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28 Mar 2015 12:38:40
To leafs
Ryan nugget-Hopkins
1st rd pick 2015 (Pittsburgh)
Nikita nikitin
Teddy Purcell
To oilers
Jonathan bernier
Dion phaneuf
Tyler bozak

This gives the leafs 2 good assets and this would fill 3 of 4 of edmontons biggest holes.
This would eat about 2 million of oilers cap room assuming bernier signs for 6 million ish.
Only happens to make room for mcdavid or eichel obviously.
Yes bitter oiler fans I know phaneuf bozak and bernier suck.
Who adds what? Should the leafs retain salary on phaneuf?=bigger return.

26 Mar 2015 21:55:08
which top six left winger does the pens can get for kunitz and bennett??

maybe chris kunitz and beau bennett for colin wilson??

next year top six would be

perron crosby hornqvist
wilson malkin kapanen

26 Mar 2015 22:48:03
im not sure nashville would go for that Kunitz is getting older and bennett has been very inconsistent and injury prone. Bennett also hasn't shown he can play top six minutes which is bad considering he plays with the two top players in the world.

27 Mar 2015 12:51:48
Bennett, Kunitz for lupul, polak

24 Mar 2015 01:36:35
3 way trade
Buf trades Sam Rienhart and cody hodgson assuming they get mcdavid to upgrade the wingers.

Tor trades kessle Bozak and Finn+ pits 2nd

Nyi trades Griffen Rienhart dal colle and strome

Buf= Dal colle strome and Finn

Tor= both Rienharts and hodgson

Nyi= Kessle and Bozak and pits 2nd

Tor= gets young talent for the rebuild

Buf= talented prospects in vairious positions

Nyi= elite offensive winger a 2nd/3rd line centre and a 2nd round pick

24 Mar 2015 13:56:15
The Islanders don't really need Bozak or Kessel, at least not at the expense of you, inexpensive pieces like Reinhart, Dal Colle and Strome.

Before the Leddy and Boychuck extensions, I would have suggested Phaneuf to NYI made sense(with Reinhart as the center piece), but I don't see them taking on a ton of $$ with long term commitments with Tavares and Okposo looking at long term extensions in the next 1-3 years.

20 Mar 2015 22:40:40

Ryan pulock
Joshua bailey
James van riemsdyk

Matt Martin(goalie prospect)
Roman polak

Mirco mueller
Jonathan bernier

1st rd pick 2015(Pittsburgh)
Tyler bozak

Dylan strome
Chris Stewart 2 years 6.5 million
Steve downie 2 years 3 million


Reimer Martin

Reilly phaneuf
Mueller robidas
Erixon pulock

Lupul strome kessel
Nylander kadri Stewart
Komarov bailey panik
Leivo holland downie
Mckegg carrick
I'm not too sure about matt martins value.
Not the complete rebuild I would like but it's a start IMO and I would be content with an offseason like this from TML

21 Mar 2015 16:06:47
they're all pretty fair imo. I think put bailey as the 1c and strome back to juniors though, I think another year could do him good.

21 Mar 2015 19:20:20
"Strome back to juniors" I think he might be ready next year.
Although first line center on the leafs would be tough on any 18 year old so if he's not ready at training camp let him dominate in junior.
I think josh bailey would fit nicely with kessel so that makes sense but I hope strome is ready so kessel can play with a center that can get him the puck again(Marc savard)

21 Mar 2015 19:55:42
yea training camp would determine if he sticks or not. he's big enugh to play, but i'm just not sure if he's refined enough to play the NHL level yet, especially a top 6 role.

21 Mar 2015 23:02:46
Bozak for a 1st round pick?! LOLOL! Dream on, pipe-dreamer.

22 Mar 2015 10:44:29
If your going to troll at least be funny or accurate chirp.
Bozak is worth a late 1st rd pick probably more IMO.
Ufa to be Antoine vermette gets a 1st and a ok prospect so why not bozak.

22 Mar 2015 16:56:07
You leaf bashers don't get it.@chirp@easy e
The leafs are rebuilding(finally)
Even if kessel and phaneuf etc are garbage and the leafs don't get a huge return for them the leafs are headed in the right direction finally.

Rebuilding a team properly takes time but the kings, Blackhawks, penquins etc prove it's worth it,
+the leafs have strong ownership/management so I have faith it won't become a laughingstock like the oilers.

Call phaneuf garbage that's cool, ya kessel is not playing as good as he should be call him a useless goblin, so cool.
I haven't been this happy about the leafs since I was a kid so bash away.hahaha the joke is on you.

23 Mar 2015 14:41:18
Pittsburgh already traded there 1st to Edmonton.

23 Mar 2015 15:45:38
Whoops Matt Murray not matt Martin

23 Mar 2015 16:18:23
Whoops jake gardiner not Tim erixon with Ryan pulock as well. Terrible.

17 Mar 2015 18:33:16
With the new that the 2015 salary cap could be as low as $68M; I wonder if a few teams are going to be forced to make some moves they would not otherwise be interested in making.

To this end a couple of trade thoughts for the Oilers:
Potential Trade #1
Tampa Bay: Pittsburgh's 1st pick 2015; William Lagesson

Edmonton: Ben Bishop ($5.95M cap hit)

Tampa's 2015/16 cap hit is $65.7 with 19 players signed (includes 3 goalies).going to need room to resign some RFA'a etc. With the emergence of Andrei Vasilevskiy and next years Stamkos contract does Bishop get moved this year??

Potential Trade #2
Chicago: Pittsburgh's 1st pick 2015; 2015 2nd; William Lagesson; Martin Marincin

Edmonton: Brent Seabrook (Assuming that Seabrook could be resigned to an extension)

Chicago is going to have a 2015/16 cap hit of $62.7M with 12 players signed. I know that they really don't want to move Seabrook and would prefer to make other moves - but they may be forced to move Sharp ($5.9M cap hit), Bickell ($4M cap hit) and Seabrook ($5.8M cap hit). Considering that if they moved a three of these players it still leaves $47M committed to 9 players; that only leaves $21M to sign 14 players for an average of $1.5M (assumes $68M cap), that may just be enough.but how many cheaper players can they run with?

It's going to be interesting before the draft that's for sure.

17 Mar 2015 22:15:07
I have always preached the Oilers to get Seabrook or Weber for years. Seabrook is a perfect fit for Oilers, he won 2 stanley cups, is an excellent 2 way D man, and is a great veteran. That deal might be a bit of overpayment but you do it.

18 Mar 2015 12:45:23
I think bishop could get mode even if tampa is looking to dump salary. He is a starting NHL goalie. I also don't think they want to throw Vasilevski to the wolves quite yet. And 3 goalies in the organization is low not high they need to get another goalie to have 2 at the nhl and ahl level. If someone gets moved it'll likely he Filpulla whose getting paid 5 mill and has been relegated to 3rd line because of depth. Also it's been passed on that the cap isn't going to decrease. At worst it stays the same but the league is really pushing for 1-2 mill increase go 70-71 mill. Tampa also isn't in that much of cap hell as al they need to sign is some bottom pair/depth ďefensman and a couple bottom 6 forwards. They should he able to fill any holes from within with Nesterov Erne and Namestnikov potentially being full time NHLers next year on ELCs

18 Mar 2015 12:50:43
The bishop to oilers deal looks about right

18 Mar 2015 14:58:05
JBS - not sure where your coming from or what your reading. Tampa has 6 goalies currently in the system - 3 of which are considered "NHL ready". the point is how many can they afford to pay NHL $ to play in the minors.

You are misinformed re the cap. It will depend upon the NHLPA deciding on if they want to put in the auto increase (its their call) which increases the cap 5%. Without this - which the rumors are the players are not in favor of as it puts too much of their $ in escrow; the cap would be around $68M. That is not a rumor - it was reported out of the GM meetings this week. The NHLPA can decide on the full 5% or some portion of it. The absolute max the cap could get to is $72M.

As far as cap hell, no but they have $64.3 allocated next year to 18 players. That leaves $3.7M for 5 players to get to a 23 man roster (assuming $68M cap), or $740K per player, not going to work. So yeah they could very much have a cap issue.

18 Mar 2015 22:01:40
JBS. One other thing, Namestnikov is an RFA this summer. He's unlikely to sign for the $925k cap hit of this year. I suspect in the neigborhood of $2.5M+ maybe more. An RFA offer sheet for up to $3.3M would only cost a 2nd round pick. Someone would definately be willing to give that up for him. Is it worth the risk of losing him for a 2nd round pick???

18 Mar 2015 23:11:46
Namestnikov won't get 2.5+ IMO

19 Mar 2015 00:05:24
It's been reported that the cap will not be decreasing. At worst stays the same. Lightning have 2 nhl level goalies (Gudelvskis is not ready) and vasi and gudi are on ELC 2 way contracts they aren't being paid NHL money as you say. I know they have 6 goalies in the system today but they have a few on 1 year minor deals and have very good cheap depth at the position that really doesn't warrant diminishing. As I said bishop wouldn't be the cap casualty more likely Filpulla or even Carle because they've already been replaced on the roster. They'll free up almost as much with a lesser impact on the team overall. They'll get a 6th and 7th d for around or under 1 mill each just from promotions internally and resigning 2 or witkowski sustr Barbario. Needing to free up 1 or 2 mill IF the cap decreases isn't really a valid reason to trade your bona-fide #1 goalie when your trying to compete there are much better ways to do it

19 Mar 2015 00:11:25
Mbell an extreme comparison to what your saying is LA will lose tanner Pearson if they don't trade Quick. They could just try to get rid of Richards contact and they'd be fine no need to move Quick. Just like Tampa could easily move another player on the roster whose lost his spot and keep their star goalie.

20 Mar 2015 09:40:26
What the heck makes you think Namestnikov will sign for 2.5 million plus that's rediculous.

20 Mar 2015 13:11:00
Haha exactly. Hell likely get a 1-1.5 1 year prove yourself deal. He has like 20 games of NHL experience. Johnson and Palat played a full season of top 6 minutes keeping the team in playoff position without Stamkos and earning Calder nominations to get 3 year 10 mill contacts. Namestnikov has Connolly like 20 games of bottom six work.

17 Mar 2015 16:46:08
Trade between Carolina and Pittsburgh

Canes get
Evgeni Malkin
Brandon Sutter
Brian Dumoulin
Kris Kunitz
Rob Scuderi
Jayson Megna
Nic Spaling

Pens get
Eric Staal
Jordan Staal
Justin Faulk

17 Mar 2015 18:20:25
You're a Penguins fan. Why would you want to make Pittsburgh worse?

23 Mar 2015 14:56:13
Take out malkin, suter, Dumoulin and Spaling and then add a few draft picks and that would be a good trade.

17 Mar 2015 14:10:43
Leafs - Avalanche

Phil Kessel (2mil ret), pits 2nd, Holzer
Nathan Mackinnon

Leafs - Oilers

Taylor Hall for Nazem Kadri, Jon Bernier, 3rd

Leafs - Sharks

Anthony Mantha
Dion Phaneuf(40% ret), C. Brown

Draft Dylan Strome




17 Mar 2015 16:01:12
Didn't know Martha was with sharks

17 Mar 2015 17:31:13
So sorry, was thinking about a Sharks trade, forgot to change to Detroit

17 Mar 2015 20:07:15
Im not even going to bother with the trades.

The first line you put Hall a natural left winger on his off wing, probably not a good idea

The second line would go through a lot of growing pains. Its a terrible idea to throw three young guys that have zero NHL experience together on a line like that they would be picked apart.

Lupul would be an awful captain. He has a hard enough time playing half a season healthy, your captain needs to be on the ice.

That fourth line would be the worst line in hockey.

18 Mar 2015 12:46:57
All those trades are bad for the team that isn't toronto. Very one sided

18 Mar 2015 17:28:44
No dice all around.

and Why is Toronto retaining 40% of Dion's salary AND trading Connor Brown?? Terrible

22 Mar 2015 18:40:04
Detroit has stated Mantha is untouchable and Toronto tried for Mantha/Larkin at Trade Deadline, Detroit said NO!!

Detroit is not trading Mantha and is not worth Phaneuf at his current value.

So Detroit says no, If he was a RH D-man then Detroit may take this deal into more consideration.

15 Mar 2015 11:43:39
Minnesota Wild

Trade I:

MIN: Cooke

PIT: 4:th 2015

Trade II:

MIN: Backstrom

CBJ: 4:th 2015

Trade III:

MIN: Zucker, Fontain and a 2:nd 2015

STL: Bouwmeister

Trade IIII:

MIN: Scroeder and a 3:rd 2015

MTL: Weise

Offseason 2015:


Dubnyk 7m/2y - 3, 5

Granlund 9m/3y - 3

Stewart 8m/2y - 4

Haula 2m/2y - 1

Free agents:

Malhotra 1m/1y - 1

Paille 3m/2y - 1, 5

Lineup 2015/2016:

Parise - Granlund - Pominvill
Vanek - Koivu - Stewart
Niederreiter - Coyle - Weise
Haula - Malhotra - Paille

Suter - Brodin
Dumba - Bouwmeister
Spurgeon - Scandella

Dubnyk - Kumper

Not sure about the trades Wilds probably needs to add but how much?

15 Mar 2015 12:40:17
I think the wild need to find new trade partners, I don't think these trades make much sense for the other teams involved.

15 Mar 2015 13:03:02
CBJ needs a deasent 2:nd goalie why not a veteran like Backstrom? They have good prospects in Dansk and Forsberg.

PIT wouldn't be sad to get Cook back, he scored just below half a point per game there.

MTL gets a former 1:st rounder that might become something if not they still get a 3:rd in a good draft.

The one that I feel is most off is the STL trade.

What would your suggestions on other teams be?

15 Mar 2015 14:04:40
Why would Columbus want 37 year old backstrom at 4$ million.His save % 887 this year.
Jackets have mcelhinney as a backup he's 31 with a 912 save % this year.why not resign him for 1 million to backup bobrovsky
Penguins don't have a need or cap room for Cooke at 3$million. Why would they so this.
Maybe buffalo wants you're overpaid washed up IMO players but I doubt that too.

12 Mar 2015 16:07:49
Edmonton's moves between now and next year.

UFA College signing - Matt O'Connor

Before Draft:
Edmonton: Magnus Paajarvi
St. Louis: Ottawa's 2015 3rd pick

Edmonton: Jonathan Bernier
Toronto: Pittsburgh's 2015 1st pick

At the Draft:
Edmonton, with the 2nd overall pick selects Jack Eichel

Resign RFA's:
Anton Lander
Nail Yakapov
Martin Marincin
Justin Schultz

At Free Agency:
UFA signing Johnny Boycuk 6 X $6M

Nurse and Draisaitl start next year in the minors - finish the year in Edmonton.

12 Mar 2015 18:17:51
Why would Edmonton trade to get Pääjärvi back?

And why not improve defense moore when it's so obvious that defense is their weekest part?

I really don't think Boychuk will sign with the oilers and I don't see why Toronto would send away Bernier either.

Nothing really makes sence besides draft Eichel if you get the 2:nd overall.

12 Mar 2015 18:48:20
How does the bernier deal not make sense.the value looks close to me and both teams get something they want.

It's hard to imagine a free agent signing with Edmonton if he has more than one offer but boychuk is from there so maybe.

12 Mar 2015 19:25:18
You can go ahead and scrap that plan to sign Boychuk. Isles signed him for 7 years! Haha

12 Mar 2015 22:19:34
Well I guess I got Boychuk's $ correct but the team wrong.

Edmonton still needs a top paring D any ideas not named Phaneuf? Edmonton has no interest in Phaneuf (nor he in coming to Edmonton), that I know.

13 Mar 2015 04:34:39
Well the Boychuk signing changes things - so what about this change to the above noted plan:

Edmonton makes an offer to Boston's Dougie Hamilton for $6M * 6 years. I'm not sure Boston is in a position to match this offer. and the return would be Edmonton's 2016 1st, 2nd, and 3rd pick.

Boston has $58, 916, 667 committed to 14 players. Assuming the cap next year moves to $70M, that leaves $11, 083, 333 to sign 9 more players. If they were to match the above offer, they would have $5, 083, 333 left to sign 8 players - that is an average of $635, 416; and there is no way that's happening.

13 Mar 2015 07:26:37
if I wer boston I wouldn't match that offer sheet anyways. sure, hamilton is good but I mean that 1st will (likely) again be top 3 unless EDM drastically changing something, which I doubt.

13 Mar 2015 10:41:30
It is always the Oiler fans who say teams don't want players returning whom they traded away. Whenever someone posts a trade for a player (let's use Lupul for example) they always write that a team will never bring them back.

13 Mar 2015 14:02:33
7 years for the already 31 year old boychuk at 6 million is no big deal.
But the 6 years left on 29 year old phaneuf at 7 million gets people all hot and bothered.
380 games
26 goals
107 points
736 games
117 goals
396 points
If the oilers signed Dougie Hamilton and traded say pittsburghs 1st round pick for bernier I think Edmonton could be a playoff team.

25 Mar 2015 14:10:58
Leafhate is right.

10 Mar 2015 14:44:56
Detroit Trades
1st Round Pick 2015

Toronto Trades
2nd Round Pick 2016 (Pittsburgh's)

10 Mar 2015 16:11:08
Detroit was dumb not to make this trade at the dedline.

Their window is closing with datsyuk and zetterburg getting older.
They will have a first round playoff exit.

10 Mar 2015 18:10:54
Stickboi- You have to be joking!!

If Phaneuf is so great and worth a top prospect like Mantha or Larkin then why is he being traded.

I agree Detroit is losing out on Zetterberg and Datsyuk being close to the end. However, Detroit is preparing for when those two call it quits.

While Toronto and Edmonton need constant rebuilds, Detroit can rebuild on the fly by making cautious trades, drafting good prospects and developing them. Top 2 goal scorers on Detroit right now are Tatar and Nyquist. Detroit is preparing for when they are gone and won't take away two potential top-6 forwards for a pylon defenseman at 7 million per.

If Detroit really wanted to make a push, they would have went to Yandle who is offensive D-man, Lower cap-hit.

Detroit is trying to help the present but also be ready for the inevitable future.

10 Mar 2015 18:49:05
although I agree with you that phaneuf isn't worth a mantha type of return your reasoning for it is wrong. sometimes good players do get traded. also, i'm happy the leafs are asking a very high return for phaneuf even though its likely they won't get it, but even if they "settle" somewhere in the middle it'll liekly still be a good return.

10 Mar 2015 21:39:33
Shankar, I don't mind Leafs asking high return. I am just saying the return they are expecting will be what they get from Detroit

11 Mar 2015 15:42:49
Agreed Shankar. The notion that a high rate of return for a player somehow means that player shouldn't be traded is misplaced.

12 Mar 2015 00:28:07
Dion pylon phaneuf age 29
735 games
117 goals
396 points
Niklas kronwall age 34
659 games
70 goals
333 points
+ 47
Keith yandle age 28
562 games
65 goals
311 points
- 35
Pylon phaneuf is an offensive dman too

13 Mar 2015 15:55:25
Phanuef:(age 29)
2012-13: 48 GP, 9 goals, 19 assists, 28 points, -4
2013-14: 80 GP, 8 goals, 23 assists, 31 pts, +2
2014-15: 56 GP, 3 goals, 22 assists, 25 pts, -7 (still ongoing)

Kronwall:(age 34)
2012-13:48 GP, 5 goals, 24 assists, 29 pts, -5
2013-14: 79 GP, 8 goals, 41 assists, 49 pts, even
2014-2015:66 GP, 8 goals, 30 assists, 38 pts, even (Still ongoing)

Yandle(age 28)
2012-13: 48 GP, 10 goals, 20 assists, 30pts, +4
2013-14: 82 GP, 8 goals, 45 assists, 53 pts, -23
2014-15: 68 GP, 4 goals, 37 assists, 41 pts, -32

Phaneuf's play has dropped in the past few seasons. Kronwall has stepped up in the absence of Lidstrom. Phaneuf can put up points but not as consistent per season as other players such as Kronwall or Yandle. Yandle is more offensive minded, hence the bad +/-. Kronwall has a more mixed defensive and offensive that is why his +/- is balanced with his play. Phaneuf wants to go back to being two-way but his offensive skills aren't seen as much on the score sheet and his poor defense can be seen. Phaneuf needs to establish when to be offensive and when to be defensive in order to match the other two's abilities. Either balance like Kronwall or go full out offense like Yandle.

13 Mar 2015 19:17:48
I agree dion phaneuf puts up a lot of points has a strong 2 way game .and is hardly a pylon.

15 Mar 2015 01:37:48
so what Datsyuk when Jay Bo was traded from Calgary he had 15 points and a - 11 rating, and this year he only has 10 points and no one gives him harsh criticisms like people do to Phaneuf and I will say it again he hetted a first round draft pick in a deep draft year with 2 solid prospects. Phaneuf is ten times better than Jay Boumeester and he should get a first round draft pick this year at least.

16 Mar 2015 07:07:26
And if you want to be this way trying to say Phaneuf isn't going to get a good return, then why not see Andrej Sekera only had 19 points with -7 rating when he got traded to Kings and only has 21 points unlike Phaneuf who has 25 and he got this years first round draft pick along with a good prospect. What about Coburn? 9 points and -1 rating when he got traded to the Lighnting and that guy netted a boat load. Yes they were all traded during the deadline, yes trading players in the deadline and during the draft or the off season is different but don't tell me when those players I mentioned about who have less points and somewhat medicore +/- rating is worth way more than Phaneuf.

05 Mar 2015 18:44:25
Carolina Trades
2nd Round Pick 2015

Toronto Trades
4th Round Pick 2015 (Pittsburgh's)

Trade both Teams and Players need
Because of the higher Salary of Semin switch of a 2nd for a 4th have to be included


05 Mar 2015 20:18:43
IMO TO will try to move Lupul with as little financial commitment as possible.

In other words, I am not sure if it's worth a 2nd to pay an extra $2 million/year for the next 3 years. Nor am I sure it's worth a high 2nd to Carolina to save a little under $2 million/year.

05 Mar 2015 21:37:53
I like the idea but I think toronto would want more value than that unless Carolina eats some semin contract.
This deal would not shock me but I'd ask for a little more if I was toronto.

05 Mar 2015 22:11:30
@ the grn1 think outside the box a little.
First the leafs get a high draft pick in a great year to have one and then if, big if I know, but if they can get semin to play maybe they could eat some of his contract and flip him for another good asset at some point.
Semin might not have the best attitude but he is still a world class talent.
Oh ya and the leafs will need to reach the salary cap floor and if they trade big contracts for little contracts and picks how many free agents you think would want to sign in toronto and how does toronto reach the salary cap floor.

06 Mar 2015 01:33:25
I don't think the Leafs need to think that far outside the box to move Lupul. it's easy enough to mitigate the health concerns with a conditional pick. They will likely have to bring back salary but I doubt it has to be a more expensive contract.

As for CAR, the trade is just counterintuitive. Lupul isn't going to bring that much more to table than Semin, so where is the upside in giving up a high 2nd? They could likely move Semin without having to give up such a high pick of they ate some salary.

06 Mar 2015 15:00:53
Maybe Carolina can move semin if they retain a IMO huge chunk of his contract without giving up that big of an asset.

The upside in this trade is moving a overpaid disgruntled player and getting someone back that can fill his spot.

I think the canes will try to make the playoffs next year and that's easier to do when you don't have 3 million dollars of salary counting against the salary cap for a player you've traded

Way to completely ignore very point I brought up to elaborate something I understood the first time you said it.

Intuition, common sense and my gut feeling tell me this deal is possible so saying this is counterintuitive is just negative and Arrogant IMO

06 Mar 2015 21:02:05
it is couterintuitive though. does CAR want to move the 35th pick (approximately) for only a rather small upgrade in lupul whom definately isn't part of a rebuild? very unlikley.

also, does toronto want semin? no, no team does cause he's beyond useless, and the attitude he brings could really effect the growth of young guys that would be around him. and don't try to bring up that "maybee semin wil turn it around" trash, he hasn't given any effort his whole career and with another guaranteed 28 mil over 4 years owed to him he sure won't start now. Also, the leafs will have no trouble reaching the floor since horton's contract counts until you reach the cap ceiling and there's no way TOR would be able to trade away all of kessel/phaneuf/lupul etc. without brinign back money, nor would they want to because they need people to play.

There, you also can't say I didn't respond to you because I answered every point you trried to make, now let's see you do the same.

06 Mar 2015 22:10:28
^the only point you brought up worth mentioning is semins attitude problem which is so bad that it "could really affect the growth of young players around him"

If having semin in Carolina is as bad it you make it sound then how is it only a small upgrade to remove that and bring in lupul. This makes no sense

Does semins attitude worry me ya but the leafs are starting a complete rebuild, last time I checked that means the leafs are going to suck for years to come with or without him and losing way more games than you win can be worse for a young player than having a possibly disgruntled teammate.

take a look at all you're comments dude, most times you never give an opinion on who wins the trade, you sit on the fence and dump on anyone who actually takes a stance. I think these are the actions of a coward.just my opinion tho

07 Mar 2015 01:51:39
"No team wants semin cause he's beyond useless and the attitude he brings could really effect the growth of young guys around him"(negatively)
How can it be a "rather small upgrade in lupul" if that's how you feel about semin.
How do you not realize you make no sense.

02 Mar 2015 23:59:09
So here is a recap of every NHL's team deadline day moves:

Anaheim adds:
Simon Despres
James Wisniewski
2015 3rd

Anaheim subtracts:
Ben Lovejoy
Rene Bourque
William Karlsson
2015 2nd

Arizona adds:
Maxim Letunov
David Leggio

Arizona subtracts:
Zbynek Michalek
2015 3rd
Mark Louis

Boston adds:
Brett Connolly
Maxime Talbot
Zack Phillips

Boston subtracts:
2015 2nd
2016 2nd
Jordan Caron
Jared Knight

Buffalo adds:
2017 2nd
Jack Nevins
2016 7th
Chad Johnson
2015 3rd
2016 5th

Buffalo subtracts:
Chris Stewart
Torrey Mitchell
Michael Neuvirth
Brian Flynn

Calgary adds:
2015 2nd

Calgary subtracts:
Sven Baertschi

Chicago adds:
Andrew Desjardins

Chicago subtracts:
Ben Smith
2017 7th

Colorado adds:
Mat Clark
Jordan Caron
Freddie Hamilton

Colorado subtracts:
Michael Sgarbossa
Max Talbot
Karl Stollery

Columbus adds:
Rene Bourque
William Karlsson
Justin Falk
2015 2nd
2015 5th

Columbus subtracts:
James Wisniewski
2015 3rd
Jordan Leopold

Detroit adds:
Marek Zidlicky

Detroit subtracts:
2016 3rd

Edmonton adds:
2015 2nd
2015 5th

Edmonton subtracts:
Jeff Petry

Minnesota adds:
Jared Knight
Chris Stewart
Jordan Leopold

Minnesota subtracts:
Zack Phillips
Justin Falk
2017 2nd
2015 5th

Montreal adds:
Jeff Petry
Brian Flynn
Torrey Mitchell

Montreal subtracts:
2015 2nd
2015 5th
2016 5th
Jack Nevins
2016 7th

New Jersey adds:
2016 3rd

New Jersey subtracts:
Marek Zidlicky

New York Islanders add:
Mark Louis
Cory Conacher
Michael Neuvirth
Tyler Kennedy

New York Islanders subtract:
David Leggio
Dustin Jeffrey
Chad Johnson
2016 3rd

Philadelphia adds:
Radko Gudas
2015 1st
2015 3rd

Philadelphia subtracts:
Braydon Coburn

Pittsburgh adds:
Ben Lovejoy
Ian Cole

Pittsburgh subtracts:
Simon Despres
Robert Bortuzzo
2016 7th

San Jose adds:
Ben Smith
Karl Stollery
2017 7th
2016 3rd

San Jose subtracts:
Andrew Desjardins
Tyler Kennedy
Freedie Hamilton

St. Louis adds:
Olli Jokinen
Robert Bortuzzo
Zbynek Michalek
2016 7th
2015 3rd

St. Louis subtracts:
Joakim Lindstrom
Ian Cole
Max Letunov
2016 6th

Tampa Bay adds:
2015 2nd
2016 2nd
Braydon Coburn

Tampa Bay subtracts:
Brett Connolly
Radko Gudas
2015 1st
2015 3rd

Toronto acquires:
Eric Brewer
Joakim Lindstrom
2016 5th
2016 6th

Toronto subtracts:
Korbinian Holzer
Olli Jokinen

Vancouver adds:
Cory Conacher
Sven Baertshi

Vancouver subtracts:
Dustin Jeffrey
2017 2nd

*Some draft picks are conditional
*Some teams retained salary
*Any team not mentioned did not make a trade

03 Mar 2015 15:27:19
Some of these are wrong.

You have cory conacher in there twice under NYI add, and Van add.

He went to the Canucks.

03 Mar 2015 19:47:11
@stickboi: Ok, thank for letting me know, didn't catch that when I was typing it.

03 Mar 2015 21:52:11
thanks for that LONG post lol

04 Mar 2015 00:36:07
Not sure what the hell Rutherford was thinking with that Despres trade. Glad to see Lovejoy back in Pittsburgh, but Despres has been great this season

02 Mar 2015 17:40:42
NJD: LW Beau Bennett
PIT: D Marek Zidlicky, 2015 4th round pick (goes back to NJ if Pittsburgh goes to Conference Finals)

02 Mar 2015 18:27:55
Detroit just got him for a conditional 3rd round pick becomes a 2nd if Detroit makes it to the Stanley Cup final.

02 Mar 2015 03:26:37
If Pens fail to make it to the conference finals and crosby struggles, maybe he wants a change of scenery

Mtl: Crosby, Scuderi (to make the cap work better)

Pitts: Parenteau, Eller, Bounival, De La Rose, Hudon, Emelin, Tornido, Fucale, 1st 2016, 1st 2017, 1st 2018

I like that tornido kid good potential is going to play a major rôle in This transaction Bahaha

02 Mar 2015 07:07:03
you can't be serious. can you?

just to go along with this lunacy, you try to get crosby without givng up none of subban, pacioretty, galchenyuk, price, or even a 1st this year? like what is this.

Can Montreal fans actually offer up some quality if they want quality or will every proposal only include eller tinordi de la rose emilin fucale and picks? No team wants 7 average or below average pieces for proven talent. Please let this end

^ Tinordi, De la Rose and Fucale could bring something decent to Montreal, but I agree they won't get a significant piece with Eller/Emelin/Parenteau.

However, unless any team is ready to lose for the next 5 years by giving all of their best players for Crosby, why would they trade for him? It's just ridiculous to ever think a player like him will change team via trade.

02 Mar 2015 23:40:53
you want crosby? start the deal with galchenyuk, de la rose and beaulieu + at least one first. see where that takes you

02 Mar 2015 02:50:07
A trade to guarantee Arizona gets McDavid or Eichel.

Arizona gets
Pittsburgh 2015 2nd Rd pick
Pittsburgh 2016 1st Rd pick

Pittsburgh gets
Michalak 50% retained

01 Mar 2015 05:43:14
Pens Trade: Martin, Conditional 3rd 2015 (becomes 2nd if pens make Stanley cup finals, or a 4th if the pens don't make the playoffs)

CBJ trades: Wisnewski, 4th 2015

I like it, but I think the jackets could get more, it would be very hard to re-flip martins 5+mil per year.

It could work if Wisnewski WASENT traded to ANA

01 Mar 2015 00:05:43
3 Team Deal

St. Louis gets

Pittsburgh gets

Arizona gets
Pittsburgh 2nd Rd pick
St. Louis 2015 2nd Rd Pick
St. Louis 2016 2nd Rd Pick

So bad the only thing that gets value is pit. ari gets so much stuff they go over player contracts. and st gets slightly better with vermite and gets a retiring dmen that does nothing at the price he's paid for and retires next year or year after which is worse cause his hit like4 next year. which kills them next year also ari gets mostly crap for the rebuild. cause I don't think half will be gen. first line players.

28 Feb 2015 17:57:05
NJD: 2015 2nd round pick
DET: RHD Marek Zidlicky

NJD: 2015 5th round pick
BOS: RW Michael Ryder

NJD: 2015 4th round pick
ANA: LW Marty Havlat, 2015 7th round pick

NJD: 2015 5th round pick
PIT: LW Jordin Tootoo

NJD: 2015 3rd round pick
CHI: C Scott Gomez

2015: 1, 2, 2, 2, 3, 3, 4, 5, 5, 5, 6

Cammalleri - Zajac - Ruutu
Henrique - Elias - Bernier
Boucher - Josefson - Zubrus
Matteau - Gionta - Sestito

Greene - Severson
Merrill - Larsson
Salvador - Gelinas

You could probably get a 3rd for Ryder

I lke it but I think Detroit throw a dmen in like kindel or Quincey and a condition 4th if he resigns.for a second-from nj so they don't scratch on player next one next year above 2 million.

Not this year!

Ryder underperforming this year a 4 th at best

28 Feb 2015 17:35:05
mats zuccarello and 2nd round pick for brandon sutter

give penguins top six winger for malkin and give rangers 3rd line center, 2nd round pick because zuccarello is ufa after this season

fair trade.

I see this happening for a 3rd if they can talk to him and get a deal in place so he resigns a reasonable contract extension right after so they have him locked up because sutter is a cheaper almost as good player with about the same potential ceiling. which is about second line consistent player that puts up 65 [points a year.

28 Feb 2015 22:10:12
I love this as a pens fan. There is a chance that these two teams play in the first round, would be exciting to see

28 Feb 2015 02:34:46
St. Louis gets

Pittsburgh gets

I'm not sure STL has the cap room, do they? I could be wrong. If they do, and PIT agrees to it, it's not awful.

They have about 4 million in space.

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