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20 Oct 2014 02:39:05
Midseason Push

ARI wants McDavid. Pens want a cup.

To Pens: Hanzel, Gormley
To ARI: Sutter, Megna, 2nd 2015, conditional

TOR wants Eichel. Pens want cup.

To Pens: Lupul
To TOR: Scuderi, 2nd 2016

ex Comeau

ex Harrington


CaPtAiN cAnAdA



19 Oct 2014 18:40:34
Buffalo's mid-late season moves:

To PIT: Chris Stewart, 3rd 2016

To BUF: Paul Martin

PIT is looking for another forward and Stewart gives them more grit for the playoffs.

To ANA: Tyler Myers

To BUF: Jakob Silfverberg, Hampus Lindholm

ANA wants another D-man for the playoffs and has shown interest in Myers. BUF gets a solid 2-way forward and a young defenceman

To ARZ: Drew Stafford, Jake McCabe, 3rd 2015

To BUF: Brandon Gormley, Lucas Lessio

ARZ is looking to trade Gormley as he is unhappy playing in the AHL and so they get another solid winger to push for a playoff spot.

To DET: Mark Pysyk, 2nd 2016

To BUF: Dylan Larkin, 5th 2015

DET wants a right handed defenceman and once Pysyk is healthy I believe he will be and 4-6 D-man. BUF has shown a lot of interest in Larkin and wants more prospect depth up front

BUF signs Dustin Penner 2 years 2.5 mil

Send Reinhart down after 9 and call up Grigorenko as he had a great camp

BUF lines after moves:

Moulson - Ennis - Silfverberg
Penner - Grigorenko - Hodgson
Foligno - Girgensons - Gionta
Deslauriers - McCormick - Mitchell

Gorges - Lindholm
Martin - Ristolainen
Meszaros - Gormley


Not all of these trades are perfect so if there are some that need tweaking let me hear your thoughts.


19 Oct 2014 19:36:15
Lindholm & Silfverberg is a bit too much. Maybe Lindholm & Rackell.

PS: I wouldn't consider Silfverberg a a 2 way forward, he's a more of a sniper.


19 Oct 2014 21:04:40
Too much for Myers. Anaheim wouldn't give up Lindholm.


19 Oct 2014 21:06:23
I'd consider Silfverberg as a two-way forward with one hell of a shot.


19 Oct 2014 21:11:05
Dont even think the Ducks would trade Lindholm straight up. At least, I wouldnt.


If Detroit includes Larkin in a trade it will be for Myers! Wings say no


Why would a none playoff team like Buffalo traade for a rental player?


20 Oct 2014 01:51:29
and what's the benefit in BUF trading for martin? i'm sure they'd rather picks or prospects instead of nothing essentially, since martin wouldlikely leave in fa.


20 Oct 2014 02:27:37
Leafs should trade for Eberle. I would give up franson,reimer and a draft pick. 2nd in 2015

Then I would turn round and trade Kari, gardiner and conner brown to Carolina to get staal.

Top two lines now would be

Jvr staal kessel

Lupal bozak eberle



To PIT: Chris Stewart, 3rd 2016, To BUF: Paul Martin, NO! Martin is too old to be around if the Sabres ever get good.
To ANA: Tyler Myers, To BUF: Jakob Silfverberg, Hampus Lindholm, YES! Would kill to make this trade.
To ARZ: Drew Stafford, Jake McCabe, 3rd 2015, To BUF: Brandon Gormley, Lucas Lessio, YES! See above.
To DET: Mark Pysyk, 2nd 2016, To BUF: Dylan Larkin, 5th 2015, DET says no to a YOUNG R-Dman!
BUF signs Dustin Penner 2 years 2.5 mil; Send Reinhart down after 9 YES to both.
Call up Grigorenko as he had a great camp, keep him in Rochester, I do not want him on team with losing attitude.




19 Oct 2014 16:26:58
Pittsburgh mid season moves:

Edmonton fans see that they are in the bottom three. Management decides they are ready to draft McDavid/Eichel and make the playoffs every year for the next decade and they finally get a franchise player. They throw the season.

To PIT: Nugent-Hopkins
To EDM: Derrick Pouliot, 2nd 2015, future considerations (after the playoffs, pittsburgh trades fleury's rights to edm. gives them #1 goalie)

Potential elite fwd for a potential elite dman.

Pittsburgh would have to trade another player to get them under cap. they also keep their first for this year and allows them to draft a player like Nicholas Meloche.

Lines prior to second trade:


Ehroff-*Martin *Probably traded to a west contender

*Harrington replaces him


CaPtAiN cAnAdA

RNH is good, but not that good. IF they're getting Fleury, EDM adds. Probably a pick




14 Oct 2014 23:59:44
Let Fleury walk at the end of the season and then do this,

To NY Rangers: Malkin
To Pittsburgh: Lundqvist


Malkin 28
Lundqvist 33
Lundqvist also seems to be out of form


15 Oct 2014 06:26:43
rangers 1. wouldn't really want that cause rolling with cam talbot or some ufa signing as your starter doesn't sound like that sound of a plan ,and 2. if thy did they would hae to add quite a bit


An all star goalie is a million times more valuable then an all star forward


Rangers say no immediately. Elite goalies don't grow on trees


^ they definitely don't grow on trees. but they do get old and start to deteriorate. Now IMO Henrik has 5-6 years left in him, just maybe not all of those years at an elite level.

IF the NYR would be willing to wait on developing another goalie (so either drafting/trading for a young goalie and adding another through FA/trade to fill the gap while the other develops) they would be silly not to make this trade.


No from both teams


Then who do the Rangers have? They could not recover from losing Lundqvist. Doesn't matter if Malkin scores 50 he won't prevent other teams from putting the puck by Lundqvists replacement. Pittsburgh can recover from losing Malkin because of Brandon Sutter, and forwards are much easier to come by then who is arguably the best goalie in the world


16 Oct 2014 03:04:57
malkin isn't just an all star forward. he's a centre you can build a team around. he's also in th beginning of his prime years, whereas lundy is at the ed of his prime, yes he as some good years left, but its likely malkin can still be putting up a ppg or very close to it, when lundy hangs them up.



so what are they doing to do when he retires/can't play at that level any more? give up as a franchise?Henrik isn't the only reason they are a competitive team.

All I am saying is, they will need to find his replacement at some point. So IF they could stomach a few seasons without an elite goalie, while they developed another (or if they could trade for someone close to that level) AND they got Malkin out of it, why wouldn't they do it.


Fleury and Malkin for Lundvist and Brassard




09 Oct 2014 20:15:25
Two and half months into the season the the Sabres are in the 8th playoff spot, Tim Murray starts to panic as he sees his job and the chance at the next Gilbert Perreault fading it the distance. Terry, Ted and Craig enter his office together and want answers for the teams unwanted success.
Meanwhile , the Wings are 6 points out of the playoffs, the Penguins are 7 points behind the Lightening for 1st place in the East and the Canadians are just holding on to a playoff spot.
Suddenly, Tim's phone starts to ring, and by the end of the day:
DET trades Alexey Marchenko & 2015 1st to BUF for Tyler Myers & Johan Larsson
PIT trades 2015 1st & 2nd to BUF for Chris Stewart, Luke Adam & Matthew Hackett
MTL trades 2015 1st & 2nd to BUF for Cody Hodgson, Justin Kea & Phil Verone
Tim, with a smile on his face says good night to his staff as he knows Christmas came a bit early for him as 10 picks in the first two rounds go dancing in his head. LOL


I love the effort


I don't see how the LOL at the end makes this humorous. It's ridiculous to think any of that will happen unless you're using your play station.


BIG no from Habs, none of those players are needed, better off keeping the pick

Boris Bagel

@HockeyGodsGift of course none them are going to happen. I was just having some fun. Let us all just have some fun once in a while. I do not own a play station nor an x-box, so we can count those out. I think JF12 realized that the entire post is a joke. After watching the dismal Sabre performance (a game they should have won with a little bit of effort) against an understaffed Blue Jacket team, it is unlikely that the Sabres will be in playoff contention. It is also unlikely that Tim's job would be in jeopardy so early in his tenure. Next time I post something silly, I will start the post off by saying "this is meant to be silly". For now, just have a good laugh at my Christmas story.


@stanleycup2019 you own nhl 2k for wii??


I own a WII but no sport games. I was just having some fun. I know none of those things will happen. Let us not take ourselfs too seriously on this site. None us know the value that the GM's see in certain players. Why is Kaleta still in yhe NHL? Who on this site predicted Briere would be traded for Parentaul and a pick or Gagner for a 6th? Let us just have some fun once in a while.




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05 Oct 2014 00:01:41
Detroit Trades:
Kyle Quincey(Retain 20%)

Pittsburgh Trades:
Scott Harrington

Detroit gets a defensive defenseman prospect.Pittsburgh adds defensive depth.


If the Pens are trading Harrington than Jurco is coming back in the deal, not Quincey.




01 Oct 2014 14:25:32
Oduya to the Isles for 3rd and 5th picks

Isles get a veteran shutdown dman who is accustomed to facing the opponents best players every game without giving up too much.

Marcel Goc was traded to the Pens last trade deadline for the same price and IMO Goc and Oduya are similar in value and the Isles would be using Oduya a full season, not just 1 and 1/2 to 2 months.

Isles may want to keep their remaining 2015 picks since they don't have a first this coming draft so maybe make the picks 2016 and 2017.


Throw in Carkner and its a deal


Oduya to Isles would be great for them, but Chicago would proably want a low-price D-Man in return that can be a 6/7. Maybe Matt Donoavan/ Brian Strait/ Aaron Ness.

Matt Carkner holds no trade value, he is only useful when playing a team that has an enforcer playing that night. He is slow, has no playing awareness and only Garth Snow could think he was worth a 3 year deal. But at least it is the last year of paying Alexi Yashin's buyout.


^If Chicago is will to take anyone of those three guys, then let em have em. Watching Donnovan last night and Ness is the other games, made me wanna throw up. As for Strait, he blows




17 Sep 2014 11:10:38
Second in a series of 6 moves:
Buffalo: Chris Stewart, Luke Adam & Phil Verone (Rochester Amerks top two scorers)
Pittsburgh: 2015 1st


17 Sep 2014 17:17:49
the pick would have to be conditional on stewart signing I think, if not I can't see PIT giving up its 1st with no assurance of that.


If it's conditional it should be a 2nd if he doesn't sign.


Thanks for the feedback. Remember any PIT 1st is going to be a very late (20-30) and with Stewart in the line up probably one of the last 4. The trade was actually proposed by MG69 and it received more positive replies than this post. Even with the above feedback, I think my proposed trade is fair to both PIT and BUF.


18 Sep 2014 15:44:56
IMO the trade is fair as is. The penguins get a very valuable depth/role player in Stewart which is much needed by the pens who NEED to make it deep this year. I think Stewart helps them to do that.




16 Sep 2014 17:49:27
PIT: 1st and conditional picks
BUF: Stewart, Adams, and Verone
*As suggested by stanleycup2019 with my addition of conditional picks.

PIT: Dupuis, Bennett, Depress, and Conditional 2016 1st
WPG: Kane
*May be a stretch. But Jets get an establishef two eay RW, a young forward who can play both wings who has showed signs of becoming a great secondary scorer, a solid young lefty dman, and possibly a conditional pick depending on how Kane performs. He is out of their conference and they get good key players to help now and in the future.

PIT: Scuderi
NYI: 2nd or 3rd
*Good vet dman for a young dcore. Adds stability on Isles back end and clears cap for the Pens.

Extras: Adams and Megna
*Assuming Carcillo gets signed

Maatta- Ehrhoff
Extra: one of either Dumoulin, Harrington, and Pouliot

Fleury- Griess

Opinions? Makes the Pens a bigger, faster, stronger, and better team. Great depth down the lineup. Trades address needs for the other teams involved IMO.


I think Tim Murray would like the idea of getting another 1st (probably a very late one if not #29 or 30). Just for clarification it is Luke Adam who is a center and was the Amerks #2 scorer, Mark Adams is a low rated D-man.


Wpg easily says no

el troubadour

Auto correct on the phone -_-


Dupuis 34 years old not much time left in his career,
Bennett 22 years old and only played 47 NHL games,
Depress 23 years old and only played 85 NHL games,
Conditional 2016 1st probably a 20 - 30 round.
Where is the value?




12 Sep 2014 19:07:15
PIT: Bennett
BUF: Stewart
*More involved?

PIT: Dupuis
CAR: Nemisz and a 2nd
*Gives Canes help on the RW. Pens add a a big body player.

PIT: Scuderi and a 4th
NYI: Donavon

Extra: Nemisz and Adams

Extra: Donavon



Since Bennett was a 1st round pick, Murray posits his counter offer:
PIT: 2015 1st
BUF: Stewart and either Luke Adam or Phil Verone or both (Rochester Amerks top two scorers)


So for a 1st the Pens would possibly get three players @stanleycup2019? Just want to clarify to make sure I am reading it correctly. If that is the case I would definately agree with doing that deal if it could be made.


@MG69 Chris Stewart, Phil Verone, Luke Adam for Pittsburgh 2015 1st would work for me, another 1st round pick (probably 20-30) for Murray to play with.


Totally agree with stanleycup2019


Honestly if that deal could happen it would be great for the Pens. They lack forward prospect depth. Conditional picks going back to Buffalo on top of the 1st depending on if Stewart resigns; and how Adams and Verone perform?




11 Sep 2014 12:02:29
PIT: Rob Scuderi D,& 3rd round pick


ARI: Chris Summers D & Jordan Szwarz RW




11 Sep 2014 00:43:56
Penguins early season moves

Pens need to go back to their system of stacking up at centre and Big Joe wants out of San Jose to win a cup.

TO SJS: Sutter, Scuderi, 2nd 2015, 2nd 2016
TO PIT: Thornton

This is similar to what VAN got for Kesler, and he is younger and signed to a better contract.
TO CAR: Dupuis
TO PIT: 2nd 2015

Right now Carolina Hurricanes second line RW is Pat Dwyer. Dupuis gives them a better option playing with former teammate Jordan Staal.
Sign Carcillo 1yr/850k

Kunitz-Crosby-Downie (or Kapanen)
Spaling-Thornton-Kapanen (or Downie)
EX. Adams, Sill

ex. Bortuzzo, Dumoulin


PP1-Crosby, Kunitz, Hornquist, Malkin, Letang

PP2-Kapanen, Bennett, Thornton, Ehroff, Pouliot



Im AqUaMaN

San Jose says no


No way thornton waives his ntc for pit


Actually Thornton said he would accept a trade to a condender. Pittsburgh certainly falls into that category, but with his vision and passing ability he belongs at center which is a problem because same goes for Sid and Geno and I just can't see Joe playing 3rd line center. Geno or Joe would have to play wing.


Thorton said he will only go to Chicago, LA, or Anehiem and I don't think Pitt is even at the top of his list. Especially with what they've done this offseason.


Ill give up a 2nd round pick for Dupuis anytime




08 Sep 2014 23:53:56
According to a source Thornton will only accept a trade to a cup-contending team. These teams were stated as Los Angeles, Chicago, Anaheim, and St.Louis. Might have been one more team. Only western teams though, he wants to keep his family down south.

The only real fit within these clubs would be Chicago, but the trade would be interesting with Chicago's cap space.

Personally Thornton is staying put, due to the high cap hit, and lack of trade partners.

Marleau is the more likely to be traded. Boston looks like a fit, along with Montreal, Pittsburgh, Dallas, Vancouver, Tampa Bay and possibly the Maple Leafs. Marleau has many more possible destinations other than the ones I listed. Comment possible trade for Marleau?? Thanks guys


09 Sep 2014 17:38:12
for his production thornton doesn't have a big controct at all, its actually pretty good value. anyways, I hthink if one goes both will end up leaving, not to the same team, but in the same time period.


09 Sep 2014 19:56:31
Marleau to Van for Burrows, Shinkuruck, Markstrom and a 3rd.


Mtl- Eller 2nd pick2015 Moen

SJ- MArleau 35 with a 6. 666 3 year contract who choke in playoff

Eller can be a good 3rd line centerwith a potential of 40 to 50pts a years
And he clutch in playoff




06 Sep 2014 04:28:01
Pittsburgh opening roster:

Everybody who follows pittsburgh knows that they made a step in the right direction by strengthening their bottom six. But their last addition of Carcillo after hopefully a great preseason would put the icing on the cake!

Sign: Carcillo 1yr/800k

Trade: Dupuis to Minnesotta for Adam Gilmour and a third round pick 2015

Ex. Sill, Megna

ex. Harrington

Fleury and Greiss battle it out early season for starting job.

How many points do you think this team gets this season?

I am guessing 55-22-5 for 115pts!

Anything wrong with the trade? Minnesota does not have many RW players and they could use a guy like Duper. Cap is no issue.

I guess another team could be SJS for Freddie Hamilton?

Im AqUaMaN



01 Sep 2014 18:06:37
chara should go it can help our cap situation and get a good return something like

to buf: chara kelly paille 2015 4th
to bos: gorges and gionta + prospect


dal: chara kelly paille
bos: hemsky daley +prospect


edm: chara kelly 2015 4th
bos: fayne purcell

next 2 are stretches

lak: chara paille kelly 2015 2nd
bos: gaborik greene

nyr: chara marchand kelly 2015 3rd
bos: mcdonogh nash


pit: chara kelly 2015 3rd
bos: ehroff dupios


sjs: chara, marchand
bos:marleau, burns


stl: chara kelly
bos: shattenkirk tarasenko


tbl:chara 2015 1st 2016 5th
bos: callahan


van: chara kelly 2015 3rd
Bos: edler, burrows

that it lmk what u think


That rangers trade.lol


You really don't like chara


So you're saying that Callahan is worth more than shattenkirk and tarasenko combined?



i agree more should be added to shattenkirk and tarasenko deal but I think tbl is more unwilling to part ways with callahand than stl is with tarasenko and shattenkirk


Why would you want to trade your captain and best defenceman when you can just trade Boychuk and be fine? W/O Chara, Boston doesn't even make the playoffs.




31 Aug 2014 20:40:08

Invite Dustin Penner to camp.

If he does well then he would be on the top pairing with Kunitz-Crosby, otherwise we place Kapanen there.

Keep in mind that Mike Johnston stated that Derrick Pouliot, although a full two weeks behind Maata in recovery, will most likely be ready for training camp. Therefore, they will both be ready for puck drop on Oct. 9 vs ANA.

ex.Sill, Adams

ex. Scuderi, Despres

Fleury and Greiss will fight for #1 position.

Kunitz and Hornquist swapping in front of net, Crosby on half boards
Letang and Malkin on the point

Hornquist in front of net, Sutter and Kapanen on half boards
Pouliot and Ehroff on the point

PK1: Sutter---Spaling
PK2: Goc---Downie

The pens will be a much more physical team this year who will be willing to give the body.

Mike is a coach who can make decisions on the fly and adjust his lines mid game in order to take advantage of certain situations.

Im guessing that they go 55-20-7. They have built a team that will survive even if they are hit with a plague of injuries.

Im AqUaMaN

Wow Scudari is already a HS? What a bad signing

Charles Xavier



30 Aug 2014 17:55:11
tomas plekanec, micheal bournival, Zach fucale to pitts for pascal dupuis, Brandon sutter and Tristan jarry

helps solve Pittsburgh cap trouble and Crosby doesn't have to play against plekanec anymore which he hates.habs are deep at center and can improve their right wing position yes sutter can also play right wing.


Pittsburgh wins that's big time, habs say no


What about adding a first from Pittsburgh and a 2nd from montreal
dupuis,sutter,jarry 1st 2015 to montreal for plekanec,bournival,fucale 2nd 2015




30 Aug 2014 16:49:27
Prospect Trade

PIT: Simon Despres

CGY: Sven Bartschi

Calgary's management was disgruntled with Bartschi's play last year and they could possibly look to trade him.

Pittsburgh trades Despres since they have Maata, Poliout, Harrington, Samuelsson and Dumoulin as other good young defense prospects. And they are in need of a young forward prospect.


Great trade IMO


30 Aug 2014 19:13:12
pretty solid


Good idea it makes a lot of sense to me


Certainly a decent trade, but I don't think Calgary is ready to give up on Baertschi yet.




30 Aug 2014 16:19:05
Prospects Trade

PIT: Brian Dumoulin, 2016 3rd

TBL: Brett Connelly

Pittsbugh has a surplus of defensive prospects and is really lacking on forwards prospect. Plus Connelly is most likely nhl ready and has the potential to be a top 6 forward in the right situation.

Tampa Bay has a lot of young nhl ready forwards and Connelly is most likely not going to get a shot in the top 6. Dumoulin is ready to be a 5 or 6 dman and has potential to be a top 4 defenseman.


30 Aug 2014 17:05:13
Tampa doesn't really need another defensemen, but I'd to it since we get the additional pick


Good post but I think it's more like a 5th round pick going to Tampa bay


Or Despres straight up for Connelly?




30 Aug 2014 03:55:23
Pit: Kunitz, Bennett and a 1st 2015

Wpg: Kane


30 Aug 2014 08:08:22
Why would PIT give up all that?
I really like Kane, but it's kind of unlikely that he will find even better chemistry with Crosby than Kunitz.
So why trade Kunitz and a good prospect and a 1st in a good draft?
Only pro is that Kane is younger.


Kane isn't only younger, his ceiling is waaay higher than Kunitz or Bennet could ever hope to reach. Every other Kane post you say "not even close" This is fair value especially considering the 1st will probably be 25-30. Trycreating a post once in a while instead of just dumping on everyones I deas Draisaitl


I apologize for that last one. Feel like a turd after fighting with the ol lady this morn. Shouldn't take it out on anyone here. Chirp is supposed to be our rude dude lol.


30 Aug 2014 16:06:56
I think if you change the 1st to 2016 or make it a 2015 2nd


30 Aug 2014 16:09:53
Also, we need Bennett since he is still on a cheap contract and we don't have many other promising young forwards.


Wow good on you hgg.its hard to hold ones self accountable. It's so much harder to come up with a reasonable trade idea then it is to dump on them and I don't remember the last time draisaitl posted one.


I actually thought people would be saying no from Wpg, due to Kunitz's age , Bennett is a good young player but I doubt he'll be as good as Kane and a late 1st. I also disagree, I think Kane will have better chemistry with Crosby and Malkin than Kunitz.


30 Aug 2014 17:57:31
If TOR or MON or whoever tries to trade for Kane on this site would give the pieces PIT gives here, I'd never say its not enough.
That would be 2015 1st, good prospect (Gauthier for the Leafs or Scherbak for the Habs) + a player putting up Kunitz's numbers.
No problem then, go ahead, I won't complain bout that.
But when I see Franson, Reimer and 3rd for Kane, that's just a bad deal and nothing else.
Btw: I did post a lot trades a while ago, normally you should be able to see my last 5 by clicking on my username,I guess.


Who suggested a franson,reimer,3rd round pick for johansen. I didn't see that one.oh I get it,you made up a example that is not comparable to what has actually been posted recently.very clever draisaitl.


01 Sep 2014 18:10:01
I did. And it doesn't matter who exactly it was, there were numerous trades of Johansen to the Leafs (or habs) for a joke of a return.




29 Aug 2014 15:50:05
PIT: Paul Martin, Brandon Sutter, and 2015 conditional 3rd (becomes 2nd if Martin doesn't resign)

SJ: Patrick Marleau

San Jose is looking to possibly trade Marleau and they get a top 2/3 defenseman, great 3rd line center with 2nd line potential and a draft pick in one of the greatest drafts in years.

Pittsburgh gets a veteren top 6 winger that they need and a good goal scorer

PIT lines:




I think both teams do that trade. Great proposal




19 Aug 2014 22:41:05
To Nashville: John Moore, 3rd
To NY Rangers: Colin Wilson

To Edmonton: The Rights To Brandon Sutter, 2nd
To Pittsburgh: Nail Yakupov

To Carolina: 1st
To Pittsburgh: Jiri Tlusty, 6th

To Ottawa: Sergei Gonchar, Cody Eakin, 2nd
To Dallas: Bobby Ryan

To Boston: Evander Kane
To Winnipeg: Brad Marchand, Johnny Boychuk


I like that Boston trade


20 Aug 2014 12:25:25
Sutter is already signed, so rights to is wrong.
1st is too much for Tlusty
And Kane is worth more, Boychuk is basically useless for WPG since WPG isn't in win now for this season and Boychuk is a FA at years end


Not enough for Yak or Ryan

Charles Xavier

I like the idea of Yakupov having a change of scenery. Pitt would have to give up something else though.


The Ryan proposal makes me sick. We DON'T need another centre.

Nova x 65

How bout
yak for sutter and pouliot?


Ryan for olesiak and a 1st


21 Aug 2014 00:50:50
Boston trade. take away one or the other and throw in a pick. maybe. Ottawa politely declines their trade. They don't need or want Gonchar.


Wouldn't want to give up Poulliet plus he has more value right now because he won chl d-man of the year




19 Aug 2014 21:49:48
To Calgary: Marcel Goc
To Pittsburgh: 3rd, Conditional 5th (If Goc Resigns)

To Toronto: Christopher Higgins, Jannik Hansen, 2nd or 3rd
To Vancouver: Peter Holland, Petri Kontiola


Goc would be a good fit in Calgary but Toronto doesn't have the cap room and lots of third line wingers.


Nucks decline. It would be the leafs adding the pick if anything

Charles Xavier

20 Aug 2014 14:54:19
Leafs decline.

Holland is showing to be a very talented young C which the leafs need. We know nothing about Kontiola and he could be a very good #3 C for us this year. I'm pretty sure the leafs won't trade those players to gamble on two older bottom 6 players that we already have too many of.


Higgins is 31 and Hansen is 27 not exactly old? And they have both proven to be very serviceable players who can jump up and down your lineup and can play in every situation.

Charles Xavier

20 Aug 2014 17:56:08
Canucks Decline.

Holland: 17 points in 68 games.
Kontoila: hasn't played an NHL game since 08.

Hansen: 151 points in 389, +34.
Higgins: 293 points in 601.

Im pretty sure the Canucks won't trade 2 vets for 2 players with a combined 22 points.

Holland and Kontiola can both turn out to be busts. Higs and Hansen are both NHL regulars.

Leafs would have to throw in a first rounder as well, and the Canucks would drop their 2nd or 3rd.

To Toronto: Higgins, Hansen
To Vancouver: Holland, Kontiola, 1st 2015.


20 Aug 2014 18:03:43
@Charles Xavier

I never said they were old, I said they were older (than Holland and Kontiola)


Holland is signed for about 800 k per for next two years then rfa.hes got some potential the leafs should keep him


No thanks from toronto ace.toronto doesn't need these players and they don't want to overpay


I know I posted this but a 1st in 15 u on weed?


20 Aug 2014 23:24:20
@Ace You obviously don't realize how much that Leafs first rounder is worth


That's a finish your drink! GNG


You don't trade a 1st for a couple average players.


Ace your gone by. Maybe the top pick in 2015 for garbage. You know absolutely nothing about hockey




19 Aug 2014 21:18:30
Bunch of trades I thought of:














20 Aug 2014 04:07:10
Id do the leafs san jose one in a heart beat, but would never happen


^ why would the leafs want niemi?


20 Aug 2014 12:30:11
Can someone explain the point of the Lightning trade to me?
Bolts give up two good young pieces in Panik and especially Killorn and a solid veteran in Morrow for getting back 3 players that are between 4th liners and AHL?


20 Aug 2014 14:58:07

You're missing the real piece of the puzzle-- Clarkson gone!!

Who cares what we get back as long as he's gone. Niemi would replace Reimer and could teach Bernier a thing or 2. Biggs is a bust, 4th rounder has minimal value and I'd take wingels over Clarkson any day.


20 Aug 2014 15:57:24
^ur name is stupid, but you're totally right


20 Aug 2014 16:37:01
^its not that I want niemi, I don't want clarkson, that trade would be great for the leafs, just flip niemi for a pick


@Draisaitl94 Lightning is above the cap. This trade would get them below it.


In fact, most of these trades are because of cap space


Mattias ohlunds contract won't count towards Tampa bay's cap so they actually have some cap space


20 Aug 2014 19:22:48
two things:
1. Lightning are like 1.9M over the cap right now, but they have yet to LTIR Mathias Ohlund and it carries 9 dmen, at least 1, prolly 2 will be sent down, so after this, they will nearly 3M under the cap, so no need to move any salaries.
2. IF the Lightning would have to get under the cap, SY sure would fine a better deal than this one, or he just would not have signed Morrow.


@Draisaitl_94 Fair enough.


Hansen is one of the best all o' round players in the NHL and still young!




17 Aug 2014 00:39:25
Okay, did Winnipeg, now for Ottawa.

To Pittsburgh - Bobby Ryan
To Ottawa - Sutter, Pouliot, and 2015 1st

The Penguins are desperate to find someone to play with Malkin now that Neal is gone. Thier window to win will start closing in a couple years and the west is just getting stronger. Ryan has one year left on his contract and would possibly be happy to consider a big money extension to play with superstars rather than explore UFA. Rutherford will have cap issues but he has time to work something out. For Ottawa, they will lose Ryan to UFA so should have a chance to get what the Canucks were after for Kessler.

To Chicago - Phillips, 2015 2nd from Dallas
To Sens - Hjalmarsson

Chicago gets a great Dman for playoff hump with still 2 years on contract, and about 2 million in salary cap relief. Sens get steady Dman with lots of affordable term left. Sens D is set.

To Minnesota - Anderson
To Sens - Neiderreiter and Gustafsson

Wild have bad luck with goalies. They get one to help them compete now and develop Kuemper. Sens gamble on some scoring and get a back up with some potential

Ok, rip in!


IMO they all favor the sens, one is worse then the others but what can u ask for? Everyone has some sort of bias that's why I refrain from posting habs rumors.


17 Aug 2014 07:29:22
Think so too.
Sens get the better end of all deals.
They are not terribly one-sided, but its always a bit much going back to the sens, considering Ryan will be an UFA, Philips is like a million yrs old and Anderson did struggle with both health and play last season.


Way too much for Ryan (UFA 2015)

Sutter is going to be a +40 point man and Pouliot is their future in defense


Pitts/Ott trade is decent. I think that one has legs because Sutter is a good addition and Pouliot looks like a solid prospect, and the 1st will likely be pretty late next year. For the Pens, they'd get a great winger for Malkin or Crosby. Damn, with either player they'd have a runaway hit on their hands. Personal bests would happen easily for Ryan.

The other two trades are pretty damn bad tho.


Oh my word that trade for Ryan is very bad and its not even the worst trade in the deal. Why would the hawks trade Hjalmarson for a guy that a lot of sens think shouldn't even be on their opening night roster and a 2nd?

Charles Xavier

We don't need a centre and we don't need defensemen. We need a top 6 or a top line winger. Why would we trade what we need away for players we don't need?

Nova x 65

I'm not too sure, I think Ottawa has needs all over the place, although I think you're right about the big hole on the right side. Problem is finding a top 6 scoring winger that someone will part with for Ryan. Maybe see if a package around McArthur could get Marchand out of Boston that could work. I think if the Sens got Sutter in a Ryan deal, they could slot him in behind Turris, drop Legwand to center the 3rd line, and move Zibanejad to RW on the 1st or second line. The defence is in better shape, and the Chicago trade was the most far-fetched IMO, maybe that deal has to be sweetened to include a solid prospect (not Lazar).


It's hard to trade a guy like Spezza, not get a top 6 center in return, and feel that this position is a team strength. Also Charles Xavier, I love your passion but I'd love to hear a bit more narrative to go with your critique about the Ryan trade. The devil is in the details!


No from Pittsburgh, they need to stop trading the few good young assets they have for rental players IMO.no from Chicago value is not even close IMO no from Minnesota because stone cold says so




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