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24 Jan 2023 15:20:53
I still think there could be a market for JT Miller.


JT Miller (5.25 million @ 50% retained = 2.625 million)



Trent Frederic ( 1.05 million)

Jacob Zboril (1.137 million)

1st round pick 2023

Boston would keep their window open long while not sacrificing their future with Fabian Lysell. This would only happen if Bergeron and Krejci decided to retire. Boston would assume Millers contract at 7 million next year.

Vancouver gets their reclaimation project in Zboril, a former first round, and a first round pick (which lets face it, practically a second round pick).

Lastly does anyone know if JT Miller's current contract could be traded but have his extension contract back in Vancouver....so a team trading for him has the flexibility in deciding if he works out well for them?


1.) 24 Jan 2023 18:46:58
This is pretty interesting Bee.

Yes, you can make the trade, as VCR is currently not bound within the clause for the existing term, and the next contracts don’t yet apply. VERY clever on your part.

You can debate whether BOS or another team would or would not want to take on an 8M contract x 7 years which begins when the player turns 30, or how much VCR would get or give to trade a contract like that, but it’s pretty outside the box thinking ?.

2.) 24 Jan 2023 19:28:21
@ 50% retained the Canucks can get alot more in my opinion.

3.) 24 Jan 2023 19:56:00
If van retain, do they have to retain on the contract extension as well? If they do, impossible, vancouver wont retain 4m on 8 a year contract.

4.) 24 Jan 2023 20:23:09
GIS: VCR would only have to retain on the current deal, not the contract that kicks in next season?.

5.) 24 Jan 2023 23:19:47
Horvat and Schenn, maybe, but not Miller, thanks.

6.) 26 Jan 2023 12:53:54

Boston would have to add for schenn and horvat. Boston would be crazy to trade for Horvat with no contract extention in place, therefore I would argue that Boston would have to add.

7.) 01 Feb 2023 23:03:20
Not sure what you are talking about when it comes to the contract. Any player who is traded with "term" on his contract MUST accept the entire contract, no exceptions. Now a team can pay part of this years salary but in the case of both Boston and Vancouver they have NO cap space to do that. This would have to be an equal trade to make it work.



18 Jan 2023 17:07:30
Van gives Boeser To Minnesota

Minnesota gives Dumba to Ottawa

Ottawa give van Bernard-Docker


1.) 18 Jan 2023 18:13:15
OTT would never do that. Essentially Boeser for Bernard-Docker isn't even close. I would be embarrassed if I was the author of this post!

2.) 18 Jan 2023 18:16:38
but really though, this heavily favours Vancouver. you’re not gonna dump Boeser that easily. you critique my Horvat for Reinhart deal but then post this lol

3.) 19 Jan 2023 00:35:34
Wow…. brutal. Casual nailed it.

? Homer Deals.

4.) 19 Jan 2023 11:56:45
Boeser is a 50 point guy on a down year, he just can’t stay healthy. He’s easily worth this IMO.



17 Jan 2023 19:14:20
Canucks trade

Horvat 5.5 mill

Jets trade

PLD 6 mil

PLD contract should come in a bit lower than Horvats contract. Plus the age of PLD would help now.

Jets get a replacement center when wheeler retires.

Both should work based on a resign agreement.


1.) 17 Jan 2023 20:22:11
It doesn't really address either team's needs:

- Horvat is a UFA at season's end, while Dubois is an RFA. VCR would get an extra year of service, and WPG gets zip.

- VCR wants futures to rebuild with.

- WPG wants an asset under team control.

2.) 17 Jan 2023 21:06:56
Zero chance the Jets trade PLD before next summer at which point Horvat is UFA and has no trade value.

3.) 17 Jan 2023 23:48:13
You guys even read this?

"Should work if both have a resign agreement"

This would fit the jets because wheeler is a geezer. there would be many years left in horvat.

From what I have read, PLD isn't happy in Winnipeg.

4.) 17 Jan 2023 23:50:29

I forgot to reply to you on one more thing, Vancouver wants 20-26 year old players.

5.) 18 Jan 2023 01:35:02

As I said in my post, there is no chance the Jets trade Dubois before next summer, at which point Horvat will be UFA. So he won't have a contract or will have signed where he wants to be and won't be traded, or if he really wants to be in Winnipeg can just sign there.

Horvat will likely be playing elsewhere by the trade deadline anyways, so Vancouver won't be involved.

It's just a bad trade idea.

6.) 18 Jan 2023 03:03:37

I got the impression from Rutherford that they would be wanting pieces, so I don't think you will see good player for another good player.
Canucks need better depth everywhere in the organization.
I think you see something of a reclamation project and prospects.

7.) 18 Jan 2023 03:33:06
BEE: I read the part about both players re-signing, but respectfully, why would a player forego the open market and limit themselves to one team to negotiate with? Makes no sense…players have to wait a long time to be a UFA.

I’m not buying the idea that VCR is interested in players up to age 26. Whether they realize it or not, they need a true rebuild. Believe what you like, but VCR needs high picks and top-end prospects.



17 Jan 2023 12:56:24

Tyler Myers



Nick Jensen 2.5 mil RHD, UFA
Lars Eller. 3.5 mil C, UFA

Van gets cap flexibility this summer, Washington pushes into a playoff contention


1.) 19 Jan 2023 04:50:02
Anyone want to answer why this is a bad idea?! With John Carlson out. and Gustafson not getting the job done.



01 Jan 2023 02:04:59
To Nashville

JT Miller

(1 year at 5.25 million, 7 year at 8 million)

To Vancouver

Micheal Granlund (3 years at 5 Million)

Dante Fabbro (last year at 2.4 million)

Vancouver gives a fresh start to a top forward (on the right team).

Vancouver gets a replacement until the contract is up in granlund, and a RHD in Fabbro.





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12 Aug 2022 15:23:52
All these flames trades are halarious! #pinballisback do you have relatives in Calgary?

Is it me or is calgary in "rebuild denial"?? Huberdeau is a great player... but 10.5 million for a guy that's 29?? Yikes and Weegar... he's 29 in January... but it's true some boats do have 2 anchors lol


1.) 18 Aug 2022 22:12:51
They’re in win now mode, I’m sure they don’t care about the long term. They’ll probably be rebuilding in 5 years after their contender window closes. Someone’s jealous that their rival is making their team better after a disastrous beginning to free agency.

2.) 19 Aug 2022 10:51:23
Calgary is doing pretty good. Markstrom is the reason they lost. Why all the hate?

3.) 19 Aug 2022 13:32:30
@Habsreally yup, no matter how many goals Calgary scored, Markstrom couldn’t stop a beach ball. Markstrom threw and is the main reason flames lost.

4.) 20 Aug 2022 03:44:53
100 percent they deserved to be there and how they played deserved to lose. How can you be mad when every game is 54, 65or 43.



08 Feb 2022 03:46:17
Home town nuck. well sure but that's a horrible contract for that type of player. absolutly awful. Both players Vancouver gives are on great contracts. Vancouver blocks Dubas.




11 Oct 2020 20:10:16
Seeing as Benning didn't sign markstrom and tanev... but said he wants to add a top 6 forward, I would not be surprised if he chases after Taylor Hall, who would take a short term deal for a contending team. The holes in the defense are obvious as well. If Benning goes after Hall, he should try landing Sami Vatanen as well... these two would account for a 10 million cap hit... then with the rest of the defense to fill in the holes from the farm...




23 Aug 2019 19:18:23
I need to keep 6 keepers in my pool. It's a banger league... but doesn't include PIM. The players we keep, we lose the draft pick this year based on when they were drafted in last year.

I will keep:

Kucherov rnd 1
Bobrovsky rnd 2
Tom wilson rnd 15
Elias pettersson rnd 16

This is where I need help.
Flip Forsberg rnd 4 (maybe?)
Artemi Panarin rnd 4 (via trade last yr)
Blake Wheeler rnd 3

Or should I keep 1 or both

Mike Hoffman rnd 9
Ryan O'Rielly rnd 10

And have a 3rd and fourth pick this year??

This is a 12 team pool... and I placed 8th last year, so I will be 5th in line for picking.

G, A, P, PPP, hits, blks, shots on goal

Wins, save %, GAA



1.) 24 Aug 2019 20:55:31
Keeping Tom Wilson over Forsburg, Wheeler and especially Paniran would be a huge mistake hits and Pim are much easier to find then points keep Paniran for sure and if you’re dead set on keeping Wilson I’d keep Wheeler because he’s the better player in this format but Forsburg is younger.

Note: I’m under the assumption that this is an head to head Category based league if it’s points based I’d need more information.

2.) 25 Aug 2019 18:22:47
VB apparently did not understand what picks would be surrendered respectively.
Obviously, Wheeler is better than Wilson. But for Wilson he only has to forfeit his 15th rd pick and Wilson in Rd 15 is very good value. For Wheeler it's his 3rd rd pick.

@BBT18: Tbh, I'd almost be inclined to keep all the guys you mentioned. They all sound like pree good value in their respective rounds. Since you can keep only 6, I'd probably decide for: Kucherov, Wilson, Pettersson, Panarin, Wheeler. For the last spot, I'd re-consider whether Bob is worth that 2nd rd pick. Could be, but goalies are usually a WC, not sure I'd spend 17th overall for him.

Def wouldn't keep Forsberg. He's pretty good obv, but I feel Hoffman in rd 9 is better value than Forsberg in rd 4, if you want to keep any of those over Bob.

3.) 25 Aug 2019 19:26:04
Yah I didn’t understand that I agree with the Triplets.

4.) 26 Aug 2019 13:56:50
Thanks for the help!



06 Jul 2018 14:24:40
I wouldn't be surprised if a 3 way deal happened with Erik Karlsson with Tampa and vancouver. I hope vancouver doesn't end up with Karlsson. just prospects and picks.


1.) 06 Jul 2018 22:53:56
The third team not names Ottawa or Tampa would just be retaining some of a players contract and receiving picks for that.

Like Karlsson traded to NYR, NYR retaining money and trading him to Tampa. For example. Something around that idea.
The third team who just retains money on a contract will reciece picks for that. That's all.




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07 Feb 2023 20:15:40
Well, I would say 2 draft picks would be based on resigning with Vancouver.

Bard Marchand said it perfectly. (as much as I dislike the guy)

The reason boston has been so successful for so long, is because they don't ask for greedy contracts

(I'm paraphrasing)

You look at teams with the Matthew's and McDavid's of the league, they take such a huge chunk of cap space that it's tough to build a team around them.

MacKinnon did it right. He took a discount on AAV, won the cup, AND THEN got his big pay day!

So with Bratt, he will resign probably 8-9 million a year, can you build a team around him with that much cap space being gobbled up?




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07 Feb 2023 12:09:32
I agree VB.




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07 Feb 2023 12:04:19
Max pacioretty was traded to the canes for future considerations.

I think you're going to have to pay someone more to take Kerfoot.

Like someone above said, he's small, soft, and GROSSLY overpaid for what he does.




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07 Feb 2023 03:50:56
He's a great player, and I think Van would be interested. I just doubt that a deal would ever work out.

-I don't understand why a young team would take a step back and seek out draft picks?

- I would argue that Bratt is a better players than Boeser and on a cheaper contract.

- I'm not sure schenn makes up the diffrence in loosing a significant piece in Bratt.

Like I said, Vancouver would love to have Bratt, but not at the cost of draft picks, or that very least this year's 2nd round pick.




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06 Feb 2023 15:39:47
As much as I like Bratt, I don't think he is a fit. And I only say this, because his salary is 5.45 million a year on an expiring contract, Boeser is 6.65 Million with 2 years left on his contract. Now that Horvat is gone, Vancouver will need the picks for their rebuild.

The only way that this trade could happen is if Vancouver retains salary in order to keep picks, which probably isn't likely.





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26 Aug 2019 13:56:50
Thanks for the help!




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19 Apr 2018 23:15:17
Typical sarcastic leafs fan.




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12 Apr 2018 17:46:19
Nolan because dorsett isn't playing anymore. IMO he was canucks toughness...