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14 Aug 2017 18:25:58
Pens- 2nd
Wings - Riley Sheahan

Wings clear some cap space and the pens get their 3rd line centre what are your thoughts?

14 Aug 2017 22:04:52
Fair enough.

14 Aug 2017 22:59:34
Sheahan scored 1 goal last year and it came at the end of the season 😂. No way he gets a 2nd.

15 Aug 2017 02:26:48
Sheahan to Pittsburgh makes send and Detroit would be asking for draft picks/ prospects in return.

That being said, I am a Wings fan and Sheahan will not get a 2nd at this time. Maybe if he has a good start to the season then he might push for a late 2nd ( assuming everything works perfectly) .

Otherwise right now his value is maybe a 4th + small add
Or Conditional 4th (Becomes 3rd if re-signs or reaches a certain goal total)

So his value is low and Detroit may move him. Pittsburgh will be a good fit but he won't get a 2nd at this time. However he is still young, so he will get a 3rd, 4th or 5th at lowest.

17 Aug 2017 02:24:28
Pens 2nd is pree much a 3rd anyways, both teams would consider this imo (if pens can afford, which I think they'd be able to. )

08 Aug 2017 15:54:12
Tor: Bjugstad, Demers (retain 500k), 4th if jvr re signs

Fla: JVR, Kapenen, Fehr, Marincin, tor worst 2nd

Why: FLA needs a top winger to round out there top 6, fla already tried to trade demers and they save some cap in the deal, also kapenen gets to play in the nhl regularly since tor has nylander, marner, brown, hyman, marleau, komarov on the wing

Pitts: Bozak, Carrick, 3rd if maatta plays 50 games

Tor: Maatta, 5th if bozak re signs or pens make it to conference finals

Pitts is looking for a third line center and shoots right which is a plus, ufa after this year so no big financial commitment, tor now has great options on d and Bjugstad re place bozak and marleau replaces JVR

Tor will probably have a cap problem when Matthews is a RFA but it will be a lot easier to trade a dmen then a forward, gardiner and hanisey ufa in two years as well cap wise they can probably only keep 4 out of these 5 dmen in two years ( Reilly, demers, gardiner, Zaitsev, Maatta)

09 Aug 2017 11:30:22
First trade is way too much from the leafs. Bjug had a down year, he can be had for cheaper, and Demers ain't anything too speciall. Giving up JVR and Kappy for that is a lot. No thanks.

10 Aug 2017 00:52:02
How do people disagree lmao😂😂

a month ago, people were saying Bjug is garbage and worth merely anything.

04 Aug 2017 04:13:06
Ottawa: Hoffman

Penguins: Justin schultz

04 Aug 2017 09:01:12
No thanks. our LW are already not very deep.

04 Aug 2017 13:07:52
No from Ottawa for reasons as stated above and no from Pittsburgh because Letang is always injured and behind Shultz they have no RHD depth at all.

04 Aug 2017 16:52:20
Schultz has become a really good player since the trade from EDM. can't see Pens giving hims up. and I think both players fit the teama they are in now better. Ottawa doesn't need an offense dman. they have that other character. that does it all.

04 Aug 2017 18:02:13
Sosas dead on. Ottawas forward group lacks the superstar but is a great cast of good players. Hoffman is key to that. on a lot of nights, Hoffman seems to be their best forward, trading him for a guy that doesn't have a chance in hell at ever being the best RD on the Sens kinda feels like a step backwards.

27 Jul 2017 17:59:10
Penguins and ducks trade

Ducks trade -Andrew Cogliano

Penguins trade- 2nd,4th or 3rd

Pens lines
Guentzel Crosby Sprong
Hörnqvist malkin kessel
Hagelin cogliano Sheary
Reaves rust Kühnhackl

Letang Dumoulin
Schultz cole
Hunwick Määttä


28 Jul 2017 17:36:26
Why does Anaheim do this? Do they need a salary dump? Also, doesn't Cogliano play wing for Anaheim?

28 Jul 2017 20:14:46
Trade seems fair but I don't think Anaheim wants to lose Cogliano. He brings durability and many intangibles.

25 Jul 2017 03:08:25
Montreal trades scherbak 2016 first and 2 2017 second round picks

Pittsburgh trades Phil Kessel

Pittsburgh and Toronto made a similar trade not too long ago

25 Jul 2017 12:26:19
But. the 2017 draft already happened.

25 Jul 2017 13:05:40
Montreal already traded away their 2016 first. Ya know, that Sergachev guy?

25 Jul 2017 14:00:03
This might be the least thought through proposal ever lol trading picks from drafts that already happened.

25 Jul 2017 21:14:19
All this mid summer heat must be melting fans brains having some of these silly proposals.

26 Jul 2017 17:06:28
Yes Penguins just won 2 cups with Phil and could be cup favourites again, makes so much sense to trade Phil for futures, right? No from Pens obviously.

27 Jul 2017 01:48:45
Hotguybabes, they aren't futures if they're draft picks you need to go back in time to make, are they?!

29 Jul 2017 03:20:58
I'm habs fan, but noway is this one happen, and frankly I do not wanted it to, It dosen't fix the c1 or dman left 1, now that Markov is no longer a habs, but here one want if Gino convence Markov to sign one year with Penquins, he'd look good with kris letang.

24 Jul 2017 07:53:17
3 team trade

Pittsburgh Järnkrok
Gets 3rd line center on great contract

Nashville Duchene
Gets 2nd line center

Colorado Määtä + Daniel Sprong+ 1st rounder from Nashville
Gets young top dman + prospect and pick.

What do you think?

24 Jul 2017 09:12:24
Pittsburgh loses this so bad.

24 Jul 2017 09:17:45
How on earth does Pittsburgh pay Maatta and sprong and only get back jarnkrok? No way Pittsburgh will do this. and in fact Nashville gets Duchene for only Jarnkrok and probably a late 1st? In this trade Nashville robs Pittsburgh in my opinion.

24 Jul 2017 12:13:47
Must admit that i maybe don't know Sprongs value.
Järnkrok is underrated regarding skill and have a great contract.
Is offensivly talented and would fit great as 3rd line center.
Määtä feels expendable with letang-dumoulin and schultz-cole as top 4.

24 Jul 2017 15:33:59
Preds get a steal, pens get ripped off and avs could do worse, but could definitely do better on duchene too.

24 Jul 2017 18:18:41
If it was a slight upgrade from Nashville I think it would be not bad. Fabbro instead of the 3rd?

25 Jul 2017 01:09:15
Ebs, There was no 3rd from Nashville. They traded jarnkrok and their first (should be late) and got duchene lol. It's bad.

25 Jul 2017 01:36:06
Yeah I misread that. But Jarnkrok, Fabbro and a 1st isn't all that bad is it? Pittsburg could use a good D prospect so it might be enough to make them bite. It's not realistic but that one change makes it a lot closer IMO.

25 Jul 2017 15:00:34
Yeah. It makes it a lot closer.

26 Jul 2017 13:37:28
With the changes to this trade, as proposed by ebs, what isthe purpose of Pittsburgh being involved?
Jarnkrok Fabbro and a 1st should be a package Colorado would be interested in for Duchene.

17 Jul 2017 22:56:51
Pittsburgh trades Phil Kessel to nyr for Rick Nash


Toronto trades Tyler bozak and a 3rd rnd to Minnis Ota for Mathew dumba.

18 Jul 2017 00:20:36
Lol Phil kessel>>>>Rick Nash
Dumba>>>Bozak and 3rd.

18 Jul 2017 00:25:45

18 Jul 2017 02:10:11
Lol. Kessell has more value than Nash straight up right now.
Minnis Ota laughs at you, Says F off. Lol.

18 Jul 2017 03:03:37
Kessel: 23G - 47A - 70PTS 6.8M
Nash: 23G - 15A - 38PTS 7.8M

that is all.

17 Jul 2017 16:40:02
PIT: Matta
WPG: Enstrom, Petan, Dano, De Leo

17 Jul 2017 20:43:53
Waaayyyy too much for Maatta.

14 Jul 2017 19:11:03
Pitts: Bozak, JVR

Fla: Kessel, Pouliot, Marchenko, Fehr, 2nd(pitts), 2nd(tor)

Tor: Bjugstad, Demers


Pitts gets a third line centre and also right handed, JVR replaces kessel, both UFAs next year so pens not locked in long term, saw a report saying pens think they'll have 2.2 m in cap space after signing dumoulin and sheary, there cap only goes up 1.65 m so that's under 2.2m

Fla: Gets top line winger to play with Huberdeau and barkov, also they already tried to trade demers to give Pysyk and Petrovic, also get draft picks for taking on cap dumps which they have the room for so if in playoff race have picks to move at deadline if not they have more picks in the draft

Tor: needs a dmen and get a younger centre and they don't give up nylander or marner, both guys locked in for 4 years at decent cap hits, JVR would want more than what there making, and toronto frees up cap space

14 Jul 2017 20:32:09
Florida makes out like bandits on this one.

14 Jul 2017 20:32:53
I like the thought of Kessel in Florida alongside Bjugstad and Huberdeau, but there's too many moving pieces in this trade. Plus 3 team trades don't happen often.

13 Jul 2017 18:22:55
PIT: Kessel


13 Jul 2017 19:07:13
Edm should stay away from phil.

13 Jul 2017 19:48:20
Why would Pens want a center to play 3rd line @ 6mill per .?
Maybe Kessel to Kings? . something involving Muzzin? Pittsburgh would be smart to add some D. if they have to move an offensive weapon like Kessel.

13 Jul 2017 22:41:22
Sosahabs, that makes a lot of sense to me. Helps both teams.

14 Jul 2017 00:41:06
Funny how kessel is an offensive weapon now. But in t. o he was fat and no good got to luv it.

14 Jul 2017 00:57:15

That makes sense, but i just can't see the kings wanting kessel, brown, gaborik and kopitar eating 27 million in cap long term.

Unless LA can somehow get rid of Brown and/ or Gaborik, i just can't see them taking on another big (potentially dangerous for them) contract.

14 Jul 2017 01:41:02
A deal around Kessel and Nuge is so bad for so many reasons, For both teams.

A deal around Kessel and Muzzin seems like the perfect fit for both teams.

14 Jul 2017 04:59:35
Ya salary is deffinetly an issue., so I agree TSS. I was kinda thinking more of Pens needs. but something along those lines is what I think Pittsburgh should look at if they are going to trade him
And ya. he is an offensive weapon Giller. in Toronto I think they thought he was a franchise player that was going to lead Leafs to cup. he's a good player, but he's not the superstar they hoped for.

14 Jul 2017 13:59:49
Huge no from Pits. Imagine Kessle and McDavid. Two very speedy players.

14 Jul 2017 14:07:28
You hit send before finishing what Edmonton is offering.

15 Jul 2017 06:11:52
Borje with another Oilers hate comment. Broken record.

13 Jul 2017 14:26:04
WPG: Petan
PIT: Pouliot

13 Jul 2017 20:28:55
Not likely but possible only because pouloits stock has plummeted.

13 Jul 2017 04:43:32
Sharks: Pavelski
Penguins: Kessel
Apparently there's something going on between malkin and kessel. I can't see this trade going through since I believe Pavelski is the more complete player.

13 Jul 2017 05:28:20
Laughable from the Sharks.

13 Jul 2017 20:31:20
Would take a lot more than kessel to get pavelski. Penguins might be retaining again so phils $8mill could be coming on 3 cheques from 3 different teams.

13 Jul 2017 21:11:41
Also kessel led the Olympics in scoring while playing wing on pavelskis line. IF* sharks have interest in him, I'm sure they are well aware of that connection and that could be part of the plan. Bringing Thornton back and giving burns, pavelski and vlasic long term deals says that's their core and they're riding that for the next few years at least.

14 Jul 2017 14:01:05
It's not Laughable Kessel is younger.

12 Jul 2017 16:17:13
Just read Pittsburgh may be moving Kessel in a "blockbuster" trade!

Any idea(s) as to where and for who?

12 Jul 2017 20:38:27
To Calgary for Sam bennett.

12 Jul 2017 23:40:28
leafs for nylander.

13 Jul 2017 21:19:15
What about to sharks to play with pavelski like in the olympics for timo Meier? Gives pens a good prospect with size and skill who is cheap. Gives sharks a goal scoring winger to replace marleau, similar money to marleau but much younger. Sharks didn't want to give marleau the third year at 6.25 because he was 37. Could get 4 years of kessel at 28 or 29 for 6.5. (8 mill deal which leafs pay 1.5 of) . Or maybe even sweeten the pot to have pens hold another mill or so of it.

14 Jul 2017 13:34:01
Why would Pittsburgh do that?

14 Jul 2017 13:39:41
Sam Bennet.

12 Jul 2017 08:31:14
To PIT: Tyler Bozak

To TOR: G Filip Gustavsson and 2018 2nd

12 Jul 2017 15:22:36
I think if they trade Bozak it is going to be for help on defense.

12 Jul 2017 17:14:40
Yeah but currently they don't even have enough money to resign Brown. They are going to have to dump some cash.

12 Jul 2017 21:38:51
They got marleau and now have 14-15 forwards that should be on the NHL roster. The fact marleau can play centre and wing tells me that they will shop both jvr and Bozak (4.25 and 4.2 mill) and move whichever one gets them the best return. Marleau can be either ones replacement. They are 3.9 mill over the cap currently but that has lupuls 5.25 on it. That goes to LTIR in October and are allowed to be 7.5 (10% of cap) over till then. Brown will get signed. Brown is a good player but there are teams with a lot better RFAs out there unsigned. Don't think leafs are worried.

12 Jul 2017 22:41:07
Actually the way offseason cap works they're roughly 450k away from the ceiling but that includes 700k? Ish already applied to Brown. there's now talk that teams can put players on LTIR before the season starts and if brown signs for under 1.1 they can get him before they even do that. Leafs cap crunch isn't starting now. they're still fine for a few years.

13 Jul 2017 03:01:13
Jbs32. I was with you till you said if he signs for less than 1.1 mill. Zach Hyman just got 2.25 mill. Brown has top six potential and scored 29 goals as a rookie. He wants to play for his hometown, but he's not playing for less than fourth liners make. He will be around 3 mill on a short term deal.

13 Jul 2017 13:28:19
Unbiased Jim I wasnt saying he would/ should sign for 1.1 or under. I was saying that's what they have in offseason cap to sign him even before they use LTIR or make a trade. With low assist numbers I would be a bit worried about regression. Johnson got 10 mill over 3 years in a similar situation but with 14 more points and already playing top 6 center. Maybe Brown gets 6/ 2.

10 Jul 2017 09:38:14
PIT: Faksa
DAL: Hornqvist

New 3C for PIT. Needed Winger for DAL. got to balance it out with picks or other players.

10 Jul 2017 20:37:30
Unlikely since Faksa got extended an hour ago, but original though wasnt bad.

10 Jul 2017 21:01:13
No from Dallas IMO. Cheaper, younger, potentially similar production and I think Faksa played some wing last year.

12 Jul 2017 01:24:43
And DAL, having just lost Eakin (and now Faksa from this proposal), what do they think about this?

04 Jul 2017 03:15:03
Apparently Pitsburgh has shown strong interest in Matt Duchene

Pittsburgh:Patrick Hornquist,Olli Matta and 1st 2018

Colorado: Matt Duchene

Pittsburgh- gets an Elite player. Imagine the numbers he'd put up beside Malkin or Crosby.

Colorado- Hornquist is still a very effective player could retrade him for a few picks. Matta is the young top 4 dman there looking for in any trade and they get a 1st Rd pick

Pittsburgh: Carl Haglin and 2nd 2018

Florida: Jason Demers 50% retained (2.25 mil)

Florida: Desperately needs wingers and they get a pick as compensation for retaining.

Pitburgh: gets cap and a decent puck mover.

04 Jul 2017 05:31:20
What? Carl hagelin is a cap dump! They won't take a cap dump and then retain demers contract as well.

04 Jul 2017 06:27:20
Haglin is a cap dump but Demers isn't?

04 Jul 2017 12:00:13
Duchene isn't "Elite". Good yes but not elite!

04 Jul 2017 15:37:43
I'd call anyone who makes the team Canada Olympic team elite.

04 Jul 2017 16:14:37
Yeah agree with nylander if you can crack that squad I think you're an elite player lol.

04 Jul 2017 21:30:14
Lol. Mcjesus. You know there's an "agree" button right?
You don't have to write that you agree with someone.

04 Jul 2017 22:24:50
It's a talk bored it creates conversation what's wrong with that?

04 Jul 2017 01:08:46
PITTS: Maatta
OTT: Pageau

Ottawa replaces Methot with a solid defensive defenseman and Pittsburgh replaces Bonino with a good two way center


Pens: Maatta
Jets: Little

Jets get a LHD on a team full of RHD.

04 Jul 2017 05:40:03
very much no from sens.

04 Jul 2017 13:32:58
Jets pass. Lots of money tied up on d.

Enstrom. Is a pretty decent left side.

02 Jul 2017 21:27:33
Connor Sheary + Carl Hagelin to the Florida Panthers in exchange for Nick Bjugstad + Jason Demers (50% Retained) .

Why for Florida?
- Florida has a lot of empty spots at wing. Sheary had 53 points in 61 games. His numbers were definitely inflated by Crosby, however, 53 in 61 is hard to overlook. Although he was pretty terrible during the playoffs, his regular season performance should give him pretty good value. He would slot in next to Barkov/ Huberdeau.
- Hagelin is a cap dump, but he also fills a role. The Panthers don't have that many wingers, and he can step in on a third line role, basically replacing Juusi Jokinen.

Why for Pittsburgh?
- Bjugstad did have an abysmal year, however, he has had good seasons in the past. he's still relatively young, and Pittsburgh has a hole on their third line centre. Bjugstad, who is a big body, can fill in that role.
- Demers at 2 million/ 3 years is a good deal. He can help out the defense, especially with an oft-injured Kris Letang. This may also allow the Pens to move a guy like Olli Maatta for help, as Demers can just take his spot.


02 Jul 2017 22:12:23
Don't think Florida would do this tbh.

02 Jul 2017 23:09:46
I think Florida would want more.

What bout Jagr signing to finish his career with Pens.? Take Kunitz spot.

02 Jul 2017 23:10:32
Brutal for Pittsburgh Bjugstad is a huge cap Dump 5mil for someone who puts up 4th line production-14 points in 56 games last season Demers is a cap dump Florida is looking to dump his contract and there is currently no takers.

03 Jul 2017 04:56:35
@ Nylander Landeskog had a 3rd pairing point production for a year does that mean he will go for the same price as any other 3rd paring guy like Paul Byron etc. or Brendan Gallagher had a bad season does that mean he will go for to another team while retaining 50% of someone's cap and acquiring a real cap dump that has barely been producing and a guy with inflated numbers because he played with Crosby he'll no. Honestly idk how the hell you come up with these comments.

03 Jul 2017 05:08:54
Colorado was one of the If not the worst teams in NHL history you certainly can not compare those two situations because Landy was in a mess and Bjustad was in an much better situation.

03 Jul 2017 06:16:11
Well landeskog played on the top line with mackinnon while bjustad played third line.

02 Jul 2017 18:43:10
FLA: Vincent Trocheck

PITTS: Olli Maatta.

02 Jul 2017 23:10:39
Honestly don't see anything special about Maataa.
I wouldn't if I were Florida.

03 Jul 2017 11:43:46
Trochek >> Maata
Maata isn't that good and wasn't impressive in the playoffs.

30 Jun 2017 20:56:44
Couple of Leaf moves.

Pittsburgh needs a 3C. I think Tyler Bozak may be the ideal fit there.

Tyler Bozak (50% Salary Retention) + Martin Marincin + Ben Smith to the Pittsburgh Penguins in exchange for Carl Hagelin + Derrick Pouliot + Tristan Jarry + 2017 5th Round Pick.

Hagelin had 22 points in 61 games. He was even scratched in the post season. He is more of a cap dump than anything now, and I think Toronto would be fine with taking him on. Pouliot and Jarry are two fine prospects who could end up doing well for Toronto. Pouliot is more of a reclamation project, but Jarry could end up as a solid NHL backup to Freddy.
As for Pittsburgh, they get a player who is all too familiar with Phil. Phil was at his best when he was with Bozak (weird, I know), so maybe reuniting them could get Phil back to his 30 goal days. Bozak essentially replaces Bonino at half of Bonino's FA cost, plus Pittsburgh dumps Hagelin, so the Pens save a ton of money.


I can tell that Chicago wants to be a contender again. They only have Saad on the LW though.

James van Riemsdyk to the Chicago Blackhawks in exchange for Marcus Kruger + 2018 1st Round Pick + Laurent Dauphin.

JVR is bound to get at least a first. A first, a cap dump, and a prospect seems to be enough for me. Especially considering that Kruger (the cap dump), can fill a hole on Toronto (4C) .
Chicago now has their lineup in tact for next year; Saad/ Toews/ Panik ; JVR/ Anisimov/ Kane. that's two solid lines. If JVR wants too much money by the end of the year, let him go to FA. This deal was more like a rental deal anyway.

Joe Thornton; 2 years/ 5.5 million per.
Cody Franson; 1 year/ 2.2 million.
Curtis McElheinney 1 year/ 800K

Toronto lineup:
Zach Hyman - Auston Matthews - William Nylander
Leo Komarov - Nazem Kadri - Connor Brown
Kasperi Kapanen - Joe Thornton - Mitch Marner
Carl Hagelin - Marcus Kruger - Matt Martin
*Josh Leivo/ Kerby Rychel

Nikita Zaitsev - Jake Gardiner
Connor Carrick - Morgan Rielly
Cody Franson - Derrick Pouliot
*Calle Rosen

Frederik Andersen
Curtis McElheinney.

01 Jul 2017 02:53:55
The Pittsburg one is just horrible for Toronto they keep 50% get a horrible contract (cap dump) and two bad prospects? While Pittsburg get a 60 point player for an amazing contract and a young defenceman that actually played in the NHL? Is it just me or this is ridiculous

Also Toronto won't take Markus krugers contract he's making more than 3mill and giving up JVR and receiving a low 1st?

Both trades were bad IMO but just my opinion.

01 Jul 2017 03:01:42
Honestly this is hilarious! Can't see this coming from anyone else than a huge Pittsburg fan.

01 Jul 2017 07:56:30
^clearly you have no idea what you're talking about. Pouliot was one regarded to be a great prospect, which he hasn't shown yet, but sure good to give him another shot and Tristan Jarry is quite a good goalie prospect, just overshadowed by Murray. Also, TOR basically isn't giving anything but Bozak.

01 Jul 2017 11:38:12

Lmao, if youve read from me before, I'm a leaf fan. I've always thought that Bozak/ JVRs peice tags were higher than this, but with the trades that have been coming in for players with term, it is clearly evident that the prices of two soon-to-be UFAs has dropped. What we get from Bozak is positional upgrade, a defenseman and a goalie. What we get from JVR is a first rounder, and Kruger can help on the fourth line. Yes the salary dumps are bad, but Hags comes to end at the same time as Marner/ Matthews need new deals. So there is no problem there. If worse comes to worse with Kruger, just buy him out.

Idk, of course as a leaf fan I would have wanted more. But looking at the market, I feel like both players values have gone down.

01 Jul 2017 15:35:11
@Draisaitl_94 what do you mean only giving bozak? They keep 50% of his salary and take a cap dump player that makes 4 mill for 2 more years and all they get back are 2 unproven low end prospects that played what 5-20 NHL games and is like 23.

01 Jul 2017 17:49:11
So basically an Early 2nd ( I'm guessing 30th ovr ) for JVR and on top of that 3mil in dead cap space ( the buyout period closed. ) why wouldn't you just keep him? And Bozak for Tristan Jarry? No from leafs Pouliot is a failed prospect that could do well in Europe. May as well just buyout Bozak then take on Haglin.

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