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21 Aug 2014 02:20:10
Kevin Hayes signs with the New York Rangers. 2 years 900.000


At 900k you would think all 30 teams would have made an offer.


Thegr81, that was the max contract I think, same as Shultz when he signed with Edmonton and dekeser when he signed with detroit


Yea but there are bonuses and they could be big justin Shultz is 925k but with bonuses it's 3m


The majority of teams probably did, but he had the ultimate choice of picking where he wanted to start his NHL career.


Who disagreed with MG69? his statement is true


^ maybe - you didn't hear much about it if they did. I guess his agent likely spread the word he had a short list and teams not on that list shouldn't even bother submitting an offer.




20 Aug 2014 15:14:42
2 Leaf moves that make sense.

Rangers Trade
4th Round Pick 2015

Leafs Trade

Then the Leafs send a invite to MFraser as a possible 7th Depth DMan to complete there Roster
I would add if the Jets or another Team wants Reimer proper assets for the future have to come back the Leafs way then sign a Brodeur otherwise you keep Reimer.



20 Aug 2014 15:55:31
If you honestly think Orr gets you a 4th rd pick, you should visit the doctor. NOW


Orr might get you a 7th round pick tops


Orr for future considerations

Charles Xavier

20 Aug 2014 18:01:45
Orr for a used blender and a piece of moldy bread


Ok make it a 7th Round Pick
Whatever it is Orr gets out of the Organization


I like the mark Fraser idea I wish I had of thought of that.


Honestly where do u start talking bout reimer


All you people bashing Orr show some respect man. The guy protected this team for years. Remember what it was like before he showed up, this team was pummelled to a pulp.

Johnny Utah

Johnny Utah makes a good point. The leafs got bullied and pushed around before Orr signed here,it was embarrassing.im grateful for what he's done for the leafs.


To rangers: colton orr
To leafs: half quarter, 2 bags of sweet chili heat
I respect that he could kick my ass.he has no trade value.


21 Aug 2014 07:53:19
^has nothing to do wih his trade value, tho.
His trade value is, AT MAX, a 7th rd pick


Let's say the Rangers WANTED Orr, they could go about acquiring him without giving up a 4th.

A pretty quick observation of the Leafs roster would tell you Orr is likely to be sent down. He is on a one-way contract. When he gets waived they can claim him then. Alternatively, let's say they don't want to risk it, they could like send a AHL player with an expiring contract or later pick in a couple years.




19 Aug 2014 22:41:05
To Nashville: John Moore, 3rd
To NY Rangers: Colin Wilson

To Edmonton: The Rights To Brandon Sutter, 2nd
To Pittsburgh: Nail Yakupov

To Carolina: 1st
To Pittsburgh: Jiri Tlusty, 6th

To Ottawa: Sergei Gonchar, Cody Eakin, 2nd
To Dallas: Bobby Ryan

To Boston: Evander Kane
To Winnipeg: Brad Marchand, Johnny Boychuk


I like that Boston trade


20 Aug 2014 12:25:25
Sutter is already signed, so rights to is wrong.
1st is too much for Tlusty
And Kane is worth more, Boychuk is basically useless for WPG since WPG isn't in win now for this season and Boychuk is a FA at years end


Not enough for Yak or Ryan

Charles Xavier

I like the idea of Yakupov having a change of scenery. Pitt would have to give up something else though.


The Ryan proposal makes me sick. We DON'T need another centre.

Nova x 65

How bout
yak for sutter and pouliot?


Ryan for olesiak and a 1st


21 Aug 2014 00:50:50
Boston trade. take away one or the other and throw in a pick. maybe. Ottawa politely declines their trade. They don't need or want Gonchar.


Wouldn't want to give up Poulliet plus he has more value right now because he won chl d-man of the year




13 Aug 2014 00:39:28
To NYR - Josh Bailey, 2016 3rd
To NYI - Kevin Klein


To CAL - Josh Bailey
To NYI - Ladislav Smid, 2015 4th


13 Aug 2014 06:36:53
Smid is better than Klein
Smid is also worth more than Bailey
Smid is one of the most undervalued players IMO


Would hate to see the Isles trade Bailey to the Rags, and then watch him become a really good player for them. I also do not see the Rags moving Klein right now with the uncertainty around Staal's contract. If Staal signs a long term deal than maybe Klein gets moved.




12 Aug 2014 15:12:42
Montreal trades Plekanec, Nyrgen, 1st and 3rd in '15 to Edmonton for Yakupov and 2nd in '15 or '16

Value of the players:

Plekanec is the 2C Edmonton has been searching for. Plays a complete game. Plays powerplay, kills penalties, brings veteran leadership though quietly and more through his play and actions than words. His contract comes up soon and Edmonton could potentially sign him for under 5 million per using him as 2C until Draisaitl is ready for that job and become the 3C giving Edmonton more than solid depth down the middle.

Nygren is a offensive right handed D man with a bomb of a shot. He would be a power play specialist for an Edmonton team though revamped on d this off season don't have a big shot up top.

The 1st and 3rd in 15 would equal to another prospect going to Edmonton.

The idea of Yakupov and Galchenyuk playing together in it's self is enough to why Montreal would do this trade and why Edmonton would have the leverage in trade talks and why Montreal would have to over pay. Though a defensive liability Montreal plays a team game and can cover up for him like they do with DD.

Pacioretty- DD - Gallagher
Sekac- Galchneyuk- Yakupov
Bournival- Eller- Paranteu
Weise- Maholtra- Bourque


Hall- RNH- Eberle
Perron- Plekanec- Purcell
Pouliot- Gordon - Arcobello
Joensuu- Hendricks- Gazdic


You can't even compare Yakapovs defensive game to Desharnais' because they are no where close. Desharnais actually knows what to do when he's in their own end.


Yakupov for Del la Rose, Beaulieu and McCarron.


That sounds fair to me steamer

Charles Xavier

@ habsfan2 dd is a terrible defensive hockey player.end of debate.


Hall, RNH, and Yak for Bourque.

Fair and done deal. Well as fair as other person suggestions in THIS stream.

Book it!




10 Aug 2014 00:11:25
Phi needs defence so IMO they should go after a pending ufa

As a ranger fan I don't wanna spend 6 mil on staal

Phi: Travis seinham luke schenn 2nd

Nyr: staal 3rd

Flyers get a top 2 defenceman and a 3rd round pick

Rangers get a good prospect who has potential to be like ryan mcdounagh, and a defenceman who needs a change in scenery and a fresh start. Also a 2nd round pick




08 Aug 2014 01:26:25
To NYR: Joe Thornton
To San Jose: Marc Staal, 2nd round pick
San Jose gets help on D and NYR gets the centre man they need.
Thornton takes over the first line centre spot and Stepan moves to the second line.


This puts the rangers over the cap what's the next move


Rangers would be over cap, besides their paying brassard bookoo dollars to be number two center behind stepan


08 Aug 2014 18:42:04
Make it Brassard instead of the pick then the cap might work out




02 Aug 2014 00:45:33
MON: Kreider

NYR: conditional 2nd or 3rd, Andrighetto


There's no way in hell the Rangers give Kreider away for table scraps.




01 Aug 2014 07:53:18
Rangers window of oppuritnity to win is now.

Rangers trade Derrick Brassard, Conner Allen , 2015 2nd or 2016 2nd (Rangers decision) & 2015 4th to the Hurricanes for Eric Staal (20% retained)


Brassard, 1st, 2nd at least. AT LEAST. Even that probably wouldn't do it




28 Jul 2014 04:50:40
Nyr: oscar lindberg 3rd

Nj: jagr

I would love to see jagr play in nyr for his final season


JAGR said he could believe in another season after the upcoming one.


Rangers need to win soon. i'd deffs trade for Jagr


28 Jul 2014 22:43:33
jagr would have to have a really down year to be done, really loves the game and I think he reallly regrets going to the khl cause he'd likely already be only the 2d player with 2000+ points, but that looks out of reach now sadly.




27 Jul 2014 23:29:08
To NYR: Jesse Joensuu
To EDM: 2015 6th round draft pick,

Rather put Brad Hunt on waivers, or trade him for a pick. (7th round) It will free up space to Darnell Nurse can have the Top 4 Role.

In my opinion it was good to not give a contract to Fedun, he get's injured easily and the Oilers' organization just wastes money on him. He doesn't play, but gets payed. We cannot just sign him, and then HOPE he won't get injured AGAIN.

To Arizona: 2016 3rd, Ryan Hamilton, Luke Gazdic, 2015 4th (Ottawa)

To EDM: Antoine Vermette 2nd Line Center


You actually have to give something to get something in return. For Vermette you'll have to start with a decent forward. He is Arizona's best scorer.

ATH Hockey



27 Jul 2014 06:02:26
Rangers: dylan mcilrath Jesper fast

Boston: Johnny boychuck

Boston gets two good prospects and it's destined for mcilrath to be a bruin

Rangers get a good defenceman who could bring in leader ship

Rangers: dan Boyle

Habs: eller

Rangers get a centre they need and Montreal gets some veteran presence.

Now this is the big trade

Rangers: Nash

Islanders: dal colle

Rangers get to move out some big salary

Islanders get the guy to help them win now because they don't have a 1st round pick.


Kreider stepan zuccarello
St.louis eller dal colle
Hagelin brassard miller
Stempniak Moore glass

Extras: lindberg

Mcdounagh girardi
Staal Boychuck
Moore Klein

Extras: hunwick


Extras: missaen


Boyle isn't getting traded they just signed him


Boyle took less money to play in NY and Nash recently said he's never leaving the big apple, but I guess you can dream.


Even without a first round pick the islanders are planning for the future, with dal colle playing with tavares

buds till i die



24 Jul 2014 06:52:22
Oilers: lander + prospect (pitlick or gernat or khaira) + 2nd rd pk

Rangers: brassard

Scenario if rangers can't get brassard signed.

Would oilers trade yakupov for brassard? I think it might too much. What would the rangers want from the oilers?

edm oil

Rangers say no. Plain and simple. I have explanations to your trades above this one, but this requires no explanation because there is zero reason for NYR to make this trade and they'd lose out on it.

I agree with signing Loktionov if nothing else is available tho. Him or Mueller. I don't care if Mueller's FO% wasn't great when he was last in the NHL, he's a big body and was excellent the past two seasons in the Swiss Elite league. Worth a shot at a bargain price. If he doesn't work, play him on the wing and pit Arcobello in his place. It's not rocket science.




24 Jul 2014 00:36:28
NYR: D. Brassard, A. Duclair, Conditional 2nd (becomes a 2016 1st if Brassard doesn't sign)

SJ: J. Thornton




23 Jul 2014 20:39:45
MTL: Brassard
NYR: 2 and 3 round picks


Montreal doesn't need another 2nd/3rd line C.

ATH Hockey

Replace the 2nd with Desharnais




20 Jul 2014 01:14:37
Rangers sign stempniak 1 year 900,000


Y dopeople say unbeliavable?? it just happened


I guess the people want rumors not facts.




16 Jul 2014 18:26:29
Ok people i'm tired of this of Kane rumors that he will go to the habs. I love that he might go but the rumours that people make are horrible including me! so I will try my hardest to make a deal or deals I should say

MTL: 3rd, Gabriel Dumout

NYR: Talbot, 6th

Right after that you offer WIN this

MTL: Plekanec, Talbot, 3rd, 2nd MTL (Not Buffalos)

WIN: Kane

I know it sucks but whatever.


I think the value is fairly close then not, but as a habs fan I want to keep Pleckanec, he is a great offensive defensive player/ second line center for Montreal!

I would much rather MB make a trade surrounding Eller.


Ask yourself what teams would offer for Subban. A similar package needs to come from Montreal to fetch Kane. Think how both sides may benefit if at all. Only the Habs benefit here.


17 Jul 2014 02:21:49
nothing for kane.


One problem in Plekanec is that he is getting 2nd line money even though offensive/defensive centre men are supposed to play shutdown and offense in a 3rd line role. Now he is turning into a more defensive centre because his age is catching up with him and his production has been going down.




12 Jul 2014 17:39:48
Trade I know its never going to happen but who gives a poop.

MTL: Pleky, Emelim, Moen, 3rd, 4th, and next year 4th

CHI: Sharp, Kruger, 5th

This works out for both teams Chicago gets a 2nd line center Richards is not going to cut it even ask NYR

MTL lineup:




CHI lineup:





No thanks from Chicago, their is a reason every post on here from a habs fan includes trading plekanec, moen and mid round picks don't have a lot of value, emelin is solid but not enough to get sharp and kruger.


Lots of problems with this move. The biggest has to be the massive cap concerns for CHI. This deals makes it worst.
Chicago's biggest piece that will be moved is Hossa not Sharp.


Take out Kruger and it's fair but Chicago is trying to clear cap space and this doesn't do that.




09 Jul 2014 14:53:09
Free agent for Free agent

Franson, 3rd

NYR have a buch of centers on the roster with more coming up and could use some offence from the backend and T.O could use Brassard with Kadri on the 2nd line




Brennan is gone dude. signed with islanders
Maybe if the leafs could package picks an prospects for a dman like coburn too
Coburn phaneuf
Reilly polak
Gardiner robidas


Lol, Rangers have everything but centers. They got Dan Boyle to get offensive production from the blueline. So this is a no


And I'm pretty sure the Isles signed TJ Brennan, so he's not on the team.




08 Jul 2014 07:01:34
Tampa is set on goalies and probably has too many now. Florida will need a goalie when Luongo retires so maybe.

Tampa 1st 2015
NYR 1st 2015

Probably won't happen but you never know.


Probably won't happen? LOL! It won't, trust me.


08 Jul 2014 14:24:05
Vasilevski is a future top 10 goalie in the league.
Love Ekblad, but that's clearly too much for him.
Also, noone knows if Bishop will be that good again this season. And he's a FA after this season.
So Vasilevski sure won't hurt the Bolts


With Bishop free agent at the end of the season tampa needs to hang on to vasilevski. Not to mention Tampa gives up way too much in this trade. One of the best prospects in the world (I'd say better than Ekblad!) And two first round picks in a very deep draft? I know Ekblad went first overall this year but it was such a weak draft. There is a case to be made he would have been a borderline top 10 just last year. Definitely behind Mackinnon Barkov Drouin and Jones then you have guys like Monahan nurse Nichushkin. I think Ekblad is overrated by going number one he's not like other top picks hell be solid but far from a franchise cornerstone or generational talent like vasilevski could be


08 Jul 2014 15:22:59
Plus bishop will be leaving tampa asap once he's a ufa, no one wants to play there. Same with stamkos


Nobody wants to play in Tampa which is why Callahan didn't test free agency and Boyle took less money to play there over Toronto. They have a future no state tax and good weather that'll draw people. I don't think there's room for bishop long term not that he necessarily wouldn't want to be there


Colton Orr for Subban.


Please Don't Waste the Computer Space.



Which Subban


Hate to break it to you all but 99% of these trades have never and will never happen. You're not breaking any hearts with those revelations


08 Jul 2014 20:36:21
Beleaf, you are just mad, and delusional.
Prepare yourself for the butt hurt, when Stammer resigns in the off-season following the 2014-2015 season (when he becomes eligible to do so).


How much do you think Stamkos will get Draisaitl and other lightning fans? Double digits probably

Charles Xavier

09 Jul 2014 13:56:02
Ya, easily double digits. I think it depends on what Toews and Kane will get, and it will be around that figure then.
Stamkos might be a better player than Toews, but Toews is an incredible leader, so I'd say they shoudl get approx the same money.

But Tampa is a low tax state, so it might be a bit less than JT and PK


10.5 ×8 yrs the market is set

Charles Xavier



05 Jul 2014 20:08:12
To Oilers: Rights to Chris Kreider 2015 3rd round pick, 2016 5th round pick.
To Rangers: David Perron

For all of you that are thinking Perron won't get traded, he will. Craig Mactavish said that he doesn't think of keeping him for more than 12 months. Chris Kreider can be a good Power/Sniper Forward for the Edmontons 2nd line.


You can't just trade for a young player that emerged from a previous Stanley Cup run. If you could, then Subban would've been on a different team a long time ago.


I think if someone like Perron is getting traded, it's for a center or a top-2 dman (via package).


If so, then why are the Rangers looking for deals? That include Chris Kreider leaving the team. And they also did not sign him.


Perron may very we'll be traded but it won't be for Kreider. Kreider is better than Perron so the rangers wouldn't be adding and if NY did end up trading Kreider it would be for a lot more than Perron. Guys that are 6'3" and about 220lbs that can score and skate like the wind don't grow on trees.


Edmonton would gave to add, not Ny. Kreider has a lot higher value with his combination of size and speed




05 Jul 2014 18:39:04
PHI: Vinny Lecavalier, 3rd
NYR: John Moore

Rangers get a veteran center, Flyers get a young, two-way defender. Flyers would take some of Vinny's contract.

PHI: Braydon Coburn, 2nd
EDM: David Perron

Oilers get a good Dman, Flyers get a LW for their top line.

Sign: Justin Falk (1.25 mil), Adam Hall (750k), John Moore (2 mil)

$3,067,500 left in cap. This gives them room to eat some of Vinny's contract and still be safely under the cap. Flyers add two young, big body defensemen to rebuild their blueline, add a top LW, and dump Vinny. All offseason priorities taken care of.

Perron - Giroux - Voracek
Umberger - Schenn - Simmonds
Raffl - Couturier - Read
Rinaldo - Hall - Akeson

Timonen - MacDonald
Streit - Grossmann
Moore - Schenn
Schultz* Falk*



Rangers don't have the cap space




04 Jul 2014 02:53:57


MTL: Emelin, 2nd, 4th

Buffalo: Myers

MTL: 1st, Moen, Patryn

NYR: Hagelin

Subban 8.2/8yr
Eller, 3.6/4yr




Extra: Weaver


I'm probably going to look biased but I'm trying not I want to help my team out and at the same time make a fair offer back to the other team if it isn't fair please tell me and I will make a better new one!


The problem is you trade players like moen and a low first rounder for a top line player like stepan. Its beyond horrible


Sorry hagelin whos still a top 6 forward


Buffalo won't trade Myers.

And that would be a overpayment for Haglin. I wouldn't even give a 1st alone for Haglin


Bourque is not a second liner. Parenteau is.




30 Jun 2014 23:37:52
Totally thinking outside the box here BUT

why not try to get Eric and Jordon Staal ( and jared)
out of Carolina.
Package something like Phanuef, Kadri, Bozak and a pick 1st or 2nd in 2015--2016
Salaries are basically a wash.

1-2 Center punch and how good would Kessel and JVR do with the leaf killer E Staal

Outside the box #2
Get M Staal from NYR for something like Lupul anf rights to RFA Franson.

Reimer to Winnipeg ---2nd in return in 2015
as they lost it in the Frattin --Bernier deal


Komorov 2yr 5 M
Penner 3 Yr 12M
Glass 2 yr 2 M
Ott 2yr 3.5M
Winchester 2 yr 2M
Michalaek 3Yr 9M
Murray 3Yr 6M
D Boyle2 yr 1,5M
Derek Morris 1.5M 1 Yr
Ray Emery 1.75M 1 yr

All this and underthe cap
JVR ---Staal E --- Kessel
Penner --- Staal J --- Michalek
Komorov --- J Winchester--- Clarkson
Glass--- Ott S ---Orr

Polak Staal M
Reilly Murray
Gleason D Boyle


Not reality for sure but the fact its all under the cap anything is possible.


Winnipeg has no interest in Reimer. Plus you won’t get more than a 4th for him.


01 Jul 2014 13:58:58
Toronto has to give up way more for the 3 staals need to add like gatdiner and jvr to make it fair. and you are stuck with faneuph




29 Jun 2014 05:57:48
Sens Off season

Trade Spezza and Wiercioch to NYR for Staal, a 2nd in 2015 and a 6th in 2016
Sign Moulson 3yrs 13.5m
Sign Ott 2yrs 4m





Both Moulson and Ott will get more than that

Charles Xavier

Ott at 2 mill per is an absolute steal. In a thin UFA market he'll sign for double that




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