12 Mar 2023 12:01:35
Tor: Austin Matthews

Ana: John Gibson, Adam Henrique, Mason Mctavish, 2023 1st (lottery protected, becomes 2024 1st unprotected if cond. met), 2023 2nd

If Matthews won't commit, Leafs decide they can't lose him for nothing as UFA, and deal him to western conference team before his nmc kicks in. This pkg provides quality futures while allowing Leafs to remain competitive.
Would Matthews sign long term in Southern Cal for Mackinnon money? Why not?

Leafs would want Zegras, but that may be non-starter for Ducks, especially if Matthews is unsigned, so then it becomes Ducks outbidding other teams with a pkg like above. But, since Matthews is a superstar, what do the Kings, Sharks, Preds, Blues, and Hawks offer?

A scenario like this could potentially play out this offseason, rather than AZ as they seem to have too many loose ends to take on a player like Matthews right now.

Other teams have quality pending ufa's too.
What other offseason trades might we see?

1.) 12 Mar 2023
12 Mar 2023 15:33:04
Mathews won’t be traded. I’d bet my house on it.

2.) 13 Mar 2023
13 Mar 2023 11:14:04
If he doesn't agree to extend, they would be stupid to keep him. They need assurances from him he is staying otherwise let the league know he is available.

On the trade, keep Gibson and Henrique. Would rather young players. Mactavish, Terry and one of there young d prospects would be a start.

3.) 13 Mar 2023
13 Mar 2023 12:30:34
can't see Anaheim giving up this much.

4.) 13 Mar 2023
13 Mar 2023 12:54:25
Then he is used as a rental for the leafs and leaves as a UFA. I’m willing to bet anything just name a price.

5.) 13 Mar 2023
13 Mar 2023 14:07:11
Vb, if you let an asset like Matthews just walk that cripples organizations. Very poor asset management. Balsam, a player like Matthews would command alot. I was using that as an example. Some teams would pay a ton for a chance at him.

6.) 13 Mar 2023
13 Mar 2023 16:24:42
Main thing I had in mind besides futures was Leafs addressing their net. Ie: they could face Vasilevskiy in the upcoming first round and they would be clearly overmatched in that phase of the game. Gibson is one of the few true #1 goalies rumoured to be available. Henrique is underrated. But yeah, younger is preferred in the nhl.

Matthews is a big #1C that can score 60 goals. ‘Nuff said.

Keep your shirt on.
Can’t speak for everyone, but all I’m doing is presenting interesting speculation, and certainly not guaranteeing anything.
What I can tell you is that if there’s anything Leafs and their fans might fear more than not winning the cup, it’s the years of desolation that have followed mismanagement, such as perennially trading away top picks/ prospects and letting stars age with ntc’s or walk for nothing. Yes, their arena will still be full, but, as history shows, the angst and irrelevance becomes the mark of the franchise.

7.) 13 Mar 2023
13 Mar 2023 18:22:13
Not saying trading mathews opposed to letting him walk as a UFA wouldn’t be good asset management but I am saying there is absolutely zero chance he is traded so the discussion is moot. Dubas will be back next year with the same core 1st round exit or not. That I can promise.

I don’t think that’s interesting speculation at all interesting speculation would be the leafs signing a player like Nyquist in the offseason and trading for a player like Braydon Schenn because that’s realistic. Not trading Mathews, Nylander, etc.

8.) 13 Mar 2023
13 Mar 2023 20:59:38
Vb, I never said they are trading Matthew's. I said if they dont get any assurances from Matthews, they are committing organizational suicide by not trading him. If he walks and they get nothing back consider them toast.

9.) 13 Mar 2023
13 Mar 2023 21:01:20
And Vb, Gibson hasn't been considered a bonafide number one for a few years now. Is it a product of the team he plays for? Maybe, but maybe not.

10.) 13 Mar 2023
13 Mar 2023 21:06:48
but what happens if he doesn't negotiate during the season. then bails. like Tavares did to the Isles? tough to gauge that situation.

11.) 14 Mar 2023
13 Mar 2023 23:25:05
Silence, or “Maybe” or “I don’t know” is still no. A signature on an extension means yes.

Ok, feel free to post such realistic trades.
But, having said that, don’t stop commenting on other’s posts. It isn’t real theatre without a peanut section.

12.) 14 Mar 2023
14 Mar 2023 00:08:49
If he leaves the leafs will not have to relocate/ fold it is not organizational suicide. Like Tavares leaving the islanders they will just allocate money elsewhere.

13.) 14 Mar 2023
14 Mar 2023 11:57:31
Get ready for an extended period of leaf drama about will he or won't he. (Ditto for Nylander. )

Matthews is getting excellent advice from his agent. Not taking max term and becoming a free agent before he hits his prime was a shrewd move. Matthews wisely bet on himself, and that bet is about to pay off handsomely.

Matthews won't forego the chance to hit the market as a UFA. He will knock it out of the park rather than accept a sign and trade, or simply re-sign with the leafs. He will hit the open market unencumbered. This will also impact any trade return the leafs get for trading him. Anyone who trades for him will realize they're getting a one-year guarantee of service and no more.

What top contender could fit Matthews' salary in their lineup next year? It will be interesting to see what happens there.

As for Matthews, he will make a precedent setting deal as a UFA, likey at a shorter term in my humble estimation, so that he can sign one more big deal before the end of his career. He won't be giving any discounts like Crosby did to help a team build a better supporting cast. I don't get the sense that winning is what drives him. I think he'll pile up the points and get paid handsomely for it for as long as he plays, and play a lot of golf each spring like he always has.