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04 May 2016 07:37:17
OTT: Cody Ceci, 2016 12th
EDM: Taylor Hall


OTT: D Thomas Chabot, 2016 12th
TBL: Jonathan Droun.

04 May 2016 09:55:14
Drouins trade value definitely went up since he returned but he's not worth our best prospect and 12th overall pick. It's a pretty strong draft could possibly get a real gem rather keep it unless Edmonton wants that first trade than why not.

04 May 2016 09:55:14
Drouins trade value definitely went up since he returned but he's not worth our best prospect and 12th overall pick. It's a pretty strong draft could possibly get a real gem rather keep it unless Edmonton wants that first trade than why not.

04 May 2016 10:48:54
Ha funny.

04 May 2016 12:02:50
nice try ottawa way over valueing again.

04 May 2016 13:09:16
While I agree it's too much for Drouin this draft is not strong. It's top heavy in the first 3 picks and drops fast. I've heard it described as an ok to overall not great draft class.

04 May 2016 14:41:07
Why would edmonton ever do that trade. Thank god that guy isn't a gm.

04 May 2016 15:26:56
This draft is actually pretty good but lacks Depth. At the top you have the big three who could all be number 1s in some drafts. 4 through 12 have some really good talent in it, so trading someone like say Keller and Chabot for Drouin is ludicrous to me. There are two other big drop offs to me in this draft: right after the 22nd pick and after the 50th pick. There is not a lot of depth in this draft so be prepared for teams to try to move up.

04 May 2016 19:10:41
Chabot for Drouin is ridiculous. Drouin is proving it would be a steal for OTT. The 12th overall pick probably too much to add but Drouin has been nothing short of amazing this playoffs.

05 May 2016 10:58:05
How the heck does Drouin have the same value as Taylor Hall?

04 May 2016 04:47:28
- 2016 1st (12th overall)

- Jordan Eberle

I think the value is the same.
Edmonton clears space for more free agency room/ trading possibilities
Ottawa gets a scoring winger with a fantastic offensive ability given confidence.
Yakupov is happier because he takes Eberle's spot= more playing time

Oilers draft:
4th Overall: Tkachuk
12 Overall possibilities: Logan Brown, Bean, Jost or trade it.

04 May 2016 05:00:12
so we burn a few years off McDavids ELC? Why would we trade NHL players for the future. Horrible for Edmonton just delaying the rebuild.

04 May 2016 05:15:42
Could package those 2 picks and trade them for a Dman and prospect.

04 May 2016 06:43:02
Yeah um your not getting a 12th OA pick fir eberle no chsnce.

04 May 2016 06:50:47
you mean you're not getting eberle for a mid first. i think you got that a little mixed up.

04 May 2016 09:46:34
Like Oil said makes no sense from oilers. And Colt Eberle would be a top line players on twenty out of thirty teams or so. Also top 6 on any team. Why trade a proven goal scorer for an 18year old that may take 2-4 years to even make the team let alone impact.
Eberle > 12th OA No questions asked.

04 May 2016 10:03:11
Rather keep the pick it's a strong draft could draft brown jost or Keller. Eberle is good but makes a lot of money and with Ottawa being a self cap team they'd rather have a kid who they can control their contract for the foreseeable future.

04 May 2016 12:05:39
typical ottawa always say edmonton is a joke but always wants edmonton players.

04 May 2016 14:44:52
Erik Karlsson for the 4th. Seems fair if your only getting a mid 1st round pick for Eberle, right?

04 May 2016 02:38:19
Flames trade Bennett and Calgary 1st
Lightning trade Vasilvesky, Drouin, Tampa 2nd

Ducks trade Lindholm
Oilers trade Hall

Predators trade Josi and Nashville 3rd
Senators trade Ceci, O'Conner and Ottawa 1st.

04 May 2016 04:47:55
Um. what?

04 May 2016 05:52:51
No, CGY doesn't do that.

04 May 2016 06:34:22
IMO, Tampa and Preds say no.

04 May 2016 10:08:20
Ottawa hangs up the phone on that one we have no need for josi.

04 May 2016 10:57:01
Sens no they don't they take that deal and run he'd be the perfect line mate for Karlsson but press say no.

04 May 2016 13:00:17
Calgary says HELL NAW to that deal.

03 May 2016 22:24:30
WPG: 22nd Overall Pick (CHI), Burmistrov

OTT: 12th Overall Pick.

03 May 2016 23:17:41
Haha Burmistrov does not get you 10 spots up in a draft where talent takes a drop off after 15. Also at 12, there will be likely one of Keller/ Brown/ Jost.

02 May 2016 22:50:04
1st Round Draft Pick 2016 (12)
D - Freddy Claesson $0.600

C - Jared McCann $0.894
2nd Round Draft Pick 2016 (33)

02 May 2016 23:26:03
I like it. I don't think McCann is available but I'd pull the trigger on this.

01 May 2016 17:02:23
If Calgary would move there pick

Calgary 6th overall Raymond and smid
Tor jvr and Ott 2nd

Calgary dumps 2 contracts and gets a big skilled winger that helps them win next year

Tor takes 2 bad contracts smid would fit there top 6 and can take a dman with the 6th overall pick best one there take a forward with pitts pick and carter hart 31st overall

Lot of good prospects added.

01 May 2016 17:27:47
Only way Calgary moves that pick is for a goalie.

01 May 2016 20:43:44
CGY is not moving 6 OA for a goalie. At least not straight up. That would be stupid on their part.

01 May 2016 20:51:53
I think CGY would consider this IF. TML add a late 1st instead of a 2nd. So, JVR and PIT's 1st for 6th and those 2 cap dumps.

01 May 2016 07:35:08
sens offseason

Resign Hoffman
Sign D Roman Polak

OTT: either one of Wiercioch or Wideman + pick (4th round - 7th round)
ARI: Michael Stone

With the help of Our new Gm, uncle Eugene agrees to give Bruce Boudreau the big bucks to coach in OTT

2016/ 17 contending team
Hoffman - Zibby - Ryan
MacArthur - Turris - Stone
Smith - Pageau - Lazar
Puempel - Paul - Neil

Methot - Karlsson
Phanuef - Ceci
M. Stone - Polak

Anderson - Hammond

Scratches: McCormick, Boro.

01 May 2016 07:43:47
Not enough for Stone. Very underrated Defencemen as I've said on here before.

01 May 2016 23:57:53
You call this a contending team?
Let's look at this:
15-16 Washington Capitals

This is nothing close to the Washington Capitals.
If the Sens win the cup next year, I will remember you buddy.

01 May 2016 04:10:29
J. Gardiner, Pit 1st and Ott 2nd for #4 overall.

01 May 2016 05:19:22
Oilers don't want an expensive offensive minded leftie. No deal.

01 May 2016 07:20:37
Don't forget defensively irresponsible. They have enough of those already.

01 May 2016 16:46:24
Toronto adds Rielly and 1st overall.

30 Apr 2016 18:35:02
To OTT: R. Getzlaf

To ANA: 2016 1st (12), M. Zibanejad, G. Gagne.

30 Apr 2016 18:47:09
Getzlaf is to old. He's still a great player but he's not the same player he was a few years ago so it's a big no for Ottawa.

30 Apr 2016 19:07:40
Not enough for Getz.

30 Apr 2016 19:18:09
Yea I guess 30 is too old for a team without a #1 center.

30 Apr 2016 19:50:59
If I was Ottawa, I would do it.

30 Apr 2016 20:11:53
I'm not saying he's a bad player or anything he's amazing but he is declining he probably only has a few more years left as a true 1 one center so there's no point for either team to make that trade Anaheim has a older team who are try to win right now and Ottawa is still pretty young and need a year or two before they become a real threat again. I'd rather not risk the future of the team unless it's a sure thing that we'll win the cup and as good as getzlaf is he doesn't guarantee that.

30 Apr 2016 23:05:59
Sens that's ridiculous Getzlaf will be a number one Center for another 5-7 years.

30 Apr 2016 23:55:17
This is a smart move for Ottawa, I don't know what you're saying @sens

Melynk even said it, he wants to make the playoffs and be a threat. Getting a guy like Getz would do it, and even though he is 30 - he will be a force for at least five years.

On the flip, i can't see anaheim doing it. They WANT to be a contender and trading getz isn't worth it. I see where your coming from (this trade basically mimicks Silferberg/ 1st for Ryan), but tho Getz is older, he is much better than ryan was.

01 May 2016 02:55:32
I mentioned on another site that ANA should consider trading one of Getzlaf or Perry given 4 straight game 7 exits. Don't need to rebuild but need to tweak. I don't know that this trade is the right move, but shopping either player to at least see what sort of offers they get is something I definitely think they need to do.

27 Apr 2016 14:02:47
To NYR Hoffman, Methot, 1st 2016 (12th)

To Ottawa McDonagh.

27 Apr 2016 14:05:12
Doubt NYR wants to take on more cap, being tight on cap space already. Fair value though.

27 Apr 2016 19:01:50
Hell no.

27 Apr 2016 23:57:56
As a sens fan I would do that.

28 Apr 2016 04:32:56
IMO disgusting overpayment by ott.

methot is quite useful and really not hoffman and 12th overrall worse than mcdonaugh. maybe hoffman or 12TH overall, but not both.

25 Apr 2016 17:49:09
If the rumours of the feud between Matt Duchene and Patrick Roy are true and Colorado actually considers trading Duchene (personally, I would fire Roy over this option as I am not a fan of his coaching style), what about this:

To COL: Mika Zibanejad (2011 6th overall), Curtis Lazar (2013 17th overall) and 2017 1st rounder

To OTT: Matt Duchene

This solidifies COL Center core making them bigger and more physical with Mika as their #2, and Lazar as #3 (move Soderberg to LW) and they would have a second 1st. Ottawa would get the 1st line Center they are looking for, moving Turris to his proper 2nd Center position.

25 Apr 2016 19:00:46
Not a bad trade but if Duchene was moved they'd want a defender involved.

25 Apr 2016 20:08:47
Switch Lazar to Ceci.

25 Apr 2016 20:39:46
Zibanejad is solid and will only get better and better last season he got 46 points he got 51 (witch are good numbers for a 2nd line center) he's showing improvement every year he needs to improve his defensive game but he's he's a good hockey player plus Lazar and a 1st that's a lot to pay. Duchene would be an improvement but the cost is to high I'd rather keep those players and see how things turn out next season. Keep in mind zibanejad and Lazar are only 23 and 21 it's too early to trade players who haven't reached their full potential.

25 Apr 2016 20:48:00
And I thing Ottawa wanted him as a winger not a better center we've got pretty good depth at center with turis Zibanejad and pageau. Obviously there's always room for improvement but we need a top 6 winger more than a center so there's probably better options than Duchene out there witch would cost less like Skinner I'd love to see him in a Ottawa jersey.

25 Apr 2016 21:28:37
Oh I agree that the Sens need a LW badly, specifically one that generates offence through his passing as Ottawa does already a few guys that can bury the puck. I think that if they can draft Clayton Keller that he would fit their need. But I think the Sens have a glut of number 2 and 3 centres but no bona fide number one which I think is necessary to win it all.

As for Colorado, I agree that they need D men and I think they are praying that either Juolevi, chychurun or Sergachyov fall to 10th overall. Barrie, Johnson, Meloche, and say Sergachyov would be a great future top four.

25 Apr 2016 21:28:53
Zibanejad doesn't do enough to be a top 2 C. He isn't as valuable as the spot he was drafted at. He's very over valued in Ottawa. Duchene would be a good addition for Ottawa though as Turris and Zibanejad don't do enough at both ends to be a trusted #1 center. If looking to compare centers, Zibanejad had point totals comparable to Victor Rask and Ryan Spooner.

25 Apr 2016 21:54:15
He's 23 just give the guy some time he knows he can do better and even said that he's going to work his butt off in the summer to improve so give him a year or two and he'll be a force to be reckoned with.

25 Apr 2016 23:41:43
colorado says no who are those players do they play for the sens.

26 Apr 2016 01:54:35
I would do this Instead
OTT: Duchene
COL: Zibanejad, Lazar, Chabot.

23 Apr 2016 03:12:45
I don't think Ben Bishop is a big part of the Tampa Bay Lightning's plans for their future beyond next season, but the Stevie Y must know he can't just let him walk, epecially with Stammer hitting free agency.

I'm going to do 2 different trades pending on if Stamkos resigns (which I don't think he will) with Tampa:

Resigned Stammer: The team I think is Philly because Steve Mason's play in these playoffs have shown that he's not a guy u can rely on in the playoffs. I'm not sold on Neuvirth either yeah he's had a good season, but that means nothing if u can't do it consistently. For the last 4 years Bishop has been an elite goalie and has lead his team to the Finals in 2015.

The Trade:
PHI; Steve Mason, Samuel Morin, *conditional 2018 2nd round pick.
TBL; Ben Bishop, **conditional 2018 3rd round pick.
*If Mason walks away from Philly then the pick becomes a 1st
**If Bishop walks then the pick becomes a 2nd.
If both do the same things then the picks stay what they are.

In this scenario the Lightning get a good goalie to share the crease with Vas while Morin is a behemoth and could become a good d-man for Tampa.

Stammer walks: I think the Lightning need to trade with the Ottawa Senators. The Sens need an experienced #1 goalie imo, yeah the defence isn't great, but the goaltending can be improved with a guy like Bishop (an ex Senator) .

The Trade:
OTT; Craig Anderson, Alex Chiasson, and 2017 2nd round pick
TBL; Ben Bishop, Nikita Nesterov and a 2018 *conditional 3rd round pick.
*Pick does not transfer if Bishop resigns.

Chiasson could benefit from a change of scenery and Anderson has been one pf the.

23 Apr 2016 05:12:14
If I'm Yzerman I'd prefer to ship Bishop out to the West to a team like Dallas, Calgary or Arizona whoever needs a goalie. Also I think you undervalue Bishop.

23 Apr 2016 06:00:04
Why would they ship him in division? And why for A) other goalies when they have Vasi/ Bishop now and B) goalies you've stated can't play well in the playoffs when they're competing for a cup?

23 Apr 2016 09:31:47
Value far off. No need to bring in another veteran. If Bish gets traded, TB crease belongs to Vasya. Horrible value, again. Bish is outstanding.

23 Apr 2016 14:08:27
I think you have to be careful valuing goalies. With the expansion draft coming up. Teams can only protect one goalie. Teams like Pittsburg will want to move a goalie for something. I feel teams will be reluctant to give a lot up this summer. If you do have a desperate team like Calgary, you might be able to get 2 second round picks and a prospect. Just don't see the goalie market being too hot. Would these desperate teams look at free agency where it just cost money and not assets?

24 Apr 2016 05:48:43
Ottawa would take that in a heartbeat. Likewise, you're undervaluing bishop. Don't make the mistake that the sens made.

29 Apr 2016 00:03:36
Bobby ryan and 2017 3rd round pick for jeff skinner!

22 Apr 2016 20:40:05
To Ottawa Hall
To Edmonton 2016 1st and their choice of white or chabot

Ottawa gets a top notch winger and Edmonton gets a high pick witch they can use to draft a dmen and a high caliber prospect.


To Ottawa Skinner
To Carolina 2016 1st maybe another small piece

Skinner's good but definitely has less value than Hall due to him being injury-prone.

22 Apr 2016 22:09:54
Not even close to enough for Hall and it isn't even the type of deal they would be looking for.

22 Apr 2016 22:13:46
no from edmonton.

22 Apr 2016 22:28:47
Oilers don't even remotely consider that. Hall is a top 4 LW in the game. Not dumping him for picks and prospects. Don't think Hall will get dealt, but if he ever is you better believe a top pairing dman is coming back.

22 Apr 2016 23:24:40
Fair enough but in this point in time I don't think teams are looking to give up their top pairing. Best you guys can do is hamonic but I wouldn't say he's a true top line guy.

23 Apr 2016 01:23:01
^^^which is why there is plans to trade him. Top Dmen are rarely traded. We're better getting guys like Hamonic, Demers or Vatanen and hoping Nurse or Klefbom can reach top pairing play.

19 Apr 2016 11:36:11
EDM- Yakupov, 2nd 2016, 3rd 2017
OTT- Lazar

Not sure how much value Lazar has, he hasn't put up great numbers but he'd be nice upgrade for our 3rd line center. Yak would be a nice addition in the Sens top 6. Instead of the 3rd maybe add Osterle?

21 Apr 2016 21:17:26
Lazar is a franchise 3rd liner he does anything the coach asks and happy to do so. Last game against Winnipeg he blocked a shot from buff and laughed and skated it off that's a kid who just loves to play hockey you don't trade guys like that. So oilers have to add especially since yak and him had the same offensive numbers plus Lazar is a much better all around player.

21 Apr 2016 23:52:06
Yak playing in the top 6 would put up better numbers and rumour is Ottawa is looking. Yak is probably too big of a risk for most teams so asking for Lazar might be a bit much. But an early 2nd and 3rd is pretty good value. Can Lazar be considered a prospect that didn't quite reach his potential?

21 Apr 2016 23:54:49
He did add, a 2nd and a 3rd, can't you read?

22 Apr 2016 20:09:20
Way to early to call Lazar a bust he is only 21 and showed some really good signs this year down the stretch. If he puts up 40 ish points next year I wouldn't be surprised.

16 Apr 2016 19:08:42
Ottawa trades: Andrew Hammond, Mike Hoffman, rights to weircoch, 2nd round pick

Anaheim trades: Fredrick Andersen, Cam fowler OR Hampus Lindholm.

21 Apr 2016 21:26:38
If Ottawa is giving up Hoffman we need a winger coming back.

22 Apr 2016 14:26:22
Make a strong push for drouin revolving around ceci now that we have a D from anaheim.

13 Apr 2016 14:41:59
Would a JVR for Ceci work? I like JVR but with
Nylander, Marner, Timashov, Kapanen, Levio, Leipsic, Gauthier, Lindberg, Bracco, Soshnikov, Hyman, the possibilities of Stamkos, Vesey and Matthews/ Laine/ Pujji Toronto is stacked up front and they need a young Right hand D to play with Rielly long term. Rumoured to be in on Nikita Zaitsev but is he #2 material? Ottawa is rumoured to be wanting a winger JVR would fit perfect it's just we would have to live down trading him in the division. I don't know just an opinion thoughts?

13 Apr 2016 15:34:41
I just don't see Toronto trading with rivals, but other than that, Toronto could ask for a little more in terms of value.

13 Apr 2016 17:31:23
Would you Trade Jake Gardiner for JVR Bud?
Its simular.

13 Apr 2016 17:49:41
Ceci has more upside the gardner.

13 Apr 2016 18:05:09
Pinball that didn't make any sense.

13 Apr 2016 19:18:30
ceci is definitely worth more than gardiner.

13 Apr 2016 19:32:58
flying v, toronto just traded their highest paid player and captain to ottawa less than 3 months ago.


13 Apr 2016 19:55:02
Cici is so overated he can't touch JVR. Cici has no Deffesive up side he is worse than Hamonic and Stalman in his own end.

13 Apr 2016 20:17:08
Ceci's overrated and I've got a 12 inch ****. He's only 22 he has plenty of time to develop and become even better he's a top 4 dmen on most teams so I don't think he's overrated at all if any thing he's underrated.

13 Apr 2016 20:41:42
Sens101 only 12 inches?

13 Apr 2016 20:51:11
Lmfao ya only 12.

13 Apr 2016 21:26:24
"Cici is so overated he can't touch JVR. " Get off the pipe and wake up, BeLeafer. Ceci could run circles in talent and upside.

13 Apr 2016 21:33:57

14 Apr 2016 01:16:46
But in all honesty leafs don't need another offensive dman I'd rather go after a pick.

14 Apr 2016 20:03:43
Been to 30 games at the CTC this season and can comfortably say I saw Ceci maybe have 2 or 3 bad games. He is 22, played his whole life in Ottawa and when the Sens went out and traded for Phaneuf the number one reason was to find Ceci a partner not named Weircioch or Cowen.

I am pretty sure the Sens won't trade him until they see what we have in Chabot and Englund, but for now I am going to say its pretty much 99% Ceci is staying.

That's not to say the Sens wouldn't have interest in JVR if he became available:

To Ottawa: JVR, 2016 3rd

To Toronto: Curtis Lazar, Chris Wideman, 2017 1st.

15 Apr 2016 05:39:23
I would do this.

11 Apr 2016 20:26:09
Ott: Drouin

Tb: Ceci, 4th

Ott: Stone, Richardson

Ari: Weirchor, Chaisson, 2nd.

12 Apr 2016 00:48:56
Funny how you add a 4th to Ceci Tampa would be adding.

12 Apr 2016 00:49:34
ceci, stone, chiasson, wiercioch for drouin. wow.

maybe you'd also like to see OTT add karlsson for the contract of ohlund as well, that may make it a bit more fair.

12 Apr 2016 01:32:01
oh wow, i read that horribly, so poorly that this makes me look like Pinball and Boris.

my apologies.

12 Apr 2016 01:42:07
There's two different trades there Shankar.
There is also a Stone on Arizona.

12 Apr 2016 03:13:13
Yeah I realized all that after reading it a second time. No idea how I was so wrong initially. I'm assuming this is what it feels like to be pinball.

12 Apr 2016 03:19:15
Not even sure how you pulled that off Shankar….

12 Apr 2016 03:25:10
Bud if OTT can get Drouin for Ceci straight up its a steal for them. I think the reason it wasn't done at the deadline was that they couldn't do it.

10 Apr 2016 05:24:09
To Ottawa: Ben scrivens. Brendan Gallagher, Michael Mccaron

To Montreal: Andrew Hammond, mike Hoffman Patrick wiercioch and 2017 2nd round pick


10 Apr 2016 14:02:30
I think Ottawa is giving up a little too much.

10 Apr 2016 18:18:28
Wiercioch, 2nd.

10 Apr 2016 18:37:34
Scrivens is a UFA.

10 Apr 2016 19:16:59
Gallagher Is a better all around player then hoffman.

10 Apr 2016 19:56:00
Gallagher is MUCH better than Hoffman.

11 Apr 2016 01:09:33
If I'm Montreal I'd rather keep Gallagher (one of the only Habs who plays with a damn heart), Mccaron (Man is huge), and Weircoch is absolute trash.

11 Apr 2016 03:44:35
Habs won't be trading Gallagher.

11 Apr 2016 05:36:52
I wouldn't trade Gallagher alone for that.

17 Apr 2016 02:21:52
Hoffman is way better than Gallagher. Hoffman is a 30 goal scorer.

08 Apr 2016 16:49:19
Retool continues for the B's over the offseason

1st trade:Bos/ Nsh
To Nsh: negotiation rights to Loui Eriksson
To Bos: negotiation rights to Jimmy vesey (try and sign before aug 15)

2nd trade: Bos/ TO
To Bos: Leo Komarov
To TO: Dennis Seidenberg (25% retained) Jimmy Hayes

3rd trade: Bos/ Min
To Bos: Matt Dumba (6 year ext)
To Min: Joe Morrow, Seth Griffith, 2016 2nd

4th trade Bos/ NJ
To NJ: Alex Khokhlachev, Zach trotman, Landon Ferraro
To Bos: 2016 2nd, 2016 3rd, 2017 5th

5th trade: Bos/ Ott
To Ott: David Krecji, Brett Connolly, 2016 3rd (NJ)
To Bos: Kyle Turris, Mike Hoffman, Patrick Weircioch

**Sign Chris Stewart or Lee Stempniak for 1 year 1.5M

Hoffman-Turris-Stewart/ Stempniak

Weircioch-C Miller

Smith/ Subban.

08 Apr 2016 20:08:32
Few things wrong here:
1. Seidenberg has a NTC, has already said he won't waive it
2. Not sure Toronto takes on those guys for Komarov
3. Hoffman is streaky and not good in his own end (a. k. a Claude will bench him like he does to Pasta)
4. Krejci has a NTC
5. Stemps will want more than 1.5/ year and more than 1 year but I could see him resigning.

08 Apr 2016 20:22:05
Dirty rebound; Denis seidenberg has already stated he'd waive his no trade if the team wanted to move him so nice try with that one. And kom has had 1 good year and leafs need a vet on the blue line and could use a middle six winger.

06 Apr 2016 01:26:18
Tor: JVR, Holland, Kapenen, Sparks and WSH 2nd

Ott: Chabot, O. Connor, Puemple and 1st+ Conditonal 3rd if JVR scores 25 goals.

Ott gets a 1st line LW which they need and is worth more then Drouin. . A really good forward prospect with high potential. A 3rd line center a good pick and a goalie replacement. Leafs swap goalies get a top deffense Prospect and the 10th pick as is. And an okay prospect.
My break down.

Sparks=O Connor
JVR= Puemple and 1st
Kappenen, Holland and WSH 2nd= Chabot and pick.

06 Apr 2016 02:20:09
Not a big fan of the trade the value might be there but I'd rather keep chabot and this year's 1st since it's going to be a top 10 pick especially if all we're really getting back is jvr. We don't need sparks Holland or kappenen we have better options in our youth system.

06 Apr 2016 03:28:43
O'Conner has more value and upside then Sparks.
From a Sens perspective don't think they would agree that Chabot equals that. They need Chabot more than what they're getting back.
Sens aren't moving their 1st either!

06 Apr 2016 11:12:33
Yah I think O'Connor might be a bit better too.

24 Apr 2016 03:47:11
We're keeping o Connor.

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