09 Mar 2023 12:52:16
Arizona Trades
Cooley (Big-10)
Guenther (WHL)
1st Round Pick 2023 (Sens Pick)
3rd Round Pick 2023

Toronto Trades
NRobertson (AHL)(IR)

I truly believe Armstrong will trade the farm to get Matthews and overpay him long term to be a Coyote for the rest of his career.
Arizona is in a different position than Toronto that Matthews would save the team staying in Arizona, just like players like Mario Lemieux did saving Pittsburgh from moving to another city, if Arizona doesn't pull this move I see Matthews signing somewhere else.

The Leafs are at a point that making a trade like this will keep them a Top Team for years to come, adding 2 NHL Forwards in Crouse and Schmaltz, 2 Top Prospects in Cooley and Guenther plus probably a Top 15 1st Rounder in a deep draft, and adding a 3rd Rounder they traded getting LSchenn back only is a positive move going forward, some people might not like this type of trade if you are a Leaf fan, but it would be a very smart trade to make from The Leafs side of it.

Thoughts ?

1.) 09 Mar 2023
09 Mar 2023 13:08:49
Why do you come on this site and continue to post the most ridiculous things. As long as the leafs are selling tickets they are happy. If Mathews leaves then it’ll be as a UFA this is goofy. Arizona also can’t afford him. Their internal budget is only 60 million. They can’t afford to pay to the cap celling ( hence them acquiring backloaded contracts)

2.) 09 Mar 2023
09 Mar 2023 14:26:11
What seems ridiculous to you doesn't mean it's fact.
I know how The NHL works including how it works in Toronto.
If The Leafs are the worst team in the league they still sellout every game, been like that from the start in Toronto, in Toronto it's about winning not selling tickets.
Arizona is in a complete different situation and need a name player like Matthews (from Arizona) to save the franchise from moving.
When you understand how the politics of The NHL works which by your comment tells me you don't, then you will get why a proposal like this could and I believe will happen at The Draft, article's circulating today confirmed my insite also saying don't be surprised if Toronto trades Matthews.

3.) 09 Mar 2023
09 Mar 2023 16:08:51
BRA-VO Pinball. Well said!

VB: you continue to embarrass yourself with every heated/ condescending post you make.

You haven't taught anyone on this page anything except that poor spelling and rambling writing usually is a strong indicator of instability and limited intellect.

You'd think you'd try being more humble when you are wrong as often as you are. (The funniest example was when you were so heated about what Jessy Pulijuarvi's nickname was. and YOU were the one that was wrong. We didn't hear from you for days after that one! )

: )

4.) 10 Mar 2023
10 Mar 2023 11:04:21
i agree Arizona may be limited in budget, but then I also can't see Bettman ever letting them move. maybe he will use league money to pay. also, you made an error. leafs have always been about selling tickets and bottom line. never been about winning. you said it yourself. even when they lose the seats are full.

5.) 10 Mar 2023
10 Mar 2023 13:05:51
In the past especially The Ballard years it was about selling seats, and Ballard knew no matter how bad the team was he sold out.
Now it's about winning not selling seats as they sellout every game.

6.) 10 Mar 2023
10 Mar 2023 16:54:51
Right now, any speculation regarding a Matthews trade to AZ, is beyond Tolkien-esque fantasy.

a) I ask why, WHY would the Coyotes give up so much to trade for a player that rumours say is going there as a free agent anyway? Although, much would have to change before Matthews would even want to join that circus.

b) Word is, even Bettman is running out of patience with the years of repudiation by local government. This May, Tempe, AZ public will vote on an arena deal there, and no one knows how that will go. Even if it does go through, an arena takes years to build. If no, say hello to the Houston Coyotes.
In the meantime, the team is doing everything it can to alienate its fans and players with it’s nickling and diming. Even in that barely-AHL-standard arena, they play second fiddle to the Sun Devils.

And now, a paradigm 180 to sell the farm for Matthews and pay him almost 12m next season? Can’t see it.
Maybe there is a method to all this madness, but would Bedard even want to join that circus the way it is now?
True, things can change, but if precedence means anything….

7.) 10 Mar 2023
10 Mar 2023 18:07:20
Meant to add that, yes, if the Leafs don’t have success this postseason, everything will be on the table in the offseason. Historically, teams try to resign their superstars, but the Leafs can’t do anything wrong in that market with its 20 year wait list for season tickets.

Signing Matthews as a free agent in 2024 could be icing on the cake for the Coyotes, but as of now, they don’t even have a kitchen.
Trading for him this offseason would be preposterous. They don’t need Matthews to keep the team in AZ, they need an arena first.

8.) 12 Mar 2023
12 Mar 2023 20:44:11
It sounds like the NHL has the commitment from Arizona to move forward. The NHL has moved towards bigger USA media markets and growing the game down south. There are still a couple potential sites like Houston and San Francisco but Quebec is waiting.

The Leafs don’t need more money. They want the prestige of winning. In the last thirty years Toronto has won all the major and lessor championships except the Stanley Cup. They want to be the city of champions. Can’t do that without winning the Cup.

If anyone believes the Leafs don’t care about winning just think about how Shanahan competes. He isn’t in this to look good. They have the premier organization from top to bottom but need the last big accomplishment.

9.) 12 Mar 2023
12 Mar 2023 21:58:34
Shanahan was an inexperienced Team President who hired in the wrong order, among other rookie blunders.

You are a leaf fan which explains how you can say they have the premier organization, etc. Obviously that isn’t true. It’s a house of cards based on shoddy drafting and development, and trading futures to plug holes that properly run organization could have addressed.

Next year is when the next rebuild starts. With no cap space to keep the team together, and no organizational depth to replace departing talent, the leafs have failed every organizational challenge that top organizations get right. They hired the wrong people, and most importantly, failed to adjust their plan despite overwhelming evidence it couldn’t succeed.

They will have to clear out the entire Management team who so thoroughly failed to turn a rebuild around a generational talent like Matthews.

I hope for the sake of my leaf fan buddies they hire quality hockey people with experience so that they give themselves every chance to get the next rebuild right.

10.) 13 Mar 2023
13 Mar 2023 12:59:28
You’re totally wrong no one will get fired or key players be traded in the off-season the leafs will run the same team with players like Knies, Hirovinen, Robertson, Niemela making the nhl as full time NHL players ready or not and the same results will happen next year. The leafs are selling out every game so why would they change anything.

Anyway if you’d like to put money down on this let me know.

11.) 14 Mar 2023
13 Mar 2023 22:28:53
Your offer of putting money down, repeated twice today, is a meaningless statement. An empty gesture that mean’s absolutely zip. (You probably can’t comprehend the difference between the virtual world and the real world, but there’s no way to wager in a virtual forum. )

Instead of wagering I will be happy to congratulate you next Season if you are right. However, if I am right, I expect no such gesture from you. I don’t think you have it in you. You’ll be melting down like an ice cream on a hot sidewalk in August. ?

I think the next few months will be a huge surprise for you and you alone, but we’ll see?.

12.) 14 Mar 2023
13 Mar 2023 22:57:32
The team is in the top five and may post the best record ever for the Leafs again. It is the premier organization. Just because you disagree with what they have done doesn’t mean you are right. Shanahan transitioned the team from Burke to Lou to Dubas. Dubas is so far ahead of the curve that he would immediately be hired by another team if not rehired.

The team has one of the best collection of offensive players in the league. They have excellent special teams and are in the top quarter in the league in most defensive categories.

The prospect pool is above average considering the position they have been drafting in. It is even better when you consider the traded draft picks. Compare that to Tampa and Boston.

If you don’t think this rebuild was done right you are mistaken. This team was rebuilt right. Edmonton has been rebuilding for ten years and still haven’t got it right but they have an easier path to the cup than any team in the east.

You talk about how the Leafs haven’t done it right but don’t suggest what should have been done different. I disagreed with trading Kadri and not signing Hyman but I understand the thinking.

Pretty good team for one in a botched rebuild.

13.) 14 Mar 2023
14 Mar 2023 04:28:33
The only thing that matters is playoffs. No one remembers a playoff meltdown and says, “yeah, but their regular season was outstanding! ”

This team is bound for a retool at the least, but most likely a rebuild, after failing to win ONE playoff series. ONE!

When you wrote “it’s even better when you consider the traded draft picks”, you came across like a fully brainwashed cult member. You have truly guzzled the Kool-Aid!

Comparing your team to Cup winners like Tampa and Boston is just…embarrassing. You and VB are in for a rough summer and a long rebuild, but hey, if you’re happy without winning playoff series, power to you! I guess you won’t be shocked this spring after all?.

14.) 14 Mar 2023
14 Mar 2023 12:19:53
- leafs have 74.4M committed to 14 players next season.
- 9M cap space left to sign 9 roster players.
- in the next 3 years the leafs have 4 (FOUR) total draft picks left in the first 3 rounds.
- Matthews & Nylander will be in their last year of their deals. and where will they be playing?
- with 11 UFAs and 2 RFAs this lineup will look vastly different.

I said it before, and I'll say it again: how the leafs made all those deadline deals without getting a goalie is a HUGE mistake. Murray is 56th in Save% & 46th in GAA, and is a mere shell of himself.

15.) 14 Mar 2023
14 Mar 2023 19:10:46
@crafwford this guy hasn’t had a single take correct once he just trolls then gets angry and rambles about nonsense. Save your time and don’t reply unless you find it entertaining as I do. Him and the set of Calgary fans live in this dream world and team up with the craziest takes and it’s actually hilarious.

@MoxNix once again you are absolutely wrong a email/ text message can be used as a legally binding agreement in the court of law if clearly agreed upon. One interesting case that I studied for school which is local to New Brunswick one person said he’d sell a car to another person over text ( the other agreed ) then he changed his mind and decided to keep it. He was brought to court and was forced to Sell the car. ( so a Text is a legally binding contract)

Also I’d be willing to bet 5000 dollars Mathews isn’t traded by the end of his contract I could hypothetically draft a document on docusign and then send it to you via email. That’d make it a legally binding enforceable contract.

16.) 14 Mar 2023
14 Mar 2023 19:12:29
@chickenfoot also you bring up Murrays stats then fail to bring up Samsonovs stats who is playing better then Carey Price in most seasons.

17.) 15 Mar 2023
15 Mar 2023 14:48:30

- Moxnix hasn't been on this site for MONTHS. and you're replying to him as if he posted today? Did you mix up your meds today or something? That was weird! (There's no shame in asking for help. )

- Texts, Emails & Contract Law: this is a sports forum/ web page.
It's not an email or a text. Does this confuse you? (Love the attempted citing of contract law though - that was HILARIOUS! I'm guessing your local Clerk's Office would have a hard time registering the legal action of "VB vs Fellow Poster on nhl-trade-rumors. com)

- I like how you've now added a dollar figure to your meaningless, unenforcable wager. Your attempts to be taken seriously are even more unhinged than usual. (Are we going to start posting banking information on this page to facilitate transactions? What could go wrong? )

- Samsonov vs. PRICE? SERIOUSLY: Facts & stats aren't debatable, so here's their career stats compared. (I'm pretty sure you're the only person who ever wanted a comparison of the two, but what the heck. I had some time to kill making connections today:)

Career Regular Season Stats:

PRICE: 361-261 W/ L, 49 Shutouts, 2.51 Avg, .917 Sv%
SAMSONOV: 75-30 W/ L, 9 Shutouts, 2.70 Avg, .906 Sv%

Career Playoff Stats:

PRICE: 43-45 W/ L, 8 Shutouts, 2.39 Avg, .919 Sv%
SAMSONOV: 1-6 W/ L, 0 Shutouts, 2.98 Avg, .907 Sv%

Why ANYONE would want to compare Samsonov vs Price is. hilarious! As I said before, one of us is going to be awfully surprised this Spring/ Summer. Time always tells the truth, and while I'm not one to bluster about "I was right about this or that", I will make a special exception for you when the time comes.

Thanks for the laughs. you never disappoint.