06 Oct 2021 11:50:15
OTT: Tkachuck, 2022 3rd (they own 3 picks in the 3rd)
CHI: K. Dach, Brett Connolly, Tyler Johnson

Sign and trade. The White injury leaves a hole at center. Johnson and Connolly free required cap space for Tkachuk signing. I tossed the 3rd in as a premium you pay for a center. With time running out on Toews, CHI probably says no, but worth a phone call.

1.) 06 Oct 2021
06 Oct 2021 13:49:27
Tkachuk won’t get traded and I’m 90% sure Chicago doesn’t have the money for this.
Dach can’t stay healthy and at this point is still unproven.

2.) 08 Oct 2021
08 Oct 2021 01:55:23
Tkachuk is the last player Ottawa would consider trading. Melnyk is really cheap though so they might have to trade him eventually but if and when that happens he'll get a better return than this.

3.) 09 Oct 2021
09 Oct 2021 09:24:00
Everyone was telling everyone that Johnson had negative value for years, so since that is apparently a thing and Connolly isn't worth anything either, you're saying Dach gets you Tkachuk and a 3rd? Sure.