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29 Jun 2016 03:01:08
OTT: Fredrick Cleasson, 2017 3rd
EDM: Nail Yakupov

OTT: Nick Paul, 2018 3rd
VAN: Ben Hutton (local player)

MacArthur - Turris - Ryan
Hoffman - Zibanejad - Stone
Smith - Pageau - Yakupov
Puempel - Lazar - McCormick/ Neil

Methot - Karlsson
Phaneuf - Ceci
Hutton - Wideman/ Boro

Anderson - Hammond

Mid-season trade: Pick up either Lehtonen or Niemi from Dallas for draft picks.

29 Jun 2016 04:47:52
That's a better trade for Hutton but still no dice from Vancouver.

29 Jun 2016 07:10:51
Maybe Paul and a seccond for Hutton.

28 Jun 2016 04:59:43
OTT: Patrick Wiercioch
VAN: Ben Hutton.

28 Jun 2016 05:59:37
Absolutely zero interest in moving Hutton. Weircoch sucks and Senators already said they won't bring him back.

28 Jun 2016 06:28:04
Hutton atleast had some value and is good enough to make a team. Wiercioch is horrible.

28 Jun 2016 12:14:04
I'm an Ottawa fan and this is absurd. I also grew up playing against Hutton, the guy is a super smart dman. Weircoch is not at all.

28 Jun 2016 12:45:01
You know Wiercoch is a UFA after not being given a qualifying offer right?

27 Jun 2016 21:01:55
Confirmed trade
Ottawa: Alex chiasson
Calgary: Patrick sieloff.

27 Jun 2016 21:12:16
Seems good for Calgary. It was only 2 seasons ago where Chaisson put up good numbers. At that price, I would have loved to get him for 3rd line RW duties to the Oilers.

27 Jun 2016 21:18:21
No way beast mode chiasson sucks he's terrible dude.

27 Jun 2016 21:37:36
^Low risk, so can't really complain. If he is at the point where he is a liability, then down to the AHL he goes.

27 Jun 2016 22:00:34
I liked him in Dallas. He went down hill in Ottawa, I wonder what happened. Maybe he can find his game back for Calgary tho.

27 Jun 2016 23:00:43
True statement beastmode, considering I have no idea who the guy Calgary is sending, this is a low risk trade. But agree with otto that chiasson is terrible lol.

27 Jun 2016 23:12:19
Lol Chaisson is terrible, hopefully he turns it around in CGY.

28 Jun 2016 00:02:01
Tbis Sieloff was drafted in the 2nd round, 42nd overall in 2011 or 2012c. Can't remember which one I read.
One of those classic change of scenery trades for both? Give them a hope to change it around maybe.

28 Jun 2016 00:25:16
The guy Calagry is sending was a 2nd round pick 42nd overall I believe in 2012 he's a deffenseman that had a whole year of development taken away due to a injury he could turn his career around and become a top 4 but it's a long shot.

28 Jun 2016 00:46:44
Pak just got signed for 3rd line RW. But agreed I'd love to get some young size for our 3rd. Don't need Letestu and Hendricks playing 14 minutes a night.

28 Jun 2016 01:58:39
Lol, I love seeing the one ignorant person that clicks unbelievable just for the sake of it.

28 Jun 2016 01:58:39
Lol, I love seeing the one ignorant person that clicks unbelievable just for the sake of it.

28 Jun 2016 01:58:39
Lol, I love seeing the one ignorant person that clicks unbelievable just for the sake of it.

28 Jun 2016 01:58:39
Lol, I love seeing the one ignorant person that clicks unbelievable just for the sake of it.

28 Jun 2016 01:58:39
Lol, I love seeing the one ignorant person that clicks unbelievable just for the sake of it.

28 Jun 2016 01:58:39
Lol, I love seeing the one ignorant person that clicks unbelievable just for the sake of it.

27 Jun 2016 05:07:48
Ottawa - Ceci
Edmonton - yakupov and Davidson.

27 Jun 2016 05:59:36
Does Ottawa need lefties? Otherwise I like it.

27 Jun 2016 06:04:19
I really like this trade but what Ebs said, no clue if they need a lefty or not. But yak could fit in well.

27 Jun 2016 13:16:22
Value-wise, makes sense. But Ceci is not going anywhere, especially because after Ceci the Sens have absolutely no one of decent skill on RD. Wideman? Not nearly good enough for top-4.

27 Jun 2016 16:47:13
Not much need for Davidson and yak is worth at most a 2nd easy no from Ottawa.

27 Jun 2016 19:00:47
Both players are worth a second?

26 Jun 2016 11:51:21
Bruins/ Senators
Chara Seidenberg (Both 50% salary retained) for Ceci and Wiercioch

This gives Senators veteran ledership and stability. Bruins get yound D that still need to devellop.

26 Jun 2016 12:35:55
this is one of two things:
either this happenned, i didn't see and Dorion is cracked


your a cracked bruins fan.

26 Jun 2016 13:17:20
With Don Sweeny, we never know what could happen. lol.

26 Jun 2016 15:47:09
may aswell try to trade them kevan miller for Karlsson too while we're making ourselves look like fools.

27 Jun 2016 13:27:02
Ceci for 2 Dmen who are both going to be retired or useless in a couple years? No thank you from the Sens.

26 Jun 2016 08:21:45
Dallas Stars:

Nail Yakupov

Edmonton Oilers:

Jamie Oleksiak


Minnesota Wild:

Ryan Nugent-Hopkins

Edmonton Oilers:

Matt Dumba
2017 3rd (if Dumba does not play at least 44 games for the Oilers)


Oilers sign Al Montoya to a 1yr $1.5m
Oilers sign Jason Demers to a 4yr $5.33
Oilers sign Steve Ott to a 1yr $2.5m
Oilers sign Kris Versteeg to a 2yr $3.33
Oilers sign Ryan White to a 2yr $1.75
Oilers sign David Schlemenko to a 1yr $1m

Oilers get the depth that they need to become a playoff team (imo)



Letestu/ Pitlick/ Khaira

Nurse- Davidson

Schlemenko/ Oleksiak/ Reinhart/ Oesterle/ Davidson

Cam Talbot
Al Montoya
LB (from time to time)

26 Jun 2016 08:23:33
Dumba is not worth Nuge straight up.

26 Jun 2016 08:28:59
Also, you're missing Eberle. And that White and OTT pick up are horrendous. No skill at all. Oilers don't need anymore grit. I do like the Versteeg and obvious Demers pick up tho.

24 Jun 2016 15:53:50
comment below trades you could see happening with Dallas and Ottawa this off season.

24 Jun 2016 16:09:46
Jamie Benn for Marc Methot.

24 Jun 2016 17:17:16
Tyler Sequin (50% retained) for Dion Phaneuf.

24 Jun 2016 17:23:35
spezza for the rights to chiasson.

24 Jun 2016 18:58:10
Klingberg for Wiercoch.

24 Jun 2016 19:57:36
Shankar, I don't think Senators would take Spezza back after the trade request and all that stuff.

24 Jun 2016 15:40:22
I don't know why Ottawa hasn't done this yet but they definitely should.

To Ottawa: Datsyuk's contract + one of Pulkinen or Jurco

To Detroit: 6th round pick

Reasoning: Ottawa has tons of cap space, and before you say it is because they are on an internal cap and they can't afford Datsyuk, they won't have to actually pay him. Plus they get a young RW to take over the third line and provide scoring depth.

24 Jun 2016 16:11:23
Wings waiting to see what happens with Stamkos. If Stamkos goes to FA, they'll trade Datsyuk+ for cap room and go hard. If he doesn't reach FA, no point in moving an additional asset just to rid of one year of Datsyuk's contract.

24 Jun 2016 17:08:13
Well yes, datsyuk's trade is contingent on a couple of things. All I'm saying is that this trade would benefit both teams, so I hope Ottawa considers making a bid on it.

23 Jun 2016 18:46:28
Leafs acquire 3rd OVR, Hartnell, Foligno

Columbus acquires 1st overall, Lupul, Michalek, Laich

Leafs then flip 3rd overall to Winnipeg for Trouba, Chicago 1st, 2017 2nd rd pick

Leafs trade 31st overall, Ottawa 2nd, Greening, Kapanen, Marincin to St. Louis for Shattenkirk

Leafs trade Bernier, Robidas. 2017 2nd Calgary for Mason Raymond (cap dump)

Leafs sign Stamkos, draft Debrincat with Chicago pick, Hart with WSH pick

JVR. Stamkos. Marner
Hartnell. Nylander. Foligno
Soshnikov. Kadri Komarov
Raymond. Bozak. Hyman/ Brown

Rielly Shattenkirk
Gardiner. Trouba
Hunwick. Zaitsev

Sign Enroth.

23 Jun 2016 19:45:13
Terrible for Toronto.

23 Jun 2016 20:24:39
bad trades bUt both the fins on the jets be nice :P.

24 Jun 2016 00:43:11
Blues say no. Maybe marker as basis with shatty guarantee extension.

23 Jun 2016 17:17:11
-12th Overall
- Chabot

- Clarkson
- 3rd Overall.

23 Jun 2016 17:30:36
Holy. Almost too much for the 3rd alone then you add Clarkson too. Ottawa says no.

23 Jun 2016 17:37:03
Columbus needs cap help, they're adding money here. Why would they do this?

23 Jun 2016 18:16:39
Ryan is more but is >>>>>>>>> Clarkson. Ottawa needs toughness. Pujarvi will be a beast.

23 Jun 2016 18:41:21
Ottawa is a better team by not making this deal.

22 Jun 2016 03:48:50
Pittsburgh + Chicago moves

Pens acquire Ortio, Calgary 2nd, Dallas 2nd, Colborne

Calgary acquires Fleury

Pens acquire Anisimov, TVR, Shaw, 2nd rd pick, 2017 1st, 2017 2nd

Chicago acquires Malkin, Kunitz (Chicago would need to clear more cap space but will end up with the craziest top 6 in NHL)

Panarin. Toews. Kane
Kunitz. Malkin. Hossa

Pittsburgh Flip Anisimov, pick to Ottawa for Hoffman

Pens then help future cap and still have solid top 6 in

Hoffman. Crosby. Hornqvist
Hagelin. Bonino. Kessel.

22 Jun 2016 06:24:12
That's just. No.

22 Jun 2016 12:48:50
Magic Man pulled that trade out of his rabbit's ass. You're psychotic if you think these are going through.

21 Jun 2016 15:06:49
Ottawa trades: Bobby Ryan, Curtis Lazar, Andreas Englund, 2017 1st

Vancouver Trades: Henrik and Daniel Sedin

Oftawa Trades: Mika Zibanejad, Clarke MacArthur and 12th overall

Columbus Trades: 3rd Overall and Scott Hartnell

D. Sedin H. Sedin. Puljijarvi
Hoffman. Turris. Stone
Hartnell. Pageau. Smith
Puempel. Paul. Dzingel

Methot. Karlsson
Phaneuf. Ceci
Borowiecki. Wideman.

21 Jun 2016 15:24:41
It's must be a wonderful day in the world you live in.

21 Jun 2016 17:23:20
I'll probably get crapped on but I'd rather just keep the Sedins. Very little interest in Ryan and his contract, don't know much about the prospect but Lazar and a 1st is nice.
They're worth more then a team would be willing to pay them. I can only see them being traded in their final years of contract, if they're still producing (which I would think they will) and if Canucks aren't contending. Package those guys up at 50% retained each and one contender would give a boatload up. If they're still 60ish point players might be able to get a few 1st/ 2nds and top prospects.

21 Jun 2016 19:01:29
BJ96, I see where you're going but Vancouver would look like the smartest negotiaters in hockey for this and Ottawa would look like fools.

21 Jun 2016 19:17:38
Keep those swedish meatballs in Vancouver.

20 Jun 2016 23:35:22
OTT: 12th overall

ANA: 30th overall and Fowler


21 Jun 2016 01:39:19
Clears cap space for Ducks. Don't think Ottawa takes this tho man.

21 Jun 2016 04:37:15
Ottawa has enough cap problems. But i like it

21 Jun 2016 07:08:32
Wtf. No way Ana does this. Clear space? It's fowler not bieksa or stoner. If you want fowler for a pick it will be from 5-9.

21 Jun 2016 12:50:47
Fowler is not worth 5-9. He's a second pairing dman behind Lindholm.

22 Jun 2016 07:09:02
He's a 2-3 if you don't watch ducks games I understand. Fowler was our number one most of the year. I am not saying he is a number one but he is definitely worth that pick.

20 Jun 2016 02:31:27
WPG: Little

OTT: 12th Overall Pick 2016.

20 Jun 2016 03:53:05
Bruh no.

20 Jun 2016 03:09:04
WPG would add something with moderate value, but seems pointless for both teams, Ottawa needs D-men and WPG is trying to make the playoffs not rebuild.

19 Jun 2016 20:00:59
To ottawa:
16th overall pick 2016
Anthony Mantha
Pavel Datsyuk

To detroit:
12th overall pick 2016
Patrick Wiercioch.

19 Jun 2016 20:12:35
Can Ottawa even afford 7.5M.

19 Jun 2016 21:29:06
Considering wiercoich is being dumped by OTT I can't see any team wanting him.

19 Jun 2016 21:29:18
they can bud, but it depends if they will. they're a budget team.

19 Jun 2016 21:41:31
Well sens have 20 million in cap space. i'm pretty sure datsyuks salary doesn't need to be paid, just the cap hit stays. Melnyk shouldn't object to this because ottawa isn't spending any money.

19 Jun 2016 22:37:25
They wouldn't have to pay datsyuk. They just terminate the contract and then they only have the 7.5 million against the cap.

19 Jun 2016 22:38:50
The could then trade Datsyuk to Toronto with an assist.

17 Jun 2016 07:53:08
OTT: Craig Anderson, Nick Paul, 12th ovr
CAL: 6th ovr


OTT: 42nd ovr, Matt Puempel
ANA: Frederik Anderson.

17 Jun 2016 08:58:50
I think Calgary would just offer more for F. Andersen. But there pretty decent IMO.

17 Jun 2016 13:23:58
If you're Calgary you don't necessarily want a 34-year old goalie right now. Also, Ottawa wouldn't give up their only good goalie and the 12th for the 6th, doesn't fit their MO.

17 Jun 2016 14:15:24
The trades look believable, I'd juste reverse the order lol.
And I wouldn't move to 6, because Ottawa would probably take Brown (rumors). So either pay less to move in at 8/9/10 or a little more for the 4th or 5th slot.
Unless they want to pick the best player available at 6.

17 Jun 2016 03:23:43
Oil: Nuge + Yak

Flyers: Courturier + Morin/ Sanhiem + 3rd round

They are LHD, but oilers could use their own assets to trade for a RHD.

Oil: Reinhart + Pouliot + 3rd round or 2nd round?

Ottawa: Ceci + Lazar

Everyone says Reinhart is a bust yeah yeah yeah, he's 22 and he's going to sooner or later fill into the dman he's suppose to be. Or Oilers send Davidson (which right now is better than Reinhart and has nice potential even tho Reinhart has more potential) . Sens need LW I saw in an article? So there's Pouliot. Then Oil add 3rd or 2nd round to sweeten it up.

17 Jun 2016 04:44:31
Much better then the crap I've seen on here the last few days so thanks for that. However I don't think Senators consider that. Down grade Ceci to Reinhart (same age range) and a younger cheaper Lazar for an overpaid meh Pouliout. 2 downgrades for a 2nd or 3rd seems highly unlikely. Philly one isn't bad but I'm not sure if they could afford that. Heard Umberger will be brought out so maybe that trade could work. Think Edmonton would rather get an established defencemen if they move RNH. Probably a pass from Oilers on that one.

17 Jun 2016 05:14:27
That trade doesn't help Ottawa one bit and yes Ottawa may need a left wing (if McArthur is healthy than they don't) but there going want someone better than pouliot Hoffman and McArthur are better than him and Smith played well with pageau so he's not really an upgrade at all and ceci is probably just as valuable if not more than that package so easy no from Ottawa.

17 Jun 2016 05:19:36
I think both trades are pretty close on value, nice job. and I believe the Flyers have already bought out Umberger.

17 Jun 2016 07:10:18
Yeah the Ottawa one I wasn't sure about, but the Philly
I think could work. I put that up to get Couturier because he's The perfect 3rd line center and with Barrie and Faulk off the board I personally don't want vatanen that much. So I thought I'd say that and then Oil get a young dman with lots of potential since Philly has a really good dcore up and coming.

17 Jun 2016 12:25:56
Huge no from Ottawa

Lazar>Pouliot and 3rd


17 Jun 2016 14:16:11
Your crazy on the philly deal for Nuge. I know he is undervalued right now, but come on man. That deal is bad.

Hate to tell u McJ, but Reinhart indeed 'is a bust'. No way this guy makes the top two pairing on the oil this year or next. Just sayin.

17 Jun 2016 14:21:58
2nd trade is off, but the value of the 1st one is very close.

17 Jun 2016 14:21:58
2nd trade is off, but the value of the 1st one is very close.

17 Jun 2016 14:21:58
2nd trade is off, but the value of the 1st one is very close.

16 Jun 2016 18:49:27
Just trying to stir the pot for the boys.
Aka not serious about this

Oilers - Hall, Pouliot, 3rd round
Senators - Karlsson

Hehehehehe thoughts?!

16 Jun 2016 19:37:03
You got to be high if you think that's fair. To get karlsson the conversation starts with Hall draisaitl and fourth overall to get him you'll have to over pay other wise there's no point of trading him.

16 Jun 2016 19:39:25
Oh ya oiler fans just cause you wanna see the trade happen doesn't make it believable.

16 Jun 2016 19:52:50
Yea the trade starts with McDavid, and extends on from there. Even then, I wouldn't think either team would accept, so there is no trade to be made.

16 Jun 2016 20:01:51
Starts with McDavid and more? The guy literally said he's not being serious and you're still getting mad hahaha it's a joke relax.

16 Jun 2016 20:05:35
Lol stop acting like
Karlsson is the best player in the league he isn't worth
Hall drat n 4th stop being idiots and I'm not being serious about this but the pot is defs bein stirred boys.

16 Jun 2016 20:22:18
I'd say hall and 4th Ov for karlsson gets them talking.

16 Jun 2016 20:25:46
Hall, Drai AND 4th overall Sens101?

16 Jun 2016 20:38:45
Yes from oilers.

16 Jun 2016 20:59:15
The more I read your posts, the more of a tool you are. AKA not serious about this? Not sure you know what that abbreviation stands for. If you want to stir the pot, just make the proposal. No need to tell people you are trying to stir the pot.

16 Jun 2016 21:33:34
Mcjesus ain't getting mad at leafssucks post I'm just disappointed that there are so many people on this site that are so delusional or so biased that they actually think that's a believable trade. Like really people I thought I smoked some good stuff but clearly I need your guys dealer.

16 Jun 2016 22:27:40
My dealer? Idk who leafs suck is I just think you guys are freaking out and he said he's joking hahahaha but seeing that devs actually said McDavid + for Karlsson was out to lunch. There's no way man.
And I'm just saying that the guy clearly said he isn't serious so that's why I don't know why so many people are freaking out lol so you can't say delusional if somebody isn't being serious that's all. And currently the believable to unbelievable for me is at 8-8 so it's clearly not that bad haha.

17 Jun 2016 02:41:05
The ratio is not that bad cause oiler fans are the most delusional fans around.

17 Jun 2016 04:20:03
I actually think the value is pretty close, edm still adds, but it's close. Karlsson isn't an amazing offensive defenseman, maybe even the best in the league, but is a liability defensively witch would hurt his value so hall plus a two seconds or maybe next years first if edm thinks they improve in the standings for the first time in a decade.

All that being said there is absolutely no way Ottawa trades Karlsson unless it's something crazy because he is the face of the franchise as well as their captain.

16 Jun 2016 13:50:46
Edm: RNH, Yak, 4th overall

Ott: ceci, stone.

16 Jun 2016 14:29:20
Stone ain't going nowhere.

16 Jun 2016 14:46:08
Terrible for Oilers.

16 Jun 2016 15:16:16
Atleast ottawa throws in 12th overall, but this is a no. awful.

16 Jun 2016 15:24:53
I'm not saying it's a bad trade for Ottawa it's a bad trade for Edmonton but stone ain't getting traded he's to important to our top 6.

16 Jun 2016 18:19:07
Sens don't necessarily need a center. Turris and DJ ZBad are 1-2 and Pageau and Smith round out 3-4. What they do need is some scoring depth on the wings, preferably a top 2 left winger as Stone and Ryan are 1-2 on the right.

16 Jun 2016 18:49:11
Wouldn't you rather have Tkachuk or Dubois.

16 Jun 2016 00:49:16
Ottawa: ceci, hoffman, weiroch, chaisson, 12th overall
Edmonton: 4th overall, yakupov, 2017 3rd round pick

fair value? close? who adds?

16 Jun 2016 04:39:28
Chaisson and weir are terrible. No value. Ceci and Hoffman on the other hand and then the 12th overall isn't bad tho, that's pretty good package.

Ceci + Hoffman + 12th
Yak + 4th + 3rd round

That's how I personally see it, and like honestly really good for oilers. But I doubt Ottawa says yes lol.

16 Jun 2016 05:50:24
Ottawa says no all day.

16 Jun 2016 05:55:03
I was thinking about a trade like this but just the 4th for ceci and the 12th pick now I realize that probably ain't enough and maybe a smaller piece is added but to add Hoffman is way too much.

16 Jun 2016 06:18:07
Sens I saw some body put up:


Sens: Ceci + 12th + Lazar

Not saying this works, but it's a lesser piece than Hoff like you said.

16 Jun 2016 07:24:12
I personally love Lazar and would rather offer a pick or a prospect but hey if it gets the fouth than why not.

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