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26 Aug 2016 06:10:18
Toronto acquires Rick Nash, Dan Girardi

NYR- acquires Joffrey Lupul, Milan Michalek, Matt Hunwick, Kasperi Kapanen.

26 Aug 2016 07:28:08
Literally trash for Nash and Girardi. Yeah they got bad contracts but Jesus man. Nash is still a good player.

26 Aug 2016 14:34:07
really is he 15 goals 21 assist last year. but he did have a great 42 goal season the year before. last year he was injured. but his cap of 8 mil is just aweful risky for 2 more years.

26 Aug 2016 05:25:05
EDM: Jordan Eberle
NYR: Rick Nash, Nicklas Jensen.

26 Aug 2016 07:28:23
No from Oilers.

26 Aug 2016 14:35:14
why could you imagine McJesus centering him.

26 Aug 2016 18:24:59
For the reasons you already know and the same reason you say everytime about Nash. His contract.

26 Aug 2016 19:46:38
its pretty freaking bad isn't it plus he is 32 big guys at 6'4 i still think if you had a stud center doing the leg work it would work out in your benifit but his cap would need to be cut by at least 2 mil for blues it wouldhave to be 4mil just to fit him in.

25 Aug 2016 08:15:40
TOR- Michalek, Lupul, Gardiner, 2017 2nd, Kapanen

NYR- Nash, Klein.

25 Aug 2016 15:33:13
Why would the rebuilding leafs want Nash and his contract?

25 Aug 2016 20:59:24
Leafs add Kadri.

22 Aug 2016 21:23:57
a 3-way trade maybe between Anaheim, Winnipeg and Rangers

Winnipeg gets: Fowler

Rangers gets: Trouba

Anaheim gets: retained Nash+one young asset and needed draft picks to fill out.

22 Aug 2016 21:32:37
So two teams giving up young promising Blue liners while the Rangers give up Nash yeah ok.

22 Aug 2016 21:38:20
bud did i wrote Nash leaving alone? no, i wrote him as part of a package.

22 Aug 2016 21:40:20
3 way trades usually don't work in this cap driven NHL. Only clear cut winner is the Rangers.

22 Aug 2016 21:52:15
idk islandjet, a retained nash+signing of trouba don't save that much.

22 Aug 2016 22:07:20
It depends who the young player is I'm thinking JT Miller or Chris Kriender.

22 Aug 2016 22:14:28
Kreider is staying as it looks now VB Beauty, so more likely Miller in that case.

23 Aug 2016 17:02:19
I think jets lose. I like fowler but I wouldn't trade Trouba straight up for him and that's basically what they're doing.

22 Aug 2016 03:06:00
Hawks: Marian Hossa
Rangers: Rick Nash
Sens: Bobby Ryan

Hawks get Ryan
NYR get Hossa
Sens get Nash

(All have similar salary)

Hossa still goes to a cup contender, Nash goes closer to home, Ryan goes to a cup contender.

22 Aug 2016 05:10:12
You really think the Rangers are Cup contenders?

22 Aug 2016 05:27:26
That makes the Rangers slower.

22 Aug 2016 06:42:01
Absolutely horrible for OTT.

Ryan is far from the player they thought they were getting, but he's still younger and much more effective than Nash.

22 Aug 2016 10:37:34
You guys are biased

22 Aug 2016 14:37:53
I don't think you have to be biased to a team to feel that the youngest player of three guys who have been declining on similar contracts has the best chance of bouncing back. It's kind of common sense that, barring a big injury, a 29 year old can have more productive years left than a 32 and 37 year old.

22 Aug 2016 19:19:53
Ottawa gets screwed just due to the massive age difference between the 3. Hossa is 38, Nash 31/ 32, Ryan is 28 I think.

21 Aug 2016 15:05:24
3 Team Trade Proposal

Nash (Blues)
Girardi (Leafs)

Shattenkirk (Rangers)
3rd Round Pick 2017 (Leafs)

Holland (Rangers)
Hunwick (Blues)

Nash, Girardi - Holland, Shattenkirk
Shattenkirk, 3rd Round Pick - Nash, Hunwick
Holland, Hunwick - Girardi, 3rd Round Pick


21 Aug 2016 15:17:11
No one wants Holland and Hunwick.

21 Aug 2016 15:38:12
No one wants Girardi.

21 Aug 2016 15:52:31
With out a doubt another Pinball proposal bring Girardi to the Leafs seems to be your life dream to bring a rapidly declining aging defender on a terrible contract to the Leafs.

21 Aug 2016 16:43:21
I don't understand who gets what.

21 Aug 2016 18:10:29
Blues do not need a declining rick nash at 8 mil a year. No thanks not helping Rangers out of thier bad contracts.

21 Aug 2016 20:07:10
Why do u peeps disagree with my statement what team on this board would want nash and 8 mil as a prize.

21 Aug 2016 21:30:42
Yah his cap hit dosent make sense for the blues they defiantly wouldn't take his full cap hit with out a bad contract coming back. Also it's kinda annoying it's actually 7.8 mil but I get what you mean lol.

21 Aug 2016 22:17:17
Really bad trade. They give up Shattenkirk for that crap?

22 Aug 2016 15:26:27
Rangers are dumping 2 declining assets on bad contracts. Leafs trading two legit NHL players that are very average and unappealing and blues are trading a very above average offensive RHD, which is the most sought after piece over the past cpl seasons and they're adding a pick?!?!?!

20 Aug 2016 07:39:21
New York Rangers:

- Griffin Reinhart

Edmonton Oilers:

- Dylan MclIrath


Just a swap of defenders.

Edmonton gets a right handed defenceman who plays a tough game.

New York gets a better defenceman (not by a lot) but with a higher ceiling.

20 Aug 2016 07:59:14
Rangers say no. They have a big, tough, right handed defender. Won't take a chance that Reinhart gets better.

20 Aug 2016 07:59:30
I think Oilers would pass.

20 Aug 2016 08:22:20
Oilers would want more in return.

20 Aug 2016 09:02:07
With what the Oilers have up for Reinhart I don't believe they will trade him away in a one for one swap like this. He is still the project they knew they were getting, just hasn't progressed like they had hoped, but still a project who can be a good defender still.

20 Aug 2016 14:31:18
McIlrath actually has better possession stats than Reinhart, he was the Rangers best player in that category so idk Reinhart supposably, but he struggled mightily to crack an Oilers shotty defense. So. Idk who says no.

20 Aug 2016 15:42:56
Honest question of opunion

At what age, # of nhl years, time frame does a player no longer have potential abd we all except him for what he is. 24 25 3-4 nhl seasons, at some point we all have to agree that certain players just didn't develop the way they should.

20 Aug 2016 17:16:56
Colt, a top 5 draft pick like Reinhart is there. There is a reason he was drafted so high and that is that he was so much further on the development train than his peers. The fact that he cannot crack a very weak Oiler def corps show he has been passed by players who have developed while he hasn't.

20 Aug 2016 18:29:47
Exactly so why does oiler country think he is worth the same as he was drafted. He isn't I wouldn't value hI'm nor yak attack above a third round pick.

20 Aug 2016 18:59:12
Because they are fans and all fans overrate their guys. Oiler fans are very passionate and support that team no matter what. They never give up hope.

20 Aug 2016 21:41:41
How do Oil fan think he's valued at a #4 overall? Not asking for a lot in this trade.

19 Aug 2016 22:57:09
Vesey to sign with NYR.

20 Aug 2016 01:54:54
Bad choice kid.

20 Aug 2016 03:36:11
: Every Member of the Toronto Maple Leafs have shot themselves.

Find out more today, at 11.

20 Aug 2016 04:44:43
I mean leafs fans lost out on Stammer and Vesey. Lol might as well.

20 Aug 2016 05:03:14
Didn't lose out at all futrue 3rd liner for sure.

20 Aug 2016 13:52:57
Jimmy Who?

20 Aug 2016 14:34:05
Considering his conparisons as a future olayer is David Jones. I don't think many teamns lost out on anything.

17 Aug 2016 23:44:07
NYR: Stepan+small add

Col: Duchene.

18 Aug 2016 00:13:47
No go stepan and Duchene on different lvls.

18 Aug 2016 00:14:40
No it would be McDonough.

18 Aug 2016 00:57:49
I wouldn't say a small add, but I'm not saying a significant add is needed. But definitely more than small.

18 Aug 2016 00:58:56
It'd most likely need to be more then a small add.

18 Aug 2016 01:54:20
So COL downgrades on the same position?

17 Aug 2016 16:04:04
NYRangers Trade

Toronto Trades


17 Aug 2016 16:24:46
Rangers say yes leafs say no.

17 Aug 2016 18:19:09
Pinball your a leafs fan but yet you won't Girardis terrible contract on the leafs this just goes to show how little knowledge you have about this sport.

17 Aug 2016 18:21:44
Leafs say more than no Kings lover lol they block the damn number and file for a restraining order.

18 Aug 2016 02:07:01
My thoughts? Terrible as usual.

16 Aug 2016 14:48:44
Arizona: Richardson, 1st rounder 2017

NYR: Nash, 2nd rounder 2018 (Ottawa)

16 Aug 2016 16:43:22
Arizona's 1st roundrr will be a top 10 pick next year. Definite no from Yotes.

16 Aug 2016 19:04:24
Maybe Nash and a 4th round like how is Richardson that valuable. No way. Would rather have Nash.

17 Aug 2016 00:50:53
Yeah and would you love to have his 7.8 cap hit for two more years? No Richardson is at a tidy 2.33.

17 Aug 2016 10:02:54
Lol good thing I don't care about either team. Also I'd rather have a 7.8 cap hit for somebody who has the ability to score 40 goals. So yeah I would.

11 Aug 2016 17:35:26
Mtl: Plekanec, Juulsen, 1st 2017
Stl: Shattenkirk

Mtl: Emelin
Clb: 4th 2017

Mtl: Beaulieu
Nyr: Miller, 5th.

11 Aug 2016 18:43:56
we don't need Plekanec or his salary, the 1st is ok. Juulsen not very good prospect at all.

11 Aug 2016 19:33:14
Miller is worth more than Beaulieu.

11 Aug 2016 19:43:00
Agreed. Montreal is adding to beaulieu to get Miller.

11 Aug 2016 19:50:00
Miller is so much better than Bealieu.

11 Aug 2016 19:51:29
Hell colt. Blues add Dunn bro.

11 Aug 2016 20:17:08
I'm pretty sure CBJ has like zero cap space. Obvi no from them.

11 Aug 2016 20:30:24
Juulson >= Dunn.

11 Aug 2016 21:58:05
I disagree, juulsen had a horrible year! 28 points and degressed big time. Dunn looks to be the better prospect after putting up decent numbers on a bad team.

11 Aug 2016 23:18:17
if you say so. Stats however do not.

noah games 63 g7 a21 +0 in the WHL

Dunn games 52 g12 a31 +8 in the OHL

you can also look up advanced stats but i know you won't and you will just assume i'm biased. Besides not needing julseen who is right handed shot, we have petro and parayko on right Vince will be taking jaybos spot on the left side.

11 Aug 2016 23:30:05
Are you high on Crack Colt? Juulsen is a top 4 Damn to become mate.

12 Aug 2016 02:02:31
If u say so but opinions are like but holes everyone has one but facts stats are real and facts/ stat prove Dunn better.

12 Aug 2016 04:43:07
It's not always about stats and how many points you put up.

12 Aug 2016 05:30:36
Vice Dunn is the better dman through performance making wjc were Juulsen did not, by stats and advanced stats and by points so at this point facts out weigh your opinion.

11 Aug 2016 06:09:37
Montreals defence lineup

Beaulieu Weber
Markov Petry
Emelin Barbario

Redmond and Pateryn are extras although Sergachev, Julssen and Dietz have a very good chance of making the team.

In my opinion Montreal needs to do everything they can to drop Emelin with the expansion draft being next year.

MTL: Julssen (Montreals 1st Rd pick last year), Emelin, Andrighetto and 1st 2017
ANA: Fowler

MTL: Beaulieu
NYR: Miller

Fowler Weber
Markov Petry
Redmond Barbario.

11 Aug 2016 06:43:22
Juulsen, 1st, emelin and ghetto for Fowler? Yeah I think ducks will take that easily. But Montreal won't. I also don't understand why you need to drop him? i'm unaware if he has a NTC or not, because that Makes perfect sense not needing to protect him. But yeah idk if he has that or not.

11 Aug 2016 08:02:15
To add to McJesus, if he does have a NMC then no way Ducks do that.

11 Aug 2016 11:47:55
Emelin is a cap dump, Juulsen is unproven, couldn't even make the world juniors and a bad year last year, so prob another b level prospect. 1st round pick will be 20th or higher and ghetto is a 3-4th liner. Not a great return for fowler imo whos a top 4.

11 Aug 2016 12:03:06
Emelin has a modified NTC through 2017-2018, has a list of 10 teams he can't get traded to.

11 Aug 2016 12:50:16
I'm sure he wouldn't mind going to a better team?

11 Aug 2016 17:32:52
dietz is gone.

11 Aug 2016 20:15:08
If habs want to ditch emelin to ensure they can keep their other D (not a great group anyway) then they have to find a team who's D core will be improved with emelin. That is definitely not the ducks. They have their own issue getting creative protecting their own D who are far better than anyone on the Hans besides Weber.

12 Aug 2016 04:00:51
patyeryn going to play.

18 Aug 2016 05:55:52
Habs don't need to protect Emelin in the expansion draft, he doesn't have a NMC.

11 Aug 2016 05:20:57
DAL- Spezza

NYR- Nash.

11 Aug 2016 05:46:09
Interesting proposal. Who would initiate this one and why?

11 Aug 2016 06:09:52
Spezza being a center worth a lot more.

11 Aug 2016 08:08:45
Also Spezza constantly puts up 60+ and produced in the playoffs. Easy no from the Stars.

11 Aug 2016 16:26:38
Spezza is worth more period, C or not. I'd rather have him over Nash anyday or anytime in there careers.

11 Aug 2016 23:35:12
i agree.

08 Aug 2016 10:39:31
Montreeal Cenaduans
• Macs Pattioretty
• Alexei Yemelin
New York Rangers
• Mark Staal
• Rick Nash

08 Aug 2016 12:20:16
based on the spelling, it didn't take that long to know that this trade would make no sense.

08 Aug 2016 15:19:24
No for both.

08 Aug 2016 16:36:41
I don't see how NYR could say no to that. No from Montreal though.

08 Aug 2016 16:45:08
New York takes this and Runs Mark Staal is a cap dump at this point and Paches>>>>>Nashnew York takes this and Runs Patches is underated.

08 Aug 2016 09:43:06
CGY: Dennis Wideman (25% Retained), Tyler Wotherspoon, Lance Bouma, 2nd Round Pick, 3rd Round Pick, Mason MacDonald
NYR: Rick Nash

Gaudreau - Monahan - Nash.

08 Aug 2016 12:13:35
No from Calgary. They don't need more bad contracts, especially when Wideman is gone after this year.

08 Aug 2016 09:14:52
CGY: Matt Stajan, 2nd Round Pick
NJ: 7th Round Pick

CGY: Dennis Wideman (25% Retained)
BOS: 4th Round Pick

CGY: Deryk Engelland
EDM: 6th Round Pick

CGY: Brandon Bollig
NYR: Future Considerations

CGY: Ladislav Smid, Emile Poirier
ARI: 2nd Round Pick

CGY: Lance Bouma
CAR: 7th Round Pick

Sign Brandon Pirri (2mil+1yr), Antoine Vermette (2mil+1yr), Nicklas Grossman (2mil+1yr), Radim Vrbata (3mil+1yr), Kris Russell (4mil+2yrs)

Gaudreau - Monahan - Vrbata
Bennett - Backlund - Frolik
Shinkaruk - Pirri - Brouwer
Ferland - Vermette - Chiasson

Giordano - Brodie
Grossmann - Hamilton
Jokipakka - Russell.

08 Aug 2016 09:27:37
No no no you're doing it all wrong. Wideman goes for a 2nd. I'll get my home boy brad to give you a call

08 Aug 2016 12:15:25
Stajan isn't that worthless that he needs to be shipped out with a somewhat valuable piece for a 7th.

08 Aug 2016 16:24:05
#1 would it not be easier to just send him to the minors, eat half the salary and keep the #2 pick?

#2 No one wants Wideman until he plays a year and the heat is off of him for his brutal official attack.

#3 Edmonton does not need a #8 D-man. Save the AHL roster spot for a developing D-man. Any part of the leagues 30th ranked D is a no for Edmonton.

#4 Should be something concrete back. How bout a 7th round pick?

#5 Smid will never play another game. Why would Arizona take Smid AND give up a 2nd round pick for it? Pourier is a dud. not worth anything other than perhaps a minor leaguer that doesn't fit into the style of play the team has.

#6 Sounds reasonable.

08 Aug 2016 19:01:06
You legit put the exact same stuff on here but changed some of the picks. Ok it was already bad enough before lol this still doesn't make a difference.

08 Aug 2016 08:52:26
CGY: Matt Stajan, 2nd Round Pick
NJ: 7th Round Pick

CGY: Dennis Wideman (25% Retained)
BOS: 4th Round Pick

CGY: Deryk Engelland
EDM: 7th Round Pick

CGY: Brandon Bollig
NYR: Future Considerations

CGY: Ladislav Smid, Emile Poirier
ARI: 6th Round Pick.

08 Aug 2016 09:03:42
Dumb for Calgary
Maybe, that's not bad
I'd rather have the 7th round lol
No comment I guess?
That's pretty crazy to give away poirier for a 6th round.

08 Aug 2016 09:21:51
No way. We need veterans

08 Aug 2016 05:10:55
NSH- Rinne

NYR- Lundquist.

08 Aug 2016 05:04:27
EDM- Pouliot, Yakupov, G. Reinhart

NYR- Nash, 2017 2nd, 3rd.

08 Aug 2016 06:22:50
Lol I'd do that for sure.

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