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19 Dec 2014 21:21:03
Coyotes- Yandle, Vermette
Penguins- Sutter, Martin, Harrington




18 Dec 2014 18:00:49
Edmonton gets

Pittsburgh gets


Penguins overpay having Pouliot in there. Only way Pouliot is traded is if they go for Hall

Captain Nutjob

18 Dec 2014 19:41:03

Makes sense

CaPtAiN cAnAdA



18 Dec 2014 17:47:19
Just some base pieces. Add where you see fit.

STL: Oshie
CBJ: Johansen
*Gives the Blues a better all around top 6. Jackets add a good two way right winger. IMO the Blues are adding to this one.

PIT: Martin
LA: Williams or Richards
*Pens add a solid two way right winger or a solid two way center. LA adds a steady dman to their back end. IMO a straight up deal could be.made.

EDM: Eberle
BUF: Hodgson and Weber
*Oilers add a second line center who needs a change of scenery and a solid dman to improve their back end. Sabres add a young goal scorer who can be apart of their future moving forward. IMO Buffalo is the team who adds to this one.


Note how it says add where you see fit and that these are base pieces. Besides the second one more would definately be involved.


No way CBJ trades Johansen. Pitt doesn't want Richards bad contract (but Williams might fit in pitt) and Hodgsons value has really dropped. Buffalo adds to that deal


18 Dec 2014 22:10:57
Blues and Sabres add big time.


Completely agree. Oshie is just the starting piece. I would say Rattie or Fabbri along with some draft picks headed to CBJ as well. And Hodgson's value has indeed dropped, but he is a 2nd line center and one that can be moved to the wing down the road (2-3 years) when Draisaitl is ready to take on 2nd line duties. Weber just adds a good hard working dman as a depth guy or as 3rd pairing guy. I think if salary was retained for Richards (unlikely with Kings cap issues) he could find his game again on the 2nd line and be the solid two way player he can be. But I like the idea of Williams too as he brings in a winning pedigree, great two way play, and is a clutch performer.


You will not get fabbri, And blues don't want johansen. We have tarasenko. need oshie to balance other lines and defensive purposes.

russian tank

Move Backes to the wing. And you have the same balance again. Your new top 6 now looks like this.


Lehtera has played good with Schwartz and Tarasenko, but honestly Johansen instantly makes the Blues a better team.




16 Dec 2014 19:32:26
PIT: Sutter, Bennett, Harrington, Pouliot, and a 1st
EDM: Hall

This may get their attention, but very unlikely. We do not have the pieces that it would take to get a player like Hall without destroying our depth. Bottom line is that they would be looking for a replacement top line LW. Not many teams will give up their top line LW but some do have guys who could be 1st line players but are stuck behind better players. A guy like Lupul for instance (no I am not suggesting a Leafs trade because they don't have a dman that could help or very many valuable prospects as well, let alone barely any cap room). Not only a LW but help on defense as well. Not a lot of teams are going to part ways with young dmen like Trouba, Hamonic, or Hedman especially with how valuable a young dman who is showing progression is. Not a lot of teams have the depth, cap, or the balls to give up what the Oilers would be wanting for Hall. Hall and RNH I feel are the only ones who are safe in Oil Country. Management needs to make moves to add needed depth everywhere in the lineup. The addition of any of those top 3 prospects would be terrific, but again they are prospects. They could have an immediate impact, but they also may not. And do the Oilers and there fans really want to continue the trend they are on?


I didn't even both reading the story that was typed out. It will be preposterous for Edmonton to trade Hall(not out of the question) and for all of that Rutherford would be on every drug known to man. If and only IF Hall actually did become a Penguin a reasonable offer would be Sutter, Harrington, Kunitz and a 2nd round. Yes folks Kunitz will not be a penguin much longer, he is aging and we need to gather youth so we should use Chris's value to our advantage by the offseason.


Kunitz isn't going anywhere. He's still a productive player and if Dupuis never plays again that would be a big leadership hole to fill. as far as original post goes that's way to much for Hall. Try Sutter, pouliot or maatta, 1st and maybe jaffey




16 Dec 2014 16:58:42
Forgot to add someone in my last trade. Pittsburgh: sutter Bennett Martin Harrington or pouliot and a 2015 1st for Edmonton: Taylor hall


Would be amazing seeing Hall on a line with Crosby, and a lot of people may disagree, but as a Penguins fan, I wouldn't want to see this. Sutter has been great, Harrington has a lot of potential to be a top 4 dman, and Pouliot is one of the best defensive prospects in the NHL. Martin is really the only thing I don't mind seeing in this trade just because he's probably either going to be traded, or Pittsburgh will just let him walk at season's end.

I also don't really see Edmonton taking this unless they get someone back to replace Hall.

Captain Nutjob



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16 Dec 2014 16:55:33
Pittsburgh:sutter Martin Harrington or pouliot and 2015 1st for Edmonton : hall

Leave what you think, I feel This is a good trade because Edmonton gets good 2 good dman in Martin, and Harrington or pouliot. Finally get number 2 center in sutter and gets a first rounder in a loaded draft.

Pittsburgh finally gets a star winger that can rack up points with either Sid or geno


IMO there isn't enough upside.

The 1st is going to be 24-30 (so that's not great).

Then there is a lot of quantity but not necessarily quality.

-Sutter is a solid player but he's a 3A, maybe a 2B.

- Bennet is a bottom 6 guy (with some upside, but it's not as if they are trending to topline players).

- So you're basically hoping and praying that Pouliot turns into a top pairing d-man (and he may but its hardly a guarantee) bc Harrington is not going to be a top pairing d-man.




16 Dec 2014 15:45:44
Edm- Hall

Pens- Bennett, Pouliot, Sutter, 1st 2015

Edm- Eberle

Mon- Fucale, Scherbak, 1st 2015

Edm- RNH

Buf- Grigorenko, Zadorov, 1st stl 2015

Edm- pens 1st, mon 1st, stl 1st, Edm 2nd

For Eichel

Draft Mcdavid

Future lineup-

Draisaitl- Mcdavid- Yakupov
Grigorenko- Eichel- Scherbak
Bennett- Sutter-


Y would they trade everyone in big three


Well it's sures not working for them now is it


Not they're fault the defnse is swiss cheesse


He is right those guys are doing nothing and it cost dallas his job they need to shake up the team bigtime




16 Dec 2014 05:33:58
To Pittsburgh- Taylor Hall
6th round pick
To Edmonton: 1st round pick 2015 2nd round pick 2016 and possibly kakasperi kappenin.
For Taylor Hall. The boilers would be looking for a top 3 forward. So, if they don't want kasperi, then the penguins can send dupuis
Please make any changes you feel that would fit in


Edmonton would say no. They don't need more draft picks they would probably start by asking for sutter and a a package of their promising dman in this trade.


Agreed would have to start with suter and probably Harrington.


16 Dec 2014 13:39:43
Pens start with Pouliot, Kapanen and two 1sts.


Lol dupuis is not a top 3 forward unless Crosby is going to Edmonton with him!


. dupuis might retire




15 Dec 2014 21:01:57
Since Edmonton is done this year and Pens need a top six winger

To Pittsburgh:
Taylor Hall
Nail Yakupov

To Edmonton:
Nick Spaling
Beau Bennett
Brian Dumoulin
Scott Harrington
Rob Scuderi(for cap issues only)
Conditional 2015 2nd*
Conditional 2015 4th**
2016 3rd

*if Hall finishes with 80+ points it becomes a 1st
**if Yak finishes with 50+ points it becomes a 3rd

Edmonton's lines


(sorry about all the /s in the lineup I am not that familiar with the Oilers)

Pittsburgh's lineup(when everyone is healthy, except Dupuis):

Maata-Bortuzzo-D. Pouliot



Makes absolutely no sense for the Oilers.


Pitts gets one of the best left wingers in the game and a former 1st round pick and doesn't give up any major roster players, potentially not giving up any first round picks, and manage to hold onto their best defensive prospect. doesn't make sense to me at all. Just because edmonton gets a long list of stuff in return doesn't mean it equals fair value. Then ontop of that you take hall (one of the best left wingers in the game) and throw him on his off wing? doesn't make sense to me. A terrible trade for edmonton.


Pens need A top 6 winger, so they trade for 2. ?


Quantity doesn't always equal quality


15 Dec 2014 23:07:00
id absolutely love to see edmonton do that, but even they're not that dumb.


What the hell is this


15 Dec 2014 23:38:59
Great trade pit/edm trade. Pause. Not.


No point of Edmonton doing it.
No point of Pittsburgh giving up so much.


No need to explain how bad this one is


So the oilers don't get one top player back?




14 Dec 2014 02:57:49

Would Doan waive his no trade clause to come to pittsburgh?

I know he would not waive it last year cause his family likes Arizona (. who doesnt, it is beautiful there) but doesn't he want to win the cup?

If so.

To PIT: Doan
To PHX: 1st 2015, Megna

CaPtAiN cAnAdA

14 Dec 2014 04:43:53
Kinda like Alfredsson going to Detroit to win the Cup though. Ain't going to happen in PBurgh either.


14 Dec 2014 06:54:48
Still don't think he'd waive his NTC


Seabass2011 & Titties you are probably correct, but is that not a bit much for Doan?


14 Dec 2014 15:24:08
Look at the Iggy trade to pittsburgh. it was similar

CaPtAiN cAnAdA

14 Dec 2014 18:40:27
I think it's close. The first seems a bit high but it's going to be a late one we all know Pittsburgh is going to finish in the top 3 in the east possibly top five in the league so a late first and Megna who is a 4th liner isn't that outrageous.




13 Dec 2014 14:34:39

T. Jarry
2015 2nd round pick


B. Schenn
2015 1st round pick


2016 3rd rounder



If Murray can get a 2nd + for Stewart at this point he's got my vote for GM of the year.


1. Way too much for Stewart.
2. Buffalo does not need another GK prospect.
IMO PIT could get Stewart for Anton Zlobin & Ryan Segallal, two former 6th round picks.


I don't think Washington would do that trade they would look to move Green before Carlson


I made a mistake, it is a small one but I meant:
Stewart to PIT for Anton Zlobin & Blaine Byron. These are former 6th round picks and neither are among PIT top 10 prospects. Ryan Segallal was a former 4th round pick.
BTW Zlobin is from Moscow same as Nikita Zadorov, so maybe some Russian chemistry could be developed.


You're adding to the wrong side of the Wsh trade. Absolutely no way would Washington trade Carlson for Eberle and they certainly wouldn't add.




13 Dec 2014 02:45:12
2 Trades for Arizona
Trade #1
Arizona gets
2015 1st RD Pick

Pittsburgh gets

Trade #1 allows them to trade Yandle
Arizona gets
2015 1st RD Pick

Toronto gets


Nylander straight up for yandle would surprise me let alone kadri and a first.


13 Dec 2014 07:08:25
Doan won't waive his NTC.
That's the asking price for Yandle, young roster player, top prospect and a first but in reality like all marquee player trades it will be something of less value than what Toronto players you have listed.


Yandle is good but that's definetly an overpayment by the leafs.


First of all I think Toronto gives up way to much here for that they better be getting OEL. Second I don't think Toronto needs a Yandle type player. He is an amazing offensive dman but is known to struggle in his own end that's not what toronto needs because they already have Gardiner, Franson, Rielly who are offensively gifted and Phanuef is half decent in the offensive zone too. They have problems in their own end I think they should be looking for a dman that takes care of his end first and can be a shut down kinda guy. If I were them I would be looking into Marc Staal right now. I think his game would fill more of a need for Toronto




11 Dec 2014 20:17:04
To PENS: Byfuglien
To WPG: Dumoulin, Bennett, 1st 2015

Id be willing to give up 3 young players for Dustin's massive body and huge shot on the pens roster

CaPtAiN cAnAdA

Holy hell. I'm not getting mad at you, but it takes a couple of seconds to check if your trade works out salary wise, this one does not. Saves everyone time of correcting you and yelling at you. That goes for everyone, it just makes everything easier


12 Dec 2014 07:28:09
Buddy, with dupuis on the IR for the rest of the season, we have 5.4 mil in cap. I don't know what planet you are on

CaPtAiN cAnAdA



11 Dec 2014 08:08:40
To PIT: Lupul
To TOR: Harrington, 3rd 2016

CaPtAiN cAnAdA

That would put the Pens well over the cap and I don't think they'd want an injury prone player on a team riddled with injuries, especially not Mr. Perforated Paper himself, Joffery Lupul.


And what. Lupul.would not rock with sid it there? Lupul would score 40 with sid


Lupul would be injured for 40 games with Sid.


Leafs decline at this moment in time maybe closer to the deadline or at the draft

Charles Xavier

Would rather have Boedaker from Arizona for that price. Plus Lupul is paid way too much.


You would rather him over lupul?? U guys are smoking before you put on here or what?


Pretty much anyone who isn't a delusional leafs fan would rather have boedker than lupul. Realistic leafs fans and fans of every other team can see that.




11 Dec 2014 08:05:43
What would it cost to get E. Kane to Pittsburgh?

As a pens fan I would be willing to see.

Harrington, Bennett, 1st 2015, conditional 1st 2016 if the pens win the cup in either year, otherwise a 2nd 2016.

CaPtAiN cAnAdA

This would put the Pens over the cap. Kane would basically be James Neal. And that's a lot of future to give up for a guy who's been pretty lack luster through his career so far, making over $5 mil a year.


I'd like to see Evander Kane on Pittsburgh but not at that price

Captain Nutjob



11 Dec 2014 02:23:53
To BUF: Dumoulin, 5th 2016
To PIT: Stewart

CaPtAiN cAnAdA

Not going to happen and having Pittsburgh add the pick is insulting. I wouldn't give up anything for Stewart. The guy is a garbage factory now.


I'd prefer Downie


Give me Downie any day of the week over Stewart, it's not even a question.




11 Dec 2014 00:13:28
To EDM: Marc Methot, Patrick Wiercioch
To Ottawa: Oscar Klefbom 2016 3rd round pick
The Edmonton defense upgrades a lot on this trade.
And the senators get good return
For a player that won't resign with their team.

To Boston: Martin Marincin
To Edmonton: Joe Morrow
Morrow gets to play in his hometown team.
Marincin gets to play with countryman Zdeno Chara.

To LA: Martin Gernat, 2015 3rd round pick, 2016 4th
To EDM: Slava Voynov
Slava Voynov is a good/great defenseman overall.
But due to his actions he is done for the year.
LA gets a B- Prospect, A good draft pick, and and a 4th.

Overall, this makes the Oilers a better defensive team.

To Penguins: Nikita Nikitin
To EDM: Future considerations

To Detroit: Jeff Petry
To EDM: 2015 3rd round pick, Teemu Pulkkinen


Ya ottwa declines thanks


For the boston trade
It's 4 quarters for a dollars.
I don't see the reason why boston woul do this

And for Voynov he's suspended indefinitly by the league ( I don't know if you can trade a player while is suspended, but this situation don't make him a worst player , it's doesn't mean l. a. Will give him away for that package. Imo.


Hahaha Wiercioch is already and will be better than Klefbom and you think you could get Methot for a 3rd? Pretty funny

Charles Xavier

Edm is not trading marincin And klefbom


@mcdavidsweepstakes. I understand their young, but if they're not playing good hockey. What can you do with them? Klefbom was drafted 19th overall. I don't think he is playing like a 19th overall pick.


Lol klefbom has been playing good alongside petry its nikitin and shultz that need to go. maricin is a great player the mangement is blind lol please watch he games they play




10 Dec 2014 02:39:47
TO MIN: Martin, Bennett
TO PIT: Nino, 2nd 2015

Martin goes home, where he will likely resign. Bennett gets a change where hopefully he stays healthy.

TO PIT: Kane
TO WPG: Pouliot, 1st 2015, (Conditional 1st 2016 if the penguins win the cup in either year)

Pens give up their future for the present here. We are in a win now mentality and this helps achieve that. Pouliot is projected as a #1 Offensive Dman of the future and would look great with Trouba. Peg also gets a 1st in a great draft and a potential first in a mediocre draft. The pens would use their second rounder from the minny trade to try to get back a good potential defenseman to make up for pouliots loss.

ex Adams, Sill




CaPtAiN cAnAdA

Nino is that good that he can get a similar caliber winger and a top 4 d-man.


Bennett is a similar caliber to Nino? Ok


Both of these trades are huge overpayments for the Penguins.




09 Dec 2014 18:11:12
Pens best possible scenario:
To LA: Martin
To PIT: Williams
Both are UFA's at the end of the season, and with voynov out indefinetly, this is what LA needs. Brings in a much needed top 6 forward for pittsburgh and they get a guy who is clutch in the playoffs.

To PIT: Weber
To BUF: Dumoulin
Bring in a pittsburgh native who cares about the team. Dumoulin is projected to be a 4th dman, however I don't see that happening on this team. Weber brings in some grit too.

New Lines:
ex Adams, Sill

ex Bortuzzo


Pens can roll four lines for the playoffs, and it also leaves room for NHL ready prospects to come up next season.
Harrington for Scuderi
Pouliot for Ehroff
Kapanen for Comeau
Sundquist for Goc (if he doesn't resign)

CaPtAiN cAnAdA

@CaPtAiN+cAnAdA I like Weber but I would make that trade, because Dumoulin may be projected to be only a depth dman but be takes up a lot of space and is four years younger than Weber. I doubt Jim Rutherford would make that trade.


I like the Idea of swapping Wiiams for Martin


Not enough for Martin. A third line player (albiet one of the best) for a 1st pairing d-man is crazy.


A 1st pairing dman who is going to ask for a ridiculous amount of money come the end of the year. Williams is just a case of unfortunate circumstances. If he was on a different team he would be up higher in the lineup. He brings in experience, a winning pedigree, clutch performance, and great two way play. He would look quite nice beside Gino on the 2nd line or Sid on the 1st.




09 Dec 2014 08:23:24
After the holiday trade freeze:

Ottawa: D Scott Harrington, 2017 2nd round pick (Conditional if Michalek scores over 75 goals on the remainder of his contract which ends in 2017. If he doesn't, no draft pick is awarded)

Pittsburgh: LW/RW Milan Michalek (2 million retained)

Pittsburgh gets a top 6 winger scoring winger who has a history of scoring goals. He would fit well on Crosby's wing as he likes to go to the net on the rush. Pittsburgh would be paying him 2 million a season. Ottawa opens up a forward spot to allow some of their young forwards, Like Puempel, Pageau, and Prince a chance in the NHL.

Ottawa gets a young D prospect who is a little low on the Penguins depth chart. With Letang, Maatta, and Bortuzzo all in the NHL, and Pouliot, Despres, and Dumoulin, all ready to make the step, Pittsburgh can afford to trade Harrington. Ottawa would also get a conditional 2nd if Michalek works out really well for them and becomes a big goal scorer over the remainder of his contract.


Pittsburgh isn't trading their second best defensive prospect for a washed up 3rd/4th liner. I'm sure they could do better


^^^ 3rd or 4th Liner?!?!

Try Top-Six Forward


09 Dec 2014 17:17:42
naw, milan is no top 6 guy any more, last 2 years he's been [retty bad and hasn't even been playing top 6 on OTT's unspectacular forward group.


Thank you. Shankar gets it.


He can't carry the team. Ottawa has sucked lately. Doesn't make anyone on their team look good. With Crosby or Malkin setting him up he would look great.


Downie looks good with Crosby. Don't even give me that


What's with your attitude man.


Don't have an attitude. Just don't think Michalek is very good.




08 Dec 2014 08:22:01
While needing some longer term contracts off the books and teams are suffering injuries and getting desperate for players.

Bryan Bickell

Jakub Silfverberg

Corey Perry will be out indefinitely and Jakub can't get 1st line minutes and was on Kesler's line but now sits on the third line.


Bryan Bickell

David Pastrnak

Boston is looking for a winger to play with Lucic and Krejci while also looking for some size and toughness. Fits perfectly IMO.


Bryan Bickell

Erik Cole
2nd rdp

Dallas is looking to get rid of Cole and are in desperate need of some secondary scoring behind Benn, Seguin and Spezza. Cole is a good locker room guy who should be able to put up some points on a highly talented Chicago team.


Bryan Bickell
2nd & 3rd

Derrick Pouliot

Now Dupuis, Hornqvist and Kunitz are all out indefinitely Pittsburgh is going to need a winger or two more with more skill than Klinkhammer no offence.


Boston, Pittsburgh, Anaheim will all decline those offers.


08 Dec 2014 10:53:42
Yeah, IMO you're fairly overvaluing Bickell.
He's an overpaid 3rd liner that had one good post-season run. Like a better version of Sean Bergenheim, haha.


Yep, he might fetch a mid pick.


He's racking up points because he's playing with kane and toews, even Carcillo can look good with those guys
Bickel has a big salarie cap and I think he will hard to trade, chicago will want the world and beyond for him.


Honestly I would give a 3rd to 4th for the guy. He only shows up for the playoffs, he is a 3rd liner. With a massive salary. Ok maybe him as a player would be worth more, but the odds a team can take his salary without a big contract going the other way. He is a buy out canidate


08 Dec 2014 22:32:57
I figured that Bryan Bickell has similar point production than Chris stewart, similar type of player as stewart however Stewart has had a lot more time as a top 6 forward and has a longer term on his deal. Ya at times he has played along side Toews on that top line but most of his career in the nhl he has been on the third line playing behind the likes of Hossa, Sharp, Kane, Saad and right now Versteeg who is killing it btw. He is a very big body that can skate and having an opportunity to play regular top six minutes I think can become a very effective player.




07 Dec 2014 07:42:51
PIT: Pouliot, Bennett, 1st, and a conditional 2nd
WPG: Kane


Rutherford would look at you and laugh and say go back to playing NHL.


@Pens1994 I don't think you are grasping the fact how much more dominate Kane would be playing with Malkin or Crosby. Is he underperforming right now, yes. However if he was playing with elite talent I can almost guarantee his numbers would go up. Hornqvist is a point per game player playing with Crosby or Malkin. Now let's take Kane who is a big body, can skate, and has a goal scorers touch and put him with Crosby or Malkin who have proved to make the players around them better. Kane's ceiling is stupid high and it could be reached playing with Crosby or Malkin. Pouliot is a great d prospect don't get me wrong and Bennett has great potential as well. But let's look at recent championship winning teams. They have depth up front and are able to run all the lines and get key production from top 2 lines and defent production from the 3rd line with the 4th like being great to shut down and grind it out. Defense of those teams have great two way dmen with guys who also manage to chip in offensively like Doughty and Keith. We have two d prospects Harrington and Dumoulin who play solid two way games. Of course right now it seems like a stupid trade to make, but it is a trade that could easily prove to be one of the best in franchise history. A gamble that IMO is worth taking. Maybe we could get Kane for less and if so great much better for us.




07 Dec 2014 04:04:00
alright the sens need a change. we started strong and now we're not looking great right now, losing 5 straight. we still have a chance to bounce back and be a playoff team but I think we need some game breakers, some more offence! we need more dominating offensive shifts. i've thought of two deals to improve that but I doubt they happen because ottawa never has the balls to do anything big in the trade market.

1) bold move! but makes sense for both clubs and players.

stl: bobby ryan

ott: paul stastny

now bare with me

both just signed big deals yes but have found themselves in dilemmas. ryan is not fitting in well with the sens and is rumored to be frustrated with his ice time and stastny is a st louis boy who signed a big money deal in the summer and has found himself playing third line with the emergence of center jori lehtera.

I know depth is good but stastny is not a third line center especially with a 7 mill cap hit. it reminds me to a lesser extent the crosby-malkin-staal situation the pens had. ryan's playing style is built for the west I think and had more success there earlier in his career. sens also could use a first line center to take some pressure off turris.

stastny goes from third line to first and ryan goes from a mix of different lines to first line winger

second and third trade

ottawa trades wiercoch for mcginn

colorado gets a potential top 4 left d for a scoring winger who played junior in ottawa

I find people tend to overvalue stewart , IslesBlowButILoveEm made a very good comment on him. he is however a good scoring power forward and we do give up prince, a solid prospect and rutkowski

sens lines

mcginn stastny chiasson
macarthur turris stone
hoffman zibanejad lazar
smith legwand neil

methot karlsson
cowen ceci
phillips gryba



I like it I think ryan would help the blues find the scoring off the wing they are looking for and the sens would get a very strong two way center.


As long as Ryan can play the left side its a deal in my book. We have tarasenko and oshie on our right side. Berglund goes back to 3rd line duties. Ryan takes his spot on the second line LW. can't break up our top line when they are the only ones consistently putting up points for the most part.


This will never happen. YOu are wrong on two fronts.
1) paul is not on third line minutes. We have a line 1a and line 1b. that splits minutes. then a third line and 4th line.
2) Paul was lights out in the beginning them took a bad check and was out with shoulder issues for 3 weeks. SO yes he is slow now but just had a break out game.

we don't ant bobby ryan we have tarasenko. Thanks by the way we used your pick for him.


russian tank

I would do it, from both sides. Like it was Sens get a solir two way center and Ryan ia very capable of playing LW as that is where he played when he was a Duck. Toss him with fellow Americans Backes and Oshie and I think you could have something great right there. More may have to be included, but it addresses a need for both teams.


Blues still say no thanks. He has been moved from two teams for a reason.

russian tank



06 Dec 2014 20:08:33
Pittsburgh 2015

Best Options IMO:
Foligno - Having a great season, however Columbus is tanking for McDavid. They are building a young team and he doesn't fit in the long term plans. He is also a UFA at the end of the season.

I am guessing he will cost a good Prospect and a high-mid pick.

To CBJ: Dumoulin, 2nd 2015
To PIT: Foligno, 5th 2015

ROR - A great 2-way player, should cost a top 4 dman and a top 6 fwd

To COL: Martin, Bennett

The entire team should be healthy (knock on wood) by christmas/new years.

Lines after the trades:
ex Sill

ex. Harrington


These trades give the pens the best depth in the NHL, and they can now roll 4 lines come playoffs. Their young defense are ready for the call up. next season Pouliot will replace Ehroff, and Harrington will replace Scuderi.

CaPtAiN cAnAdA

07 Dec 2014 04:36:12
pretty fair, assuming agreement in principle regarding martin signing a deal in COL.


Oh man Martin and Bennett? Are you sure? That's quite a package to pull in a guy like ROR. But seriously, get real. That's nowhere near how much it'd cost to get ROR. You're asking to trade an ok dman, UFA after the year, and a bust, who btw is absolutely not a top 6 forward, for a player who's going to get you 50+ points and bring a strong defensive and penelty killing game. This is laughable


07 Dec 2014 19:25:11
lol orielly is a 2C with plus defensive abilities, idk why he's treated like god around here.


I'm not treating him like a god. If you were Colorado, would you take that mediocre package? If your answer is anything but no, you don't know what you're talking about.




05 Dec 2014 19:56:20
Confirmed trade:

Penguins acquire:
Rob Klinkhammer
2016 conditional draft pick

Coyotes acquire:
Philip Samuelsson


Why do people click Unbelievable?
This happened.




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