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15 Aug 2023 16:15:12
BOS: Debrusk

CGY: Backlund (20% retention) + 3rd (2024)

- exchange of pending UFAs

- BOS is in serious need of help at C, but lacks cap flexibility

- CGY will be trading pending UFA's rather than losing them for nothing after the Gaudreau situation, so Backlund is likely gone. (If Debrusk wouldn't re-sign, they'd likely get good value out of him at the trade deadline since he's a scorer in a contract year)

- Backlund is older, thus the 3rd from CGY

- Debrusk is younger and more productive, but BOS has serious holes to fill at C to feed their talented wingers.

- BOS is less likely to be on Backlund's 10-team NTC because it enjoys a favourable reputation amongst players, and the travel is significantly less than any Western Conference market.

- CGY retains to make the math work


1.) 16 Aug 2023 05:23:32
I don’t know if Boston wants to be getting older at this point. But 50% retention and maybe it’s close.

2.) 16 Aug 2023 12:17:34
Trade is fair in my opinion, I just don't know if Boston should be looking at getting older at this point. Definitely need to address their need at center though. As it stands now they have Zacha and Fredric as their two C's.

3.) 16 Aug 2023 15:22:37
MG & EBS: I hear you on the age thing, which is obviously a consideration, but BOS is going to need to do something to get some decent offensive centers to feed their talented wingers.

Despite the fact he's 34, I think Backlund is less of a risk given that he's played 81 games or more in 5 of the last 8 seasons. He's kept himself in excellent shape and has been fortunate when it comes to injuries. He's definitely still productive, and I would suggest he'll still have 4 seasons left in him - at least.

Full marks to Debrusk, who had 27 G and is only going into prime now. But. he and BOS have had a complicated history, so he looks more like a trade chip than ever to these eyes. Regardless, it will be interesting.



08 Aug 2023 17:14:06
TOR: Brodie, 1st ('24), 3rd ('25)

MTL: Petry (50% retained)

- leafs are 2.068M over the cap WITH:

. one more roster spot to fill
. Murray & Muzzin on LTIR

- Habs can use available cap space to gather 2 more picks for the rebuild.

- Petry is better than Brodie (31 points last year vs 14).

- Treliving & Hughes have a trading relationship already, which always helps when you're looking to facilitate another move.

- Petry wants to be close to home, so TOR is likely not on his NTC. (Though MTL may be on Brodie's.)

- Petry's cap hit is a bargain with two teams retaining on his former cap hit.

- Brodie is 8 years removed from his best statistical year. Petry would be a HUGE upgrade.

- This trade balances what each team needs: futures vs cap relief/D-upgrade.


1.) 08 Aug 2023 17:28:44
I dont mind this from a Canadiens perspective, however, do you really feel Petry is a huge upgrade over Brodie? . I didn't watch alot of Petry last season, but from what ive read and the little I seen, seems like he is not the same guy he was a couple years ago, which. as we all age is easy to understand . If im Hughes, I say yes to this and find Brodie a new home.

2.) 08 Aug 2023 19:57:35
Interesting, I think petry and brodie are close but 2 teams that could care less about retained. I think that's too much from Toronto . I'd think take away the 3rd and both teams win. Toronto gets a compared guy at a much cheaper price.

3.) 08 Aug 2023 20:34:50
SOSA: Petry is unquestionably an upgrade over Brodie. He is bigger, more productive offensively, and even if it were only about money, the leafs would be getting a more capable D for less cap dollars than Brodie, who isn't worth his full cap hit either anymore.

By the way, even thought Petry is no longer worth his full cap hit, he still led PIT d-men in offensive numbers. He just isn't a 6.25M d-man anymore. However, He's only a 4.6M d-man now, and this trade would bring him to 2.3M. He's an upgrade, and he'd be less than half the cost of Brodie.

This deal makes both teams better for what they each need.

4.) 08 Aug 2023 21:12:17
Petry was playing some pretty good hockey for the Habs at the time he asked to be traded, he wanted to be on the south side of the border close to home during c.v.. he refused a trade to San Jose, but who wouldn't? I could be wrong, just opinion but I think petry is still a serviceable top 4 RH. if the Habs retain another 25% his cap hit would be 3.125 and UFA at seasons end, not too sure what the habs are looking for in return but they are doing a really smart thing here and should have no problems getting the asset they desire without a bad contract coming back. (Also, I'm not suggesting brodie is a bad contract. but its either that or he's an asset, I'll leave that for the Habs fans to decide)

5.) 08 Aug 2023 21:24:06
Fair enough. good points Chickenfoot.

6.) 09 Aug 2023 00:26:58
FACELIFT: Petry wants to be close to family, and I fully understand that, but San Jose (for me personally) would be a place I’d like to live for a couple of winters?. ( It’s like any city, it has it’s good and bad, but I love it there, and I highly recommend Pier 402 for great seafood and music if you should “find the way to San Jose” ??)

SOSA: whether this trade or something similar, MTL is in a unique position to combine a declining (yet still valuable asset) with salary retention to create/ reset trade value and maximize their return.

PINBALL: this is what a trade proposal looks like when you’re take the time to find a transaction that fits the needs of BOTH parties. It isn’t about posting the “most”, it’s about posting something now and then that makes some kind of sense for 2 or more parties. (And not just your own team?)

7.) 09 Aug 2023 23:14:16
Comparing offensive stats is a terrible way to to judge dman. Jacob Slavin is a top 10 dman in the game and imo top 5. He gets zero PP time but if I had to choose 1 dman to be tasked with shutting down McDavid in a playoff series Slavin would be my 1st choice. Jonas Brodin, Charlie McAvoy ( to an extent ), Lindholm, Pesce, Orlov, Trouba, Paryanko are examples of Dman who produce far more then offence.

Anyways Brodie didn’t put up many points for the leafs but he’s absolutely worth his cap hit and is the leafs go to shut down guy. At shutting down opposition Brodie is better then Petry by a decent margin. This trade makes the leafs a worse team although Petry at that cap hit would be a steal but there is a team out there that would take Brodie in a heartbeat he doesn’t have negative value and he’s not a player the leafs fan afford to move.



10 Jul 2023 19:54:06

- Armia (50% Retained x 2 years)
- 2024 3rd (MIN)
- 2024 7th (WSH)

ANYONE: Future Considerations (Happy Meal WITH Toy)

- MTL clears 1.75M x 2 years

- CHI gets a big body for the 3rd or 4th line, a couple of picks, and a nice snack.

- if he can't be moved, buy out the last 2 years before training camp to be classy to a vet and clear out some excess forwards & one less distraction for camp.


2023-24: 0.033M
2024-25: 1.033M
2025-26: 1.433M
2026-27: 1.433M


1.) 10 Jul 2023 22:35:05
Nope nobody will help Montreal.
Homer Deal to help Montreal out.

2.) 11 Jul 2023 04:44:26
I’m laughing out loud at you Pinball…you have the emotions of a toddler. ?

I look forward to your next trade where you unload crap for another team’s star player, and then have THEM retain half the salary. (For zero compensation of course?)

3.) 11 Jul 2023 12:23:01
Doable, but at this point, MTL doesn't really need the cap space and the only reason he would be moved would be to free up a roster spot. If I'm MTL and I want to add a roster spot, I'd be more inclined to put him on waivers instead of giving out assets to unload his contract

4.) 11 Jul 2023 12:30:40
@Pinball lol, if you think this is a homer deal, you should look at the many trades someone called Pinballisback has proposed on this forum. Rarely have seem someone post so much homer takes

5.) 11 Jul 2023 13:28:20
MATADOR: I hear you, and while I typically don't like trading picks and/ or buyouts, I'm not sure Armia gets moved on waivers where he has the 2nd year, and just isn't effective enough, often enough.

Habs have too many forwards, and I believe in treating the vets right, so I think it would be great if MTL can move Hoffman & Armia before training camp. At half price they can each return value, and retaining on their existing contracts is definitely preferrable to spreading out the pain with a buyout.

I think the week of final training camp cuts will be even more interesting than it usually is with so many teams up against it.



10 Jul 2023 19:39:25
MTL: Hoffman (50% retained)

PIT or NSH: 4th

- MTL saves 2.25M off this year's cap.
- PIT or NSH add some vet goal-scoring for a can't miss price.
- IF there's no takers at 2.25M, buy him out to give a vet free rein to seek a new situation for the coming season.


2023-24: 1.166M
2024-25: 1.66M


1.) 10 Jul 2023 23:43:18
Pittsburgh definitely does not need Hoffman. I feel like Philly to replace JVR would make the most sense.

2.) 11 Jul 2023 12:25:43
I could see VGK getting him for cheap. Their LW is very weak outside of Barbashev. For a low price and a low cap hit, they might consider adding him

3.) 11 Jul 2023 23:17:59
I read somewhere that Pittsburgh is in on the ek65 sweepstakes. I find it hard to believe. but if that's true, they should likely steer away from that scuzzy hoffmann.



06 Jul 2023 13:03:49
SJ: Labanc

VCR: Myers + 2nd (2025)

- trade happens after Francesco pays Myers his final 5M signing bonus.

- VCR shaves 1.268M off the cap, which they're currently exceeding by 3.2M with one more roster spot to fill.

- SJ gets another 2nd for the rebuild, plus whatever they flip Myers for at the deadline. (A big F.O. D-man like Myers will bring a 1st + at the deadline if healthy.)


1.) 07 Jul 2023 05:30:20
Good trade, realistic aswell

2.) 07 Jul 2023 15:47:39
Why on earth would Vancouver add to this? RHD is the most sought after position in hockey and Myers is still serviceable on the bottom pair or with a good partner. He’s definitely better then Holl who got 3 years at 3+ mil. Retained at half he holds value.

Now let’s talk about Leblanc. Man is this guy is bad I have no clue and San Jose fans will attest to this how this guy got his contract. He had 1 good year then he went to being absolutely awful. He isn’t serviceable on a 4th line that’s how bad he is.

With that being said rumour is that Myers for Leblanc is a deal in place ( 1 for 1 ) if Karlsson is traded. Obviously save a little cap for Vancouver and brings in a asset at deadline for San Jose. ( Vancouver isn’t getting anything for LeBlanc )

Just for reference Leblanc is worse then Bailey who was bought out at 5 mil and still hasn’t found a contract ( might get a PTO )

3.) 07 Jul 2023 20:12:11
VB: Just for reference, it’s spelled “Labanc”.

(You’re a little all over the place on your reply?. You seem to be saying why it shouldn’t happen, while acknowledging that it will probably happen? I guess you’re covering all your bases so that you can say you were right no matter what? Hilarious…just watch out for all those splinters as you wait it out on the fence?)




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16 Jan 2023 14:32:19
Off-Season Bobrovsky Contract Options:

CAP HIT: Next 3 seasons at 10M/year.

TRADE: less likely, given FLA has already traded their next three 1st-round picks, and moving it wouldn't be cheap.

BUYOUT: to buy out the next 3 years it would create a cap hit of 6.666M for 3 years, plus 3 more years at 1.666M. Ugly, but necessary. Bob's game is structurally unsound and at 35 to start next season he's unlikely to be able to change some of his bad habits. (i.e. side to side movement.)

The buyout is ugly, but why waste one more season of this team's core? (At least it's better than the MIN buyout.)

Like Buckley's, it will taste awful, but it will work (better) than status quo.


1.) 17 Jan 2023 19:07:46
3 years of saving 3.4M then 3 years of only 1.6M isn’t actually that bad. They don’t really have any expiring contracts so maybe they wait one more season with him?



09 Aug 2022 13:11:34
I'm curious how WPG fans assess PLD's trade value. (Full respect WPG fans - sorry to bring this up.)

I respect Jets' fans and I hope they get good value for him in the way Treliving with Gaudreau.

Given that PLD will have to wait 2 years to "possibly" sign with MTL, and the fact that every NHL team now knows his preferred spot, his in-season trade value is impacted. It seems like the best chance to trade him is as a deadline rental. (For several reasons I don't see MTL as a logical trading partner.)

At the Trade Deadline I can see a max value for PLD as a 1st and a 2nd or a good prospect. At the least I see a 1st.

I'm curious how WPG fans see this ending. Island Jet, you're a legit WPG fan and a prudent/realistic observer. How do you see the PLD saga concluding, and where do you gauge the return?

(My apologies if this posts twice. I posted yesterday but perhaps something went wrong on my end?).


1.) 09 Aug 2022 15:08:53
I believe that if the Jets can't sign PLD by the trade deadline the Jets have 3 options.
1. trade him around the new year to a team that has a young skilled player that needs a change 1 for 1. Similar to the Laine trade.
2. trade him at the deadline in which they will get a couple of prospects and draft choices. This is a future trade if the Jets believe they need a do a rebuild.
3 trade him at the draft where they will get the best return of a top end player, A prospect and/ or high draft pick.

2.) 10 Aug 2022 05:08:18
I think assuming he is dead set on signing with the habs is ignorant. I’m sure if a team like Tampa has the cap room he’d consider there in a few years.



08 Aug 2022 16:55:44
Just to change the subject a little.?.I'm curious about what WPG fans think about PLD's trade value.

First and foremost, I respect WPG fans, and I want them to have a great season and get a fair deal for the PLD asset.

Given that PLD is an RFA this coming June, and a UFA the following June, and given his interest in landing in MTL eventually, his value seems to be that of a pure deadline rental. Whoever gets him knows they're unlikely to re-sign him.

I doubt the Habs will trade for him. It's not the right fit for a few reasons. Therefore, if true Cup contender is looking for a 2C-3C for a playoff run this year and next, I suspect his max-value is:

1st & 2nd


1st & decent prospect

What do you think Jets fans? What will he bring, and when will he be traded?


1.) 08 Aug 2022 18:59:18
I would like to see the Jets trade him 1 for 1 to a team that needs a change from one of their young, top end centre/ wingers. This type of trade can happen anytime by January or at the draft. If the Jets trade PLD at the deadline they will get A prospects and/ or high draft picks.
I would like to see them get a 1 for 1 top end player but if PLD doesn't sign long term before the deadline then he has to go by the draft.

2.) 09 Aug 2022 13:24:50
PLD's minimum value at the TDL in two years is a first and a good prospect.

So, if he is moved now, you would need to pay for those extra two years and would need to add probably either another good prospect or a young top 6 player.

Most likely nothing happens until next summer unless Chevy gets a too good to be true offer.




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26 Sep 2023 19:10:18
- with so many teams needing cap relief, and so few teams who can offer it, no one is taking 33 year-old Brodie at 5M and the perpetually injured Robertson for nothing. It'll take assets to create space in this current marketplace.

- the leafs need to shed 3M in cap space, which is really 4M to allow for in-season call-ups. They also need to add a truly defensive D-man to shore up a blueline with an average age of 30. There are some real question marks on the leaf blue line to all but the most hard-core true believers. (My leaf fan buddies rightfully see it as a major concern. )

- While Brodie is an obvious candidate, I think some of the trades attributed to Nylander on here make more sense. A Nylander trade could bring back a D-man which will be much needed. (ideally someone who can skate and make up for lapses by Klinger, who simply can't outscore is defensive shortcomings. )

- Treliving is a seasoned hockey manager. I suspect he'll pull a fairly big surprise, possibly with a Nylander trade, rather than risk losing him like Gaudreau as a UFA. He's been around long enough to understand what his roster truly needs.




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13 Sep 2023 19:36:48
MG: Gotcha. I'm curious to see if the kid has more to offer. Dach surprised me too. I thought he was going to be one of those guys who is talented, but injury-prone, and therefore not reach his potential.

Time will tell the truth, as it always does.




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12 Sep 2023 12:38:00
CASUAL: too funny. I should have known better! : )




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11 Sep 2023 19:44:52
MG - I am curious which player you're referring to that was traded to MTL that would have been intriguing add for the leafs.




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11 Sep 2023 14:49:25
- I'm not sure why the Cup Champs would consider this trade.

- Vegas' D-corps was widely seen as the biggest reason they won a cup with a journeyman goalie. I'm not sure why they'd trade 2 of their top-6 D, who each average 18 mins/ game?

- Trading Nylander for market value will be a challenge because every signal he's telegraphed is that he's going to market (which I certainly have no issue with) Players wait for their shot at UFA, and the high-end ones usually want to maximize their return.

As for the proposed Lewis trade from LA, he just signed there. Teams don't sign free agents and then pull the rug out from underneath them by trading them. It just doesn't happen, unless it's one of those rare "sign and trades".

Furthermore, Lewis was Drafted by LA, and won Cups there, so at 36 he seems to be choosing to "go home" where his NHL career started for one last go-around before retirement.

Last but not least, if Robertson is traded, he'll be a throw-in on a more consequential deal for reasons previously offered.





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