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19 Apr 2014 20:52:05
To Philly: Spezza, Weircioch
To Ottawa: B & L Schenn

More going to ottawa wercoich is going to be a good solid Dman

The Flyers already have Giroux and Schenn, why in the world do they need Speeza?



19 Apr 2014 20:47:20
OTT: BoroCop
EDM: Moroz

Edm needs D and Moroz plays with Lazar in WHL


The Oilers need Moroz in the future more than they need Borocop.



19 Apr 2014 00:24:44
Ottawa off season

Ottawa trades: Spezza, Weircioch, Greening, 2nd
Phx trades: Yandle, Boedker

Ottawa trades: Prince, Hoffman
Buffalo trades: Stewart

UFA Stastny
UFA Boyle (NYR)



Condra, Pageau, Lazar, Boro, Gryba

Anderson, Lehner

I really would like to see Stewart in a SBR uniform but if the trade was: Ottawa trades: Shane Prince & 2nd to Buffalo for Chris Stewart, CUL8R Chris!

No point in the stewart trade, he is very talented but is very lazy, he takes to many games off to be worth prince and hoffman



18 Apr 2014 20:36:00
OTT Offseason:
Sign FA Ottawa boy Danny Boyle! 2yr 10mil
Sign: Hemsky 4yr 20mil
Sign: Michalek 3yr 9mil
Extend: Ryan 5yr 30mil
Extend: Macarthur 4yr 16mil
let Kassian Walk

Michalek - Spezza - Hemsky
Macarthur - Turris - Ryan
Hoffman -Zibanejad - Stone
Greening - Smith - Condra

Methot - Karlsson
Boyle - Ceci
Wiercioch -Phillips

Anderson, Lehner

Scratches: Neil, Cowen, Borowiecki

OTTs offence is in good shape, all top 9 forwards are capable of atleast 20 goal seasons + Karlsson too.
What OTT really needs is good leadership and a veteran presence in defence. Phillips, Spezza and Neil failed to bring in leadership this year and with the disappearance of Alfredsson and Gonchar, it just made everthing worse. Dan Boyle should be able to bring back that leadership and veteran presence that OTT needs.

Pretty good if the plans are to keep spezza. I think Ryan would want more though.

As a sens fan I'd rather see Phillips as an extra and have Cowen playing what happened to gryba? Would rather see him stay for ottawa as another extra option than an unproven boro. Hardest part for ottawa will be managing the defense inless they trade guys out.
I like your lines though solid mix of offense and defense with some gritty lines in there as well

Id love to see all top 9 fwds on any team all score 20 goals, but in real life those things don't happen. But some of your top six will get near 30 or possibly more and some will be 10-20 in your top 9

Borowiecki I believe has a one year contract next season

One year one way contract you mean?

I still see this line-up failing dramatically like this years line-up.




17 Apr 2014 22:07:54
Ottawa trades: Spezza, Anderson, Cowen, Hoffman
Washington trades: Backstrom, Carlson

Ottawa gets an elite centre and the Karlsson/Carlson combo

Washingston gets a #1 goalie, a big defenceman with lots of potential and a good prospect in Hoffman (top AHL scoring)
And the Spezza/Ovechkin combo would be something to see. 100 points each guaranteed (also have +/- of -50 each. )

Many benefits for both teams

Terrible for Washington. Backstrom > Spezza
Carlson >> Cowen and the difference isn't a 32 year old goaltender and a career AHLer.

Carlson, Ok ya he's obviously a better player than Cowen.
But Spezza, he is more impactful player and more skilled player than Backstrom. Backstrom has made a career of giving the puck to Ovechkin and letting him skate the ice and score. Backstrom is a 2nd line center. He is NOT a elite 1st line center like Spezza is.

^Spezza is about to be 30 (4 years older) and in no definable way elite compared to Backstrom. Both players are roughly Point per game over their careers. You are a homer if you think Backsttom is in any way a 2nd line C. And if you do some research over his career Backstroms numbers increase when Ovi is out of the lineup so he's not just feeding Ovi



17 Apr 2014 16:28:13
Boston Krug and a 2nd round pick
Phoenix Keith Yandle

Ottawa Jason Spezza
Winnipeg Blake Wheeler and a 2nd

Vancouver Ryan Kesler
NYR Brassard and a 1st

Edmonton 2nd round pick
Toronto Rights to RFA James Riemer

CGY Curtis Glencross
Toronto Biggs and a 3rd

How many times does it have to be said? The oilers don't need reimer and he is worth a 3rd at best.

Can’t see any of these happening. Not enough for Yandle. Winnipeg wouldn't take Spezza straight up for Wheeler. Kesler is in decline. Edmonton is better off holding on to the pick. Calgary needs a veteran presence to lead their youth.

Krug Is untradable



17 Apr 2014 03:29:49
To Ottawa: Cam Fowler, 2015 1st, rights to Jakob Silverberg

To Anaheim: Jason Spezza, Mike Hoffman, 2014 3rd

Love it

Ducks want depth at D. Gibson and Anderson are young and may make mistakes. They will need the help. Ducks could use Spezza money on D and then look for a scorer

Looks good- Send it to Murray!

Good trade but I think that Ottawa needs to retain some $

Great trade, in the sense that equal value going each way.

(Koivu, Selanne assume to retire)



^ Stud line up especially down the middle.


(Wiercoch, Cowen, Phillips)/Gryba


^ need to move a left handed defenseman. Too cluttered on the back end especially with Borowiecki (another Left handed D) NHL ready. If I had it my way I wouldn't have re-signed Phillips.

No way ottawa retains, Spezza only has a year left anyways then he's anaheims problem, I really like him and want him to stay with the Sens but if they can't get something done, Murray has to move him this summer.



16 Apr 2014 14:43:08
Anaheim: Spezza
Ottawa: : Lindholm, Smith-Pelly

Not enough going ottawas way

At the draft
Ottawa: 1st round pick back, Silvferberg, rights to Hiller
Anaheim: Spezza

Throw in a pick, and it's done. BUT. I'd actually keep Spezza if it meant Hemsky hangs around.

Sens fan here, don't see these trades happening. I don't think Anaheim will trade our pick back to us. I feel they will use that pick and there own to go up in the draft. (10th) and (27th, 28th, 29th or 30th) they might use both to jump up to maybe 5th overall or something.

Cooler heads will prevail, trade Spezza? Come on, he had a bad season for a top tier player who led lot of green talent. Did you see Spezza and Hemmer play together looked like the Heatley/Spezza days. Would corporate ego's be willing to trade away that potential? I hope not.



16 Apr 2014 12:39:22
To Nashville: Jason Spezza, Jared Cowen, Erik Condra, 2015 2nd

To Ottawa: Shea Weber

The asking price some people have in mind is insane, no team will give up as much as people think for him.

Weber karlsson pairing would be unfair to the rest of the league

Nashville will want
-1st round pick
-An elite player in their prime
-A defensive prospect
-A forward prospect

Possibly more
. Remember they turned down 4 first round picks from Philly to keep Weber

^If Nashville does not start winning they will need to sell Weber and Rinne. They will give them the return needed to start their core building. They should do so before Jones reaches is prime

No it will be more than that. I don't see Spezza, Cowen, Prince, 1st for Weber. They have no desire to move him at all. So for a team to try and acquire Weber, they will have to over pay. So if we want to get weber it will go something like this.
Possibly Prince

And as an Ottawa fan I'd tell Mr. Poile to go pound sand.

I think they matched phillies offer sheet to make a point that they weren't lose Weber & Suter. Looking back they probably wish they had. I think Weber is the best in the league but any package that gives this team some offense & a bright future, Nashville would be dumb not to take it.



15 Apr 2014 19:40:36
To Philly: Spezza
To Ottawa: Couturier, 1st

There needs to be a Dman comming back as well

Senators need to add something. Probably a dman that can play in the nhl and has upside. And no not Phillips



15 Apr 2014 13:32:20
TSNs Brent Wallace on whether Jason Spezza will be back with the Senators next year, "probably not. " Spezza to Toronto for Kadri, Franson and a second. But in ALL honesty can't see Ottawa Trading Spezz to a division Rival. But Kadri would be a good fit with Bobby Ryan and Keep Turris and Mac together. ANd Ottawa gets another Dman they need especially another puck moving one that can play pp and a fairly young young, But then again from a leafs stand point how healthy is Spezz Back going fwd?


The Leafs need DEFENSE. Not more forwards.
Spezza is a pretty good player, but if priority number 1 in Leaf land isn't to get a good defensemen to play with Dion, then Nonis should be fired.


Kadri not wanted in ottawa franson isn't a guy ottawa needs. If you would want spezza you would need to overpay and if you want a #1 centre you would need to offer good players

Spezza isn't even a first liner. Turris is.

To the person who said kadri not wanted in ottawa re-watch the draft the year kadri got drafted your GM tried to make a deal with Burke to get our 7th overall pick so he could draft kadri himself.



15 Apr 2014 07:27:27


-ovies hero

Fair value tradewise but I'd think each team values those player to highly and would want a higher return

An up and coming, soon to be star defenceman for an older, injury prone center? No.


Ott: Spezza & Borowiecki & Anderson

Wsh: Backstrom & Carlson & Volpatti

Haha troll

-ovies hero

Washington takes out Volpatti, Ottawa adds Prince and a 2nd



14 Apr 2014 22:42:55
Vancouver: Anderson, Gryba
Ottawa: Hamhuis

As a sens fan i'd be open to it as a vetern goalie can be signed in ufa to help lehner further his development, linden takes the phone and asks what else you got though

Sens add pageau as van is looking for a centre to replace kesler

Hamhuis doesn't waive and Van says no.

Canucks won't trade Hamhuis. He is 1 of the best defensive defencemen in the league.



14 Apr 2014 03:07:37
Winnipeg: Anderson, Gryba
Ottawa: Ladd

Winnipeg needs a goalie and a stay at home defenceman
Ottawa will need a LW if Michalek does not return

And the Jets would trade their captain why? This is an awful trade for Winnipeg. Actually, it's pretty bad for Ottawa aswell.

Anderson is not in his prime anymore. Gryba is not an improvement on D. Therefore Ladd would not be moved for pieces that do not improve the Jets. Ladd would be a huge improvement for the Sens. Lehner could take the starter job and Gryba is only a depth Dman



13 Apr 2014 15:35:43
Here's a realistic trade

Sedin sisters


Zombie Guy

Turris is sooooo valuable to the Sens and might be even more next season if Ottawa trades Spezza

Please explain how this is realistic. Because to me, this makes absolutely not sense.

'Sedin Sisters' LOL



13 Apr 2014 04:10:04
Ottawa: Cowen, Condra, 2nd in 2014
Washington: Johansson, 1st in 2014

I like it. Send it to Murray!

Take out the draft picks and it would be more believable.



13 Apr 2014 04:08:32

silvferberg, noeson, 1st

Why does Anaheim need Jason Spezza? They already have Ryan Getzlaf as their number 1 center. Also, why would Ottawa want Silvferberg back?

Apparently Anaheim has asked Murray about Spezza quite a bit, they want him as a second line centre and for the powerplay. Spezza has a NTC and would likely say yes to sunny california too.
As for Silfverberg, you wouldn't want a young, two way forward that is good friends with Karlsson back? I'd rather have Lindholm or Fowler to add to our young D core instead of Noeson and the 1st.

Ha there is no way you get Lindholm or Fowler for an aging, injury prone, declining Spezza! You would have to add to the deal if you wanted one of those 2

It's ironic, because that's exactly what Ottawa gave for Bobby Ryan, I think it's a bit of a joke, in any case, Anaheim adds, if that's the price for Ryan, Spezza is worth the rights to Silfverberg, Fowler and a first. Maybe the sens send a prospect like Stone or Prince the other way.



12 Apr 2014 23:49:20
Ott: Spezza, Cowen, Condra, 2nd 2015

Weber would be fantastic but nobody wants that contract.

As a sens fan if love to have weber but don't think this deal gets done unless you trade condra for lazar or zbad and I don't really want to give those guys up



12 Apr 2014 23:24:44
Senators Offseason

Trade Cowen, Hoffman, Condra and a 2nd in 2014 to WAS for Johansson and a 1st in 2014
Draft Haydn Fleury
Resign Hemsky, Lehner, Gryba
Let Michalek and Kassian walk
Sign Daniel Winnik






12 Apr 2014 23:22:42
Leafs- Spezza, Weircioch, Gryba
Ottawa- JVR, Kadri

Jvr and kadri for spezza but we don't want kadri he is brutal



12 Apr 2014 20:43:45
Ottawa Senators 2014-2015
Matt Moulson ($5. 000m) / Jason Spezza ($7. 000m) / Ales Hemsky ($3. 000m)
Clarke MacArthur ($3. 250m) / Kyle Turris ($3. 500m) / Bobby Ryan ($5. 100m)
Curtis Lazar ($0. 894m) / Mika Zibanejad ($0. 894m) / Mark Stone ($0. 603m)
Colin Greening ($2. 650m) / Zack Smith ($1. 888m) / Chris Neil ($1. 900m)
Mike Hoffman ($0. 726m) /
Marc Methot ($3. 000m) / Erik Karlsson ($6. 500m)
Chris Phillips ($2. 500m) / Cody Ceci ($0. 894m)
Eric Gryba ($0. 660m) / Patrick Wiercioch ($2. 000m)
Craig Anderson ($3. 188m)
Robin Lehner ($0. 851m)
Matt Moulson 4 years x 5 million
Ales Hemsky 3 years x 3 million
Jared Cowen and Erik Condra to Washington Captials for 1st round pick (2014)

SALARY CAP: $71, 100,000; CAP PAYROLL: $55, 997, 333; BONUSES: $1, 955,000
CAP SPACE (21-man roster): $15, 102, 667

I'd put Ryan on the 1st Line, other than that 100% perfecto


Extend Ryan: 4 yrs 5.5 million
Extend Spezza: 3 yrs 6.8 million
Lehner: 4 yrs 3 million
Methot: 4 yrs 4 million
MacArthur: 2 yrs 3. 75 million

Price for Hemsky is a bit low, but I'd feel something similar in value, as he'd be asking a bit more and is a bit of a risk, I like him but find him streaky: 2 yrs 4. 25 million

Ryan stays with Turris and MacArthur, you clearly don't watch enough sens games if you think he should be with Spezza, the MRT line is golden.



12 Apr 2014 18:44:51
To Washington: 2nd 2015, Prince, Condra
To Ottawa: Johansson

Ottawa gets ripped

Cowen for johansson

Sens already traded their 3rd round pick in that draft, it would leave them too thin in the deepest draft since '13

This is not a deep draft, especially compared to last year



12 Apr 2014 17:25:46
Ottawa Senators 2014-2015
Matt Moulson ($5. 000m) / Jason Spezza ($7. 000m) / Ales Hemsky ($3. 000m)
Clarke MacArthur ($3. 250m) / Kyle Turris ($3. 500m) / Bobby Ryan ($5. 100m)
Curtis Lazar ($0. 894m) / Mika Zibanejad ($0. 894m) / Devin Setoguchi ($2. 500m)
Colin Greening ($2. 650m) / Zack Smith ($1. 888m) / Chris Neil ($1. 900m)
Mike Hoffman ($0. 726m)
Marc Methot ($3. 000m) / Erik Karlsson ($6. 500m)
Chris Phillips ($2. 500m) / Cody Ceci ($0. 894m)
Eric Gryba ($0. 660m) / Patrick Wiercioch ($2. 000m)
Mark Borowiecki ($0. 575m)
Craig Anderson ($3. 188m)
Robin Lehner ($0. 851m)
SALARY CAP: $71, 100,000; CAP PAYROLL: $56, 969,000; BONUSES: $1, 685,000
CAP SPACE (22-man roster): $12, 631,000

Matt Moulson 4 years x 5 million million
Devin Setoguchi 3 years x 2.5 million
Ales Hemsky 3 years x 3 million
Jared Cowen and Erik Condra to Washington Captials for 1st round pick (2014)
****Repost with adjustment****

Hemsky gets more drop setoguchi and keep stone up for third line and the seto money can go toward Hemsky don't see ottawa packaging Cowen and condra for a first rounder Murray is pretty high on Cowen and condra is excellent on the ok and defensively for us

Hemskys going to want more then that

Ottawa will want more for Cowen.



12 Apr 2014 15:15:09
If sens don't resign Michalek.

Phoenix trades Boedker
Ottawa trades Weircoch, Hoffman

Why would Phoenix trade one of their best forwards?

Because we want him ;)



12 Apr 2014 14:53:25
To Ottawa: Silfverberg, Lindholm, 2nd 2015
To Anaheim: Spezza

As a Sens fan, I would take that.

Anaheim wouldn't take that lindholm is going to be a really good defenceman

Not going to give up that much for spezza and his back issues.



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