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21 Oct 2014 20:47:53
Sharks want to get younger, habs are close to being a great contender.

MTL: Marleau, Irwin, 3rd 2015

SJS: Gallagher, Fucale, 5th 2015

Habs solidify forward group with a 70 point winger. Get another defender to help out on the blue line and a pick. Sharks get a great goalie prospect and a young forward to get younger like they want to.

Now MTL needs to get under cap so they make a trade like this:

NYR: Plekanec (fits their need for a center), 4th 2016

MTL: Hagelin, 3rd 2015

This could fill needs of all 3 teams.




20 Oct 2014 07:36:00
NJ trades Larsson & Brunner
Det trades Miller & Quincy & 2015 4th

Buf trades Stewart & 2015 4th
Ott trades Stone & Condra

SJ trades Kennedy
Phi trades L.Schenn

Car trades E.staal (retain 15%) & Gleason
Nyr trades Brassard, Haglein, Hinwick & 2015 3rd


Tim tells uncle Bryan to keep Stone and Condra Buf trades Stewart & 2015 2nd NYI Ott trades Curtis Lazar


20 Oct 2014 21:08:06
@stableycup2019, ya right! Stone and Condra is an overpayment for that plug. Would never trade Stone for him, he's proving to be a top six winger in the making. As for Lazar, I'm not going to
Even comment because that's just ridiculous and I'm not going to waste even more of my time.


@Titties, great feedback. I am glad you think Stone and Condra will be that good because I agree with you that OTT should keep them. So I agree with you 100%, uncle and nephew should not trade with each other.


Detroit - newjersey trade
would be a done deal on detroit side
but I feel new jersey would want jurco in place of miller




16 Oct 2014 00:46:38
NYR: Eric, Jordan, Jared Steal
car: Nash, Girardi, 3


That's not going to happen. Also no cap for the Rangers. Stepan should go the other way. Or with which C should the canes play?


If the canes want to trade the Staals they would want younger players


Ya ta would be a jared STEAL for the rangers




14 Oct 2014 23:59:44
Let Fleury walk at the end of the season and then do this,

To NY Rangers: Malkin
To Pittsburgh: Lundqvist


Malkin 28
Lundqvist 33
Lundqvist also seems to be out of form


15 Oct 2014 06:26:43
rangers 1. wouldn't really want that cause rolling with cam talbot or some ufa signing as your starter doesn't sound like that sound of a plan ,and 2. if thy did they would hae to add quite a bit


An all star goalie is a million times more valuable then an all star forward


Rangers say no immediately. Elite goalies don't grow on trees


^ they definitely don't grow on trees. but they do get old and start to deteriorate. Now IMO Henrik has 5-6 years left in him, just maybe not all of those years at an elite level.

IF the NYR would be willing to wait on developing another goalie (so either drafting/trading for a young goalie and adding another through FA/trade to fill the gap while the other develops) they would be silly not to make this trade.


No from both teams


Then who do the Rangers have? They could not recover from losing Lundqvist. Doesn't matter if Malkin scores 50 he won't prevent other teams from putting the puck by Lundqvists replacement. Pittsburgh can recover from losing Malkin because of Brandon Sutter, and forwards are much easier to come by then who is arguably the best goalie in the world


16 Oct 2014 03:04:57
malkin isn't just an all star forward. he's a centre you can build a team around. he's also in th beginning of his prime years, whereas lundy is at the ed of his prime, yes he as some good years left, but its likely malkin can still be putting up a ppg or very close to it, when lundy hangs them up.



so what are they doing to do when he retires/can't play at that level any more? give up as a franchise?Henrik isn't the only reason they are a competitive team.

All I am saying is, they will need to find his replacement at some point. So IF they could stomach a few seasons without an elite goalie, while they developed another (or if they could trade for someone close to that level) AND they got Malkin out of it, why wouldn't they do it.


Fleury and Malkin for Lundvist and Brassard




14 Oct 2014 21:20:42
Four Trades:

To Col - Kessel
(12.5% retained = $1,000,000)
To Tor - Duchene

effectively making each player $7,000,000

Leafs get #1 centre.
AVS get top 10 scorer consistent point producer who will most likely be more productive with better players around him and is out of Toronto.

To LAK - Lupul
To TOR - Richards

under performing Richards (offensively) gets a shot at a more offensive role. Brings much needed character and leadership to TOR. Lupul when healthy a very productive winger can be sheltered better in stronger Defensive team. Cheaper $ then Richards which is beneficial for cap struck team like LA who will want to make $$ available for deadline and or offseason

To MIN - Phaneuf
To TOR - Ballard (cap dump), Coyle & 1st in 2015 (if MIN makes West final) if MIN fails to make to west final or cup final TOR receives 2nd in 2015.

- despite the nonsense that surrounds Phaneuf for being on the Leafs. He is #2 on 95% of the teams in the NHL. Suter, Phaneuf & Brodin allows MIN to compete with the big boys in the West in LAK, CHI & STL.

To NYR - Kadri
To TOR - Kreider

- both promising young players. Kadri thus far has produced .638 ppg in 180 games played. Kreider in 92 games has produced .42 ppg. Kreider a winger with great size & strength. Kadri great skill set. Both Kadri & Kreider are the same age and drafted in same year.

TOR Lineup:




- muffdiver


1.Kadri is way better than Kreider
2. Ballard is a bum


15 Oct 2014 12:19:56
The trades are not super one-sided but I think all 4 teams decline.
LA has generally no reason for a change. Duchene is (almost) as good as Kessel right now, but is obviously younger (27 vs 23) and has an even higher ceiling, plus his contract is better. (6 per vs 8 per)
Minnys D is already good, and Coyle + 1st in THE draft 2015? No way.
Personally, I think Kreider is the better player, also higher ceiling. He will be a poor mans version of Corey Perry rather sooner than later.


As a leaf fan, I would actually like these moves, but they seem to drastic for any of the above teams to make at this point in the season.

Kessel for duchene could happen with the emergence of mackinnon and oreilly, but it severely depletes their centre depth.

Lupul for richards could be bad for the leafs. richards has lost his game and has shown that for couple seasons now.

I would trade phaneuf for anything. I seriously doubt minny trades Coyle (he was the centrepiece of the Burns trade)

Kadri for Kreider is a wash, both should be very good top 6 forwards when they reach their maturity. this only happens if the leafs trade for another top-6 centre

overall they are fair value-wise IMO, but seem to be too drastic at this point in time




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07 Oct 2014 22:10:14
NYR: Marc Stall jesper fast
MTL: Rene bourque Lars eller Travis moen and 3rd


I don't think Montreal would do this. To me, they'd be giving up too much depth. Staal's a solid player and all, but with one year left on his contract, I don't think its worth it. And Fast really doesn't help this trade. For a team who was 21st in goals scored last year, giving up 3 forwards who scored a combined 23 goals, wouldn't be worth it to me. They lack the secondary scoring as is and this trade would only make them worse, in my opinion.


No from New York.

I agree with the depth thing above. Just Marc is a top 4 possibly top 2 defender. Bourque, and Moen's contracts are not good. So the Rangers are acquiring dead salary. They could get more for him, take Fast out if it too. That package doesn't get you Staal alone.


The only thing coming back with value is Eller and he's only a 3rd line center. Rangers pass.

Charles Xavier

08 Oct 2014 17:08:01
as per usual ,quality > quantity.


Habs pass, Stall seems injury prone and he is UFA at end of season

Boris Bagel

3 bottom 6 forwards for a top 4 defencemen. maybe. but their salaries suck


11 Oct 2014 07:40:19
so a freak accident where a puck hits you in the face now constitues "injury prone" hmmm


Marc Staal has missed three straight practices due to back spasms.

Staal has unfortunately suffered multiple concussions,

Marc Staal skated on Saturday for the first time since he suffered a concussion on Dec. 7.

Marc Staal is struggling with bright lights and says his damaged eye might never regulate light properly again.

He did not participate in the optional skate Saturday morning and is back at the team's hotel trying to overcome a flu bug.

Boris Bagel



06 Oct 2014 21:07:31
Just throwing this out there, but if the Rangers could somehow trade for the Sedins they'd be a pretty lethal team. Who would be going back the other way?


07 Oct 2014 04:48:57
no way the rangers could make the cap room to bring in one, nevermind both.


Rick nash and chris kreider

one side may have to add, but I think this suggestion defeats the purpose of your trade.




02 Oct 2014 17:34:33
I would Love to See Ryan Hagerty In a sens Uniform what would It take to get hime from the rangers I don't really know his value

Maybe something like this

Ott : Hagerty hagelin

NYR: Methot on a negociated contract, and b Robinson


I doubt the Rangers would want to lose more offense, plus they're set on defense


02 Oct 2014 21:01:19
yea the hagelin for methot part makes no sense for the rags at all


I'd love to see Gretzky in my uniform!


03 Oct 2014 05:30:44
i would too, assuming we're talking about paulina ;)




29 Sep 2014 19:44:23
Nyr: Thornton

Sjs: hagelin, jt miller, klein, cam talbot


The amount that the Rangers would be giving up just wouldn't be worth it. Thorton doesn't fit the system AV runs. Haglien is a good PKer, has ridiculous speed and is so deadly on a breakaway. Miller looked ok last year in his short time in the NHL, but he has looked really, really good in the preseason. After losing Stralman, moving another defensive defensemen in Klien just doesn't make sense. And Cam Talbot was arguably the best backup last season, he was really good and doesn't have a high salary.


Value is ok I guess just Hagelin is very important to the Rangers, Talbot is a fantastic fit and with Niemi and Stalock in San Jose, Talbot would be in the minors. Klein going makes zero sense for the Rangers, and Sanjose has enty of defensive defenders. Miller is a good piece going to the Sharks.

But this is just a bad trade for NYR, and they would need to trade more salary out to fit Thornton in




29 Sep 2014 16:59:21
MTL: Marleau
SJS: Gallagher, Sekac, 1st 2015

This could give the habs that final piece to help then win the cup.
The sharks add more to their forward group and a pick.

Now for the Rangers.

NYR: Thornton
SJS: Hagelin, Girardi, 2nd

Now NYR trade another to clear more cap but they get their #1 center.


Rags wouldn't need to make another trade, works out cap wise. That's probably around what SJ wants and they'd absolutely do it, not sure Rangers do it though


Habs won't be willing to give up Gallagher or Sekac.


Habs say no, they would be better offer keeping those 2 players plus the 1st pick

Boris Bagel



29 Sep 2014 14:50:31
SI.COM: Allan Muir lists Ottawa’s Bobby Ryan and Marc Methot, Boston’s Adam McQuaid, Nashville’s Ryan Ellis, Washington’s Mike Green and Joel Ward, Arizona’s Antoine Vermette, Winnipeg’s Dustin Byfuglien, Chicago’s Nick Leddy, the NY Islanders’ Lubomir Visnovsky and Casey Cizikas, and Montreal’s David Desharnais among the NHL players most likely to be traded this season.

Here are a couple trades that involve those players:

To WAS: Casey Cizikas, Cory Conacher, 4th rounder

To NYI: Mike Green

NYI need a veteran defenceman and WAS already has Orpik, Niskanen, Alzner, Carlson. This also gives WAS depth down the middle

To ARZ: Nail Yakupov

To EDM: Antoine Vermette, Brendan Perlini, 3rd Rounder

EDM needs a second line centre badly this also gives them a big PWF prospect. ARZ gets a potential stud.

To WIN: Cody Eakin, Jamie Oleksiak

To DAL: Dustin Buyfuglien

DAL needs some depth on defence and a number one D-man. WIN could use some more depth at centre and gives them a big guy on defence

I believe this addresses needs for all teams involved however some may need to add. What are you thoughts?

Also spectorshockey.net is reporting that the NYR are in discussions with SJS for Joe Thornton. They are reporting it unlikely due to cap restrictions but what if NYR cleared up some cap? The consensus on the majority of blogs I'm reading is Hagelin + Picks what do you think?


Hagelin and what picks? Don't have a oter this year and in a deep draft don't want to not have any pike in top 60. And trading te '16 first means no first pick for three years? Great player and would help the rangers out but if lots of picks are traded away it's a huge loss for the future, unless the management really believes in the current young players so picks won't be missed.

Hey Bud

Yeah, isles need a veteran defenseman, not a guy who can quarterback a power play. And they definitely wouldn't trade arguably their best penalty killer for him, he's been very good in preseason as well.




27 Sep 2014 20:19:05
SJS: Staal, Hagelin, 2nd
NYR: Thornton

Solves problems for both teams. NYR gets top like center. SJS gets left handed D and fast forward for more depth.

SJS Lines:



When Torres returns from injury he is placed in Kennedy's spot and depending on how Hamilton does Kennedy may take his place. Sheppard creates more depth when he returns. This gives Mirco Mueller another year to develop unless he can beat Irwin and Hannan in the lineup.


Cap works out I think but I just couldn't see the rangers doing this with Staal and more in particular Hagelin being huge pieces of their cup run last year.

Charles Xavier



27 Sep 2014 19:32:33
TOR: Holland
NYR or CAN be: 2nd

Extras: Orr and Kantiolla

Extra: Tallinder or Grandberg

Bernier and Reimer

My prediction on the opening night roster and just a simple trade. Rangers and Canes have a need for a center with some injuries. Holland is a good young guy who could be quite effective if given a shot and some minutes which I don't see him getting in TO.


Holland for a 4th, people undervalue what you can get in the second round way to much.


In what world is holland worth a second


I like yours line up, but I think.
Lupul. Bozak. Kessel
Jvr. Kadr. Leivo
Komorov. Holland. Clarkson
Winnik. Santorelli. Frattin/bodie
Extra Orr. Kozun

Phaneuf. Polak
Gardiner. Robidas
Reilly. Franson
Extra. Granberg or Percy



Makes sense but unless Tml can upgrade at center I'd keep holland and give him a shot as the 3center this year.
Value looks close and this would not shock me,good post


When you said CAN I thought you meant Team Canada.


Holland just landed a 2nd + last year people and has done nothing to disprove that he isn't worth that much since then. I would rather hold onto him anyways and let him develop.

Charles Xavier

JVR. Bozak. Kessel
Lupul. Kadri. Clarkson
Booth. Holland. Santorelli
Winnik. Komarov. Kozun
Extra: Bodie (for physicality) and/or Leivo

Phaneuf. Robidas
Gardiner. Polak
Reilly. Franson
Extra. Holzer and/or Granberg


- Orr won't be on this team out of the gate.
- Frattin is a long shot for me, Kozun and Leivo have looked better.
- I also think Kontiola doesn't make the team. He has looks out of place and he also has a two-way contract, so no waivers.
- All of the above depends on injuries, some of these guys may be out and so others may make the team first.


^ Carrick, Kontiola, Granberg and Bodie(waivers) all sent down. So there's that. lol


IMO Leivo, Nylander, and Kozun all deserve spots on the team. All of them have shown up to play and have all played pretty good. I think Nylander will see some time on the 2nd line and could move down to the 3rd. Leivo I'm guessing will be LW on the 3rd line. And Kozun will play 4th line RW. Hopefully Carlyle will give the 4th line decent minutes.


^ I agree about Leivo and Kozun. Nylander IMO needs another year to add some bulk to his frame.




27 Sep 2014 15:18:32
Flyers Trade

Rangers Trade
2nd Round Pick 2015
4th Round Pick 2016



I think flyers would need to retain salary


NYR has too many essential signings coming up to take on a bad salary like that. They'd be strapped for cash. They wouldn't do it.


28 Sep 2014 22:03:32
Why would they trade someone to a division rival for anything less than a top prospect




26 Sep 2014 21:45:20
Phi: Lecavalier, Grossman, 2nd, Cousins
NYR: Girardi

Philly gets upgrade on defence, while Lecavalier plays with st. Louis and they get a good 2nd/3rd pairing stay at home D


No from nyr, Girardi is to valuable with Marc staal possibly leaving next year


Um. no. Hell no.
And that's putting it lightly.




26 Sep 2014 21:18:52
Lecavalier a target for the Rangers? With Stephan out they are looking for a center, he could re-kindle the magic with St.Louis.

What would a trade look like for him to the Rangers, regardless if this is believable or not


27 Sep 2014 06:55:06
maybe a low prospect and condiotiona pick? does make sense to send him to the rangers though


Rangers would have to clear $5.5 million


That's what I thought^^ it's hard to clear that much space. That's why I needed some opinions lol. The Rangers only have a couple bad contracts but they won't move them, but Lecavalier would fit in there with Stephan gone


No cap space on the rangers

Charles Xavier

27 Sep 2014 18:22:37
how re you guys getting that NYR would need to clear 5.5 mil?

NYR has just over half a mil in space, lecalvier makes 4.5, so that's 4 mil they need to clear. with steapn on ltir that's down to just under a mil.

still a bit of work to be done a might not be worth it for vinny though


^Vinny is making $6 mil this year. $4.5 mil is just his AAV


27 Sep 2014 21:26:12
what I was getting at is that his cap hit is 4.5, actual dollars mean little to nothing for the rangers as they're one of the richest teams in the league, if they want a guy they'll grab him and pay him.

als, i'm sure philly would retain a mil or so on vinny'c deal snce they've pretty much been trying to give him away for months now.




26 Sep 2014 02:35:47
Habs trying to trade moen

Mtl: moen(25% retain)
NYR: mashinter, 7th


Mashinter has been a Blackhawk for quite some time now.


He's a hawk, not a ranger
Fair in value however, habs could use mashinter


Trade Moen to Leafs for Kadri, then Habs ship Kadri to Oils for their 2nd rounder

Boris Bagel



24 Sep 2014 20:30:34
The NYR need a number one centre. Stepan is now injured with a fractured fibula there's no timeline on his return. If he is out for awhile the NYR will definitely need a first line centre. He should be a second line centre anyways. The time is now for the NYR to make a cup run so here is what I propose:

To NYR: Joe Thornton

To SJS: Chris Kreider, J.T. Miller, 2nd 2015, 3rd 2016

Thornton goes to a cup contender and could reignite Nash's game. NYR also get their #1 centre that they need to make a legit cup run.

I think this is fair but if not what changes to make this happen?


If I'm the sharks GM I take this


I honestly don't think this would be a good idea for the Rangers. They would need to clear an extra $3 million to fit Thorton's contract under the salary cap. Trading two talented young players, on top of the fact that they didn't have a first round pick last year and don't have one next year, will greatly effect the future of the team. Thorton is also 35 and usually disappears in the playoffs. This would put the Rangers in cap hell, leaving them with only $19 mil to spend with only 11 players on the roster next year. This trade would leave them with holes in their lineup for the present and the future. Just wouldn't be a smart move in my opinion. They're just going to have to hope their young centers step up in Stepan's absence.


25 Sep 2014 14:53:10
To NYR: Thornton
To SJ: Staal, Hagelin


@valer86 That would work cap wise, but don't think its enough to get Joe Thorton since Staal only has one year left on his deal


25 Sep 2014 20:20:47
If I was NYR, I'd offer up a deal to try and acquire Patrick Marleau. He more versatile, he can play at centre right now in absence of Stepan and when he gets back from injury he can be moved to the wing.


@valer86 add a highish pick and it should be fine




20 Sep 2014 09:56:38
CAR - Carl Hagelin, Marc Staal, Derrick Brassard, 2016 2nd

NYR - Justin Faulk, Elias Lindholm, Jiri Tlusty


20 Sep 2014 12:47:18
I think that's actually pretty decent.
Wouldnt know why either team would decline.
IF, it's probably the Rangers declining, because they're obviously in win-now mode, so the Brassard - Lindholm switch isn't good for short term.
In long-term, it might pay out for them, tho.




11 Sep 2014 11:33:07
CAR: Jeff Skinner LW, John-Michael Liles D, Trevor Carrick D & 2nd round pick


NYR: Marc Stall D & Danny Kristo RW


Too much from car


Jeff skinner could probably get you that alone




01 Sep 2014 18:06:37
chara should go it can help our cap situation and get a good return something like

to buf: chara kelly paille 2015 4th
to bos: gorges and gionta + prospect


dal: chara kelly paille
bos: hemsky daley +prospect


edm: chara kelly 2015 4th
bos: fayne purcell

next 2 are stretches

lak: chara paille kelly 2015 2nd
bos: gaborik greene

nyr: chara marchand kelly 2015 3rd
bos: mcdonogh nash


pit: chara kelly 2015 3rd
bos: ehroff dupios


sjs: chara, marchand
bos:marleau, burns


stl: chara kelly
bos: shattenkirk tarasenko


tbl:chara 2015 1st 2016 5th
bos: callahan


van: chara kelly 2015 3rd
Bos: edler, burrows

that it lmk what u think


That rangers trade.lol


You really don't like chara


So you're saying that Callahan is worth more than shattenkirk and tarasenko combined?



i agree more should be added to shattenkirk and tarasenko deal but I think tbl is more unwilling to part ways with callahand than stl is with tarasenko and shattenkirk


Why would you want to trade your captain and best defenceman when you can just trade Boychuk and be fine? W/O Chara, Boston doesn't even make the playoffs.




30 Aug 2014 18:18:56
NYR: E.Kane
WNG: R.Nash, 2nd Round Pick


More like Nash for Kane and a 2nd.




30 Aug 2014 15:52:30
Read an article on this. Found it very intriguing. What if the Boston Bruins decided to trade Zdeno Chara? He's aging, but wouldn't get a bigger return for him then right now. They are trying to clear some cap space, which would be accomplished with this deal. Plus they could easily upgrade their top-six forwards with trading him. Now IMO I don't think Boston will trade him as long as they are a cup contender. BUT if the right deal came along, I think they would consider.

That deal would probably look like.

Top-six right winger, top 4 defender, 1st round pick. (Depending on value, could add a decent prospect or other pick)

So which teams would be interested?

Not as many as you'd think but, I believe Los Angeles, New York Rangers, Montreal, Tampa Bay, and Detroit would be most interested.

Keep in mind, the Bruins might want to get younger, clear cap space, and possibly deal a defender that is slowing down.

The potential trades:
NYR: Chara
BOS: Zucarello, Girardi, 1st 2017

TBL: Chara
BOS: Palat, Carle, 1st 2015, 2nd 2016

I'm having a hard time placing value. Ignore the fact that you don't think Chara will get traded, just give your 2 cents on what they would get in return? Thanks for reading


I agree boston should trade him he is totally slowing down.but if they did, which they won't cause they are not smart enough. they would trade him to a western team.


Tough one. I just can't see them moving him.chara for yakupov lol


30 Aug 2014 17:24:46
Boy, I don't know where to start in saying how bad that is for every team not named Boston.
First of all, why the hell would LA be interested? They (and maybe STL) have the best D corps in the NHL.

Second, Chara is already declining, he's 37 and has one, MAYBE two good seasons left. Sure, he's still a very good dmen, but he isn't worth all that.
NYR: Girardi isn't much worse, but way younger and has a way better contract, which makes his trade value AT LEAST even to Chara's, rather higher. Still add Zuccarallo and a 1st? No thanks.
TB: WHY? TB has just added Stralman and Garrison to their D, their fine with it now, no need.
Besides that, value is so far off.
Carle may be a bit overpayed, but he's a solid top 4 guy. Palat was a calder finalist and is IMO untouchable for TB, I'm pretty sure he is a future Selke nominee, if not winner. Plus a 1st in the McDavid draft and another 2nd? that's insane.
I'm pretty sure most people disagree on what I'll say now, but i'm pretty sure Yzerman wouldn't trade Palat straight up for Chara.
Think 10-15 more years of a promising young forward, with great two way play VS 1 or MAX 2 years of an already declining Dmen, that TB doesn't really need.


30 Aug 2014 17:27:43
To answer your question:
Tbh I think Chara could fetch a good-paid top 4 dmen (for the cap, if other team is close to cap, too) and a prospect/mid pick.
Or a very good D prospect like (not saying PIT needs him or whatever, just an example) Maatta and a 5th or so


Wow draisaitl you're becoming more of a douche. How bout you give you're opinion on charas value rather than telling everyone their wrong.thats easy and of no use. So tell us what's fair value for chara oh wise one


30 Aug 2014 19:25:12
those packages you're putting together would be for a 30 year old chara, not a 37 year old one. he's worth nowhere near that and last year really showed some signs of declining.


Idk about all that. Tampa got 2 firsts along with Callahan for (then) 37 year old St. Louis. Not saying it's believable, but something similar happened only half a year ago.
Boston needs to just give him lless minutes.


I agree, why would a team trade away youth and picks for 1 or 2 years from an aging, albeit good dman? I don't see it happening. His career will almost certainly end in boston


Chara has a lot of value and he's still a very effective player. Every team that wants to compete this year would be interested to some degree in trading for big z. Correct me if I'm wrong but he would still be better than 4 too 7 dmen on any team. He finally slowed down a touch, but he is still a beast.
Coyotes get chara
Bruins get connor Murphy,Lucas lessio,4th rd pick if big z wanted to play there


Chara isn't worth much at all now. He looks slow.


31 Aug 2014 06:43:42
@drgonzo: As you see, I did just that.
How about YOU giving an assessment here or elsewhere instead of only always saying that I am a douche or whatever?
I'm at least talking hockey. You're talking me, lol.


31 Aug 2014 06:48:15
Shankar ist exactly right, that's for a 30yr old Chara.
The St.Louis comparison is a bit wrong IMO, Marty did show no signs at all of slowing down, he scored 4 goals vs SJ, won the Art Ross a year ago and averaged like 1.1 PPG the last 5 years.
Plus, the Rangers knew that Callahan would prolly leave either way in FA since they couldn't agree on a new contract.
Also, Callahan is not old at 29, but oldER than Palat at 23, who hasn't reached his full potential yet, so that's a difference, too.
Plus Rangers were/are in a desperate win-now-mode, which TB isnt. At least not desperate, since we got SY.


Everyone here is wrong chara is worth nowhere near these deals but if they find the right team and add in other players like kelly plus prospects and maybe 1st or 2nd pick they could get a top 4 d man plus top six right winger to a team that's going for the cup this year


I gave my opinion on the post.i then gave my opinion on you being a douche after reading you're comment.clearly I'm not the only one who has a problem with you based on the amount of clicks as we'll as hockeygodsgift and mrenlightened and others both telling you to shut up and post an idea if you're so smart rather than just dumping on peoples ideas.


01 Sep 2014 18:07:22
Lol, you three have a problem with me because you don't like that I keep telling people they overvalue their players (especially TOR and MON), but it's just the truth.
And 90% of the time, I get more agree's than disagrees, which is pretty good, considering this site is super TOR and MON heavy, lol.


You still don't get it do you.
-You overvalue you're players too.
-you don't know more than the 3 of us if that's all it is.
-the amount of agrees/disagrees you get with words count.its not a clicking contest


This conversation has been comical to follow. Seems to be a lot of pent up angst finally coming out.


Lol the gr81. I have a low tolerance for stupidity




30 Aug 2014 15:31:57
jets: nash and kreider

rangers: kane and wheeler/ladd

it is fair for both teams??




28 Aug 2014 23:48:27
To NYI - Jeff Petry
To EDM - Josh Bailey


To NYI - Rights to John Moore
To NYR - josh Bailey, 2016 3rd


I am NYI fan, I totally agree with the firt trade, but the second trade for John Moore of the NYR who is a 5th D, the NYI already have plenty. I would defintley try to make an offer to PITT for Rob Bortuzzo-D, or ARI-Michael Stone-D. possibly




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