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28 Feb 2015 17:52:35
CGY: Glencross
WSH: Carrick and 2nd

Only because others have gotten big returns

STL: 2nd
CGY: Glencross

BOS: Bartkowski and 2nd
CGY: Glencross, Reinhart and 5th

NYR: Zuccarello
CGY: Glencross, Beartschi, 4th

CHI: Oduya
CGY: Glencross

ANA: 2nd
CGY: Glencross

NSH: Ekholm
CGY: Glencross and 4th




28 Feb 2015 17:35:05
mats zuccarello and 2nd round pick for brandon sutter

give penguins top six winger for malkin and give rangers 3rd line center, 2nd round pick because zuccarello is ufa after this season

fair trade.




27 Feb 2015 15:58:27
TB: Connolly, Brown, Nesterov, 2015 NYR 1st

CBJ: Wisniewski, Calvert


27 Feb 2015 21:05:12
Brown = Calvert
Connolly, Nesterov, 1st > Wis

No thanks

TB need a defensive, tough, physical D




27 Feb 2015 15:53:41
TB: Connolly, Brown, 2015 NYR 1st

CBJ: Wisnie




27 Feb 2015 02:09:38
Toronto Maple Leafs -

Goal: Become a regular playoff team (and a contender) within the next 4 years

Realistically the entire team is on the trade block EXCEPT:

F William Nylander
D Morgan Reilly
D Jake Gardiner
(IMO) F Connor Brown - He has good chemistry with McDavid if they win the lottery

Before Deadline:
F Joffrey Lupul

F Dmitri Jaskin
Conditional 2nd 2016 if he plays more than 70 games (including playoffs) before the 2016 draft.
F Tyler Bozak
5th 2015

F Anthony Duclair
2nd 2015

F Phil Kessel
D Jake Gardiner
F Frederick Gauthier

F Eric Staal
D Justin Faulk
3rd 2015
D Dion Phaneuf
F Nazem Kadri

F Nail Yakupov
D Nikita Nikitin

This gives the leafs 17 picks in the next two drafts. several being in the first 3 rounds

-Leafs hopefully pick up a top 2 pick this season and a top 5 pick next season, helping build their prospect pool with NHL superstars.

-They can flip Eric Staal next season for more picks or keep him long term as a veteran

-Yakupov beside Nylander/McDavid/Eichel and Duclair/Jaskin will be a show to watch


CaPtAiN cAnAdA

27 Feb 2015 08:31:16
Interesting how you trade one of your untouchables.
Oh and the first 2 trades easily favor the Leafs


There's NO WAY that would get you Jaskin, & a second! You could have Berglund for that though .


No way Bozak gets you Duclair

Also you listed Gardiner as on the No Trade List, then you move him to Carolina?


Gardiner is not untradeable


Leafs get a 2nd if Jaskin plays more? Still need to work on these conditional draft picks folks


Or is "he" Lupul? That's my bad


28 Feb 2015 05:18:13
I highly doubt the Leaf will trade Gardiner, mainly because he hasn't reached his 300 games in the NHL as a defense-man. Everyone knows he hasn't reached his full potential yet and the Leafs aren't going to be good for a while, so why don't we just keep and develop him?




26 Feb 2015 16:24:12
To cgy: mats zuccarello
To nyr: Glenx grunland and 1st


Way to much from Calgary


26 Feb 2015 17:09:54
Asking price for him is a 1st


26 Feb 2015 17:27:06
So take grunland out


26 Feb 2015 20:03:43
haha why is zuccarelo worth so much more than glencross. tbh i'd say glencross is worth more. because of his size and physicality




26 Feb 2015 05:32:46
Edmonton has all these stars that aren't preforming to their full potential. But why? Well my personal opinion is leader ship. Who do they really have for leaders in the dressing room? Ference, Gordon, Hendricks. After that you have Roy and maybe Petry. Here's what I think Edmonton needs to do.

Eberle & Petry to NYR for Klein, D.Moore(EDM's Choice), Fast & 1st 2015, 3rd 2016

J.Schultz & pick to NYI for Boychuk.

Marincin to FLA for Boyes.

Draft Hanifin at 3rd spot.

Maybe sign a goalie also.

Hall RNH Boyes
Draisaitl(Try on wing) Roy Yakapov
Pouliot Moore Purcell
Hendricks Gordon Fraser

Extra: Lander & Klinkhammer

Ferance Boychuk
Hanifin Klein
Klefbom/Nurse Fayne

Extra: Nikitin



I doubt you'll be able to get the Rangers 1st unless you give Tampa something as well.


26 Feb 2015 07:20:20
NYR doesn't have cap room, althought it is decent value wise

no way NYI does that boychuk one

and I doubt EDM would do the 3rd one, boyes is pretty ineffective.




25 Feb 2015 17:41:43
Huge inside rumor I am hearing.

At deadline, you may see a major deal between Sharks and Rangers, only thing that may prevent this from happening are that Rangers are unsure if they are willing to move Talbot this year but Sharks scouts are really impressed by him and consider him a goalie upgrade over Niemi. They feel Talbot could get them into the playoffs and be there future goalie. If it gets completed, they might move Niemi elsewhere nearly right after.

To San Jose: Carl Hagelin, Oscar Lindberg (prospect), Cam Talbot, Pavel Buchnevich (Prospect)

To NY Rangers: Logan Couture, Alex Stalock

Rangers roster (lines) moving forward would be:

Nash - Brassard - Zuccarello
Kreider - Stepan - Hayes
Jt Miller - Couture - St. Louis
Glass (Fast) - Moore - Stempniak

McDonagh - Girardi
Staal - Klein
Moore - Boyle



What do you think? Good or bad move and for whom?


Couture as your third line C? Doesn't seem like NYR would want that. Wouldn't they take another young player instead?


Hahahahahahahaha San Jose will NEVER trade Couture, too much potential. Can Talbot be a starting goalie? Odds are no, maybe an above average back-up, he isn't a prospect anymore.


This doesn't make much sense to me at all. San Jose wouldn't be able to send Stalock back and then trade Niemi later they need 2 goalies and no way they turnover both goalie spots at the deadline. That package is not enough for Couture. Lundqvist is still injured and San Jose doesn't think Stalock can start yet so why would rangers pin their playoff hopes on him? Especially if he's such a big downgrade from Talbot. I just can't make sense out of it personally.


Also Couture AND St. Louis on your third line? Those would be 2 of the top 3 forwards on the team no way they're lower than second line


Rangers are looking for another C. The lines are unknown as they will be juggled around till playoffs, but they are highly interested in Couture and San Jose Sharks are highly interested in prospect (Buchnevich), and goalie Cam Talbot. Hagelin or Zuccarello would be part of the deal, along with another prospect, that is the rumor.


That doesn't even get you couture. Thornton said he would only waive his NTC for NYR to play with Nash. So if you want Thornton hit us up. If you want Couture, start with Brassard.


Duclair and a first at least would be going for that deal


If sharks give up Couture they would be asking for mcdonagh back




23 Feb 2015 20:40:38
At the deadline.

To NYR: Yandle

To PHX: Jt Miller, John Moore, Brady Skeij (prospect), Oscar Lindberg (Prospect), Glass, 2015 2nd.


24 Feb 2015 08:45:08
6 for 1 deals almost never happen.




23 Feb 2015 17:07:55
Mtl:3 rnd pick

Nyr: D. Mcllrath




20 Feb 2015 02:07:45
TOR: Phanuef
LAK: Pearson & 2nd 2015

TOR: Winnik
NYI: Prospect & 2nd 2016 or 3rd 2015

MTL: Eller
EDM: Petry & conditional 3rd if he doesn't resign

MTL: Emelin & Fucale & 2nd 2015(BUF)
EDM: Yakapov or Eberle

ARI: Vermette
NYR: JT. Miller & Prospect & 2nd 2016

COL: O'Reilly
BUF: Stewart & Prospect & 2nd 2015

WPJ: prospect & 3rd 2016 or 4th 2015
OTT: Neil


1)LA can't because of cap
2)NYI sends a 3rd and maybe - MAYBE - sends a bottom level prospect
3)MTL adds. EDM wants more than just a roster player. MTL adds a 2nd at most.
4)EDM's not going to give up Yakupov at this point unless it's beautiful for them. Eberle, although not as good, is worth more to the Oilers I feel
5) ARZ wants a 1st. Either make it a 2016 1st or make the prospect really good, like Kevin Hayes.
6)Same deal as #5.
7)Neil isn't getting traded if he doesn't want to be traded, and he doesn't want to be traded.

Sorry to burst all 7 of your bubbles. Well, 5. 5 of your bubbles.


Buf does not need a center and col does not need a ufa.


20 Feb 2015 09:52:34
1. In any scenario LA gets Phaneuf, Leafs have to take back Richards and his contract. IMO that's a fact.
2. Winnik might fetch a 2nd from a super desperate contender. No way someone adds (or better should add) a (good) prospect tho.
Rest is at least somewhat reasonable


20 Feb 2015 12:41:57
Neil has a broken thumb he is not going anywhere

Sens hunter

Neil isn't even worth a 6th because he can't do anything but get penalty's so a 4th is an overpayment, that was soo sad that you sound like an ultra sens fan but you're a habs fan




19 Feb 2015 16:58:09
Buffalo needs goalie prospects!!

New York Rangers get
Josh Gorges

Buffalo gets
Brandon Halverson
2015 3rd round pick


@TD1919TD probably a fair talent exchange, but IMO Murray would want a better GK prospect.


BTW, Gorges may be out for the season with an injury.




17 Feb 2015 02:55:10
Trade Michalek, Wiercioch and 2nd to NYR for Kreider and Kristo
Draft Hannifin





17 Feb 2015 06:19:02
As much as i'd love to get Kreider I don't think that's enough.




16 Feb 2015 07:32:38
The top suitor for Kessel seems to be the Rangers and while the rangers are Championship contenders the Leafs.are rebuilding and this deal mmakes sense:

Tor: Kreider, Duclair, 1st in 2016, 2nd in 2015

Nyr: Kessel, Winnik


Yummy have you heard of the salary cap? Or even NYR problem next year as they have a crazy amount of UFA and RFA to resign, this trade makes zero sense




16 Feb 2015 03:15:51
Trying to work out trades for New Jersey to make at the deadline:

NJ sends RW Jaromir Jagr
BOS sends Philadelphia's 2015 2nd round pick

NJ sends RHD Marek Zidlicky
DET sends conditional 2nd round pick

NJ sends RW Michael Ryder
NYR sends 2015 5th round pick

NJ sends D Jon Merrill and 2015 3rd round pick
EDM sends RW Nail Yakupov

NJ sends RW Marty Havlat
NYI sends 2015 6th round pick




That's a 1st, 3 2nds, 2 5ths, 2 6ths, and a 7th


I can get behind all of those trades except EDM. At least a 2nd. Maybe two. Not a 1st though, because they're doing way too badly to trade that.


If NJ has 3 2nds they should use at least one of them in the Yakupov trade.


Yak upon is NOT getting traded, the kid has so much upside. All he needs is confidence. Plus, if they were to trade Yak it wouldn't be for that return




@jazz imo if I'm new jersey I'd rather keep merril maybe Larson for yak




15 Feb 2015 21:52:01
Some of the trades I've seen that ship jokinen out of toronto are ridiculous.

Jokinen is not worth much, nearly no value at all.

Here's my guess at how it'll come around.

NYR: 6th round pick (2015)
TOR: Jokinen

He's a depth forward at best, rangers need one. Something like this makes sense. A 6th should be more than enough to get jokinen.


I think he could get a 6th as well. I think Florida might chance it since he played his best hockey there.


15 Feb 2015 22:13:45
Except for the cap, but ya that's probably what he'll fetch.


15 Feb 2015 23:16:41
what do you mean except for the cap? he's owed liek 300k the rest of the year, almost every team has enough room to add him if the wish.


Torontos play is to start a bidding war for playoff teams looking for a depth forward and there are a few of them.

I agree he has little value but I could see a team willing to pony up a 4th if a GM is under pressure to make a move dedline day.

They should stick him in between kessel and JVR for a few games and see what happens. It can't get much worse anyway.




14 Feb 2015 16:05:50
1st Round Knock Outs

ARI: 1st rounder 2015, 2nd rounder 2015, Vermette
TOR: Kessel

PIT: 1st rounder 2015, Sutter
CHI: Sharp

NYR: 1st rounder 2015, Hayes
SJ: Thornton

OTT: 1st rounder 2015, 3rd rounder 2015, Conrda
EDM: Eberle

MTL: 1st rounder 2015, De La Rose, Eller
ARI: Yandle, Hanzal


Well neither Pitt nor NYR have a 2015 first and no way ARI gives up their 2015 first which is a good shot at mcdavid plus for kessel when they are rebuilding


Im not sure why toronto would want vermette there's no way he would resign to a newly rebuilding team

pittsburgh doesn't have their first round pick from the perron deal

new york is a cap team i'm not sure they can fit thortons contract


14 Feb 2015 17:11:16
Ottawa says hell no.! Skipping on a chance to get Strome/Crouse/Killyngton/Barzal for a 2nd line rw. No thank you


You're not getting Ottawa's first rounder this year.




13 Feb 2015 23:13:39
Deal that makes sense

Tor:Duclair, Hagelin, 1st in 2016, 2nd in 2015

Nyr: Kessel, Santorelli

Good Return you get a good young fill in for Kessel along with a A level prospect and two high picks while the Rangers add depth to a team that is looking to win the championship in Kessel an annual 75-85 point producer and a great third line forward in Santorelli


There is a salary cap, you know that right?


14 Feb 2015 08:55:37
Put the salary cap aside and I think otherwise its a good deal


Regarding that's the value of kessel rangers woul have to add something for santo that's the exact trade I post as a mock trade I saw for value for kessel except they said 2015 1st value and minus santo




13 Feb 2015 20:20:01
Saw a mock trade for kessel to show the value he could bring back the trade they showed was
Tor trades kessel
Nyr trade 2015 1st hagelin 2015 2nd and a player like duclar


Yeah, NYR don't have a 1st.


13 Feb 2015 21:03:45
NYR 2015 1st belongs to TB


It was just for value not an acual trade so bassically top6 fwd 20-30 1st 20-30 2nd and a prospect valued like duclair


Even if they had a first toronto wouldn't do it


Other then that it looks good. Who knows what for and if kessel gets traded but that seems about how value


Nyr also doesn't have the cap space I don't think


I ment like value this isn't an acual thing it's just based on the value of each item like a20-30 1st and 2nd top fwd and good prospect


Take out one of the picks and both teams might settle.


Fair value I think

Charles Xavier



13 Feb 2015 19:40:55
Reports (Damien Cox) are saying Toronto wants a 1st round pick and two top prospects for Kessel. He also noted that Kessel's rate of return is higher than that of Evander Kane.

Based on that report

Toronto: R. Strome, Reinhart, 2016 1st

Islanders: Kessel

It may sound far-fetched but its not impossible. Kane is not the player Kessel is and despite what many think, actually has a worse attitude than Phil. Most of this site is filled with Leaf haters anyway so I don't expect a lot of support on this proposal but look what Kane got in return.

Helps NYI in the immediate and long term future. Kessel finally gets out of the limelight and gets to play with a true #1 centre. Finally Kessel will be mentioned in a dynamic duo along side of Johnny T. Comparables to Sequin and Benn, Giroux and Voracek, Getz and Perry etc.

Toronto gets long term help at C which they desperately need, Strome can be the 2nd line centre for years to come. Reinhart will hold down the 2nd pairing likely as Rielly emerges as the top pairing guy.

Toronto: 2nd

NYR: Santorelli

Toronto: conditional 3rd (becomes 2nd if penguins make conference finals)

Pens: Winnik

Toronto: Faksa, 2nd

Dallas: Franson

Its going to take a lot more than a 2nd rounder for Franson. If that were the asking cost, he would've been traded months ago.

Toronto: conditional 3rd (becomes 2nd if Minnesota makes 2nd round)

Minnesota: Lupul

Toronto: Faulk

Carolina: Bozak, 2nd (Dallas)

Toronto: Future Considerations

Calgary: Clarkson (1.25M retained), Nillson, Loov

Toronto: Ritchie, 2nd 2015

Ducks: Phaneuf

Toronto: Nugent-Hopkins

Edmonton: Bernier, Ana 2nd

Ive heard this rumour a few times now (not the 2nd round pick) and it doesn't so that bad. Edmonton desperately needs goaltending and Toronto could really benefit from the Nuge

Toronto: 5th

Detroit: Robidas

Detroit needs RH help bad.

Hopefully draft 2nd overall after the explosion of leaf players being traded

take Eichel

Next season

sign Niemi 5 year 4.4 per

Jvr Eichel Nylander
Kadri Nuge Strome
Ritchie Faksa Holland
Panik Gauthier C. Brown

Rielly Faulk
Reinhart Polak
Percy Finn



Solid trades would love to see the hopkins with the leafs but think it would take a little more to get him


Don't put any stock in Damien Cox.


The way RNH has being playing I don't think there is anyway edmonton would be dumb enough to trade him. It is starting to become very evident he was their best draft pick from their rebuild at one of the most important positions.

Even though Burky has a hard on for "toughness" I can't see him taking on clarksons contract

I hope that's the value toronto is shooting for if they decide to trade Kessel they need a big return for him for their rebuild.

I wouldn't sign Niemi mine as well let Reimer start if you trade Bernier the team is going to suck for a while after all these trades mine as well ride it out.


I think if edm gets mcdavid the trade should be jvr bernier and Carrick for nuge and eberle trade dion and Biggs to la for m Richards and demand m jones be in the trade


13 Feb 2015 21:07:30
Thats an overpayment for Kessel. Easily.
All the other trades favour the Leafs, too. Suprise, surprise.
Faksa, 2nd is too much for Franson
Faulk is worth a lot more
ANA won't pay that a good prospect and a 2nd for an overpaid pylon man
Robidas has (thru his contract) negative value. Have to add to get rid of him.
Oh and Niemi will demand and get more IMO


Strome and Reinhart aren't exacty prospects any more so islanders decline. The leafs win every other trade. Doesn't get you Faulk. Phaneuf with salary retained might get that. No way that gets Nuge.


You realize Eichel is a defenseman, right?


14 Feb 2015 08:59:20
@thejazz: WTF?!


@drais- I know you're a hater but you can at least be honest. You don't think the Santorelli, Winnik, or Robidas deals are fair? I know the leafs suck but you bash every leaf trade on this site. Like it or not there are leafs with value.


With Garth snow operating at the helm I wouldn't be surprised if he threw in dalcole and another 1st on top of that.

lol still can't believe the vanik trade


Hey jazz hands, Eichel ISN'T a defenseman


@Draisaitl_94 whoops. my bad.




13 Feb 2015 19:19:10
Dal - 3rd 2015
Wpg - Cole

Dal - Faksa, Jokkipaaka, Fiddler, 2nd 2016
Tor - Franson, Lupul, 5th 2015

Dal - 4th 2016
NYR - Horcoff

Dallas gets rid of cap by trading Cole and Horcoff, and can then take on the cap of Franson and Lupul. Dallas hopefully will try to sign Franson back. Toronto gets a bounty in return. Wpg and NYR get quality bottom sixers for the playoffs




13 Feb 2015 05:51:26
Rangers Trade: L.Stempniak, 5th 2015
Vancouver Trade: Z.Kassian

Who gets it better?


What team would give a 3rd for Kassian, much less a decent roster player?


I think Kassian's value is very low atm. NYR declines.


13 Feb 2015 14:11:49
I would much rather have Kassian over Stempniak.


My reply was designed to respond to the post below, not this one. This is not the first time my posts end up in the incorrect location. @Titties (my favorite subject) you are correct.


13 Feb 2015 18:23:02
Kassians Value is low right now, but his ceiling is much higher then Stepniak.

Kassian is only 23, and after being a healthy scratch, has SCORED IN 3 STRAIGHT GAMES. Hopefully he keeps it up.


I think Kassian got the reality check and is starting to roll. Too much potential in Kassian. Van passes.




12 Feb 2015 17:52:16
Since Mrazek is doing Amazing!!

Detroit Trades:

NY Rangers Trade:
3rd round pick

Rangers get a goalie who could help Talbot and fill in during Lundquist's injury and could be useful for experience in playoff goalie depth.

Detroit Trades:
Rangers 3rd, Kindl, Cleary/Andersson

Washington Trades:
Mike Green

Washington gets a pick, Replacement for Green on blueline, a depth forward. Detroit gets the right-handed D they need on the blue-line and a PP specialist.Green is a UFA.

Detroit Lines:
Ex.Cleary/Andersson(Whichever Washington doesn't want)



Note: Franzen is injured, when he comes back he takes 3rd line spot. Or replaces abdelklader on 2nd line. While he is injured, Detroit play Pulikkinen to give him more experience.

May not happen. Who adds?


Not enough value for Green. First trade looks good though.


Is that NYR's 3rd or VAN's?


Lundqvist will back back before playoffs I thought and they are still doing fine without him. Seems like a wasted pick to me.


@ theJazz97:
The Canucks 3rd round pick was in last years draft.


Well that's atrocious for Washington. Two months of Green is more valuable than every last bit of that garbage. A 3rd, seriously? Why would Wash ever consider that?


Oh. Whoops. Anaheim has our 3rd this year.




12 Feb 2015 04:48:57
To NYR: Chris Stewart,Jake McCabe, 2015 3rd,2016 4th,2015 7th
To Buffalo: 2015 1st (NYR)

Buffalo loses salary (4.1m) Gains a 1st round draft pick.
NYR gets a player that can be productive on a good team, a (B-) Prospect. And an early 3rd.

This gives Buffalo even more cap room to make a big splash in free agency.


The rangers can't take on that kind of salary


And new york doesn't have a first rounder I think it went to tampa in the st louis deal


Easy no from Murray. Way too much for NYR 1st.


NYR do not have a 2015 1st, so I am assuming you meant 2016. How about Stewart for 2015 2nd which becomes a 2016 1st if Rangers resign him.




11 Feb 2015 22:42:29
Confirmed trade:

Buffalo acquires:
Anders Lindback
Conditional 2016 3rd

Dallad acquires:
Jhonas Enroth

Dang, that was who I was hoping the Rangers would pick up


There is always neuvirth or lineback. Do you realize that Lindback was traded for 2-2nds & a 3rd to TBL just a few years back. (there were other assets involved but they were minor)


Dont hate it.

Lindback could be a late bloomer like Bishop. he's a viable backup at the very worst.

Im liking what Murray is doing with that rebuild in Buffalo




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