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13 Nov 2018 09:49:01
Canucks joulevi tanev stecher edler granlund 2 ed pick

Tor nylander gardnier nikta z

Marlue tavars marner
Kapanen mathews kadi
Granlund hyman brown

Reilly tanev
Edler stecher
Joulevi hainsey

Sven horvat nylander
Goldobin petterson nylander
Erikson sutter virtanen
Roussel beagle schaller

Hutton nikta z
Gardnier guddy
zotto. Pouliot


1.) 13 Nov 2018 15:36:09
I'll say unbelievable just because i don't think Nylander can play on the first and second line. You should probably put Brock in there somewhere.

2.) 13 Nov 2018 17:22:37
You seem to have misplaced Dermott from Leafs lineups as well as the entire 4th line. Small oversight given that you are Canucks fan is forgiveable.

A complete remake of our defense. Not sure how necessary an overhaul is. Changes are coming, but will likely be replacement from internal and maybe a ufa signing.

I like the thought though. Trading these guys to a west coast team that probably won’t be competitive for a few years makes sense. The only way they come back to hurt is is in the finals.

3.) 14 Nov 2018 01:35:24
Without getting into analyzing each piece, I will simply say that I don’t believe taking the Canucks D from the past 3 years and putting it in Toronto is the answer to a poor Defense lol.

4.) 14 Nov 2018 01:37:24
Marlue lol last time I ever read one of your posts christ.



10 Nov 2018 06:19:37
Canucks are clearly to good right now we are one of the best teams in nhl we should be rebuilding just look its not fare to edm oiler that after only 4 years at the bottom of the league where right back on top so we do what right and trade

Canucks horvat petterson boeser

Oiler sekra lucic drias

Now mcdavid well have a nhl team behind him


1.) 10 Nov 2018 14:01:56
Purplefart your going to be hated on here with that attitude. And whe ure canucks are going to hit a wall ( wich every team does st one point) you're going to look like a fool. Be modest about what ure team as accomplish because as you said they are doing very good atm but does young kids will have to face adversity at one point.

2.) 10 Nov 2018 14:42:51
So Van trades there Top 3 Young building blocks for 1 Top Player and 2 old Vets, if Benning did that he would have purple farts.

3.) 10 Nov 2018 14:30:13
Only 4 years at the bottom of the league? Lol.

4.) 10 Nov 2018 14:35:37
BoomBoom this isn't anything new from purplefart. His old account name was Brock and this kind of posts were the daily norm from him. Don't expect anything more.

5.) 10 Nov 2018 15:33:55
Well smart guy. if your one of the best teams. go to the cup.
But nice troll.

6.) 10 Nov 2018 15:40:08
Ahah thanx for the info yupp. I have to give u props too u have seemed to toned it down lately in terms of modesty and bashing people for bad proposal. And with the team the Oilers have and with Bouchard who imo is going to be a number 1 RHD in the likes of Parayko, your Oilers will be just fine. Hopefully Puljujarvi continues to improve. Do u think he might need to play the rest of the year in the ahl to get they're?

7.) 10 Nov 2018 17:13:55
Purple fart just has a sad life so he comes on here and posts stuff like this.

8.) 10 Nov 2018 17:50:34
I'm torn with Pul right now. Part of me says he needs 10 games in the AHL with the best players and lots of time, to hopefully boost some confidence that can carry back up to the big club. He had a good end to last year that was promising but ha failed to battle for a regular roster spot this year, that's been disappointing. Not they had him on the fourth line like coach Eakins and MacT did with Yak, that's so bad. Small rumor has it if he's going to get sent down that him and his agent might ask for a trade as it's obviously not working out on both sides. Now if he asked for a trade after not performing well enough to keep a spot then fine.

But, I have two opinions on Pul, which this is what I mean by torn. He came over to North America as a highly touted 18 war old not speaking any English. He came from a place where he was comfortable and had the confidence to a place where he was in the spotlight with a team like the Oilers and the spotlight they have in the hockey craze town and with McDavid. That is a hard transition for a lot of people. He lost all the confidence and maybe was a little taken back. Two years later he's still only 20 and still can't find that cocky confidence in his game he needs.
I think 10 games in the AHL is needed as he can't play well enough to stay in the NHL lineups regular rely.

Or. I would trade him, And I would look to a smaller market without the pressure or spotlight and to a team with a fellow Finn friend, not to play on the same line but to have a friend in the room and off the ice. I look at Aho and Carolina and Barkov and Florida. I think those would be good fits and think he could find his game there if he doesn't in the NHL. Great kid, I hope he can find his confidence tho no matter what happens.

9.) 11 Nov 2018 16:22:21
Does any of what I said make sense at all? Or was I just rambling. 😄.

10.) 11 Nov 2018 16:48:26
Hes one of those players Yupp who was put into NHL when he shouldn't have been. he's a really good talent who obviously is struggling. I'd hope for Oilers sake they don't give up. However maybe a change is what he needs. I'd like to trade Sherbac for him. think Habs would have to add. ( and no I don't want him just cause he's Finnish) .



10 Nov 2018 03:16:01
Cal sam bennet

Edn jesse p


1.) 10 Nov 2018 11:02:48
Pul has more value right now, calgary would have to add.



09 Nov 2018 04:14:23
Canucks stecher sven 2 rd pick palmu

Tor nylander

Canucks sutter 3 rd pick

Flames bennet stone

Granlund horvat nylander
Goldobin petterson boeser
Erikson bennet virtanen
Roussel schaller motte


1.) 09 Nov 2018 22:25:08
Lmao yup.



03 Nov 2018 03:39:24
Canucks: erikson

Nyr: Kevin Shattenkirk

Both are cap daps ranger save .65 mill

Canucks get the pp quarter back

Give room to trade tanev or guddy

I'm a geuiss make be seattles gm

Or oiler cause there sucks


1.) 03 Nov 2018 18:25:25
Were you drunk when you wrote this cause its complete jibberish, or English not your native language?

2.) 03 Nov 2018 22:07:36
How can both teams make a cap dump with each other? And why would Canucks ever want Shattenkirk.

3.) 05 Nov 2018 19:29:20
Cause canucks have to many foward and no real offince from there back end beside edler

Both have 3 years remainding




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03 Nov 2018 03:51:39
Does anyone thiink petterson can be better then mcdavid in one or two year


1.) 03 Nov 2018 05:02:18
No. he's good. but nope.

2.) 03 Nov 2018 12:17:21
McDavid level? Maybe. Mathews Level? not a chance.

3.) 03 Nov 2018 12:59:18
Forget about McDavid, he's a bum. Petterson will be better than Mathews, Crosby and Gretzky. Pretty certain he will
Bring at least 4 cups in the next 6 years to Vancouver and will win at least 8 cups total in his career in Vancouver.
Just my prediction.

4.) 03 Nov 2018 15:58:20
He is good. I hope he can become a 1st line centre. I know this question was a troll. He needs to put on weight. He will probably taper off after Christmas. The NHL season is a grind for young players. I will say he is looking like a Calder candidate.

5.) 03 Nov 2018 17:02:56
so far so good for the kid, beauty game last night! but its the nhl, its a grind and teams learn how to defend against you quickly. i hope for nucks sake he turns into a stud.

6.) 03 Nov 2018 20:30:05
Its still early but he's on past for over 100 point and his first year his a 165 pound and has 100 mph slap shot i wonder when his 23 how hard his shot going to be.

7.) 04 Nov 2018 16:05:26
He should hit his 100 pace for sure then.
But I know some guys who have had 4 goals in first game, on pace for 328 on the season and fell short. Don't get too ahead of yourself 13 games into the season.
I do think he will have a 100 point season or two in his career tho. I actually like the guy. Calm and confident, so skilled.

8.) 04 Nov 2018 16:33:54
He won't be as good as McDavid, but he could he the best of the next tier of players on time. Mathews, Eichel ect. guess time will tell.

9.) 05 Nov 2018 16:03:28
One thing that most guys coming from European leagues go through as rookies is a late season slump or slow down. Not everyone, and this kid could be the exception, but Europeans and even NCAA guys are used to a 40-50 games schedule. When it gets to March and they have already played like 60 games, have 22 more to go and maybe playoffs, you see the toll that takes on a lot of them. You don’t get the rest between games like over there. But we will see. He’s not a big guy at all, but that doesn’t mean he’s not in good enough shape to last.



07 Oct 2018 17:27:57
Way does calagary get some many calls in there for canucks had 13 pentalys maybe last 2 game maybe 6 of them where realy penalty i notice this though out the years to calagary always get stop calls for them


1.) 07 Oct 2018 18:10:57
I watched some of the game last night and saw Tkachuk get called for digging for a rebound that negated a Calgary PP. also saw Stone get called for a phantom trip on Petterson that put the flames down 2 men. Didn’t watch all of both games but did see some questionable calls both ways.

2.) 07 Oct 2018 19:58:44
Yeah some of the things called for penalties so far this year have been down right awful.



07 Oct 2018 17:20:43
Elias petterson looking unreall 5 pst first game he played 9 min 2 pst second game 16 mins 3 pst


1.) 07 Oct 2018 17:43:39
Yeah I'm not suprised watched a lot of him the last 2 years the talent is there to be among the top players In The league. if his body holds up physically should be a shoe in for the calder.

2.) 07 Oct 2018 19:45:30
Very impressive young player. Canucks have a good young group of forwards and looks like some good young D in the system.
How is the young goalie I've heard lots about. Demko, is he still projected to be a star?



27 Sep 2018 23:41:37
who has a better team?

Ottawa or vancouver

I think ottawa lmao

I think canucks are going to be the worst team in nhl history lmao

Dzingel duchene stone *
Tkachuk tiernly ryan*
BOEDKER palgue smith*
? ? ?
Chabot ceci*
? Demlo

Lispic horvat boeser
Sven petterson gagner
Erikson sutter virtanen*
Russel beagle schaller*

Edler stecher
Delzotto tanev*
Pouliot guddy*


1.) 28 Sep 2018 01:45:52
It's about even I'd say.

2.) 28 Sep 2018 02:14:02
Is this Rambone?
Where's this Sens praise and Canuks hate coming from outa now where?
Also, Sens have the worst orhanization in all of sports right now with Melnyk. Not just the NHL
And my parents are from Ottawa and all my relatives live there.
And for the future going forward I'll take Canuks roster, and that's coming from an Oilers fan who very much dislikes the rival Canuks. Boeser, Petterson >> any Sens.

3.) 28 Sep 2018 05:58:38
Lol this is brock i'm a canucks fan i'm just laughing at are team this year lol we probably have the worst de in the league and and bottom 4 in scoring i think its going to be canucks 31 ottawa 30 mtl 29.

Inless they trade duchene and stone at the trade deadline in what case there be in last place.

4.) 28 Sep 2018 10:56:04
Petterson will be unreal.

5.) 28 Sep 2018 15:43:52
Oh god. Brocks back.

6.) 28 Sep 2018 17:29:53
Today, could be close. Looking forward I would take Canucks kids over Sens kids all day. If you rank their players under 22 or 23 side by side I bet you’re quite a ways down the list before I take a sen over a his Canucks counterpart.

7.) 29 Sep 2018 08:52:07
OTT will def be worse.




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11 Nov 2018 18:16:14
Joulevi been progressing every year jesse p hasn't joulevi has 11 points in 14 games in ahl that pretty good and probably would be playing in nhl if canucks didn't have so many d contracts.




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07 Nov 2018 00:38:20
Thats just what the kings need lmao.




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05 Nov 2018 19:29:20
Cause canucks have to many foward and no real offince from there back end beside edler

Both have 3 years remainding




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01 Nov 2018 17:03:25
Lol maple leaf fans are like Liljegren is the next bobby or trade him for mcdavid and put mcdavid on rhd lmao.




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29 Oct 2018 00:30:48
Look what i have created mhhahah.





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03 Nov 2018 20:30:05
Its still early but he's on past for over 100 point and his first year his a 165 pound and has 100 mph slap shot i wonder when his 23 how hard his shot going to be.




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27 Oct 2018 19:46:57
Oel not in the top ten d in the league way would you trade a top 3 center in the league for maybe the 20 best d man.




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27 Oct 2018 19:44:30
Horvat and lindholm not even close horvat way better.




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05 Oct 2018 23:11:01
Yup i post a lot of lucic trades and you said lucic going to have a bounce back year lmao you liar.




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05 Oct 2018 17:52:05
Canucks tanev sven lind 3 rd pick.