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26 Jan 2015 23:47:59
PIT: Greening
OTT: Adams, 4th 2016


I don't know why you have a draft pick going to ottawa if Pittsburgh wants Greening they could have him for next to nothing




24 Jan 2015 19:04:48
Oilers trade perty schultz and derek roy and a pits 1st and their 2016 2nd add maybe c rated prospect

To Toronto for Phanufe jake Gardner and tyler bozak

Gives toronto cap space gives edmonton a second line centre in bozak a top 3 D men in phanufe and a top 4 in gardener


Enormous overpayment by Edm. Not a chance!


If the 1st round pick was taken out would u say that is fair


How is that a over payment roy is a veteran centre and petry won't resign at end of season and schultz and the picks are the main trade by edmonton




24 Jan 2015 17:15:15
Maybe a Petry for Tatar trade could work. If Mantha and Larkyn are coming up next year maybe he'll be available. And if they don't want to pay the price for Myers or Yandle, Petry could be a good option.

Edm- Petry, Pits 1st

Det- Tatar

Maybe Edmonton adds a prospect? Bogdan Yakimov


Bogdan Yakimov is basically untouchable right now. IMO.


24 Jan 2015 18:49:55
Edmonton doesn't need more wingers. They need to upgrade everywhere else.


For forwards they could use a second line winger and center


For forwards they could use a second line winger and center




23 Jan 2015 18:02:37
I see a rather interesting path for Edmonton over the next 6 months:

Before the trade deadline:
Detroit: Petry
Edmonton: 2015 2nd round Pick

Before end of season:
College UFA signing: Matt O'Connor

Prior to draft:
This is the big bold move.
Ottawa: Hall, Slepyshev, return of Ottawa's 2015 3rd round pick
Edmonton: Lehner, Lazar, Ottawa's 2015 2nd round pick

At the draft:
Edmonton's 1st round pick: McDavid, Eicheal, Hanifin (depending on draft position -in that order)

using Pittsburgh's 1st round pick: DeBrusk

they would have 3 - 2nd round picks: Edmonton, Ottawa, Detroit (no 3rd round pick). One of which would be a goaltending prospect.

Finally July 1, UFA signing: Johny Boychuk


O'Connor is going to be on the radar of a lot of teams after this season


I don't know if Ottawa will want to let Lazar go. Maybe Stone. With an addition of a Peumpel or Prince. I think Sens would like Lazar to play WITH Hall. (in this scenario)

But at the same time I didn't think they would get rid of Silfverberg so anything is possible.




23 Jan 2015 03:06:21
Leafs - Penguins

Evgeni Malkin
Phil Kessel, Tyler Bozak, Cody Franson, 3rd


With what cap space?


I could see Franson going at the deadline.

PIT may have the cap space in the off season to add KEssel and Bozak but I doubt they trade Malkin.


24 Jan 2015 14:58:47
From a Pens fan:

Kessel, Bozak, and Nylander would be a hard proposal to say no to in the offseason. Leafs add their #1 centre who is in his prime and the Penguins get that #1 RW they've been missing. Bozak is the perfect TWF in the #2 centre spot.


CaPtAiN cAnAdA



22 Jan 2015 05:10:26
---Penguins announced that Kris Letang is out indefinetly with a concussion after that dirty play

After another loss by the leafs it is time for a change.

D Cody Franson

2nd round pick 2016
5th round pick 2015
D Brian Dumoulin


5th 2015
F Jayson Megna
D Brian Dumoulin

D Andrej Sekera


Martin-Franson/Sekera Fleury
Ehroff-Bortuzzo Griess

CaPtAiN cAnAdA

22 Jan 2015 06:20:26
Really like that deal for Franson if the leafs are willing to trade him and begin a re-build


Does PIT have a 2nd round pick this year? If I were doing the deal I would be asking for that pick to be a 2nd this year.


Wheres perron


^ he's on the bench so Hornqvist can play on the 1st and 2nd line.




21 Jan 2015 23:54:35
EDM: Yandle
ARI: 1st acquired in Pittsburgh deal, 2nd 2016, Klefbom, Fayne




20 Jan 2015 21:15:23
If the Leafs are starting over the first move they should make is a simple one, trade Bernier, every really bad team is a hot goalie away from being mediocre, if you're going to tank for McDavid- tank right:

To kill 2 birds with 1 stone:


Leafs get Yakupov, Petry, Penguins 1st

Oilers get Bernier, Polak

Oilers get the goalie then sorely need and a gritty veteran d man to make them better now and in the near future, Leafs get worse



Leafs get Richards, Greene, McNabb, Forbert

Kings get Phaneuf, Smith, Holzer

Kings get minute eating d man for second pairing, cap relief in terms of amount Richards and Greene are playing, Leafs get worse



Leafs get ROR, Wilson

Aves get Bozak, Franson

Aves get d help they are looking for plus useful asset in Bozak, get rid of Wilson's contract, Leafs get worse

Next (saw this rumor and liked it)


Leafs get Bogosian

Jets get Lupul, Gardiner, Granberg or a 3rd

Jets get offensive depth on forward and d for playoff run plus a prospect or pick, Leafs get worse

Next ( this is the big one)


Leafs get H. Samuelson, P. Samuelson, Coyotes 1st

Coyotes get Kessel

Coyotes get star offensive player they need, Leafs get worse


JVR. O'Reilly Santorelli
Komorov Kadri Yakupov
Winnik Richards Clarkson
Leivo/Booth Carrick Kozun/Bodie
Reilly Bogosian
Petry. Greene
Robidas Wilson
Pearcy, Samuelson



20 Jan 2015 21:45:30
just stop, the leafscant tank for mcdavid. any reasonable deal wouldn't ake them bad enough to allow EDM and buffalo to make up 16 points, and since they're alredy ad enough to be in the lottery why make the team significantly worse to only improve their draft lottery chances a couple percent?


20 Jan 2015 23:04:49
Even if they don't get 1st overall, they would be in a position to realistically have 2 of the top 6 picks in the Draft Lottery (their own and Arizona) as well as a late 1st (from Edmonton) and many prospects as well as cap space to build with. It's a matter of turning problems into positive assets. Kessel, Phaneuf, Bozak, etc will never be able to get a fair shake in TO no matter how well they play (not that they are playing well), Kessel gets 30 goals a year, finishes top ten in scoring, makes Bozak and JVR better, but he doesn't back check hard enough and has a cheeseburger now and then and looks uncomfortable on camera, so the media and fans crucify him. Let's just move on, it isn't working, and with this current group of players it never will


21 Jan 2015 02:34:27
you can honestly believe kessel is a problem, can you? i'm not even going to argue you on that cause if you honestly do then there's nothign left to say.


21 Jan 2015 05:19:07
I'm saying the media and fans have turned on Kessel and this team, he is in a no win situation here, he could lead the league in goals, assists, +/- , toi, and corsi rating, and he would still be called one dimensional and out of shape. He is obviously uncomfortable with the media in this market and it is unfair to ask him to be something he is not, he is an offensive all star that is being derided for doing what he is supposed to do, let him go somewhere he will be appreciated for being him. Kessel is not Toronto's problem, but Toronto is Kessel's problem, if you can get a fair return move him on and try to improve the situation instead of repeatedly applying band aids to an obviously diseased limb


IF Kessel is traded to Ari, Domi is involved


21 Jan 2015 15:46:55
You are probably right about Domi, and it would be a huge mistake. He's 5'9 180 lbs and from Toronto, the expectations on him to suddenly grow 6 inches and turn into a "prototypical" #1 centre would be mind blowing. He reminds me a lot of Kadri (only smaller) in both play and confidence and "fans" have been trying to run Kadri out of town since he got here




19 Jan 2015 19:50:47
Edmonton trades:
Leon Draisaitl
and pens 1rst 2015
and 2nd pick 2015

Colorado trades:
Ryan O'Reilly


So bad for the oilers


Leon's upside>o'reillys upside. Oilers can wait out draisaitls progression. They aren't in a win now mode lol.


Too risky for the Oilers. O'Reilly will be UFA after next season and has a history of protracted contract negotiations. He appears to think quite highly of himself and would likely bolt to the highest bidder. Give Draisaitl a little time and he’ll probably be as good a 2C as O'Reilly.


Jeez 0-30 I should probably give this up lol




18 Jan 2015 20:49:17
pit: cam ward
car: fleury and scuderi

pit: emerson etem
ana: kunitz

pit: cody eakin
dal: brandon sutter

pit: zbynek michalek (50 % retained)
ari: 4th round pick 2016 and fifth round pick 2017

healthy lineup without dupuis and maatta

perron crosby hornqvist
etem malkin bennett
comeau eakin downie
spaling goc adams/arcobello

martin letang
ehrhoff michalek
despres bortuzzo



I feel like carolina would need to add to get fleury.


How many drinks did you have before making these trades especially the first one.




17 Jan 2015 23:19:44
dal: olli maatta,beau bennett and jeff zatkoff
pit: valeri nichushkin and jason demers

dal: milan michalek
ott: erik cole and ryan garbutt

dal: rob klinkhammer
edm: shawn horcoff and anders lindback

fair value for all teams?


18 Jan 2015 14:12:50
I'd take the Ottawa deal in a minute, but I get the feeling Dallas wouldn't.


I don't mind the Edmonton-Dallas deal either.




17 Jan 2015 22:55:24
WPG: Yakupov, Schultz, 1st Aquired in Pittsburgh deal
EDM: Enstrom, Bogosian, Harrison, Lodge, Glover,




17 Jan 2015 03:33:15
PIT: Marchand
BOS: Martin, Harrington, Sebastien Dea, Conditional 2nd 2016 (turns to 1st if Martin Resigns)


17 Jan 2015 04:37:32
why would it turn to a 1st if martin re-signs? that's like a double reward, keep the player and improve the pick.


17 Jan 2015 09:41:31
Obviously I have NOT gotten thru to everyone with that.


Overpayment for Marchand


A HUGE OVERPAYMENT by, Pittsburgh! There's NO WAY that Boston, gets that much for Marchand . He may be good . But, he's not that good!


With Maatta out for the season, I don't really think they can afford to trade Martin. Also, I can speak for almost all Pens fan when I say we don't want Marchand.

Captain Nutjob



17 Jan 2015 03:26:30
PIT: Hanzal
ARI: Sutter, Pouliot


Thats just brutal for Pittsburgh




16 Jan 2015 02:54:57
ANAHIEM: Deadline Deal
Benched Matt Belesky in win vs Toronto.

Send him to Pittsburgh for D Brian Dumoulin, F Bryan Rust, 6th round pick 2016

Acquire G Darcy Keumper and D Jonathan Blum from Minny for Pittsburghs 1st round and LW Mitchel Moroz

Acquire F Ryan Johanson, F Boone Jenner, D Ryan Murray, 1st 2015 (top 10) for 1st 2015 (first or second) and RW Jordan Eberle

New Core: Hall, Nuge, Yak, Johanson, Boone, Murray, Nurse, Keumper
TORONTO: Deadline Deal
Florida is not scoring enough goals this year. their defence and goaltending have been saving them.

To TML: Kulikov, Huberdeau
To FLO: Kessel

CaPtAiN cAnAdA

Huge mistake including yakupov in your core. He had no business being s top pick let alone someone you want to build your team around. watched him play with the sting and galchenyuk was way better then he was. Might as well trade him now while he has value in his "potential" or before he leaves for the khl. Just my opinion.


The KHL is going under! The economy in Russia blows right now. No one is going to Russia to play hockey.




15 Jan 2015 22:02:57
To NJD: Brandon Sutter

To Pitts: Adam Larsson


I don't think this makes sense for pitts at all. They are trying to improve their forward depth and if they trade Sutter they would put a huge dent in that. he's solid and plays important roles for them. They also have a number of young dman that look nhl ready why do they need Larsson?




15 Jan 2015 16:45:22
Edmonton should go after kruemper if the wild don't think he can take them to the playoffs he might not cost a crazy amount. He could be a future number one for Edmonton.

Kruemper for Pitts 1st or less?
A second and b prospect?


Lol you could get kuemper for way less than a first


Greeat then I figured since it's pretty much a second and I wasn't sure if a second would be enough




15 Jan 2015 05:07:43
With Belesky scratched in Wednesday's game vs Toronto can a trade be coming?

To PIT: Belesky
To ANA: Dumoulin, Rust, late pick 2016

CaPtAiN cAnAdA

Perfect trade for Penguins
Belesky would be great alongside Malkin


How about Beleskey for Spaling?


@benn14. Not sure Pitt would want to trade one of their roster players because they want to add to their depth. And the Ducks may feel the same way. but Belesky would be a nice addition


Am I wrong or wouldn't they have:

on LW?


Perron has been playing the right side lately


Ok. I don't watch many Pens games.




14 Jan 2015 15:56:40
To Penguins:
F Zach Kassian

To Canucks:
D Brian Dumoulin
F Jayson Megna
4th in the 2015 draft

CaPtAiN cAnAdA



14 Jan 2015 01:29:49
To Carolina:
5th 2015,

Semin (50% retained)

ex Adams



CaPtAiN cAnAdA

This cannot happen, even if you retain
50% of his contract the Penguins would still go over the limit. Because they added Perron (4.25m).

Anyways, Semin and a 50 percent retained salary completely screws Carolina for a player that is going to have 3.5 on his deal (due to Carolina retained salaries) he is going to be worth A LOT more than a LATE 5th rounder. Possibly a late 2nd, or an early 3rd.


Actually, Perron has 3.8m


Pitt doesn't need a player like Semin. IF they do go after another forward it'll be for a grittier player who competes every game




13 Jan 2015 22:26:17
TOR: Yakupov, 1st acquired in pittsburgh deal
EDM: Kadri, Brown, Biggs, 1st 2015


Kadri is worth more than him

great john

EDM should not be trading anyone until the summer. They need to change their team dramatically and be very smart about it.

Yakupov for kadri and a bunch of mid prospects is not a good Idea.

They need major defenceive help, RNH, Hall, Eberle, 1st, yakupov.everyone will be in play.


Thats a no from toronto


14 Jan 2015 02:00:53
TOR 1st >>> PIT 1st

kadri, brown > yak imo

biggs is wtv, I wouldn't care if he was traded for a conditional 7th lol.


Lol yak doesn't have That much value and pitts first is going to be 25-30 while tor could be top 10 and kadri is a second line center that is still young and is better then yak although yak has tons of potential. trade value toronto loses big time and this trade forces them to tank, when they have no chance at mcdavid. leafs get screwed everywhere


14 Jan 2015 02:45:59
Id do it as a leafs fan


This funny, on other posts Kadri "NEEDS TO BE TRADED" now when there is trade involving him, Kadri is TOO valuable. IMO lasr year EDM would not have to add the 1st. This year Yak's value has diminished, and the qst is needed to balance the assets. In my oplnion, neither Biggs nor Brown are great assests.


Reuniting Brown with McDavid could be interesting




12 Jan 2015 05:12:57

Sign :

D Christian Ehroff to a 4 year 20mil contract

IR :

Once Maata is healthy (within the next few weeks)

Trade :

D Paul Martin


for LW Sven Baertschi and a 3rd round pick in 2016


Kunitz* - Crosby - Hornquist*
Bennett* - Malkin - Perron*
Spaling - Sutter - Downie*
Baertschi - Goc - Comeau*
*Players providing grit
Maata - Letang Fleury
Ehroff - Bortuzzo Griess
Scuderi - Despres

CaPtAiN cAnAdA

Treliving already said they will not make any deals for a short term benefit. They are still rebuilding so trading an 'A' prospect for a pending UFA will not happen.
No deal from CGY.


12 Jan 2015 07:49:56
baertschi has disappointed thus far, so he's no 'A' prospect.

with that said, CGY still doesn't do it.


Agree with above comments plus Pitt wouldn't trade trade Marten for 4th line help this year. If he moves it'll be for a top 6 forward or keep him and let him walk


4th line? I don't see a 4th liner in this trade. sure Baertschi is playing poor atm. But he's not a 4th or 3rd line player. If he reaches his potential once, he will be 2nd line LW if not 1st line LW depending on which team it is.

That's also a reason why he's in the AHL and not in the NHL, with Gaudreau, GlenX, Raymond there are no spots for him. So they rather give him 1st/2nd line/PP time in the AHL to make the next step then playing him on the 4th line with sheltered minutes in the NHL.


@Benn14 He's penciled in on original post on the 4th line which is where he would be this year on pitt. In the future who knows where he would be.


@willi sorry did not see that. Agreed.


I'm sorry I don't see the point of keeping Martin and letting him walk in the offseason.

Also, there is no way a team will give up a top 6 winger for an expiring contract, unless its a top 6 winger contract is expiring, too.

UFA for UFA barely ever happens, besides Moulson for Vanek trade last season between the NYI and Buffalo Sabres. But that trade was made very early in the season with hopes of extensions for both players.


Captain Canada has the right idea, yes he maybe penciled as a winger on the 4th line this season. But he has upside and worth a gamble instead of saying good-bye without a hello to follow.

That's all the Pens will get for Martin straight up.

If packaged with young talent you may get a little more from another team.

Lets be real, No team will gamble a bright young top 6 winger for a UFA. The Pens don't need a veteran like Briere or Jagr. Besides when this team is fully healthy come playoffs. Where would a veteran winger really fit in?


@Pens2014, you don't see the point in keeping a Dman who plays 20+ minutes a night especially with the uncertainty of Maatta's shoulder? Pittsburgh is in a win now mode


I am with @Pens2014. I see no point in holding on to Martin and having him walk at seasons end. A team desperate for help on defense would probably be willing to pay. I'm looking at LA and Williams. Expiring contracts. Wvoth address a need for the other. Win win for both teams. We have guys like Harrington Pouliot, Dumoulin who are ready to play in NHL. Give them a shot! A deal for Martin will be a deadline deal. But a deal that IMO will be made.


That's correct @willi I don't see the point of keeping Martin even with Matta out for the year. We have too many young prospects wasting time in the AHL. Yes you can the Pens are in a win now mode but you can still be in a win now mode trading Martin.

Martin has played his way out of Pittsburgh come Free Agent signing period in the offseason.

If your fine with losing Martin for nothing that is your opinion.

I'd rather take my chances with Harrington, Pouliot, or Dumoulin, and watch them gain experience while over contract for years to come.

If your looking for a Rental for Rental then Williams from LA would be a great return for Martin. I think the Pens would have a better chance of signing Williams than Martin in the offseason.




11 Jan 2015 00:00:26
To ANA: Martin

TO PIT: Silverberg, 3rd 2016

CaPtAiN cAnAdA



10 Jan 2015 23:59:42
To PIT: Rod, 2nd 2015

To SJS: Martin

CaPtAiN cAnAdA



08 Jan 2015 21:23:11
PIT: Jagr
NJD: Bennett, 3rd 2015 5th 2016


To much for Jagr


09 Jan 2015 16:58:17
Bennett and the 5th out

Megna in

CaPtAiN cAnAdA

Get rid of one of the picks then it would be a solid deal




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