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17 Sep 2014 11:08:36
Fifth in a series of 6 moves:
Buffalo: Drew Stafford & Justin Kea
Ottawa: Marc Methot




16 Sep 2014 22:05:55


17 Sep 2014 01:33:45
thats a bit much for ryan, unless ryan confirms that he is wiling to sign an extension in philly. I know people here say that, but I give it essentially no merrit.


So a 2nd pairing dman and late 1st is too much?




16 Sep 2014 21:43:06
WPG: Thornton, 2nd
SJS: Kane

Thornton is older but since he is such a good playmaker he could help WPG prospects develop to their full potentials. Look at what he did for Tomas Hertl, setting him at a 30+ goal rate during his rookie season. The 2nd is just because Thornton doesn't have as many years left compared to Kane.

Another trade could be:

OTT: Yakupov
EDM: Ryan, (conditional 2nd if he doesn't resign)

Yakupov is younger which is why EDM gets the conditional pick but if Ryan could still produce for the Oilers. Yakupov will give the Sens a young emerging player that has been recent long struggling but has a lot of potential. ***NOTE: The 2nd round pick could be removed***


Really think thorton is going to waive his No trade to leave California and go to Winnipeg?!


17 Sep 2014 01:23:57
So if Ryan bolts after a season edm is left with a measly second for a first overal pick who I believe can score 25 30 goals very soon?


Far too expensive for an old player who is brought in to teach the youth. Not that Thornton would agree to the trade anyway.




16 Sep 2014 16:30:47
So I was thinking about this for a while since it seems that ryan and methot won't resign in Ottawa and since johanson is having problems with the money in columbus I was thinking something like this

Ott Gets: Johansen Johnson Bjorkstrand

CLB gets: Ryan methot Prince wiercoch 2nd2016 2nd2017


Great deal on both sides in my opnion takes alittle of the duties of turris then we have


16 Sep 2014 18:11:30
pretty horrible for columbass imo. thei best forward and best defeseman for downgrades and depth they don't really need at all.


Horrible for CBJ.
And Johansen wants to stay in CBJ in spite of this deadlocked contract negotiation. It's all Johansen's stupid agent being an ass. CBJ and Johansen will figure it out eventually, there is no desire from either side for a trade to be done.


^ The agent takes instructions from the player (same as a lawyer/client). If the agent has his own agenda and is ignoring the players instructions, he should be fired and sued for any wages that may have been lost bc this deadlock.




16 Sep 2014 14:39:23
If the Sens can't resign Ryan they should try to trade him to Detroit the Caps or Philly.

First I thought maybe Ryan for Kuznetsov at the deadline might work. The risk for the Caps that Ryan won't resign with them so maybe Ott adds a pick. And for Ottawa the risk is that Kuza doesn't live up to his potential, so maybe both have to add picks or prospects. Is this possible or unlikely?

Second I thought Ryan a 2nd and 3rd 2015 to Det for Jurco and Tatar (i know he's signed till 2017/18) but if Ryan signes with Detroit it would work.

For the Philly trade it should be Voracek or b. schenn coming back to Ottawa.



Actually a solid trade


Zero chance the Caps trade Kuznetsov. He's a top-tier prospect and the Caps have been eagerly awaiting him finally coming to the NHL. They're already eyeing him to take over the 2nd line center position after his limited play last season. He's going to be very good, it would be insane to give him up for another winger, especially one with just a year left on his contract and looking for an $8mil+ payday following that.




15 Sep 2014 05:50:36
Eventually we'll find a good fit.

WPG: Kane & Tangradi

OTT: Michalek, Wiercioch, Puemple, 2nd, 2nd

Is the value there and does it benefit both clubs relatively evenly?




13 Sep 2014 16:37:45
Ott- MEthot

Buff- Stafford or stewart

Ottawa looking for top 9 forward and won't pay methot 5m a year

Ne1 have an idea were methot going to end up?


If I where the sens I would be trying to lock Methot up long term. He really clicks with Karlsson.

Charles Xavier

13 Sep 2014 23:11:53
since methot is totally about the money, as you said, I can see him going to the panthers since they like to throw huge money at average players


Stafford for Methot looks fair to me.


14 Sep 2014 17:16:57
Could happen at the trade deadline if Gryba plays ok with Karlsson. But its true Karlsson would have a hard time saying bye to Methot, Karlsson is not a player that can play with anyone.


15 Sep 2014 20:24:50
I hope they don't get rid of Methot, but if the decide to do so Ottawa is fortunate to have several defensive prospects ready to step in either this year or next year. Freddy Claesson, Ben Harpur, Andreas Englund and Mikael Wikstrand are all on the verge of breaking into the NHL.




11 Sep 2014 23:02:54
Far fetched but what could bring johamsen to the sens without trading five players( ek65, zibby, , Lehrer , lazar or Turris ) and our supposedly very low first rp in 15

I was maybe thinking

Bobby ryan , mikael wikstrand , 1 st 16 , 2nd 15 plus a conditional 2nd rp in 2015 only if ryan resigns


Ryan johansen!

If you have any suggestions or different trades please feel free!


This is interesting! The thought that Ryan can return to America to play and johansen playing in Canada! I
Feel as if you're onto something, I just don't know if they would be willing to pay johansen what he is asking. Melnyk refuses to spend money. People underestimate the power of the owner of a team!


If Melnyk wasn't tighter than a nun on Easter Sunday and knew for sure they didn't have a legit shot at McDavid or Eichel, they could just offer sheet RJ 5.5-6 mil and give Bobby incentive to stay with a super skilled center. IMO they have enough skill waiting to come up that missing a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd wouldn't kill them as long as their picks were in the latter half of each round.


I don't see it.
Johansen is a center, and looking like a solid #1. CBJ will get him signed, I promise you that. On top of that, the main piece from Ottawa is Bobby Ryan who only has one year left on his contract and no one knows what his intentions are beyond that. It could be quite risky to accept Ryan in a trade like this with the knowledge that you may end up having him for only a year and then lose him to free agency or trade him for bits and pieces at the deadline (which doesn't help CBJ since there is a good chance they'll be fighting for a playoff spot). In my mind, it would need to look more along the lines of:

Ryan, Lazar (or maybe Zabinijad), 2015 2nd.

That's off the top of my head, it needs work too but I think CBJ would want at least a viable piece for the NEAR future to go along with Ryan, and ideally a center. Actually, they might even want an NHL depth player along with them (3rd/4th line) to help for a playoff push.

Main point is: I don't think its a deal that CBJ would agree to.


I really don't know if they will get RJ signed. He is demanding quite a lot of money. $7million I have read anf CBJ is looking at more in the $4million range. Will be interesting moving forward on that situation. As for the trade I think the Sens are giving up too much.




11 Sep 2014 11:34:50
CHI: Kris Versteeg RW & Johnny Oduya D


OTT: Mark Stone RW, Eric Gryba D & Mike Hoffman C


11 Sep 2014 20:58:14
Don't see ottawa gift wrapping Mark Stone away anytime soon.


Why would ottawa do that?




09 Sep 2014 20:25:59
Ott: halmarsson vesterg kruger

Chi: smith/greening(chi's choice) weirchor condra(retain 50%) 2nd 2015, 3rd 2016

chi saves a lot of cap and will be able to afford to keep saad, leddy n oduy if they want and chi can acquire another dmen at the deadline for their playoff push




09 Sep 2014 03:53:35
To Ottawa: Nail Yakupov
To Edmonton: Cody Ceci


Would be cool too get yak but not for ceci


Horrible and it's also horrible that you would make a one sided trade against your own team.




09 Sep 2014 01:01:10
Have a feeling sens fans will not be happy with their hockey team this year so they might need to make some pretty big moves

Before season starts or early into the season :

1) greening 4th 16 for m Ryder

A quarter into year if Winnipeg continues to have goalie problems :

2) Anderson for 3rd 15 and 2nd 16

If philly desires a first line winger to play with giroux and if ryan says he's keen on signing with the broad street bullies :

3) Ryan , gryba/borowiecki , 2nd 2015( Ottawa ) for couturier and coburn


MacArthur Turris Ryder
Michalek couturier zibanejad
Hoffman legwand chiasson
Stone smith Neil

Methot karlsson
Coburn wiercoch
Cowen ceci



09 Sep 2014 11:19:37
Anderson can get you a heck of a lot more than that. a lot more. Start at at least a second and a good prospect if not a first.


Seabass2011, Anderson will get u that. No more, no less. He's aging, has only had 1 good year. Goalies are easy to come by, at best ottawa gets a b+ level prospect. But the 2nd rdp and 3rd is pretty bangon for a goalie that would be considered bottom 10 in the league.


Jets will not get a Goalie this year. If they have "pavelic" problems, they will give Hutchinson a good quantity of games to properly gauge his talent level. Management will want to give him every oppourtunity to succeed. And if that fails, good draft in '15 and cheaper Goalie options come FA.

el troubadour

Soobydoo if golies are easy to come by then why have teams like edm philly fla and cal been looking for goalies for years


10 Sep 2014 02:44:21
Add hutchinson from wpg


Eberle14, their are goalies like tokarski, reimer, Fredrick Anderson,etc. that can be acquired for way less then an aging Anderson. Get brodeur he does the same job as Anderson and u don't have to trade! Call me a sens hater for all I care. Team like st.louis, Anaheim, Toronto, and la have had 2 goalies on there rosters for years worth a starters spot. Those teams u pointed out rarely draft goalies and don't make deals for them either. But don't overpay.




07 Sep 2014 16:21:12
OTT: Brunner

NJD: 4th, 7th

ARI: Ryder

NJD: 3rd

DET: Boychuk

BOS: Abdelkader, 3rd

EDM: McQuaid, Marchand

BOS: Purcell, 5th


07 Sep 2014 17:56:04
Marchand fits the Bruins style of play better IMO. Could just trade McQuaid for a mid-low pick.
Others are decent.


Ottawa wouldn't just take on salary without giving up some. For Bruner most reasonable to be traded would include condra and greening, wouldn't have to be apart of this deal but could be added as well.

Hey Bud

LoL. Purcell is close to the worth of Marchand. It would probably be; Purcell and a 2nd/3rd for Marchand. Like @Draisaitl_94 stated; he fits Boston's style of play. No need to trade him.

And about Boychuck; the value seems fair. Because of his contract. But. Boston will have a hole in their roster to fill. Expect Boston get a defenseman back for him. 'NJD' are going to be left with 2 spots in their roster to fill. Most of their rookies aren't ready yet. I say, NJD keeps the players for this year. And trades them during the draft.


Oils: The Devils have 14 forwards with contracts. They need to trade 2. Ryder and Brunner are the most likely candidates.


Purcell is NOT close**


As useful as Boychuck would be, I don't see Detroit trading one of their only Physical Forwards just yet. Also Detroit would have too many D-men and would like to get rid of Quincey First.




06 Sep 2014 22:54:42
Could theses two trades work? I think right now the sens top 6 forwards are extremely weak what about this?

I strongly doubt we make both these trades? 1 of these would be very suprising but is the value there?

1) ott: ryan , Anderson , guptill , 2nd 15

Win: e Kane , Montoya

2) ott: wiercoch , prince , 2nd 16

MacArthur Turris zibanejad
Kane legwand yakupov
Michalek lazar chiasson
Greening smith stone / Neil

Methot karlsson
Cowen ceci
Borowiecki/Phillips gryba



07 Sep 2014 09:21:15
How does the first trade improve OTTs top6?
One top6 guy for another top6 guy.
2nd one should work


I understand people want to get Evander Kane. Sometimes people just think he is worth so much. He is good, no doubt. But a team is not giving up loads of players,prospects and picks for one player? That just has no logic. That statement is not for this trade, but to all Evander Kane trades.


Montoya is in Florida


Oil2014- what would you take for Hall? not comparing the 2 statistically, but Wpg values Kane as much as Edm values Hall. one of the best shots in the league and one of the fastest skaters in the league does not get traded for an underpayment or an assortment of Ufa/aging players

el troubadour



06 Sep 2014 21:06:59
To Ottawa: Nail Yakupov
To Edmonton: Clarke MacArthur

Nail Yakupov had a bad season.
But he is still young.

MacArthur is not that young. He is 29.
Had 56 points last season.

If needed, Edmonton or Ottawa will add a 3rd round pick.

Or, a bigger trade:

To Ottawa: Nail Yakupov, Viktor Fasth
To Edmonton: Colin Greening, Craig Anderson,2015 3rd/2nd


07 Sep 2014 09:23:01
the trade at the bottom is just very bad for EDM. Fasth isn't much worse than Anderson, if at all. Anderson had just this one good season.
And a 3rd or 2nd can't make up for the difference between Greening and Yakupov


08 Sep 2014 01:51:01
You are completely fried if u think you can get yak for mcarthur




06 Sep 2014 15:20:31
So the word has been going around that the Sens were interrested in Yakupov so here is what I think

Ott: Wiercoch, Smith, 3rd
Edm: Yakupov

Yakupov is a forward that played 63 games and got 24 points
Wiercoch is a defencemen that played 53 games and got 23 points

Imo Wiercoch had a better season, but he's older. Smith is just to make space in the center position since Lazar is prob. coming up. And the 3rd is just to spice it a little, so Edm has more chances to accept.

Ott lines:
Reserves:Hoffman, Condra, Pageau/Grant

Res.:Borowiecki, Claesson


Edm lines:
Res.: Gazdic, Gordon

Res.: Marincin, Klefbom, Nurse, Aulie




Wiercioch, Prince, and a 2nd round pick in 2015.

Nova x 65

Not even close to enough for Yakupov. Start with Lazar and you still need to add a significant amount.


06 Sep 2014 17:00:53
sure yak sucked bad last year, and i'm far from a fan of his, but realistically that's just scraps for a guy who still has very good potential. if he will live up to it or not is another story however.


Oilers are stacked with bottom-4 dmen, they don't need more of them. This trade doesn't make sense with me. Plus it's too early to be giving up on Yakupov.


06 Sep 2014 19:01:06
I made an error stone isn't suppose to be in edm lineup, my bad


In your dreams sens

great john

Don't think Ottawa will take a chance on another Russian since filatov


Not enough from ott yak upon has way more potential then either of their players that they sent back also where did stone come from in edm lineup




06 Sep 2014 13:03:21
Ottawa trades:
-Mika Zibanejad

Edmonton trades:
-Nail Yakupov

Trading Zbad allows Lazar to step in as a center this year and Sens add a scoring threat. Edmonton get a consistent scorer who could easily take their second line center job


Actually a great trade.


I would puke if we did that. Not that Yakupov is a bad player, or that this isn't good value, but Zibanejad is showing some great progress and potential despite playing on the bottom six. I don't like the look of Yakupov's attitude or progress in the NHL so far, but he's still a phenomenal young player in my opinion.

Bottom line: It's too early for BOTH teams to trade these young guns. Let them reach 25 or something before making a decision.

Nova x 65

That's a good trade. Maybe OTT adds a 3rd or 4th though.


06 Sep 2014 17:06:38
finally a decent yak to OTT trade lol.


Ottawa wouldn't do that. A potential 1/2 c who has shown great top six ability in rw as well for yak, ottawa wouldn't do it

Hey Bud

Much better idea than most of what I see on here good post




06 Sep 2014 07:31:58
Yakupov is available sens are interested what's the cost he is a potential flight risk (khl) but for the right price could be worth the risk


Who says Yakupov is available? You?


Just cause he's Russian doesn't mean yes going to bolt to KHL.




06 Sep 2014 04:24:58
I saw a post about Detroit's top players getting older. I cannot agree more. Except with the trade. The trade makes no sense with the text. They are trading all of their young guns, for one. Who knows, some of them might turn out as good or better.

For Example: Eberle is good, but he is also small and doesn't hit.

After you read this, Detroit is going to have a completely different roster.

To Edmonton: Stephen Weiss, 2015 2nd/3rd
To Detroit: Jeff Petry

To Ottawa: Johan Franzen, 2016 3rd
To Detroit: Bobby Ryan

(Pretending no such thing as a salary cap)
To Boston: Henrik Zetterberg,
To Detroit: Reilly Smith,Torey Krug,Joe Morrow 2015 2nd/3rd

To Buffalo: 2016 1st (Can add a 2nd/3rd if needed)
To Detroit: Tyler Myers

Trade: David Krejci for Datsyuk and a 2017 2nd/3rd

Reason for trade number 1: Stephen Weiss is being injured left and right. And with his salary and that he does not play many teams don't want to take him. But, since Edmonton MIGHT need a 2nd line center. He would fit the job if he doesn't get injured. And Oilers want to get rid of Jeff Petry.

Reason for trade number 2: Franzen is getting old not younger. Instead of the points rising, their going to go down every year. Ottawa is looking for a guy like Franzen to replace Spezza (Not saying they are the same value) By that, I mean leadership, and being physical. Franzen fights for the puck, and usually stands up for teammates.

Reason for trade number 3: Same story with Zetterberg, but he will slow down slowly, or not at all. Teemu Selanne was old and played great. In return Detroit gets young players that got good potential.

Reason for trade number 4: Myers is young and big. Could be a good fit for Detroit. In exchange Buffalo gets a 1st which is going to be 10-25.

Reason for trade number 5: David Krejci is a great center to have. And is in 18th place on the NHL Player rankings (center). Datsyuk has more talent. But more cap and he is also older. But he still has a good 5-7 years in him

Thank you for reading all this text. Please do put your opinions, don't think about being rude. Just tell me and it will help me in the future as i'm new to the NHL.

Thank you.


06 Sep 2014 09:55:52
I think trade 1 is quite reasonable.
Trade 2: don't think you get Ryan for that. I just think OTT would get better offers from teams like PHI who could offer young talent instead of a declining Franzen who sure won't help OTT rebuilding.
Trade 3: don't think DET would ever trade ZET to BOS, but just theoretically, value might be okay considering age and stuff.
Trade 4: IMO the Sabres would want more than a 1st in 2016 for Myers. Add a good prospect and a mid pick.
Trade 5: Newly signed players rarely get traded. I think they signed him for so long for a reason. Sure, Datsyuk has more potential than Krejci, but Krejci fits the Bruins still of play perfetly IMO, so no real need for that change.


I assume you're talking about my post, I defiantly agree it's a better move to keep the younger talent and move the veterans out but the thought behind the post was to make Detroit win. The east is up for grabs and if Detroit makes a move for either a right handed D or Top 6 foeard they could contend once again


@Draisaitl_94 Thanks for the feedback!


Trade 1: Looks ok to me
Trade 2: Getting Bobby Ryan would be exactly what Detroit needs in the Top 6 forward with a physical guy who can shoot and be more consistent then Franzen. However, I don't know if that's enough.
Trade 3: I like what were getting but we are taking RFAs with some risk. Also trading Z-Berg in the division or in the conference wouldn't be very smart.
Trade 4: I would love Myers but wouldn't be enough, I don't know if adding Petry to that deal would help but regardless we would be better going for Mike Green.
Trade 5: I don't like trading within our division unless we get a stellar return. I personally rather keep Datsyuk then get Krejci. Kreijci is good but not what I am hoping for. I feel we would be better Trading Datsyuk to Columbus to maybe get Johansen plus.




05 Sep 2014 23:53:38
To Arizona: Jeff Petry, 2015 2nd
To Edmonton: Zbynek Michalek

To Ottawa: David Perron
To Edmonton: Milan Michalek, 2015 2nd

To San Jose: Mike Smith (if the value is not fair, one of the teams adds a 3rd or a 4th)
To Arizona: Antti Niemi 2015

(if the value is not fair, one of the teams adds a 3rd or a 4th)

First trade:
Edmonton needs a guy like him. Big,powerful and a shutdown defenseman. In return, Arizona gets: Younger and skillful player. And a 2015 2nd round pick which is going to be from 60-65 (around).IMO

Second Trade: Sadly, David Perron is leaving Edmonton. One way or another, he is a skillful player and he had a good year. Which he might not ever have. So, we can trade him now. Where his value is high, and we can get a good return that's a veteran. IMO

Third Trade:
Just a 1-for-1 trade. Both netminders are excellent all-stars in the league. As San Jose failed in the playoffs I can see them trading a key part for a key part. IMO

Problem With Edmonton:
If you look at their roster, they should have a playoff contending team. If you compare them with Nashville; Nashville is higher in the standings, but most of the time lose to the Oilers. One thing that Nashville has and the Oilers don't are big veterans. IMO


06 Sep 2014 09:57:45
I don't think EDM needs to add a pick there, especially not such a good pick, because a 2nd would likely be in the 30th-40th overall range.
IMO Smith > Niemi, especially considering Niemis upcoming FA status.


@Draisaitl_94 we also do get a 2nd round pick back. Might not be as good. Don't expect Ottawa to make the playoffs IMO. I mean, we need to give up good picks to get someone good back that CAN play on our top 2 (Oilers). Unless we can trade Jeff Petry and Ottawas 2nd round pick
for Zbynek Michalek. HMMM


At Draisaitl I thought about that, but Zbynek Michalek is a 6. 2 210 pounds. That is a veteran. Wouldn't he be perfect for the Oilers top 2/4? And he is a shut down defense-man, just like Mark Fayne. We need more of those.

Originally, I though that Smith was better then Niemi. I double-checked and just out of curiosity what other people think. And I went to this link: http://www.fantasysp.com/trade/nhl/113878/smith-niemi

I was surprised, but went with it.




03 Sep 2014 16:11:25
Ottawa: 2nd Round 2015, Josh Morrissey

Sens sign Brodeur to mentor Lehner and free up some money (our owner has a tight budget) to sign Ryan and Methot to long term deals.


03 Sep 2014 19:53:11
Think Brodeur waits for chance to sign with a contender, at least a playoff contender
Sorry, but sens aren't that this season


Yikes, over 7 mill, for 2 goalies and at the expense of one of our top prospects.ya no thanks!

el troubadour

I would be frustrated as hell if my teams owner had an "internal budget." You can't compete like that. That greedy old bastard could be making more money if the Sens were perennial contenders. Instead he's setting a standard of mediocrity which is a shame because Ottawa is actually my favorite Canadian club.




03 Sep 2014 03:21:56
Edmonton: Bobby Ryan
Ottawa: Rights to: Roman Horak,Philip Larsen. 2015 2nd round pick. /3rd.

Ryan for a 2016 1st.

Don't know. Lines would looks like this:

Eberle had more points this season that's why I put him on the 1st line. If one Eberle gets injured Ryan can easily step in.


To Nashville: Bobby Ryan
To Ottawa: Paul Gaustad, 2015 3rd/2016 2nd


Sens recommend you have your sanity tested lol. A top six winger would have to be part of the return. Larsen is in the KHL and Horak only played one decent season in the AHL in five years. Be honest. Would you accept that package if you were a Sens fan?




03 Sep 2014 02:00:55
Ottawa senators quick rebuild in two pretty big trades and a signing

1) bobby ryan , Craig Anderson

Andre burakovsky and mike green

2). Patrick wiercoch second rp 15 ( ottawa ) , mike Hoffman

Alex elder


At end of year

Let go of condra via free agency

Resign mike green
Resign methot
Sign Chris Stewart

Starting lineup 2015-16

MacArthur Turris Stewart
Michalek zibanejad chiasson
Burakovsky legwand lazar
Greening smith stone
* Neil

Edler karlsson
Methot green
Cowen ceci

Ufa signing or Lawson

Very far fetched but thoughts??


Not a rebuild the team is still rubbish and you added age to the team.


If Turris or lazar can show they r capable of no 1 centre then it is a decent team


I like the Stewart signing.his size/grit/skill would be a good fit.
if Stewart/green have good years. I think this might be more than melnyk will spend


. Sign Chris Steward.? He plays on Buffalo.


He's Ufa at the end of the year




02 Sep 2014 01:31:10
I honestly think bobby ryan is heading to the flyers or sticking with the sens

Since melnyk is extremely cheap and maybe one of the poorest gms in the league so I say they deal him.

While shopping Ben bishop a few years ago the sens were negotiating a deal with philly and were asking for couturier in return so I think the sens will ask for couturier again.

Could this work?

Bobby ryan , Eric gryba and second rp 2015

Sean couturier and Braydon corburn


02 Sep 2014 12:51:27
Melnyk isn't the poorest GM in the league he is the cheapest. He's a billionaire, which is why him having an internal budget is more infuriating. As for the trade,not bad but make that before the season starts if Ryan isn't re-signed.


I doubt this would work philly gets hosed


Ryan would have to let Philly know he would fo sho re-sign and if I'm Hextall I want a better dman than Gryba coming back.


When I read this the first time I thought it was brayden schenn. so in retrospect philly doesn't get hosed


Melnyk is the owner, not the GM. This trade doesn't work for Ottawa. We have too many NHL Centres. We need a top 6 winger.

Nova x 65

04 Sep 2014 02:24:32
HockeyGodsGift maybe you want better than Gryba but no way you can get better with this package.




01 Sep 2014 17:48:17
Ottawa trades:
-Colin Greening
-Mike Hoffman
-Patrick Wiercioch
-3rd 2016

Chicago trades:
-Patrick Sharp

This takes off a chunk of salary for Chicago and also gives depth. If Chicago were to trade Oduya or Leddy to free up even more cap Wiercioch could replace them in the lineup. Ottawa gets a two-way too six forward that can score

Ottawa lineup:



Chicago lineup:




No way chicago does this.

You won't get a 80 pts player for bottom paring defensman and bottom 3 players


I cannot believe you actually posted this



Make it a 2016 first. And to Cd1, Sharp is only an 80 point player because he plays with Toews and Hossa all year.

Nova x 65

Sharp is an Olympian and can create plays just as well as scoring and is one of the best defensive forwards out there. going to take more than that.




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