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31 Dec 2022 11:00:25
Habs Rangers.
Habs send.
Monohan 50% retained
Florida's 1st..

Rangers send


1.) 31 Dec 2022 13:03:25
seems a bit much for Lafreniere.

2.) 31 Dec 2022 16:15:04
You might be right.

3.) 31 Dec 2022 17:19:06
I don't know if it is a bit much, you are asking them to waste cap space on Monahan.

Laf isn't worth a lot, but I doubt they move him for that. They might as well just see how he does. Or, someone will bank on his potential and give them something they can use.

4.) 31 Dec 2022 17:44:45
I don't think the habs are going to move their florida pick, especially before the draft lottery

5.) 31 Dec 2022 19:25:28
Ya, I really didn't think it through to much . I have been stating all year not to move a lottery pick.
I also wouldn't mind if Habs can keep Monohan for a few more years

I still think Lafreniere cab be an impact player. He needs a fresh start.

6.) 01 Jan 2023 23:23:03
You don’t trade a 1st overall pick unless you’re getting a franchise corner stone piece back. Not that he’s worth that but rather it makes zero sense to trade a player of that pedigree for so little and potentially see him explode in a new organization. ( unless he asks for trade ) .

To summarize in a vacuum this could be fair from a value stand point but ranger decline.

Also I believe he is worth more in general he is on his ELC and is actually very useful as a 2 way player.

7.) 04 Jan 2023 02:21:12
OMG no…?

Lafreniere is not the kind of piece that attracts a 1st. He’s a reclamation project.

In the spirit of buying high and selling low, a rebuilding team like MTL should convert Monahan and others in assets like high picks and good prospects.

The only reason to consider Lafreniere is if he’s being offered in a sell-low fashion. He doesn’t look like a guy who is going to turn it around. Looks like the Rangers think so too.




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19 Feb 2023 01:57:26
Good Job Senators organization!

Really nice to see a guy like Chris Neil getting recognized for his time in Ottawa!.


1.) 24 Feb 2023 05:34:35
I think it’s crazy. That’s like the Red wings retiring Kronwalls, Franzens and Holmstroms jerseys. Krownwall of the 4 is the best and I don’t think the jersey deserves to be retired. Retired jerseys should be reserved for superstars only imo.

2.) 24 Feb 2023 14:44:21
Yeah I like the ring of honour for guys like Neil. The Oilers just started one and I think the first guy they put in was Ryan Smyth.



04 Feb 2023 01:06:02
Just random crap..
With these Reverese Retro jerseys., 2 ( that I can think of) that I'd like to see stick. Minnesotas Wild using the old North Stars colors.. and most deffenitley the LA Kings.. those are awesome!!!

The Habs should take there's and burn them , reminds me of those 80s blue briefs I use to wear as a kid??


1.) 10 Feb 2023 18:56:01
The habs should switch their logo to the titanic to represent a sinking ship.

2.) 11 Feb 2023 00:14:05
Haha. Not bad VB.



24 Nov 2022 21:27:07
Sad to hear about the passing of Borje Salming.
Was a class act, and true poineer of the game. As well, one hell of a Defenseman.




03 Nov 2022 18:31:01
With the Capitals having some injury issues, I wonder if they could use Dadanov. I'm not sure what a deal would look like, but, with really no spot on Montreal, he could be a decent player to take a roster spot . I haven't followed Dadanov at all during his career, but he seems to be capable of 20 goals with the right players. Better yet would be if the Capitals would take Hoffman however.


1.) 05 Nov 2022 03:35:02
Drouin, Hoffman and Dadanov were offered to the capitals and they declined. According to Friedman.

2.) 05 Nov 2022 07:49:46
Ok, thanks VB. Maybe come closer to deadline maybe these guys will get moved. Who knows.

3.) 05 Nov 2022 21:29:37
I see the Caps just picked up the guy from Toronto on Waivers. that kid who dropped the cup with Colorado.
So guess have to look elsewhere to unload a player.

4.) 13 Nov 2022 23:04:34
Yeah I think they are stuck with them for the year.

5.) 15 Nov 2022 17:21:00
Ya, hard to say. I also can't see some of the guys I'd like to see gone fetch much. Dadanov, I'd like to just give him away. Kinda useless on the Habs. The one guy teams probably will want, Monahan ( of he remains healthy) I, wanna see him signed for 4 years.
Habs can only have so many picks and prospects, time to get rid of the dead weight ( Dadanov, Drouin, Hoffman) and form a team. Let the kids they have develop, and focus on adding the next Allstar Goalie.

6.) 21 Nov 2022 13:10:55
Yes Monahan will have value at the deadline for sure.



16 Oct 2022 17:41:03
Anyone else hate those new TV advertising on the Boards.. I find it irritating. I didn't mind the somimple one behind the Net on the glass , but the one on the boards I find way to distracting. What do you guys think??

Maybe I'm just on old cranky man who hates change,??





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19 Mar 2023 18:45:45
I didn't realize Knight was in the Program. I do hope the kid can overcome this.
Montreal would not be a good place for him to resurrect his career. To much media, to many outside distractions ( not that Miami doesn't have those as well) .
Also, with the youth on Montreal, this could also be a bad thing for Knight. I know when I was in my 20's, and had a little money ( which these guys always do) . Was fun getting the boys together and off to the club or whatever. ( I don't know this guy, so I dont know what he likes to do obviously)

Burner89, im deffenitley not against this, as Knight is one of the best young goalies in the game, however just think there are better places for him in regards to his issues than Montreal.




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18 Mar 2023 03:03:04
For me, I look at the youth Montreal has. There is a really good group of kids 24 and younger, from the D to the Forwards, the one ingredient missing is a Goalie. Im not sold on Montembeault being this guy, and have given up on Primeau. I'm not sure about the other young guys in the system.
I know Hart was one of the most hyped up Goalies to come from the WHL since, well maybe Price. I haven't seen alot of him, I know he's had some really good moments as well as some really bad ones. I am hoping ( if he became a Canadien) that he can grow with the team and become the potential backbone in net that will be needed to one day compete for the Cup, if all goes well, say 5 years?
ChickenFoot, what are your concerns with Hart? Like I said, I haven't seen alot from him.




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17 Mar 2023 21:18:59
I'd want the Habs to so the same thing Renidrag, however, like VB said, I don't think that anyone would trade a guy like Bedard away.

I dont think they are gonna win the lottery, but I really hope that if Arizona was to win, he pulls a Lindros and refuses to sign with that train wreck of a franchise. I know I know. hes the kind of guy that could make this team possibly relevant, but enough is enough. just fold the damn franchise and let a whole new team get involved in a different city. New franchise,




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17 Mar 2023 21:12:35
Ya think so ChickenFoot? If Hart is available, I'd be in on this. I was gonna suggest at the draft Florida's 1st, straight up for Hart.




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05 Mar 2023 15:54:48
I agree with you Chickenfoot, however, who would you have liked to see added for Goalies? What was available? Maybe Gibson?





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28 Mar 2023 03:18:41
Just like the people being celebrated have freedom of choice, so should the hockey players.




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27 Mar 2023 05:08:02
I think that might be a bit drastic. Maybe more retool than rebuild.? They have good core peices with Hellybuck, and Morrissey.
Scheifele, although not Superstar, is good number 1 center. PLD, Ehlers, and Perfetti all are above average forward to continue to build around.

I think some tweaks, move on from Wheeler and see what happens.




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19 Mar 2023 18:35:16
Ya, Dany Heatley was quite the mystery. Looked like a 1st ballot Hall of Famer, then looked like he should be in rhe ECHL.
I wonder if mental health got in the way? I'm speculating that this might be the case. With the car accident of Dan Snyder. Although he put up good numbers in Ottawa after the accident. I also remember hearing rumors of substance/ alchol abuse., however I can't verify those either.

There havs been a few guys that went from Stud to Dud, but his was pretty sudden. Should have scored at least 500 goals and been in the Hall.




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18 Feb 2023 22:44:03
Obviously don't like Toronto and hope this doesn't work out well for them haha. however these are the type of guys Leafs need. O'REILLY is the big ticket here, but don't underestimate Acciari, he's one of those gritty playoff types the Leafs have needed.
Hopefully Tampa still takes em out however.




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11 Feb 2023 00:14:05
Haha. Not bad VB.