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22 Jun 2018 01:45:28
CLB: Murray
WPG: Petan, 5th Round Pick 2018 (BOS)


WPG: Kulikov, Armia
NYR: Howden

19 Jun 2018 21:06:47
cgy:brodie stone mangiapane
tor: nylander, hyman

cgy: ferland bennet

cgy:gillies fox 4th
nyr: bostons 1st.

19 Jun 2018 22:47:23
If you combined all the peices in all 3 trades from Calgary and offered it for Nylander the leafs would still not consider.

19 Jun 2018 22:58:13
Lol no from Toronto. Brodie and some throw aways for Nylander AND Hyman? Get real lol.

20 Jun 2018 04:09:11
@Franchise billy isn’t that term considered unacceptable now days? Regardless you’re a biased flames fan who obviously has no input to create an argument against my statement so I’ll teach you what hockey is you have a lot to learn.

First of all Nylander is an Elite 20 year old RW who is exactly what the flames need. He’s very likely 70-80 point player consitently in his prime

What I said was clearly an exaggeration but I’ll break down this deal



Bodie, Fox, Stone, Mangiapane, Ferland, Bennet, Gilles and a 4th.


Player Toronto would want- Bodie, Fox and Bennet

The rest while may be valuable to the flames organization contribute absolutely nothing for the leafs.

Fox is probably going to test UFA like Kevin Hayes, Jimmy Hayes and other college players that chose that route.

Bennet is a player I personally love I think he’ll develop into a Derrick Brassard type but his value is at an all time low

Bodie is coming off a terrible season and his value is also at an all time low IMO I believe he’ll fall off the radar much like Jack Johnson. Still a decent piece tho.

While the value may be there and possibly even be in Toronto’s favour but leafs do not take it.

20 Jun 2018 05:11:42
Pretty well put by vbb actually. You don’t trade a guy like Nylander for spare parts. You trade him for an equal value player, hopefully in the same age bracket (20-24) in a more needed position. A hurricanes-leafs deal could be done. Something around Nylander for hanifin maybe because canes need scoring and have lots of young D and leafs need D with an abundance of wingers. But to trade a guy with his skill and potential for that? And have Hyman in there too? He’s a really good penalty killer who never takes a shift off, put up 40 pts (playing with Matthews obviously helps that) and is signed for 2.25 mill for 4 years. That’s a valuable piece too.

20 Jun 2018 06:35:49
Ya but Nylander > Brodie, Fox & Bennett? c'mon there's a lot of quality there. Young D Prospect, Top 4 Dman, a young former 4th overall pick. don't tell me Toronto doesn't take that.

20 Jun 2018 11:28:53
Yeahhhhhhhh Torornot doesnt.

We spent a lot of time building up this foundation. We aren't trading Nylander for ‘pieces’ were trading him for ‘one solid piece’: (dman; hamilton, hanifin, etc), whild adding a bit.

20 Jun 2018 15:38:49
Agreed with top shelf would you trade Guadreau for Gardiner, Kadri and Dermotte? That’s also a way better package then the 3 you offered.

20 Jun 2018 15:57:04
@franchisebilly, yeah, I’m telling you leafs wouldn’t take that for nylander. But the trade also has hyman going. Hyman is a better player than Bennet currently, still young and signed cheap. Bennett has a higher ceiling if he ever reaches it, I’m not denying that. But today, you’re a better team with hyman on the ice than Bennett. Call them even for simplification. That leaves Brodie and fox for nylander?! No thanks. Willy goes for a big upgrade on D, which Brodie just isn’t. He’s a good Dman. We have 3 good Dmen (Gardiner, Rielly, zaitsev) and a young guy who might be really good in Dermott.

20 Jun 2018 23:46:13
I see your points. A more fair trade would be Hamilton for Nylander but comparing Gardiner to Brodie and Gaudreau to Nylander is kinda off. i'm just saying those are 3 really good pieces, i'm sure that package wouldn't be that bad of a return

19 Jun 2018 03:18:31

CBJ: Sonny Milano, Brandon Dubinsky (cap dump), 2019 1st round pick

NYR: Kevin Hayes, 2018 5th round pick

Dubinsky has an NTC but if there was a team he'd waive it for it would be the Rangers. Sonny Milano is on the 4th line in Columbus but should grow into a top-6 winger with enough ice time. He's shown he is capable when given the chance here with 14-8-22 in 55 games. Kevin Hayes fills in the 3rd line centre spot really well for the Jackets and should be an affordable option. Jackets may need to sweeten this slightly but I'm curious to think what Rangers fans think. Spooner can also be the piece here but then Jackets would be overpaying a little imo.

Trade 2:

CBJ: Joonas Korpisalo

DET: 2019 2nd round pick, 2018 4th round pick

Detroit needs a goalie of the future. Korpisalo is behind Bob and Columbus has Elvis Merzlikins poised to arrive in the 19/ 20 season. Jackets get to replenish some lost picks.

Panarin - Dubois - Atkinson

Jenner - Wennberg - Anderson

Foligno - Hayes - Bjorkstrand

Calvert - Sedlak - UFA (ex: Chiasson)

Werenski - Jones

Nutivaara - Murray

Cole - Savard


UFA (ex: Bernier)

19 Jun 2018 08:21:17
Overpayment for Hayes, no? He's not that big of a deal.

19 Jun 2018 12:22:46
Dubinsky's contract is pretty bad lol.

16 Jun 2018 18:56:02
NYR: 26th Overall Pick 2018 (BOS)
WPG: Petan, Armia

16 Jun 2018 20:06:32
Not worth a 26th Overall pick lol more like a 2nd for both

16 Jun 2018 21:14:34
You could get Petan for that, but you wouldn't get Armia as well.

16 Jun 2018 23:45:06
This sounds very fair but I can't see Chevy moving Armia for that.

17 Jun 2018 08:06:12
You won't get both guys for that.

11 Jun 2018 11:34:38
Travis Hamonic (RD - 3.8 Million x 3 Years) + Sam Bennett (C - 1.8 Million x 1 Year) + Rasmus Andersson (RD - 755K x 2 Years) + 2018 3rd Round Draft Selection to the Toronto Maple Leafs in exchange for Kasperi Kapanen (RW - 925K X 1 Year) + Jake Gardiner (LD - 4.05 Million x 1 Year) + 2018 1st Round Draft Selection (#25 Overall)

Calgary then flips Gardiner.

Jake Gardiner (LD - 4.05 Million x 1 Year; Extension - 5.0 Million x 5 Years) + Curtis Lazar (C - 950K x 1 Year) to the New York Rangers in exchange for Vladislav Namestnikov (C - RFA; Extension - 3.75 Million x 3 Years) + Jimmy Vesey (RW - RFA; Extension - 2.5 Million x 3 Years) + 2018 3rd Round Draft Selection.

Hamonic + Bennett + Andersson + Lazar + 3rd for Kapanen + Namestnikov + Vesey + 1st + 3rd

Calgary acquires three NHL ready RW’s, a position that they need to shore up drastically this year. They trade from a position of wealth (D; Giordano, Hamilton, Brodie, Kylington, Valimaki, Kulak. ) to shore up. The Hamonic experiment was less than a success in Calgary, and he might be the easiest pf Calgarys big four dmen to trade, apart from Brodie, who’d garner a lesser return. In addition to Hamonic, they deal away Bennett who needs a new scenery ASAP, Andersson, who is basically a 1for1 for Kapanen, where both teams upgrade positions of need, Lazar, who is right now a nothing, and a 3rd, which they make back from NY. They also relinquish their need for a 1st, and can draft a player in the first round as accordingly.
And btw, Calgary needs to make something happen this summer. Last season was a letdown and change is needed. One complication is the fact that Hamonic probably won’t be traded ASAP, however, it is possible.

Toronto acquires two RD, one of which is a shutdown man who can play with Rielly, despite coming off a down year, and the other is young and can compliment Dermott rather well. They trade away their second best dman, but upgrade due to the fact that they don’t need four offensive minded dman on the current roster, and deal away a LD, wherein Dermott and Rielly can eat up more minutes. They also trade away Kapanen, but with Brown, Nylander, Marner, etc on the wing, Kapanen is excess. It would be nice to trade Brown instead of Kapanen, but I think Kapanen will be the thing that makes the deal happen. Toronto also gets a 3C for next season, one with high potential that was simply never realized. can become a 30-35 point guy as a hometown kid.

NY acquires a dman that they badly need in exchange for two players who struggled last year, but both of which are solid middle 6/ top 6 wingers. Vladdy could be a star alongside Gaudreau/ Monahan, as he was with Stamkos/ Kucherov, he just struggled immensely in NY due to a lack of talent. Vesey is a 30-35 point utility guy, who could be useful in CGY, NY gets their dman, a guy from the USA who probably would love to play in MSG. he's a high risk high reward guy, but could prove valuable on an NY team with no firepower on the backend.

11 Jun 2018 14:41:33
That is way too much to read, but quickly looking it over, NYR told their fans when they traded Nash, McDonough and miller that they’re going to rebuild and get younger. Now you have them taking on a Dman in Gardiner in his late 20s and losing skilled young forwards. After that I kinda stopped reading. Also a top 4 RHD like Hamonic could help the leafs, but losing a LHD from our top 4 just switches the problem for L to R without really improving. And I’m as hopeful for dermott as anyone, but he’s played a handful of NHL games and I’ve watched him all playoffs long for the marlies (5 games live) and he has looked like the best player on either team sometimes, and looked very average (like a 21 year old D should) at others times. The fact that fans are just assuming he’s going to easily replace Jake gardiners 25 min and 50 pts is insane.

11 Jun 2018 22:35:05
Good points Jim. Dermott has shown a lot of promise and potential but he's no sure thing yet. Lots of d-men look good in their first stint and then fail to really pan out (a la Luke Schenn) .

12 Jun 2018 06:45:13
Rangers won’t trade Vesey.

09 Jun 2018 01:16:27
It's fun to read the many off the wall trade rumors and suggestions fans come up with, so I have one to post.

To Montreal: Nazim Kadri (to fill the Habs need at center) and Jake Gardner (to play the left side with Shea Weber.

To Toronto: 3rd overall pick, 35th, 38th, 48th, 61st picks (or a combination of any 3 of the 2nd round picks).

To Edmonton: The 3rd overall ((Oilers pick Zadina to play with McDavid and 2 of Leafs 4 second round picks.

To Toronto: The 10th overall pick and RNH (to fill the vacancy left by Kadri).

Leafs are left without Kadri and Gardner.
Leafs are left with RNH, 10th, 25th, and 3 of the 2nd round picks (35th, 38th, 48th, 52nd, 61st).

With the 10th pick Leafs take whoever is still available between Kotkaniemi, Hayton, Dobson, ?
With the 25th pick Leafs take ?. Or trade down with the Islanders or Rangers for 2 more 2nd round picks.
Leafs still have 3 - 5 second round picks two of which are the 35th & 38th to refill the pipeline depleted by Nylander, Dermot, Kapanen, Dermot and others moving up to the NHL roster. To

Have fun processing that one Leaf fans

09 Jun 2018 03:44:33
I don’t care about value. i am not giving Naz to MTL.

09 Jun 2018 09:49:04
You're a huge Leafs fan, huh? Barely recognizeable.

09 Jun 2018 12:26:38
That's ok top shelf cause we don't want him.

09 Jun 2018 12:29:47
we are not giving you the 3OVA dream on.

09 Jun 2018 14:07:10
I’d do the habs trade in a heartbeat from a value perspective but it almost does nothing for the leafs.

04 Jun 2018 17:22:29
Habs Trade : Pacioretty and second 2019

Detroit trade : Nyquist and 6xt overall pick

Habs trade: 6xt overall pick

Rangers trade : 9th pick and a second

Habs draft : Zadina and Kotkaniemi

Habs sign Stastny

Nyquist - Stastny - Zadina
Galchenyuk - Drouin - Gallagher
Byron - Kotkaniemi - Lekhonen
Shaw - Danault - Scherbak

04 Jun 2018 17:42:45
just stop.

04 Jun 2018 17:49:26
yeah a rebuild team doesn't waste a 6oa on 1 year of patches along with Myquist a lw. No good.

04 Jun 2018 21:23:45
Habs going to prob have to choose between Kotkaniemi (needs) or Zadina (talent) because teams aren't going to give up their picks.

05 Jun 2018 03:02:39
Habs fans are going to be very disappointed at Patches actual value.

05 Jun 2018 18:50:44
no we won't look what rick nash got pacioretty has way way more value than him.

06 Jun 2018 02:25:44
Habs have a true center in Galchenyuk, not Drouin. If you have patience to let Drouin learn do the same for Galy.

06 Jun 2018 03:45:14
Let's stop say Drouin is a centermen he isn't, but Galchenyuk is I think it's time Montreal makes him thier full time guy and move Drouin back to his normal spot wing.

30 May 2018 04:45:22
EDM trade: 10th overall, Lucic, Caggiula

NYR trade: Kreider, 2nd round pick

Ny goes full rebuild

30 May 2018 22:03:16
How do they go full rebuild by taking on 5 years of Lucic?

30 May 2018 04:38:51
NYR trade: zuccarello

DAL trades: honka, spezza, 3rd round pick

What do you guys think?

31 May 2018 01:55:46
I do like this trade Honka might not be AS desirable as a target tho compared to other teams because of Shattenkurk. Honka is definitely a great piece tho.

29 May 2018 18:14:04
WPG: Petan, 2nd Round Pick 2018
NYR: 1st Round Pick 2018 (BOS)

Jets move up into the first round. Rangers move down since they have three first round picks and get a young prospect that needs ice time.

29 May 2018 20:02:19
That is a fair trade. I would hate to see Petan get traded because he hasn't found a place with the Jets.

27 May 2018 08:40:07
to Edmonton

to NYR

22 May 2018 05:01:12
Oilers trade: Puljujarvi, Lucic, 10th overall

Rangers trade: zucc, namestnikov, 2nd round pick

Rangers draft: Hughes and kotkaniemi if available

22 May 2018 12:59:20
I honestly think Kotkaniemi is only being talk about in the top 10 because he's a center but at the end of the day at number 10 you take the best player available and although he's good he looks like hell be a big second like center who gets around 50 points which is good but imo you can do better with the 10 overall.

22 May 2018 20:45:22
Kotkaniemi's numbers are pretty much the exact same as Mikko Rantanen's were in his draft year. Same league and everything. Rantanen went 10th overall and how was his production this past year?

22 May 2018 23:39:05
Doesn’t matter where you get drafted or how you did previously in another league, but I read Kotkaniemi is supposedly the top center in the draft.

23 May 2018 01:30:35
i'd be interested in seeing zucc playing with mcdavid, but is taking lucic contract really worth dropping from top 10 overall to second round?

24 May 2018 03:44:14
That's a big no there bud.

21 May 2018 19:16:07
Maybe this can work maybe need to add just an idea

To ARZ- OTT 4th overall and Gaborik
To OTT- ARZ 5th overall
To NYR- ARZ 5th overall and B. Ryan
To OTT- NYR 9th overall

And then hopefully OTT gets someone like oliver wahlstrom or merkley with the 9th pick and get ride of about 12 million in cap space, what do you guys think ?

21 May 2018 19:44:48
I think it's believable, but would only work if Arizona is desperate for someone at 4.

21 May 2018 21:12:46
Not believable that trade is stupid for Arizona.

28 May 2018 11:21:12
Ottawa adds.

29 May 2018 18:04:40
1st trade sounds ok but no way ottawa drops 4 spots just to move Ryan who is good enough to move on his own, skill and production still do hold value last I checked.

21 May 2018 07:07:09

Oscar Lindberg

6th 2018

Lindberg isn't a fit in Vegas. The Rangers will gladly take him back.

21 May 2018 08:54:22

17 May 2018 04:11:50
OTT: 4th ovr pick
NYR: 9th ovr pick, 26th ovr pick

Sens draft

9th: Bouchard / Wahlstrom / Kotkaniemi / Dobson

22nd: Sandin / Kaut

26th: Bokk / Kratsov / Noel

Sens need Quantity.

17 May 2018 05:58:56
Disagree, they need quality.

17 May 2018 07:36:05
Sens for sure need quality.

17 May 2018 11:20:49
Quality, a new owner and relocation haha.

17 May 2018 13:45:42
Sens need both, just like any other team, but Hoff68 is not wrong when he says that trading down would be a good strategy for them. Getting two quality players instead of one is probably what's best for them. For every Dylan Strome there's a Barzal or McAvoy.

17 May 2018 17:09:22
I would rather see the sens package their 1sts together and move up rather than trade down from 4th. That being said I think they should hold tight and use both their first round picks.

18 May 2018 01:04:03
I’ve heard the draft kinda looks like 1, 2-3, 4-9 skill wise so it probably wouldn’t be a bad strategy.

29 May 2018 18:10:11
Sens don't need quantity they need quality. they have tons of quantity in brown white Chabot chlapic batherson formenton lajoie gagne luchuck Gustafson etc etc.

14 May 2018 04:46:20
LA Trades: Tanner Pearson, Trevor Lewis and a first

New York Rangers Trade: Kevin Shattenkirk.

14 May 2018 06:09:02
Oh god lol.

04 May 2018 20:14:25
Mtl) 3rd overall
Nyr) 9th 28th Chytil Howden and Skjei

Mtl won't take any trash offer for a 3rd overall
This is the base value of any 3rd overall trade
Too much... might as well walk away

04 May 2018 20:36:51
Bad for rangers. Obviously the third pick is going to be a hell of a player but for a team rebuilding, why give up a really good young Dman, 2 other prospects and 2 firsts for a single piece? That winger hey get with 3rd overall should be the best player in the deal, but trading 5 pieces for 1 as a rebuilding team is not the way to go. End up like Columbus in the Nash years and have one star and a lack of depth in the similar age group.

04 May 2018 20:36:56
No from New York, Zadina or whoever they pick at 3rd overall won’t be a transformational player, better to just keep those young pieces.

04 May 2018 23:32:58
Skjei will not be moved.

05 May 2018 01:38:04
Lol. Ya this is too much, And you know it.

05 May 2018 01:42:46
This is ridiculous lmao bruh.

05 May 2018 04:29:30
This is the last Mtl 3rd overall proposal cus it ain’t going anywhere.

05 May 2018 18:50:24
MTL 9TH PICK NJ 2nd round and spooner
NYR 3 overall.

07 May 2018 14:15:03
Maybe a deal around the Lias Anderson and Brady Skeij for the third overall?

01 May 2018 08:50:14
3rd overall

9th overall
Higher of TB or BOS 1st

Habs won't pick Veleno at 3 so they trade down to 9 while getting a late 1st in addition. At 9, they draft Veleno. They can use the other 1st to trade up along with some of their 2nds and pick a PMLHD which is another area of need for them.

Rangers get a high skilled winger - Svechnikov or Zadina. Svechnikov would join the Russian group in NY. Zadina had chemistry with Chytil.

In conclusion, the Rangers get the best player in this deal while Montreal fills their positional needs (C and LHD).

01 May 2018 13:04:17
Rangers add.

01 May 2018 13:25:42
um dream on.

01 May 2018 14:00:23
Cmon man
Bergevin said he would only take an exceptionnal offer
Start with Anderson
Add from there.

01 May 2018 17:23:45
It’s not enough from NY, but if someone could lose this deal and screw this up, it’s bergevin.

30 Apr 2018 23:02:22
Rumour has it that Edmonton is looking for a RW and the Rangers are rebuilding.

EDM: Zuccarrello ($4.5MM until 2019, 80 GP 16 G 37 A 53 P), NJ 2nd
NYR: 10th overall, conditional 2019 3rd*

*if Zuccarello re-signs

As a Flyers fan, I'm required to hate the Rangers, but I've found Zuccarello to be an under-rated and effective forward. Edmonton needs to do something, and stockpiling draft picks hasn't worked for 10 years.

01 May 2018 01:36:23
No from EDM.

01 May 2018 02:48:24
Lol. 30 year old Zuccarello for $4.5M for ONE more season isn't worth a 10th overall. If Oilers trade that pick it will be for a younger player or a D man.

01 May 2018 11:33:48
"Lol. 30 year old Zuccarello for $4.5M for ONE more season isn't worth a 10th overall. " It's not just for Zuccarello but a 2nd rounder as well. Lol your reading skills. Plus, there is such a thing as signing an extension, so it's not just one year.

What's everybody else's solutions? Build through high draft picks? How has that worked out for Edmonton thus far? Edmonton needs help now, not in a season or two when that draft pick may be ready.

01 May 2018 13:06:45
Easy E top 10 picks don't get traded for good secondary players. And it is one year. A later extension doesn't impact the value of the deal and you even account for it with them sending another pick if he's resigned. I don't think one year of Zucc makes up the difference between a second rounder and a top 10 pick.

01 May 2018 16:06:47
"Easy E top 10 picks don't get traded for good secondary players" - I know, there's a second round pick there too. You're misrepresenting the argument.

"A later extension doesn't impact the value of the deal and you even account for it with them sending another pick if he's resigned" Yes it does. Owning the rights to a player has value. Even pending UFAs have value, albeit little. A year of Zuccarello is valuable not only with production, but the chance to assess and re-sign.

"I don't think one year of Zucc makes up the difference between a second rounder and a top 10 pick" Zuccarello got 53 points last year which is third on the Oilers. He's a pretty good player that does a lot of great things on the ice. If Zuccarello is a secondary player on the Oilers and would've been their third leading scorer, what does that make any forward not named McMuffin and Draisatl? How many more years does Edmonton want to get top 10 picks that go nowhere? They need talent now and Zuccarello brings that.

02 May 2018 01:10:42
Lol. I seen the 2nd. And that doesn't make up for anything with the main pieces being a 10th overall for Zuccarello. They will target someone younger and better in a package if the 10th OA is available for trade. Not a chance the main piece coming back is a 30 year old with one year left. Wow.

02 May 2018 01:26:53
Easy E there is no way for you to convince anyone that this is a good trade for oilers.

29 Apr 2018 23:49:38
The Habs need high end centre prospects but the draft has more talented wingers and defencemen, particularly in the top 10. It's also recognized as a deep draft (not 2003 or 2015 but still good).

The Rangers are rumoured to want to move up in the draft and have plenty of picks.

Rangers: 3rd overall
Montreal: 9th overall, Boston 1st, Tampa 1st

If it's still not enough, add New Jersey 2nd.

Montreal selects Hayton at 9th.
This would give Montreal 7-8 picks in the first two rounds.

30 Apr 2018 03:05:17
If I’m Rangers I’m definitely not making that trade. They are doing a full out rebuild and blowing everything up I think it would be more wise for Rangers to keep their picks and get 3+ solid players rather than give it all away for one.

30 Apr 2018 03:36:30
C'mon man.

30 Apr 2018 10:47:56
I'm merely going on what's reported in the media. It's not unfair for each side.

"C'mon man" - care to explain? Let's not be lazy here.

30 Apr 2018 11:09:53
Its interesting from mtl. I know theyres a lot of good center deeper in this draft and not in the top 10 so could be a good option for mtl. Again a trade has to work both way so if NYR feels this like they're in a postion to give up all thos picksit could be a good gamble from mtl.

30 Apr 2018 21:49:06
That's a lazy offer from a NNyr fan
Gonna take a top center and dman for Mtl to move that pick
( Don't even wanna hear about Zibanejad or Skjei) they are not good enough.

30 Apr 2018 22:41:53
"That's a lazy offer from a NNyr fan
Gonna take a top center and dman for Mtl to move that pick
( Don't even wanna hear about Zibanejad or Skjei) they are not good enough"

Keyhabs, your ignorance is on full display. So according to you it'll take an established top centre AND a d-man to trade for a player that's projected to be a top winger? Is that what you're saying? High draft picks are valuable but still.

My rationale behind the proposal is that Montreal desperately needs centremen, not wingers, which is what 2-4 are projected to be. They can trade down, get the top centre, and flush out their centre depth with quality players later in the first round aka the Morgan Frost of last year's draft.

PS I'm not a Rangers fan.

03 May 2018 18:45:27
9th ova and spooner.

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