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02 Mar 2015 23:59:09
So here is a recap of every NHL's team deadline day moves:

Anaheim adds:
Simon Despres
James Wisniewski
2015 3rd

Anaheim subtracts:
Ben Lovejoy
Rene Bourque
William Karlsson
2015 2nd

Arizona adds:
Maxim Letunov
David Leggio

Arizona subtracts:
Zbynek Michalek
2015 3rd
Mark Louis

Boston adds:
Brett Connolly
Maxime Talbot
Zack Phillips

Boston subtracts:
2015 2nd
2016 2nd
Jordan Caron
Jared Knight

Buffalo adds:
2017 2nd
Jack Nevins
2016 7th
Chad Johnson
2015 3rd
2016 5th

Buffalo subtracts:
Chris Stewart
Torrey Mitchell
Michael Neuvirth
Brian Flynn

Calgary adds:
2015 2nd

Calgary subtracts:
Sven Baertschi

Chicago adds:
Andrew Desjardins

Chicago subtracts:
Ben Smith
2017 7th

Colorado adds:
Mat Clark
Jordan Caron
Freddie Hamilton

Colorado subtracts:
Michael Sgarbossa
Max Talbot
Karl Stollery

Columbus adds:
Rene Bourque
William Karlsson
Justin Falk
2015 2nd
2015 5th

Columbus subtracts:
James Wisniewski
2015 3rd
Jordan Leopold

Detroit adds:
Marek Zidlicky

Detroit subtracts:
2016 3rd

Edmonton adds:
2015 2nd
2015 5th

Edmonton subtracts:
Jeff Petry

Minnesota adds:
Jared Knight
Chris Stewart
Jordan Leopold

Minnesota subtracts:
Zack Phillips
Justin Falk
2017 2nd
2015 5th

Montreal adds:
Jeff Petry
Brian Flynn
Torrey Mitchell

Montreal subtracts:
2015 2nd
2015 5th
2016 5th
Jack Nevins
2016 7th

New Jersey adds:
2016 3rd

New Jersey subtracts:
Marek Zidlicky

New York Islanders add:
Mark Louis
Cory Conacher
Michael Neuvirth
Tyler Kennedy

New York Islanders subtract:
David Leggio
Dustin Jeffrey
Chad Johnson
2016 3rd

Philadelphia adds:
Radko Gudas
2015 1st
2015 3rd

Philadelphia subtracts:
Braydon Coburn

Pittsburgh adds:
Ben Lovejoy
Ian Cole

Pittsburgh subtracts:
Simon Despres
Robert Bortuzzo
2016 7th

San Jose adds:
Ben Smith
Karl Stollery
2017 7th
2016 3rd

San Jose subtracts:
Andrew Desjardins
Tyler Kennedy
Freedie Hamilton

St. Louis adds:
Olli Jokinen
Robert Bortuzzo
Zbynek Michalek
2016 7th
2015 3rd

St. Louis subtracts:
Joakim Lindstrom
Ian Cole
Max Letunov
2016 6th

Tampa Bay adds:
2015 2nd
2016 2nd
Braydon Coburn

Tampa Bay subtracts:
Brett Connolly
Radko Gudas
2015 1st
2015 3rd

Toronto acquires:
Eric Brewer
Joakim Lindstrom
2016 5th
2016 6th

Toronto subtracts:
Korbinian Holzer
Olli Jokinen

Vancouver adds:
Cory Conacher
Sven Baertshi

Vancouver subtracts:
Dustin Jeffrey
2017 2nd

*Some draft picks are conditional
*Some teams retained salary
*Any team not mentioned did not make a trade

03 Mar 2015 15:27:19
Some of these are wrong.

You have cory conacher in there twice under NYI add, and Van add.

He went to the Canucks.

03 Mar 2015 19:47:11
@stickboi: Ok, thank for letting me know, didn't catch that when I was typing it.

03 Mar 2015 21:52:11
thanks for that LONG post lol

02 Mar 2015 03:26:37
If Pens fail to make it to the conference finals and crosby struggles, maybe he wants a change of scenery

Mtl: Crosby, Scuderi (to make the cap work better)

Pitts: Parenteau, Eller, Bounival, De La Rose, Hudon, Emelin, Tornido, Fucale, 1st 2016, 1st 2017, 1st 2018

I like that tornido kid good potential is going to play a major rôle in This transaction Bahaha

02 Mar 2015 07:07:03
you can't be serious. can you?

just to go along with this lunacy, you try to get crosby without givng up none of subban, pacioretty, galchenyuk, price, or even a 1st this year? like what is this.

Can Montreal fans actually offer up some quality if they want quality or will every proposal only include eller tinordi de la rose emilin fucale and picks? No team wants 7 average or below average pieces for proven talent. Please let this end

^ Tinordi, De la Rose and Fucale could bring something decent to Montreal, but I agree they won't get a significant piece with Eller/Emelin/Parenteau.

However, unless any team is ready to lose for the next 5 years by giving all of their best players for Crosby, why would they trade for him? It's just ridiculous to ever think a player like him will change team via trade.

02 Mar 2015 23:40:53
you want crosby? start the deal with galchenyuk, de la rose and beaulieu + at least one first. see where that takes you



02 Mar 2015 02:40:00
MTL needs a goal scorer bad heading into the playoffs. Other than Pacioretty Montreal doesn't have much for goal scorers.

MTL: Simmonds
PHI: Eller & Tinordi(Big Dman that they are looking for) & Fucale(A goalie that could take them deep in the playoffs in a couple years) & 2nd MTL 2015 & 3rd 2016

Pacioretty DD Simmonds
Galchenyuk Plekanec Gallagher
Parenteau DLR DSP
Prust Malhotra Weise

Yess totally agree him or eberle

02 Mar 2015 18:28:24
As a flyers fan living in montreal, I'll tell you there is no way this trade would work for philly.
Eller has no need in philly, flyers need to remove centres, not add them.

I like Tinodri, but the flyers D prospects are pretty great right now. Wouldn't hate him but the Flyers have Morin who should be ready next year.

Fucale is a great prospect, him and Morin are good friends so if a player as avaluable as Simmonds gets moved, this would be a big piece they would want.

With that said.
For Simmonds who is maybe the 2nd best power forward in the league, with an amazing contract and hitting his prime.

I would say it's more like Fucale, Gallager, 2015 first and 2016 2nd.

Anyway, won't happen. Maybe they get B. schenn but Simmonds price is way too high for your package

@ReelBigA you seriously overvalue Simmonds. 2nd best power forward in the league? Are you crazy? I can think of two better on ANA (Perry and Getzlaf) let alone the league. Try to be realistic, I know it's hard for you as a Philly fan but come on

02 Mar 2015 23:49:26
simmonds for fucale, tinordi and a second would be more fair value. the habs fans would die if they say gallagher leave. he's the heart and soul of the team, habs FANS wouldn't take the deal if toronto ofered up kessel for gallagher 1 for 1. Gallagher is going nowhere

03 Mar 2015 15:45:20
@tspillz, Simmonds for Fucale, a overrated goalie who has played on great teams most of his junior career, Tinordi, a guy who can't skate, can't shoot, can't pass, and isn't that good of a fighter either and a late 2nd. Keep dreamin. And if habs fans wouldn't take Kessel for Gallagher, yeah right . Did you forget to take your medication today?

02 Mar 2015 02:39:59
MTL needs a goal scorer bad heading into the playoffs. Other than Pacioretty Montreal doesn't have much for goal scorers.

MTL: Simmonds
PHI: Eller & Tinordi(Big Dman that they are looking for) & Fucale(A goalie that could take them deep in the playoffs in a couple years) & 2nd MTL 2015 & 3rd 2016

Pacioretty DD Simmonds
Galchenyuk Plekanec Gallagher
Parenteau DLR DSP
Prust Malhotra Weise

03 Mar 2015 15:50:19
Philly doesn't want a 4th line centre, a defenseman that sucks and a overrated goalie prospect for a proven power forward that is still young and hasn't reach his ceiling. Delusional, you habs fans are the worst on this site for over valuing all your players.

01 Mar 2015 20:13:35
mtl- parenteau

car- semin 50% retain
semin have 500 pts in 625 in nhl and was good in +/- ratio in 3 last year with a losing team. Salary his the only issue with him I think. at 3.5 M for 3 next year , good gamble , I don't think he's that toxic

mtl-eller 2nd round pick



if ottawa trade legwand rhey will need a physical 3rd line center 4 rebuild


Dal looking for a RH D



01 Mar 2015 20:55:20
so you're saying CAR will retain 50% of semin + the 4 mil on parenteau making him essentially a 7.5 millin dollar player, while MTL loses cap? not a chance.

01 Mar 2015 21:52:59
parenteau have only 1 year to his contact, u give him a shot and see what happen next summer if u resign him or waive him

Weise is playing first line right now, and now you have him playing 4th??

Parenteau have only one more year left at his contract.Carolina should play him next year and trade him at deadline for a pick

02 Mar 2015 01:32:18
still, for his production, 4 mil is very overpaid for parenteau. then you go and essentially pay him 7.5 mil for 1 year and give carolina 2 years after that of a dead 3.5 mil cap hit? no way that happens.

Ottawa already has the aggressive third line guy, Zac Smith.

Weise has been back on the 4th line last few games.

Habs are close to making real noise in the Playoffs. Polak, Lupul should put them just over the top to the finals. I know Lupuls contract sucks and he's injury prone, but these two would make a impact on a team that is just about there.

01 Mar 2015 17:36:53
MTL: Phanuef
TOR: Eller & Tinordi & 3rd

MTL: Yakapov
EDM: Emelin & Fucale

Patches DD Gallagher
Galchenyuk Plekanec Yakapov
Parenteau DLR DSP
Prust Malhotra Weise

Markov Subban
Beaulieu Phanuef
Gonchar Gilbert

Price Tokarski

Not giving tinordi for phaneuf .

throw in emelin and forget your yakupov trade

I don't know why habs think Tinordi is so great, he's a slow skater , he can't shoot the puck or even pass it well , he can fight but that's about it.

Why would you want Emelin, then you just take on more cap and Tinordi is capable of doing the same job as him for a much cheaper price.

Leafs would need to add. but Habs don't want sad-sack Phaneuf around anyway

28 Feb 2015 19:19:59
MTL: Eller & Parenteau(retain 35%) & Fucale & Tinordi & 3rd 2015
DAL: Eakin & Ritchie

DAL gets a couple of forwards to replace Eakin and Ritchie, a future starter in NHL, and a young big bodied dman.

MTL gets size up front and a more offensive forward in Eakin.

Patches DD Gallagher
Galchenyuk Plekanec DSP
Eakin DLR Ritchie
Prust Bournival/Malhotra Weise

Why do the habs do this? They give up one of their best defensive prospects and close to a Top 5 goalie prospect.

A Habs fan telling a Habs fan that the trade is stupid. Interesting

This doesn't help the Habs at all, makes them worse

28 Feb 2015 18:25:09
mtl- parenteau

car-semin 50%retain

mtl eller 3rd pick

ott- ceci or gryba

Hahahahha cei for eller and a third. O man that made my day

I wish HABS could get Ceci for that

Semin? R U nuts! 3rd worst contract in NHl today after Phaneuf and Clarkson

Do observe the phrase 50% retained Boris. With a 3.5 miles cap hit Semin could be moved. The change of scenery could be very beneficial and he's only signed for 3 more years.

Ok eller and 2nd pick for gryba is it better?

50% of garbage is still garbage

28 Feb 2015 17:01:08
28 Feb 2015

To Mtl: Eric Cole
To Dal: 2nd 2015

To Mtl: Micheal Ryder
To Njd: 3rd 2015

MTL be like "Hey let's just trade for the players we already had before, had a chance to resign but didn't because we didn't needed them"

No. thanks.

28 Feb 2015 16:55:31
Emelin - Cap $4.1M, 2018 UFA
Lehkonen, 3rd '15.

Iginla - Cap 5.333M, 2017 UFA

Parenteau - Cap $4.0M, 2016 UFA
Conditional 2016 3rd (Re-signing)

E. Cole - Cap $4.5M, 2015 UFA

Someone to fill Emelin's shoes on defense.

TOR - Polak - Cap 2.750M, 2016 UFA - 28 yrs old
PHI - L. Schenn - Cap 3.6M, 2016 UFA - 25 yrs old
PHI - Grossman - Cap $3.5M, 2016 UFA - 30 yrs old
CAR - Gleason - Cap $1.2M, 2015 UFA - 32 yrs old
FLA - Gudbranson - Cap $2.5M, 2016 RFA - 23 yrs old
OTT - Wiercoche - Cap $2.0M, 2016 RFA - 24 yrs old
STL - Jackman - Cap$3.167M, 2015 UFA - 34 yrs old

You don't send a conditional pick for re-signing for a player that atleast has a year left on his contract. Ever.

Iginla will still have 2 years to his contract, parenteau will be sign next year too and cole will never comeback to mtl

The conditional is if Cole signs with MTL next year. I wouldn't think either MTL or Cole would pursue those options though, but just for insurance reasons. I'm only interested in him for the remainder of this season and the playoffs.

I realize Iginla is signed for the next two seasons and I'd be happy with that. Better than what we currently have and is still playing well, I think he has two or more years left. Parenteau still has one year on his deal, and his recent history hasn't looked great, not that he's done by any means. Iginla just presents a scoring, physical, and consistency upgrade.
And again I don't want to sign Cole next year. We would be rid of Parenteau's $4.0M contract that is currently owed to him.

Habs are stuck with Parenteau till his contract expires.

28 Feb 2015 16:09:19
I think the habs are eyeing Justin Williams.also I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if they made a run for another goalie.

I can see why they would go after Mr. 2014 playoffs, but I don't get why they should go for a goalie? Tokarski haven't played bad enough to say they should trade for a goalie that will at most play 5 games

What would be the price to get Williams? Expiring contract on pace for 20+ goals this season.

Would Eller & prospect & 2nd work?

I just think the habs are nervous that price may get injured like last year and they would like a better option then tokarski.maybe neuvirth.also for Williams I think they would be looking at trading for cheaper nhl ready options other then eller.

Actually, let's face it, whoever is the backup goalie, if Price is down, the Habs are down too. They don't have the offensive or defensive assets to win 4 out of 7 in a serie

Actually let's face it if any teams #1 goalie goes down they are in trouble.they don't have the defensive assets? what about being the #1 defensive team in the league.and I mean offensively what do they have 5 less goals then the so called offensive powerhouse Pittsburgh penguins.price has been awesome this year and if the awards were picked right now he would easily win the vezina and hart trophys.but don't try and make it seem like he's playing on a bad team.

Habs GM is after Marleau

28 Feb 2015 06:22:33
I know this won't happen but.


TO MTL : Lupul, Holzer
TO TOR : Eller, Bournival

TO ANA : Phaneuf
TO TOR : Manson, Ritchie, 1ST IN 15


TO EDM : Bernier,Gardiner,Bozak,Finn
TO TOR : Purcell, 1ST PK IN 15

TO NYI : Kessel
TO TOR: Reinhart, Strome, Dal Cole, Grabner

Are you kidding. That much for kessel? 4 first rounders (3 which were top 5 picks) for a guy that will score 75points but not do much else

28 Feb 2015 10:09:56
@NR22 he puts up 75+ points every year with bozak whos barely a second line center. i'd love to see him play with taveres. remember cheechoo scoring 56 with thornton as his #1? i'd love to see what kessel could do with taveres. I think itd b worth it, also grabner would be balancing out the cap

TO NYI : Kessel
TO TOR: Reinhart, Dal Cole & 2016 1st, should be enough, but do it before the dead line. I too would love to see Tavares setting up Kessel. Because Kessel is really not old with a decent contract, MAYBE the NYI add after the season, depending on how far NYI go in the playoffs.

^ regardless of the return NY has Okposo at RW, so I doubt they would give up assets for Kessel.

IMO they need back end help more than FWD help. Just floating it.

NYI - Phaneuf (1 million retained)

TOR - Visnovsky, Reinhart, cond. 2015 1st(if NYI make the conference final).

^ sorry I meant 2016 on my trade proposal.

Habs pass on Lupul, he's injured too often and his contract is too heavy

28 Feb 2015 01:35:56
If Sekara got a 2015 1st plus Roland McKeown (2014 second rounder) Petry can either land a 2nd and decent prospect or a 1st.
Sekara is 28 with 19 points this season and Petry is 27 with 15 points with similar salaries I believe. Most teams are looking for that offensive right handed d and Petry is the best one available.
It's been rumoured that Montreal has been looking at Petry. Oilers could try for two decent prospects.

Mon- Petry, 4th

Edm- Fucale, Tinordi

Fucale is not doing great these days, but I don't think MTL is immediately going to just toss him aside given his potential. I could see Petry for Tinordi and a 3rd or 4th. Doubt Fucale moves.

Yeah wasn't sure how they value him but seeing what these d are bringing in right now is crazy so maybe

I believe Montreal and Edmonton are trying to work something out. Fucale would be in the negotiations for sure. If anything gets done, it will be multiple players.

As a Habs fan, I hope this trade never happens. I know how much D's are going for as of late, but I believe it's too much for Petry.

27 Feb 2015 23:53:40
mtl- parenteau

car-semin 50%retain

This is very intriguing

28 Feb 2015 21:50:11
Nice Mtl gets their top line Sniper they need (even though they have pacio). And Carolina gets a player with a much smaller contract. But I don't know if car would do it

Car: 4m+ 3.5m( the 50%)=7.5 m

Mtl: 3.5 m (other 50%)

So no cap retaining and throw in Allen for cap space.

IMO, Semin is a horrible teammate, and would be a overalls terrible guy for Montreals locker room, and at 7M (with the 50% retain) is not worth it.

So, an overpaid floater with 2 goals this season is going to help the Habs win the Cup. maybe not so much

Semin have 500pts in 625 games in nhl and has improve in +/- ratio in rhe last 2 years 3.5m seem a good guess with markov gonchar emelin(russian) he will fit in, i'm not too worry about that.

27 Feb 2015 23:52:56
mtl- eller 1stpick emelin

pho- yandle-

Not a chance this happens. Yandle will go elsewhere.

Too much for Yandle

Habs have to add , a late 1st , a 4th line centre and a below average defenseman for Yandle, not going to happen.

27 Feb 2015 21:07:49
Mtl: Fucale, Bournival, pateryn, 2nd 2016

Edm: Eberle

More than a fair offer from Habs

Although a trade between these two teams is plausible, I doubt Montreal can expend a defenseman. For sure, Fucale is part of any back and forth. Could be a multi-player deal coming up.

1st 2015 , fucale and smith-pelly for Eberle.

27 Feb 2015 19:47:38
J. Lupul RW
K. Holzer D
(1 million retained)

J. De la Rose C
N. Scherbak RW

Leafs need to add a 1st rounder if they want to make this happen

Don't think you'll get del a rose but the other guy for lupul straight up is interesting

Scherbak by himself is worth more than Lupul forget De La Rose, and Bergevin wouldn't trade Scherbak until they see what they have in him at the pro level.

Boris, you over value Habs players, on every post

^Those are Montreal's two best prospect. It's not overvalueing, just being realistic because Bergevin won't let them go for nothing.

Fucale is probably Montreal's best prospect.

I have said this before NOT trading with habs so they can win. never

Wow anyone who knows anything about prospects knows DeLa Rose and Shcerbak are untouchable at this point.To offer those 2 you either have to hate the Habs or have no idea at all.lol

28 Feb 2015 05:11:05
Let me guess, you saw Jacob's two goal game and you suddenly thought that he was on the trade market?

Montreal isn't even remotely thinking of trading either of these players. You need to draft guys like that.

This offer would get you a dial tone.

Leafs can have Paranteau, Allen & Drewiske for Lupul

How is Del la Rose untouchable? He's projected to be a 3rd line depth player, not the next Crosby.

27 Feb 2015 19:04:40
MTL: Parenteau & Malhotra & 6th 2015
WPJ: Slater & Postma

MTL: Emelin
COL: Tanguay

Tanguay? no way! tooo soft

Parenteau and Malhotra have negative value.

Parenteau is still worth something. He has 15 points in 40 games and he was playing on the third and fourth line and he only has one year left on his contract after this year.

Malhotra has just over the minimum cap hit and is one the top face off men in the NHL so I don't think he is worth nothing

@Habfan2, sorry I meant less than nothing.

Malhotra has scored, Jets need to add

27 feb 2015 17:39:14

2015 2nd round pick
2016 4th round pick

chicago has to get rid of sharps salary this summer and may not get offered this much in the summer

Ya they'd get offered more

Even though I'd like him in a habs jersey, I don't think that's enough for him and with Kane's injury, hawks probably won't move Sharp untill this summer.

Not even close to what Chicago will want.

Seems like decent offer by Habs, maybe add Parenteau, too

@bagel, nobody wants Parenteau, not even the habs.

Not one of the players Montreal is seeking. Too old, too late.

27 Feb 2015 17:36:42
MTL: eller
2016 1st round pick
2017 2nd round oick
2015 3rd round pick

2015 3rd round pick(edm)
2017 3rd round pick


add fucale if neded inthe edmonton deal

think this works for all teams even though I think montreal is over paying on both trades

Not enough for Yandle

Way to much for Eberle

27 Feb 2015 18:14:10
I think the Yandle trade is nowhere near enough given what players are going for right now. Arizona is rebuilding and would rather collect better picks, a first or some seconds as opposed to aging assets.

I would go Eller, Fucale, Patyrn, 2nd 2016(BUF) & 3rd 2015 for Eberle. But not Eller and Thomas and 1st and 2nd.
Eberles good but small.

Might have to add more in the Yandle trade tho.

Wow, just because you add a bunch of garbage (pateryn, thomas) won't get you Eberle. Start with Gallagher and add. Quality not Quantity.

Edmonton fans lmao to funny please never leave this site I need my daily dose of laughter

No team looks for 5 or 6 middle pieces. It's realistic to say start with Gallagher. Not saying habs would do it.

27 Feb 2015 15:45:30
Edmonton:Jeff Petry, 7th round pick

Montreal: Alexei Emelin, Greg Pateryn, 4th round pick

Emelin will probably be the cheaper one after this year. Petry will probably want about 5 mill next year. Emelin also hits harder. So no from montreal.

Too much for a rental. I also believe Petry is overrated, habs shouldn't trade for him

Can't see any team wanting Emelin and his long term contract.

Emelin is better than Petry, Oils would need to add

Montreal is not looking for rentals. Say what you want about Emelin but more than a few teams would take him.

Montreal would be looking at Edmonton's forwards. MacTavish and Bergevin have more than likely exchanged ideas on the topic. 3 days to go.

26 Feb 2015 23:22:38
MTL: Dumba(Future #2-3 offensive Dman)
MIN: Fucale(future starting goalie) & Thrower(future #4-5 physical Dman) & 2nd RDP 2016

Does it seem fair? Who adds?

MIN gets a future top goalie because I doubt Dubnyk will stay this good forever. They also get a solid two way Dman.

MTL gets a Solid Offensive Dman to play PP.


MTL: Eller
EDM: 2nd 2016

MTL: Emelin
CGY: Reinhart & 3rd 2017

MTL: DD & 3rd
VAN: Higgins & 4th

Montreals line up next year:

Patches Galchenyuk Gallagher
Higgins Plekanec DSP
Hudon DLR Parenteau
Prust Bournival Thomas

Markov Subban
Beaulieu Gilbert
Tinordi Dumba

Price Tokarski

Minnesota won't trade Dumba for that, Eller is worth a 3rd, Vancouver is better off with Higgins.

Forget about higgins, we can do so much better

26 Feb 2015 22:59:17
Toronto- Phil Kessel
San Jose- 2015 1st, Thomas Hertl, Nikolay Goldobin

Toronto- Tyler Bozak, 3rd 2015
Colorado- Ryan O'Reilly

Toronto- Joffrey Lupul
St. Louis- 2015 1st
Edmonton- Jeff Petry
Detroit- 3rd Round Pick 2015

Edmonton- Jordan Eberle
Anaheim- 2015 1st Round Pick, 2015 3rd Round Pick

Edmonton- Nail Yakupov
Columbus- 2015 1st Round Pick
Arizona- Keith Yandle
Boston- 2015 1st Round Pick

Arizona- Antoinne Vermette
Montreal- PA Parenteau, 2015 3rd Round Pick

Arizona- 2015 2nd Round Pick
Buffalo- Chris Stewart
Calgary- Curtis Glencross
Chicago- 2015 2nd Round Pick, Mark McNeil, Philip Danault


Calgary- Curtis Glencross
Washington- Tom Wilson


Calgary- Curtis Glencross
Boston- David Pastrnak

LOL SJ, COL, STL all laugh at Nonis and hang up the phone.

EDM/ANA not happening. Eberle for a late first? Other 2 probably could work I think

Arizona isn't getting ripped off. They laugh at BOS, MTL, BUF and hang up

I don't know what Glencross' value is.

Only trade that is close is Stewart for a 2nd.

I wish that's all it would take to get Yandle and Eberle.

WSH easily says NO to Wilson for Glencross. You need to set those sights a lot lower.

All trades here are bad.

The Bruins will be sellers, playoffs hopes are dashed

26 Feb 2015 19:26:50
Cole - $4.5M, 2015 UFA

Parenteau - $4.0M, 2016 UFA
Conditional 3rd or whatever if Cole resigns with Montreal.

26 Feb 2015 19:49:08
cole didn't leave on the best terms. doubt MTL would want him back.

Habs current GM/coach got rid of Cole when they came to cleanup Gainey/Gauthier mess to have a Cup contender in just 3 years . no wy he's bringing the sullen over the hill Cole back

Doubt Cole would want to go back to Montreal.

This organization is different than the one that signed him. The team dynamic too.

Even if Bergevin traded him it was for cap relief and to rid the team of his contract term.

I haven't seen anything that says he has a NMC or NTC (he may, I just haven't seen it) so it wouldn't be up to him.

Bringing in a player who plays hard/gritty, with good size who can score would look great on this team and he would be gone along with his and parenteau's contract.

26 Feb 2015 04:38:01
mtl- eller 3rd pick2015

ott- gryba

mtl- emelin-fucale-1stpick


MTL passes on both

LOL imagine Gryba on MTL . getting blind passes from Player 61 . oh man .

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