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01 Mar 2023 19:57:40

- J.T. Miller


- 1st ('23)
- Drury
- Suzuki

- CAR loads up at C without touching their NHL lineup

- VCR gets pieces for the rebuild, including 2 Center prospects, which they're looking to add.




01 Mar 2023 17:54:37

- Toffoli


- 1st ('24)
- 2nd ('23)
- Khudobin (UFA)
- Olofsson (UFA)
- Kiviranta (UFA)

- DAL needs more scoring
- CGY recoups some picks to restock/reload for next year.


1.) 01 Mar 2023 18:42:35
So P. Kane is worth a 2nd but Toffoli is worth all of that? Makes sense.

2.) 01 Mar 2023 20:25:47
Dallas jumps on this.

And, if there’s anyone Flames may be able to sell high on, it’s Toffoli.
However, this is another situation where a seller doesn’t have to trade a player unless it’s an offer they absolutely can’t refuse.
I think Calgary hopes to contend soon. They need more scoring, not less. If they did trade him, it would signal that more than a retooling is in store.

3.) 01 Mar 2023 20:52:13
Not bad, however i do think they'd get better quality coming back if they were to make Toffoli available. I do like this trade tho

4.) 01 Mar 2023 21:52:41
Vb, Kane left Chicago with no leverage as the Rangers were the only team he would go to. I dont think Toffoli will go for that much but we will see.

5.) 01 Mar 2023 21:53:50
VB: I usually ignore you because I just don’t see the point in engaging with you.

Kane would only waive for NYR. Everyone knew that. (When that became clear I even posted previously they’d only get a 2nd and a secondary pick or prospect for him. )

When Kane would only waive for NYR, CHI was at the mercy of whatever the Rangers would offer. They obviously wanted to do right by a guy who is a legend in CHI and will have his number retired when he hangs them up. CHI did right by Kaner.

One possible trade partner = diminished return. There would be no bidding war for Kane.

Thus, Toffoli (if CGY decides to trade him) would bring back more than Kane. So when you wrote “Makes sense”, you were indeed correct, even though you meant it sarcastically. (Good for you?)


6.) 01 Mar 2023 23:20:57
Yup alright because Claude Giroux was definitely willing to go to any team last year and didn’t return a 1st. Ohh wait? Yeah no Toffoli= a 2nd round and abit more. He’s not returning almost as much as Jacob Chychrun did.

7.) 02 Mar 2023 00:56:03

You’re about as likely to win a “Spelling & Punctuation” award as becoming a TSN Hockey Insider. You are a special case indeed. Good luck with whatever you’ve got?.

8.) 02 Mar 2023 03:14:41
Vbb, your smart, why Jeannot get nearly a entire draft and prospect? Cause hes way better than kane?

9.) 02 Mar 2023 03:44:32
Because he makes 800K and fits what they were looking for. Does Toffoli make 800K?

10.) 02 Mar 2023 12:45:23
Jeanot is young and cost controlled he is one of the most versatile players in the NHL and is perfect for the lightnings cap structure. Think of Brady Tkachuk without the offense when you think of Jeanot. He is having a rough season but in tampa if he gets too 6 minutes I could see him developing into a Tom Wilson. He is already more physical and has shown flashes of offence in his rookie season.

I just can wrap my head around why people could possibly think a 1 dimensional winger in Toffoli returns a 1st when the only veteran winger to return a 1st this season was Taresanko.



01 Mar 2023 17:18:42
EDM & TOR have made some exciting upgrades, but both need to upgrade their Goaltending to ensure they make the most of their recent upgrades.

- EDM is in worse shape in net, with Skinner & Campbell ranking 34th & 84th in Save Percentage.

- TOR is in better shape with Samsonov & Murray ranking 21st & 36th, & Kalgren at 66th, but could definitely use an upgrade.

The best Goalies on non-playoff teams by Sav% with 28 Games or more played are:

- Gustavsson (MIN: .930)
- Saros (NSH: .916)
- Varlamov (NYI: 9.14)

Saros seems to have the best combination of experience & tread left on the tire. With this in mind I'd propose:


- 1st ('24)
- 2nd ('23)
- 3rd ('23)
- 5th ('23)
- 6th ('23)
- Cambell (4 more years x 5M)


- Saros (2 more years x5M)

(EDM coughs up the additional picks to compensate NSH for the Campbell & his extra 2 years/10M)


- 1st (BOS '23)
- 6th ('23)
- Kampf (UFA)


- Saros

(Samsonov backing up Saros definitely strengthens the leaf net )


1.) 02 Mar 2023 04:19:40
I could definitely see Edm and Tor pursuing this, and Nashville trading a veteran as part of their revamp. But Saros is elite, and only 27.

And a question: Is Nashville convinced that Askarov can take over?
Only 20, he’s been in only one nhl game, a loss to Habs- 4.15 ga, .886 s%.
Maybe not.

Nashville is another team that likely hopes to be competitive sooner than later.
Edm maybe works because they could roll with Campbell until Askarov was ready. The Tor trade leaves them short, and American market fans might not have the patience for it.
And, with what they got for Jeannot and Elholm (incredible! ) they are already well set up for the future.



27 Feb 2023 14:26:16

- 1st ('23)
- 6th ('23)
- Olausson (pick #28 - '21)
- Helm (UFA)


- Backlund

COL gets their 2nd line center for this year and next.

CGY gets some futures back for their 33 year old C.


1.) 27 Feb 2023 16:25:32
I'd do it if i was Calgary

2.) 27 Feb 2023 18:14:56
Looks like you were close Pinball!

3.) 27 Feb 2023 18:42:30
Yes from both teams.

Although, McKinnon might still be pouting over over getting pasted by Backlund and Backlund declining his dance invitation, in their last outing.
Backlund was one of the few guys actually rowing the boat for Cgy in that game.



24 Feb 2023 14:40:23



1st ('23)
2nd ('24)
6th ('23)
Puljujarvi (RFA)

- EDM gets the LD they want
- CLB gets the futures they want in picks, plus a project in JP.
- EDM gains 200K in deadline space for any additional tinkering Kenny might want.

P.S. EDM has been paying cap penalties for buyouts and bad contracts for years, but this summer they free up 11.87M. I am happy for EDM fans to finally see some light at the end of the tunnel from ALL the bad GM's they had for decades. Kenny will do a good job for you.


1.) 24 Feb 2023 16:14:29
Way to much for Gravikov. Orlov brought back less and he’s better.

2.) 24 Feb 2023 16:28:46

Shhh. Just leave the Oilers alone.
Let them keep chasing Karlsson.

Although, Holland is pretty smart. He’s probably using all those phone conversations to remind Grier that under most circumstances, you would have to pay someone to take a contract like that.

Seriously though, I can see a fit for both sides with your suggestion, as the price is going up with the deadline looming.

3.) 24 Feb 2023 16:32:25
The rumour for Chychrun is two firsts and probably another add. I’d happily change the 2nd into a 1st and get Chychrun instead.

4.) 24 Feb 2023 17:53:21
BURNER: hahaha…I hear ya! There seems to be a fit for EDM and CLB, and with a week to go teams that want to add are going to be keen to do so. It will be interesting!

EBS: Conventional thinking would say you are absolutely right ?.

I personally am uncomfortable with Chychrun’s injury history, and I feel it’s the key reason that ARI wants to trade him. I’d want someone a little more durable for a playoff run, but I certainly understand the appeal with Chychrun’s skill.

Regardless, I’m looking forward to whenever Chychrun gets traded…that soap opera has gone on WAY too long.

5.) 24 Feb 2023 17:58:39
Schenn, McCabe, Soucy, Kulikov all gonna drive Gavrikov price down. Klingberg and Gostisbehere too. Couple teams already made big trades and a couple more teams decided to start selling means less buyers. I’ll take Schenn for half the price all day long.

6.) 24 Feb 2023 22:50:52
EBS - you may be on to something there. My guess is Schenn brings a 2nd for sure. What say you?

7.) 25 Feb 2023 06:30:23

Buffalo, Carolina, Colorado (Makar concussion), Dallas, Edmonton, LA, Tampa, Toronto, and Winnipeg are all reportedly looking for D at the deadline. Even Ottawa, Florida and Calgary if they get going.
McCabe won’t waive to go to Edmonton. Kulikov and Gostisbehere don’t bring what Gavrikov brings. Klingberg’s value has dropped. Chychrun price ridiculous.
There will still be high prices for the top guys.

8.) 26 Feb 2023 03:36:22
This guy isn't worth a 2023 1st.
Delete the 1st and trade may be worthy.

9.) 27 Feb 2023 13:40:09
Seeing how other trade deadline deals are going, I see this one as bang-on.

Time always tells the truth, so it'll be interesting to see how it turns out.




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16 Jan 2023 14:32:19
Off-Season Bobrovsky Contract Options:

CAP HIT: Next 3 seasons at 10M/year.

TRADE: less likely, given FLA has already traded their next three 1st-round picks, and moving it wouldn't be cheap.

BUYOUT: to buy out the next 3 years it would create a cap hit of 6.666M for 3 years, plus 3 more years at 1.666M. Ugly, but necessary. Bob's game is structurally unsound and at 35 to start next season he's unlikely to be able to change some of his bad habits. (i.e. side to side movement.)

The buyout is ugly, but why waste one more season of this team's core? (At least it's better than the MIN buyout.)

Like Buckley's, it will taste awful, but it will work (better) than status quo.


1.) 17 Jan 2023 19:07:46
3 years of saving 3.4M then 3 years of only 1.6M isn’t actually that bad. They don’t really have any expiring contracts so maybe they wait one more season with him?



09 Aug 2022 13:11:34
I'm curious how WPG fans assess PLD's trade value. (Full respect WPG fans - sorry to bring this up.)

I respect Jets' fans and I hope they get good value for him in the way Treliving with Gaudreau.

Given that PLD will have to wait 2 years to "possibly" sign with MTL, and the fact that every NHL team now knows his preferred spot, his in-season trade value is impacted. It seems like the best chance to trade him is as a deadline rental. (For several reasons I don't see MTL as a logical trading partner.)

At the Trade Deadline I can see a max value for PLD as a 1st and a 2nd or a good prospect. At the least I see a 1st.

I'm curious how WPG fans see this ending. Island Jet, you're a legit WPG fan and a prudent/realistic observer. How do you see the PLD saga concluding, and where do you gauge the return?

(My apologies if this posts twice. I posted yesterday but perhaps something went wrong on my end?).


1.) 09 Aug 2022 15:08:53
I believe that if the Jets can't sign PLD by the trade deadline the Jets have 3 options.
1. trade him around the new year to a team that has a young skilled player that needs a change 1 for 1. Similar to the Laine trade.
2. trade him at the deadline in which they will get a couple of prospects and draft choices. This is a future trade if the Jets believe they need a do a rebuild.
3 trade him at the draft where they will get the best return of a top end player, A prospect and/ or high draft pick.

2.) 10 Aug 2022 05:08:18
I think assuming he is dead set on signing with the habs is ignorant. I’m sure if a team like Tampa has the cap room he’d consider there in a few years.



08 Aug 2022 16:55:44
Just to change the subject a little.?.I'm curious about what WPG fans think about PLD's trade value.

First and foremost, I respect WPG fans, and I want them to have a great season and get a fair deal for the PLD asset.

Given that PLD is an RFA this coming June, and a UFA the following June, and given his interest in landing in MTL eventually, his value seems to be that of a pure deadline rental. Whoever gets him knows they're unlikely to re-sign him.

I doubt the Habs will trade for him. It's not the right fit for a few reasons. Therefore, if true Cup contender is looking for a 2C-3C for a playoff run this year and next, I suspect his max-value is:

1st & 2nd


1st & decent prospect

What do you think Jets fans? What will he bring, and when will he be traded?


1.) 08 Aug 2022 18:59:18
I would like to see the Jets trade him 1 for 1 to a team that needs a change from one of their young, top end centre/ wingers. This type of trade can happen anytime by January or at the draft. If the Jets trade PLD at the deadline they will get A prospects and/ or high draft picks.
I would like to see them get a 1 for 1 top end player but if PLD doesn't sign long term before the deadline then he has to go by the draft.

2.) 09 Aug 2022 13:24:50
PLD's minimum value at the TDL in two years is a first and a good prospect.

So, if he is moved now, you would need to pay for those extra two years and would need to add probably either another good prospect or a young top 6 player.

Most likely nothing happens until next summer unless Chevy gets a too good to be true offer.




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31 May 2023 16:18:35
Another leaf-friendly trade from a closeted fan who hides behind a MTL nickname. If you're a leaf fan, own it. Don't pretend to be a Hab fan. all you post are lopsided leaf trades.




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31 May 2023 16:14:19
The first part of this is a MTL-WAS trade. (I wouldn't do it, but I can follow what you're saying. )

There appears to be a second trade. but it's hard to follow as written. Looks like you're proposing a 3-way trade, but it doesn't seem to make any sense. Maybe you can reply and clarify who is trading what to whom? (The ARI 6th doesn't seem to jibe with the packages MTL & VCR are giving up? )




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31 May 2023 16:07:30
SJ is deep in a rebuild, and in the process of stripping it down and trading off what they can.

Consider what other teams realistically need in a trade, and not just your leafs, if you're trying to pitch a realistic trade.

If you're only interested in posting absolute nonsense that serves only your team's needs, then just write it on some Cottonelle, wipe and then flush. Then it will have served some kind of purpose.




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31 May 2023 10:19:36
- the whole league knows Matthews and Nylander aren’t winners, and both have one year left in their current deal.

- why would ARI trade 4 young building blocks and sacrifice their rebuild for salaries they can’t afford to pay?

Think it through Pinball…the rest of the league doesn’t exist to restock your leafs. You have to propose trades that make sense for both sides. This isn’t close to realistic bud.

?Homer Deals.




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29 May 2023 13:37:02
I don't think Matthews likes the spotlight at all. I suspect he'll go to the highest bidder, and if it's in a smaller market that doesn't care about hockey, all the better for a guy like that. I suspect he'd prefer to cash his checks, pad his stats, and lose in peace.





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