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28 May 2024 16:08:41
Nashville Trades

Toronto Trades
Villeneuve (AHL)
Akhtyamov (KHL)

Thoughts ?

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28 May 2024 16:42:07
Just when everyone thought your trades couldn’t get more lopsided. Lol. Common pinball teams aren’t gifting players to Toronto.

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28 May 2024 17:20:32
So, Nashville gives Saros away for nothing of value? How could they resist?

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28 May 2024 18:13:14
Adding the great McCann to any trade, allows the Leafs to get any player in the league, no reason for pinball to add the other 2 scrubs into the deal.

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28 May 2024 12:18:01
Carolina: necas chicago: 2025 Toronto 1st, 2026 Toronto 2nd, athanasiou (50% retained). Then chicago: Ottawa 3rd, calgary 5th, raddysh rights. Tb: jeannot

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26 May 2024 20:42:19

Pretty sure Weegar would wave his NTC to move to a team that wants to win and has the tools to do so. Salary is pretty much the same.

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26 May 2024 21:59:35
I think Chevy is smart enough to avoid that contract.

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27 May 2024 17:12:20
Winnipeg adds, weager is worth quite a bit more. Signed on a great deal long term, a defenseman instead of winger and Ehlers will want a sizeable raise next season, then he's overpayed.

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27 May 2024 23:01:08
No from flames.

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26 May 2024 17:33:49

WPG would be smart to buyout Schmidt's contract.

Newhook gives Jets second line Center
Barron replaces Schmidt or Pionk. Cheaper.
Perfetti is a really good player. But with Lambert possibly making the jump to the NHL next year. With Jets not knowing where to slot Perfetti last year. They will really not know this coming season. Use him to get what's needed.
Jets don't have First round pick to use.
Barron for what I've seen can be a top 4 RD.
Morrissey Demelo
Dillon Barron
Samberg Pionk
JETS buyout Schmidt to resign Demelo and Dillon.
Perfetti would definitely get top 6 minutes in MTL.

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26 May 2024 20:05:35
Winnipeg says no. There's no reason for the Jets to downgrade to Newhook to pickup a bottom pairing defenseman that will need to pass through waivers this year when they have plenty of bottom pairing defenseman and Barron isn't an upgrade on any of them.

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28 May 2024 05:42:48

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26 May 2024 16:12:34

BOS gets much needed help in offence
WPG get more size on defence and much needed grit with some offence.

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26 May 2024 20:08:02
Easy no for Winnipeg. Bottom pairing defenseman and bottom sixers won't be targeted if the Jets move Ehlers.

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26 May 2024 15:15:25
Ottawa Trades

Toronto Trades
Voit (AHL)

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27 May 2024 17:20:29
Apparently Toronto has two players they can trade and pinball think they're good enough to trade for anyone in the league. Its tiring.

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28 May 2024 16:09:18
Oh my God pinball 🫣 at least you didn't try to explain yourself here because there's absolutely no logic to this trade proposal. Just awful.

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26 May 2024 15:00:53
Toronto Trades

Ottawa Trades
1st Round Pick 2024(7th overall)

*Marner would have to waive his NMC and do a sign and trade for Ottawa to accept this proposal.

Thoughts ?

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27 May 2024 23:45:35
Hard pass. not getting rid of Marner that easy.

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26 May 2024 11:59:12
Habs Trade.

Montreal trades 26th, 38th and Savard to Detroit for 15th.

Montreal selects Lindstrom 5th and Sennecke 15th.

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26 May 2024 15:01:53
Lindstrom probably goes 3rd.

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26 May 2024 19:37:15
And Sennecke is gone before 15th.

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26 May 2024 22:45:18
I think Columbus picks a D or Demidov.

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27 May 2024 17:17:15
Montreal adds, you're not moving up 11 spots by adding a second. Might get you 4 or 5 spots. Chicago moved up 2 on their first and 4 on their 2nd by adding another 2nd.

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26 May 2024 09:28:08
Tor: marner
Vgk: Theodore Thompson

Both teams get better Toronto sheds some cap space get a top 4 dman and a tandem goalie

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24 May 2024 23:41:28
Necas 4 zegras

As base who add?

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25 May 2024 03:13:07
I think it's doable straight one for one depending on what Necas gets signed for.

Here's an interesting thing completely unrelated to your proposal. I've been wondering though. is this the year we see Montreal give Necas or Jarvis an offer sheet as "revenge" for the offer sheet to Kotkaniemi? Both would individually be a great addition to the Habs forward group.

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25 May 2024 11:52:36
Small add by Caroline. Zegras is younger, and could potentially be a center.

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25 May 2024 21:35:55
Kotkaniemi was revenge for Aho offer sheet by the way.

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27 May 2024 12:33:20
Forgot about that Nashan. I could see an offer sheet going to either of them, whether it be the Habs or another team.

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24 May 2024 20:15:11
Philadelphia Trades

Toronto Trades

Philly and Toronto balancing out needs, Philly is stacked at RWing and thin at LWing, and Toronto the opposite of more LWingers compared to RWingers.

Thoughts ?

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24 May 2024 20:46:08
Flyers trade an NHL player with 11 goals and 23 points last season.

Leafs trade an AHL player with 0 goals and 0 points in the NHL last season.

Because "balancing out needs".

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24 May 2024 20:50:46
My mistake, I was reading Robertson's playoff stats this season lol.

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24 May 2024 22:20:40
NRobertson and Brink are basically the same type of player, same age, both RFAs, and their point totals are basically the same.
One is a LWinger the other is a RWinger is the only difference between both players.
Like I stated Philly has more depth at RWing compared to LWing and visa versa with The Leafs.
Are you still going to try and sell this isn't a fair trade for the other team that isn't Toronto?

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