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12 Feb 2016 05:57:17
I really don't think ottawa can make the playoffs this year. The teams been going on a downfall ever since 2016, droping from third in division to now 6 points out of the playoffs. A run like last year's seems unlikely. On the bright side though, Bryan Murray is actually serious on bringing in players long term. so here the OFF season contender plan for the sens:

OTT: Cody Ceci, Zack Smith, 2016 2nd rd pick

OTT: Mika Zibanejad, Prospect Nick Paul, 2016, 3rd rd pick
ANA: Cam Fowler

Mike Hoffman - 6yr/ 6m
Sign: FA Andrew Ladd - 5yr/ 6m

2016/ 2017 Line up

Hoffman - RNH - Ryan
Macarthur - Turris - Stone
Ladd - Lazar - Prince
Chiasson - Mccormick - Neil

Methot - Karlsson
Fowler - Phaneuf
Borowiecki - Chabot

Anderson - Hammond.

12 Feb 2016 08:37:56
I like the value on the first one at least you gave up something rather then giving up a lot of nothings thinking it equals to something amazing like a lot of people do on here. Instead of the second maybe move nick Paul going the other way looks like he could be a big depth forward Edmonton would love in their bottom six in the future. Also like smith going their way as he adds some scoring and toughness to thier bottom six. To me it makes a lot of sense.

The second I don't like so much as the ducks already have committed a lot of money too getzlaf and Kesler. Maybe trade Hoffman for fowler. That gives the ducks a really good winger to even out their top six.

Signing Ladd could take over Hoffmans spot in the lineup. It doesn't make sense to sign a guy to that type of money and play him on your third line. Maybe then you could trade zibanejad for some wing help. All in all not a bad post.

12 Feb 2016 12:43:04
Ottawa is a budget team. Likely won't commit to big money for a free agent in Ladd. They didn't with Alfie.

12 Feb 2016 14:10:00
6 mil in FA probably won't get it done either. Also even though those are good pieces for RNH I feel there not the right ones. First priority will be a top pairing defense.

12 Feb 2016 14:57:30
Ladd turned down a 6 yr 6 mill offer from WPG doubt he accepts that for Ottawa and Ladd is better then Macarther so they should be switched around and even then I don't think Ladds a good fit in OTT. For the first trade Ceci is nice but you would have to add something else for Edmonton to bite. Second on ain't terrible but ANA I don't think needs a center.

12 Feb 2016 15:23:10
Ladd 3rd line, haha, why even sign him, get someone for 1m to play 3rd line lw.

12 Feb 2016 15:24:51
Ladd is clearly 1st line lw on most teams, let alone Ottawa.

11 Feb 2016 20:41:51
OTT: Patrick Wiercioch, 2016 2nd
TBL: Jonathan Drouin.

11 Feb 2016 21:42:46
No, it's not enough for Drouin.

12 Feb 2016 00:08:09
not even close to enough.

TB isn't just going to give him away for spare parts.

12 Feb 2016 00:13:37
Ceci instead might get it done.

12 Feb 2016 00:49:51
How is that not enough. he doesn't even play in the NHL, a player who does and a 2nd round pick is enough.
That sounds like a decent trade to me.

12 Feb 2016 01:04:30
Weircoch is a healthy scratch.

12 Feb 2016 01:04:56
Its beginning to be a bit puzzling as to what is enough for Drouin. The situation has dragged on long enough, his value is going down and I would guess that almost half the teams have interest in him are beginning to look elsewhere.

I am not saying I disagree, I think its going to take a bit more from any team to pull him out of Tampa. They need players that can help them this year, I could see something like:

To Tampa: Patrick Weircioch, Curtis Lazar, 2016 3rd

To Ottawa: Johnathan Drouin, 2016 5th.

12 Feb 2016 01:38:47
Wiercioch has potential to become a 90 goal scorer. Too much for Drouin.

10 Feb 2016 17:22:59
Cody Ceci

Ryan Nugent-Hopkins

Kevin Shattenkirk

St. Louis:
Jordan Eberle
Justin Schultz

In the draft Edmonton drafts a high ranked forward to replace Eberle+RNH.

10 Feb 2016 18:09:10
Ottawa adds. If you look at Ceci's under-lying statistics he isn't as good as everyone thinks he is.

10 Feb 2016 19:36:50
Oil drop. nice redundant post. Before i dissect the trade prop please explain to mewhy you think the blues would take Justin Schultz. He is god awful.

10 Feb 2016 20:45:44
I agree with Russiantank for once.

10 Feb 2016 21:17:17
im not defending schultz or anything. but who is playing with him? and who is behind him. their dcore is awful (including schultz) and i do think schultz would be able to produce better with say petro, but i think shatts is worth more, eberle hasn't been producing as well as a few years ago and schultz is still a wildcard.

10 Feb 2016 21:25:25
First one is brutal for the oilers, second one i can't imagine the blues like. Maybe if Shattenkirk had no more years and wasn't going to sign.

11 Feb 2016 20:24:35
Blues want a center bigger and better than rnh to male their #1 in the future. That's draistail not eberle not rnh. Blues are not going to take one way wingers or soft centers. FYI schultz is not a wild card. Great players make those around them better not the other way around elite players make the entire team better schultz is non of the above.

10 Feb 2016 07:12:52
Top 4 D: CHECK
Top 6 F:

OTT: 2016 1st rd pick, 2017 3rd rd pick, Nick Paul, conditional 2018 3rd Rd pick if OTT makes it to the playoffs this year

TBL: Jonathan Drouin

Both are 20 years old, one has play making ability and speed and the other, size and tools for becoming a successful power forward. Drouin will take it from Turris and will eventually join OTT. TBL will get a potential top 6 forward who is NHL ready in the next year or two, and solid picks

Ottawa line up (play off push)

Hoffman - Turris - Ryan
Drouin - Zibanejad - Stone
Prince - Pageau - Lazar
Chiasson - Smith - Neil

Methot - Karlsson
Phaneuf - Ceci
Borowiecki - Wiercioch/ Wideman

Anderson - Hammond

(I think the depth in that line up is pretty deep, and Clarke MacArthur ain't even on it)

10 Feb 2016 15:17:09
Way too much for that crybaby Drouin.

10 Feb 2016 15:19:58
I would not give up that much for Drouin. The kid is a dick hole who isn't playing hockey.

10 Feb 2016 16:09:04
Drouin ain't a top 6 forward.

10 Feb 2016 16:24:18
Drouin is very much a top 6 forward. And I don't think that's the kind of deal Tampa is looking for abyway they want a prospect that will make an impact at the nhl level that package could very well not produce 1 NHL player.

10 Feb 2016 16:40:58
3 weeks ago the lighting offered drouin for ceci and the send said no , so I'm thinking there still talking bout our defence are definitely out , I could see a prospect and a 3rd rounder

10 Feb 2016 19:44:47
Drouin is damaged goods. You pay full price or over price for damaged goods. Especially if he isn't playing hockey. How can someone who is istting on their but getting stale be worth a 1st let alone what you asked. Craziness.

10 Feb 2016 22:06:36
Damaged goods but has potential upside.
Wieroch and a 3rd
Boro, 2nd and Nick Paul.

Gives TB a young D or a tough D to support

They are both NHL defence who fits TB's cap problems

09 Feb 2016 19:20:36
Ott: phaneuf, frattin, Bailey, Rupert, donaghey
Tor: cowen, michalek, greening, Lindberg, 2nd 2017.

09 Feb 2016 19:31:30
It's an alright trade Toronto gets 7 mil for Stammer.

09 Feb 2016 20:07:03
Don't need stammer.

09 Feb 2016 20:10:46
I don't understand, where are all the 1st round picks?
Toronto should have gotten at least 6 of them for those players, no?

09 Feb 2016 21:03:21
Well Cohen and michalek WERE 1st rounders hahah

Idk where the other 4 are, maybe the reports aren't accurate or something.

09 Feb 2016 21:23:02
U guys laugh at the leafs but I think they have done a tremendous job offloading dion, kessel and Clarkson.

09 Feb 2016 22:21:41
No, we laugh at the leafs for SIGNING dion and clarkson to those contracts lol.

10 Feb 2016 00:15:34
Ya your right other teams don't give bad deals at all.

10 Feb 2016 00:16:03
And for starters another would have given it to him also if the leafs did not.

10 Feb 2016 01:22:44
Honestly I don't know why people click unbelievable when it is a trade that already happened. Either those people are not paying attention to hockey, and thus should probably not be posting to this site, or they are experiencing denial. Honestly people educate yourself before you post or hit unbelievable. Also, I think it was good for the leafs in the long term, and it could be good for ottowa too, because phaneuf won't have to be a 1 pairing guy, but then again, 7 million is a lot to pay for a 3-4 defender. I guess only time will tell.

09 Feb 2016 07:55:13
Here's a trade that will help to teams get what they need.

To Ott: J. Brodin
J. Fountain

To Min: K. Turris
J. Cowan

The money works, the Wild need offense, the Sens need D and they get rid of Cowan's contract.

09 Feb 2016 12:51:03
Min adds IMO but it's not bad.

09 Feb 2016 14:13:39
And what then for the Sens? Then they need Turris' scoring and play, which they already kinda need more of right now.

As a sens fan I would be happy if we traded Cowen, maybe packaged some prospect forwards for some top 9 help and waited till next year. Let Ceci figure out his game, he has looked great since the All Star break. See if Chabot, Englund and Wikstrand make any noise during training camp and go from there. Wideman and Boro are both good bottom pairing guys, Weircioch is having a much better second half and Methot looks a lot better after having a break, and coming off the injuries.

The Sens aren't a playoff team now, and trading their #1 centre isn't going to help them next year. Brodin may be good but the price is too high.

09 Feb 2016 14:50:22
I really don't see why the Sens would trade Turris and they have a lot of defenders as is.

09 Feb 2016 14:51:12
Ottawaisnt trading their number one center unless they are getting one back. Did you see how bad they played without him?

08 Feb 2016 00:36:54
OTT: Jared Cowen (3.1), 3rd, prospect
ANA: David Perron (3.8)


OTT: Mika Zibanejad (2.5), Jared Cowen (3.1), 2nd, Prospect Nick Paul/ Tobias Lindberg/ Matt Peumpel
ANA: Cam Fowler (4m) , David Perron (3.8m)

before GM Bryan Murray acquired Bobby Ryan, it was rumoured that ANA had major interest on both Cowen and Zibanejad (at the time atleast. before Cowens recent slump)

Ottawa line up
MacArthur - Turris - Ryan
Hoffman - Lazar - Stone
Perron - Pageau - Michalek
Chiasson - Smith - Neil

Fowler - Karlsson
Methot - Ceci
Wiercioch - Borowiecki/ Wideman

Anderson - Hammond.

08 Feb 2016 03:41:46
Perron has played fantastically in Anaheim, and they're blt trading him for Cowen 😂.

08 Feb 2016 17:38:30
cowen=tinordi, have you seen what tinordi was traded for? well you can't expect much better for cowen.

08 Feb 2016 18:42:59
Eddieshore 100% not true

The Tinordi trade was THE FIRST TRADE OFFER they received for Tinordi

Cowen is getting interest based on how his contract is structured and two times the player Tinordi is. Lol.

08 Feb 2016 19:42:51
Only way this trade happens is if Silf is sent back to OTT. They've missed him.

07 Feb 2016 01:34:32
Habs: emelin, desharnais
Ottawa: cowen, 3rd

Habs: Plekanec, 1st assuming top5, scherbak
Oilers: eberle, nurse, 4th

Habs: Markov 2mill retained, Eller
Panthers: jagr.

07 Feb 2016 05:01:10
oliers say no. They need defense in the worst way not aging offensemane .

07 Feb 2016 06:00:14
Wow. Truly awful for anyone not named the Canadiens.

1st place Florida is trading one of their top scorers and a legend in the game for a dman they don't need and a bit piece? Are you bent?

And the Oilers trade their future top-2 dman for ANOTHER center? What are you thinking?

This is one of the worst trio of proposals in a while.

07 Feb 2016 06:08:39
Theres no way you kept a straight face while typing the Edm trade.

06 Feb 2016 04:33:36
Arizona acquires : Curtis Lazar

Ottawa acquires : Mikkel Boedker

Arizona gets a much needed right handed shot and a guy who will thrive in a young lineup like the Yotes.

Ottawa gets a top winger they desperately needed, they have prospect depth to make the trade.

06 Feb 2016 12:46:16
Yea if Ottawa knows hey can resign him to a decent deal. They might.

08 Feb 2016 17:59:08
I like the sound of this coming from an Ottawa and Dallas fan.

04 Feb 2016 04:51:17
Ottawa shake up

Assuming that we get rid/ not resign:
Phillips 2.5
Greening 2.7
Cowen 3.1
Wiercioch 2.0
Chiasson 1.2
Smith 1.6
Michalek 4.0
That's approximately 18m to resign Hoffman, Ceci and Neil if he chooses not to retire

Hoffman 5.5m/ 6yr
Ceci 2.5-3m/ 3y (bridge contract)
Prince 1m/ 2yr
Neil League minimum

Ottawa uses approx 9m of the 18m that they free up. Leaving them with 9m to add to their cap space of almost 10m. Really leaving Ottawa with almost 20m of spending money on top 4 defence and a top 6 forward. If only they weren't a cap team. Anyways 10m is good enough to acquire someone that can make an impact

OTT: Zibanejad, 3rd Rd pick, prospect
ANA: Fowler

OTT: 2016 1st, 2017 2nd, Thomas Chabot
EDM: Ryan Nugent Hopkins
(Edmonton frees up cap space to resign upcoming youngins and gets rid of an assist that is no longer needed because they have McJesus and Draisaitl. In return they got a solid 1st and a potential top 2 Dman in Chabot)

Free agency:
Keith Yandle 4m/ 5yr
Jordie Benn 1.2m/ 3yr
Curtis Glencross League minimum

Thats 6m in free agency adding RNHs 6m. Ottawa uses up 12m of their 20m free space

2016/ 2017 healthy line up
Hoffman - RNH - Stone
MacArthur - Turris - Ryan
Peumpel - Lazar - Glencross
Prince - Pageau - Neil

Fowler - Karlsson
Methot - Yandle
Benn - Ceci
Scratches: Borowiecki, McCormick

Anderson, Hammond

Believable or not?

04 Feb 2016 05:44:12
Yandle could probably get 6-7 Mil a year the way UFAs had been overpaid the last few season.

04 Feb 2016 06:14:27
So Oilers trade youth for younger youth and picks?
How does that make sense for them? At what point do they trade players for other players? Or do they just stick to an infinite rebuild? (Cue the lame jokes)

That trade makes zero sense for Edm. I only barely skimmed the others. No comment.

04 Feb 2016 08:23:11
A half decent return for Edm but as stated above, zero sense for Edm. They would want a top end D man right now not picks and prospect. And Yandle will get way more than $4M a season.

04 Feb 2016 12:35:38
What if Methot is added for the RNH trade and take out Chabot.
So 2016 1st, 2017 2nd, shutdown Dman Marc Methot, and a B+ prospect?

04 Feb 2016 14:43:49
Methot was considered a bottom-4 until Ottawa.
Why would Edm risk trading so much for him and merely hoping he could be as good with the Oilers?

Again, it doesn't make sense.

04 Feb 2016 15:14:39
You're not singing yandle for less than he makes now. Arz is paying half his salary so it's really 5m and change.

04 Feb 2016 16:25:19
not sure if that's the answer to do, their are players that are playing on the wrong lines in Ottawa. Stone is over rated and should be dropped to third line, They should keep Zin and before Stone.

04 Feb 2016 17:04:27
Glencross retired dude.

04 Feb 2016 22:17:59
Methot was considered Bottom 4 till he became a Top 4 in Ottawa, and has been their most solid option behind Karlsson for two years. Methot brings a lot to the Sens, they are often so lost without him.

I think that package for RNH is way too much, A first, a second, and a great looking prospect for Nuge, who we all know is going to be good but I am not sure number one good? No thanks!

08 Feb 2016 19:43:47
WHOA dream big!

04 Feb 2016 04:19:37
First time I think making a trade proposal between my two teams.

RW - Alex Chiasson $1.200
D - Jared Cowen $3.100
4th Round Draft Pick 2016

LW - Darren Helm $2.125
D - Jakub Kindl $2.400

Hoffman - Zibanejad - Ryan
MacArthur - Turris - Stone
Helm - Pageau - Lazar
Michalek - Smith - Neil

Methot - Karlsson
Kindl - Ceci
Wiercioch - Wideman

Anderson - Hammond

Abdelkader - Zetterberg - Larkin
Helm - Datsyuk - Richards
Tatar - Glendening - Nyquist
Jurco - Andersson - Pulkkinen

Quincey - Dekeyser
Smith - Green
Ericsson - Marschenko

Mrazek - Howard.

04 Feb 2016 12:44:10
So helm will play for both Ottawa and Detroit. And the pieces that Detroit traded for will not be in their line up? they kinda just gave Ottawa decent players and took on Cowens contract. and Chiasson meh.

04 Feb 2016 16:26:17
Like your line ups.

04 Feb 2016 18:14:01
Ya I totally botched the line ups.

04 Feb 2016 18:15:40
Abdelkader - Zetterberg - Larkin
Tatar - Datsyuk - Richards
Chiasson - Glendening - Nyquist
Jurco - Andersson - Pulkkinen

Quincey - Dekeyser
Smith - Green
Ericsson - Cowen

Mrazek - Howard.

08 Feb 2016 19:44:36
I'm all for it for Ottawa . which probably means DET says no sice they're getting fleeced.

02 Feb 2016 07:55:58
BOS: Erikson
OTT: Cowen, 2016 3rd, Nick Paul

Let's face it, Bruins won't be able to resign Erikson. Taking a chance on Cowen can have a low risk high reward outcome. He is only signed for one more year so it's a cap relief either way if he doesn't pan out in Boston. On the other hand, the Bruins have Chara, arguably one of the best shutdown Dman in the NHL.

02 Feb 2016 11:31:15
At this point in his career, Cowan would just be a throw in. of course right now, he's got nowhere to go but up. I like Nick Paul, but I think it would take more than that to get Eriksson from Boston.

02 Feb 2016 14:13:48
Bruins have enough 5/ 6 guys in their lineup now. They can get a better return for Eriksson than Cowen. And I live in Ottawa so I've seen Cowen play a lot. He's in the tinordi realm of struggling to make it. And his cap hit doesn't help.

03 Feb 2016 04:51:08
Considering the fact that Erikson is on his last year, I think Paul, Cowen, 3rd (this is the correct order. ) Is a bit much. If ottawa would deal all those separately they'd get a better value than a perhaps rental Erikson.

29 Jan 2016 04:30:35
Ottawa trades: Cowen, 2016 3rd round pick
Calgary trades: Russell.

29 Jan 2016 01:58:48
D - Jared Cowen $3.10

New Jersey:
D - Éric Gélinas $1.575

Both guys having pretty rough season. Both being healthy scratches regularly both these dmen can benefit from change of scenery. Also bringing the Ottawa kid back home. Maybe addition of a later pick to New Jersey because they'd be taking on double the salary.

29 Jan 2016 07:38:45
gelinas>cowen and less expensive

so nah from the devils.

27 Jan 2016 03:36:52
Ottawa- Mark Stone, Chris Wideman, 2nd

Edmonton - Eberle, Fayne, 4th

Ottawa gets a sniper they are looking for as well a vet d-man.

Edmonton gets a playmaker in Stone and an up and coming right handed D-man with offensive capabilities.

Who adds?

27 Jan 2016 05:23:47
I think ottawa better off with stone.

28 Jan 2016 03:43:51
And I wouldn't classify eberle as a sniper. Not yet anyways. But besides that stone plays a much better 200' game. Makes no sense for the sens at this point.

01 Feb 2016 18:50:19
Don't see the value from the Sens point of view, they give up the better forward, defenceman ad pick.

08 Feb 2016 19:46:25
I think if you take Wideman out and add Cowen it makes more sense for the teams here - Cowen will be much better on the next team he plays for.

25 Jan 2016 14:46:36
Ottawa: Curtis Lazar, Fredrik Claesson, 2016 2nd

St Louis: Jay Bouwmeester (10% Retained)

Sens get some help on the back end, trade away some solid young players and a good pick. Blues get a guy that could replace Backes if he walks at the end of the season, and a guy that can slot in on the bottom pairing and develop at the NHL level.

25 Jan 2016 17:37:37
Ottawa wouldn't do that.

25 Jan 2016 01:02:25
OTT: Zibanejad, Chabot, Wilkstad(Sweden) and 2nd
TB: drouin and Kucherov
TB gets defender they coveted, Swedish prospect (d) and young 2 yr contract centre.
OTT gets offence and youth

OTT: Lazar and 1st
ANA: Fowler
Ana gets spark/youth/hard worker
Ott upgrades defence.

25 Jan 2016 02:09:45
Thought the other one didn't load...threw in Wilkstad as he
Is impressive prospect that doesn't want to be in Ottawa.

25 Jan 2016 02:38:54
Pretty bad. That might get you Kucherov alone.

25 Jan 2016 02:40:54
I don't think Kucherov is going anywhere . he's going to be a top 5 goal score in league for years to come...

25 Jan 2016 03:07:41
Kucherov is arguably Tampas best player. That's not close to enough.

25 Jan 2016 03:27:14
I highly doubt Tampa trades Kucherov.

25 Jan 2016 08:46:33
Kucherov is about the last player Tampa is going to trade. Has been their best and most consistent player all year. Very bad value, too.

25 Jan 2016 13:28:55
No from Ottawa. Chabot is going to be a stud defender.

25 Jan 2016 14:39:15
Kucherov is probably the Lightning's most consistent scorer. So no that package would probably be not enough for him.

25 Jan 2016 14:39:36
Neither team does the first trade. And I wouldn't be so willing to do the second trade till we know where we are on draft day.

25 Jan 2016 00:41:42
Ott: Zibanejad, Chabot and a 2nd
TB: kucherov and Drouin.

TB gets relief from Kucherov deal coming to sign Stamkos and defence they coveted....and good young centre. Ottawa gets upgrade on offence and youth.

OTT: Lazar and a 1st
Ana: Fowler
OTT gets defence man and youth. Ana gets decent young spark and 1st.

25 Jan 2016 03:23:57
TB can probably get more trading players individually.

25 Jan 2016 03:27:44
The lazar trade isn't terrible.

24 Jan 2016 02:33:02
I would think the Sens would want Nugent Hopkins, a trade like that would go:

OTT: Mika Zibanejad, Jared Cowen, 2016 2nd and 4th
EDM: Ryan Nugent- Hopkins, Andrew Ference.

24 Jan 2016 04:25:49
Very very easy no from Oilers. Wow.

24 Jan 2016 05:59:16
Cowen isn't enough D help to make this trade plausible. They don't need another 3-6 Dman.
Ference is also out for the season.

24 Jan 2016 06:09:44
Ference is hot garbage.

24 Jan 2016 15:07:10
Brutally bad for Edmonton, for the last freaking Tim EVERYONE EDM WILL TRADE NUGE OR EBERLE BUT FOR A TOP 4 RIGHT HANDED DMAN UNDER 28 YEARS OLD, not for a package of lesser players they don't need.

24 Jan 2016 17:37:29
I'm Going Back And fourth on who this is bad for, but i feel like someone needs to throw in a little bit.

23 Jan 2016 19:41:35
I'm a huge supporter of the oilers but I don't believe I'm biased. Oilers need a good 3rd line centre and a top 2 defencemen so here's what I think.

To Oilers: Mika Zibenajad
To Ottawa: Anton lander and 2nd round pick

To Oilers: Keith Yandle, Kevin Hayes
To NYR: 2016/ 17 first round picks jordan Eberle.

23 Jan 2016 22:18:08
You're not getting Zibenijad for Lander and a 2nd. And two 1sts and Eberle for a UFA and Hayes? Are you nuts?!

23 Jan 2016 22:21:47
Not bad for the 2nd trade but I think you are biased when it comes to Lander's value. Wouldn't get Zibinejad for that little.

23 Jan 2016 22:45:45
Way too many centres for Edmonton.

23 Jan 2016 22:50:58
The First Trade I'll Say Change the 2nd round pick to a 5th, and the second one, the rangers add.

yandle And Eberle Are both some of the best players right now, but especially Eberle, and Yandle is A UFA at the end of the year. also, Eberle is Younger.

Hayes Is really Good, and he's only 23, but the oilers first round pick in 2016 Is a 1st or 2nd overall pick. and it might be up there in 2017 as well.

The Rangers Need To Throw In A lot, And also, they're not trading Hayes.

23 Jan 2016 23:00:22
I would think the Sens would want Nugent Hopkins, a trade like that would go:

OTT: Mika Zibanejad, Jared Cowen, 2016 2nd, and 4th
EDM: Ryan Nugent- Hopkins, Andrew Ference

This gives Ottawa a terrific #3 centre (even though he's a number 2) and a better replacement for Ference with Cowen.

23 Jan 2016 23:34:53
First trade shows bias towards Oilers, just because Zibs is def. going to be a solid 2nd liner for any team in the future; while Lander is struggling to be a depth guy. The second doesn't cut it. However, EDM doesn't need any more centers (RNH, McDavid, Drais) so really, no point for Oils, just no from OTT.

Second trade; again, EDM doesn't need a center for Hayes is a useless figure. Yandle isn't even worth Eberle, considering Eberles relative youth and the fact that he can be a game-changer. Adding in a first that is almost def. going to be top 10, makes that deal a huge NO from EDM.

24 Jan 2016 00:47:48
First trade swap the picks in the 2 trades ( with the 1st Rd pick likely being top 5)

24 Jan 2016 00:48:50
Make it Cici instead of the other depth pieces KingsLover.

24 Jan 2016 01:18:33
RNH a #3 centre man? Haha. That was funny.

Oilers: RNH + Shultz + 3rd
Sens: Zebinejad + Ceci

This is more fair.

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