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08 Nov 2017 02:40:09
So the ducks just got some brutal news with getzlaf being out 2 months and their number 2 center Kessler is yet to play a game they need a center badly

Ducks - Vatanen

Leafs - bozak, kappanen, 3rd pick

Cap hit would be a wash and that's important as the ducks are right again the cap.


1.) 08 Nov 2017 03:42:23
Doesn't get you Vatanen.

2.) 08 Nov 2017 04:35:47
Ducks laugh, dream on.

3.) 08 Nov 2017 04:36:11
Cap washes, sure. But skill and value doesn't. Lol.



29 Sep 2017 00:08:42
Leafs would be wise to trade some forward depth now to get some help on the back end

Leafs - jvr, bracco,kapanen, 2018 first

Caines - Noah hannafin


1.) 29 Sep 2017 05:37:13
I like the thought but too much to pay for another LHD. Rather wait and see what we have. Quite a few young LHD were impressive at camp (Rosen, dermott, borgman) Not saying they will be as good as hanifin, but with 3-4 guys with potential to make the team in the next year or two they can hang onto their insane forward depth, or use it if the perfect player comes up like a top pair RHD.

2.) 29 Sep 2017 09:17:14
Overpayment for Hannafin.

3.) 29 Sep 2017 18:15:56
maybe take out kapenen and i'd say it'd be good.

4.) 29 Sep 2017 19:50:56
If you take out kapanen, I doubt canes are interested. JVR expiring, Bracco has skill but it's really early to tell if he's just going to be an AHL all star like a lot of small skilled forwards become, and a first that I think most of the league assumes will be a later one as leafs should be a playoff team. Don't think that's enough for a D like hanifin. Someone else would top that offer.



21 Aug 2017 19:26:55
Now that oilers locked up Leon, they can afford to move RNH.

Mtl - RNH

Oilers - 2018 first, Sherbak, Juuelson, Lindgren


1.) 21 Aug 2017 20:47:34
Lol. Even I know that's too much for Nuge. Unfortunately he will be traded for less than the Oilers would like to get for him. Unless he has a crazy good like 60-70 point year. But teams still know the reason he would be moved is basically cap reasons so their hands are a little tied.

2.) 21 Aug 2017 21:00:15
I think Nuge will top his career high in points this season. Little less defence and a little more offense, that's if he gets decent minemates IMO.

3.) 21 Aug 2017 21:11:39
Don't think it's too much, outside of juuelson the other prospects are B level and the first in theory should be 24-31.

4.) 21 Aug 2017 23:23:49
Too much for RNH. And unfortunately if they don't deal him now, i think his stock will go down. They are paying Drai enough that he should be holding his own line. That puts RNH as 3rd line center. He won't get the time and probably be used more in shut down scenarios. $6m is a lot to pay for a 3rd line shut down center (as MTL is doing already) so i would imagine they will try and get him out now while he still has more value.



17 Jul 2017 16:22:51
Pits - maata - 25% retained so 1 mil

Leafs - bozak, Branco, 2nd - may help kessel as he's struggled and they find a decent replacement for bonino


1.) 17 Jul 2017 17:15:05
There is no way Pitts would retain on matta and I don't think they would be interested in that crap.

2.) 17 Jul 2017 18:10:39
Why not, they need a 3rd line center and bozak and kessel had really good chemistry. Also Maata has underperformed and still has 5 more years on his deal. With taking bozak they can free up some cap space next year which they will need and they get a good prospect and 2nd round pick.

3.) 17 Jul 2017 19:57:57
Kessel will be traded.
Read a rumor Pens are interested in bringing J. Staal back. He hasn't panned out in Carolina as they wished and is way better suited for a third line role like before with the Pens. Carolina would retain of course. I don't bink this will happen but it is a rumor.
Better chance the Kessel getting traded rumor happens in my opinion.

4.) 18 Jul 2017 00:24:17
@Mike13isback Bozak crap? The guy had 55 points is amazing defensively and on faceoff! Yes he's 31 and almost a ufa but he's far from being crap watch some hockey plz.

5.) 18 Jul 2017 00:36:21
No am is a horrendous defensive player.

6.) 18 Jul 2017 09:29:42
@mtl4life I do watch hockey said the package was crap in my opinion bozy with 1 year left and a kid I don't believe will even make the nhl and if does is a 3rd/ 4th line winger and a pick don't get you a young dman like that even if he has had a battle with the injury bug it would take more. And maybe you should watch hockey bozy is ok defensively but is far from amazing. You just a guy that likes to talk and always says the same line " maybe you should watch hockey"



07 Jul 2017 17:29:05
Canadiens jets trade

Mtl - Juulsen, 2018 first, Fucale, Lehkonen

Jets - Trouba

Leafs Canucks trade

Tor - JVR, Dermott, Bracco, 2018 2nd

Van - Tanev


1.) 07 Jul 2017 18:40:47
Over payment for Truba.

2.) 07 Jul 2017 18:49:39
You think? They're only giving up prospects and nothing too elite at that.

3.) 07 Jul 2017 19:26:20
That Tanev trade is beyond ridiculous! He has never scored over 20 pts and has never had a healthy season where he has played over 70 games.

4.) 07 Jul 2017 20:40:57
Overpayment for Tanev
No from Winnipeg on the Trouba one and no from Toronto on the Tanev one. Maybe no from Van too, as that's just one year of JVR then he's gone. Makes no sense from Van to trade for him.

5.) 07 Jul 2017 20:49:26
Maybe take out one piece of tanev is a top
Pairing shut down guy. Would be a nice addition for Reilly so he could go do his thing.

6.) 07 Jul 2017 21:32:14
Why would Canucks want JVR. He is a cap dump.

7.) 07 Jul 2017 21:40:52
Renidrag what? He's a steal at his contract he makes 4.5mill? Everyone wants him for his contract because it's that good? And no from Montreal Trouba isn't even that good Lehkonen is great for his age and overpayment for tanev tbh.

8.) 07 Jul 2017 21:48:51
Good one renidrag. Try watching hockey then get back to us.

9.) 07 Jul 2017 21:58:12
if everybody wants JVR he would be long gone by now.

10.) 07 Jul 2017 23:30:48
Trouba's not going for less than 2 first round draft choices, and early ones at that. Value for good young defense is high right now.

11.) 08 Jul 2017 00:10:19
A lot of teams would want JVR because he's cheap for his production. Part of the problem is since he's UFA next year not sure a significant long term piece will be coming back.

12.) 08 Jul 2017 00:53:36
240pts in 332 games as a leaf. Like I said, watch some hockey then chime back in.

13.) 08 Jul 2017 00:57:37
Hahaha cap dump, go back to sleep pls. 29 goals and 62 points at 4.25 mil. Hahaha.

14.) 08 Jul 2017 01:19:56
Cap dump? 29 goals is a cap dump? that's such a joke. Watch hockey buddy.

By the way, idk if Toronto takes that. No way Bracco, Dermott and JVR move for an injury prone dman. Bracco and Dermott are good prospects.

15.) 08 Jul 2017 03:28:34
Everybody wants McDavid that doesn't mean he'll be gone? Honestly looks like you have no hockey knowledge! Doesn't mean he'll be gone if everyone wants him Leafs want a RHD in return and no everyone is willing to part ways with that because JVR only has a year left.

16.) 08 Jul 2017 04:10:53
Everyone wants jvr including the team that has him now. A 30 goal man at 27 years old and 4.25 mill is a real cap dump. That's one of the dumbest comments I've read on here.

17.) 08 Jul 2017 04:54:40
I'll take that cap dump any day of the week.

18.) 08 Jul 2017 19:20:15
Tanev++ for 1 year of JVR? Also scraps won't get Trouba. Pretty bad all around.

19.) 12 Jul 2017 01:03:23
Wow completely read the trade wrong. Hell yes from Van no way from Toronto lol 😂.




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21 Nov 2017 12:39:11
Why isn’t that possible? He has more points than drouin right now hahaha. He’s a defensemen not a forward, he’s not consistently playing with stammer and kuch, come on. Stop making excuses, mtl made a bad trade.




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20 Nov 2017 01:54:48
WHy do the leafs give up that much for an aging defenseman with a horrible contract! Habs eat some salty to make it worth it. 25%.




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16 Nov 2017 04:03:54
The reason is mtl roster is junk, not going to make a cup run with that team. Trade price now before the no trade kicks in, get some prospects and picks and tank and hope for dahlin and an easier rebuild.




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16 Nov 2017 04:00:29
They should, their team stinks. You think they have a chance at a cup run with that roster?




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14 Nov 2017 18:01:29
Because he’s signed until he’s 38 at a 10.5 mil cap hit with a no trade clause that kicks in next year. Plus mtl is never going to win a cup with their current roster. Lindgren is showing he could maybe be a number one. Trade price now and the rebuild that is inevitable will be much shorter. For those that think star players in mtl don’t get traded look at pk. Was done right before his no trade kicked in. Very plausable.





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