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24 Mar 2015 19:56:29
Ott and Sjs

Vlasic= Anderson, Cowen, Chaisson, 3rd

Marleau= Smith, Prince, Puempel, Neil, 1st

Ottawa has so many good young guys and they don't have room to play them all and won't in a couple of years to give them top 9 jobs

Marleau Z Ryan
Mac Turris Stone
Hoffman Ledwand Michalik
Lazac Pageau Condra
Greening, Paul.
look to sign a third line center a more offensive one to play with hoffman and Michalik

Method Karlsson
Vlasic Ceci
Weirchor Gryba
Boerweich Phillips


14 Mar 2015 20:22:11
OTT: Craig Anderson, Erik Gryba
DAL: Jordie Benn, 2015 4th

Solves team needs, DAL gets a legitimate #1 goalie who consistently finishes top 10 in sv pct and GAA and is proven that can steal games (currently top 8 in sv pct this season)
Ottawa gets a top 4 D they've been wanting inorder to play with ceci and take some load off Karl and Methot

14 Mar 2015 23:41:30
Jordie Benn isn't that great, Sens could get more for Anderson then a 6/7 defence men

13 Mar 2015 16:14:38
Oilers need a true #1 Goalie

Oilers: Anderson
(now that Lehner and Hammond are both playing good)

Ott: Pitt 1rdp, Marincin

13 Mar 2015 17:47:26
not what edmonton needs. by the time they're good (if that ever happens) andy will be pushing 40.

13 Mar 2015 18:55:05
The leafs might give you bernier for that.
7 years younger and a higher career save percentage.

13 Mar 2015 20:41:43
Bernier . no thank you. The Oilers might as well just stay with Scrivens.

They need a true #1 goalie. Anderson is older but he plays well and could probably give them 4 yrs.

Oilers need NHL players now . no more potentially good players.

12 Mar 2015 16:07:49
Edmonton's moves between now and next year.

UFA College signing - Matt O'Connor

Before Draft:
Edmonton: Magnus Paajarvi
St. Louis: Ottawa's 2015 3rd pick

Edmonton: Jonathan Bernier
Toronto: Pittsburgh's 2015 1st pick

At the Draft:
Edmonton, with the 2nd overall pick selects Jack Eichel

Resign RFA's:
Anton Lander
Nail Yakapov
Martin Marincin
Justin Schultz

At Free Agency:
UFA signing Johnny Boycuk 6 X $6M

Nurse and Draisaitl start next year in the minors - finish the year in Edmonton.

12 Mar 2015 18:17:51
Why would Edmonton trade to get Pääjärvi back?

And why not improve defense moore when it's so obvious that defense is their weekest part?

I really don't think Boychuk will sign with the oilers and I don't see why Toronto would send away Bernier either.

Nothing really makes sence besides draft Eichel if you get the 2:nd overall.

12 Mar 2015 18:48:20
How does the bernier deal not make sense.the value looks close to me and both teams get something they want.

It's hard to imagine a free agent signing with Edmonton if he has more than one offer but boychuk is from there so maybe.

12 Mar 2015 19:25:18
You can go ahead and scrap that plan to sign Boychuk. Isles signed him for 7 years! Haha

12 Mar 2015 22:19:34
Well I guess I got Boychuk's $ correct but the team wrong.

Edmonton still needs a top paring D any ideas not named Phaneuf? Edmonton has no interest in Phaneuf (nor he in coming to Edmonton), that I know.

13 Mar 2015 04:34:39
Well the Boychuk signing changes things - so what about this change to the above noted plan:

Edmonton makes an offer to Boston's Dougie Hamilton for $6M * 6 years. I'm not sure Boston is in a position to match this offer. and the return would be Edmonton's 2016 1st, 2nd, and 3rd pick.

Boston has $58, 916, 667 committed to 14 players. Assuming the cap next year moves to $70M, that leaves $11, 083, 333 to sign 9 more players. If they were to match the above offer, they would have $5, 083, 333 left to sign 8 players - that is an average of $635, 416; and there is no way that's happening.

13 Mar 2015 07:26:37
if I wer boston I wouldn't match that offer sheet anyways. sure, hamilton is good but I mean that 1st will (likely) again be top 3 unless EDM drastically changing something, which I doubt.

13 Mar 2015 10:41:30
It is always the Oiler fans who say teams don't want players returning whom they traded away. Whenever someone posts a trade for a player (let's use Lupul for example) they always write that a team will never bring them back.

13 Mar 2015 14:02:33
7 years for the already 31 year old boychuk at 6 million is no big deal.
But the 6 years left on 29 year old phaneuf at 7 million gets people all hot and bothered.
380 games
26 goals
107 points
736 games
117 goals
396 points
If the oilers signed Dougie Hamilton and traded say pittsburghs 1st round pick for bernier I think Edmonton could be a playoff team.

25 Mar 2015 14:10:58
Leafhate is right.

05 Mar 2015 20:47:06
OTT: Lehner, Cowen, 2015 5th, 2016 3rd

EDM: Purcell, Pouliot, Aulie

05 Mar 2015 22:00:42
I don't think Ottawa will deal four assets for two bad contracts and a giant pylon but stranger things have happened I guess

06 Mar 2015 14:21:53
Is there anything our value moving to Ottawa in this trade?

06 Mar 2015 21:02:25
is there any value of any sen for that matter

06 Mar 2015 22:17:12
Purcell & Pouliot = highly over paid 3rd line wingers
Aulie = AHL bottom pairing dman

Lehner = young back up with upside
Cowen = 2nd - 3rd pairing Nhl dman

2015 5th rdp > Aulie
2016 3rd rdp > either Pouliot or Purcell

07 Mar 2015 02:24:53
I'm a Oil fan and I think that's garbage.

Lehner is a great target - but its not happening for nothing - perhaps the Pittsburgh 1st? or a decent prospect and next years 2nd pick?

02 Mar 2015 14:54:08
Murray has told multiple people nothing is happening today for Ottawa.

02 Mar 2015 18:14:36
Murray is a horrible GM. Ottawa will come 9th this year, miis the playoffs and get bad draft position.

02 Mar 2015 20:57:08
How so stickboi? The senators aren't close enough to a playoff spot to warrant giving up assets for a rental. They also are not anywhere near bad enough to tank and get a pick in the 4-6 range. They can still get a good player in the low-mid teens that can help. The only smart thing for them to do is make a big move like the Bobby Ryan deal and that's something that is easier to do in the off season.

03 Mar 2015 06:43:15
Disagree strongly with @stickboi. I'm glad that Bryan Murray didn't make a trade today. For the prices for some of these players are just straight up ridiculous. Just stay on track with what they're doing and like @Sensfan27 said, they'll have a decent pick in a deep draft and with the scouting staff Ottawa has it's good chance that it will be an Nhl player. Also if they finish off the year around where they are, they'll still be able to win the lottery pick, unlikely but still a possibility.

02 Mar 2015 01:19:42
OTT: Craig Anderson, Jared Cowen, Eric Gryba, Prospect Matt Puempel, Dals 2015 2nd, OTT 2016 2nd
EDM: Jeff Petry, Taylor Hall

Pretty much a first line LW & #4Dman for a proven #1 Goaltender w/ a great contract, young shutdown dman with great potential and size, 5/6 steady dman who fills in the role perfectly and adds size and grit, a B+ prospect and two second rounders to sweeten up to pot

02 Mar 2015 06:14:44
I think Lehner might be a better option for Edmonton. As for getting Hall, it's going to cost Ottawa more but getting Petry as well will help and hopefully he will sign.
What about:
Lehner,Cowen 2016 1st, Gryba/Boroweicki for Eberle and Petry
Lehner, Cowen, Chaisson,Lazar,Gryba or Boro, Ottawa's 2015 2nd for Hall and Petry

04 Mar 2015 04:37:03
Ok oilers will not trade hall. Also they can't be that dumb to trade a developing player that has the potential to be a star.

01 Mar 2015 20:13:35
mtl- parenteau

car- semin 50% retain
semin have 500 pts in 625 in nhl and was good in +/- ratio in 3 last year with a losing team. Salary his the only issue with him I think. at 3.5 M for 3 next year , good gamble , I don't think he's that toxic

mtl-eller 2nd round pick



if ottawa trade legwand rhey will need a physical 3rd line center 4 rebuild


Dal looking for a RH D



01 Mar 2015 20:55:20
so you're saying CAR will retain 50% of semin + the 4 mil on parenteau making him essentially a 7.5 millin dollar player, while MTL loses cap? not a chance.

01 Mar 2015 21:52:59
parenteau have only 1 year to his contact, u give him a shot and see what happen next summer if u resign him or waive him

Weise is playing first line right now, and now you have him playing 4th??

Parenteau have only one more year left at his contract.Carolina should play him next year and trade him at deadline for a pick

02 Mar 2015 01:32:18
still, for his production, 4 mil is very overpaid for parenteau. then you go and essentially pay him 7.5 mil for 1 year and give carolina 2 years after that of a dead 3.5 mil cap hit? no way that happens.

Ottawa already has the aggressive third line guy, Zac Smith.

Weise has been back on the 4th line last few games.

Habs are close to making real noise in the Playoffs. Polak, Lupul should put them just over the top to the finals. I know Lupuls contract sucks and he's injury prone, but these two would make a impact on a team that is just about there.

01 Mar 2015 10:11:59
Ottawa Senators: Codi Ceci
Chicago Blackhawks: Patrick Sharp

Ceci will be part of ottawa's rebuild and chicago will need sharp for the pkayoffs since kane is injured.

No from both teams.

01 Mar 2015 14:17:19
With ottawas five game win streak I can see Ottawa buying instead of selling but with the way Hammond has played for the sens I could see the sens possibly trying to see trade value of Andy or lehner as way to beef up for playoff run

01 Mar 2015 18:24:01
I feel if Ottawa was going to trade one of their goalies it would be in the offseason.

I don't know, if a team a bit further up called on Anderson, or a team a bit lower down called on Lehner, Brian Murray would definitely explore it. Either acquire some picks and prospects or get that quality player Ottawa so desperately needs to get things going on a regular basis.

It would be a big mistake to move any goalie for ottawa. Hammond won't keep that kind of play for long

While it would probably take Ceci (plus package) to get Sharp, Ottawa wouldn't do that. The fan base would explode. Ceci is sort of a hometown hero here.

25 Feb 2015 22:52:32
Ottawa Trades:
D:Cody Ceci
F:Milan Michalek

Detroit Trades:
2015 2nd round pick
F:Landon Farrao
F:Joakim Anderson
D:Xavier Oullet
D:Brendan Smith

Ottawa gets replacement players, highly ranked prospects and a 1st this year.

Detroit gets a young RH D-man to solidfy their Defense. Good scoring winger for 3rd line.

If that pick is actually a first and not a 2nd I do it.

No way from Detroit. Wow.

Codi Ceci for Patrick Sharp

25 Feb 2015 13:03:25
Down To the Wire

NYI: Bailey, Leggio, 4th and 6th rounders 2015
EDM: Eberle

Picks for the Oilers and a good young prospect for their ongoing rebuild, and an immediate offensive impact for the Isles. Changes need to happen in Edmonton.

BUF: Stewart
BOS: Paille, Ferlin, 4th rounder 2015

More scoring grit for the Bruins, and Buffalo can benefit from the deeper bench.

LA: McBain, Andreoff, 1st rounder 2015
ARI: Yandle

Is Yandle worth the dismissal of young talent and a 1st rounder? The Kings definitely don't mind, and the Coyotes would appreciate the prospects and decent slotted draft pick.

ARI: Vermette
MTL: De La Rose, Bournival, 4th rounder 2015

Sticking with Arizona, more young talent and potential for the likely to not resign Vermette. Not to mention the Habs get their much coveted french player.

TOR: Winnik
CHI: Rundblad, 3rd rounder 2015

With Kane sidelined for the next little while, the Blackhawks will need at least an affordable power forward. Winnik is a good choice, and Chicago won't mind throwing the Leafs the above.

CAR: Sekara
DAL: Ritchie, 3rd rounder 2015
TB: Connolly, 3rd rounder 2015

I still feel Sekara will be in Pittsburgh after the deadline comes and goes, but Dallas and Tampa Bay could be other decent fits for Sekara.


CBJ: Wisniewski
DET: Helm, Andersson, 5th rounder 2015

Wisniewski is an invaluable asset that the red Wings would love to acquire, however Columbus would need a good return to part ways at this time. The Blue Jackets are keeping their intentions with Wisniewski hush-hush, but Detroit NEEDS another defenceman if they want to be competitive for the remainder of the season and into the playoffs.

SJ: Niemi
VAN: Markstrom, Dorsett

With Miller out until at least the playoffs, The Canucks might be in the market for a seasoned tender to help carry the load with Lack. Niemi has been rumored to be getting shopped around as the Sharks will most likely pass on resigning him if he stays for another failed playoff run.


SJ: Thornton or Marleau
CGY: Ramo, Glencross, Granlund, 2nd rounder 2015
NYI: Bailey, Mouillierat, Strait, 4th rounder 2015
OTT: Neil, Chiasson, 2nd and 4th rounders 2015

I'd like to see either Thornton or Marleau, or even both, moved at the deadline. Get some prospects in return for players long rumored to be on the move. Flames, Isles (pending Eberle trade becomes a reality) and Sens could all benefit from having one of the two Shark players. Calgary would be the better fit of these three teams, plenty of cap space and a good young pool of talent that Thornton or Marleau could help take to the next level.

The sharks could like the Calgary one but the others wouldn't interest them. And I doubt they waive for Calgary. Also a 4th liner and AHL/backup for Niemi?

I'd rather have Markstrom and Dorsett, Lack can hold down the fort till Miller gets back

Habs should send the Sabres Thomas & return 2nd rounder from the Gorges deal for Stewart & Mitchel

Bournival is french too

@Boris Bagel, it does not look as Thomas will ever be a great NHL player, but why not, Stewart and Mitchell for a 2nd and Thomas.

Thomas sucks, habs can keep him.

24 Feb 2015 15:35:49
A trade that could happen now or during the summer. Doesn't really affect either teams hopes of making the playoffs.


Ryan O'Reilly

Patrick Weircoch
Shane Prince
Fredrik Claessen
2nd - OTT

The way I see it Ottawa's D is too full to fit everyone and Weircoch is the one with the most value (of the D that are available). Ottawa also has no room for Prince AND Peumpel (along with others like Robinson). Might as well send them to Colorado

Colorado (reportedly) wants a yound D man in return in any trade for ROR. This way they get 2 of them. Weircoch a little more NHL experience and Claessen a very good D prospect. They also get a 2nd (which should be close to a late 1st) and a good forward prospect with huge upside.

Patrick Wierchioch has no interest from NHL teams, there are articles about it. It would have to be a better defender in the conversation (Ceci, Cowen)

Colorado says no easily this not even close to the value they would be looking for

JF - there are articles from Garrioch that says HE doesn't think there is any interest. Doesn't mean there isn't.

If Cowen has to go then fine, but you're not getting Ceci AND Claessen - one of them has to stay for the future of this D core.


all those players you listed literally have 0% trade value. Come back to earth.

24 Feb 2015 00:43:40
Loui Ericsson too calgary for glencross and a 4th


Hanoski plus a third and a 4th

Richards to calgary for StaJan and a 3rd

Both would be great deals imo for calgary I know i'm swingin for the fence with the richards deal (la is loaded up the middle) but Boston would get a hard nosed forward in glencross plus a pick la would get a good penalty killer and a pick for a player barely playing in the minors. Calgary gets a play maker in loui that would mesh with Monahan well I would say gaudreau as well but Hudler and him are kinda a package deal can't split em up so he could slide in there and immediately rack em up. Richards could center raymond and colbourne and get an immediate confidence boost which is what he needs. On the defensive side calgarys pretty well rounded maybe a d man would be useful

Dion phanuef to Calgary for Raphael Diaz and a second

I know that deal is ridiculous based on his salary and what he brings to the table (locker room melt downs, arrogant etc etc) Calgary is majorly under paying in torontos eyes but this is a fantasy anything can happen, but him and wideman would be a solid pair and I think calgary coaching would clean him up he would get a confidence booster playing with young stars. Don't get my wrong Diaz is a good PP d man but phaneuf if he came to play would be an upgrade.

Now let's get a goalie

Bernier to Calgary for karri Ramo and Sven baerchi.

Toronto gets a goalie that has the ability to be shut down and a player who may develop into a good 2 way player. Calgary gets an "elite" goalie.

Bobby Ryan to Calgary for a 1st and bolling

Ryan would be a fit in calgary for obvious reasons Ottawa gets a first and a hard noser to cause crease problems. Sure calgary doesn't wanna move picks but Ryan's young just food for thought.

Alright gimme feed back just speaking my mind if you have any changes to trades go ahead and comment them let's play a little game of what if.

That Phaneuf trade is absolutely horrible. If you want Phaneuf you need to give up something better then a borderline NHL defender. Say what you want, he is a Top 4 defender on EVERY NHL team.

No, to much going on not that the value is to far off but most of the teams wouldn't trade these players

24 Feb 2015 12:30:41
you already have hiller why do you need bernier?

LOL Ryan - who JUST signed a 7 year deal - for a first and a prospect

Easy now I never said it was set in stone I was just throwing ideas out Toronto won't be able to get the best out of phaneuf ever spot lights on him he hasn't faired well with it so far like I said I'm way off with his value Diaz isn't top 4 but Toronto gets to dump cap and rebuild get a steady d-man whose contract isn't huge plus a pick the market for phaneuf won't be huge. Loui outta Boston is a nice fit because he's underrated and under appreciated in Boston they would potentially get glencross would would work with their scheme plus the richards deal has more risk for calgary then LA plus we take a bigger cap hit. Hiller has his bright spots but also let's some soft ones in bernier would apply the pressure on him and push them both to higher play. Yeah I get Ryan signed a big deal and I'm swinging for the fences with it he's getting a first for his services and this draft is loaded but this is just suggestions getting upset over them would be pointless

23 Feb 2015 22:07:38
2nd 2015


23 Feb 2015 20:05:52




Vancouver gets two crazy possession players, Ottawa gets a depth forward with secondary scoring ability, and Carolina gets a middle 6 forward with scoring capacity and potential to move into a top 6 role.

By the way, that's Victor Rask the forward, not Tuukka Rask the goalie

Now way ottawa take that

24 Feb 2015 00:05:57
Seriously? Rask for Kassian? Start with a top 6 roster player (not named Sedin) and a first round pick and then add some more.

24 Feb 2015 00:19:10
As an Ottawa fan, it's fair value but don't want Richardson. He's a UFA and Ottawa has very similar player in Zack Smith.

23 Feb 2015 15:10:07
To Ottawa: Taylor Hall, Nikita Nikitin

To Edmonton: Mika Zabinejad, 2015 2nd (Ottawa), Nick Paul

A good young developing player, a good prospect and a solid pick for a guy that could be a star in Ottawa for the next ten years. A lot of people say Ottawa doesn't have that many NHL assets, but their prospect pool is deep. Nikitin is a cap dump, and allows Edmonton to take another contract. Ottawa may need to add here, they could include another prospect (Prince, Puempel, Wideman) a goal tender (Anderson, Lehner, Dredger) a defenseman (Weircioch, Gryba, Borowiecki all of whom would fit well in the West) or a pick (2015 2nd Dallas, or without Nick Paul their 1st- which I doubt they move).

They need to add a ton. Hall is a top player

Thats not getting you taylor hall, and people say leaf fans have unbelievable trades, which they do but still

Hall is a bandaid

23 Feb 2015 18:14:00
I know that Taylor Hall is one of the better offensive players in the league and doesn't shy away from the physical stuff but I can't justify trading away Mika Zibanejad. Every game I watch him and he gets better every game and can possibly be one of the better two-way forwards in the future.

You could of at least tried and said a first round pick haha

22 Feb 2015 17:03:36


Gives LA bundles of cap room. Gives OTT a depth forward who can play 2nd line center and is a leader in the locker room.

If he was a second line centre he wouldn't be in the AHL

22 Feb 2015 17:45:49
No way Ottawa takes on that contract kings would have to add for Ottawa to take richards

Ottawas owner is one of the cheapest owners in the whole league the team always has a strict budget to work with. I think acquiring a player like richards on his current contract would give Eugene Melnyk a heart attack

I think that this stint in the ahl would light a fire under richard' ass. I think if he was put in a position to be a leader play 2nd line or at least 3rd line minutes and to actually have a role on a team he could return to the Richards of old and the Richards of old is worth 5.5 mill. This could work for Ottawa IMO they lack leadership. Karlson is talented but I don't know if he's captain material yet. Richards is a proven winner in all levels of hockey why shouldn't he get another chance on a team that actually needs him.

23 Feb 2015 01:51:53
. and besides, I'd rather have Greening and the pick.

Melnyk was focused on signing his own core of players, which after Methot signing he did. Now his focus will be RFAs. With the money Richards would cost, Ottawa can have Stone AND Hoffman signed. I'd take that over Richards any day.

@TMLeafs - Melnyk isn't so much as Cheap as Smart. Even the WORST contract on Ottawa's books is around 3 mil for no term. Not 8 mil or 5.5 mil for 7 or 8 years.

His focus has been on when the RFAs like Hoffman and Stone need to be resigned the money is there - and he wants the cap space to be there as well, which it is.

If they are dealt away this off season for nothing - then I will agree with you. Until then I'll believe what he says about his plan.

^ melnyk is 100% one of the cheapest owners in the leauge.

Why do you think alfie left?

Also he was thrown out of his company and got divorced. He doesn't have the money he used to.

Like I said, if he doesn't follow through with his plan I will jump on board. So far he HAS - step 1 was signing core step 2 is having room for the young guys like Hoffman, Stone, Lazar, Chiassion, Ceci etc

Alfie left because he wasn't worth 6.5 million a year. He thought he did Ottawa a favour by taking a 1 mil year - why do you think he HONESTLY signed that contract. Because there was a 1 year "throw away year" for a mil - or because he could make 18.5 million in 3 years (including 2 years at 7 mil each)?

give your head a shake.

He wasn't worth 6.5 million and didn't like the 3.5 the team offered him (which was a fair value for a 40 year old)

Forgive Melnyk for running a business like a business.

21 Feb 2015 14:31:52
Trade 1.
Edmonton- Taylor hall , Martin marincin, 3rd Rd pick 2016

Boston- Milan Lucic, Denis seidenberg

Trade 2.
Edmonton- petry,

Detroit - Darren helm,

Trade 3.
Edmonton- Anton slepychev, Laurent Broissiot, 2015 2nd Rd, and a 2015 3rd rd ( Ottawa's from the hemsky trade)

Tampa - vasilevskiy, Connolly

Trade 4.
Edmonton - 1st Rd pick 2016, Martin gernet, Anton lander

Chicago- Brent seabrook,

Side bitches.
Buy out nikitin and Purcell

Line 1) Pouliot Hopkins Eberle
Line 2) Lucic Eichel/roy Yakupov
Line 3) Helm Drasaitl Connolly
Line 4) Hendricks Gordon klinkham/Gazdic
Call ups) Pakarinen, Fraser, Hamilton,

Seidenberg Seabrook
Klefbom Schultz
Ference Fayne
Nurse Aulie


I know this is all talk and bs cause these moves will likely never happen. But Edmonton has so much prospects, high draft picks and roster players that can trade and make there team a playoff team by next fall. It's most likely not dead on with the trade value but most of those trades are pretty close to all being in the ball park. Even if Edmonton pulled off any of those 2 trades, they would be a playoff team. Doesn't necessarily have to be the same players but the same type of playing style and grit and determination and work ethic that those players have. it's sad cause Edmonton management is got to be one of the worst I've ever seen in any franchise. Oilers management is to afraid to trade players but they don't realize that it's got to be done. Every team has to trade away players that they wish they didn't have to. Look what happened with kings when they had to trade away jack Johnson for Jeff carter just to get to the next step. They never ever thought they would trade Johnson but if it's going to take u to the next step then it's got to be done. I think Edmonton will make the playoffs next year under Todd Nelson and I really think the player we draft will be a impact player and will help us get to the next step. hall an yakupov need to be a 30-40 goal man, Hopkins eberle has to be a 60/80 point man. i'm a heart and soul guy for the Edmonton Oilers. There's nothing I want more then to make the right moves for present and the future but it's got to happen now. Teams are breaking down and need to rebuild and some in cap space probs. this is oilers chance to snatch a couple of players that will help u win NOW.
Edmonton has prolly the top 10 best depth forwards. About 28 the place on defence. 30th in goal. 27th at centre ice (17th in 2015/2016 season). If you can get any of those to top 20 then I think we have a legitimate chance because our offence will be bombing on teams cause of the speed we have and the transition game we play.

No complaining here cause complained line is close. But if you have anything to add OR take away then feel free.

Chicago can get a much better return for Seabrook. One of Edmonton's top D prospects like Nurse would have to come back with that first rounder. Lander is a fringe player and Gernat may never play in the NHL. If Edmonton turned around and made a playoff run next year, Bowman would look like an idiot for trading an elite right shot experienced dman for two mediocre players and a late 1st.

That TB goalie one is so bad

Oilers lose that Boston trade bad. If Hall were to be traded Hamilton will be included, I don't think he will or should be. I get that you want players with grit but you don't give up a ppg player for that.

Rather sign Petry or trade for picks. Plus we'll have Nuge, Draisaitl, maybe McEichel, Roy, Gordon down the middle. No need for Helm.

Probably far off for vasilevskiy. The oilers do have some good prospects and picks in there but no sense for Tampa to do it.

Probably have to add for seabrook. But could actually see that happening. Maybe add a roster d for him

For the top goalie prospect in the world and a young top 9 potentially top 6 on a rebuilding team forward you'll have to give something of actual value.

Tampa says no easily there not even close to what it would take to get that kind of package.

21 Feb 2015 20:46:20
So future #1 goalie and future top6 guy get TB a 2nd a 3rd and 2 meh meh prospects? Sure.


Not a chance Connolly is a top 6 forward. He was drafted high but hasn't shown anything to prove that he will play 2nd line minutes

Regardless though the trade is still brutal.

22 Feb 2015 02:53:04
Trade 1 is garbage
Trade 2 the return for Petry will be hogher than helm - perhaps helm and a 4th? But I suspect it will be a 2nd and a prospect, maybe not Detroit.
Trade 3 - Maybe the worst of the biunch. Tampa Bay will not make a goaltending move until after next year. And then it will most likely be Bishop who is moved.
Trade 4 - Seabrook may be moved, I doubt it, he's a core player and I see others moved instead (sharp+) - but I don't think he wants Edmonton and if he's not resigning then the first isn't happening.

22 Feb 2015 09:32:02
@Stammer: We've already had that a couple of times on this site.
Connolly was and is stuck behind other great forwards. He's currently playing fourth line minutes with Boyle and Morrow. Not exactly guys that get you much points.
As a proof for his skill, he's top 30 in even strength goals scored per 60 mins. Although he doesn't play on a scoring line.
Sure shows his potential and he'd easily be top 6 on at least 10 teams in the league right now.

20 Feb 2015 21:32:30
SJ blow up

To TB Thornton

To SJ Garrison(cap), 1st 2015, Connelly

To DET Marleau

To SJ Tatar, 1st 2015

To LA Vlasic

To SJ 1st 2015, toffoli, B prospect

To CGY pavalski

To SJ 1st 2015, backlund, klimchuk

To PHI Niemi

To SJ 2nd 2015, 2nd 2016, Emery

To PIT Kennedy

To SJ 3rd 2015

To OTT Emery

To SJ 3rd 2015

Not a San Jose fans but I don't like any of the trades for them. Maybe the Vlasic deal is ok but they need him

21 Feb 2015 13:05:36
Wow need a coffee to digest these trades. Ottawa says a big no to emery we had him and let him go why would we want him back there was a very good reason Ottawa let him go and it had nothing to do with hockey

Not to mention lehner and emery hate each other

I'm a sharks fan and there would be no way in the world any of our players go to LA. especially Vlasic. Without Vlasic we suck, very badly. Too much for Niemi. Tampa doesn't need Thornton. No way Detroit does that for Marleau. And I would want more quality for Pavelski. The sharks don't plan on going full rebuild so instead of prospects what we want is young players. DW plans to do a rebuild on the fly.

Also the sharks don't have and have neve had emery.

Hahaha so we have a Sharks fan here folks!

Ottawa already had Emery. Not going through that again.

20 Feb 2015 02:07:45
TOR: Phanuef
LAK: Pearson & 2nd 2015

TOR: Winnik
NYI: Prospect & 2nd 2016 or 3rd 2015

MTL: Eller
EDM: Petry & conditional 3rd if he doesn't resign

MTL: Emelin & Fucale & 2nd 2015(BUF)
EDM: Yakapov or Eberle

ARI: Vermette
NYR: JT. Miller & Prospect & 2nd 2016

COL: O'Reilly
BUF: Stewart & Prospect & 2nd 2015

WPJ: prospect & 3rd 2016 or 4th 2015
OTT: Neil

1)LA can't because of cap
2)NYI sends a 3rd and maybe - MAYBE - sends a bottom level prospect
3)MTL adds. EDM wants more than just a roster player. MTL adds a 2nd at most.
4)EDM's not going to give up Yakupov at this point unless it's beautiful for them. Eberle, although not as good, is worth more to the Oilers I feel
5) ARZ wants a 1st. Either make it a 2016 1st or make the prospect really good, like Kevin Hayes.
6)Same deal as #5.
7)Neil isn't getting traded if he doesn't want to be traded, and he doesn't want to be traded.

Sorry to burst all 7 of your bubbles. Well, 5. 5 of your bubbles.

Buf does not need a center and col does not need a ufa.

20 Feb 2015 09:52:34
1. In any scenario LA gets Phaneuf, Leafs have to take back Richards and his contract. IMO that's a fact.
2. Winnik might fetch a 2nd from a super desperate contender. No way someone adds (or better should add) a (good) prospect tho.
Rest is at least somewhat reasonable

20 Feb 2015 12:41:57
Neil has a broken thumb he is not going anywhere

Neil isn't even worth a 6th because he can't do anything but get penalty's so a 4th is an overpayment, that was soo sad that you sound like an ultra sens fan but you're a habs fan

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