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25 May 2023 01:03:54
NYI - 2023 2nd

EDM - Yamamoto, 2023 5th

The Islanders should look to get younger. Yamo’s production is a bit of a mystery but he scored 20 last year and I think it’s fair to say he’s about a 40 point guy with 50 point potential.

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29 May 2023 13:27:29
Bang-on Ebs. this trade helps both teams, and is realistic and believable. (A rare combo on this site, you're the man Ebs! )

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23 May 2023 14:57:13
Anaheim Trades
2nd Overall Pick 2023
60th Overall Pick 2023

Toronto Trades
28th Overall Pick 2023

Thoughts ?

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23 May 2023 16:29:16
I doubt Matthews and Anaheim could make a deal.

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23 May 2023 17:04:55
Why couldn't Matthews and Anaheim make a deal (I am assuming you mean a contract extension) .
Matthews side kick buddy Justin Bieber has a huge home down the street in Beverly Hills.
I actually can see Matthews wanting out of The Toronto spotlight imo.

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24 May 2023 11:30:37
Mathews loves the spotlight lol. Probably would head to LA if he leaves Toronto.

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29 May 2023 13:37:02
I don't think Matthews likes the spotlight at all. I suspect he'll go to the highest bidder, and if it's in a smaller market that doesn't care about hockey, all the better for a guy like that. I suspect he'd prefer to cash his checks, pad his stats, and lose in peace.

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23 May 2023 14:25:04
Leafs Trade

Devils Traded

Thoughts ?

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23 May 2023 22:00:29
it’s actually a pretty fair trade tbh.

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22 May 2023 16:50:48
Leafs need to move Mathews before they lose him for nothing. Hopefully going to zona he will do a sign in trade.

Leafs trade


Arizona trade

2023 first round (6th overall)

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22 May 2023 19:32:43
Why would ARI trade for a contract as expensive as Matthews when they’re playing 2 more seasons in a 4500 seat barn?

They won’t be staying in ARI anyway, so there goes the “return home” angle.

Matthews is way more likely to hit the open market as a UFA regardless, and it’s not like he’s such a clutch playoff performer that contenders will be trading the farm for him.

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22 May 2023 21:19:58
If the Arizona franchise ever has a chance they have to build a team through the draft and develop philosophy.
They shouldn't try and take a short cut by signing one $14 mil per over valued player like Matthews.
It will throw their cap structure out of whack like the Leafs did by signing Tavares.
This led to overpaying the other 3 players with no $ for the rest of the team.
Arizona has to stay the course.

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27 May 2023 17:13:00
Mathew Tkachuk before this year was absolutely awful ( far worse then Mathews) in the playoffs. Look at what he went for at the time.

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22 May 2023 05:37:23
NSH Receives: RNH, 2024 2nd round, 2024 4th round.

EDM receives Josi 30% retained salary.

Edmonton gets an elite veteran defence with retained salary and is able to add more offence through free agency.

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22 May 2023 12:57:34
- Nashville shouldn’t have to retain 2.7mil for the next 4 years especially when they don’t have to trade him, he’s not a cap dump.
- Trading Josi would create a big hole on their blueline (their RD’s are Fabbro, Carrier and Foote)
- They don’t need Nuge, they already have 2 expensive centers with Duchene and Johansen

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22 May 2023 13:02:15
Edit : for some reason I thought Josi was a LHD playing on the right side, regardless my point still stands. Trading Josi would create a massive hole on defense.

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22 May 2023 05:32:55
CGY receives: 2024 2nd round, 2024 3rd round.

TOR receives: Toffoli, N. Ritchie.

Toronto is able to keep the 4 together for one last push with a cup winner added to the top 6.

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22 May 2023 12:49:30
Toffoli would get a lot more than that and Ritchie is a UFA.

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22 May 2023 16:33:20
It would be nice change to see Toronto or Edmonton trade proposals here that weren't so one sided for the Leafs and Oilers.
Way too many homer trades.

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22 May 2023 19:33:56

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21 May 2023 19:48:01
To Tampa Bay Lightning :
C - Elias Lindholm ( 4.85 @ 1 UFA )
LW - Andrew Mangiapane ( 5.80 @ 2 UFA )
16th Overall Selection in 2023 - CGY

To Calgary Flames :
C - Brayden Point ( 9.50 @ 7 UFA )

Steven Stamkos - Elias Lindholm - Nikita Kucherov
Andrew Mangiapane - Anthony Cirelli - Brandon Hagel
Alex Killorn - Nick Paul - Tanner Jeannot
Patrick Maroon - Michael Eyssimont - Corey Perry

Victor Hedman - Erik Cernak
Mikhail Sergachev - Nick Perbix
Haydn Fleury - Zach Bogosian

That Mangiapane-Cirelli-Hagel line would be so annoying to play against. Lightning flip the 1st round pick for another piece to help them contend.

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21 May 2023 21:29:41
Tampa bay laughs at this offer or any offer for point.

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21 May 2023 22:30:27
Why Vbb? Lindholm is a 60-80pt player, Mangiapane is a 40-60pt player, Point is a 100pt player. A pretty decent first round pick and all the players are pretty much the same age.

Point (27yrs old)
Mangiapane (27yrs old)
Lindholm (28yrs old)

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22 May 2023 08:20:44
Because Tampa bay won 2 cups with their current core and they will ride the core into the sun.

He literally just signed a 8 year contract so why would they trade a 100 point defensive star for anything. Even if the oilers were to offer McDavid+++++ for Point sometimes it’s more then just business and you got to keep the family together.

Point, Kucherov and Hedman will retire tampa bay lightning players.

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23 May 2023 16:32:01
I think it’s a great offer, I just don’t think it’s really necessary for Tampa Bay- their current core is solid so why make a move?

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23 May 2023 22:01:34
@HockeyDad that’s a good point, my bad.

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20 May 2023 22:57:29
Trade 1
Philly trades k. Hayes 2 million retained to
2023 2nd round pick plus l.Foudy
Trade 2
Philly trades deangelo
Carolina 2023 3rd round pick

Philly trades
T. Konacey
For a 1st plus.

So they can grab Gabriel Perreault.

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19 May 2023 14:32:14
Anaheim Trades
2nd Overall Pick 2023
59h Overall Pick 2023 (Colorado's Pick)
65th Overall Pick 2023

Toronto Trades
28th Overall Pick 2023

This is out there but it keeps the prospect pool going in Toronto by stepping one step backwards but at least a few steps forward long term with Cap Space added to add in the off season also.

Anaheim losing out getting Bedard will still get a #1 Centre in Matthews at 25 years old, yes they will have to resign him, but see a sign and trade type of deal to make it a deal.

Thoughts ?

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19 May 2023 21:03:57
Not worth it from Anaheim’s perspective, I’m sure they’d rather have McTavish, Fantilli and Terry than 1 expensive player.

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22 May 2023 19:35:10
Casual nailed it.

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19 May 2023 04:16:21
Time for a change and it makes sence for both teams because it fills a need

TML W.Nylander
COL D.Toews

Straight up 1 for 1
Both players become UFA next year
Nylander will help Colorado in scoring depth and Toews will help the Leafs defence. Toews is so under rated

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19 May 2023 17:59:00
Actually with Landeskog out next season this really isn’t bad.

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22 May 2023 10:52:36
I agree that it doesn't look too bad but I wonder the value of trading a Defensman for a forward. You better have a solemn piece ready to step up.

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22 May 2023 16:51:44
Nylander is with a top pairing defenseman not a 3/ 4. Awful trade.

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19 May 2023 00:10:04
D - Nikita Zadorov ( 3.75 @ 1 UFA )

2nd Round Pick in 2025 - TBL
3rd Round Pick in 2024 - TBL

G - Daniel Vladar ( 2.20 @ 2 UFA )

3rd Round Pick in 2023 - CAR

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19 May 2023 05:30:54
Retain 50% and value looked decent on the first trade. Are the Lightening losing any D? Might want to look to spend cap on forwards instead.
Vladar has zero value at 2.2M. Goalies have little value to begin with and a backup has even less. A backup making 2.2 is even less, at 25 he’d be worth taking a shot at but I don’t know what his value would look like.

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18 May 2023 20:55:55
MIN trades:
1st round pick

TOR trades:


BOS trades
2nd round pick

TOR trades

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19 May 2023 02:46:54
Absolutely no way Bruins trade arguably the best if not one of the three best D Men in the league for that.

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19 May 2023 09:09:28
Would love both as a leaf fan, but neither of the other teams do this. Not close.

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18 May 2023 15:46:15
Arizona Trades

Toronto Trades
1st Round Pick 2023
1st Round Pick 2024

With Arizona in such a terrible situation including their Top Player wanting out this might be enough for Arizona to bite.

This will end what they do with MMurray as they still have him and RFA Samsonov to be resigned in Goal, Keller is a Top 6 LWinger that will make The Leafs Top 6 that much better.

Thoughts ?

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18 May 2023 21:15:55
No. Arizona is rebuilding.

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18 May 2023 22:09:26
BumbleeBeeTuna18 but this would actually contribute to the rebuild tho?

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19 May 2023 02:35:43
This looks like three potentially important and certainly cost effective players for Toronto for a 7M winger. Toronto can’t do it.

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19 May 2023 09:11:44
No from Toronto. Would rather see Marner traded for Keller plus. Gonna need Lilly Woll and Robertson as they are low cap hits next year.

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18 May 2023 06:24:43
C/RW - Troy Terry ( RFA )

C/LW - Pierre-Luc Dubois ( RFA )

1st Round Selection in 2023 - FLA
C - Christian Dvorak ( 4.45 @ 2 UFA )
D - Justin Barron ( 925k @ 1 RFA )

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18 May 2023 13:49:11
I like Terry, but I don't think the Jets would want a winger that in all likelihood won't extend in return.

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18 May 2023 15:13:46
The Jets should get a better return for PLD than this proposal.

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19 May 2023 06:44:24
For Dubois the Jets should be easily be able to get a solid prospect plus a first round pick.

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19 May 2023 18:01:04
5th overall straight up for Terry. That trades awful. Unless if you’re drafting Michkov you hope 5th overall one day becomes as good as Terry.

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26 May 2023 15:46:15
How is Terry not a good return? He's arguably better than Dubois

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18 May 2023 06:23:00
C - Nico Sturm ( 2.00 @ 2 UFA )

G - Matt Murray ( 4.68 @ 1 UFA )
3rd Round Pick in 2024 - NYI
4th Round Pick in 2024 - TOR

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