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25 Nov 2023 23:52:52
Making a top 10 since 1990.. this will take Gretzky out of it I believe. Best ever.... but 90s, he was a regular Superstar., not the Great One, but still awesome.. might make the list.

1. Mario Lemuiex
2. Connor McDavid
3. Sidney Crosby
4. Jaromir Jagr
5. Alex Ovechkin
6. Joe Sakic
7. Dominik Hasek
8. Wayne Gretzky
9. Nicklas Lidstrom
10. Peter Forsberg

Obviously lots of great players in these 33 year.. I dont have Roy,Kane, Thornton , Bouquet ect.. on this list.. im sure I'm missing someone.
What do some of you guys have? Who am I missing
This is just for fun, so .. have fun with it.

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26 Nov 2023 00:53:24
I kept Gretzky in it haha.

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27 Nov 2023 20:51:04
1. Gretzky
2. Lemieux
3. Crosby
4. McDavid
5. Jagar
6. Messier
7. Oveckin
8. Lindstrom
9. Sakic
10. Yzerman

( born in 2001 )

Honourable mentions- Lindros pre injury, Federov, Forsburg, Bourque, Pronger.

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27 Nov 2023 23:24:27
I can't argue with that list VB.
Only comment ill make is. Gretzky, although the greatest, wasn't the same as he was in the 80s.
But good list!

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28 Nov 2023 14:29:44
Gretzkys last game was 2 years before I was born. However looking at he’s seasons in LA to me his pedigree mixed with his performance makes him the greatest. I feel like in 1995 if you wanted one player for a cup run it’d be Gretzky and for me today crosby would be the guy I’d want.

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28 Nov 2023 19:56:43
I was lucky enough to catch most of Gretzkys career, and in the 80s, there was nothing even comparable to what he did. Mario was closest to dominate the way he did. It was deffenitley a different era, but we will never see a player dominate like he did. I found after his Cup run in 93, he went from being the Great one, to a really good, but aging one! . that's why I don't give him number 1 spot from 90 to now. bit if this was All-time. its 99 all the way for me.

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01 Dec 2023 08:33:43
In Gretzky's final 10 seasons he was over a point a game every year except for his last, including 4 seasons of atleast 122 points. numbers joe Sakic never saw once in his 20 year career.

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04 Jan 2024 19:51:57
. don't nickel and dime the great one lol.

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25 Nov 2023 03:21:56
Just watched some highlights.. and seen Dillon feeding fists to Reinhart.. so one is 6'5, a meh Dman, nothing special. the other a 6'1 skinny offensive player. Now Reinhart isn't a superstar, but a good offensive player., not one guy from his team went to help him . This is what is wrong in the game today. Back when hockey was a physical sport,no way would a big Giant like Dillon be able to take on a scorer like Reinhart. Reinhart is also the leading scorer of the team. FLorida did nothing. Pretty sad.

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22 Nov 2023 19:30:30
What happened to Matt Dumba? Only 30 and went from a top 4 guy to the absolute worst player in the NHL? I don't even think he'd be good the AHL at this point.

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24 Nov 2023 23:02:19
Is he really that bad? I honestly haven't seen alot of him. I do remember not so long ago, he was a really good 2 way Dman, capable of highlight reel body checks here and there. How has his game regressed? He can't be worse than Klingberg?

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25 Nov 2023 21:46:55
Klingberg can QB a PP and put up the odd 5 on 5 point at times. Dumba skates like he has cinder blocks on his feet is awful in his own end and stoped producing offence.

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04 Nov 2023 15:16:52
Jarnkrok 2.1 Liligrin 1.4 and 1st and 2nd for Xhekaj 0.9 and Monahan 1.985.

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04 Nov 2023 20:38:12
Switch Lilijgren out with someone else like Timmons or a prospect, and I’d do it.

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04 Nov 2023 23:19:12
There is no way that Hughes would trade Xhekaj away to the Leafs.

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07 Nov 2023 00:31:01
I agree.

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31 Oct 2023 03:36:37
Habs need to re sign Monahan.. id say 4 years ( 20) 5 per .


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26 Oct 2023 16:49:39
Oilers need to change things up.
Time to give some rookies a chance.


Send Down;
Broberg (waiver exempt)

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20 Oct 2023 17:57:24
Oilers should give some other players a chance.

Call-up; Pederson and Gleason

Send-down; Erne and Broberg

Then have Kane and Brown on the 3rd line, keep Foegele on the 2nd line and promote Holloway to the top line.

Foegele and Holloway deserve it

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16 Oct 2023 02:56:32
I'm still waiting on Nylander or TJ Brodie to be traded because there's no way the leafs can become cap compliant without it.


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06 Oct 2023 18:29:18
If anyone is wondering how the leafs will be cap compliant to start the season well here it is-

No the leafs won't make a trade.

Connor Timmons, Jake Muzzin and Matt Murray to be placed on IR

Dylan Gambrell to be placed on waivers. Nick Robertson and Holmberg to be sent to AHL.

TJ Brodie and William Nylander will remain leafs

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27 Sep 2023 21:05:53
As soon as I post it, Backlund is named Captain lmao

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27 Sep 2023 21:05:12
Flames press conference at 3:30 today.. signs an extension today and now a press conference, mhmm. I’m assuming he’s being named captain.

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