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21 Dec 2014 04:08:59
ottawa: duchene, hedja

colorado: turris, cowen, methot , 2nd 15

ottawa: alzner, grubauer

washington: anderson, 1st 16

macarthur duchene ryan
hoffman zibanejad stone
michalek legwand chiasson
greening lazar condra or neil

alzner karlsson
hedja ceci
borowiecki or phillips gryba





20 Dec 2014 17:35:09
Uh, another attempt.

To Carolina: Marc Methot
To Ottawa: 2016 2nd, 2015 4th

To Edmonton: Ryan Ellis,Craig Smith
To Nashville: David Perron, 2016 5th


20 Dec 2014 18:34:01
smith > perron
ellis >>> 5th


Perron is not good, why do EDM fans think they will get something?


Preds don't need Perron, especially not for what you're asking. Ellis and Smith are both playing great, Ellis is locked up for 4 more years and Smith is a RFA after the season, so they have the ability to lock him up for awhile. Perron only has one more year on his deal. It would be foolish for Nashville.


That why edmonton will never get better cause they think all there players are better than other teams players ,edmonton will pick first for the nest 5 years and still lose one word management




20 Dec 2014 17:21:19
To Ottawa:Chris Stewart (Age 27, 5 points in 31 games)

To Buffalo: Colin Greening, 2016 3rd (Age 28, 0 points in 12 games)

Ottawa needs a guy that can play a power forward role, especially with Chris Neil out, and if he can get back in form, Stewart can get pretty good numbers offensively.

Both players have sucked this season and both need a change of scenery, Chris Stewart has not performed in Buffalo, and thus his value is low. Ottawa can eat his salary for this year and then look at re-signing him, while Buffalo gets a project in Greening (he scored 17 goals his rookie year) and could work on him and give him a confidence boost- on his day he is a solid 3rd line winger who has size and speed. He also helps them reach the cap floor if they end up not drafting McDavid or Eichel this year, and will be more trade-able the longer he plays with Buffalo.


Stewart is good just not playing on a good team if he went to Ottawa he would do much better but greening is just a bad player favours the sens


Are you kidding me? A 3rd? For that?
I wouldn't even give you Colin Greening for Chris Stewart.
He just sits in the penalty box.
Unless, that's what you want.

But seriously? You add a 3rd?


What's so great about Chris Stewart? Size isn't everything. Let Buffalo keep him no need to trade for him endless u are throwing salary back.


@sens1, @Leafsfan6760, @NHLFunFacts & Soobydoo just remember who is coaching the Sabres. This guy one night had a line of all left handed shots and two lines of only right handed shooters. He just does not understand the program. Stewart's shot total is 3rd and his time on ice is 17th playing on the 3rd and 4th line, then accused of not trying. If any of you were the coach of this team you would make better lines than the "Village Motivator" makes. My top line would be Moulson, Ennis, Stafford, me 2nd line would be Hodgson, Girgensons, Stewart, a left right combo on each line, an enforcer on each line, a play maker on each line, the second line lacks a real sniper.
Will Stewart return more than this proposal, not with the way he is being utilized.


21 Dec 2014 04:27:42
What Ottawa NEEDS is consistency. Last time I checked Stewart isn't the poster boy of consistency.




20 Dec 2014 06:02:06
i know you all are going to be clicking the unbelievable button on this one but I think this would be a deal that helps both clubs

the trade(s):

ottawa gets: staal bros ( I guess including jared because everyone says if they get dealed he'll be involved )

carolina gets: turris, cowen, chiasson, 1st 15 or 1st 16 and 2nd 15

this helps carolina a lot in their evident rebuild. I think after this trade carolina almost has a definite shot at mcdavid or eichel. they get a very solid young skilled center who I hate to see go in turris , a potential top four d in cowen , a good scoring winger in chiasson and a 1st in a very deep draft or two other very good picks

now I really don't think the sens want to rebuild right now or at least their management doesn't so we bring back the staal brothers back in ontario where they belong . murray thinks they have a playoff team but let's face it they don't. adding the stal bros I think would help this team turn into a wild card or solid playoff team. another huge benefit with this deal is that it could mean the sens could sign marc staal as a free agent and pair him with karlsson. ottawa also has the cap space to make this deal

both teams lineups when healthy( 2015-16 without additional trades or signings)


skinner turris semin
tlusty mcdavid /eichel lindholm
gerbe rask chiasson
malone mcclement nash

sekera faulk
cowen gleason
hainsey murphy



hoffman e.staal ryan
macarthur j staal zibanejad
puempel lazar stone
smith legwand neil

m staal ( if we can sign him ) karlsson
methot ceci
borowiecki gryba

anderson lehner

i know signing m staal and methot would be hard but I think we could get it done

begin the hate


What have those guys ever done for ottawa

great john



19 Dec 2014 18:43:56
To Buffalo: Marc Methot
To Ottawa: 2015 3rd

To Florida: Rasmus Ristolainen
To Buffalo: Erik Gudbranson, 2017 3rd

Explanation: Rasmus is playing good, but I think Enroth needs some weight lifted of his soldiers, making 35+ saves every game. Don't forget Erik is a former 3rd overall pick.

Buffalo signs: Douglas Murray


I do not see an advantage for either team to make that trade, but I am also not aware of any reason to not make the trade. BTW I would sign Philip Larsen, or Erik Gustafsson before signing Douglass Murray.


BUF will not trade Risto. He has tons of potential and is just starting his NHL career, his defensive game is only going to get better. His ceiling is much higher than Gudbransons and a 3rd definetly does not make up the difference. Risto just has a better overall skill yet no interest in moving him. Plus BUF will probably look to move out some of there veteran D to make room for Pysyk who is NHL ready not bring in more vets.


19 Dec 2014 21:23:16
Sorry, but these two are very, very bad.
Methot gets undervalued alot. I know he's a FA soon, but he will fetch more than a 3rd. Easily.
And the difference between Ristolainen and Gudbranson is way, way bigger than a 3rd in 3 years.


They can't sign Larsen, he is in the KHL.
So is Eric Gustafsson.
Murray is straight out a free-agent.
With lots of experience being in the playoffs.

@sabres14 I don't see Buffalo moving their veterans, as the veterans help players like Rasmus,Pysyk,McCabe and Zadorov.

@Draisaitl_94 Maybe so, but IMO Buffalo 3rd round pick is something good to get.


@NHLFunFacts another brain fart, thanks, I completely forgot about the agreement between the KHL and NHL. BTW do you think they were paid in Rubles or $. If it was Rubles, they all just took a 50% pay cut from the beginning of the year. Well they could sign and bring up Drew Bagnall, Nick Petrecki and Steven Shamanski if necessary. Remember this is a race to 30th place.




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19 Dec 2014 14:45:54
To OTT: 3rd 2015, Curtis Mckenzie

To DAL: Marc Methot

Dallas pick up V. Stalberg off waivers

To EDM: Oleksiak, Garbutt

To DAL: Perron

To Buffalo:Hemsky, Jordie Benn

To Dallas: 3rd 2016, 5th 2016

To Arizona: Goligoski, Lindback, 3rd 2016

To Dallas: Yandle, Dubnyk

New Lines for Dallas 2015-2016





19 Dec 2014 17:56:42
Jamie is the stars captain, don't think they'll trade his brother (+ Hemsky) for two mid-late picks.


That is funny Draisaitl_94 because I do not think Murray would give away a 3rd and 5th for Jordie Benn & Ales Hemsky. So it sounds like no one likes that trade. LMFAO!!


So, you get rid of a pylon goalie, and receive a pylon goalie.
Not much upgrade.
Same Height.
Lindback is 6.5
Dubnyk is 6.4

IF Dallas were to trade Jordie Benn, it would be for a prospect or another defenseman higher than his Jordie's skill.

Explanation: Jordie Benn is a good defenseman overall. And a brother of the CAPTAIN Jamie Benn. So, has to be an overpayment or a good/great prospect.


19 Dec 2014 21:24:43
@sbr2017: You're right. I didn't mean the value's far off.
It's just the face that he's Jamie's brother that let's me think he prolly won't be traded unless someone overpays. And there's zero reason to overpay for Jordie.
Neither team does that deal.


Dubnyk is playing well this year. Debatably better then Mike Smith. Jordie isn't a good defensemen, not with the stars anyways. Maybe he doesn't fit whatever but Buffalo can only take so many picks and prospects, they need veterans and maybe Hemsky will fit there, but if that's the only unbelievable trade then I'm fine with that, it was just a toss anyways


@Braden482 what is funny both Draisaitl_94 and I had different reasons for not making the trade, so you probably were not that far off in value (maybe too little for Hemsky), just the wrong pieces for the Sabres.




18 Dec 2014 14:31:59
PHI: Michalek
OTT: Lecavalier

Both under-performing, could use change of scenery. OTT adds a 2nd line center while Zibinejad is developing. PHI adds a Left Winger while they are very thin on LW


Why would Ottawa take Zabinejad off the 2nd line just when he is beginning to find some form and chemistry. It hurts the bottom 6 to move Zabinejad to the 3rd line as well, or even to play him as a winger on the Second line.

The Sens have Turris, Zabinejad, Legwand, Lazar (going to Team Canada but will be back in 7 or less) and Pageau that can all play Centre not to mention Zac Smith who will be back later in the season. The sens need a scoring winger not an under performing aging Centre that would eat minutes that the young(er) guys in the roster have earned.


18 Dec 2014 18:36:29
i culd see philly adding a conditional pick or somethign along those lines as vinny is owed more money and is a couple years older, but it something that makes sense.


19 Dec 2014 00:37:05
I would rather trade Michalek for Read and off not I'd trade Michalek for a pick and call up either Prince or Puempel and see what they are capable of before trading for a guy like Lecavalier who is aging, has term and who's play is rapidly declining.




18 Dec 2014 01:59:55
ott: prince , chiasson

njd: larsson, 3rd 2015

ott: anderson, methot, 2nd 15

min: zucker, coyle, backstrom

macarthur turris stone
zucker zibanejad ryan
hoffman legwand coyle
michalek lazar neil

larsson karlsson
borowiecki ceci
cowen gryba





18 Dec 2014 01:14:49
ott : eberle, perron

ott: anderson, cowen, chiasson, smith, 1st 15

eberle>=anderson, cowen, 1st

perron=< chiasson and smith

macarthur turris eberle
perron zibanejad ryan
hoffman lazar stone

would be very solid top nine for years to come


19 Dec 2014 14:55:46
I don't like that the sens traded their first round pick. They could include Weircioch and add a later pick, as Edmonton is in need of defence so they could definitely take both Cowen and Weircioch on.




17 Dec 2014 22:57:28
Instead of trading Greening for nothing, make some room until he gets a smaller contract:


-Condra (replacing the pk killer avs lost, that Roy loves)
-2nd (2016)
-5th (2015)


Thats a terrible trade for Colorado


18 Dec 2014 18:41:14
lol so essentially: let's trade for a top 6 guy to svae the career of a 4th liner. pretty funny.




17 Dec 2014 15:47:51
Ottawa trades: Andreas Englund

Buffalo trades: 2nd 2015


17 Dec 2014 19:37:05
This is great, Ottawa gets back technicly a late first round (early 2nd but whatever). So a better pick than they picked englund, and they don't need him haha. Buffalo really does need a reliable defensive d. However I think buffalo might not find an englund type of player this year at that point of the draft so I would pay just a liiiiittle more, like a 3rd for a 3rd perhaps, moving in the draft.


@minkl22, that is a funny post, Buffalo does not have any defense minded defensemen? http://www.draftsite.com/nhl/mock-draft/2015/ currently projects 2-GK, 17-forwards and 12-D-men being drafted in the second round (the round this pick is being traded). Projecting the 1st 5 rounds 55 will be d-men, 84-forwards and 12-GK. That seems to indicated the draft is loaded with defense-men.


@minkl22 Considering how CSS combined (http://thehockeywriters.com/nhl-draft-war-room-nhl-central-scouting-final-rankings-combined/) had him being drafted 189, I can see why you are so excited about trading him.




17 Dec 2014 15:09:32
NYI: Michalek

OTT: Cizikas, 5th Round

EDM: Anderson, Pageau, Smith

OTT: Perron, Scrivens, 2nd Round

First trade gets rid of some cap and brings in a good quality bottom 6 forward

Anderson gets to be the goaltender that Edmonton needs - yes he is older but for Perron and a 2nd I feel EDM would do this in a heartbeat.

Ottawa gets a second round pick that will be high enough in a deep draft to get a quality prospect plus the seconds they already own

Perron would be an added scoring touch and I feel would skate well with the sens lineup


I'd much rather have Cizikas.


17 Dec 2014 22:58:21
I'd MUCH rather have Anderson than Scrivens. Jeez. not much of a choice there. Including Anderson would get you a better package than that.


18 Dec 2014 08:03:49
I agree with sebass2011, if it wasn't for Anderson this year, it would be a hell of a lot more ugly for the Sens. They'd be pole position for the McDavid sweepstakes.




17 Dec 2014 04:21:53
turris, cowen, anderson, puempel, 2nd 15

hall, kelfbom, fasth

i would do this in a heartbeat

ottawa gets a top line gamebreaker

edm fills all needs

too much? too little? remove kelfbom?

feedback appreciated


17 Dec 2014 09:24:51
Not enough.


Ottawa adds


Take off klefbom and fahst and add a first


Hall for Methot, Chiasson, 1st 16


Take of fahst and klefbom and add a first




17 Dec 2014 04:19:30
Ott: Vinny, Coburn, Grossman

Phi: Michalik, Weirchor, Condra, 3rd (becomes 2nd if ottawa makes playoffs or if coburn resigns)

Vinny/Michalik need new homes, phi needs LW michalik may reform himself, Ott well vinny's salary is lower then his cap hit in final 2 years looks good on paper for ott, all in all its a bad contacts to ottawa+more salary and bad contacts to phi but not as bad that's why ottawa gets coburn and ottawa gives up a pick




17 Dec 2014 03:56:42
sens make some big deals

ottawa gets couture- first line center, young , played junior in ottawa, would be treated like a god in ottawa if he produces

san jose gets turris- young solid second line center who is being forced to play first line minutes, with san jose offence could maybe put up 60-70 pts

chiasson- a young power forward who was a big piece in the spezza trade, with san jose could maybe notch 25- 30

our 1st in 2015- presumed to be a top 15 pick , would help san jose a lot in their rebuild

then ottawa trades

la : methot, prince

ott: 1st 2015

macarthur couture ryan
hoffman zibanejad stone
michalek lazar condra
smith/greening legwand neil

borowiecki ek
cowen ceci
phillips/wiercoch gryba



17 Dec 2014 05:43:16
Sens would have to take some salary back in the LA trade, I like the San Jose trade though!


The sharks wouldn't do this. Couture is a #1 center that will be taking on a huge role when Thornton and Marleau are gone. Couture has been having great chemistry with Marleau and Wingels and the sharks would expect a huge overpayment for him.




17 Dec 2014 02:18:02
OTT: Michalek and Smith

ARI: Gagner and a 6th round pick

Get rid of an injury prone michalek and make one more place for an NHL ready prospect. Arizona gets bigger and gets one of their 4th liner who doesn't deserve a spot in the NHL back to the AHL. The 6th is just to even up a little.




17 Dec 2014 02:02:45
Ottawa Vermette

Arizona Prince 4th


Arizona would want a better prospect than that




17 Dec 2014 02:01:21
Ottawa Michael Ryder

NJ 4th 6th rounder




17 Dec 2014 01:57:26
Ottawa Jamie Olesiak Erik Cole 3rd round pick

Dallas G Craig Anderson 2015 second round D Patrick Wiercoich




17 Dec 2014 01:43:18
OTT: Michalek and Smith

ARI: Gagner and a 6th round pick




16 Dec 2014 23:54:23
Ott: Eberle, Nitkin, Fasth

Edm: Anderson, Method, Smith, Stone, 1st 2015 top 5 protected, 2nd




16 Dec 2014 23:22:48
Jets: Weirchor, greening

Ott: galiardi, 4th




16 Dec 2014 16:30:50
Ottawa trades: Patrick Wiercioch, Andreas Englund, Danny New, Troy Rutkowski

Arizona trades: Keith Yandle, Philip Samuelsson


So. an average defenseman and table scraps for one of the best offensive defenseman in the NHL? No from Arizona.

Captain Nutjob

16 Dec 2014 20:17:29
@Captain Nurjob, if you think Yandle is the best offensive defensmen in the game, you are indeed a Nutjob.


@Titties - Can you read? I didn't say THE best, I said ONE of the best.

Captain Nutjob

Put.him on the Hawks and he is third paring. He us get tons of points where he is. No one else can


One of the best ^^^ didn't say he was the best


Not even close to be honest.




16 Dec 2014 15:46:41
Milan Michalek

Matt Read

Both similar in age both similar in term and salary. Both need change of scenery.




16 Dec 2014 15:42:52
Ottawa trades: Colin Greening, Milan Michalek, Marc Methot, Jakub Culek, Quentin Shore, Andreas Englund and 2nd 2015

Arizona trades: Sam Gagner, Keith Yandle


16 Dec 2014 20:20:50
Ottawa gets hosed.




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