31 Jan 2022 18:36:47
Nick Ritchie RW (2.5/2yrs)
Timothy Liljegren D (800k/1yr/RFA)
Semyon Der-Arguchintsev C (800k/1yr)

Jani Hakanpaa D (1.5/3yrs)
Braden Holtby G (2/1yr)

N.Y. Islanders:
Travis Dermott D (1.5/2yrs/RFA)
4th 2023

Scott Mayfield D (1.5/2yrs)

Petr Mrazek G (3.8/3yrs)
Justin Holl D (2/2yrs)

Mark Pysyk D (.900k/1yr)

1.) 31 Jan 2022
31 Jan 2022 21:37:22
Just in case you didn't see it:

"Toronto fans think the only reason other teams are in the league is to take Leafs' rejects and give them more useful players to replace them. " -MoxNix.

2.) 01 Feb 2022
31 Jan 2022 23:12:59
You are absolutely right TrevorA. I guess it's the one thing Toronto fans and a certain Calgary fan has in common.

3.) 01 Feb 2022
01 Feb 2022 02:01:54
Yeah I Agree, both MoxNix and NotACasual are always pushing for Teams to consider Tyler Pitlick.

I myself offer additional compensation when I look to dump Pitlick on to other Teams ; ) .

4.) 01 Feb 2022
01 Feb 2022 14:54:42
"I myself ask for additional compensation when I dump Pitlick on to other Teams" - TrevorA

Fixed that for you Trevor!

5.) 01 Feb 2022
01 Feb 2022 17:39:25
@Moxnix- more like “Pitlick is a first round picked player who has struggled, but still has great potential. If you disregard X amount of games, he’s pretty much a ppg guy. I would say his value is between a late 1st and early 2nd”.

6.) 01 Feb 2022
01 Feb 2022 18:01:33
That's Awesome! I Love It lol!

Pitlick for McDavid + a 1st or does EDM need to add?

7.) 02 Feb 2022
02 Feb 2022 01:04:21
Edmonton definitely needs to add. Divisional rival and all that.

8.) 02 Feb 2022
02 Feb 2022 20:01:49
@Trevor yeah huge add. That McDavid guy is a bust.

On the real tho, appreciate everyone who posts here as we all aspire to be the top couch gms.

9.) 02 Feb 2022
02 Feb 2022 22:35:53
Cheers to that! I appreciate you @HOCKEY DAD and ALL YOU PEOPLE = The Posters and Couch GM's out there, especially those who take the time to analyze, explain, respond and banter. MERCI BEAUCOUP TOUT LES MONDE!