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24 Jul 2014 11:39:46
Ok everyone I understand that everyone has had just enough of people trading plecanec and over valueing him. But things are getting a little clogged at centre and they could use him as a piece to get a 2rw. I try to be as least biased as possible so hear me out!

To OTT: Plecanec, Patryn, 2nd
To MTL: Ryan

Not to sure on value but it does fill needs. Just don't know if they will make this in division trade. I know it needs tinkering!



Why would Ottawa do this?


Well Ottawa Will lose it st the end of the year but at least with This they gain something in return!


I actually think the trade is fair.




22 Jul 2014 07:18:28
OTT: Karlsson

SJS: Couture,Marleau


Karlsson is a good offensive D-Man, but c'mon you are not getting two top tier forwards for him.


Karlsson for couture, vlasic and 2015 1st round pick is more fair


Karlsson for couture+4rd pick is more fair


23 Jul 2014 03:53:55
Karlsson for Couture + 4rd round pick + mid level prospect




20 Jul 2014 18:11:26
Chicago to shed some salary

Dump them to Ottawa for picks and roster players

OTT: Colin Greening , Eric Gryba, OTTs 4th and 3rd round pick, DALs 2nd round pick (3.9mil in cap space)
CHI: Bryan Bickell, Niklas Hjalmarsson (8.1mil in cap space)

Gryba and Greening are two big bodies that can shut down top lines and for perfectly against western conference team. Hjalmarsson will waive his no trade clause because he will get to play with EK65 also Bickel will provide some veteran leadership and playoff experience for OTTs youngins! All in all both a win win trade for both teams. CHI gets the money thy need to re sin free agents after next season (Brandon Saad) and Ottawa gets a bonafide top 4 D and a good top 9 winger.

Line ups:
Saad - Toews - Hossa
Sharp - Richards - Kane
Greening - Shaw - Versteeg
Morin - Regin - Kruger

Keith - Seabrook
Oduya - Leddy
Gryba - Rozsival

Crawford - Raanta

MacArthur - Turris - Ryan (line 1)
Michalek - Zibanejad - Lazar (line 2a)
Bickell - Legwand - Chiasson (line 2b)
Hoffman - Smith - Condra (line 3)

Hjalmarsson - Karlsson
Methot - Wiercioch
Cowen - Ceci

Anderson - Lehner


20 Jul 2014 23:27:09
I like it but the trade would'nt need that 2nd or 4rth. Also Ott dosen't have a 2015 3rd. simply gryba greening 3rd 2016 would work.

Gryba, Greening=Hjallmarsson

The sens don't want his contract, nobody does. only a 3rd round pck is worth his salary for this amout of skills.




19 Jul 2014 23:02:09
There's talk that Carolina and Winnipeg are discussing a trade. The names involved aren't confirmed but it's speculated that Carolina wants E.Kane and to also shed some cap in the deal. With that said it is known that both E.Staal and C.Ward both have interest in waiving their no trade clause for a Canadian team (preferably Ottawa, Toronto, or Winnipeg).

It's pure speculation at this point but the deal could shape up like this;

**Picks and prospects would be added to even it out**

Carolina sends: E.Staal and C.Ward +

Winnipeg sends: E.Kane, A.Pavalec, and J.Slater +

Carolina gets younger and she'd some cap space while Winnipeg gets a better overall player in Staal.

The winner of this deal would depend on which Ward plays in Winnipeg, the star studded cup winning goalie, or the more recent expensive backup.


This trade seems pretty legit. Not sure the Jets would part with such talented youth for aging stars, but both sides do alright from a value perspective?




15 Jul 2014 06:03:35
Two deals to help rebuild the sens

Sens have MacArthur , ryan , methot , Andersen and condra as ufas next offseason and doubt the sens will sign them all.

So how about this?

Ryan gryba for Tatar , mrazek , 1st /2nd 15


Anderson , cowen , prince , 2nd 15 ( ottawas) for e Kane 4th 15



15 Jul 2014 13:24:45
Not bad, Winnipeg wants scoring not a goalie and defence man so Ryan would probably need to be added if you want kane


15 Jul 2014 14:33:11
No chance wings make that deal, well they could of Ken Holland is drunk on the job again.


Sens who?

great john



14 Jul 2014 15:51:34
COL: Ryan O'Rielly
TOR: Kadri, rights to Franson, 2nd


OTT: Cowen, Zibanijad, 2nd


CAL: Backlund, Russell, 2nd

Not totally sure on value but am open to suggestions on tweaking returns. Thoughts?


I think toronto has the best deal here , ottawa overlays and Calgary underplays


14 Jul 2014 16:56:23
OTT package sure is the best, but if I'm COL I'd decline all 3


14 Jul 2014 16:56:54
Leafs don't have a 2nd next yr but the year after that they do. If they traded that away, that would be 3 yrs without a 2nd rd pick. A prospect instead?


Avs decline all 3 offers.


IMO the only way Col trades ROR is for a 1-3 d-man. Franson, Cowen and Russel aren't top 3 d-men.




13 Jul 2014 19:14:11
Trade happens end of the offseason or early next year

Bobby ryan + wiercoch + 3rd/4th 15


Trade analysis : I know it may be a bit of an overpayment but bobby is a free agent at the end of this upcoming year . I know oreilly is still yet to be signed but I think he wants to play fora candian team and would sign with the sens .

I also think ryan would fit much better playing with elite players like duchen/ mackinnon while oreilly would play great with a hard working , hard nosed team like the way he plays .

Sens sign Reilly 6y 39mill

Tanguay duchene ryan
Landeskog mackinnon iginla
Mcginn talbot briere
McLeod Mitchell cliche

MacArthur Turris oReilly
Michalek legwand cihiasson
Hoffman zibanejad stone
Greening smith Neil

Colorado has a great team once again without the Ror drama and makes a playoff run

Ottawa fights hard for a playoff spot but if they fail to make it which many presume they will

Well i'm a sens fan and would be more than happy to have McDavid/eichel/barzal hahaha

Comment thoughts please


I like it but I can't understand why on earth Colorado would trade O'Reilly. They have way too much cap space and they lost Stastny. Your term and money is bang on for O'Reilly resign but sadly it will have to be in COL. Good return on this one


They might trade him so he doesn't walk away a free agent like Stastny, especially after this whole arbitration process.




13 Jul 2014 01:03:11
OTT: Colin Greening, Eric Gryba, 2015 2nd rd pick
CHI: Hjalmarsson


This one is a little bit unbelievable. Anything the hawks do in terms of trades this off-season is for cap purposes this year and beyond. This trade doesn't yield much cap savings for CHI. Honestly, I think OTT has reasonable defensive pairings for this year:

Karlsson - Methot
Cowen - Gryba
Phillips - Ceci
(Wiercioch) - (Borowiecki)
(Johnson) - (Grant)

It's not too bad. This deal would make sense if it late Nov. and Ottawa d-men underperform.




11 Jul 2014 16:18:54
Sens trade prince greening 2nd rp 15 ( ottawas not Dallas)

Buf trades Stewart and NYI second rounder 15

Sens lineup

MacArthur turris Ryan
Michalek legwand Stewart
Hoffman zibanejad chiasson
Stone smith Neil

Cowen karlsson
Methot Wiercoch
Phillips ceci

Andersen lehner

My first post so far? Realistic?


Sorry but I think Stewart ís so much overrated


12 Jul 2014 05:30:18
I don't think it would happen, but I do like the look of that offensive live


Ya more realistic than most of the posts on here




11 Jul 2014 04:10:33
Ottawa: greening, Wiercoch, 2nd rp 15 (ott)

Chicago: shaw , oduya

MacArthur turris Ryan
Michalek legwand chiasson
Hoffman shaw zibanejad
Stone smith Neil

Methot karlsson
Cowen oduya
Phillips ceci

Andersen lehner


CHI won´t trade Shaw and btw he isn´t a C he is a RW, but with the missing depth at C last year coach Q put him in the middle.


Gryba .




10 Jul 2014 19:21:29
My second crack at it , love bobby but we can get allot for him I think

So here it is

BOBBY RYAN, 1st rp 2016, 2nd round pick 2015 ( ott )

RYAN JOHANSEN , 3rd rp 2015



Johansen isn't just getting traded, the Blue Jackets seem to be finally on the right track, they won't trade a potential franchise player.

ATH Hockey

I think Ottawa is giving up I much even though they need a first line center. The first they trade can potentially be a Johansen especially if they finish near the bottom like I think they will.


You'll never find a johansen trade where it is accepted. The guy right now is viewed as limitless potential and just came off his best year.

Hey Bud

Totally agree with Hey Bud. CBJ won't let Johansen go. Even an offer-sheet would be matched in an instant, Johansen is just now starting to show his potential. He's going to be a terrific #1 center.




10 Jul 2014 16:42:43
Now that Ott re-signed with the Blues, better chance Berglund is available.

Oilers - Berglund, 4rdp 2015

Blues - Lander/Gernat, 2rdp 2015, 7rdp 2016



Ott replaces Sobotka, who took off for the KHL. I don't think the Ott signing really changes anything in regards to Berglund's availability.


The blues lost sobotka today to the khl so no trading berglund for that return would hurt our forward depth even more. wouldn't be a smart move by st. louis




10 Jul 2014 11:08:56
Montreal: 2015 1 round pick and buffalo 2016 2 round pick for
Ottawa: 2015 1 round pick.


It would costmore than that. potential bottom 5 for Ottawa = a shot at top 5 picks on a rumored great draft. Mcdavid/Eichel etc. Ottawa wouldn't make that


Just like they could be a mid or late 1 rounder


This is not NHL 15, teams don't trade 1st round picks for 1st round picks before the season starts.

ATH Hockey



10 Jul 2014 03:17:55
What about this hahah

Unlikely but apparently johansen contract negotiations are not going well

Ott: johansen

Cbj: ryan puempel 4th 15


"Eww!" says CBJ.


At least put some effort into it


That's just a NO like not even close johansen is going to be amazing and already is has puempel even played an NHL game yet and a 4th isn't really valuable so it would pretty much be johansen for freeit would be more like Ryan and a 1st




09 Jul 2014 02:36:35
Alright what about this . Hear me out

Bobby Ryan is an awesome player to have let me tell you, we all know that . I love him I have his jersey even but I want him to succeed and I think he has to play top lone minutes on with an elite centre like.Claude giroux?

Ryan grew up in Philly and is a big strong body who can bury a pick and it it rumoured philly wants him .

The sens tried to get couturier for bishop when they were shopping big ben and maybe we could finally land couturier along with a replacement top liner who philly is rumoured to be open to trade in Jakob voracek

The trade:

Ryan, greening, prince, 2nd 15 ( ott)

Voracek and couturier

Macarthur turris voracek
Chiasson couturier zibanejad
Michalek legwand Hoffman
Stone smith Neil

Methot karlsson
Cowen wiercoch
Phillips Ceci


Thoughts? Other possible Ryan trades?


Ryan doesn't wanna come to Philly for personal reasons


09 Jul 2014 15:43:30
Dallas at trade deadline along with a 2nd for faksa, stransky and a 1st


Flyers will not give up both coots and Vorachek anyone other than Shea Weber


Lose the pick, and I really don't think Prince will be going anywhere anytime soon.




08 Jul 2014 21:04:30


oil country

Sens aren't trading Karlsson. He's their face of the franchise

Charles Xavier

Surprisingly enough, I'd taker that deal. those two players plus Edmonton's bext two first rounders? You have to think they'd be pretty high picks. Ottawa might even have a shot at McDavid. Of course, they might have a shot at him anyway.


This is a Dungeons & Dragons kinda deal. Complete and utter fantasy. And terrible all-around.


OIlers trade Lander and a draft pick to St. Louis for patrik Berglund. This way Berglund can play with perron since they have experience with each other in St. Louis.






08 Jul 2014 20:54:11





Kane only had 1 good season

oil country

Stop with the Drouin crap. He is worth nothing. No one would want him for a elite player.


Drouin is worth quite a lot actually. Considered the best prospect and most offensively talent player out of the draft in over a decade. Like it or not prospects aren't worthless and he's about as close to a sure thing star player add there is.


Jbs32 while you are right, drouins value isn't even in the same ballpark as karlsson. Drouin has extreme amounts of potential, but until he proves it at an NHL level he's not worth an established young star such as karlsson just yet.


CT while I'm not saying he's worth Karlsson I am just getting tired of people saying he's worthless because he hasn't played I'm the NHL. Neither have the draft picks people over value on here difference is you know who this pick is have seen him play at other levels and how he has developed.




07 Jul 2014 19:27:04


oil country



07 Jul 2014 18:52:55
One last trade for OTT before the season starts

OTT: Colin Greening, 2015 2nd rd pick, Eric Gryba

CHI: Hjalmarsson

Hjalmarsson will waive his no trade Because he gets to play with Karlsson, Greening and Gryba Provide CHO with the big bodies that can grind and shutdown the highly talented west teams. This will also put them below the max salary cap.

MacArthur - Turris - Ryan
Michalek - Legwand - Chiasson
Stone - Zibanejad - Lazar
Hoffman - Smith - Condra

Hjalmarsson - Karlsson
Methot - Cowen
Wiercioch - Ceci/Phillips

Anderson - Lehner

If Ryan decides to not sign with ottawa, we trade him to PHI before trade deadline

OTT: Bobby Ryan, Milan Michalek, 4th rd pick
PHI: Matt Read, Jakub Voracek, Jason Akeson

Macarthur - Turris - Voracek
Chiasson - Legwand - Read
Stone - Zibanejad - Lazar
Hoffman - Smith - Akeson

Hjalmarsson - Karlsson
Methot - Cowen
Wiercioch - Ceci/Phillips

Anderson Lehner


07 Jul 2014 21:05:47
No way you get that much from PHI. Voracek is worth much more


Oh man draisaitl you can't be serious. While the values slightly in ottawas favor, switch the 4th for a 2nd and I'd say its pretty spot on


08 Jul 2014 14:26:33
Most people prolly got me wrong.
What I wanted to say was: Voracek has a nice chemistry with Giroux and has a relatively long but very reasonable contract, which is very important nowadays.
Ryan is a UFA after thi year, so no guarantee that he resigns with cap-problem Philadelphia.
That's why I felt giving up Voracek for Ryan wouldn't be too clever from PHI site


Draisital your explanation has nothing to do with what u said




07 Jul 2014 06:29:20
Edm:1st 2015,1st 2016,yakupov,klefbom


oil country



07 Jul 2014 06:26:16





oil country

07 Jul 2014 08:51:07
Leafs say no way! Nylander is going to be amazing and we can't give up on Gardiner or Kadri yet. Anyone ever heard of a sophomore slump? *cough cough* seguin! Now look at him, he's a beast.


Yes I've heard of sophomore slump but seguin is bad example. 22 point rookie season and -4, 2nd year was 67 points and plus 37

Hey Bud

Why would toronto make that deal? Maybe for ryan oreilly or Eric staal, maybe


Who had the sophomore slump?Kadri scored 20 goals 50pts in a second line C role. Gardiner had 10 goals and 31pts.

Those aren't bad numbers for a couple 23/24 year olds.




07 Jul 2014 01:54:29
Erik Condra
Mark Borowiecki

Bryan Bickell




06 Jul 2014 20:28:29
chi: smith greening weircoich 3rd

Ott: oduya versteeg kruger

chi saves a few bucks




05 Jul 2014 21:19:27
Continuing the Capitals offseason plans.

Buyout Brooks Laich

To Winnipeg: Orlov, Ward
To Washington: E. Kane

Sign Ott for 3 years/$3M per season


*Kennedy, Wellman





05 Jul 2014 21:56:12
Not going to get u Kane


What happened to your new linen area Garbo and kulimen

USA duh

Ward had more points than Kane last year.


06 Jul 2014 07:35:18
^he played like 20 games more.
Besides, Kane is so much younger and his ceiling is a million times higher




05 Jul 2014 15:22:33
Rest of the Sens Off season

Trade Wiercioch, Greening and a 2nd round pick to DET forAbdelkader





05 Jul 2014 17:21:47
Bit of an overpayment for Abdelkader, huh?


05 Jul 2014 18:53:26
Just greening for Abdelkader would work but Murray would'nt accept cause Abdelkader isn't cheap


Aside from this being an awful trade, do you really think Abdelkader should be on the second line rather than Michalek?

Captain Nutjob

Abdelkader is a bit overrated IMO. Especially for a second line winger.




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