02 Apr 2024 15:26:37
Islanders Trade
3rd Round Pick 2025

Leafs Trade
1st Round Pick 2026 (Lottery Protected)

Thoughts ?

1.) 02 Apr 2024
02 Apr 2024 15:49:54
Oh Pinball.

2.) 03 Apr 2024
03 Apr 2024 22:33:43
- I applaud you for recognizing, as the rest of the hockey world does, that the construction of the leafs D needs "attention".


- why would NYI be interested in giving up a D-Man they committed to long-term and granted a NTC? Because the leafs need the help?

- why would NYI take on Kampf's contract at 2.4M x 3 more years? He scores 7 goals a year, and at -4 isn't even a defensively responsible player? Kampf has negative trade value: if you want to move him, you're adding a sweetener and/ or retaining salary.

- Liljegren will be lucky to see the ice in the playoffs. He's a sweetheart who is ill-equipped for the grind of the NHL playoffs. Furthermore, he's an RFA. The more likely scenario is he doesn't get a contract offer from the leafs, and ends up signing for the league minimum wherever he can land a contract.

- the 1st is the only thing of value in this trade, and it's a late first. It's not even close to fair value.

3.) 04 Apr 2024
04 Apr 2024 13:31:28
After this season Pulock has 6 years left on his contract at 6,150.000 each year, that is a big contract for Pulock and how good he really is, yes it's a big one for The Leafs as well but they need to improve Defence imo.
Liljegren like Samsonov you rate as no value which is truly ridiculous, as Liljegren would be second in scoring on defense with The NYI with only Dobson ahead of him and Liljegren has no value?
2 years from now you are assuming Toronto is still a top team there are no guarantees that will be true is why I have it as Lottery Protected, so to say it's a late pick is an assumption.
Kampf isn't a desired player but has to be added for Cap Reasons, all teams make trades like this when Cap is involved and he is still an NHL Player not an AHL Player.
We can agree to disagree but you have Pulock rated higher than he really is and a player like Liljegren rated lower in value imo.

4.) 04 Apr 2024
04 Apr 2024 15:33:28
Lily is a bottom pairing dman with some offensive upside. Potentially a top 4. His game is just inconsistent and not matured like Pollock's. Pollock has never been an offensive powerhouse from the backend. What he does do is make responsible plays with the puck and blocks a good amount of shots. Him at just over $6mill is a great deal for what he brings. Just isn't enough for the Islanders to be interested and unlikely they want to move him anyways lol.

5.) 06 Apr 2024
06 Apr 2024 02:23:58
"Kampf isn't a desired player but has to be added for Cap Reasons, all teams make trades like this when Cap is involved" is a strongly inaccurate statement. I agree with chickenfoot that this is where something tangible should be added. kampf and samsonov were both picked up for free off the UFA scrap heap, I also can't imagine the leafs suddenly opening their wallets for samsonov's extension this summer.

6.) 08 Apr 2024
08 Apr 2024 17:19:59
Pinball. all I can say is. good for you to finally recognize the leafs D is a rebuild.

Your plan isn't close to realistic though for reasons already explained.

I'm sure the off-season moves for your team will be as big a shock to your expectations as was the Trade Deadline. It was obvious to everyone but you that the leafs just didn't have the trade capital to make moves remotely close to what you were suggesting.