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23 Nov 2023 16:49:38
2 trade proposals for The Leafs.

First Proposal.
Calgary Trades

Toronto Trades
Kokkonen (AHL)

Second Proposal.
Chicago Trades
(Future Considerations)

Toronto Trades
Abruzzese (AHL)

Calgary might get more from another team but with Bogosian going to Minnesota from TB for a 7th Round Pick and Tanev being comparable my proposal imo is similar.

Chicago with a ton of Cap add a policeman for Bedard plus a prospect for really nothing.

Toronto gets a Defenceman much needed in Tanev and Klingberg might be done but it solves that mystery of what to do with his contract, these 2 proposals both improves Defense and adds Cap to active Connor Timmons as well, and if PKane decides to play in Toronto for a minimum one year contract this would give The Leafs enough to do this or just recall McMann or some other AHLer.

Thoughts ?


1.) 23 Nov 2023 17:45:34
Come on Pinball. Tanev gets a good prospect plus a good pick. Leafs will need to pay to rid themselves of Klingberg.

2.) 23 Nov 2023 18:13:19
Leafs will not trade Klingberg even if the oilers offered McDavid straight up. Klingberg chose Toronto last season and wants to be a leaf.

3.) 23 Nov 2023 18:55:00
Bogosian was traded this season from TB to Minnesota for a 7th Round Pick, Tanev and Bogosian are very comparable so to think Tanev will get a good prospect and a high draft pick, than you really aren't accept Tanev isn't worth more than a late round pick just like Bogosian.
Ask yourself why Tanev would be worth more than Bogosian, unless you really haven't watch either Tanev and Bogosian play.

4.) 23 Nov 2023 20:34:49
Pinball, everybody here knows you don't watch hockey. Equal players. if you don't watch hockey, at least read about it.

5.) 24 Nov 2023 15:24:09
Bogasian cap dump to activate Fluery from injury. We finally found a player VB likes. Klingberg of all players. ??.

6.) 26 Nov 2023 04:08:31
Accept tansv plays solid top 4 minutes and boggasian is a 6 to 7 d at most don't really see tansv being scratched.



23 Nov 2023 03:21:34
Chicago Trades

Toronto Trades
Voit (AHL)
1st Round Pick 2024

*Chicago retains 50% of CMurphy's remaining contract

+Brodie would have to accept the trade having a NTC in his contract.

Leafs are in a position of having to shed contract if they want to improve in other areas, this would do that and also give them a tougher Brodie type in CMurphy who shoots Right and would fit nicely with Rielly.

Black Hawks are in stage 1 of their rebuild and adding a 1st Rounder and a pretty good prospect in Voit would seal a proposal like this, plus Reaves on the team gives Bedard even more protection, Brodie obviously replaces CMurphy and could be flipped at the trading deadline for more future assets.

Thoughts ?


1.) 23 Nov 2023 12:39:50
Idk, I feel like the Hawks could get a better offer that meets their needs if they were to trade Murphy with 50% retention.

2.) 23 Nov 2023 17:48:22
Terrible for Toronto. Reaves' contract was not worth our best defensive dman a 1st and a decent prospect. Murphy is needed but Brodie is not the player to trade.

3.) 25 Nov 2023 21:43:23
Brodie is better then Murphy. How about Morgan Rielly instead of Brodie?

Brodie carry’s the leafs defence on his back and won’t be moved. Without Mathews the leafs have Tavares but without Brodie the leafs have no elite defensive dman. He is truly the most valuable player to the leafs system.



16 Nov 2023 15:29:50
Arizona Trades

Toronto Trades
1st Round Pick 2024

*Arizona retains 50% of Dumba's expiring contract.

**Brodie would have to waive his NTC otherwise it's a no go obviously.

With The Leafs needing more toughness on Defense as well as some better Cap flexibility this proposal makes sense, with Timmons close to coming back, if they are interested in signing PKane they should have enough after this proposal also, yes they would also have to add a 1st Rounder otherwise Arizona wouldn't agree to this proposal.

Arizona really helps themselves getting a 1st Round Pick in the big picture with really only Cap Space being used which doesn't hurt them this year or after in their situation.

Thoughts ?


1.) 16 Nov 2023 21:52:09
Dumba is terrible he doesn’t make the leafs, Flames or oilers roster. Not me being a bias leaf’s fan he’s actually very bad at the NHL level. No contender will trade for him he really fell off hard. Awful defensively and as you can see his offence has completely fell off a cliff as well. Brodie averaging 22 minutes a night for the leafs is there best dman defensively and is invaluable to there success. Without him they become the oilers.



12 Nov 2023 22:16:35
Calgary Trades
2nd Round Pick 2024

Toronto Trades

*Flames retain 50% of Zadorov's expiring contract.

With Zadorov both being an upcoming UFA and his trade demands Calgary would have to retain salary and add a draft pick imo.
Liljegren is an upcoming RFA so his value is worth more than Zadorov at this stage, plus a younger Defenceman as well.

Thoughts ?


1.) 13 Nov 2023 01:22:58
Good thing you are not the Flames GM. Retain and throw in a draft pick. Not a chance. Would rather just keep him for nothing.

2.) 13 Nov 2023 02:12:24
I don’t see why Calgary adds the pick lol especially if they’re retaining salary and there’s more teams interested.

3.) 13 Nov 2023 17:44:04
Usually the team retaining salary gets the pick, and especially if they are a good player. are you dyslexic or this an actual thought of yours?

4.) 14 Nov 2023 20:21:28
Would much, much rather keep Lilijgren the leafs need him. Only good RHD in there system.



31 Oct 2023 13:58:20
Toronto Trades

Vancouver Trades

Pros and Cons for both Teams.

Vancouver gets the better player but WNylander is on an expiring contract.

Toronto gets maybe a better suited RWinger for Tavares, and even though Boeser has an extra year on his contract WNylander was more likely to resign with Toronto while Boeser probably moves onto a different team.

Both Contracts basically cancel out each other this season so this isn't any type of Cap Trade for either team.

Thoughts ?


1.) 31 Oct 2023 16:19:57
If Vancouver resigns Nylander is be expecting a 1st and prospect coming back with beoser.

2.) 31 Oct 2023 18:11:07
Terrible for Leafs.

3.) 31 Oct 2023 18:50:45
Kudos Pinball, this is one of your best.

- As you say they’re close in age, salary and both play RW.

- leafs are getting an extra year with Boeser’s contract, so they’d have to part with a 2nd or comparable prospect.

- when players get traded after lengthy and fruitless contract negotiations they rarely re-sign with their former team. I can’t think of one example. If this trade went through I’d expect VCR to try hard to sign Nylander long-term, but regardless, I wouldn’t expect him to sign with leafs if he’s traded before then.

4.) 02 Nov 2023 22:51:56
Nylander is the leafs best player this year. To suggest there is any chance what so ever he is traded is idiotic.

If the leafs make a move it’ll be for Chris Tanev.

5.) 22 Nov 2023 21:02:30
No chance by Van. Nylander will make too much on his next deal to fit in with Canucks. Not happening. Also, Nylander isn't a consistent player. Brock's stats aren't steady either but his is more due to injury.




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28 Feb 2023 21:35:48
What a Leaf Day so far.

Leafs Going
Sandin (Washington)
Engvall (NYIslanders)
3rd Round Pick (Vancouver)

Leafs Incoming
Gustafsson (Washington)
LSchenn (Vancouver)
1st Round Pick 2023 (Boston's Pick)
3rd Round Pick 2024 (NYIslanders)

All I can say is my thorn on here Chickenfoot, didn't I say Dubas was going to do big things ?
More to come by THE GENIUS Dubas.


1.) 01 Mar 2023 12:47:53
In 2 weeks he has brought in O’Rielly, McCabe, Acciari, Lafferty, Schenn, Gustafsson and recovered a 1st rounder…. lost only Sandin, Engvall and Joey Anderson off the NHL roster, has chicago paying 50% of McCabe for 2 more seasons AND actually gained cap space over that period.

I honestly don’t know anyone else that would have or could have done that. If they don’t extend him, where do you go looking for a replacement GM that’s an upgrade? I wouldn’t wanna be the guy who has to find it. And if you don’t keep Dubas around, does Brandon Pridham, their cap expert, stay? Or does he go with Dubas?

I think it’ll be a big mistake to not extend Dubas regardless of what happens in the first round. He’s done his job at an elite level. It’s up to the players to do theirs now.



18 Mar 2022 19:12:42
Toronto Trades
Hirvonen (SML)
1st Round Pick 2022
2nd Round Pick 2023

Vancouver Trades

Both Toronto and Vancouver basically said respectfully that WNylander and/or JTMiller wouldn't be traded from their respected teams, and I know it probably won't happen, but if both Teams would be willing I believe this would be great trade for both Teams imo, plus it would be the biggest deadline trade in NHL history.

Thoughts ?




08 Apr 2021 12:48:24
2 Trade Proposals for The Leafs.

First Trade.

Buffalo Trades
THall (50% of Contract Retained)

Toronto Trades
1st Round Pick 2021

Second Trade.

Detroit Trades
Bernier (50% of Contract Retained)

Toronto Trades
4th Round Pick 2021

The Leafs wouldn't have to trade Kerfoot or any other player on the current roster besides an injured FAndersen and replacing him with a healthy Bernier and saving 3.5m in Cap keeps Kerfoot on the Team only making them deeper with quality depth.

The Trades for UFAs have been established and this is very similar to what The Islanders and Devils did last night.

Thoughts ?




04 Apr 2021 21:33:42
Devils Trade
Palmieri (50% of Contract Retained)

Toronto Trades
2nd Round Pick 2021

Leafs are just under the cap limit so it works Cap Wise in this trade proposal.

Thoughts ?


1.) 05 Apr 2021 20:11:28
He’s the only guy that can fight his way out of a wet paper bag. Do you want them to get bullied in the playoffs and throw their skirts on? Or would you rather the other team know there are consequences for their actions.

2.) 06 Apr 2021 23:05:24
Agree with Toronto17. one thing Leafs have lacked the past couple of years is gritty hard nosed players. so Pinball, why would you want to trade away one of the grittier in your face types, the league has to offer? He may not score the way he once did. but he's still an important player. Leafs have enough guys to put the puck in the net. need to keep the grit. And. he still can score .

3.) 07 Apr 2021 04:52:15
If this is all Palmeri can get the devils will keep him .



11 Jul 2020 15:34:12
A Proposal that I don't see happening but if it did would either Team be even interested in doing it ?

Edmonton Traded

Toronto Trades

Thoughts ?


1.) 11 Jul 2020 17:54:42
The Oilers would never do this trade.

2.) 11 Jul 2020 19:49:21
One team would take it and run and the other wouldn't give the deal any consideration at all. See if you can put aside your heavy bias for one minute Pinball and figure out which is which.

3.) 11 Jul 2020 22:55:38
replace kap with freddie and a couple firsts and the oil don't hang up immediately.

4.) 12 Jul 2020 01:38:50
Mackinnon at 6.3 million>>>McDavid with the flat cap.

McDavid isn’t a top 5 most valuable player in the NHL anymore imo but mathews certainly isn’t either.

5.) 14 Jul 2020 01:05:15
McDavid for Matthews, Marner, Rielly and a 1st.

6.) 14 Jul 2020 17:10:33
@EP40 I hope that’s a troll.

Pettersson, Boeser, Hughes and Horvat for McDavid.

7.) 17 Jul 2020 03:24:45
Matthews and Reilly is fair value, but the leafs would still have to add Kapanen To get it done.




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23 Nov 2023 18:55:00
Bogosian was traded this season from TB to Minnesota for a 7th Round Pick, Tanev and Bogosian are very comparable so to think Tanev will get a good prospect and a high draft pick, than you really aren't accept Tanev isn't worth more than a late round pick just like Bogosian.
Ask yourself why Tanev would be worth more than Bogosian, unless you really haven't watch either Tanev and Bogosian play.




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16 Oct 2023 12:49:16
I can see you aren't understanding Cap Space or Waivers.
Toronto has exactly 148.333 in Cap left, Timmons makes 1,100.000 which takes them over The Cap.
Timmons isn't waiver exempt which means any team can claim him if they try to send him to The AHL, and he will be claimed if that happens and Treliving isn't going to give Timmons away for nothing.




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10 Oct 2023 01:51:53
Nope this isn't me or my post.




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09 Oct 2023 12:57:18
Now Toronto is 1,752.717 under The Cap, and Robertson isn't injured he played in the preseason and he is waiver exempt, and was demoted to The Marlies.
So again false information.




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06 Oct 2023 15:58:44
When Muzzin, MMurray are put on LTIR and NRobertson is sent to The AHL The Leafs are over The Cap by exactly 1,272.283.
So your calculations are way off.





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