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07 Dec 2022 15:20:22
1st 2023
3rd 2023 (Ottawa's pick)
Kerfoot (added for cap reasons and because leafs have 50 contracts so would need one going out if one was coming in).

Toews (50% retained)
Domi (50% retained)

Chicago gets a great young player who could immediately step into their top 6 along with a 1st (yes it might be late but any contending teams 1st will be late) and an early 3rd. Probably won't get a much better offer then that for a quarter of a season of Toews and Domi.

50% retention on the remaining cap hit of the Toews contract

4th round pick

Shouldn't be too much for the retention. Leafs retained 2.5 on Lehner a couple years ago and got a 5th so I feel like this is a fair offer for around the same retention.


1.) 07 Dec 2022 16:03:25
The most that can be retained on any contract is 50% of the original salary.

2.) 07 Dec 2022 16:48:25
A contract can be retained twice, Buffalo is retaining 50% of 5250000, which equals out to 2625000, but even if its only a 50% retention the Leafs can still fit under the cap with a full roster excluding Muzzin if they only carry one extra forward and one extra defenceman (most likely Malgin and Benn) .

Bunting Matthews Nylander
Domi Tavares Marner
Engvall Toews Jarnkrok
Aston-Reese kampf Holmberg

Rielly Brodie
Sandin Liljgren
Giordano Holl

3.) 07 Dec 2022 18:00:05
Yes, a contract can be retained twice, but no more than 50%.
Also, eating over 5 million of a cap would fetch much more than a 4th.
Didn't Patrick Marleau return a 1stfo his 6 million contract.

4.) 07 Dec 2022 18:28:33
I applaud what I see as a VERY realistic proposal, AND you're bang-on in your reply to Renidrag regarding involving a 3rd team to split the cap hit a second time.

Someone could make the argument that the 3rd should be a 2nd, considering Domi's season so far, but it's just great to see something posted here that you could imagine happening. (Even the compensation included for retention is bang-on. )

It would be interesting to see if the CHI GM would make a deal with Dubas after their previous public back-and-forth, but business is business, so they "should" be able to make something like this happen.

I'm thinking another team, other than regional rival BUF, would be a more likely 3rd party to help the leafs, BUT. this is the best trade proposal I've seen on here for a looooooong time, so big Kudos!

5.) 08 Dec 2022 01:23:44
A 50% retention is the maximum allowed, so not sure how it would even be possible for another team to step in and retain 50% of the remaining 50% of the contract.

6.) 08 Dec 2022 02:26:40
Renidrag - your interpretation is respectfully incorrect.

- One team can retain a maximum of 50%
- The contract can be traded again to proved additional cap relief

Example: David Savard traded by Columbus to TB via Detroit. (Amongst other similar transactions)

7.) 08 Dec 2022 05:38:57

They are not eating 5 million in cap, only 2.675

Leafs got a 5th a couple years back for retaining 2.5 on Lehner so that’s the precedent I used.


Yeah I could see a team like Arizona or Anaheim being that 3rd team. Just whoever is out of the playoffs at the time and has cap space.

And yeah I guess Domi’s value depends on how well he plays up to the deadline. I mean the guy has 19 points in 24 games and that’s really good. If he keeps that pace up I could definitely see the extra puck being a 2nd instead of a 3rd. Just figured Ottawas puck would most likely be an early 3rd rounder. So it was the best one to offer for the time being.

8.) 08 Dec 2022 10:08:39
Hey Most Leaf - agreed, and you are obviously a hockey mind first and foremost, and secondly a fan.

This is really well put together, as was your rebuttal. It was a rare pleasure to read! So many hot-heads and homer-deals typically dominate this page. Kudos?.

9.) 08 Dec 2022 23:55:51
Towes goes to Colorado.

10.) 09 Dec 2022 12:31:07

I have been proven wrong, thanks for that.
Was going off information I had read on capfriendly.

11.) 09 Dec 2022 23:38:40
In fairness to you, most places don’t have a very good or complete explanation, so it’s easy enough to come to that conclusion. Happy Friday man?.



25 Jul 2022 16:55:36

Future considerations

Toronto needs to clear some cap to get Sandin under. Not sure how y'all feel about Lauzon, but I don't think he's better then Holl, and I think Nashville will realize that about 20 games into the season.

I don't think Holl is a cap dump, but obviously he doesn't have a lot of positive value. He would be a cheap short term option for Nashville, and would come with basically no risk with only one year remaining on his deal.

The leafs still may need to move Kerfoot to get under the cap, but I think this is just a decent fit for both teams.


1.) 25 Jul 2022 18:22:45
I think this is the most realistic leaf trade rumour I’ve ever seen, so kudos to you. The market may likely require a late pick for the 2M in cap relief too, where there’s so many teams looking to clear space, but I guess we’ll soon see.

2.) 25 Jul 2022 19:06:38
Yeah I mean I wouldn’t mind that, even if it was a prospect or something instead of a pick I would be okay with it.

I just want to see Sandin in the top 6, he deserves to be there over Holl.

3.) 25 Jul 2022 23:04:02
Holl will bring more than Future Considerations. Maybe as much as a 3rd Round Pick. Hard to find decent Good Sized & Physical RD’s; they’re a rarity

With Tanev injured and Gudbranson gone, Holl would be nice to have in CGY since Weegar can replace Kylington at 2LD

Kerfoot should have value as well. Sandin is an LD, so if you move out Liljegren up to 2RD to replace Holl, who would you move to 3RD? Giordano?

4.) 26 Jul 2022 01:25:50
Muzzin or Sandin would probably have to play the right side, that’s the problem of having too many LD.



29 Jun 2022 23:48:36

1st 2023

Vancouver could trade Kerfoot at the deadline if they wanted a 2nd round pick back or something. Leafs just don't have any until 2024 right now. However Kerfoot is a Vancouver native who may also be happy to sign an extension.

I think value wise it's very fair. Don't think I would offer more than this for Miller but if another team can beat it then so be it. Not even asking Vancouver to retain salary in this deal too.


1.) 30 Jun 2022 02:15:52
I think if Canucks were to accept this pathetic offer, the Leafs would be the ones retaining.

2.) 30 Jun 2022 02:16:26
Vancouver accepts. Not sure Toronto should offer this tho.
Change the 2023 for 2022 as well.

3.) 30 Jun 2022 08:19:12
In what world flipping kerfoot for a 2nd rounder? Maybe a 5th unless he goes insane better this coming year.

4.) 30 Jun 2022 19:26:52
Toronto could retain 50% on all three players and Vancouver would still say no. Rental Miller will easily fetch a first plus something better than any of those players from 30 other teams.

Kerfoot is overpaid while Sandin and Robertson are undersized players who are vastly overrated by the Toronto media.

5.) 30 Jun 2022 20:54:52
I like to hate on the leafs as much as the next guy but Jesus this is a big package that I highly doubt Miller will get.

6.) 30 Jun 2022 21:10:57
Sandin, Robertson and Kerfoot all have very little value to anyone outside the GTA.

7.) 01 Jul 2022 00:13:45
I’m not a homer, but that seems like a lot for a UFA. Sandin will be a top 3-4 IMO. Who knows about Robertson? Kerfoot is a solid 3rd liner, that can move up if needed. Plus a 1st. Mox, you’re a Calgary fan right? Reni is a Canuck’s fan I believe. Kerfoot makes less than Toffoli or Garland, and put up similar #’s. I’m not saying he’s better than those guys, but I wouldn’t say either of them are overpaid. Kerfoot also plays all forward positions. I expect the “pathetic offer” reply from Reni, but I think Vancouver would accept. I absolutely love Miller, one of my favourite players, I just don’t see him getting more than that.

8.) 01 Jul 2022 00:41:09
Lmao I’ve never seen people so split on a trade offer. Either y’all think it’s laughable or it’s way too much. So I would say this is the perfect offer because it’s evenly split. Well done to me!

9.) 01 Jul 2022 00:54:16
Okay so on a serious note.

@Mox so your a Calgary fan? If Sandin, Kerfoot, and Roberson have little value, then so do Valmaki, Peltier, and Coleman.

@Reni, so your a Vancouver fan? Kerfoot makes less money then Garland and had one less point. Sandin is better then any defensive prospects you currently have, and Robertson will play top 6 on ur team. Plus you get a 1st. Not sure how Vancouver turns that down but alright. P. S. ur not getting a top 10 draft pick or elite prospect for one year of Miller from any team to say.

@Shoots. I guess a lot of guys who hit 40+ points last year, can play multiple positions, and can play in multiple situations will only get 5th round picks for their team then. There will be a lot of unhappy sellers if that’s the case!

10.) 01 Jul 2022 00:55:47
Sandin is not a top 4 defenseman. He'd be lucky to even make the roster anywhere but Toronto where they can't afford to add a real top 4.

Robertson? Don't make me laugh, he is the epitome of how massively the Toronto based media overrates and overhypes every prospect or young player in the Leafs system. In fact proof of that can be had simply by googling "Robertson db". Nick's name comes up before his much bigger and far better brother Jason's name.

Nobody would trade Toffoli or Garland for Kerfoot. Nobody wants Kerfoot. Nobody, not even Toronto. You can't even deny that with a straight face since all of you Leaf fans keep wanting to trade him.

Try making a realistic proposal for once instead of always trying to dump leafs rejects while getting better players with cheaper contract in return.

Kerfoot with 25% retained for a 3rd round pick would be realistic. There are literally dozens of similar players around the NHL making less money and even more in the minors making far less.

11.) 01 Jul 2022 02:30:55
Connor Brown is comparable to Alex Kerfoot and gets paid similar as well.

12.) 01 Jul 2022 09:56:28
If we can’t get an upgrade on Kerfoot, I’d happily keep him. He’s a solid 2 way forward, can play up and down the lineup, can play PK, PP, and any position. A very versatile player. The only thing is Miller is a clear upgrade. That doesn’t mean Kerfoot sucks. Players are allowed to be better then others without them sucking lmao. Kerfoot fetches a 2nd with 1 year left. When Coleman was trade from NJ to Tampa with 2 years left on his deal. He got a 1st and a solid prospect. I’m being really generous here saying Kerfoot is only worth a 2nd.

Robertson is a good prospect. Point per game player in the AHL last year even when battling through injuries. He easily cracks the Leafs lineup next year if they don’t trade him. Why do you think they put Mikheyev out there?

Sandin will be top 4 on many NHL teams. Talks of him getting an offer sheet aren’t for no reason.



07 Jun 2022 19:56:33
Jonas Siegel and Scott Powers of the Athletic have recently talked about a trade involving the Maple Leafs, the Blackhawks, and Petr Mrazek. They stated the Leafs don't want to use a 1st round pick to move Mrazek, but they may be open to trading a young roster player or prospect such as Abruzzee in order to get it done.

Dylan Strome may not be qualified by Chicago and may make sense for the Leafs if they want to move Tavares to LW.

This trade is assuming all of the above is accurate. This way Chicago gets a goalie with two pending UFA goaltenders, and something back for Strome.

Mrazek, Abruzzee, 2023 3rd round pick

Rights to Dylan Strome



1.) 07 Jun 2022 20:17:56
Just realized the 2023 3rd was a conditional pick in the Ritchie trade and Arizona can choose. So if they choose that 3rd make it a 2024 2nd.

2.) 07 Jun 2022 20:53:44
A 23 year old 5'9" 160 lb prospect and a 3rd round pick isn't enough to take on Mrazek's contract far less giving up the rights to Strome too.

Quite a few teams would offer a better deal than that for Strome's rights without asking the Hawks to take on a washed up goalie as a cap dump too.

3.) 07 Jun 2022 21:49:18
Didn’t realized we judged players based on size and weight. I guess Patrick Kane and Mitch Marner suck then.

4.) 08 Jun 2022 00:16:27
If he's so good then keep the little guy in Toronto to play first line center when Matthews leaves in 2 years.

Fact is he'll probably never make the NHL.

5.) 08 Jun 2022 01:23:38
BTW, Kane and Marner are both a little bigger than this kid, blew his numbers away in minor/ junior hockey and made the NHL before they were 20 years old.

6.) 08 Jun 2022 02:42:42
I think Strome would fetch a better offer.



26 May 2022 21:33:59

Couple picks? One of their young guys? (Moore, Kaliev, etc)
What do y'all think the return would have to be?

If Tampa has some cap problems this off-season I think a potential McDonagh trade could happen. I don't think he is a bad player or anything, Tampa just already has Sergachev and Hedman on the left.

LA has 3 pending UFA defenceman and 3 pending RFA defenceman. I think they are good suiters here. I don't think they will want to give up a lot of their youth here but picks could be in play.


1.) 27 May 2022 02:06:40
I don’t think it would take much. Moore and a 3rd maybe?

2.) 27 May 2022 05:21:04
I don’t think there cap situation is much different then it was this year is it? I don’t think they’ll have to move McDonagh, he’s too important.




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26 May 2022 16:59:39
Questions for teams final part

An aging core. Questions around Backstrom's future. How long does this team have left before they have to tell Ovi that they are going to start a rebuild?

Winnipeg had a down year. Do they start to move out some of their older peices to start a re-tool, or do they brush this year off and run it back.


1.) 26 May 2022 21:48:05
The Jets needed a better coach, systems and a more physical defense. No need to blow it up but they should hire Trotz and stay away from any of the ex-Jet players/ management to coach the team.

2.) 28 May 2022 21:24:26
As a Caps fan, they won’t start the rebuild yet, starting a rebuild would mean trading Ovie and their zero chance of that happening

The Caps will have to be creative and re-tool, they can promote some of the youngsters without impacting the team too much. I think moving on from players like Eller, Schultz, Backstrom can be done

Personally I think Backstrom will have to retire which will release a decent amount of salary cap.



26 May 2022 16:40:22
Questions for teams part 9

Ah the Leafs. Years of disappointment has really put this team into an awkward situation. However, they did go toe to toe with the Lightning and had the best regular season in franchise history. Do they run it back? Or do they go out an make a huge move this off-season to try and overcome some demons?

The Canucks cap situation is probably one of the worst in the league. Terrible contracts have haunted this team for years now and it's not getting any better. Will the be able to include contracts like Tyler Myers or OEL to trades that may involve some of their really solid offensive pieces? Or are they destined to do this forever?

Vegas. Wow who could have predicted that. They don't really have any contracts to deal with this off-season but man is their cap situation bad. How do they overcome these cap constraints?


1.) 02 Jun 2022 22:53:11
The leafs will make a move or 2, Vancouver isn't in to bad of shape long term. They will be ready to compete in 2 years. Dandonov will be moved then that’s it.



26 May 2022 16:33:00
Questions for teams part 9

Seattle probably had a proper year for an expansion team, but man did Beniers impress with his brief stint. Do they continue to move out some older pieces in order to insert more youth into the lineup? What happens with their goaltending situation?

Even without Perron St. Louis has an amazing offensive core. Their question lies in net. Binnington really struggled throughout the regular season and Husso is a pending UFA. How will they address their goaltending situation?

Tampa just seems to be doing everything right, I would mention the cap issues but they always get around them so really I just have no off-season questions for them. My question would be can they three-peat this year?




26 May 2022 16:28:08
Questions for teams part 8

Philly was a big bucket of yuck this season. Aging players, questionable defence and goaltending, do we see a full shift to a rebuild?

Will the Penguins be able to re-sign Letang and Malkin? What other free agent fish may they target if they are unable to lock these guys up?

San Jose has a lot of money locked up in the wrong guys and still refuses to admit they need a rebuild. What is this team even? I'm confused about what they are trying to do here.


1.) 02 Jun 2022 22:54:38
1. I think Philly signs Guadreau and makes a push

2. They can buy will they?

3. i'm with you here.



26 May 2022 16:24:53
Questions for teams part 8

The Islanders had a rough year with a terrible schedule, injuries, and now they have fired the coach that got them to two conference finals. Who is the next coach for this team? Will they be able to get this Islanders team back in a playoff spot?

The Rangers have started to spend a lot of money in their high end talent (Panarin, Zibanajed, Fox, Kreider). It looks like they may lose guys like Strome and Copp due to this issue. Will the young guns like Kakko and Laf be able to step up their game to replace some of the scoring that may be lost?

Ottawa was expected to take a step this year but it didn't come. With rumours that they may trade their highest pick, what or who do they target this off-season to try to bolster their young core?


1.) 02 Jun 2022 22:56:02
1. I don’t see them as a playoff team

2. Those 2 definitely should be stepping up

3. Fiala.




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18 Jun 2023 19:44:20
I would say Colorado likely tries to target a C first before going after a winger.




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18 Jun 2023 19:42:39
I know Tampa needs cap space, but they aren’t trading Point to get it. Especially for two guys in expiring deals.




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18 Jun 2023 19:33:24
@memarcus and @ islandjet. If the Bruins offered Ullmark or Swayman for one of Schiefle or Dubois, do you think it’s something Jets management would consider?

I know a lot of people think Dubois want to go to Montreal, and I don’t disagree with that, I just think if Montreal isn’t interested then the Jets may have to explore other options for Dubois.

With rumours that Hellebuyk wants out, do you think they target a goalie with on of those two guys? And do you think the Bruins could be a fit as they basically have two starters? Which of the two would you prefer?




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18 Jun 2023 19:28:11
I guess it depends on who Anaheim wants to draft. I think the consensus #2 pick is Fantilli. But let’s say Anaheim would prefer to pick someone else. In a deep draft, if they don’t want Fantilli, I definitely think this is something they would at least consider.

However, if they want Fantilli, they are picking #2.




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23 Dec 2022 17:52:34
Doubt Devils trade their captain who’s been solid all year both offensively and defensively.





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03 Jun 2021 01:56:07
It still hurts.




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15 Oct 2020 14:55:10
They did nothing to fix their goaltending this offseason, or at least so far. That is why I have them a little lower. I mean you could put them ahead of Pittsburgh and maybe the Rangers too, but I don’t think they finish ahead of Philly or Washington without addressing their goaltending first.




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15 Oct 2020 02:48:09
Especially with Marchand and Pastranak having surgery to. Like I honestly think Boston is going to dip in the standings next year and may even miss the playoffs.




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14 Oct 2020 04:25:44
Sergachev for DeAngelo.




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12 Oct 2020 05:04:19
He could be the piece that puts them in the playoff discussion. However if the Sabres suck again (most likely from a lack of goaltending), they can move him at the deadline for a lot of stuff. I understand he has a NTC/ NMC but that basically means he can control who he is traded to. I think he just wants to put up a ton of points with Eichel to increase his value.