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23 Aug 2016 03:33:30
Just an idea for Jersey:

Elias retires

Signs Rundblad, Pirri

Trades Kinkaid, 2017 2nd (Bos, NJ) to Ottawa for Lazar.

Blackwood becomes Schneiders backup instantly.

23 Aug 2016 04:48:41
Youre team without sneider os weaker Then the nucks lol ita going to take more.

23 Aug 2016 05:08:58
Ottawa declines the trade, the senators have no use for Kinkaid.

23 Aug 2016 05:21:42
Wedgewood would become the backup instead of Blackwood, he needs some time in the AHL and Ottawa doesn't need Kinkaid they have to goalies that are much better than him.

23 Aug 2016 08:03:10
Why would Sens need another goalie. They already have Anderson, Hammond and O'Conner.

23 Aug 2016 08:50:25
How about trying to pry mcdavid from Edmonton now? Ahaha jk what about Wideman (25% Retained) for a 4th ?

23 Aug 2016 18:56:05
Runblad not good.

22 Aug 2016 06:55:54
Ottawa Senators:
Bobby Ryan
2nd Round Pick
Edmonton Oilers:
Jordan Eberle

New Jersey Devils:
7th Round Pick
Edmonton Oilers:
Mark Fayne
3rd Round Pick

Calgary Flames:
Dennis Wideman (50% Retained)
Edmonton Oilers:
4th Round Pick
5th Round Pick

Washington Capitals:
Jakub Vrana
Edmonton Oilers:
Nail Yakupov

Vancouver Canucks:
Cole Cassels
Edmonton Oilers:
Brandon Davidson.

22 Aug 2016 07:55:54
I doubt Edmonton does the Eberle or Davidson deal. I can see Ryan's size being nice to have over Eberle though. Calgary offers to drive Wideman to Edmonton for that offer. Jersey probably doesn't want Fayne back and no way Yak gets Vrana.

22 Aug 2016 09:37:43
Oilers don't want Ryan's contract, way too much.
I'd rather keep Fayne than give away a 3rd round pick for a 7th, that's useless.
I doubt Oilers would take the Wideman deal, Calgary would for sure tho.
Caps say no.
0% we trade Davidson for Cassels.

22 Aug 2016 15:14:32
Much rather have vrana then yak.

22 Aug 2016 16:57:46
#1 No thank you, Edmonton wants to keep Eberle. Ryan has not lived up to any potential yet.

#2 If NJ wanted Fayne, he would have gone there WITH Taylor Hall. Agree keeping Fayne to block shots, or go spend his last few years in the AHL teaching is more valuable than a for nothing give away.

#3 Lamers are stuck with Wideman until the NHL heat is off of him for his brutal official attack. No one wants a player that'll draw officiating IRE. There is a possibility that this fiasco isn't over with and could end up being a Bertuzzi type outside of the NHL court battle that would be a distraction. Calgary can pick up 100% of the salary. Oilers still don't want/ need him.

#4 Jacob does not have the potential Yak has. Best to keep Yak and let his stock rise till a realistic trade can be made.

#5 1 of few Oilers Developmental gems and he's named in trade?
Don't see the trade value. Oh well Davidson's gone in the
Vegas draft anyways as he's the #4 Dman on the roster.

22 Aug 2016 19:01:47
Unless Davidson has another stellar year, I honestly doubt he gets picked up. It's either going to be Reinhart it Pouliot. Not a lot of people in the league probably know about Davidson, so Reinhart would be the more obvious pick up by his draft selection, and Pouliot will be the best forward that will be available. But tough to tell.

22 Aug 2016 23:46:46
How did davidson have a stellar year, it may have surprised you but it wasn't stellar.

Besides he probably won't repeat it you know rookie luck.

23 Aug 2016 01:06:42
I'm sure Vegas management will watch one Oil game and know Davidson is better than Reinhart.

23 Aug 2016 08:41:15
I mean from not suppose to make the roster, then being their best defenseman for half a year basically. How isn't that stellar lol. When he was penciled in to be in the AHL.
I meant personally he had a stellar year. And I guarentee you he gets better and improves.

23 Aug 2016 19:31:20
Your best wouldn't crack the top 4 or maybe 6 on any playoff team.

Ghost and parayko had stellar years and will improve. But you think they have hit thier ceilings and there is no way they can repeat or improve so what makes davidson different from your outlook . because he is your player and your biased or because you just know lol you sir are a hippacrit. Lol.

23 Aug 2016 20:23:39

Davidson had a great year but yet again you had to mention Parayko. Give it a break. I'm not even an Oiler fan and know Davidson had a great year and is showing potential to be a top 4, so I don't think he's being biased at all.

23 Aug 2016 20:26:08
And Colt he mentioned nothing about Ghost or Parayko . So you're literally trying to make a point with irrelevant information when you're comparing him to defenders that could have won the Calder trophy.

20 Aug 2016 09:02:31
Winnipeg trades
- Jacob Trouba
- Nic Ehlers
- 1st Round Pick
- 2nd Round Pick
Ottawa trades
- Erik Karlsson

Just wanna see karlsson's value.

20 Aug 2016 11:04:38
Not how peg operates so neither team make this trade in my opinion.

20 Aug 2016 13:14:57
Karlsson / Buff would be an unreal top pair.

20 Aug 2016 13:22:45
I'd rather keep the package. We have buff for a defensive liability already.

And on the value nobody knows. Those types of players don't get traded unless it's for a comparable.

Subban and weber is an example.

20 Aug 2016 14:19:16
At lat this trade is original. No chance Wpg would ever do this trade.

20 Aug 2016 16:16:43
Tbh I actually think the values semi-decent. Really though, neither team would make the trade, Ottawa because he is a cornerstone stud #1 dman, and Winnipeg because that is a lot of assets and winnipeg usually doesn't go out and trade for some big name - they build from inside.


Ehlers is definetly top line material so he is the big piece here, and Trouba will be a good (never as good as Karlsson though) blueliner. That 1st I definetly say will be a mid round 1st, so really I don't think value is VERY bad; just know for a fact that neither team would do it due to the way they work.

20 Aug 2016 19:05:06
Easily the most interesting post I've seen on here. Probably the fairest too. Yet at the same time, the least likely by far. Great post buddy, actually going to show this to some folks cause it's an awesome "conversation piece"

20 Aug 2016 20:21:45
Honestly if I were Winnepeg I'd do that trade in a heart beat Karrlson would make them a cup contender. Ehlers and Trouba are good but there not on the same level as Karrlson maybe from Ottawa it would help for a retool but I'd ask for a small add atleast.

21 Aug 2016 01:09:42
We undestand that neither team does this and blah blah blah.

He literally said ''just wanna see karlsson's value''.

21 Aug 2016 01:30:36
Any trade for Karlsson starts with Laine.

21 Aug 2016 05:17:30
Laine hasn't played a single game yet?

22 Aug 2016 02:18:04
Laine has such amazing potential, that by virtue of not playing in the NHL yet he becomes virtually untouchable. You have to see what you have first. Although, if it was going to happen, it would be to get someone like Karlsson with MVP calibre talent. I don't mean that to read one-for-one of course. Karlsson's value is almost beyond trade I think. The more I look at I think Jets would def have to add quite a bit to the initial proposal to have it happen but that IS probably good as his true value in building a team.

22 Aug 2016 03:52:59
My mistake. For some reason I thought it said two first rounders. That would be fair not first and second.

22 Aug 2016 12:45:16
I love how people assume that Karlsson is a liability defensively. Look at the underlying numbers, he's proven to be a better than average defenseman on the defensive side as well.

22 Aug 2016 19:42:53
Rederov - not one single person on this thread said he was a def liability. Nobody even hinted at it.

22 Aug 2016 19:55:21
Oops sorry ONE guy hinted at it out of 12 posts.

17 Aug 2016 08:18:50
Ottawa Senators:

- Brendan Smith (D)

Detroit Red Wings:

- Matt Puempel

- 2016 4th round pick


Ottawa is looking to add another defenceman from what i'm hearing.

With only one year left on his contract he would be worth a shot for the Senators despite his poor defensive play.

With Brendan Smith's absence a defenceman like Oullet can have his spot on the Detroit Red Wings.

With the 3.25 million shed, Detroit could look to persue Kris Russell.

17 Aug 2016 09:55:47
Detroit is also looking to add defense and I don't think their going to trade away one.

17 Aug 2016 17:06:30
No as a Sens fan. I'd rather have Englund, Claesson, Harpur or Chabot play in the 5-7 spot.

17 Aug 2016 01:09:42
Ottawa: Methot, 6th round pick
Dallas: Honka


Ottawa: Methot, Puempel
Islanders: Pulock, Ho-Sang, 6th round pick

Ottawa will stock up on prospects to help them in the furture and not chance losing a D-man at the expansion draft.


17 Aug 2016 02:01:39
You really think Methot is worth a top prospect like Honka or Pulock? Wow.

17 Aug 2016 02:22:49
Stars and islanders can't hang up the phone fast enough. Methot is a zero flash solid D. But teams don't give up prospects with high level potential for that. Stars had kris Russell and let him walk. Could have just kept him for methots money and not given up Honka to do it.

17 Aug 2016 04:05:33
What's with the 6th rounders? Sweetner? Lol anyway like stated above both teams decline on the receiving end of Methot.

17 Aug 2016 17:09:08
Ottawa is trying to make the playoffs, not rebuild. They actually have a pretty strong top four going into this season. This trade proposal would set them back severely.

17 Aug 2016 00:08:33
Ottawa: ceci, puempel, prospect (not sure who)
Edmoton: Nuge, 2nd round pick

Ottawa: Turris, boro
Winnipeg: Trouba

Winnipeg could really use another top centre.

17 Aug 2016 01:48:46
Jets don't need those two players. They need young top 3 left shot d-man.

17 Aug 2016 09:59:10
Nuge and 2nd for that Hahahaha. Wow. And yeah that's also a terrible offer for Trouba and not what they need.

16 Aug 2016 14:48:44
Arizona: Richardson, 1st rounder 2017

NYR: Nash, 2nd rounder 2018 (Ottawa)

16 Aug 2016 16:43:22
Arizona's 1st roundrr will be a top 10 pick next year. Definite no from Yotes.

16 Aug 2016 19:04:24
Maybe Nash and a 4th round like how is Richardson that valuable. No way. Would rather have Nash.

17 Aug 2016 00:50:53
Yeah and would you love to have his 7.8 cap hit for two more years? No Richardson is at a tidy 2.33.

17 Aug 2016 10:02:54
Lol good thing I don't care about either team. Also I'd rather have a 7.8 cap hit for somebody who has the ability to score 40 goals. So yeah I would.

16 Aug 2016 07:33:56
I wish Dorion would have done something like this

OTT : Zibanejad, 2nd, Puempel
STL : Shattenkirk

Im assuming that Sens would need to add but a trade Based on Zibanejad and Shattenkirk could be pretty logical with the departure of Backes.

16 Aug 2016 12:23:17
Unless Ottawa then turned around and traded Ceci this would not make sense for them.

16 Aug 2016 12:52:42
Remember that Zibanajed got traded to the Rags.

16 Aug 2016 13:39:15
Devils, he said he wished that Dorion had done something like this instead.

16 Aug 2016 13:56:35
sorry but ZIbs is more of the same with what we have in Lehtera, and lesser of what statsny is and with sobotka coming back and robby fabbri emerging i just don't see a fit with the blues.

16 Aug 2016 17:02:26
Zibanejad is better then Lethera and Sobotka.

16 Aug 2016 17:42:06
Not by much and he doesn't have special chemistry with Tarasenko swartz the STL line was our best line last year. And he had bad year due to no conditioning when he started the season due to coming back from injury. Point i'm making is if the blues were going to make a move for a center he would have to be better than Paul Statsny. Sobotka is third center and We have Robby Fabbri who was pretty good last year whose natural position is center.

16 Aug 2016 20:03:23
what are you disagreeing with. That move does not make blues better. What does Matt Peumpal add that Rattie, Jaskin Barbashev cant.

This is not a good trade. does not address a need for stl.

10 Aug 2016 15:25:09
OTT: Kadri
TOR: 1st Round 2017

Kadri - Turris - Stone
Hoffman - Brassard - Ryan
MacArthur - Smith - Pageau
Paul - Kelly - Neil

Kadri could finally hit 60+ points and if OTT lost Turris or Brassard to injury at all Kadri could slide right into there C position. Idk if they should give a 1st Round for him and Melnyk may not wanna add his contract on because he's a cheap sucka but idk what else they'd wanna trade for Kadri, I know Murray reallyyyy wanted Kadri on his draft day, instead we got Jared Cowen ahaha.

10 Aug 2016 16:27:13
Don't think the leafs would do it for just a first to be honest. But I don't expect sens to want to pay more than that but don't see leafs being able to replace what he does for them for any less. He draws penalties, works hard, finishes his checks, has potential for more offence and can play up and down a line up. 4.5 mill cap hit doesn't hurt either.

10 Aug 2016 16:29:56
No from both teams on this one.

10 Aug 2016 17:07:27
1st - Kadri would definitely get more than a 1st

2nd - Ottawa does not need more centers.

10 Aug 2016 18:12:32
The leafs should hold on to him until the trade deadline, evaluate the season he had and determine if they keep him or move him. At this time they could get the most for Kadri.

10 Aug 2016 20:27:13
No from Senators, they're gone down the middle. Turris, Brassard, Smith/ Pagaeau.

10 Aug 2016 21:41:23
Are you guys serious you legit think Kadri is worth a 1st round?

10 Aug 2016 21:55:14
100 % he's worth that! What's your argument to say he's not?

11 Aug 2016 00:14:21
He's not that good? Like what do mean what's my argument. What team would give up a first round pick for him. You tell me that.

11 Aug 2016 01:10:26
so roman polak can get 2 2nd round picks and kadri can't get a first? he's s second line center on half the teams in the league. He is also only 25 years old and has put up pretty much four straight 20 goal seasons. He is better than vermette and he got a first when he was traded.

11 Aug 2016 02:22:11
Yeah I'd think Kadri is worth a 1st.

08 Aug 2016 17:36:54
OTT: Skinner

Skinner - Turris - Stone
Hoffman - Brassard - Ryan
MacArthur - Smith - Pageau
Paul - Kelly - Neil

I was thinking they give up Puempel plus but idk what else.

08 Aug 2016 17:56:42
It would take a 1st and someone like Pageau.

08 Aug 2016 18:26:39
Carolina is already weak enough on the offensive side, and they are not giving up the one really good piece they havery just tone make it worse.

08 Aug 2016 18:52:38
i don't Ottawa would give up a 1st for Skinner, and I highly doubt Carolina would take that and a third line player in Pageau. Like devs said they aren't going to trade away a top player to get worse.

08 Aug 2016 18:56:29
Well since Lazar isn't in the lineup maybe him.

08 Aug 2016 19:09:29
Lazar would be 3rd line RW if they didn't have Skinner in there and if they did, Lazar and Paul would we 12th and 13th forwards.

08 Aug 2016 20:17:40
Ebs Skinner>>>Lazar.

08 Aug 2016 20:25:16
Yeah for sure I just meant he could be included.

08 Aug 2016 09:54:52
Erik Karlsson, Bobby Ryan
Hayden Fleury, Justin Faulk, Sebastien Aho, Teuvo Teravainen,

08 Aug 2016 11:56:25
Better than the last one but still no dice, Fluery, Aho and Faulk would equal or close to Karlsson. Question is would Teravainen equal Ryan, I don't like Ryan's contract.

08 Aug 2016 15:20:07
Karlsson is going no where.

08 Aug 2016 16:48:03
Karrlsons not moving unless it's for a young star 1 for 1 like Mathews, Eklblad or Eichle.

08 Aug 2016 09:52:14
EDM: Darnell Nurse, Nail Yakupov, Nugent-Hopkins, Brandon Davidson, 2nd, 3rd
OTT: Erik Karlsson, Bobby Ryan.

08 Aug 2016 11:52:52
Exactly what Oilers want right now is what Karlsson could do in spades, doubt they Sens give up the two time Norris for that, even if he's decent defensively, he produces like an elite forward and is a perennial Norris candidate + fan favourite, going to take a lot.

08 Aug 2016 16:03:39
Kinda overpay on the Oilers behalf.
Darnell is exempt from the expansion draft hence a valuable commodity currently. Edmonton has no 2017 2nd. 2nd rounder would have to be a 2018 2nd if it formed part of the deal.

Oiler cannot trade for a defenceman until the Vegas draft is complete. after June 20th when the draft is done the trade may have some basis, but likely it's Davidson that's on his way to Vegas. Delete the 2nd rounder and Davidson and there could be merit to this trade AFTER JUNE 20th 2017.

Realistically I don't see Ottawa trading Karlson for anything. but hey. Subban and Webber got traded.

08 Aug 2016 16:52:44
Karrlson would take a lot more to Acquire Ottawa would ask for McDavid then talks would stop there.

04 Aug 2016 14:22:42
OTT: Hossa
CHI: Wideman/ Sieloff and picks

I juss seen a rumour about this, I can't see Chicago doing it.

04 Aug 2016 15:36:13
I can't see Ottawa doing this.

04 Aug 2016 16:36:00
if I was Ottawa I'd think about it, I know its a pretty big contract but there looking for another TOP 6 and Wideman I like him and the potential but Hossa can help them now.

04 Aug 2016 17:10:44
Hossa is a big contract that Melnyk won't pay. He's a declining top 6 forward that won't be much of an improvement over any of the top 6 (if they're healthy) . O-Town isn't going for the cup, not worth it.

04 Aug 2016 20:00:14
In terms of money Hossa's contract isn't big at all. He is paid $4.00 this season and then $1.00 for the next 4 years. It's actually an ideal contract for Ottawa to take on. Also he'd be a middle 6 fwd on the Right side in Ottawa which would be a perfect fit for him right now rather than being on the top line on Chicago.

05 Aug 2016 12:28:26
If you look at Ottawa's right side they don't need him right now. Ryan and Stone are RW 1 and 2. Unless Hossa played LW for them it's not worth it.

04 Aug 2016 08:12:25
Maple Leafs and Columbus good trading partners!

Maple Leafs get
Defenseman Ryan Murray
Winger. Scott Hartnell

Blue Jackets get
Winger James van Riemsdyk
Defensive prospect Viktor Loov
2nd round pick in. 2017 ( Ottawa )

Toronto gets a top 4 dman in Murray who can grow with the rebuild. Leafs take the risk that he has finally regained his health after a history of being plagued by injuries. If he is healthy, he could be an impact player. In Hartnell, despite his age and burdensome contract, could be just the player to line up on the wing with prize prospect Auston Matthews

Columbus gets the big power forward in JVR who is still young enough to be a value to a club lacking scoring from the wing. Loov is a minor league defenseman who is big and physical and has an untapped offensive upside. Many feel he is knocking on the door. Columbus also rids themself of Hartnells contract and the 2nd rounder is thrown in to sweeten the pot.

04 Aug 2016 13:50:51
not bad, Murray is kind of a wild card though, he could wind up being a top pairing stud, or a 5/ 6. Ideally, he lands somewhere in the 2-4 range and if he does, then I think Toronto should make that deal.

on the other hand, Murray's advanced stats began fantastic in 2014 and 2015, but took a massive hit this past season.

Again, its a gamble, i'm on the fence with this one. At least its thought provoking, which is nice to see for once.

04 Aug 2016 14:45:53
I'm a die hard leafs fan anhd Columbus rejects that maybe if it's Clarkson not Hartnall.

04 Aug 2016 15:22:00
Col won't do that trade.

04 Aug 2016 16:02:13
Colorado has nothing to do with this trade.

04 Aug 2016 18:00:29
Man if you can get Ryan Murray on your team you take it what are you saying. He's young and he's good.

04 Aug 2016 18:07:55
I can't believe BarDownBeauty and I agree on a Leaf trade.

04 Aug 2016 18:12:57
You guys realize Ryan Murray=Seth Jones.

03 Aug 2016 00:58:00
Colorado: Duchene, 1st rounder 2018

NYR: Nash (40-50% retain) Hayes, Ottawas and Rangers 2nd rounder 2018.

03 Aug 2016 01:11:04
Are you a rangers fan?

03 Aug 2016 01:15:38
yes, but i could add miller just to get duchene.

03 Aug 2016 01:17:06

03 Aug 2016 03:16:04
Lol are you insane and Colorado adds a 1st omg thanks for the laugh.

03 Aug 2016 17:49:03
That's how you get Sakic to block your number.

02 Aug 2016 15:34:12
ARZ: Reider

OTT should go after him because there looking for another Top 6 forward and he can play on 1st and 2nd line or 3rd w/ Smith and Pageau, they could also give him an offer sheet instead of trading for him. He keeps on improving and he got almost 40 points last year, if he played on OTT on any 3 lines I could see him getting 50 points.

02 Aug 2016 16:19:18
I posted awhile back:

Matt Puempel
Andreas Englund

Tobias Rieder

But people thought that wasn't enough.

02 Aug 2016 16:19:18
I posted awhile back:

Matt Puempel
Andreas Englund

Tobias Rieder

But people thought that wasn't enough.

02 Aug 2016 16:44:11
I like that trade, I think OTT wins that tho.

02 Aug 2016 19:40:51
I really don't want to get rid of Andreas Englund, i'd be fine with moving puempel but i think Englund will be a good D.

01 Aug 2016 08:48:59
- Robby Fabbri
- Rick Nash
- Kevin Shattenkirk
- Nail Yakupov
- Ryan Nugent-Hopkins
- Mark Fayne
- Brandon Davidson

- Bobby Ryan
- Curtis Lazar
- Jordan Eberle
- Anton Lander
- 3rd Round Pick

- Nick Ritchie
- Mark Letestu
- Griffin Reinhart

Lucic - McDavid - Nash
Fabbri - Draisaitl - Ryan
Maroon - Lazar - Puljujarvi
Ritchie - Hendricks - Kassian

Klefbom - Larsson
Nurse - Shattenkirk
Sekera - Oesterle

Scariest team to play against in the league.

01 Aug 2016 11:31:36
Where did Nash come from!? I see no need for Ritchie, especially that much for what you call a 4th liner. The second trade is not bad, I just don't see why we would want Ryan's contract. I don't know what to say about the first trade, I just can't.

01 Aug 2016 12:54:08
I am pretty sure Ritchir is on his elc.

01 Aug 2016 14:37:07
Blues would not trade robby fabbrI for that crap.

01 Aug 2016 17:11:13
It must be delusional Monday with this and other trade posts.

01 Aug 2016 18:41:06
Lol what did I just read. I mean yeah it would be s scary team to play against 😂 Hahaha jesus this is all over the place.

02 Aug 2016 03:13:32
I stopped reading when I saw Rick Nash but no mention of NYR.

01 Aug 2016 00:24:30
Read a couple things on a trade forum

1. Tobias Rieder is asking for 6 years with a 4.5 Million cap hit! IMO that's ludicrous.

2. I found this quite funny. Quoted from Mark Lazerus. "Chicago and Rundblad have agreed to terminate his contract. STL turned him into Taresanko, OTT turned him into Turris, Arizona turned him into Dvorak and Chicago turned him into thin air. "

3. Chicago one year later from the Sharp trade have nothing. Daley and Garbutt turned into Scuderi and Sekac which they then lost Sekec in waivers and traded Scuderi for Ehroff who they didn't resign.

01 Aug 2016 02:16:00
He knows Arizona is a team that has cap, he wants to milk them because he knows they can give him that, the most I'd give Tobi Rieder would be 4 mill, because he will be play top 6 next year most likely, I think he should settle on that.

01 Aug 2016 17:37:11
Hell no, $4 million dollars? I'd let Rieder walk for that. Half of that, he is in the same league as Namestnikov and Jarnkrok who both resigned in the $2 million dollar range plus they play C which is more of a premium than wing.

01 Aug 2016 18:22:19
I'm surprised Reider is asking for that much, but it's just like Mikkel Boedker where he asked them for 5.5 and 6 years and then signed with the Sharks for 4 mil and 4 years. I say Reider smartens up and accepts 4 years at 3.25 mil.

01 Aug 2016 20:26:23

How the hell is 3.25 mil smart for him?

If he continues to improve he is worth every penny of that 4.5mil.

02 Aug 2016 05:22:33
How has he earned 4.5 million? I think Palats last deal could be a comparable.

30 Jul 2016 16:10:56
Ottawa Trades: Cody Ceci, Clarke MacArthur, Curtis Lazar, 2017 1st (lottery protected)

Colorado Trades: Gabriel Landeskog.

30 Jul 2016 17:16:14
Way way too much for Landeskog.

30 Jul 2016 17:40:36
Jesus that's way to much for Landy.

30 Jul 2016 18:13:53
10000% Ottawa will never do that.

30 Jul 2016 20:33:34
Not enough quality for Landy. Would you trade 4 quarters for a dollar?

30 Jul 2016 23:22:03
4 Quarters = 1 dollar


am i not getting something here or.

31 Jul 2016 00:28:33
I'm with BJ. Some decent quality pieces but not quite there. No from both.

31 Jul 2016 06:02:04
Lol @TysonBarrie
I'm not even going to reply lol.

31 Jul 2016 09:27:14

You literally just replied.

31 Jul 2016 10:56:37
thanks man I didn't know that! It was towards your question.

31 Jul 2016 17:21:43
Are you serious !? Those are not 4 quarters, and landy is not a dollar compared to those. Value is unbelievably on the Avs favor. Worst trade i've seen in a while and I can't believe some of you think ottawa might win this.

29 Jul 2016 02:43:25
LW - Matt Puempel $0.900
D - Andreas Englund $0.776

RW - Tobias Reider - RFA.

29 Jul 2016 05:38:38
Not worth it for Ottawa.

There are already rumours that Reider will most likely sign in Europe.

29 Jul 2016 08:19:53
Why isn't that worth it? He probably wants to play in the NHL just isn't getting a fair contract offer.

29 Jul 2016 12:32:17
He has been asking for far too much based on his stats. Ottawa certainly won't give him the money.

29 Jul 2016 19:17:14
I doubt I team like Ottawa with an internal cap limit would give Reider the money he wants. Not a bad idea tho.

29 Jul 2016 20:06:52
Well the way I see it, Rieder is probably commanding a contract somewhere around what Vladislav Namestikov just received in Tampa (AAV $1.9375).

Ottawa would be moving out $1.672 out for Reider, So adding another $400,000, give or take a few thousand, I don't think that would be make or break a deal like this. Even with an internal budget team like Ottawa.

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