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19 Dec 2014 05:35:02
Oilers: hall

Blues: lethera + shakenkirk
Preds: forsberg + josi
Kings: toffoli + Pearson
Jackets: Johannsen +?
Flyers: couterier + Simmonds +?
Islanders: Nelson + hamonic or Reinhart or hickey
Lightning: Killorn + drouin
rangers: brassard + girardi
Bruins: Hamilton + krejci
Jets: byfulgein + scheifele
Avs: ROR + barrie (oilers add)

What do you think? Good or bad? Why?

edm oil

19 Dec 2014 08:37:02
in my opinion hall is the only untouchable player on the oilers roster, stillz if I had to choose a trade partner within your trades proposal I would make a deal with the the jackets. I would ask jackets to add david savard to johanssen stillz I don't see the jackets moving johanssen.




17 Dec 2014 12:53:21
conditional 2016 2nd rounder ( if Petry doesn't resign)



17 Dec 2014 19:59:40
why would NYR do that?

lose their number one D-man, and potentially losing their number 2 this summer to ufa, strenghtening their already good offense and substantially weakenenig a defense that could take a big hit no matter what is not a good idea.


No from the rangers I can't see them moving their captain




14 Dec 2014 14:50:04
One thing needs to happen for the Leafs to succeed in the playoffs replace their defence
Before I begin let me state that both players must agree to contract extensions before trade is agreed upon
TML - Gardiner, 2nd rd pick 2016
NYR - Mark Stall
Stall signs 6 y x 6M extension

TML - Kadri, Fransen, mid level prospect
CHI - Seabrook
Seabrook signs 6y x 6.5M extension
Before everyone says I am crazy please remember that both players are ufa and have shown they have little interest in staying with their teams


You don't give up your future for the now, the Leafs have done this in the past and it has always burned them, Kadri, Gardiner and a future Pick traded for 2 UFA'S is a backward move.


Marc stall staying in NY and he will not sign in Toronto if anything he'll go to carolina


Seabrook is not a ufa until after next season


I think trading Kadri, Gardiner and mid level prospect like Ashton for Seabrook is a perfect trade for leafs.

Jvr, Bozak, Kessel
Lupul, Holland, Clarkson
Komarov, Santorelli, Winnik
Booth, Smith, Panik
Spare: Kozun

Phanuef, Seabrook
Rielly, Franson
Polak, Robidas
Spare: Holzer



14 Dec 2014 21:46:59
ONE thing? lol


Im all for trading gardiner but I think trading kadri is a mistake.

Hes developing into a good 2nd line center .

Best center the leafs have had since Sundin.


Your logic is not offside, but Toronto has to add more in both trades (especially the Chicago trade). Both teams are in a playoff spot and have aspirations of a deep run, so I doubt they trade 1 of their respective top d-men right now.

If you want contending teams to give up assets, you HAVE to overpay.




14 Dec 2014 09:35:58
Tor - James Reimer, Brandon Kozun

Dal - Anders Linback, Jamie Oleksiak, 2015 3rd rd pick

Dallas gets a solid backup that will give them stability behind the often injured Lehtonen. They also get a young guy with speed that is good on the pk.

Toronto get a solid prospect that should be good in the future. They also get Linback as a backup but if he still struggles I could see them signing another one and a pick.

Nyr - Marc Staal

Tor - 2015 1st rd pick, Jake Gardiner, Andrew MacWilliam

New York get a solid haul for Staal if he decides to price himself out of what the Rangers want to sign him for. They get a solid pick, a young talented dman along with a prospect.

Toronto gets a solid dman who is very strong in his own end. Obviously Toronto would need to know if Staal was interested in resinging with them as this would not be a trade they would make for a rental player


OK, what makes these trades unbelievable?


The Stars overpay for Reimer and leafs overpay for a ufa that's heading in carolina.


14 Dec 2014 18:29:33
Also New York wants to make the playoffs and go deep into the playoffs again. This trade would make them worse. I know he's a UFA but I unless they get something comparable to Staal or better he's not going anywhere.


I am half in/half out with the Staal trade.

IMO it's likely what it would cost to get Staal out NY at this point in the season, but at the same time with the 1st (and no guarantee of him re-signing) it's an overpayment. Staal is a 2nd pairing d-man, so it's not as if NY would be lost without him and not as if he is going to step in and change Toronto's fortunes (When Polak is back in the line up he is providing a similar element to what Staal would bring).

However, as Titties points out NY is looking to make a deep playoff run, so there is a premium on their players. But not to the extent of adding a 1st in a deep draft.




13 Dec 2014 22:25:00

2015 3rd rounder

Tampa adds more d-man depth as they make their playoff push, Buffalo gets another high pick and a slight improvement on their investment of a second rounder they paid last year


14 Dec 2014 05:01:56
wow, gorges is not worth a 1st


You should never give up first round pick for depth dman that's a good way to drive your team right into the dirt.


14 Dec 2014 10:21:16
"More dman depth" for a first? I don't think so. At this point, one might think the NYR could even miss the playoffs, turning this into a lottery pick.
No thanks.


@Draisaitl_94 IMO NYR WILL miss the playoffs. I always thought Regier did well and it looks like Murray is make good moves, but they both could learn from Steve Yzerman.


If he got trade for a second a couple months ago, don't see how his value could have gotten up that much.


14 Dec 2014 21:36:30
@sbr2017: You're right. It's a shame he hasn't won GMOY yet. So many good trades and signings and draft choices.
Want examples?
1. Conacher, mid pick for Bishop. Bishop is now an elite NHL goalie, while Conacher plays AHL hockey.
2. Traded Quincey to DET for 1st rd pick. That pick turned out to be Andrei Vasilevski. The best goalie prospect in the world IMO.
3. Stralman looks like an awesome signing. Playing well with Hedman and stepped up when he was out. 4.5 per, I'll take that.
4. Garrison for 50th overall in a mid-weak draft.
etc etc etc.


Draisaitl_94 what was the purpose of the two Sam Gagner trades? Essentially he traded B.J. Crombeen, & Teddy Purcell for a 6th? If it was to drop the cap, why did he have to retain any of Gagner salary.


15 Dec 2014 19:46:20
You essentially said it. It was to bring down to cap to make the signings we did possible.
Stralman, Boyle, Morrow, Nabokov, etc.
Purcell was a useful player, but at 4.5 he was making to much for what he brought to our offensively loaded team.
Crombeen is worth exactly nothing, you could easily sign a FA doing the same. In the year with us, he rather had a negative impact on the team, I can tell you that.
I guess he has to retain the salary on Gagner to convince ARZ to make that deal. Gagners deal expires the year, Stamkos' deal expires, so it frees in additional 1.6m or so from 16/17 on.
I just love him as our GM, such good moves.




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04 Dec 2014 20:09:25
To New York Rangers:
2015 7th round pick

To any other team:
Tanner Glass

Then Rangers sign Dustin Penner for 1 year/ 1.5 million dollars.

Glass(31)-$1.45M/3 years
Penner(32)-last year's cap hit-$2M

2013-14 stats: Glass-----------Penner--Difference
Games Played: 67 67 +0
Goals: 4 14 +10
Assists: 9 21 +12
Points: 13 35 +22
Penalty Minutes: 90 30 -60
+/-: (-8) (+25) +33

In 21 games this season Glass has:
0 Goals
1 Assist
1 Point
16 Penalty minutes
-9 plus/minus

I think this move would help us out with our depth and Penner is a big improvement over Glass. The problem with this is I don't think any team would want Glass, but we need to get rid of him to make the space for the signing.


I don't think 4th line LW is the Rangers biggest concerns.


Glass was such a bad signing. New York did not need him at all.

I don't think any team would give up anything for him. If he went on waivers I don't think he would even get claimed


I didn't say that is our biggest concern, but it is a problem that can be fixed. But you are right there are also bigger problems right now, and Penner is definitely a big improvement over Glass


Yeah, I would probably say our worst signing of the offseason for us. The thing is there are two big problems with Glass:
1) He is REALLY bad, 1 point is 21 games( and I know he is not here to put up points but come on!)

2)He is signed for 3 years at 1.45 Million dollars(that means that even when he is 34, we will still be paying him $1.45M

And you are probably right I don't think any team would be willing to take him. And even if we sent him down to the minors, only some of his salary would come off.




30 Nov 2014 04:25:30
To Rangers:
Alex Tanguay and a 4th round pick

To Avalance:
Marc Staal

Avs would benefit so much from adding a top 4 defenseman. They're not far out from the playoffs and the season is still young. If they're lucky, they could convince Staal to sign an extension. Rangers would benefit from adding a winger who can score from anywhere. He's under contract through next season. He'd help the Rangers PP, which is ranked 21st in the league currently, in my opinion. Rangers would most likely lose out on signing Staal in free agency, so why not bring in someone who will help the team right now and next year. Rangers would still have a good Top 4 without Staal and the Avs should be able to replace Tanguay like they did last year when he got hurt.


100% agree, this trade is very believable! Let's trade a top 2 defenceman(final year of contract), for a bottom 6 fwd and a 4th round pick! Logic is undeniable!


Staal is not a top two dman, he would be on the Avs, but that's because they don't have dmen. Tanguay is playing top line right now, so idk what you're talking about.


30 Nov 2014 05:45:19
NYR are in a win now mode with Marty on the squad. Expect to lose Staal to Carolina in free agency

CaPtAiN cAnAdA

Stall would play top 2 on just about 1 half to 1 third of the leagues top 4. As for Alex tanguay, he is 35 and has shown he can be productive but I don't see him fulfilling any Rangers need whatsoever. The Rangers could fetch significantly more at the deadline worst comes to worst.


Staal would play top two on much teams in the League.


Where would Tanguay fit into our line? Not on the 1st line(he's not better than Stepan, Nash, or St. Louis), probably not on the 2nd line(IMO he's not better than Kreids, Zuccs, or Brass) he would probably only be a 3rd liner anyway which we don't need right now.




29 Nov 2014 03:47:20
Nyr- stall stepniak glass
edm- yak and schultz


This is significantly worse than the other one. Adding the Oilers best scoring dman and adding two Ranger fourth liners, including Glass who is literally a steaming pile of waste, has made this offer laughable.


Possibly one of the most blikered proposals I have seen yet , laughable!




26 Nov 2014 11:40:13
Nyr- Lee stephniak and 4th round
CBJ- AA bring him back


As a NYR fan I would love to see Artem Anisimov back on the Rangers, but we would have to give up a lot more to get him.


You're really pounding out these great trades? How do you do it?




25 Nov 2014 18:36:45
Nyr- stall
Edm- yakupov and 2nd round pick


Yup, that'll work. Glen Sather, GM of the century. But seriously, I understand Edmonton needs a dman and they're apparently looking to trade Yak, but Staal has the rest of this year his contract and there's not a chance in hell he'll re sign with the Oilers. Plus Yak holds more value than that. He's not going to bring in a top pairing dman by himself, but Oilers should get a nice haul for him.




24 Nov 2014 21:03:57
Sorry I think my first trade got submitted incompletely by accident=( . So here is take two =)
If NYR are in a playoff spot on trade deadline:
To Pittsburgh:
Carl Hagelin, Dylan McIlrath, John Moore,2015 2nd, Conditional 2016 3rd round pick*,J.T. Miller, Marek Hrivik
*if Hagelin does not resign it becomes a 2nd

Marcel Goc, Simon Despres, Thomas Greiss, Steve Downie conditional 2016 4th*,2017 4th**
*if Goc does not resign it becomes a 3rd
**if Downie does not resign it becomes a 3rd ________________________________________
If NYR are not in a playoff spot:
To Minnesota:
Marc Staal, J.T. Miller, conditional 2017 3rd*
*if Staal does not resign it becomes a 2nd

Jonas Brodin, Charlie Coyle, 2016 5th,2016 6th
The first trade:
*The Pens get Hagelin(one of the fastest skaters in the game), J. Moore(young defenseman w/ potential), D. McIlrath(young defenseman), a mid 50's draft pick, J.T. Miller(young center), and Hrivik(a young LW prospect which Pittsburgh need
*NYR get a good depth center for a playoff run, a good young defenseman, a good depth player, and a good backup goalie for when Talbot leaves through FA because he wants too much.

The second trade:
*Minnesota gets Marc Staal(good defenseman who I would think would probably play top pair with Suter), J.T. Miller(young center w/ potential), and a 3rd/ 2nd round pick
*NYR get a good young defenseman and a good young center and a 5th and 6th


Why does NY want Goc? He's never been more than a 3C, and has played 4C most of his career.


25 Nov 2014 14:49:53
Besides that I think MIN laughs and hangs up, I think he said they'd need center depth for their playoff run. So Goc is a good guy for that imo, good 3rd center, super solid 4th line C


@thejazz96: Goc is not the main piece of the trade anyway, and I think what the Rangers need is a good DEPTH(3rd or 4th line) center, which as you said, Goc is.


@Draisaitl_94: How about this?:

To Minnesota-
Marc Staal, J.T. Miller, Jesper Fast, 2016 3rd, conditional 2017 3rd*
*if Staal does not resign it becomes a 2017 2nd

To New York-
Jonas Brodin, Charlie Coyle, 2016 5th




14 Nov 2014 21:28:37
Fixing the Oilers;

Oilers trade Perron, Schultz, Lander
to MTL for Galchenyuk and Emelin


Oilers trade Petry and Purcell
to NYR for M. Staal


Oilers trade 1rdp 2015, 1rdp 2016, Pitlick, Arco, Gernat
to CAR for E. Staal, J. Staal and Sekera

And for cap reasons;

Oilers trade Nikitin to Bruins for a 3rdp 2015

Oilers Lines

Hall - RNH - Pakarinen
Pouliot - E. Staal - Eberle
Galchenyuk - J. Staal - Yakupov
Hendricks - Gordon - Joensuu

Sekera - Emelin
M. Staal - Fayne
Marincin - Ference



Parkinen on first?? r u high. weres draistl. these trafes are outrageous


You think you can get our future (gally) for scraps (except shultz) then you be high


Big no from Habs
& Gally is staying put

Boris Bagel



13 Nov 2014 12:37:36
Staal (sign and trade scenario, he signs a 5-7 year deal on the basis he will be traded to Carolina)



13 Nov 2014 18:29:36
well staal wouldn't sign the deal in NYR, this isn't the NBA.

he'd get traded and sign the deal in CAR so they can get it structured how they want it.




14 Nov 2014 18:34:12
Haydn Fleury 1st roudner of CAR last year, I believe 9th oa.




12 Nov 2014 20:26:41
To New York Rangers:
Andrej Sekera

To Carolina:
Marek Hrivik
Danny Kristo
2015 2nd(Tampa Bay's pick)
2016 3rd
2016 5th

To New York Rangers:
Martin Jones
Jake Muzzin
Jordan Nolan
Trevor Lewis

To Los Angeles:
Marc Staal
Cam Talbot
J.T. Miller
2018 2nd

New York's Lineup
Nash-Stepan-St. Louis



Los Angeles' lineup
Clifford-Stoll-Miller/AHL player

McNabb-McBain/Voynov(when back)



This is one of the most lop sided trades ever purposed, seriously if you are serious about this purposal you have no idea what hockey is about.


@OILGUY, lol, have you seen this guy's other trades? There's no way he knows what he's talking about. He's making Sather out to be some mastermind that can pull any trade off. People need to do at least a little research before posting something on here, I'm tired of the ridiculousness




11 Nov 2014 19:53:19
To New York Rangers:
M. Neuvirth
T. Myers(10% retained)
M. Foligno
2015 4th

To Buffalo Sabres:
C. Hagelin
T. Glass
M. Kostka
C. Talbot
D. McIlrath
2015 7th


Not even close


Is the value off on the Rangers side or Buffalo's side? Who needs to add more?


And everyone says the Leaf fans are biased.
Michael Kostka 28, Carl Hagelin 26, Dylan McIlrath 22, Cameron Talbot 27, Tanner Glass 30 for
Marcus Foligno 23, Tyler Myers 24, Michal Neuvirth 26
Even if the talent exchange were equal, why would a rebuilding team trade for 4 players older than the players they are trading away, especially the 3 players who have actually performed well for the Sabres this year? What does Buffalo get out of that trade to build upon? A 7th round pick & Dylan McIlrath?
Murray assumes this is an early April Fools joke and shares it with Black, Pegula and Patrick. They all enjoy the joke and have a great belly laugh.


Buffalo doesn't want glass or kostka and their not retain salary on a long term contract


Buffalo says no immediately.


12 Nov 2014 01:25:19
Not even close dude, Buffalo wanted Mantha for Myers, and Hagelin and a bunch of plugs is not going to fly with Tim Murray




10 Nov 2014 05:39:18
Gardiner and a 2nd to the Rangers

Kreider to the Leafs

I posted this before but since people feel the need to flood the forum with 15 trades at a time. I never had a chance to see anyone's comments.


10 Nov 2014 06:21:41
lefa have to add, quite a bit.


Defencemen are at a all time high right now you have to give to get


Lol kreider is not that good, go try to find a young and up & coming defenceman from some other team


10 Nov 2014 18:15:22
defensemen are worth a lot yes, but they simply aren't worth what you want them to be worth. gardiner is playing horribly right now while kreider is on 70 point pace.


He won't get 70 points buddy^ 50ish is possible


10 Nov 2014 20:29:16
did I say he was getting 70 points? if you read I said 70 point pace, while gardiner is off to a horrible start. one guy is at a high in value, and raising it, while the other's value is falling, its not hard to see. i'm a leaf fan so don't accuse me of just hating on the leafs for the sake of doing it like some others do on here.


Gardiner, Biggs, 3rd


@leaffan no from NYR




09 Nov 2014 11:16:55
Calgary: Mark Staal

Rangers: Arnold wideman 2nd




09 Nov 2014 02:09:01
Leafs Gm Dave Nonis and Rangers Gm Glen Sather talking during the leafs-rangers game. Rangers looking for a Defencmen. Gardiner maybe?




05 Nov 2014 00:57:57
The NYR are showing interest in Carolina player Andrej Sekera. Keep in mind NY is missing I think 4 of their Defenseman. This is how the deal might go down.

To Carolina: Kevin Klein 2015 4th, 2016 conditional pick.
To NYR: Andrej Sekera


Seriously. Trading a defender for a defender doesn't give you anymore defenders that you had before.


Why would Carolina make that trade? The picks will probably yield nothing and Kevin Klein is on a bit of decline.


05 Nov 2014 18:53:39
Sekera is going to fetch a lot more than that. He can log a fair share of minutes play in any situation and his cap hit is under 3 mill.




04 Nov 2014 22:07:27
To New York Rangers: C Eric Staal and D Andre Sekera.

To Carolina: D Dan Girardi, D Dylan Mcilrath, and F Carl Hagelin and a conditional draft pick.




28 Oct 2014 21:13:42
Mtl: Beaulieu, Nyrgen, andrighetto, 1st 2015
Edm: Eberle, 5th

Maybe even emelin instead



OIls need to add their 1st rounder

Boris Bagel



28 Oct 2014 19:17:58
Want to get E.Staal ( and then J.Staal and jared Staal ) cause the three will go as a package in the end.

Tor: Trades Phanuef, Orr ( a homecoming and added toughness) Maybe a 3rd -4th rounder in 2015 or 2016

NYR: trades Mark Staal

Then the block buster for the salaary cap era

Car: trades E Staal, J, Staal and Jared Staal

Tor: trades Kadri, Bozak, Gardiner, Percy and Frattin


If as always the IF they say healthy can you say Play off team.

Defence is better and Eric and Jordan 1 2 center makes everyone on the top 2 line automatically better.

Not to mention would help defesive side of the rink. as Both Staals are better two way centers than either of Bozak or Kadri.


Wow you traded for a 1 and 2 center and gave up next to nothing, i'm sure this one will go through


Too many Staal's for any Team


29 Oct 2014 02:48:23
I agree with the merits of this trade, however the leafs will unfourtionally have to give up Nylander as well.

E.staal is not worth that much. he's under produced the past 2 seasons and his cap hit/ salary is way to high. We will use the Rick Nash trade as a comparable (precedent) for him. (1st round pick, B level prospect)

J.staal however is worth something ( top 6 center, top 4 defencemen, top prospect.)

Jarred staal is worth basically nothing,

Fair trade value for 3 Staals is:
Kadri,Gardiner,nylander, finn,1st.

Carolina won't get a better package than that from any other team, expecically if you concider Toronto has the added leverage of eric having a ntc that he will only waive for Toronto, and the leafs are one of the few teams that could make this work cap wise.


Yeah next to nothing as you say right its called a salary dump to rebuild man why does everything need to be explained to people


Gave up next to nothing? kadri? gardiner? percy? bozak?


@stickboy Who says Eric only waives for Toronto?




21 Oct 2014 20:47:53
Sharks want to get younger, habs are close to being a great contender.

MTL: Marleau, Irwin, 3rd 2015

SJS: Gallagher, Fucale, 5th 2015

Habs solidify forward group with a 70 point winger. Get another defender to help out on the blue line and a pick. Sharks get a great goalie prospect and a young forward to get younger like they want to.

Now MTL needs to get under cap so they make a trade like this:

NYR: Plekanec (fits their need for a center), 4th 2016

MTL: Hagelin, 3rd 2015

This could fill needs of all 3 teams.


Habs are off to a good start so for now they don't really need to make big moves. Plekanec has also been playing great so I doubt he'll get moved IMO.


Sharks are also close to being a contender.

Boris Bagel



20 Oct 2014 07:36:00
NJ trades Larsson & Brunner
Det trades Miller & Quincy & 2015 4th

Buf trades Stewart & 2015 4th
Ott trades Stone & Condra

SJ trades Kennedy
Phi trades L.Schenn

Car trades E.staal (retain 15%) & Gleason
Nyr trades Brassard, Haglein, Hinwick & 2015 3rd


Tim tells uncle Bryan to keep Stone and Condra Buf trades Stewart & 2015 2nd NYI Ott trades Curtis Lazar


20 Oct 2014 21:08:06
@stableycup2019, ya right! Stone and Condra is an overpayment for that plug. Would never trade Stone for him, he's proving to be a top six winger in the making. As for Lazar, I'm not going to
Even comment because that's just ridiculous and I'm not going to waste even more of my time.


@Titties, great feedback. I am glad you think Stone and Condra will be that good because I agree with you that OTT should keep them. So I agree with you 100%, uncle and nephew should not trade with each other.


Detroit - newjersey trade
would be a done deal on detroit side
but I feel new jersey would want jurco in place of miller




16 Oct 2014 00:46:38
NYR: Eric, Jordan, Jared Steal
car: Nash, Girardi, 3


That's not going to happen. Also no cap for the Rangers. Stepan should go the other way. Or with which C should the canes play?


If the canes want to trade the Staals they would want younger players


Ya ta would be a jared STEAL for the rangers




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