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03 Feb 2023 17:56:03
Stl - tarasenko 50%

Nyr- Robertson 1st 2023

Stl - orielly 50%

Tor - minten 1st 2023 3rd 2024

Stl- barbashev

Edm - 2nd 2023 3rd 2024

Stl - mikola

Anyone - 3rd 2023.

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03 Feb 2023 19:40:41
Blues make out like bandits.

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06 Feb 2023 15:39:47
As much as I like Bratt, I don't think he is a fit. And I only say this, because his salary is 5.45 million a year on an expiring contract, Boeser is 6.65 Million with 2 years left on his contract. Now that Horvat is gone, Vancouver will need the picks for their rebuild.

The only way that this trade could happen is if Vancouver retains salary in order to keep picks, which probably isn't likely.

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03 Feb 2023 06:59:53
Canucks trade: Miller (50%) for this year Rathbone, Mcdonough

Penguins trade: Kapanen, Smith, 1st round pick 2023

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03 Feb 2023 12:34:09
BEAN: did you mean to write another name than “McDonough”? I don’t see that name in Vancouver’s organization.

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03 Feb 2023 13:28:48
I really don’t see the Canucks being able to move that Miller contract. Retaining 50% of his $5.25M this year isn’t enough when he has 7 more years after it at a big number for a guy that’s turning 30 next month and already looks like he’s a step behind where he was when he signed the extension

He’s a fiery guy and a good player, so there would be a home for sure, I just don’t think you’d be getting much of a haul for him if they’re taking the whole $56M commitment back

My 2 cents.

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03 Feb 2023 16:58:25
Aidan McDonough is on the reserve list.
Canucks drafted him a few years ago, currently in college.

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04 Feb 2023 16:06:09
Thanks Renidrag👍.

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02 Feb 2023 21:12:58
Mtl- edmundson-savard- armia 33% retain

Wsh-mantha-1st pick- one of protas,lapierre or mcmichael

Mtl- allen

Buf- 3rd pick 2023, comrie

Mtl- monahan- buff 3rd pick

Col- 1st pick 2023

Mtl- harris- 3rd pick 2024

Edm- bourgault- 1 st pick 2024

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02 Feb 2023 23:23:08
Yes to the first trade, no to the rest.

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03 Feb 2023 02:28:34
Would like to keep either Savard or Edmundson to mentor the young guys. I think it would be a mistake to get rid of both at the same time. Although Matheson is a veteran, i think the other 2 play that big brother role to the kids a little better.

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03 Feb 2023 10:32:28
I misread that. Agree with Sosa, no to all👍.

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03 Feb 2023 16:06:30
Not exactly sure what Harris has done to get a first or Bourgault let alone both. Also I have a feeling Monahan gets a conditional 2nd for some reason.

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06 Feb 2023 17:36:54
EBS: I completely agree with you on the proposed Harris trade for Borg + 1st, and Monahan getting a conditional 2nd.

Any team trading for Monahan should definitely attempt to get him for a conditional pick based on his ability to stay healthy, which is still very much an open question.

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02 Feb 2023 20:19:55
Kings trade: Iafallo, Grans, Kupari, 1st round pick 2023

Canucks trade: Demko, 3rd round pick 2024

Red wings trade: Rasmussen, 2nd round pick 2024

Canucks trade: Boeser, Rathbone

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03 Feb 2023 12:35:55
I like the first one 👍.

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07 Feb 2023 18:52:38
I’d rather have Rasmussen at 1.8 million then Boeser at 6.5 million for next year.

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02 Feb 2023 19:22:19
I've been saying the leafs don't need another slick player like Meier, or other skill guys like him. They need:

- depth in net
- shutdown D
- pain-in-the-butt F who draws penalties and gets the leaf PP on the ice.

Given that Dubas mismanaged his cap early and often, he needs to add cheaply in "cap space", which costs market prices in "assets" to do. (i.e. taking back bad contracts or retaining salary will cost draft picks, prospects, or both.)

Last night's game showed why the leafs haven't won in the playoffs.
Nothing is guaranteed except defeat if they roll this regular-season team out once again to play playoff hockey.



- Bonino (UFA, 50% retained)


- Simmonds (UFA, Cap Dump)
- 3rd (OTT - '23)
- 2nd ('24)
- 4th ('24)

(CAP CHANGE: Adds 125K to leaf cap)



- Khudobin (UFA, 50% retained)


- Holmberg
- 6th ('23)

(CAP CHANGE: Adds 541,666K to leaf cap)



- Gavrikov (UFA, 50% retained)


- Sandin
- 1st ('23)
- 2nd ('24)
- 5th ('23)



That's a lot of sixes. While it might seem like a "deal with the devil", it sure would go a long way to making this group of sweethearts a lot more playoff ready.

It's a lot of futures for a shot at the present, but at least it's a realistic leaf trade on this site for a change. Either way, Dubas and the entire leaf leadership will be fired before the draft.

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02 Feb 2023 21:51:36
Gavrikov is not a nasty dman. Slightly physical yes. That's about it. Also no need to "dump" the Simmonds contract. He only makes 900k. Bonino is not worth 3 picks unless they are all late picks. Also wouldnt give up Holmberg for a goalie who is just ok.

Politely disagree.

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02 Feb 2023 21:53:32
Also giving up a good young dman in Sandin plus a 1st and 2 other picks for a UFA isn't good business sense. Terrible asset management.

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02 Feb 2023 23:31:07
COULSON: Just my two cents, but my leaf fan neighbour buds want Simmonds gone as fast as possible. He’s a one-dimensional player who makes a stupid play more often than not that costs his team.

Because the leafs are so up against the cap his contract has to go. Cap space available now disappears when the injured return.

In my humble opinion the leafs desperately need a Bonino type. They are too easy to play against and game plan for the playoffs. Marchand may be an idiot, but he just called the leafs out as soft, and that’s the prevailing opinion about them. It’ll be interesting to see what happens eh?

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03 Feb 2023 02:38:54
I agree they need toughness, I just dont like the trades. Gavrikov shouldn't get more than a 1st and a prospect like Hirvonen. He is good, but not worth your suggestion.

I am fine with getting rid of Simmonds, its the giving up 3 picks for a bottom six player and Simmonds contract really is inconsequential.

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03 Feb 2023 12:47:39
COULSON: I really like guys like Bonino, Zuccarello, Gallagher (in his younger days), that do the things in playoff hockey that are all about “will”, and less about skill. Paying the price, or having the nads to do something to drag your team into the fight.

Championship teams need a bit of everything, and while I appreciate Bunting’s style, there isn’t enough sandpaper as that team is currently constituted. Prices will be high for cap relief, but the leafs are spent into a corner already. They have to go for it now and do what they have to. Dubas doesn’t get another shot at this.

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03 Feb 2023 18:12:35
My issue is not the leafs trading for Bonino, it's the cost associated with getting them that you posted. Bonino is a 3rd liner. I can see trading a 2nd for him.

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02 Feb 2023 15:44:43
Arizona trades Crouse (2mil retained) and Ritchie for Robertson, 2023 or 2024 1st (Leafs choice), Hirovan, Hollowell or Krall and a roster player like Hunt or ZAR. (TO provides list for Coyotes to pick from.

TO gets physical wingers for second line and bottom six. There is no way they include Knies because that is what they need.

Coyotes get potential second line winger and a first round pick plus a A level prospect, a bottom six forward to help with the tank, and B level prospect.

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02 Feb 2023 17:25:35
ARI respectfully declines.

- leafs can't fit that deal in cap-wise.
- IF ARI wanted to get rid of Crouse, they wouldn't have to retain 2.15M x 5 seasons to move him.
- IF Crouse was available, he'd bring a better package back than this yard sale.
- Zero chance the leafs want Ritchie after having him on waivers before they sending him to ARI last year with picks.

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02 Feb 2023 19:30:51
I don’t like the deal for either side but some of y’all are ridiculous. This is an identical offer to the Horvat deal and Crouse is not Horvat.

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02 Feb 2023 20:14:16
Toronto respectfully declines.

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03 Feb 2023 15:27:26
No way that Leaf’s want or take Ritchie back. They tried it, he didn’t work there. And IF they’re willing to part ways with a couple prospects and a 1st rounder, it’ll be for someone with a better track record than Crouse.

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02 Feb 2023 15:25:59
MTL: Hoffman

CGY: 4th ('23)

or 2nd ('23) with 50% retention.

Treliving wants a shooter, and Hoffman has looked much better in the past month. With a better C feeding that shot of his he would be far more productive than the 20-goal pace he's on.

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01 Feb 2023 19:30:55
Vancouver trades Boeser 25 % retained and Jack Rathbone to New Jersey for Shakir Mukhamadullin.

Devils get a proven scorer and a prospect defenseman, Canucks get a prospect defenseman, with decent upside, to help with their major surgery.

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01 Feb 2023 22:23:17
I don’t see a problem with it at all, I wonder how they value Mukhamadullin.

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02 Feb 2023 12:20:37
I feel like Vancouver could get a bit more for Boeser. At 25% retained, it would give him a 4.9M cap hit which is very decent for a top 6 forward. I could see picks being included with Mukhamadullin

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02 Feb 2023 13:48:20
If Devils want to add a pick or 2, I would think it would be a mid pick like a 4th or so.
Devils might not have the cap space so maybe a a player like McLeod would be involved.

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