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07 Feb 2023 16:26:33
So leafs need to be all in at the deadline.


2023 first



Offseason leafs trade Mathews to LA or Arizona and sign Larkin to same deal as horvat 8x8.5

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07 Feb 2023 18:46:40
Not enough for Larkin as Kerfoot is a rental just to make the cap work.

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07 Feb 2023 20:38:14
Larkin isn't getting traded period.

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07 Feb 2023 20:38:18
I would think they need defense more than they need Larkin. They can score, they just can't keep the puck out of the net.

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07 Feb 2023 12:46:04
Sabres send 2nd round pick(Flyers) to Canucks, for Luke Schenn.
Sabres get a much needed physical, right shot defenseman,for the big playoff push, while the Canucks get a much needed draft choice for their major surgery.

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07 Feb 2023 15:29:19
Good one Renidrag. Competition for Luke could easily make him a 2nd. He's performed well.

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07 Feb 2023 16:06:48
Is Schenn someone the Leafs should target?

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07 Feb 2023 19:41:02

Some of us really don't give a ratsass about the Leafs.

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06 Feb 2023 20:27:11
Flames: Brock boeser

Van: lucic expiring contract and a 2nd add a low prospect

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07 Feb 2023 01:00:14
Boeser is a 65 point per 82 game guy over his career. Although he hasn’t been able to stay healthy. Definitely worth more than a cap dump and a 2nd IMO.

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06 Feb 2023 17:18:00
SJ: Karlsson ('23 2nd)

CAR: Kotkaniemi ('23 2nd)

- swap 2023 2nd rounders
- swap one overpaid player for an over-termed one.


- not big on trading futures.

- the KK offer-sheet has been a disaster.

- legit Cup shot this year is worth sacrificing their cap for 4 years, especially getting that gawdy KK deal off the books.


- is tearing it down, and with Karlsson rejuvenated, this is the time to move him out.

- is unlikely to want to buy out or Karlsson's ridiculous 11.5M/season cap hit given it will cost them an average of 4.66M over 8 years.

- might as well take 7 more years of KK @ 4.82M/season, which is a hair more than the buyout cap hit for Karlsson. (At least then you can tell your fan base you have a 22 year-old C prospect with upside.)

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06 Feb 2023 17:54:18
Good post and fair trade though I think that Carolina would want a bit more.

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06 Feb 2023 18:06:39
You are waaaay off on Karlsson value.

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06 Feb 2023 19:34:51
Yup let’s reunite Burns and Karlsson because that worked out fantastic in San Jose…ohh wait.

These are 2 very good PP specialists who just don’t work well together at all.

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06 Feb 2023 21:52:31
Karlsons contract makes him hard to fit in for any cap team strapped team.

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06 Feb 2023 23:03:37
I think Karlsson's value is a lot higher than KK's value. Sure KK has upside and could still turn out to be a good top 6 player, but Karlsson is at a 1.29PPG production as a dman. He's earning his high cap hit this year

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06 Feb 2023 23:23:23
VB: as always you are “unintentionally hilarious”.

You are correct that Burns and Karlsson “don’t work well together at all. ”

They are both Right Defence.

They'd play in separate pairings.

Think it through.


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06 Feb 2023 23:53:06
JET & MATADOR: I agree with you both. But even if SJ retains 3M, it’s near impossible for any contender to fit in the remaining 8.5M. Also, I don’t see SJ ownership choosing to retain 3M x 4 more seasons.

I suggested KK because taking a bad contract back is more palatable to an owner than writing cheques for a player to go elsewhere.

Too much term vs too much AAV, or taking back salary vs a buyout or retained salary. They’re all tough sells to ownership. SJ will have to pick whichever poison that tastes the best. As good as Karlsson is this year, he’s a burden to a rebuilding team, and that bad foot of his is a HUGE risk to whoever acquires him.

It will be interesting 👍.

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05 Feb 2023 19:43:20
SJ: Timo Meier (signed to 8x8.5)

Cal: Andrew Mangiapane
Matt Coronato
2023 1st rd pick

Overpay from Flames, imo, but will be nec to outbid rival gms.
SJ gets quality prospect, futures, and wing depth.
Cal gets top six winger

Cal cap issues dealt with next year.

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05 Feb 2023 22:34:41
Flames underpayment. Meier will fetch more than that.

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05 Feb 2023 23:36:34
way too much from CGY

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06 Feb 2023 16:31:42
Was using Horvat as comparable.

Always thought Josh Anderson would be great for CGY, but get sooo tired of Habs “We aren’t trading Anderson. Maybe we should sign Monahan. We aren’t sure if we’re trading Edmundson…..”
They aren’t fooling anyone. Everyone knows Habs are rebuilding, with generational talent available next draft. Then again, maybe Hughes thinks he has better shot at Bedard if he keeps these guys.

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06 Feb 2023 16:53:08
It makes zero sense for the Habs to trade Anderson unless someone blows them away with an offer. Everyone knows that.

I think it's funny that you're "sooo tired" of the Habs not trading with your team. I don't think they're trying to "fool" you or anyone else. I think it's probably more like they'll make moves that make sense for them, like any other NHL team.

With this in mind try not to take it so hard that the Habs aren't giving you what you want. There is no other way to take it.

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06 Feb 2023 21:01:32
You misunderstand, buddy.
I’m not tired of the Habs not trading with the Flames. They’ve actually made a few trades lately and I’m quite satisfied with the results. Been good for both teams.
It’s just that some teams and their media try too hard to inflate the value of their players. Sure, Anderson is a power forward, but of the average 30 points per year type. He will be 29 soon, has an injury history and is signed for four more years. Players like that generally trend down at this point. Hardly fits with a rebuilding team’s mo. Everybody know’s that.
We aren’t talking about someone that consistently scores 40 goals and has done anything in the playoffs.
But, we’ll see, things go crazy at the deadline….

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07 Feb 2023 00:20:28
Big overpayment by flames, meier and mangiapane both 26, both
have career high 35 goals. Meier is the better player but come on, adding one of the top prospects in hockey and a first, then have to way overpay a 30 goal guy 8.5x8. no thank you.

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07 Feb 2023 01:14:03
I think it’s a slight overpay. Mangiapane doesn’t make sense for the Sharks IMO. But shoots you definitely cherry picked that goal stat. Meier is 20+ points a season better and probably 35+ this season.

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07 Feb 2023 02:31:00
Points taken, Shoots. You’re right, it is a big price to pay, but typical at deadline.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Mangiapane’s motor and hockey sense.
But Meier is bigger, faster, and shouldn’t be as easily neutralized in the playoffs.
Pelletier looks like he could slide into Mangiapane’s spot. Also, maybe it’s paranoia, but I’m concerned with Coronato pulling an Adam Fox.

As I said earlier, Anderson would be nice plan b, if price isn’t outrageous. I think Habs are trading him for sure. If they don’t take what they can get for him soon, they run big risk of getting less for him in the future.

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07 Feb 2023 03:28:05
Ya, burner, I agree about Coronato, they may lose him especially if Sutter is still coach when time comes but still can't afford to resign him unless they trade a guy they just signed. Ebs. mangiapane has never played on the 1st line in his career, meier I said is better but give mangiapane meiers icetime and mangiapane probably more points but less overall game. Still huge overpayment.

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04 Feb 2023 20:44:24
Habs have interest in meier

Mtl- harris-ylonen-dvorak- panthers 1st in 2023 and a 3rd in 2024


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05 Feb 2023 03:42:12
Ridiculous to suggest that a rebuilding team like MTL would consider something like this.

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05 Feb 2023 18:42:52
Montreal already has a group of young players in Meiers age range and there not giving up too much value so I don’t think it’s ridiculous for them to make this trade.

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06 Feb 2023 00:17:56
Not trading away that Florida pick.

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04 Feb 2023 01:31:33
EDM - Puljujarvi, 2023 3rd
STL - Barbashev.

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06 Feb 2023 11:29:53
No thanks blues rather have 2 2nds or 2nd and prospect. Poolparty is a cap dump at this point.

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06 Feb 2023 16:56:15
"Poolparty"? Wow.

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06 Feb 2023 19:36:39
Poolparty is probably one of the most well know nicknames around the nhl it’s clear you don’t follow the oilers.

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06 Feb 2023 23:31:56
VB: this is getting embarrassing man. His nickname is “Bison King”. (Don’t take my word for it, Google it. )

I’m not sure why you’re so fascinated by me, but with every angry reply you throw my way you just embarrass yourself and come off unhinged.

Relax…go for a walk…whatever it takes. I’m here to talk hockey, not argue with you.

thehockeywriters. com/ jesse-puljujarvi-bison-king-moniker-perfect-fit/.

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07 Feb 2023 01:20:47
Puljujarvi is overpaid buts he’s an RFA at the end of the season so I see it as less of a cap dump and more of a 20 game trial. St. Louis is rumoured to be interested in him. Barbashev is on pace for less than 40 points so I don’t see him getting two 2nds.

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04 Feb 2023 01:24:46
NJD - Zetterlund, Casey, 2023 1st
SJS - Meier (50% retained)

NJD - Bratt
VAN - Boeser, Schenn, 2023 2nd, 2024 2nd

Palat - Hughes - Boeser
Meier - Hischier - Holtz
Wood - McLeod - Mercer

Siegenthaler - Severson
Schenn - Hamilton
Graves - Smith.

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06 Feb 2023 17:47:18
Why would New jersey trade Bratt? 2nd trade doesn't make much sense for new jersey

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06 Feb 2023 19:36:04
He’s an RFA and there’s been rumours for a while he won’t be resigned.

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06 Feb 2023 19:47:20
BumbleBee Bratt has been a point per game for two seasons now and he’s only 24, could make a good duo with Petterson. IMO Van doesn’t need 2nd round picks they need a guy to play on the top line with Petterson. Trade Garland for cap space/ D man. They have a lot of good pieces to build with and Bratt would make them that much better.

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07 Feb 2023 03:50:56
He's a great player, and I think Van would be interested. I just doubt that a deal would ever work out.

-I don't understand why a young team would take a step back and seek out draft picks?

- I would argue that Bratt is a better players than Boeser and on a cheaper contract.

- I'm not sure schenn makes up the diffrence in loosing a significant piece in Bratt.

Like I said, Vancouver would love to have Bratt, but not at the cost of draft picks, or that very least this year's 2nd round pick.

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07 Feb 2023 16:22:10
Boeser will be cheaper for them next year after Bratt gets a raise, Schenn will be a good addition for a playoff run and the 2nds will be trade amo to improve the lineup. And again rumour has it Bratt won’t be a Devil next year. For VAN they upgrade on a guy that could use a fresh start. It costs them a couple picks but I’m surprised you don’t think it’s worth it. This might be premature but I imagine it helps with resigning Petterson too.

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07 Feb 2023 20:15:40
Well, I would say 2 draft picks would be based on resigning with Vancouver.

Bard Marchand said it perfectly. (as much as I dislike the guy)

The reason boston has been so successful for so long, is because they don't ask for greedy contracts

(I'm paraphrasing)

You look at teams with the Matthew's and McDavid's of the league, they take such a huge chunk of cap space that it's tough to build a team around them.

MacKinnon did it right. He took a discount on AAV, won the cup, AND THEN got his big pay day!

So with Bratt, he will resign probably 8-9 million a year, can you build a team around him with that much cap space being gobbled up?

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