17 Feb 2023 16:42:12
Ott : Talbot

Ari : 2023 2nd


Ott : Zaitsev, 2023 3rd

Wpg : Future considerations


Ott : DeBrincat

For a Top 4 pick at Draft Day


Ott wins a Top 2 pick in lottery with their own pick or moves up to Top 4 from where ever they end up using their own 1sts in 2023 and 2024 plus whatever is needed out of Jarventie, Branstrom, Sokolov, Boucher, Thompson, or Docker.


Ottawa drafts Fantilli and Mishkov if they don't win Bedard sweepstakes or Bedard and Michkov if they do win it.


Stutzle Bedard Giroux
Tkachuk Norris Mishkov
Grieg Pinto Batherson


Tkachuk Norris Michkov
Fantilli Stutzle Giroux
Grieg Pinto Batherson


Giving up next years 1st to improve this year's 1st tells your team you actually believe the rebuild should be over and you are ready to compete. Also by bringing in 2 entry level contracts and freeing up over 10 million in contracts it gives Ottawa room to go for a veteran Top 2 DMan in free agency.

1.) 17 Feb 2023
17 Feb 2023 17:20:06
Yes because obviously a team is going to give up more then what Ottawa gave up in a much stronger draft. At 4th overall Michkov will probably be drafted with Fantili and Leo Carlson going ahead. Michkov looks like he will be an absolute star. Think of a prime Ilya Kovlachuk yeah no way a team will give up a high end ELC for a player who struggled this season who will be looking for 9 million in the offseason

It’ll take a 1st at minimum to dump Zaitsev.

Talbot also doesn’t return a 2nd. With the way he’s been playing. Arizona also does not need him at all he’s be the backup unless they move Veljelmelka who they might buy in that case it’d probably be for a late pick.

2.) 17 Feb 2023
17 Feb 2023 17:42:53
The Jets don't have the cap space to waste on Zaitsev this year or next.

3.) 17 Feb 2023
17 Feb 2023 18:04:11
- Why would a rebuilding team like ARI trade a 2nd for a 35 year-old UFA G in Talbot?

- I see Talbot going to CGY or someone making a run, who needs an insurance goalie, but for a latter-round pick, not a 2nd.

- I can't see any of these happening.

4.) 17 Feb 2023
17 Feb 2023 18:57:53
Zaitsev wouldn't improve the Jets defense at all. His cap hit is a millstone that the Sens can keep.

5.) 18 Feb 2023
18 Feb 2023 01:15:03
Vbbvbb 1st off, it's a slightly stronger draft yes, NOT a much stronger draft as you say.

Secondly, it's not much more at all. Look at the facts. When Ottawa traded the pick, they knew both Savoie and Lambert were both still available and were both high end picks if taken. They still traded that pick which was NUMBER 7 overall plus they added a 2nd round pick and a 3rd round pick to boot. They also knew that it was a risk trading for DeBrincat, yes he put up near a point a game and 40 goals, bit look at the facts, he did that playing along side Patrick Kane. Before that he played alongside Connor McDavid. That's a far cry from the support Ottawa offered and there was no chance in hell they could know if he could translate that output to a team without a bonified super stud to help him.

There are a few major differences now.

1 - he proved he can put up similar points without that Super stud feeding him

2 - is that yeah they would be going for a top 4 pick in a slightly stronger draft, but A - his value has risen due to performance without a super stud, and B - the recipients aren't giving up a 2nd and 3rd to boot.

And finally, 3 - when the initial trade was made, everyone and there mom were saying Ottawa got him cheap to the point they fleeced Chicago for him. If that's the case then even before his value went up in Ottawa, he was worth a lot more than the 7th overall, a 2nd, and a 3rd that he was originally traded for. So yeah, he's 100% worth a top 4 pick in this year's draft based on that alone!

6.) 18 Feb 2023
18 Feb 2023 01:21:21
Vbbvbb also with regards to Talbot he absolutely is worth a 2nd, they guys has played great, Ottawa is without its Top center, both goalies and now best dman yet they still stealing games. And Talbot has looked great in his starts, the only thing working against him is injuries, otherwise he'd be worth a late 1st in this or next years draft.

As for Zaitsev, not a chance it would take a 1st to offload him now, lmfao get real bud, dude has been looking solid the last 10 to 12 games since coming back from AHL and only has 1 more season on his contract, he's litteraly the perfect rental at this point. If Ben Chariot can get Montreal a high 1st then Zaitsev with 1 year left can easily be offloaded without giving up much else of anything. You're living in the past with this one bud.