07 Mar 2023 01:34:42
Toronto Maple Leafs :
RW - William Nylander (6.96 @ 1 UFA)

Calgary Flames :
D - Noah Hanifin (4.95 @ 1 UFA)

1.) 07 Mar 2023
07 Mar 2023 04:55:20
Nylander is eons better. Hanifin has not looked great this year.

2.) 07 Mar 2023
07 Mar 2023 10:24:38
Nylander is a talented scorer, but I can’t think of a bigger perimeter-player sweetheart that would be the exact opposite of what Darryl Sutter would ask for. If I was CGY I wouldn’t want him. He has won zip in the NHL.

3.) 08 Mar 2023
08 Mar 2023 04:10:16
No thank-you from Flames.
Nylander is definitely not a Sutter type, and Flames cap is too tight.

4.) 08 Mar 2023
08 Mar 2023 09:30:36
@burner89 I understand the cap space part but Gaudreau wasn’t a Sutter type and he had a career year

5.) 08 Mar 2023
08 Mar 2023 17:08:29
Funny thing is Nylander is going to those corners, and fighting those puck battles now.

6.) 09 Mar 2023
09 Mar 2023 05:51:19
After some research and reconsideration, I think the Flames maybe would look at a Hanifin for Nylander swap, cap considerations aside.

The Flames need offence, and Nylander is a legit top six right wing.
76 pts (so far) playing behind Marner is nothing to sneeze at, and if he bought in, he could thrive under Sutter’s coaching as other talented players have.

My concern, though, is that the Flames haven’t replaced the size and belligerence their top six lost this past offseason. They actually didn’t have enough even with Tkachuk. Kadri can help, but more is needed.
Nylander is not that type of player, but he would certainly help their offence, which has been excruciating this season.

7.) 12 Mar 2023
12 Mar 2023 21:07:24
There is no reason for the Leafs to trade Nylander. Dubas will fit him in under the cap somehow even though he will get close to Taveres money now. Besides there is no one on or even two players on the Flames that the Leafs would need.

The Leafs have a good roster. Like all teams they have strengths and weaknesses but overall they are competing with all the teams.

8.) 16 Mar 2023
16 Mar 2023 14:18:29
Sure. that's what the leafs need. another 10M player.

It's not easy to fill in a deep NHL roster with too many guys making double-digit millions. The leafs prove the importance of depth and balance in the first round of the playoffs year after year.

Re-signing a guy like him instead of reallocating cap space to areas of need doesn't show much hockey acumen.