11 Sep 2021 21:30:18
Flames: Jonathan Huberdeau and
2 round pick

Florida: Gaudreau

J Huberdeau - E Lindholm - B. Coleman
M Tkachuk - S Monahan - A Mangiapane
J Pelletier - M Backlund - D Dube
M Lucic - T Lewis - T Pitlick

N Hanifin - C Tanev
J Valimaki - N Zadorov
O Kylington - C Mackey

1.) 11 Sep 2021
11 Sep 2021 22:49:10
It'd take more than Gaudreau to get Huberdeau.

2.) 12 Sep 2021
11 Sep 2021 23:30:13
Lol what? Did you mean Tkachuk? Huberdeau is so solid all around as a player and is a PPG+ player on a cheap deal.

3.) 12 Sep 2021
12 Sep 2021 03:00:35
Real head scratcher. Why would Florida want to do this. Gaudreau is washed up, Huberdeau is a top 20 player.

4.) 12 Sep 2021
12 Sep 2021 11:35:29
Florida definitely says no but did you seriously call Gaudreau washed up? You know nothing about hockey bud.

5.) 12 Sep 2021
12 Sep 2021 14:28:22
This is a terrible trade from Florida. Huberdeau would probably be one of the most talk about players if he played for a more popular market. But I do agree Gaudreau isn’t washed up but his style of play is not the best unless he has a pure finisher on his line.

6.) 15 Sep 2021
14 Sep 2021 23:42:01
are you high? i wouldn't even do huberdeau for gaudreau straight up let alone adding to huberdeau. calgary adds for sure.

7.) 15 Sep 2021
15 Sep 2021 03:10:48
Gaudreau is a great player but doesn’t have contract term to convince a team to pay a premium for him.
In my mind, he has slightly more value than Rielly.

8.) 15 Sep 2021
15 Sep 2021 19:14:07
Yes Gaudreau is washed up. There is no way I'm trading a high end player for this smurf.

9.) 16 Sep 2021
16 Sep 2021 04:46:22
BOSSMAN67 you do realize that for the past 5 seasons Gaudreau is #15 in points and Huberdeau is #21 while playing with Barkov…. Just saying. For you to say Gaudreau is washed just shows how much of a casual you truly are. Put Gaudreau beside Barkov and he’d be much higher in points. Gaudreau plays with Monahan lol and carries the heck out of him, Monahan is good but he ain’t no Barkov that’s for sure.

10.) 16 Sep 2021
16 Sep 2021 04:49:50
Just saying, for the past 5 season Gaudreau is #15 and the players behind him are Tavares, Barkov, Malkin, Giroux, Backstrom, Huberdeau, Aho and Rantanen… do your research before you speak.

11.) 17 Sep 2021
17 Sep 2021 02:00:32
Gaudreau doesn't carry Monahan, but Monahan couldn't cover for Gaudreau's deficiencies like he usually does while injured himself.

12.) 17 Sep 2021
17 Sep 2021 14:11:21
Ah yes Guadreau out produced Mathews and Aho when they were rookies 5 years ago what a huge accomplishment. Out producing a human piece of glass in Malkin is a even bigger accomplishment. In all seriousness tho Guadreau is a 1 dimensional offensive wingers and is a top 10 playmaker in the game. Put him on a line with a hardworking goal scorer and a solid C then he will be back to 99 point form. Problem with Guadreau is he needs the right linemates to succeed. He will have a short career imo. He will retire before 34.

13.) 17 Sep 2021
17 Sep 2021 20:08:38
Gaudreau for Rielly. He'd be the perfect fit with Marner and Matthews. They'd all score 100+ points during the regular season and vanish in the playoffs.

I'm kidding, but the GM in Toronto might be dumb enough to do it. The question then would be is Calgary's GM smart enough to do it too?

14.) 18 Sep 2021
18 Sep 2021 13:57:22
Just looked at PPG not just points in the last 5 seasons and Huberdeau sits 15th and Gaudreau sits 21 and Huberdeau is the better 2 way player so just saying this is a little too lopsided on Calgary favour.