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22 Oct 2014 00:07:50
think this would be great trade for both the avs and the sens

especially if the avs continue to struggle and if the sens need a bit more offense to push for the playoffs

ottawa recieves : ryan oreilly , 2016 5th rp

colorado receives: jared cowen , milan michalek , second rp 2015 and 2016 3rd round pick

oreilly is rumored as wanting to play on a canadian team . oreilly style of play would be a great fit with the sens and he woulld take on much more responsibility and importance with the sens

colorado receives a needed young BIG left handed dman with tons of potential but someone who needs a fresh start, also a middle age goal scorer who can replace some of oreillys offence and who could also use a a bit of a fresh start but playing with the likes of mackinnon and duchene he could keep up speed wise and I think would light it up

also colorado receives a second rp in a very talented 2015 draft and a solid third rounder in next yesrs draft

ottawa lines

macarthur turris stone
ryan oreilly zbad
hoffman legwand chiasson
smith lazar neil

methot karlsson
wiercoch ceci
phillips borwiecki/gryba


colorado lineup

landeskog duchene tanguay
michalek mackinnon iginla
mcginn mitchell briere
macleod cliche talbot

hejda johnson
cowen barrie
stuart holden/guenin



That's a trade I'd like to see.


Very solid trade on both sides. Good work


Avs would probably want methot involved in the trade as they need a solid #2-3 defenseman


I feel it's still a little light on Ottawa's side. I feel that Ottawa will have to add a little bit more to acquire O'Reilly. But on the right track.




21 Oct 2014 19:23:45
Anderson, Methot, Michalek, Pageau

to EDM for

Eberle, Anton Lander (play in the minors for now but Ottawa loves their Swede's

Edmonton needs to do something and adding a starting Goalie is a start but adding a veteran winger and a solid d man (last year of his contract, I know) means they have some depth



Sign a FA goalie looking for work. like Vokoun or Bryzgalov


OTT wouldn't pick apart their goalie core when they're so hot to start the season, especially when they would be trading the goalie they just signed to a three-year extension.


I like it but if we hold out and Andy keeps playing the way he is his value will go up and I think there are a few teams that will want an upgrade. That is if Lehner keeps playing well also


Scrivens or Fasth should go to OTT. After the trade EDM has Anderson, Fasth and Scrivens.


I agree benn Scrivens should go to Ottawa, he would love the rivalry with the Leafs especially eh!




21 Oct 2014 03:54:58
Just a thing I thought of in 3 minutes

Buffalo: Klefbom, 2015 4th, 2016 4th

Edmonton: Chris Stewart

Klefbom needs a few more years to develop. And Buffalo is in rebuilding process.

To EDM: Lupul

To TOR: Eberle, 2015 3rd

Eberle is younger but has more cap
Lupul is older and is a veteran

To Phily: Yakupov, 2015 2nd (Becomes 3rd if the Oilers don't reach the playoffs)
To EDM: Wayne Simmonds

Great Power Forward for EDM

To Ottawa: Viktor Fasth, 2015 4th/5th
To EDM: Craig Anderson

To EDM: Jeff Schultz
To LA: 2015 5th,7th

To LA: 2016 3rd, 2015 6th
To EDM: Matt Greene

To EDM: Cody Franson, 2015 4th,5th,2016 4th
To TOR: Jeff Petry

EDM is looking to trade Petry.

Sign Henrick Tallinder to a 1 yr 900k deal
If he doesn't play well waive him.

To Toronto: Andrew Ference, Scrivens
To EDM: James Reimer, 3rd

Andrew Ference is a good team leader and has done GREAT things for the city of Edmonton. But I have no idea why the Oilers signed him. Bad contact overall.


21 Oct 2014 05:07:31
IMO Tim Murray would make that trade.


21 Oct 2014 06:23:33
Eberle for lupul. Bad trade for oilers. Lupul is always hurt.

edm oil

Yeah right this took you 3 minutes


Eberle for lupul, and Edmonton adds a pick? Wow.


21 Oct 2014 18:24:19
Edm gm fired after lupul eberle trade


Toronto takes that trade and runs very far away with it.


Ottawa trade is bad he is playing great so far




20 Oct 2014 23:30:58
Milan Michalek

Bryan Bickell

Roughly the same age, exact same term left and money.


Ottawa would never trade a scoring winger for an over-paid 3rd Liner




20 Oct 2014 05:59:49
Ottawa Trades:
Milan Michalek
Marc Methot
Erik Condra
Colin Greening

Winnipeg Trades:
Evander Kane
Peter Budaj

Wpg gets a top 6 fwd, top 4 dman and some 3/4 line depth.
Ottawa gets a quality top 6 fwd and better depth in goal. Also if they decide to trade Anderson at the deadline they can call up Budaj to back up Lehner.

Thoughts? Add? subtract?


Kchev would be fired if he took this. If they trade Kane it will be for players younger then the ones you offered.


Thats overpayment for kane imo. i'll say michalek methot and a mid draft pick would do for both of them. But budaj just went to winnipeg right now and he's not leaving yet.


@as95 No way.


20 Oct 2014 21:10:59
In fairness Kevin Cheveldayoff(if that's the correct way spelling his name) should be fired. Since he's been gm he hasn't helped this team out. He has drafted two good players and that's about it.




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19 Oct 2014 23:05:51
just a thought here

ott: craig smith, mattias ekholm

nsh: jared cowen , milan michalek , 2nd rp 2015

ottawa lineup :

macarthur - turris - stone
ryan - c smith - zibanejad
z smith-legwand-neil



20 Oct 2014 05:17:18
Don't mind the trade, but I'd want Gryba in the line up. He's proving to be a very solid defensive Dman.




18 Oct 2014 00:07:25
COL: Holden, Stuart, Pickard
OTT: Anderson, Cowen


Avs just said they are going to give their young guys (Picard) a chance to play.

Charles Xavier



17 Oct 2014 23:56:09
Jared Cowen and a conditional 4rth rd pick for Luke Schenn

*becomes a 3rd 2016 if Ottawa makes the playoffs

Add or reduce?


18 Oct 2014 05:13:13
cowen is better and worth quite a bit more than schenn imo


I wouldn't trade Cowen yet. Ya he hasn't played well yet this year and struggled a little last year but he's young and I think could become a very hard player to play against down the road.


19 Oct 2014 14:12:39
Luke Schenn? Thanks but no thanks. He thinks he can fight. lol


19 Oct 2014 19:41:43
At least Schenn plays some defence and is a good penalty killer, Cowen can't because he's always in the penalty box for stupid penalties.


21 Oct 2014 02:34:09
a toothpick lying one the ice somewhere is a better defender than schenn, at least it'd be in position once in a while




17 Oct 2014 04:27:13
After yesterdays Oilers' game I feel like we still need a starter goalie and more defense.
Getting a starter goalie will cost less than getting a top 2 Defenseman.

To Ottawa: Ben Scrivens, 2015 5th
To Edmonton: Craig Anderson

Ben Scrivens is younger.
Ben Scrivens has less salary.
Anderson is not a big upgrade on Scrivens, but he sitll is an upgrade.

To NJ: Justin Schultz, 2015 3rd/2nd
To EDM: Andy Green

Justin Schultz is a poor defensive player. He has good offensive mid-set. He gives up on plays. And he has 1 year on his contract.

Andy Green is a good defensive player and has OK offensive mind-set.


Anderson is a big upgrade on Scrivens


U would have to pay more than that for Andy


Giving up Schultz for an aging Greene is a bad idea


17 Oct 2014 07:17:28
Why would Ottawa trade there starter for someone who'd back up Lehner?
Also why would Edmonton trade away the only offensive minded dman they have for another adequate stay at home dman?

Brutal trades.


17 Oct 2014 21:25:03
Anderson is a HUGE upgrade on Scrivens! I can't believe you undervalue Anderson that much. Wow. Ottawa politely refuses and hangs up before dying in fits of laughter.


@Titties He easily gives up on plays and has no defense in him whatsoever. Defense are supposed to play DEFENSE




14 Oct 2014 21:43:26
OTT: Marc Methot, Erik Condra, Shane Prince, 3rd rd pick
BUF: Tyler Myers

Shane Prince is a top end prospect and is also NHL ready and drafted by Murray so there's the connection, also Erik Condra can add depth on BUF checking lines and can efficiently kill penalties. Trading Myers should open up cap space for BUF, enough to sign what Methot is looking for - BUF gets a legitimate stay at home D. 3rd rounder to sweeten up to pot.

BUF line up
Moulson - Ennis - Stafford
Foligno - Hodgson - Stewart
Mitchell - Girgensons - Gionta
Condra - Reinhart - Flynn

Gorges - Methot
Weber - Ristolainen
Benoit - Strachan

Enroth - Neuvirth

OTT line up
Macarthur - Turris - Ryan
Michalek - Zibanejad - Chiasson
Hoffman - Lazar - Stone
Smith - Legwand - Neil

Myers - Karlsson
Phillips - Ceci
Borowiecki - Gryba
Cowen - Wiercioch

Anderson - Lehner


A great big no from Murray. Prince is not even one of OTT top 9 prospects, BUF has plenty of bottom 6 players and prospects (BUF PK% was better than OTT last year and this this year), so the trade that would HELP BUF is Methot for Myers (very low chance of getting a decent player with a 3rd) I think Tim would say, no thanks uncle.


Qualitity over Quantatiy
Buffalo declines


Shane prince is not a top end prospect, a good one, but you're on meth if you seriously consider him top end

top end on ottawa maybe




14 Oct 2014 18:02:12
Marc Methot
Erik Condra
Shane Prince
Mikael Wikstrand
2nd rdp

Anton Volchenkov
Craig Smith


ABSOLUTELY terrible for ottawa I can tell you're a nashville fan!


14 Oct 2014 23:42:12
Ha ha ha. good one. Really though WHY would they want Volchenkov back? Package is a little (Sorry A LOT) light coming back to Ottawa. What you've got coming from Nashville, you could probably get for Methot and a low pick alone.


15 Oct 2014 07:34:35
lol no @ the top 2 posts. go look up smith's stats, he's the best player in the deal ahead of methot. consdering he's much younger and not a pending ufa he also carries significantly more value. volchekov, condra, prince are all worth little to nothing. wikstrand, idk who that is but he also probably carries little value.

therefore the deal is essentially methot and a 2nd for smith, which nashville does not want for somewhat obvious reasons of them not having much scoring and the fact that they'll likely lose metht for nothing in july.


Shankar. I have looked at craig smith stats . he's a 50 pts player AT BEST and that's all he'll ever be. prince isn't great, but is a solid prospect and many people have said mikael wikstrand is a very solid prospect and a great puck moving dman. plus we add in a second rp in a highly talented 2015 draft

marc methot yes is a ufa but is a great shutdown d man and looks good beside ek65 so I think ottawa easily declines this trade


16 Oct 2014 06:56:16
EK65, how can you say

"he's a 50 pts player AT BEST and that's all he'll ever be." for Craig Smith?

He's 25 years old and has only been in the league for 2.5 seasons so far. In the 2.5 seasons he has shown progress in each season and continues that trend so far into this season. In comparison, it has taken Kyle Turris 5 seasons to reach the 50pts mark and everyone is saying he is a quality player(which he is). Mind you he reached 50pts while playing alongside Clarke MacArthur and Bobby Ryan. Craig Smith has reached the 50pts plateau in half the time playing on a MUCH more defensive orientated team with no where near as much offensive talent. Also, I agree is a really good shut down Dman. However, there is a chance that he isn't going resign in Ottawa, Ottawa management has already expressed that if they can't come to terms with the future UFA they will be shopping him around and will be looking to trade him. Despite if he looks good with Karlsson.


Smith would be decent.




14 Oct 2014 16:04:09
OTT doesn't want to give Methot the money he wants and need some help up front. The likelihood of them resigning him is slim so its best they get something. They also have 8 D-men on one way contracts so:

To OTT: Drew Stafford, Cond. 3rd rd if he doesn't resign

To BUF: Marc Methot

OTT might not want to give Stafford the money either but that's why the 3rd is included. BUF can afford Methot.


DAL is one of the three teams (ANA, DET, DAL) showing interest in Myers. the asking price is high for him now but it will probably get higher at the deadline if more teams are interested as a bidding war could ensue. As much as i'd love him to stay it would be best for a team to grab him now in my opinion.


To DAL: Tyler Myers, Nick Baptiste, 3rd rd (possibly 2nd)

To BUF: Valeri Nichushkin, Antoine Roussel, Radek Faksa

I believe this meets the needs of all teams involved along with keeping under the cap.


If the stars packaged those plasters they could do much better then Myers


@Drownedfish Myers is not the only player coming back. Baptiste gets better every year and the 2nd could be almost a 1st. Antoine Roussel is an undrafted enforcer who played way over his expected talents last year. Faska looks like he could be a good player but the Sabres right now seem to have an extra top 6 center. Finally, Valeri Nichushkin, will he be better than last years performance and the Sabres seem to have too many players who could play RW? All that being said, IMO it is a reasonably close exchange of assets.


Maybe something like this would be better:

To DAL: Tyler Myers (Retain 1mil for this year), 3rd rd draft pick

To BUF: Valeri Nichushkin, Ryan Garbutt

It was Mantha + from DET for Myers alone. I think at the moment Nichuskin has more value then Mantha as he is NHL proven so I think this could be along the lines of what Murray would ask from DAL. I'm not saying it's set in stone or anything


@Stanleycup2019 I see that, i'm just saying if the stars traded Nichushkin and Faska they could get a better defenceman then Myers


Does BUF get a conditional pick if Methot does not sign with Buffalo? Maybe Murray could trade Stafford the same way he traded Moulson, LOL




13 Oct 2014 18:57:49
OTT: Anderson, Pageau, Greening, 4th
WPj: Kane, Pavelec

Anderson + hutch would be a much better improvement for Wpjs net minders. Lehner is NHL ready and is ready to take on 60+ games on a daily basis. Pageau has been great fro ottawa and is nhl ready he just needs the opportunity which right now ottawa has no room for him, wpj will have all that opportunity for him on the 3rd/4th line centre

Ottawa waives Pavelec
Sign Brodeur to 1yr 4mil - makes sense because he practices with his son at Gatineau with his QMJHL team Gatineau Olympiques. They can both settle in here in ottawa for a year until his son is done with the amateur league

Projected line up:
MacArthur - Turris - Ryan (line 1a)
Kane - Zibanejad - Chiasson (line 1b)
Michalek - Legwand - Stone (line 2)
Lazar - Smith - Hoffman (line 3)

Wiercioch - Karlsson
Phillips - Ceci
Borowiecki - Gryba/Cowen

Lehner - Brodeur


13 Oct 2014 19:45:05
Overpayment on winnipegs behalf. Kane alone I think would bring in a little bit more than that.


Not enough for Pavalec alone


Correction Kane^^^^ Lol


If they took Pavelec out and added a mid-to-low-round pick, it should work out. Pavelec and Anderson would be 1 and 1A.


14 Oct 2014 01:42:48
60+ games on daily basis seems a bit much for anyone don't you think lol

anyways, that's not getting you kane




13 Oct 2014 18:56:12
Marc Methot
Erik Condra
Shane Prince
2nd rdp

Keith Yandle


Maybe if methot had 2-3 more years on his contract or this trade comes with a newly signed contract but since he's a FA at the end of the season, the coyotes aren't going to give up Yandle for a pending UFA as the centerpiece.




12 Oct 2014 17:04:15
Habs could use a stay at home defecemen

Habs: Eller
Ottawa: marc methot

Conditions: if methot signs in montreal
Senators receive a 3rd pick


First Ottawa doesn't trade Methot within the division unless for a huge overpayment
second Eller would be a 4th line centre in Ottawa, with smith already playign the wing sens don't need more bottom 6 centres
value is terrible and ottawa easily says no to this kind of offer

Hey Bud

Habs already have 2 stay at home defensemen.




12 Oct 2014 05:29:13
ott: thornton

sjs: michalek stone weirchor 2nd (1st if ottawa makes playoffs)


No point for either team especially for the sens who are in the middle of a youth movement right now.

Charles Xavier

12 Oct 2014 17:15:13
That would be ok if you want to get to the playoffs and no farther.


Why would Michalek go back?




11 Oct 2014 22:53:26
a swap between uncle and nephew

a fresh start for a couple of promising but struggling big young d men and an aging scoring winger

ott: tyler myers, drew stafford

buf: jared cowen, shane prince, 2nd 15 (dal) , maybe add in another 2nd rounder in 2016?

sens lineup

macarthur turris ryan
michalek zibanejad stafford/chiasson
hoffman legwand stafford/chiasson
greening smith neil/stone

methot karlsson
wiercoch myers
phillips ceci


extras: lazar, condra, gryba , borowiecki

feelings on the trade? what about if this team is playoff material?

please don't be too harsh (;


At this point I am taking a minority view of this trade, but I will wade into troubled waters. IMO Myers>Cowen, Stafford>>Prince and the two 2nd's do not nearly make up the difference. If one takes the potential of each player into consideration, the differences are even greater. It looks like uncle is trying to take advantage of his nephew.




11 Oct 2014 17:42:43
Ott: Anderson vatanen

Ana: Anderson 3rd




07 Oct 2014 15:40:08
To Winnipeg: Anderson, Methot, Greening
To Ottawa: Byfuglien, 5th Round Pick

Ottawa signs Brodeur to mentor Lehner for a year and play 15 games or so (if Brodeur wants to play this year and lives in reality that no one else wants him) If Brodeur doesn't want to play in Ottawa then sign Vokoun.





Too much for just Byfuglien and a late pick.


10 Oct 2014 11:33:35
I don't see that happening at all.




06 Oct 2014 04:59:06
'To OTT: O. Pavelec, B. Little

To WPG: C. Anderson, 2017 2nd


06 Oct 2014 11:29:35
I'd keep Anderson, thanks.


Jets aren't giving up little unless the got a center of equal skill level in return


Win- Pavelec, Little, Morrissey

Ott- Anderson, Zibanejad, 2nd, 3rd

Add or subtract a pick to even out value




05 Oct 2014 01:36:15
New user on this site and a huge sens fan

Excited for a new season of hockey like I assume you all are

Here are a couple of last minute deals I would like to see ottawa make and then I think we could possibly have a shot at the playoffs this year

First I would get the methot locked up
He is a big shutdown d who is our best defensive d man

Deal : 4y/5.3millper

I think we also need a big top 6 winger
We have had interest in Chris Stewart for a while so I think Bryan should call Tim and propose a deal like this

deal: ott: Chris Stewart , conditional 3rp 2015 ( if Stewart doesn't resign) , 4th rp 2016

Buf: Shane prince , alex guptill

Opening day lineup

MacArthur -Turris - ryan

Michalek - zibanejad - Stewart

Mike Hoffman - legwand - chiasson

Greening - smith - Neil /stone

Method karlsson
Cowen wiercoch
Phillips ceci


If Stewart produces I say we sign him

Deal : 2y 9mill

Anybody think this could be a playoff team?


Not even close to a play off team


05 Oct 2014 08:04:55
i don't think that'd get you stewart


Nolan is crazy about Stewart and so far he likes BUF so I don't see Stewart leaving unless we get something better in return. As a sabre fan i'd like him to sign with us again but if not he'd fetch more then that


@SENSARMY, first if Stewart is traded, I hope he brings a bigger return than that. IMO it may be hard for uncle Bryan and his nephew Tim to complete a deal. When making a deal, one always wants to believe that they got the better part of the deal, how can you do that with your nephew or you uncle. Second, I am taking a minority viewpoint here. Typically a team that has a defenseman as talented as Karlsson will make the playoffs or be in the hunt (i.e. Nashille). Others may disagree, but there are only 4 teams in the East that sure things, Tampa Bay, Boston, Pittsburgh and Montreal. The other 4 spots are up for grabs. Rangers, Blue Jackets, Flyers and Wings all have serious flaws that may prevent some or all of them to not make the playoffs. So I say yes, the Senators could sneak in with hard play, few injuries and luck.


Uncle Brian has the leverage in any trade because of that Sega he got Tim way back when even though his parents told Brian he didn't need it.


05 Oct 2014 17:44:45
the only reason I dsagree with that is that weber is far superior to karlsson in regards to all around play. karlsson obviously is better offensively, even though weber does put up his fair share of points, but the defensive side is what really separates them in my mind.


@MG69 love your humor, @Shankar yes Weber is better but Karlsson not bad. BTW has anyone looked at the NAS prospects. I am a Sabre fan but I think NAS has more and better prospects. Within a couple of years, they may make a decent run at the cup.


05 Oct 2014 19:43:49
@shankar I agree that Weber is a better d man than Karlsson but to say he's far superior I think is a bit of a stretch, Weber's supporting cast at the back end is WAY better than Ottawa's. I'm not saying that's what makes Weber better cause I'd take weber over Karlsson but I'm sure Karlsson's stats would be better (+/- wise) if he had a partner like Josi and a goalie like Rinne.


Big sens Fan here too but tbh I don't think we need stewart I like prince and Guptil and they way we played in the preseason shows that were going to have a good season I think the lines will look something like this

Mac Turris Ryan
Milo Legwnd Chiasson
Hoffman Zibby Lazar
Greening Smith Niel

Legwand and zibby could switch at anytime
Extras: stone pageau condra

I personally feel that Ottawa will trade Methot towards the trade dealine along with like a Condra and a Greening to make space for younger more talented Players , I feel that we will try to get draft picks and or a young top 4 Rhd and a Young Top 6 forward


How are Montreal and Tampa Bay sure things yet the rangers aren't?

Charles Xavier

@Charles Xavier thanks for the feedback. The Rangers only made the playoffs with a 3 point cushion. Two more regulation losses and they miss the post season entirely last season. If you look at historical performances, the teams that go to the finals, only have a couple of months for their bodies to recover before spring training starts.




05 Oct 2014 01:04:07
OTT: Greening
EDM: 6th

OTT: Condra
CHI: 6th
Sign Methot to 5yr 4.75mil

Macarthur - Turris - Ryan
Michalek - Zibanejad - Chiasson
Stone - Legwand - Lazar
Hoffman - Pageau - Smith
extra: Neil

Methot - Karlsson
Wiercioch - Ceci
Cowen - Gryba
Phillips - Boro

Anderson - Lehner


Edm doesn't need Greening. I don't understand why people think Edm needs their cast-off iffy bottom-6ers.




04 Oct 2014 16:18:09
Mtl: sign bissonette

After last nights garbage with ottawa goons vs the habs stars and no one to step up, just for games like this I think a guy like that is still needed around the leaugue, more importantly on our team. Or else, it's going to be a long year for prust


Ya you better get someone too protect your weasel of a star suban


If Subban wants too two hand slash karlsson then that's what he gets


Bissonette is with St. Louis on a PTO, if he were to be released I would give him a shot for a year. If not him, maybe a guy like rupp or westgarth


Sensforlife, and if Anderson continues to have his temper tantrums and slash Gallagher that you can keep starting your goons on the back end


Gallagher is almost as bad as Marchand, he probably deserved to get slashed. I wouldn't use that weasel to try and get my point across.




02 Oct 2014 17:34:33
I would Love to See Ryan Hagerty In a sens Uniform what would It take to get hime from the rangers I don't really know his value

Maybe something like this

Ott : Hagerty hagelin

NYR: Methot on a negociated contract, and b Robinson


I doubt the Rangers would want to lose more offense, plus they're set on defense


02 Oct 2014 21:01:19
yea the hagelin for methot part makes no sense for the rags at all


I'd love to see Gretzky in my uniform!


03 Oct 2014 05:30:44
i would too, assuming we're talking about paulina ;)




01 Oct 2014 17:24:00
I could see this happening Now or towards the trade dealine if buffalo isn't in the race Since Bmurry and Tmurry have a great connection.

Ott Gets: Baptiste, 2015 1st 2015 1st

Buff gets Ryan and methot

I just feel since both are pending fa's and its a strong draft year so I feel that buffalo would be interested in this deal and ott would have 3 good first round picks


Why in the holy mother of hell would the team going through the biggest rebuild trade 2 firsts in a loaded draft and one of their top prospects who has done very well in the OHL for two players who will no doubt walk after the season? Makes no sense, Ryan and Methot will want to go to playoff contending teams, not bottom dwellers.


Hahahahahaha you're kidding right? This year'a pick could be CONNOR MCDAVID OR JACK EICHEL.

Ottawa fan? I think so


I think he was talking about moving the isles and blues pick, but regardless, it's an outrageous proposal


Now tell me, exactly what does Tim Murray get out of that. Methot does not fill any need, Buffalo has prospects Rasmus Ristolainen, Nikita Zadorov, Mark Pysyk, Jake McCabe, & Chad Ruhwedel (as well as dark horses Brady Austin, Anthony Florentino, & Brycen Martin) as defensive prospects and almost certainly 3 to 4 of them will be in the NHL next year playing with Mike Weber, Tyler Myers & Josh Gorges (and possibly Meszaros or Benoit or both). Ryan would be a great pick up, but do think he is better than a chance to get Connor McDavid, Noah Hanifin or Jack Eichel. To have a chance at any of those players Buffalo has to finish no worse than second last. And you want Nick Baptiste one of Buffalo's top RW prospects as well. If Uncle Murray wanted to trade Ryan to Tim, look to the 2016 draft or prospects not named Reinhart, Ristolainen, or Zadorov. That looks like an easy pass for nephew Murray.


As an after thought, Tim Murray would only trade for Ryan and Methot if the Sabres were IN the race, not OUT of it as you suggested. So what do you think are the odds of the Sabres being in the race come next March?


Whatever the odds of Stephan Hawking walking again are the same odds the Sabres have of making the playoffs


Yikes. Are you MontrealsFinest in disguise?


Actually Chirp he may be greenstripetowel, that was another suggested trade that received overwhelming negative responses. IMO Murray may be facing significant scrutiny for trading Halak and a 2015 third for Neuvirth, if his GK performance does not improve. So it would be unlikely that Murray would make another bold move so soon.


Well I guess Ryan will not be traded:





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