go anywhere anytime soon. To pry him from Boston right now would take a package that would be so unreasonable to Edmonton, it couldn't be done. If you wanted Boychuck and Lucic, I'd want to start with Justin Schulz, add a bonafide roster player and prospects. This is just about the league's premier power forward we're talking about here.

Boychuk is too much



19 Mar 2014 21:05:02
EDM:RNH, Petry, Marincin


If any player is untradable bergeron would be the guy

If Edm keeps one player its RNH

^Oilers fans stop trying trade RNH he's just 21 years old. I still think many forgot what he did in his first season scoring almost a point per game pace. Also, Boston won't give any team Bergeron, he's in my opinion the best two center in the game besides Datsyuk. He is a Stanley cup veteran, is amazing in the face offs, great at pk and pp, and provides great two way play, there is a very good chance he retires as a Bruin.

-Realistic Leafs Fan

^^^^^^^^^Agree 10000000%
I personally think that Edmonton shouldn't trade any of there young talent/prospects. Edmonton just needs to stop drafting wingers and focus more on drafting d-man and goalies. Start building there team from the back out (like you're supposed to do).


1. Datsyuk
T2. Bergeron
T2. Toews

I go toews, bergwron, datsyuk. Datsyuk is 3rd only because of age.

Teows winning a selke is a joke he only won it because he scores more, bergy is definetly better defensively.

RNH>Bergeron in my opinion.

^in under 22 leagues only



19 Mar 2014 14:15:41
Canucks should rebuild.

Wings sedins

Canucks Sheahan, Mantha and 2014 first rd pick

Penguins Kesler

Canucks sutter, pouliot and 2014 first rd pick

Jets sutter, Higgins and penguins 2014 first rd pick

Bruins edler

Canucks Hamilton

Oilers hamhuis and beiksa
Canucks eberle and nurse

Oilers laugh at you

^Every team laughs at those trades.

Still laughing at the oilers. Last in the west. The oilers need some veteran defence men.

So Jets get Sutter, higgins and a 1st for nothing, sweet, done deal

^So do Wings.

Detroit won't give up Mantha, period, let alone him and a 1st for two 34 year old hockey players that can't skate who are both worth $7,000,000 a piece.

Oh and also salary cap issues for Detroit.

The Sedins can't skate. LMFAO. How could they accumulate so many points in the Nhl if they can't skate?



18 Mar 2014 20:19:34
EDM:RNH, Marincin


Bos doesn't even answer

Then how would they know what the offer is?

Easy. Bergeron isn't going anywhere. As a matter of fact, right now, as the team stands, no one would be traded.

Make it Klefbom or Nurse.

Bergy for hall, rnh, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, next years 1st and 3rd and the next years 1 and the bruins consider it



18 Mar 2014 14:55:49
EDM:RNH, 2015 1st and maybe marincin



EDM:2016 1st, 2017 1st, Petry, Eberle


Bergeron is good but not that goo.

IMO (as a Sabres fan) Bergeron is that good. He wins 59% of his faceoffs, he is +32 and he is signed at a great contract ($6, 500,000) for the next 8 (eight! essentially the balance of his NHL career!) years.



15 Mar 2014 04:27:44

EDM:Eberle, Klefbom

Boston says no. Call back after we get our Cup picture taken this year.

A Western conference team is winning the cup this year, sorry

Wstern teams are going to beat eachother up, and boston will ease through and win.



14 Mar 2014 12:24:10
EDM:RNH, 2015 1st, Petry

BOS:Bergeron, 2015 2nd



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