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26 Apr 2016 19:06:30
To add to the Jimmy Vesey debate, just found out that though his dad is a scout for the leafs, Jimmy Sr. lives and works in Boston. Do you still think he signs with Toronto?

27 Apr 2016 00:46:34
FYI most scouts don't live in the respective team city.

27 Apr 2016 02:20:01
Everyone new that he is the Toronto scout for that area.

23 Apr 2016 17:55:07
Should the Bruins trade David Krejci? If so what are your opinions on what they could get back for him? If a trade were to happen i'd think Minny would be interested and maybe a deal like this could happen -

Bos - Krejci Morrow

Min - Spurgeon Nino.

23 Apr 2016 18:22:28
I don't think it's bad.

23 Apr 2016 22:54:19
I think so, was watching some clips of the 2011 playoffs and he isn't nearly as engaged as he once was.

24 Apr 2016 04:42:33
Easy no from Wild. Nino is starting to look like a good player, Spurgeon is a decent top 4 Dman who can quarterback a power play. Krecji hasn't been the same player since they won the cup and he's got a hefty contract. Morrow hasn't done much to be worth either of those 2 from the Wild.

16 Apr 2016 19:54:25
Offseason predictions

Stamkos leaves Tampa
Shattenkirk to Boston
Eberle- Hamonic swap
Team outside bottom 4 wins lottery
Edmonton keeps their 1st
Andersen to Toronto
Reimer signs in Calgary
Ladd to Panthers
Okposo to Rangers
Backes to New Jersey
Yandle to Coyotes.

15 Apr 2016 03:35:24
To BOS: M. Dumba

To MIN: SJ 1st 2016, A. Khokhlachev, L. Arnesson

Boston gets the D man they need.
Minny gets a late first to draft Joel Eriksson-Ek's Farjestad linemate Rasmus Asplund.

16 Apr 2016 03:41:33
BOS 2016 1st + Colin Miller + Malcolm Subban for Dumba.

11 Apr 2016 20:21:18
Saw this being floated around today:

Bruins sign David Backes at 5yrs-5.5 mil

To Bos: K. Shattenkirk

To Stl: D. Krejci

Thoughts Colt55?

12 Apr 2016 04:12:03
If that's what backes wanted blues would resign him. I like krejci but he makes to much statsny already makes 6 mil as ND he is signed for a long time

Rather get good prospects and 1st rnd draft picks to restock our forward prospects.

11 Apr 2016 15:36:44
Bs trade David Krecji to Tampa for victor Hedman. Helps TB deal with loss of stamkos and get a #1 center signed under 8M long term. Bruins upgrade the dismal defence.

11 Apr 2016 16:03:42
I think Krejci and a late first for Hedman might be closer. Have to take age into consideration and that these teams are divisional opponents. I like the trade from a Bruins perspective, not sure how Tampa fills the hole of Hedman though.

11 Apr 2016 16:17:19
Are you guys both trolling or what? i'm in absolute shock if you guys actually think Tampa would trade Hedman for Krijci and a 1st (and you have to add in "late first" to that, what a joke! ) .
This is unreal.

11 Apr 2016 16:19:39
Someone found the liquor cabinet.

11 Apr 2016 16:20:02
WHAT? Lol. That's not even close. I cannot see anything from Boston coming Tampas way that would make Tampa move Hedman. They're not moving Hedman at all. Awful.

11 Apr 2016 16:34:59
Krecji could never fetch Hedman.

11 Apr 2016 20:49:42
Boston adds Carlo and SJ and BOS 1sts.

11 Apr 2016 21:13:13
Pipe dream, as high as i value Krejci top D are near-priceless.

08 Apr 2016 16:49:19
Retool continues for the B's over the offseason

1st trade:Bos/ Nsh
To Nsh: negotiation rights to Loui Eriksson
To Bos: negotiation rights to Jimmy vesey (try and sign before aug 15)

2nd trade: Bos/ TO
To Bos: Leo Komarov
To TO: Dennis Seidenberg (25% retained) Jimmy Hayes

3rd trade: Bos/ Min
To Bos: Matt Dumba (6 year ext)
To Min: Joe Morrow, Seth Griffith, 2016 2nd

4th trade Bos/ NJ
To NJ: Alex Khokhlachev, Zach trotman, Landon Ferraro
To Bos: 2016 2nd, 2016 3rd, 2017 5th

5th trade: Bos/ Ott
To Ott: David Krecji, Brett Connolly, 2016 3rd (NJ)
To Bos: Kyle Turris, Mike Hoffman, Patrick Weircioch

**Sign Chris Stewart or Lee Stempniak for 1 year 1.5M

Hoffman-Turris-Stewart/ Stempniak

Weircioch-C Miller

Smith/ Subban.

08 Apr 2016 20:08:32
Few things wrong here:
1. Seidenberg has a NTC, has already said he won't waive it
2. Not sure Toronto takes on those guys for Komarov
3. Hoffman is streaky and not good in his own end (a. k. a Claude will bench him like he does to Pasta)
4. Krejci has a NTC
5. Stemps will want more than 1.5/ year and more than 1 year but I could see him resigning.

08 Apr 2016 20:22:05
Dirty rebound; Denis seidenberg has already stated he'd waive his no trade if the team wanted to move him so nice try with that one. And kom has had 1 good year and leafs need a vet on the blue line and could use a middle six winger.

06 Apr 2016 01:54:45
Not saying this is equal value or going to happen but what I'd love to see

To BOS: Jordan Staal

To CAR: David Krejci

Jordan Staal IMO would fit in much better with Boston than David Krejci and I could say the same about Krejci in Carolina. Krejci would give the young players in CAR an experienced leader. This would obviously involve waiving NTC for both sides so it's wishful thinking.

06 Apr 2016 05:27:25
Jordan Staal has to be the one of the most overpaid player in the leauge. I'd rather have the older and more injury prone Krejci. If it wasn't for his contract tho I would take Staal.

06 Apr 2016 11:10:46
Krejci is good tho he is probably better then Duchene.

06 Apr 2016 14:58:31
Vbbvbvvbvbvvvv no he's not.

06 Apr 2016 16:16:19
Krecji has a bad contract too. I'd say it's pretty even but Krecji is bostons offensive Center they have Bergeron for D so probably a no from them. I'd like to see a trade like this happen tho.

06 Apr 2016 19:47:29
My thought process behind it was Krejci/ Boston were really successful when he had two power forwards on his wings. With the wingers the bruins have now, it isn't as good of a fit as it used to be. I could really see Staal excelling for the Bruins with Pastrnak on his wing.

10 Apr 2016 18:37:41
Non of you guys realize he has had arguably his best season in the nhl this year and pastrnak will only get better with this combo, keep krejci.

03 Apr 2016 13:37:50
At draft

Tor: WSH 2nd and Percy

Bos: Subban

Is this fair.

Also I'm still attached to the idiea of JVR to flyers so:

Tor: JVR

Phi: Morin/ Sanhiem and 1st

Also I think this trade makes sense


NSH: 1st
They need a young 2nd line center.

03 Apr 2016 18:51:36
That's pretty fair for Malcolm Subban, tough to value goalies with little NHL experience but that seems like pretty close to fair value. I think the Bruins would rather package Subban to get a top 4 D as they already have an abundance of young defenseman (Morrow, C. Miller, Carlo, Grzelcyk, O'Gara, Zboril, Lauzon, Arnesson)

04 Apr 2016 20:43:42
Dude, you're quickly becoming Pinball 2.0. That's how bad the garbage one-sided trades you're posting are becoming. Grab a clue.

29 Mar 2016 22:21:56
I just seemed to be looking at Phil Kessel vs. Tyler Seguin, and I decided to come up with a lil' something for y'all to decide.

All in all heres what both teams ended up with from the Kessel/ Seguin/ Hamilton

Toronto Acquires:
Kasperi Kapanen from Pittsburgh for Phil Kessel

Scott Harrington from Pittsbugh for Phil Kessel

1st Round Pick from Pittsburgh for Phil Kessel

2nd Round Pick from San Jose for Nick Spaling, Spaling brough in from Pittsburgh for Kessel

3rd Round Pick from Pittsburgh for Phil Kessel

Boston Acquires:
Loui Eriksson - UFA, brought in for Tyler Seguin

Jimmy Hayes - Brought in from Florida for Reilly Smith (Smith part of Seguin trade)

Joe Morrow - Brought in for Tyler Seguin

Zach Phillips - Brought in for Jared Knight

Jeremy Lauzon - Brought in as 2nd Round Pick, from Calgary, for Dougie Hamilton

Jacob Forzbacka Karlson - Brought in as 2nd Round Pick, from Calgary, for Dougie Hamilton

Zach Senyshyn - Brought in as 1st Round Pick, from Calgary for Dougie Hamilton


All, in all, the true winners from the Kessel/ Seguin trade were Pittsburgh, Dallas and Calgary. However between Boston and Toronto, heres how it stacks up.

Kasperi Kapanen >> Zach Senyshyn
1st Round Pick, 3rd Round Pick=> Jacob Forzbacka Karlsson, Jeremy Lauzon
2nd Round Pick = Jimmy Hayes
Scott Harrington.

29 Mar 2016 22:47:30
Near the end, heres what I had to say:

Scott Harrington = Joe Morrow, Zach Phillips
? = Loui Eriksson?!?

Here, there is no true winner. However, when the offseason comes we will know. If Loui stays with Boston, Boston wins the trade. If he leaves, Toronto wins the trade.

What are your thoughts?

29 Mar 2016 23:00:37
I think both GM's were stupid Burke and Charelli and were deservedly fired.

29 Mar 2016 23:17:34
You can't really say who won the trade until another 5 years minimum because of all the futures involved in both trades like you mention (all the Hamilton picks), Pittsburghs first, Kapanen etc. etc.

29 Mar 2016 23:49:38
You clearly didn't do your research on the prospects Boston got in that Hamilton trade, they are all having amazing seasons.

30 Mar 2016 08:57:44
How's Senyshyn doing? Even if he's having a good season it looks like they made a huge mistake not grabbing Kyle Conner. I thought for sure they were going to when they had the chance.

30 Mar 2016 09:00:01
Ok Senyshyn has 45 Goals and 20 assist in 66 games. Pretty good. But junior success is no guarantee it will carry over. However Kyle Conners 70+ points in 30ish games is crazy.

30 Mar 2016 15:54:32
1. Jeremy Lauzon had and is, having a great season (49 GP, 55 pts)
2. Zach Senyshyn carried a bad Greyhounds team to a playoff spot with 45 goals, and just had 4 points in their first two playoff games
3. JFK was a second line center in the WJC for Sweden and was one of BU's better players while being a freshman
4. Jared Knight was just a bad pick seeing as how Boston was able to draft Ryan Spooner 13 picks later

Point is, this trade is still playing out. There's too many prospects and picks involved at the moment to say who the real winner is.

30 Mar 2016 18:13:18
I can agree that Knight was just bad, when it comes to Connor vs Senyshyn though of course anyone would probably take Connor over Senyshyn but considering he's a Winnipeg prospect that is irrelevent to this post. Senyshyn is doing very well at the moment nevertheless and like Bud said the real clear winner won't be seen until all the pieces pan out.

31 Mar 2016 02:57:55
Dallas won the trade.

20 Mar 2016 18:36:05
MIN: M. Dumba

BOS: 2016 1st Round, C. Miller.

20 Mar 2016 20:30:35

20 Mar 2016 23:15:28
Bruins need young puck moving D, Minnesota has an abundance of young D. Minny could package first round pick or Colin Miller for a forward, maybe Drouin.

21 Mar 2016 00:17:32
Or trade Dumba for Drouin and Boston can walk away.

18 Mar 2016 13:53:03
To BOS: J. Trouba

To WIN: F. Vatrano, L. Arnesson, 2016 1st (SJ)

29 Feb 2016 06:15:08
I read wiercioch and prince are being shopped for a 2nd and 3rd round pick witch is a bargain for a few teams that are looking for depth players that are still young and RFA without trading roster players. Boston has a few picks this year so I wouldn't doubt they pull the trigger on this deal.

29 Feb 2016 06:49:57
Did you read that on a Sens fan board?

29 Feb 2016 07:25:32
I actually heard they offered that too either Buffalo or Florida. Can't remember which one. Maybe both.

29 Feb 2016 01:14:03
Winnipeg: Stafford
Boston: 2nd Rd Pick (2016)

29 Feb 2016 02:01:26
Bruins have the Islanders 2nd and Tanpa has the Bruins second.

28 Feb 2016 19:57:43
Boston : Colborne, Wideman or Russell, Jooris Calgary : 1 Rd 2016, prospect, player off the Bruins rooster if Wideman Calgary retains 25% salgary.

28 Feb 2016 23:02:36
Yes from CGY. Depending on the prospect, I could see both teams doing this; definitely CGY.

28 Feb 2016 14:38:12
to flames: ryan spooner and a 4 round pick 2016

to bruins: kris russell


28 Feb 2016 14:44:59
This was posted earlier.

28 Feb 2016 14:50:06
didnt see it.

28 Feb 2016 18:13:06
This was my post.

28 Feb 2016 03:46:28
Hearing Boston and Tampa have been talking about Drouin. Ottawa and St. Louis still interested. Wouldn't mind the Leafs joing in either but. Have an idea from what I've heard and seen. With Stamkos an upcoming UFA, Tampa wants to go all in for cup. Drouin is still valuable.

Tampa trades Drouin, Koekkoek, Carle, and a pick.

Boston trades Eriksson and Chara.

These two guys could push Tampa over the top to compete with Chicago for the cup once again! Just idea, remember those 3 teams are very interested in Drouin and Yzerman would like to get it done prior to deadline. BTW for the chirp guy, i'm only explaining knowledge others may not know or want to.

28 Feb 2016 04:08:43
I think that's too much to Boston. Also wouldn't work for cap. This would result in Tampa entering a Toronto like rebuild as soon as next year.

28 Feb 2016 04:09:32
Tampa wouldn't give up to young pieces for nothing great in return. Cap also.

28 Feb 2016 07:37:23
I think that's too much for a UFA and an aging d man but I'd love to see it. That would be a nice addition for a cup run.

28 Feb 2016 08:46:20

25 Feb 2016 04:14:12
Ana: Shea Theadore, 3rd
Bos: Erikkson, Koklachev, lesser of the 2 1sts, k Miller

Boston needs another stud on the back end and Theodore will become that, Ducks have a plethora of good young defenseman so this deal will only make their nhl team better. Miller adds some grit plus they get the top ahl scorer and a 1st to potentially draft another young defenseman.

25 Feb 2016 18:50:52
waay too much from Boston.

25 Feb 2016 03:42:13
Min: Eriksson
Bos: Dumba, 2nd, 5th.

25 Feb 2016 03:55:26
Eriksson the next Tinordi?

25 Feb 2016 03:58:21
Boston Fan?

25 Feb 2016 14:30:01
Lol you think the wild would trade Dumba for another aging rental. No way. Those reports of the wild getting loui are bs. Doesn't make sense.

25 Feb 2016 03:29:36
Bos: Hamhuis
Van: Khoklachev, 2nd 2016, 2nd 2017

Apparently Koko is the most likely trade bait other than Eriksson.

25 Feb 2016 17:11:48
No chance from Van.

25 Feb 2016 18:51:26
overpayment for Hamhuis.

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