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28 May 2016 21:28:08

- Gardiner

- 3rd round pick


-4th round pick



-2nd round

-Boston Bruins 2nd round pick

-5th round pick.

28 May 2016 22:23:11
I may be delusional but with that trade you make me look bloody brilliant. I hope that's a joke.

28 May 2016 22:45:24
Gladly. Why would Edmonton do this?

28 May 2016 22:55:19
So basically one man's trash for another man's treasure.

28 May 2016 23:37:59
Whoa. Now that's bad.

29 May 2016 00:44:27
Okay so 3rd 4th and Garbners rights= Bos 2nd probably not even.

So your saying Gardiner= Drasistl and a 2nd + a 5th wow. I'm speechless.

29 May 2016 01:20:47
Yeah ok let's do it. LOL, wow that's bad, I really do hope this is a joke. Oils counter with fayne+2016 2nd + letestu for marner, 2017 2nd, wash 2nd, 5th.

29 May 2016 01:22:49
Ohhh now I get it, your a flames fan. You don't want to loose the battle of Alberta like 8 times a year.

29 May 2016 01:25:52
To get Gardiner for defence.

29 May 2016 03:40:32
Take our Draisaitl and Oilers still say no.

29 May 2016 04:27:50
By the way just saying flames only play oilers 6 times a year and mcdavid will turn out like yakupov of Hopkins all oiler failures and If u mix flames with oil what do u get? A bigger flame.

29 May 2016 05:42:01
Burrrrrrnnnnnnn. Get it?

26 May 2016 05:50:47

Rangers trade - Derek Stepan
Canadians trades - Nikita Scherbak, Noah Juuleson and Montreals later 2016 2nd round pick.

Canucks trade - Ryan Miller
Oilers trade - 2016 3rd, Oilers pick

Leafs trade - Tyler Bozak
Predators trade - Mike Ribero and 2016 2nd

Penguins trade - Geno Malkin and Ian Cole
Hurricanes trade - Justin Faulk and Elias Lindholm

Ducks trade - Sami Vatanen
Red Wings trade - Thomas Tatar

Senators trade - Curtis Lazar and 2016 1st
Rangers trade - Rick Nash (25% Retained)

Bruins trade - Boston and San Jose 2016 1st round picks
Wild trade - Matt Dumba and Jason Zucker

Side Note: Gudbranson is a 24 year old Right-handed top 4 defencemen. You have to give to get nowadays. These 2 teams make a lot of big trades.

26 May 2016 06:43:24
No from NYR, no from CAR, no from OTT, no from MIN, but possibly the rest.

26 May 2016 11:27:30
I like the NSH-Tor one but maybe Nsh adds a b prospect sense there taking a cap dump.

26 May 2016 15:06:59
Oilers have no need or want for Miller and his contract at all. They are going and happy with Talbot. How many times does that need to be reminded here.
Such an easy no from Ottawa for Nash. Wow.

28 May 2016 07:20:34
Boston is on in my book, so if it suits the Wild!?!

25 May 2016 14:18:30
To Oilers: Adam Larsson, Bostons 2nd (2017)

To Devils: 1st (4th overall)

25 May 2016 17:24:30
Larsson has done little to show he's worth that return, other than being drafted at the same spot 5 years ago. And the 2nd doesn't close the gap.

25 May 2016 17:27:38
Not worth moving the 4th overall pick. They need a higher up defender like Shattenkirk for example.

25 May 2016 17:54:24
Don't know if Larsson is worth the 4th overall, but Oilers do need D and he's pretty good.

25 May 2016 18:55:50
No from both teams. Larson has already proven that he is a top 2 defenseman playing alongside Greene, and Edmonton would want a better return for 4th overall.

25 May 2016 20:31:31
How about 4th overall for Larson and the Devils first?

26 May 2016 00:10:34
No way from the Devils Draft McDavid. Young, top pairing RHD are hard to come by these days, let alone adding the 11th pick.

22 May 2016 12:51:01
Tor: Bozak and Pits 1st

Det: Datsyuk and 1st McAvoy
Tor: JVR

Mon: 9th ( Joulivi or Svechnikov ) and possibly add a prospect

Tor: Kappnen

Bos: M. Subban
Tor: Komarov

NJD: 41st

This is my dream draft day and I tried to make it realistic please tell me what trades don't seem reasonable.

22 May 2016 14:04:18
Komerov may only be worth that, which is debatable but he's worth more to the Leafs then that so they decline that.

22 May 2016 14:23:08
Kapanen for M. Subban?! 😆

Dude, you really got to stop living in the Toronto media protective bubble. It's rotting your mind.

22 May 2016 15:42:36
Why would Montreal add to the 9th overall for JVR? I don't think that makes sense cause imo, the 9th is already an overpayment.

22 May 2016 18:05:20
Then they don't have to add.

22 May 2016 20:08:35
Why does jersey want Komorov?

22 May 2016 20:22:21
Svechnickov was drafted last year. I'm assuming you mean Sergachev.

22 May 2016 21:30:06
Why not jvr is still a good forward.

22 May 2016 21:34:22
Yes pucklover and because NJ doesn't have a player similar to him Ebsoulitly.

23 May 2016 04:39:36
Habs trade Desharnais and Condon and Chi's 2nd rounder in '17 to Leafs for JVR.

22 May 2016 02:45:50
Still wondering if this could happen, might not, but could be nice.

Boston Chara, Seidenberg, Mcquaid and pick #32 (edmonton's chiarreli hire)

Edmonton Fayne, Ference, Korpiskoski, Hendricks

Edmonton gets steady defence and a decent pick back, Boston get contracts that ends to clear cap for rebuild on years to come.

22 May 2016 05:22:29
Why would Boston do this. You got to be kidding.

22 May 2016 08:22:38
Which of these players do Boston need for a solid rebuild?

22 May 2016 09:39:01
Don't want the cap and term as an Oil fan. Even though Edmonton give up no value except Hendricks those players don't do us much good. But easy no from Boston too.

22 May 2016 11:50:30
And I thought my trade rumors are bogus.

22 May 2016 12:54:41
Bad for both teams tho Ference is apparently retiring this year (thank god) so probably worse for Edm due to the cap they're taking on. Edm is at least moving able-bodied players in this proposal, Boston is moving expensive old men.

22 May 2016 16:38:26
True chirp.

21 May 2016 19:20:18
Tor: Bozak and Pits 1st

Det: Dasyuk and 16th ( McAvoy )

Dumps a 7.5 mil contract while getting good value for the 1st.

Tor: Komarov, RFA rights to Holland and Bracco/ Percy and 71st from NJ

Bos: 30th overall SJ and Khokhalchev

Komarov= 30th IMO and Khokhalchev will need to be traded for something. Also Holland dosent mean much to leafs.

Put JVRs name out there and ask for one of Chycrun/ Joulivi/ Svechnikov/ Barrie/ Flower/ Trouba/ Vatanen/ Dumba or Brodin

Be active in Free agency but don't get out of hand sign Expirenced depth players to 1 year contacts like Stepniak, Prust, Polak ETC and express light interest in Stamkos if he hits open Market. Also Vesey

Save trading for a goalie until next year.

This is my attempt at a realistic offseason.

21 May 2016 19:26:38
Bracco is a lot better then you think >>>>> Percy.

21 May 2016 19:29:32
First trade is reasonable if Datsyuk is leaving for the KHL

Don't think Komarov is worth that much. He really is just a 3rd liner that can chip in offensively from time to time and can fill in bigger roles with injuries. Shouldn't cost Boston a 1st and Khoklachev. Boston wouldn't be interested in Percy or Holland plus the Leafs shouldn't give up Bracco. I'm a leaf fan and just being reasonable. Boston has enough 3rd line wingers anyways.

21 May 2016 20:31:34
I feel like Komarov, Holland and Bracco could fetch that but what would Toronto need To add?

21 May 2016 09:22:12
Wondering if a trade between Boston and Toronto would make sense.

Toronto trades Jake Gardiner for Boston picks number 28 (sharks)32 (oilers)49 (Islanders)

Trade would give more pikcs to Toronto for rebuild and a decent Defenseman for boston.

21 May 2016 10:16:55
Most be say Gardiners sucks but from what I saw from him this season he's definitely got better. No way he gets a late 1st, early 2nd and mid-late 2nd.

21 May 2016 10:32:57
Gardiner gets you a late 2nd AT BEST and that's it, from a team that thinks they can fix his wagon. Leafs fans used to rag on JSchultz for turning out pretty crud (which he did) but, hey, Gardiner didn't turn out much better. Jump-at-the-bit offensive player with huge defensive liability. He's better than Schultz but not by much.

And both were deemed future Norris winners at one time (Schultz by that moron MacT, Gardiner by leafs fans on here) . Wow. Talk about a swing and a miss.

21 May 2016 10:32:57
Gardiner gets you a late 2nd AT BEST and that's it, from a team that thinks they can fix his wagon. Leafs fans used to rag on JSchultz for turning out pretty crud (which he did) but, hey, Gardiner didn't turn out much better. Jump-at-the-bit offensive player with huge defensive liability. He's better than Schultz but not by much.

And both were deemed future Norris winners at one time (Schultz by that moron MacT, Gardiner by leafs fans on here) . Wow. Talk about a swing and a miss.

21 May 2016 11:15:28
No from Boston and you guys highly underate Gardiner he isn't as much as a liability as Subban and I don't care who disagrees with me because I can not take anyone who compares Gardiner and Schultz seriously because they know nothing about hockey.

21 May 2016 14:21:06
No from Toronto, they already have a ton of draft picks. Gardiner is a true #3-4 defensemen in the league.

21 May 2016 14:49:40
A little to much for Gardiner but not as far off as what some people stating it to be.
@Chirp go check out their hero charts and you will see that Schultz isn't even in the same class as what Gardiner is. Schultz was an average posesion player and put up solid scoring numbers but Gardiner has been superb at both generating and supresing shots, and has produced adequate amount of PP60 for him to be considered at least a very solid top 3 defenceman IMO. So before you jump to the conclusion that a certain player has become a bust or hasn't developed very well it might be worth actually doing doing some research and using actual statistics to prove your point.

21 May 2016 14:51:05
He is wendal but that deal is almost as good as what Hamilton got and he Hamilton I quite abit better Leafs take this in a heart beat but no from Boston.

21 May 2016 16:27:05
vbbbvvbb, the trade doesn't make sense for either team. Boston needs those picks, the Leafs don't need more picks, but need a solid #3-4 defensemen. The trade doesn't make sense for either teams.

21 May 2016 18:43:08
Yes! Charles.

21 May 2016 19:49:57
Umm, I don't think Gardiner is worth a 1st and 2nds, but when u think that the 1st will be quite a late one its basically 3 2nds and I'd rather keep Gardiner his possesion stats are execptional and he's a huge part of our blue line, outside of hunwick he is our oldest and most experienced dman

so nah from the leafs, we have enough picks.

18 May 2016 04:35:23
Bare with me. I'm thinking while typing. Does this in any way make sense and is it at all plausible?

To BOS: #6, Wideman, Wotherspoon
To CGY: #14, #27 (ish), Pastrnak

To WPG: Johnny Gaudreau, #27 (ish)
To CGY: #2, #22, Hellebuyck, Trouba

To EDM: Trouba

To CGY: #3

CGY drafts Laine and Puljujaavi and gets Pastrnak to complete the top 2 lines and a #1 goalie.

WPG gets one of the most dynamic players to play with Scheifele and a later 1st round. Not to mention a solution to possibly losing a G at expansion for nothing.

BOS gets a solution for now and the future to the D.

EDM gets a potential top pairing D for the near future.

CLB gets a #1 C

Did I miss anything? I think the BOS trade may be off. WPG may need a bit more from CGY but Gaudreau's is very high?

It may just way crazy but, please, is this possible? Where is there adds or take-aways? Thanks.

18 May 2016 04:58:06
I'm a big fan Gaudreau and surprised to see a Calgary fan trade him but that's way to much for him. 2nd alone is close or enough. With that said I'd take Laine over Gaudreau.

18 May 2016 05:05:34
lol what kinda hallucigions are u on to think about this messed up trades, damn wpg gets ripped of the most lol. top 4 or better yougn defman 1 of the best if not the best goail prospects whos was awesome when called up wpgs starting goalie nxt season probbly, and 2nd over all Nd the 22nd , for johny ahahahaha he isn't crosby, no way in hell would jets make that trade, none of the rest happen without the straight out robbing of thejets, that's like the fleecing that happened to em when they joined nhl from whl. But really what kinda drugs u on.

18 May 2016 09:32:12
Wow So much terrible going on here.
Laine will be a lot better than Gaudreau! And then you want a stud goalie prospect in Hellebucyk and a top 3 D in Trouba AND a 1st round pick? Holy efin crap man. And then you say WPG may need to add more? That is the most over valued proposal of one player (Gaudreau) I think I have ever seen on this site. And it happens daily.

18 May 2016 11:47:30
you're right, the Boston trade is off.

18 May 2016 11:47:30
you're right, the Boston trade is off.

17 May 2016 22:45:13
Nashville/ Boston trade

To Nash David Krejci

To Bos Ribeiro Picks # 17 and 47

Nashville gets a second line center and gets rid of Ribeiro. (who was scratched in the playoffs) .

Boston get cap relief, a center for a year that they might trade later on and decent draft picks for the rebuild.

18 May 2016 01:24:12
Don't think Bos dose this.

18 May 2016 01:26:19
Too much cap and term going back to Nashville.

18 May 2016 02:09:01
Boston would want a young player in return for any Krejci trade.

18 May 2016 03:07:43
They can add polak or nystrom and take out pick 47 to make it happen.

18 May 2016 03:11:00
typo, not polak, but barret jackman.

17 May 2016 22:28:17
Boston's pretty thin on wings as well as on defence, so I'm pretty sure that the best team for them to make a trade with is the San Jose Sharks.

Potential Trade:

SJS - Patrick Marleau [4.5M (2.1M ret) ], Brendan Dillon (3.27M), 2016 2nd round pick and a 2017 3rd round pick.

BOS - Matt Beleskey (3.8M), Dennis Seidenberg [3M (1M ret) ], Alex Khokhlachev (RFA), SJ 2016 1st round pick, and NYI 2016 2nd round pick.

The Sharks solid veteren d-man Seidenberg, who should excel in a smaller role in San Jose. Beleskey is a solid top 9 forward, who probably had a lot of presure on him because people said that his contract was going to be a bust. He had a career high in points last year even though his goal total dropped. With less pressure on him he can really help out the Sharks. Khokhlachev has not fit in with Boston and I'm assuming the Sharks will have an open spot at 3C with Marleau leaving and he'll be cheap and has a lot of skill and potential to become a top 9 forward. The Sharks get back their first (#27-30), as well as the Isles 2nd (#49). That can help the Sharks add to their weak, but improving prosepect pool.

Boston gets a frustrated forward in Marleau who doesn't like being a 3rd line centre in San Jose, but he still hit 25 goals and 48 points with less than steller linemates (e. g. Donskoi, Ward, Hertl, etc) since Coture was injured most of the year. In Boston I could see him fitting with a great passer like Krejci, or Spooner. Dillon is a top 4 d-man but because San Jose some how already has 4 other top-4 d-man (Burns, Braun, Vlasic, Martin) plus Mueller, Tennyson, and Demelo all provide solid depth. So Dillon is expendable to San Jose and because of his cheap contract he is a great player for the Bruins to attain. He is like a better Seidenberg and can probaly play close 19-21 minutes. He's solid defensively and may not provide offence, but the Bruins need and they'll probably get that kind of offence from Keith Yandle.

I think this trade helps out both teams and is pretty fair, what do u guys think?

17 May 2016 23:34:29
Not bad.

18 May 2016 01:00:55
If those were Marleau's wingers then I'd say he had some pretty decent wingers. Not sure that's the direction Boston would want to go. Maybe just a deal around Dillion and that prospect or a pick?

18 May 2016 02:04:38
You shouldn't need an essay to explain your trade. I think I can speak for most here, after reading trades I know in my mind in a few seconds whether I think it's good or not, shouldn't need to convince people.

18 May 2016 05:29:57
The 10 pieces is what makes it seem like it'll never happen but I don't mind seeing a little reasoning to make you think a little more IMO.

18 May 2016 11:49:57
I actually like people explaining their thought process more rather than putting Thoughts? At the end of every post.

18 May 2016 12:06:45
Oh and btw I think it's a good trade, not sure if Bruins should be trading assets for an aging Marleau though. If Bruins miss playoffs again the trade will look pretty bad.

Also heard Koko is heading back to the KHL after not getting a shot in the NHL.

18 May 2016 11:49:57
I actually like people explaining their thought process more rather than putting Thoughts? At the end of every post.

18 May 2016 12:06:45
Oh and btw I think it's a good trade, not sure if Bruins should be trading assets for an aging Marleau though. If Bruins miss playoffs again the trade will look pretty bad.

Also heard Koko is heading back to the KHL after not getting a shot in the NHL.

18 May 2016 12:55:50
Yeah you guys bring up good points, Numbnut&Ebs, just thought it was too long.

18 May 2016 16:39:40
Yeah BJ I can see where your coming from. I'm at the point when I see Komarov, Sparks, Kapenen or whatever than a long paragraph I just can't read it.

16 May 2016 05:05:42
Boston trades rights of Eriksson to Detroit for Xavier Ouellet.

Boston fills needs of Dman and detroit is getting a decent top 6 forward.

16 May 2016 05:36:04
Eriksson is a UFA.

Eriksson had one decent season is Boston probably just to increase his pay for whatever team is going to sign him.

Xavier Oullet has still one year left on his deal and seems like a late-bloomer but showed signs of a good prospect this year.

Detroit hangs up the phone and blocks Boston.

16 May 2016 13:38:29
I agree they don't need to give up a prospect for a UFA, but I would say Eriksson had a couple slow seasons and not one good season. He has had a pretty solid career and would be a nice addition to any team.

16 May 2016 13:56:05
Brutal, you don't trade a young guy for the rights of someone.

16 May 2016 14:19:04
Most for his rights would be a 4th or 5th. Never see too much given for UFA rights because ultimately it's the UFAs decision where he signs, or more so where he doesn't sign. Like in Stamkos case I could see a team giving a 3rd just for the extra negotiating days.

16 May 2016 02:39:00
Toronto trades Cowen to Boston for pick #194

Toronto sheds salary and boston get a defenseman while they draft some or develop some.

16 May 2016 05:10:59
Toronto stated they intend to buy out Cowan. Why would any team trade for him? Utter nonsense.

16 May 2016 06:41:05
chirp so that team could have the same benefits as the leafs do by buying him out no?

I'd still keep cowen and buy him out as a leafs fan just to get the cap relief.

16 May 2016 13:05:12
WTF are you talking about?
Trade a pick for a buyout? Pay someone to not play for your team and lose a pick in the process? As opposed to either: signing him after the leafs buy him out and thus retaining the pick, or; don't trade for him at all and also keep the pick. Explain to me how trading for him makes ANY sense for Boston.

17 May 2016 03:31:31
It has been outlined before that Cowan has a weird contract. I'm not sure the specifics but if a team buys out his contract they actually get a cap credit. So if a team were to buy out his contract they would get additional cap space instead of the buyout counting against the cap like it normally does. Cap space is worth something in today's nhl.

15 May 2016 18:49:02
Fresh start for two great AHL players having a tough time in the NHL:

To Bos: Brendan Gaunce

To Van: Alex Khokhlachev.

15 May 2016 20:31:20
I'll take it!

15 May 2016 21:02:27
Alexander Khohhlachev is much better in the AHL and his value is greater than Gaunce's.

Gaunce seems to be a let down for a first round pick.

15 May 2016 21:16:46
Vancouver adds, Khoklachev has a higher ceiling because he's a scorer/ playmaker and Gaunce is probably at best a 3rd line checker.

15 May 2016 23:35:47
What? Heard Koko is disgruntled and going back to the KHL.

16 May 2016 21:32:47
Yeah, heard thst too, but have a hard time believin it - probably 10 teams willing to give him a shot and read somewhere that the plan to go back to KHL was in that case to raise experience for a new shot at the NHL un 1-2 yrs, upon which Boston would own some sort of rights still.
Not sure how this works/ what's true!

14 May 2016 18:08:47
Boston Bruins Offseason:

Let Talbot, Randell, Liles, Miller, Trotman, Gustavsson, Smith and Stempniak walk.


Trade #1:

Matt Beleskey (3.8m cap)

New Jersey:
4th RP 2017
Graham Black (non-roster)


Loui Eriksson 24m/ 4yr contract (6m/ 1yr)
Torey Krug 31.5m/ 7yr contract (4.5m/ 1yr)
Joe Morrow 2m/ 2yr contract (1m/ 1yr)
Colin Miller 1.8m/ 2yr contract (0.9m/ 1yr) (send him to the minors)
Landon Ferraro 1.6m/ 2yr contract (0.8m/ 1yr)
Brett Connolly 2.4m/ 2yr contract (1.2m/ yr)

Resign Ferlin, Casto, Griffith, Sexton to deals.

10.86m in cap space.

Trade #2:

Alex Khokalachev (hes is done with Boston) (0.786m)
NYI 2nd RP 2016
Colin Miller (0.9m)

Tyson Barrie (2.6m)

Resign Barrie 37.2m/ 6yr contract (6.2m/ 1yr)


Trade #3:

Jimmy Hayes
Boston 1st RP 2016 (14th overall)

New Jersey:
New Jersey 1st RP 2016 (11th overall)

Draft Tyson Jost


Free Agency:
Extend Brad Marchand on July 1st for 30m/ 5yr (6m/ 1yr)

Sign Mike Santorelli 1m/ 1yr contract
Sign Eric Staal 4.5m/ 1yr contract
Sign Michael Grabner 1m/ 1yr contract


Salary Cap: 0.174m

Boston Bruins 2016-17:




14 May 2016 19:01:26
Idk I think Sami Vatanen is a better option for Boston to go after than Barrie, plus Barrie costs a lot more than that! I would also trade away Connolly, because he's really turned into nothibg more than a bust, he's hardly a 3rd liner. Santorelli had a terrible year and will get no more than 750K. Staal is not the answer for Boston his career is pretty much over. I also think it's in Boston's best interest to get rid lf Seidenberg and let Eriksson go. Seidenberg has 2 years lest at 4 mil per season and could be traded to team who needs veteren and defensive experience (though B's would retain salary) . Eriksson is expensive and yeah he had a great year but he's in his 30's and it'll be hard for him to consistently pit up these kind of numbers. Boston fans keep complaining about the contracts of Chara, and Seidenberg, if u signed Eriksson to that deal u would be complaining just the same.

This is just my take on it.

14 May 2016 19:27:30
The reason I chose Barrie over Vatanen is because, in the end they are going to cost around the same amount in terms of a trade and a contract, and Barrie has more offensive upside, which is something their blueline is seriously lacking. Barrie has proven to be a star on a weak Colorado blueline, while Vatanen has the support of a strong defensive core in Anaheim. As for Eriksson, he is invaluable to the bruins now, he's a point producing (63 points) 2 way forward. He is a piece that they should keep around until he's 34 (duration if contract) . And you are right Eric Staal is not the long term answer in Boston, and that is why he was signed to a 1yr probe ut contract similar to the one Brad Richards signed a few years ago. He was still valuable in his role on Chicago, but there was never any intention of resigning him.

14 May 2016 21:52:48
No from the Devils on both trades. The Devils need young prospects more than they need roster players. Also, there is no way the Devils are trading 11. There is a talent drop off after Brown, Keller, and Jost are selected.

14 May 2016 21:54:21
Not close to enough for Barrie but the rest ain't bad.

14 May 2016 23:32:31
I think they should keep Stempniak, but not at all costs. Valuable experience, and a sometimes scoring touch.

15 May 2016 04:04:13
@henpow Oh i loved Eriksson's play last season he was pretty fantastic especially at the beginning of the year, but I think that if Sweeney really wanted to extend the guy than he would've had it done, just like Stammer with Tampa. Oh and Vatanen definitely would cost less than Barrie. Barrie between 6-7 mil, while Vatanen realistically shouldn't cost more than 4.5 mil.

16 May 2016 21:39:47
Agree Seabass2011, I believe he'll stay - they can't send all of the last years average signings away, neither practically nor for the word it would send to the fans about how they handle business and long term planing.
He'll be a usefull/ cheap complement!

14 May 2016 04:46:29
Chicago is looking for cap relief, so this came to mind.

Chi Brian Bickel and draft pick #82
Bos Zac Rhinaldo

Chi get a 4th line player with less salary that can easely be bpu on waiwers or be bought up.

Boston get a Left Wing wich they need with the bonus of winning experience and a 3rd round draft pick for the rebuild.

14 May 2016 11:32:56
I get your idea and is ok with the trade, but I'm not too worried about the left side and believe that the B's must be careful with taking on cap from other teams - Rinaldo is of course dead weight on the roster, but the B's need to make smarts out of the cap space they have created (it cost them dearly in Hamilton, but gave the team talent stock and cap momentum in the Lucic trade) and they need a few solid long term strategic signings on D.

14 May 2016 01:13:15
Here's a trade that i think would make a bit of sense.

Boston needs left wings and Vancouver is on a rebuild and needs cap relief.

Vancouver Higgins + Burrows

Boston picks #194 and #164

Gives more time for boston to develop lw in minors or ahl.

Vancouver has too many contracts already and many rfa's too sign.

14 May 2016 02:21:35
I'll take it!

14 May 2016 02:28:41
Such a hard no from Boston. Combined are worth $7,000,000 and only produced 22pts combined last year. Chris higgins was so bad he played half way through the year in the AHL.

14 May 2016 02:35:55
Vancouver adds, Butrows and Higgins aren't worth anything.

14 May 2016 03:17:18
Higgens and Burrows are actually dumpster trash 😂.

14 May 2016 03:26:41
Higgins and Burrows both have very little to no value. i'd take this trade in a heartbeat but don't l ow why Boston would want almost 7million in old useless players.

14 May 2016 18:16:16
as a Canuck fan I take it. this trade is pointless for Boston.
By the way vancouver is NOT in cap trouble nor are they in roster trouble.

12 May 2016 20:56:00
- 2016 3rd rnd (FLA)
- David Musil

Edmonton Oilers:
- Adam McQuaid

Edmonton gets a really physical defenceman which is a strong ned.

12 May 2016 21:12:54
Edm has plenty of 5/ 6/ 7 defencemen already, and they have the exact same player in gryba already.

12 May 2016 21:41:51
physical defenseman are slowly making their way out of the league, we need dman who can skate and make a good first pass. Not another "big" guy.

12 May 2016 22:13:19

Gryba is not as physical as Adam McQuaid
Gryba is a UFA
McQuaid has a higher skillset.

12 May 2016 23:09:26
@McJesus Christ
''another big guy''?!

lol what? we have like 0 physical defenders if that's what you mean.
This is a little piece of the puzzle. I never said we couldn't fetch a top 2 cause for sure McQuaid isn't going to be one.

13 May 2016 01:52:54
Sign a free agent for nothing. Pardy for example was pretty good for us. We don't have a lot of overly physical D but a lot of big D.

13 May 2016 06:06:55

I'm talking about a straight out enforcer, makes the forwards terrified of entering our zone or even touching our goalie.

Pardy is a grinder.
Gryba is a grinder
McQuaid is an enforcer with great size and a decent contract.

I doubt you are going to find a right handed defenceman, 6'5 and 210 lbs in free agency.

13 May 2016 09:51:47
Chiarelli knows all B's defenders who excelled in his system, but have underachieved in Sweeneys system. would he be able to kickstart his old players, then yöthe Oilers could sign either/ both Mc Quaid, Seidenberg or Chara.

12 May 2016 20:39:42
Boston Mcquaid 4 Calgary Stajan

Frees Boston from 2 years at 3 millions and gets a left wing for a year till they draft and develop a lw.

12 May 2016 20:55:55
Stajan is a centre and Calgary isn't in a position to take big contracts, especially on defense.

12 May 2016 21:13:43
With smid, englend and wideman ufa's at end of next season, maybe they would.

12 May 2016 22:26:04
Stajan himself is a bad contract.

12 May 2016 05:16:53
Boston off-season before the draft.

Boston pick #194 for rights of Luke Shenn
Boston pick #164 for rights of Roman Polak
Boston pick #135 for rights of P. A Parenteau
Boston pick #134 for rights of Kriss Versteeg

Try to sign them before the draft.
Draft well and see what's left as Ufa at start of free agency. gain time to develop more young talent

The targets are not superstars, but they can help while Sweeny does the rebuild.

12 May 2016 05:37:34
*trades away 4 picks for free agents
*drafts well

12 May 2016 05:57:24
Still lots of picks, and a rebuild isn't done in a year lol.

12 May 2016 06:41:04
yes, but it is usually done through drafting.

12 May 2016 07:00:52
why not just sign them in free agency? and you keep the picks!

12 May 2016 13:26:52
If you really need a player, trading a pick of that calibre for contract rights can actually be a smart move. If not for the fact that it lowers the aura of desperation for further down the line in the trade period, which other teams otherwise are smart to take advantage of (the price of their players are set by how bad you need it) . I'd not do it with four though, as one has to guarantee the off load of the same amounth of players. Schenn is a player that if signed for the right wage can be a good move in my eyes.

12 May 2016 14:54:47
Didn't Boston trade their 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th for Liles and Stempniak?

12 May 2016 17:19:33
Pick 194 is they own pick, pick 164 is from soderberg trade, pick 135 is from 2015 trade with wild, and pick 134 is there own pick.

12 May 2016 17:28:43
Boston still have picks 14, 20, 32, 51. still 4 picks 2 in first round and 2 in second. even with all th episcks trade eriler in this post.

11 May 2016 21:44:21
Due to chicago's cap problems, i'd se a trade between them and boston.

Chi Andrew Shaw

Bos Picks #32 #51 + Zac Rhinaldo

It gives chicago cap relief and picks for futur trades.

And Boston get an rfa to help with the rebuild.

11 May 2016 23:21:01
They don't have pick 32.

12 May 2016 00:32:55
They have it from oilers this year or next (chiarelli hired) oilers choice for wich yea.

12 May 2016 00:36:19
The oilers will probably send next years 2nd round pick they don't officially have it yet.

12 May 2016 04:24:50
Oilers will most likely send next years 2nd for compensation as 32 is a really good pick almost a first.

14 May 2016 11:37:02
Nhl_Fan. why Shaw. what's your take on Shaw as a Bruin?

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