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28 Feb 2023 21:35:48
What a Leaf Day so far.

Leafs Going
Sandin (Washington)
Engvall (NYIslanders)
3rd Round Pick (Vancouver)

Leafs Incoming
Gustafsson (Washington)
LSchenn (Vancouver)
1st Round Pick 2023 (Boston's Pick)
3rd Round Pick 2024 (NYIslanders)

All I can say is my thorn on here Chickenfoot, didn't I say Dubas was going to do big things ?
More to come by THE GENIUS Dubas.

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01 Mar 2023 12:47:53
In 2 weeks he has brought in O’Rielly, McCabe, Acciari, Lafferty, Schenn, Gustafsson and recovered a 1st rounder…. lost only Sandin, Engvall and Joey Anderson off the NHL roster, has chicago paying 50% of McCabe for 2 more seasons AND actually gained cap space over that period.

I honestly don’t know anyone else that would have or could have done that. If they don’t extend him, where do you go looking for a replacement GM that’s an upgrade? I wouldn’t wanna be the guy who has to find it. And if you don’t keep Dubas around, does Brandon Pridham, their cap expert, stay? Or does he go with Dubas?

I think it’ll be a big mistake to not extend Dubas regardless of what happens in the first round. He’s done his job at an elite level. It’s up to the players to do theirs now.

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28 Feb 2023 18:50:40
Like I said. Told you guys P.Kane wouldn't land a 1st round pick.

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28 Feb 2023 21:33:22
But you also told us Toews was out with the sniffles and would be back in the lineup 2 weeks ago. 😉

Still a respectable .500 batting average though.

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28 Feb 2023 21:45:40
Although there are conditions where the 2nd can become a 1st.

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02 Mar 2023 12:48:34
Honestly those conditions are obtainable but they still got to win round 1 then they play against an absolute Juggernaut in the Hurricanes.

I don’t know I feel like the hurricanes beat the Rangers in round 2. It will be a great matchup tho.

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28 Feb 2023 00:34:05
Hey NotACasual I thought the Sens needed to give away 2 1sts to move Zaitsevs contract? Lmfao guess I was right again and you were wrong as always huh pal? 😆.

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28 Feb 2023 16:29:29
You're clearly a troll because i've never said that, so i typed in Zaitsev in the search bar and what i said was
28 Dec 2022 16:56:50
so a 1st, cap dump, 2 alright prospects, potential criminal and a bottom 6 forward for an elite young playmaker and Top 4 D? Lol


in response to you trying to package Zaitsev along with Boucher, Jarventie, Formenton, Joseph and a 1st to get Zegras and Klingberg. Never mentioned anything about two 1sts, idk why you feel the need to lie and idk what i did to live rent free in your head. i also don't recall a time "i was wrong" and you were right lmao wtf are you on about ? Idk why you'd lie to make yourself look good and me look bad while knowing this site has receipts to easily debunk your claim lmao

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28 Feb 2023 16:35:17
Also if you wanna see how i valued Zaitsev, here's a trade i posted in Aug 2022, idk where you see the 2 1sts on here.

08 Aug 2022 10:18:20
To Ottawa Senators :
LD/RD - Jakob Chychrun (4.60 @ 3 UFA)

to Arizona Coyotes :
1st Round Pick - 2023 (OTT)
C - Shane Pinto (ELC)
RD - Jacob Bernard-Docker (ELC)
RD - Nikita Zaistev (4.50 @ 2 UFA)

if you can show me proof that i said that then ill take back what i said but from what i can see ive never said anything nor found a time that i was wrong and you were right supposedly lmao i know spending valentines day alone mustve been tough lil bro

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01 Mar 2023 22:56:15
That's not the previous comment you made that I was referring too. I'm not going to waste my time looking it up, you're free to if you like, but the one I was referring to was where you and I were debating Zaitsevs value on his own no package. I said Sens could dump his full contract for a 2nd, and you said it would at least take a 1st or big cap retention because of his negative value lol. Neither of which were needed like I said.

Also, would you look at that Chychrun deal? All the proposals I made that you and your buddies kept laughing at and saying was nowhere near enough for Chychrun lol and I said was a massive overpayment lol and here sens get him for much less as expected. Not only that but Top 5 protection on the 1st, and no need for Sanderson, Pinto, or Grieg to be involved at all.

Do I need to keep saying I told you so? Lmfao.

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02 Mar 2023 04:12:17
Go ahead and look for where i said that, because you know you're making stuff up lmao. Also me and my buddies? I don't know anybody on here, why are you on here double liking your replies from this account and your burner lool. Literally nobody thinks that Chychrun was good, use Ekholm and Jeannot as examples. Idk why you're being a clown coming at me, if you cant take criticism then why are on you this site? must've had a good cry when i supposedly disagreed with your value of Chychrun lmao

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02 Mar 2023 04:15:26
Go look for it instead of crying lmao must've been real hurt if you remember when i supposedly said that and waited for it to happen to say something lmao, ill admit im wrong if you find me saying it cause i genuinely don't remember.

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02 Mar 2023 04:29:41
edit : *nobody thinks that the Chychrun trade was good* Arizona got robbed

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03 Mar 2023 00:38:00
Also even your previous post within this thread proves my case for me.

You know, the one about adding 2 quality prospects like Docker and Pinto if sens hope to move Zaitsev in the deal? Lmfao you bit yourself in the foot in that one lol.

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03 Mar 2023 02:43:23
Move the goal posts some more you cry baby lmao still haven't provided proof that i said that, cry harder

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03 Mar 2023 14:57:10
You said it would take a 3rd to move Zaitsev not a 2nd so you actually lied about that. Crazy how some posters spin the facts. Don’t waste your time with this guy casual.

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30 Mar 2023 02:57:38
Ebsolutely I said a 2nd or a 3rd but definitely NOT a 1st. Nice try though.

And NotACasual say what you want but in no way did Arizona get robbed in that deal what so ever. Look at Chychruns stats, plus minus, points per game, etc, plus the fact he was so injury proned. They actually got more than he was worth in all reality. A mid to high pick in the best draft year since 03, plus a 2nd that can turn into a 1st in the right scenario plus a 3rd is above what he was worth. A great contract doesn't change his value that much. And Ottawa can still become the loser of this trade if Arizona uses that pick to draft Mishkov who may very well drop outside Top 5 and into their lap. No way possible for Arizona to lose this trade just because you or some of these other wanna be gms on here believe he's worth more than he is just because Ottawa was the team to land him. 😆.

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27 Feb 2023 05:17:33
Will there be anyone left to be traded, come deadline day? Could be a long day for all the panelists.

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27 Feb 2023 18:50:41
Patty Kane to New York for a 2nd.

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24 Feb 2023 05:29:38
I'd be willing to bet money that if P Kane @75% retained is traded he won't return a 2023 1st either a 2nd and a equivalent of another 2nd or a 2024 1st and a few useless players.

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19 Feb 2023 01:57:26
Good Job Senators organization!

Really nice to see a guy like Chris Neil getting recognized for his time in Ottawa!.

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24 Feb 2023 05:34:35
I think it’s crazy. That’s like the Red wings retiring Kronwalls, Franzens and Holmstroms jerseys. Krownwall of the 4 is the best and I don’t think the jersey deserves to be retired. Retired jerseys should be reserved for superstars only imo.

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24 Feb 2023 14:44:21
Yeah I like the ring of honour for guys like Neil. The Oilers just started one and I think the first guy they put in was Ryan Smyth.

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18 Feb 2023 09:41:57
W of a trade for Toronto. Well done Dubas

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18 Feb 2023 22:44:03
Obviously don't like Toronto and hope this doesn't work out well for them haha. however these are the type of guys Leafs need. O'REILLY is the big ticket here, but don't underestimate Acciari, he's one of those gritty playoff types the Leafs have needed.
Hopefully Tampa still takes em out however.

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19 Feb 2023 04:17:33
I hope they win atleast a round honestly, they've been through enough torture lol

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11 Feb 2023 12:52:55
I wouldn't trade for Dubois let him show up with his suitcases this summer

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13 Feb 2023 12:46:07
He’s not a free agent lol he’s a RFA.

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04 Feb 2023 01:06:02
Just random crap..
With these Reverese Retro jerseys., 2 ( that I can think of) that I'd like to see stick. Minnesotas Wild using the old North Stars colors.. and most deffenitley the LA Kings.. those are awesome!!!

The Habs should take there's and burn them , reminds me of those 80s blue briefs I use to wear as a kid🤣🤣

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10 Feb 2023 18:56:01
The habs should switch their logo to the titanic to represent a sinking ship.

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11 Feb 2023 00:14:05
Haha. Not bad VB.

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30 Jan 2023 17:27:43
Just wondering question
Flames Markstrom what could you get for him at trade deadline to get his salary off the books and run with vlader and wolf for the rest of season I think wolf needs nhl time...

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28 Jan 2023 01:06:26
Deadline predictions

P.Kane- Returns a similar package to Mantha when he was moved to Washington

Horvat- Traded for a 1st and prospect ( B ) + more contracts potentially

Towes- Traded for a 2nd and a cap dump

O'Rielly/Taresanko-I think they stay but if moved they will return an equivalent to a 1st

Domi- Returns a 2nd or a 3rd

Chychrun- Stays in Arizona

Klingberg- Returns a 3rd

Timo Miere/Erik Karlsson both stay.

Monahan returns a 2nd

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30 Jan 2023 16:54:29
I read Toews salary for this season is only 2.9M so at the deadline it’s like 800K. For a third team to retain 25% of that (200K) it should only cost a mid to low pick. With that being said I could seeing him bringing back a first.

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06 Feb 2023 19:38:39
Well I guessed the Horvat trade right.

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21 Jan 2023 12:45:02
Man outside of Calgary, Dustin Wolf gets no love. Dude is an absolute beast.

G Dustin Wolf, 21
(WHL) 2019-20 - 34W 12L 2OTL in 46GP
(WHL) 2020-21 - 18W 3L in 22GP
(AHL) 2021-22 - 33W 9L 4OTL in 47GP
(AHL) 2022-23 - 22W 5L in 28GP

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24 Jan 2023 10:38:53
What do you mean? He’s considered a top 10 goalie prospect undisputed. At this point he’s probably only behind Askarov, Wallstedt, UPL, Tarasov and the goalie on Anaheim. He’s probably ahead of Cossa at this point.

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24 Jan 2023 19:34:25
He never gets talked about though, the only thing outside of Calgary i ever hear is "he's too small". He's insanely good.

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16 Jan 2023 14:32:19
Off-Season Bobrovsky Contract Options:

CAP HIT: Next 3 seasons at 10M/year.

TRADE: less likely, given FLA has already traded their next three 1st-round picks, and moving it wouldn't be cheap.

BUYOUT: to buy out the next 3 years it would create a cap hit of 6.666M for 3 years, plus 3 more years at 1.666M. Ugly, but necessary. Bob's game is structurally unsound and at 35 to start next season he's unlikely to be able to change some of his bad habits. (i.e. side to side movement.)

The buyout is ugly, but why waste one more season of this team's core? (At least it's better than the MIN buyout.)

Like Buckley's, it will taste awful, but it will work (better) than status quo.

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17 Jan 2023 19:07:46
3 years of saving 3.4M then 3 years of only 1.6M isn’t actually that bad. They don’t really have any expiring contracts so maybe they wait one more season with him?

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31 Dec 2022 16:10:55
It time to sell high on RNH so Edmonton can get the Big D out of Phoenix. Build the deal around these two.

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01 Jan 2023 23:24:21
You don’t move a player like Nuge if you’re contending.

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30 Dec 2022 21:22:39
JT Miller 50% retained, to any team willing to take on the POS

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