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30 Jun 2015 05:03:41
To Montreal Leon Draisaitl and Jordan Eberle

To Edmonton PK Subban and Sherback and Tinordi

30 Jun 2015 07:45:18
Oilers say no. Too much for Souppan

30 Jun 2015 08:02:19
Both teams say no.

30 Jun 2015 04:23:36
How Arizona can make themselves a playoff team
Sign: Drew Stafford- 3M, Cody Franson- 4.5M
ARI: 2016 1st Round Pick
WPG: Burmistrov, Byfuglien, Frolik
ARI: Hanzal, Gormley
MON: Petry, Gallagher
Boedker Strome Doan
Domi Burmistrov Gallagher
Duclair Arcobello Stafford
Erat Rieder Frolik
Extra- Crombeen, Vitale

Ekmann-Larsson Byfuglien
Petry Franson
Grossman Murphy
Extra- Moore, Morris, Stone, Pronger


30 Jun 2015 05:01:04
Stafford is going to get a lot more than $3mil/yr. Likely in the range of $5mil/yr and likely from WPG.

30 Jun 2015 05:27:11
Thats not a playoff team in the west. Could maybe be in the east. And one pick for Buff and other peices isn't even close. You say that's a playoff team, if that's the case, why would they trade those three pieces for one pick, mid round too! Not even close.

30 Jun 2015 03:08:12
Habs should trade Tinordi (RFA - ' re-sign to short-term deal around $1M'), Gilbert ($2.8M/1 year left), Prust ($2.5M/1 year left), Andrighetto ($633 G/ then RFA) & 2nd rounder for Sharp ($5.9M/2 years left) & Bickel $4M/2 years left) to help Hawks free up cap space to re-sign or match offer sheets for Saad & fill out roster spots on 3rd & 4th lines (Hawks need cap room to match offer sheet which could be a $6M per year deal)

30 Jun 2015 08:59:13
Jeez, not even close to what Chicago wants for Sharp!! Wow, so bad. Give something of actual value first, such an insult its not even a 1st in that terrible package!

29 Jun 2015 23:58:06
mtl- de larose-andrighetto-2nd pick 2016


30 Jun 2015 07:47:42
Id say Backes has a bit more value then Sharp at the moment. Centers are more coveted, his size is more coveted and he is 2 years younger. but Sharp does have the cups experience on his side. I would still take Backes straight up over Sharp.

29 Jun 2015 23:54:47
mtl- beaulieu-fucale-eller-2nd pick 2016

van- edler-burrows

edler=beaulieu-fucale-2nd pick

29 Jun 2015 23:46:46
since sj looking for a decent hard hitting D and have no goalie how about

Mtl-Emelin-fucale-2nd pick 2016

sj- Marleau

29 Jun 2015 22:42:28
Canadiens :
sign Matt Beleskey for something like
20 millions/4 years.

trade :

MTL: andrighetto, desharnais (cap dump), (maybe emelin), 1st rnd pick 2016

ARI: Hanzal


Paccioretty - Hanzal - Beleskey
Galchenyuk - Plekanec - Gallagher
Weise - Eller - Scherbak (let's hope)
De la rose - Mitchell - Dsp
prust and flynn

30 Jun 2015 00:44:24
Hsnzal This guy is finish!

30 Jun 2015 03:09:27
hanzal as a first line c lmao

29 Jun 2015 00:30:46
After parenteau buyout, the habs need to free up cap

Mtl: Emelin, 2nd 2016 Buffalo
Ana: Fowler
(Apparently fell through at deadline)

Arz 4th, 5th 2016

Talks between Habs Hawks continue

Mtl: Pateryn, 3rd 2016
Chi: Sharp

29 Jun 2015 06:04:51
yeah, literally no chance of any of those happening except the desharnais one.

the fowler one definitely did not fall through at the deadline because that's a pick up, listen, and hang up by ANA.

29 Jun 2015 07:16:55
Wow so bad. Not even close for Sharp or Folwer.

29 Jun 2015 12:54:25
and people on here think leafs fans over value their players. there aren't a lot of habs players that are high valued at all

29 Jun 2015 15:36:10
As a Habs fan. that would be great. But . I can't see that happening at all. Fowler . you'd prob have to add at least Eller. maybe more. And sorry bud. but the Sharp one is pretty off .

29 Jun 2015 17:53:30
But its the Leafs fans who are delusional on this site!

29 Jun 2015 20:18:17
And still the leaf that are!

29 Jun 2015 22:44:28
were not the ones who burn the city down when you loose a game

29 Jun 2015 23:36:24
You guys win games?

28 Jun 2015 18:55:06
Montreal: David Desharnais, Dalton Thrower, 1st round pick 2016

NYI: Kyle Okposo

28 Jun 2015 19:46:33
Give me a single reasonable point why NY needs Desharnais with Tavares, Grabovski, Bailey, Nelson, Lee, Nielsen, Strome, Cizikas, Barzal, Beauvillier in their system.

29 Jun 2015 02:41:17
Not even in the same time zone for Okposo. Not a chance Islanders even think for a split second about this one. Wow

29 Jun 2015 03:42:29
Beauvillier is a bust

29 Jun 2015 03:43:16
Sorry no bust but a 3rd liner at best

29 Jun 2015 04:42:04
Hey draisailt 94 u forgot dal colle and joshua ho-sang

29 Jun 2015 19:26:26
I know they can play C, but I count them as wingers.

@Montrealfinest: Really? Again? Calling an 18 year old!! a bust? just wow.

28 Jun 2015 05:29:07
If i'm montreal I ask the price for bergy and rielly to Boston
Cause Calgary went Rob Ford on the bruins a total robery!
Ok Now
Pitt need d and jim rotherford trade to get lovejoy show how much is desprate

Mon: emelin
Pitt: sprong

Mon: parenteau,3rd
Toronto: lupul and braco
You get rid off 4 million after This year since parenteau contract end This summer and braco is insurance if lupul get injured

28 Jun 2015 08:17:24
Yea Pittsburgh and Toronto will take Montreals cap dumps and give you their newly drafted talent

28 Jun 2015 11:51:56
You never know with jimbo! Has for the leaf were dm doing you a favor taking lupul contract

28 Jun 2015 17:17:51
lupul is EASILY top 6 on the habs, top 6 players get top 6 money right?

soderberg just signed to be 3rd line center in colorado, for alomst 5 million per season.

5.25 isn't much for a top 6 over the next 3 seasons with the cap going up, puts him at 34 years old, not that old by hockey standards

28 Jun 2015 17:51:23
Sounds like PA is going to be bought out. Which is fine. Maybe let a younger guy like Thomas or Skerbac earn a spot .

28 Jun 2015 19:42:47
To be honest I think that andrigetho is ahead of thomas

26 Jun 2015 22:10:07
Montreal: David Desharnais, Alexei Emelin, 2nd round pick (2016 Minnesota)

Colorado: Ryan O'Reilly

26 Jun 2015 22:45:33
Upgrade Deharnais

Upgrade Emelin

Upgrade the 2nd to a 1st

Then it's a possibility

27 Jun 2015 02:40:44
That package right there is sooooo bad, so much worse then waht colorado just got from Buffalo. Just shows you how far off you were thinking.

25 Jun 2015 18:32:38
Mtl: Galchenyuk, De la rose, Flynn, 2nd 2016 buff

Arz: 3rd overall, Boedker, McGinn

24 Jun 2015 23:35:48
mtl- 26th pick-eller

arz- 32th-60th

help arz get to salary floor and get better draft
habs can draft beauvilier in 32th
and nicholas roy in 60th

24 Jun 2015 22:01:21
My hopes of a smart and solid offseason for the habs:

Mtl: 1st, Parenteau(cap dump)
Arz: both 2nds, 4th

Totes need to hit the cap floor and MB spoke about potentially moving down

Mtl: Emelin
Clb: 3rd, Bird

Pick and a decent prospect for dman that jackets had interest in

Mtl: Desharnais(some retain) De la rose, Flynn, Bournival, 2nd 2016

Stl: Oshie, Sheilds, 7th 2016, 7th 2017

Habs get a good winger to play with patches while blues get an abundance of great picks and prospects and an roster player

Cross fingers that sprong is still available at 32 and then draft roslovic are 60

Sign Beleskey and Upshall



Love the idea of this offensive minded team that I hope can be more or less imputed if executed next season


25 Jun 2015 13:08:11
Why on earth would the blues trade oshie (60pts player) for a bad prospect and a at most Ahl-er and a pick. Come on get real the blues have quantity of really good players. Too many and want to package their really good players for an elite to sub elite player. We want to improve our talent not go backwards.

Blues say NO

25 Jun 2015 13:55:15
"Smart offseason"

First move involves trading away your first. Nice.

25 Jun 2015 14:48:41
Dude what are you talking about? De la rose ia an awesome prospect who is only 18! And then you have Deaharnais who can be a good 3rd line center! Then you add bournival and flynn (4th line) and a late 2nd? Wtf are you talking about when you say AHL and shit prospect?

25 Jun 2015 18:40:16
First and foremost DElarose is 20 years old. a low "B" level prospect and e is the ore of your trade. the other guys are trash. Remove all and add in Galchenyuk then we will have a disscusion.

Blues needs- Upgrade in Talent
Blues don't need_ more 3rd or 4th or B level prospects.

NO offense But Jaskin, Fabbri, Barbashev, Linbohm, Rattie are far supperior to Delarose.

Galchenyuk or nothing

25 Jun 2015 18:53:26
I meant exactly what I said. Do you even know the roster the blues have. Or the talent we have. Not one of those players would play even on the fourth line. Currently the blues lines are

swartz Lehtera Tarasenko
Steen Backes Oshie
Beglund Statsny Rattie
OTT Sobotka Reaves.

With Barbashev and Fabbri waiting in the wings. SO please do your homework before you propose a trade. Not one of your players would start on the blues.

25 Jun 2015 23:14:38
But montreal still went further than St louis in the playoffs;)

26 Jun 2015 03:10:33
Wow do people over value a Oshie . Blues can keep him. Not what the Habs need. Gets ya what . 10. 15 points at most mote than Desjarnais. Nope . we need a 70 to 80 point center. GALCHENYUK IS that guy . if they'd take the training wheels off of him. And Delarose. He's going to be a good one. So. nope. Don't want or need Oshie

26 Jun 2015 20:13:19
When Galchenyuk gets 70 80 points come talk to me. Right now TJ oshie is better than what your offering. no doubt Galchenyuk is good player. But the trash you were offering is wishfull thinking for a proven player. So no we will keep our 60 pt player

24 Jun 2015 17:57:37
TOR: Bozak
MTL: Eller & Thomas

24 Jun 2015 19:41:15
Too much for Bozak.

24 Jun 2015 20:08:00
Bozak is a upgrade over Eller but they already have enough centers

24 Jun 2015 21:21:21
Besides the fact this deal is between the Canadiens and the leafs I feel like if the leafs trade Bozak they would be looking for a draft pick and or a prospect even though I do love Ellers game a big strong forward but deal just doesn't make sense

24 Jun 2015 17:55:45
ARI: 2015 2nd(60th)
MTL: Parenteau

24 Jun 2015 19:41:38
they'll get a 5th at most for PAP and need to eat some salary too

24 Jun 2015 19:50:53
Let's Go Bergevin before the y change their mind!

24 Jun 2015 20:06:29
Go bBergie make the move before the y change their mind!

24 Jun 2015 17:51:28
CLB: Rychel and 34th 2015
MTL: Emelin & Bournival

24 Jun 2015 19:45:12
makes no sense for columbus

24 Jun 2015 20:10:35
Rychel is the better prospect then bournival
Emilen is worth a mid third at best mostly because of his contract

24 Jun 2015 20:21:36
Being a Montrealer and a Habs fan I would do this trade in a second. Emelin is a punch away from retirement

24 Jun 2015 05:22:47
Correct my duchenne trade:
Mon: desharnais, Beaulieu , andrigetho and 2 first
Duchenne fit with montreal style

24 Jun 2015 13:30:07
this trade makes Colorado worse their looking to make the playoffs not miss. if they pull this trade it means they're tanking when they have a legitimate shot at the playoffs

24 Jun 2015 13:45:44
colorado could get a much better overall package somewhere else. It would take a subban, galchenyuk, gallegher to get the ball rolling. Lots of these montreal trades on this site just try to dump unwanted garbage and turn it into gold.

24 Jun 2015 14:07:37
Man you really do post some bad trades.

24 Jun 2015 18:19:41
If Colorado is trading Duchene, it would be to upgrade that position.

24 Jun 2015 23:18:27
Galchenyuk, Beaulieu, Tinordi, 1st

25 Jun 2015 13:29:49
Ok I could leave with that Oilers 11

24 Jun 2015 04:51:19
Duchenne on the market!
Ok so kessel at 21 got trade for 2 first round pick after 60 point season

Ok Now the good point is that duchenne is older and just did a low 55 point season , they need to sign oreilly

The bad point is that at 20 he did 67 point
Mon: next 2 first rounder , Beaulieu , andrigetho ,

Mon: tinordi ( hope he don't become the next mcdonagh)

Detroit: mantha

Mon parenteau
Yotes: 3rd pick need to get cap floor

Mon: eller( guy who draft him is gm for Colombus)
Colombus: rychel, artisimov

Now mon is a bout 16.5 milion with parenteau and emelin and eller trade

Add duchenne who is around 6

Add beauch in free agency 2milion
Add anysimov around 3 million

Gap of 5 give chucky a bridge contract and were in good hand

Hudon- galchenyuk- artisimov ( going to be like pat maroo
Mantha- pleckaneck- rychel
Dsp- de Larose - weise

Put scherback and Mccaron one year in the Ahl

Petry- markov
Pateryn - beauch

We won't win the cup with This team
But in two years all those new young player will emerge
Plus we will trade arty and add scherback ready too the team

24 Jun 2015 08:44:56
Besides from all the usual bad stuff on your posts. Anisimov 3m and Beauchemin 2m? Sure

24 Jun 2015 11:38:26
Drais at least ou post stuff you just critic you did not do a post since april

24 Jun 2015 12:23:39
@ Montrealsfinest
That's because all his posts are garbage and he doesn't like people pointing it out. Only likes to jump all over other people's posts with negativity and condescension like a child so he can feel better about himself.

24 Jun 2015 15:10:54

Best post on this website ever.

24 Jun 2015 20:06:38
Don't get me wrong though, the trades still really suck.

Tinordi for Mantha? C'mon man.

25 Jun 2015 00:19:13
Ok then what do you propose then for mantha starting with tinordi? You got to understand that I did pitt all different player so that my trade could work!

By the way drais artisimov is getting paid 3.1 million do your point dosent work!

28 Jun 2015 06:33:55
Tinordi will not give you Mantha at all. Your Welcome to try PK Subban for Mantha+ LOL

24 Jun 2015 03:06:13
mtl- 26th pick-parenteau

pho- 32th and 60th


car-4th or 5th pick

mtl- de larose-fucale-1st pick 2016


sign soderberg 4y/16m



24 Jun 2015 19:44:44
I like the first one.
Okposo deal is a bit steep though.

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